Sunday, March 18, 2012


It is so stressed but like someone said the reverse of stressed is desserts!!!  
So after all the stress and you turn back and look at it, it is actually just desserts...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Many Things to Say

I got so many things to say, but I really couldn't find a right person to say out.  So just forget about the what I want to say, let's focus on what I want to criticize on.  


The latest event in our campus that organized by students were Ang Pau Nite 2012 (APN).  This event is gonna be the most grand event I ever see that UMSKAL students organize.  I have to admit that they really successfully bring the event to the public very well and the whole Labuan know about this event as they have to sell ticket outside the campus.  At least I saw their hard work there when I went out to town saw many of them asking people in Ujana Kewangan (UK) to buy their ticket.  I believe the people who are in very high post of UMSKAL is very happy and proud of this event.  Of course, the committees also will be proud of themselves after all the hard work.  Like someone said, they did this for 2 semesters... (actually almost all the events need 2 semesters to prepare).

However, myself ain't satisfy with the event.  Before criticize on it, let's see what they have for the event first.
(I took this picture from their wall photo in Facebook)  They have jonker night, exhibition and the final night. Let's talk about jonker night first.  I really think that last year's APN's jonker night is better than this year, especially the food.  There were so less choices of food there and they open late!!!  I was there at 6.30pm as what the tickets printed but the food were not well prepared yet.  Some food that I wanted to eat like fried wantan, they said they haven't start to fried when I wanted to buy!  I was like... =.=  
I don't like crowded place, so since they didn't start on time plus there wasn't enough seat for so many people, I felt like it is better for me to stay in the room rather than standing there...  So I missed the performance part of that night.  Friends were complaining to me that they got no translation during the performance for Jonker Night at all.  The language they were using was Mandarin and Cantonese!  Those non-Chinese couldn't understand what they were talking about.  I was like huh?  Aren't they should be multi-language as in at least they speak in English also so that everybody understand?  
Okay, that's part of the Jonker Night...

Now let's talk about the FInal Night!
First time ever have to pay for an event in this 3 semesters.  RM5 for student price but have to sit so far away from the stage.  What to do? It is like you have to pay something for better return.  Nevermind, since it is my last semester plus to support friends who have work hard on this event, so I decided to go to the event.  Somehow, I feel disappointed on this event as the performance wasn't nice at all.  I thought this time will get a very good performance as we pay for this and like someone said they put lots of effort on this event.  I asked many of my friends about the night, most of them were telling me that it is boring.  I feel that the performance were boring too!  I almost fall asleep during the event!  The important thing is those who doesn't speak mandarin or non-Chinese couldn't understand what they were talking about!  I really don't understand since they sell ticket to non-Chinese as well, why don't they have a proper MC who speak English or Malay??!  Pity to my friends who can't understand...

Seriously I do feel that I'm lucky cause I didn't go alone to support the event cause I will be very disappointed with what they have inside.  I think I can only say the worst part on that night was the performance.  The decoration were nice and attractive but the mood on that night were too boring until no mood to take pictures on that.  Haha!

Oh ya, we go to UK by bus, but guess what?  We waited for an hour for the bus to go UK and we waited another an hour + for the bus to come back from UK to campus... Seriously wasting our precious time!  =(  That part was the worst part ever!  Should have rent our own car and go... =.=  So sien....

p/s:  This is just own opinion.  If you can't accept this criticize, you shouldn't read this at the first place.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Food Fiesta

I have been surrounding with delicious food lately, I mean real tasty food.  Unfortunately, I always forget to take picture on them before I eat because I always think of eating them rather than capture picture on them. XD
Seriously, I should take all the picture of food that I take, cause I think I have gain weight here again! Thanks to all friends who always encourage me to eat more! LoL
I gonna bring all the nice recipe back home so that I can make delicious food at home too~!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Water Crisis

Here come water crisis... =(

Oh God please, please don't tell me this gonna be a long term water crisis... =(  I don't want to end this life in my last semester which carry water here and there, bath and wash at the tangki down there.

Hope this water crisis will just for awhile (1 or 2 days) but not for the whole semester... =(

Big Big SIGH!