Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Since I am boring at home, so I decided to follow my brother to bring my pet, Dong-Dong out for a walk.

He is so excited, that's why he walk so fast...

He sure will 'shi shi' when out for walk... Hehe

Looking around... searching...

smelling... He always do that...

Beraking... haha

oh... come back home already... oh...

Thirsty of course... walk for so long liao...

Dun kacau when drinking water...

He is really tired after walking... look at his tongue... so long... haha

Stupid Mistake..

Yesterday one of my friend told me that there will be 'la ba' porridge (腊八粥) today. So I told my mom about this and decided to go to the family hall for worshipping Buddha to eat this porridge. Here's the link, you can get more information from here: rice porridge with nuts and dried fruit eaten on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month

When we reached there, the destination that we wanted to go, we were so happy because we found a very very nice parking and it was with shade. We even brought along our lunch box to take some of the porridge away.

So we went up into the hall, and it is weird when we heard that the aunty there said 'anything I can help you all?' It is totally weird, and we wondering how come she will ask this kind of question. Then we told her that we came for the porridge, she said that it wasn't the date yet for the porridge.

We was like, oh... This is very very funny and so so so embarassing. Oh....
By the way, you can also eat the porridge too if you want to. You can go to 佛光缘 which near by the 康乐城 restaurant which is opposite the Nirwanna hypermarket.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yeah, I know that Tuesday is a very ordinary day, an ordinary weekday. Today I went for a sport, badminton with some friends. I asked Mr. Ching Han Leong along. When we played, he made lots of funny things that really make my laugh.

The style he played badminton is very funny. He has the ability to play well, but I do not know why, most of us said that he play as he is dancing. Just imagine that a badminton player is dancing with his racket on the court. The way he 'dance' make all of us laugh, hahaha.

By the way, today is 30-Dec-2008. If you do put your attention on the news recently, sure you will know what is that special of today!!! For those who do not know, let me tell you. Today is the day for the PMR students of 2008 to take their result from their secondary school. And my mom just called back to let me know about my brother's result. My brother got 8 A's (which means full A's) as I have expected (my nose isn't very high). I expected this is because I can see he put a lot of afford in this examination. I saw him studied everyday when he had empty time in the day life.

Well for those who didn't get the result as he/she wished, don't give up. Because PMR is really nothing. It is just a station to go to form 4 and 5. This is a station where to make sure which subject you will choose in form 4 and 5. So, do not be sad or dissapointed if get a very bad result...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Boring Days

Since I back from my grandmother's house, it have been kinda boring days since then. I did go for interview, but the job will only starts on January and need to wait for reply after Chinese New Year. Oh, it is really a long time to wait!!!

I am still thinking whether I need wait for it or not. Because it is really waste my time to waiting for a month or more. Okay, maybe going to find another job to fulfill my empty time and use the time wisely!!! These few days, I have not been using my time wisely. I used most of my time playing with me dog, sleep and read the story book that I bought year ago. Maybe for you, I still use my time wisely because I read story book rather then watching tv show all time.

Within these days, I got nothing to do, I just use my time on Internet for blogging. I wanted to update more post, but my brain was really dry of idea. I got lots of thing to share but it is just very very little thing and nothing special so I decided not to post it out, some more I think that it is kinda private for me, therefore I think it is the best way not to post it out.

By the way I have done something brave (for me). I have dye my hair!!! I never thought before that I will dye my hair in this age. I thought that I's proud of my black dark hair last time. Yeah, I did!! I love my black hair.... In the present and in the future too. I dye my hair for fun and I want to try. When I went to Kuantan Parade with my mummy, we bought it in Guardian which my mummy wants to dye her hair too. I choose a lighter colour for myself and a red+purple for my mom.
Days after that day, I dye for my mom. I did ask Harn Wei and Jian Han for opinion on how to dye our own hair without helpers and what they told me are really works. They helped!! I really dye it all by myself!!!
The colour that occur on my hair wasn't show much colour!!! I was thinking to dye one more time!!! No lar, just kidding... Haha
If you see this, don't stare at my hair to find what's colour that I dye!!!

