Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dear Debbie Khaw

As she has requested earlier but I had been dragged till today omg!  I am so sorry, I dragged 3 days later, fml...

That day don't know when already Leong came to find me in Facebook (or Whatsapp, don't remember already) and ask for my mailing address saying that he wants to give me a surprise.  Then he said the surprise might be a bomb, nobody knows.  

After day I forgot that he asked my mailing address already.  You know la, old already so my brain already can't function well.  Until I back from KL for training, then I saw a parcel on my table!!  I looked at the name on the parcel see who's the sender and I saw this name ----> Debbie Khaw!!  Lolzzzz

She sent me a parcel!!! I felt so pampered leh...  Really got touched dao de~
Souvenir from Japan! (I guess.. lolzzz) Full of loves from Japan to KL and then to me here!!! 

Syn Wei (I actually prefer to call you this way cause this make me feel we are closer~), I really got surprise dao with the present!  I really touched, wanted to cry but at the end I didn't cry la, cause I was in public!!!  
Thank you for the cute accessories!  Did you get yourself one? I also wish you can get your Mr. Right soon leh, or you actually got one already but you hide him so you can give me another surprise?!  Promise me that you will show me if you have one!! I am curious who can actually melt your heart after so long.

I love them so much!!!

When are we going to meet each other?  We have been half a year never meet already!!  Missing the moment when I bully you.  Missing the moment when I cooked d, then you both eat with happy face and keep saying my food tasty cause after I back home, almost nobody say my food tasty d... sobssss...
So many things we did together during Uni time but when we are now working, all these have become our memory.  Sometimes when I was watching VD, I will think of both of you.  

I wish I can get your big bomb soon although you are still single la... lolzzzz  Let me help you le long la!
Lelong Lelong!!! She will be a really precious girl you will ever get!!! She is a person that willing to everything for you.  Trust me la, she is really precious!!!

ps: I actually really miss the time we can chat nonsense till midnight!

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