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04 如果上天给你勇气,最想做什么事 : 做一些疯狂的事,但又不犯法
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02 他是你的 : 朋友,同班同学
03 他的个性 : 很好,很有爱心尤其对兔子,只是有时有点懒惰
04 认识他多久 : 中一开始,但是在中四的时候比较熟
05 你觉得他怎样 : 还不错
06 你想对他说什么 : 要看开一点,这样 Ah Law 会更开心

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01 最爱的节目 : 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 (老实说我很少看啦)
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03 最爱的季节 : 秋天,冬天,夏天,云天
04 最爱的卡通 : 七龙珠,结界师,阴阳少年师,名侦探柯南
05 最爱的人 : 所有身边的人
07 最爱的国家 : New Zealand, 不过还是最爱马来西亚
08 最爱的天气 : 白天,但是不要下雨,要有风的

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第三个梦想 : 身边的人都可以开开心心,包过我在内
02 你是很专一的人吗 : 是
03 最深刻的回忆 : 目前没有
04 你是个很有信心的人吗 : 应该没有吧,这要看情况
05 你很爱微笑吗 : 有,我超爱笑的。不信你可以问我身边的人
06 如果你要放弃你现在的生活,你愿意吗 : 不愿意,因为我还有很多事都没有完成
07 妄想什么样的生活 : 吃喝玩乐,无忧无虑
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yam Cha At Manager There

I thought that Leong is going to China today. So I 'organize' a small farewell party for him yesterday, but when all arrived at there, I only realize that he is not going to China anymore. They cancel off the trip. DENG!!!
Cause if he had told us earlier, then we will postpone the gathering until today, because Ching Han Leong will be back to Kuantan today!!!

Before we gone there, Mr. GOH YI- TSIANG asked me a favor to buy some cucmber there. So I bought it when I went out to buy sonething with my mom. I took it seriously cause they said that they will bring cucumber to Manager there if they go there again. I bought three cucumbers back home and cut it into square shape.

When I bring the cucumber there, they laugh at me. This time I only realize that Mr. Goh Yi-Tsiang lied to me. ARGH!!!
Okay fine, because they still eat my cucumber. But that IDIOT fellor, play fool on me again. I kena tipu twice in that 2 hours. Oh!!! I got no idea why I believe him?? I'm so so so stupid....

Damn Shit!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dog Chase Rat!!!

Something horrible happened today. When I was in the dry kitchen washing vegetables, I heard some noisy in the wet kitchen then I open the door to have a look.
I saw my dog, Dong-Dong was chasing something, but I got no idea what he was chasing. Then I heard some 'ji, ji, ji' sound and I saw my dog was putting his mouth at that 'creature'.
At that time I only realize that 'that is a rat, a big fat rat'. My mind was blank at that moment for a few seconds. I shouted.
My sister came to have a look, she said that she saw Dong-Dong was bitting the rat and shake his head (just like how the white tiger bit the human in Singapore).
Then my brother quickly came to carry Dong-Dong away and take some newspaper to carry the rat and throw it into the dustbin outside the house.
I can't even believe that Dong-Dong will bite the rat, a small creature. That moment is really really disgusting.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

The sky look overcast although it is Christmas today. Christmas Day, for me is a very ordinary day, nothing special about it, just a very very ordinary day which my mom got holiday on that day and everybody in the family can gather together.

Since the weather is so nice and cool, I over slept. I actually woke up at 7am, but the weather is so so so cold and I'm lazy to come out from the warm warm bed. When it is nearly 8.30am, my brother woke me up, and said that daddy is going to bring us out for breakfast, then I only willing to 'climb' up from the warm warm bed.

After the breakfast, I started got nothing to do again... Until around 1pm, my mom decided bring my sister to buy her New Year cloth. Since I got nothing to do at home, so I followed them there for shopping too... Then I only realize that we are going to Kuantan Parade. Okay, then I can got visit Joe (Kacau him, as he said that to Yi-Tsiang). When I saw him de time, he is sweating... OMG!! the weather is so cold but he is sweating... I silent dy...
After shopping, of course need to pay de lar. So we went to the cashier to pay, but the worst thing is we need to line up. Line up is not a big deal, but the big deal is the line is really very very long... we need to wait for a long time to wait for our turn. Then suddenly, my mummy came to my side and bring along the pillows and want to buy it... I was like going to faint... Haih... Shopping... and Salessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

After we pay for the pillows and the clothes, my mom ny found out that there are something more cheap. So she went to buy it. But this time, the line Q up is longer than just now liao... OMG!!! luckily, my neighbour was there, so we asked her to pay for us since she is also lining up at there...

Our neighbour help us to pay, then we went back and then when they bring back to us when their finished their shopping.

After that I only read my story book.... Damn boring...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Lately this few days, it is very very boring for me. I really got nothing to do at all. The job that I found last week, the person in charge said that I am qualified and I will start my job on January. So during this school holiday, I really very very boring.

Today is Christmas eve.
I got nothing to do.
Really nothing to do.
Tell you something, I clean the kitchen today, but I didn't finished the work..
Haha, this is because the kitchen are full of things and dirt...
It is really disgusting to clean it... LOL
Haha, I'll continue clean it tomorrow lar...

What do really people do during Christmas Eve??
As I know, they eat turkey, sing Christmas's Song till midnight.
Then they will exchange present with each other on Christmas..

Actually I want to celebrate Christmas.
I want to celebrate it every year.
But I still do not have the chance yet...

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cute Little Puppy

I went to Jerusha's house today and I just found out that she had new puppies. She took it from Joe. Here are those pics of those puppies.. They are so so so cute...

Really really so cute, miss them already...
I want to have a puppy too... But mummy not allow to do so... If got someone really want to give me a puppy, I'll sure take.... Ohohoho

Trip To Kuala Lumpur

We, Chian Yaw, Sik Mei and I started the journey from Kuantan at 8 in the morning on 18th of December. Telling the truth, I never thought that I will go shopping with them.

We reached Kuala Lumpur at around 11.30 in the morning. The funny thing was the bus wasn't reach at Pudu. I also got no idea where it stopped, but we saw everybody gone down from the bus. So we decided to ask to bus driver how we going to Pudu, but at last, the bus driver is kind enough and he bring us to Pudu.
We waited for Chian Yaw's cousin, Chee Hoo to bring us to Time Square Hotel for checking in. I waited for Chian Yaw and Sik Mei to checking with her cousin, Chee Hoo. While waiting for them to checking, I got to take some pictures.

Decoration for Christmas

After we checking in, we went into the room..
Wow, the room is very very big, haha. Tell you something, it is a 5 star hotel. I never stay in 5 star hotel before. I'm so happy when I steped into the room. The security at there is really very good. Strangers or non-resident cannot go into the room from the lift, cause you need to use the hotel card to go into the room level. So it is totally safe for three of us.

Haha, at first we do not know what is the use of the tap in the left hand side, Sik Mei found out the usage of it the next morning. It is use to wash your butt...

From the pictures sure you can see how big is the room. It is very very big, and the bed is King size, the toilet is big too.

From the window of our room, we can view a very nice view of the city, unfortunately, we can't view KLCC and KL tower.
But still, it is very nice.

This are the view I took from the window at night. (my phone got only 2MP, so abit blur... pai seh)

The first day of the trip, we went to KLCC after we put our luggage in the hotel. Chee Hoo, bring us to KL central by monorail. But the poor thing is we seat the wrong monorail, with correct tickets. LOL. We sat the wrong monorail which travel in the opposite site that we wanted to go. Since we were lazy to get out from monorail, so we continue to wait till we reached KL central.

The Christmas Tree in KLCC is bigggg and tallllll!!!

Leong will be jealous, I guess... but don't worry you can go to buy it if you want tomorrow. HAHAHA

Chian Yaw wanted to buy some Japanese's Magazine so we went into the book shop in KLCC to look around. Sik Mei manage to buy a story book for herself. I looked around and I saw a magazine is about TRANSFOMER. This make me thought of MR. LEONG SHENG YAU. I wanted to help him to buy 1, but I got no money. Sorry, ya Leong.

Then we went to a shop, erm... I forget the shop name ady, but I'm the shop sells about lotion, body shower cream, facial things... Chian Yaw spent the most at that shop, cause she is the super fans of that brand. But she got to buy some for her family, cause her family asked her to do so. Sik Mei and I managed to buy a lotion at there too.

In KLCC, I got to buy a short pants from ROME, so do Sik Mei. Haha. Then we went to Lot 10 at around 7pm somrthing by monorail again, but this time we didn't make the same mistake any more. HAha... When we reach Lot 10 the time, we already very tired and hungry. We wanted to eat at restaurant but it is quite late and Chian Yaw's cousin need to go back early. Since we thought to buy some sushi as supper, so I suggested that why not we straight away buy some food to eat in Hotel, and they agreed with me too. But I bought magee mee back to hotel to eat. Haha... BLEK! Cause it has been centuries I didn't get to eat instant noodles liao... HAha

This is my maggi mee. It taste good, YUM YUM!!

Well, these are the food for our dinner. But at last, we cannot finish it because we are too full, so we left it to the next morning as our breakfast. After dinner, we take turns to bath and take photos.

Guess which one is mine...

After our dinner, look at the desk.. it is full of our things... HAhaha

Sik Mei and Chian Yaw arranging the things that we just bought to take picture on it...

This all the things that we bought in the first day. Isn't it very much... HAHAAH

This is what our Shopping Princess had just bought... Alot right? But actually she bought some for her family. A blouse, shower gel for her own, and magazine, some shower gel, lotion and handphone for her family. Some of them are free gift.

Hello, Chian Yaw. She never notice that I took this picture until my phone came out with a sound 'chi ka', then she looked at me and laugh at me... HAahaha

This is Sik Mei, she also didn't know that I had took her picture too... Wakakaka

This is what she had bought. A body lotion and pants for her own, and a blouse for her sister.

These are what I had bought. A short pants from Rome, and a lotion which had a free box...

The box is nice right?? I love the box leh... It is very nice. I heard that they will only give box when Christmas is coming.

There are lots of things that Chian Yaw need to pack. See??

After all settle down, we wanted to sleep liao. So we charge our phone till it is full just in case that tomorrow we still can use it. But suddenly the electricity gone of, and we see nothing. Chian Yaw quickly make a call to the lobby to ask for maintenance. After 10 mins there is two guys to help us to return back the electricity. Then three of us when to sleep...

This is the morning view you can see from our room...

The next morning, I woke up at 7.30am because of some sound make me up... Haha, is Sik Mei's sound. She was running nose at that time. At around 8 am, all of us really awake. I told them that the room is very very cold at night. Chian Yaw said that it is because I got no blanket... Sik Mei took all the blanket away... Hahaha. The bed is King size, and it is enough for three of us. And that night three of us sleep well.

While waiting for Mr. Ching Han Leong to come to meet us, we had our breakfast and take our shower.

He was trying to sleep on our bed... Haha gotcha...

At around 10.30, Han Leong arrive and he brought us to Pavillion. Haha, I'm so happy cause I can buy the shoes that I like at there. We went to Tang's studio when we reached there. Three of us bought Bra... And the Bra is very expensive but it is very comfortable to wear.
While trying those bra, poor Han Leong waiting for us for nearly an hour. Haha, he did follow us into the bra area. Haha...

The Christmas three and the decoration is very nice.

Han Leong wore this when he saw that necklace. I took it purposely... haha

In the fitting roon of the bra section of Tang's Studio...

After finish shopping a Pavilion, we went to Lot 10 to buy some bread. I bought a loaf of bread for my family and a onion bread for myself to eat in the bus just incase that I feel hungry went during the way back home in the bus. Then we took our lunch in a restaurant in Sungai Wang. We ate our lunch with Chee Hoo and HAn Leong. Then we went to Time Square to walk around.

We took this without their information. They were looking around for something and we saw this when we came out from toilet.

And this is the decoration of Christmas in Time Square Shopping Mall.

At around 3.15pm, we went to the lobby to take back our luggage. After we took our luggage, it is already 3.30pm and our bus will arrive at 4.30pm. I was so scare that we counldn't make it in time. But on the way to the MRT to Pudu, we walked very very fast. This need to thank to Han LEong because he is the one who walked very fast and influence us to walk fast too... Luckily we reached the station at 4pm and reach Pudu at 4.15pm. PHEW, we reached there by time, but we wait for more than 25 mins for the bus. Han Leong said that maybe the bus got some problem. And what did Han Leong siad came true, the bus really got problem, but they fixed it in a short time.

On the way back to Kuantan, I hardly fall asleep. So I looked around and I saw a Malay girl she wants to eat chewing gum. Yeah, I know that eat chewing gum is not a big deal, but she threw the rubbish into the pocket behind the seat of the passenger... That's not good...
But I did see some touching scene, I saw a mother took of her jacket to use as a blanket for her son who is sleeping.

On the way back home...

Sik Mei and Chian Yaw sleep well, but not me... I keep smsing and look at the view outside the window...

We reach Kuantan at around 8.30pm yesterday night. Over all, I love this journey, it is really fun and I like a lot. HAppy to shopping with both of you...