Monday, January 31, 2011

Raining CNY?

It has been raining non-stop since I back to Peninsular.  It isn't a very good sign actually cause usually CNY will be in very hot weather!

The Earth has been change into a very sick one...
There are lots of disaster happen in all over the world...

Now flooded is every where in Malaysia due to the non-stop raining....
My friend who stay in Johor facing the huge problem that her house is flooding now...
God bless her...

Really wish rain will stop until the end of CNY...
I want to see bright sun during CNY!
(I bought singlet for my CNY clothes leh..... cold weather doesn't allow me to wear that de lo... )

p/s: I'm still wearing jacket
p/s: Fat again le... due to eating too much during CNY.... T_T

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rain-rain Go Away...

In grandma's house now, using the PC here...  (quite inconvenient because it is not window 7...)

Reach here in the evening...
Raining here...
It looks like the rain not going to stop until CNY!

stop raining please, I want a sunny Chinese New Year...

p/s: read a friend's blog.... jealous... @@

Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Homework Please!

Today is the second night back home.
Consider second night I guess.... At least I'm going to have second bed time in my room!

Had my dinner with my family just now, I never been eating this much since I was in Labuan on 1st of Jan 2011. Busy-ness really make me no time to eat a proper meal...
I bet I will definitely gain weight when CNY ends... There are lots of food here waiting for me!  (but I really don't wish to gain weight, I want light weight.... )

Guess what I'm doing?
I opened my book, Maths tutorial... but my face is facing to the laptop, hands are typing while my heart is with facebook!

Why is it there assignments and tutorial torturing my holiday???

p/s: can I just ignore my homewor?

~♥ Home Sweet Home ♥~

I'm home now, really in the warmest home~

Yesterday got back to Kuantan at 11.30pm (is really late due to the flight delayed).  Thanks to one of my friend who was in the same flight from Labuan to Kuala Lumpur.  He was the one who started to mention that the flight might delayed... So, it was really delayed from 1720 hour to 1800 hour...

Right fine, as long as it will not affect my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan, so let it be...

While waiting for the flight at 1800hour, Syn Wei treated me this~
It was nice, not too sweet but I love it!

In the plane, I took some pictures of her (Syn Wei) too...

The sky was still bright that time~

Took these when I was boring and since she is sleeping...

It was about to reach KL, so we took some pictures to spend the rest of the time in the plane~

When I reached KLIA, I ny realize that the flight to Kuantan also been delayed from 2200hour to 2230...  Thanks to the crow's mouth... @@
I saw my primary friend while waiting the boarding time! (primary friend = primary school friend)
Surprise to see her actually and I didn't expect to see her cause she is studying in the same University as mine just she is in the main campus while I am in the Labuan campus!

We chit chat until we were able to get into the plane.

I am happy to meet you again~ 

p/s: I'm now home~ having very very warm love from my family~
p/s: Happy Chinese New Year! 

Friday, January 28, 2011


Going home soon~

Waiting for 3.30pm to come then the van auntie will fetch to airport~

Then when I get into flight!

then Reach KL safely~

Then wait for another flight to Kuantan...


I'm home!!!!

Home sweet home~

p/s: happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Labuan Steambot

This is the first time I have to wait for a few guys for almost half an hour.
(I really hate to wait de lo)

This is the first time I get free meal twice a week!

This is the first time I went to Labuan Steambot to have my dinner!

This is the first time I went out with that 3 guys!

There are so many first time in this outing.  I ate lots of food there also...  (feel guilty now because mummy just scolded me for eating so much heavy food before CNY T_T)

 I got to eat one only...
Don't really like it, but it still acceptable ba...

 It almost end actually, I mean they almost finish ady...
Three guys were there, but they ate very few nia... @@

Thanks to Wei Chien (the one who wearing specs) for the dinner~


I didn't really eat very much la...  I got full very fast!
Anyway the food there also ma ma dei nia... nothing special also...
I am looking forward steambot that going to have in grandma's house during CNY!
Can't wait!!!

When I get back into my room, saw this...

I know I must start to pack already!
Going home very soon!!!!!!
Miss home so much...
Home Home Home Home!!!

I'm really very full!

Guess I really have to start packing le~
See you all (UMS friends) after CNY~
See you all (hometown friends) during CNY~
See you all (family) tomorrow night!!!

p/s: don't scold me for eating that much la... you know I love to eat de la~ ^0^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Italian Cafe~

I went Italian Cafe again!
The first time was with APN's gang, but this time is with my friends!
I missed those spaghetti and pizza, so I wanted to go again and tried their food again!

Only four of us this time.
We planed few hours before and then decided to find a car to go out!
Cool huh?
Yeap, I think that!

We waited for so long for our food and we were starving!
But all the waiting are worthy, because the food are so nice!!!
You will never regret of getting the same food twice a week!

Our dinner!
There were 2 more spaghettis, that 2 above is mine and Jing Moon!

When we get back into our room, we were playing with our camera!
Ka Cha Ka Cha here and there~

Tried out with new make up on Syn Wei~!
Maybe this will be her look for Vampire's Night!

p/s: this few days got many things to eat! really fat jor...
p/s: tomorrow got people belanja makan again~ XD

Why No Me?

I did mention that we made MV for our event's theme song right, just now I went to a friend's room to take the whole version so that I can share this original version with my mama.
Who knows that I just realize that there isn't my name there!!!!

See that???
Got no my name...

But trust me, I'm in the video!!!!!

I'm in the middle!

Maybe publiisity too busy liao until they miss out my name~

p/s: they going to add my name in! =p

After APN

After malam kemuncak of APN, you think we had end our 'reunion'?
We continued the APN mood!

We (EXCOs and MPPs) were having another gathering after APN (AJKs weren't there but don't worry there will be one soon)!  It was a small gathering because all of us still having APN mood although the event had officially ended.

So, at the end we decided to go Italian Cafe! (We had to use our own pocket money to makan de lo)

The pizza there was great!
Hope I can go again there~

The food was great, but we spent more time on picturing...

 Ah b and I
(the technical!)

President and I
(zeng zhu xi!)

Soo!  (Su li yi)

Ryan (the vice president!)


(he does look like model, isn't him?)

(the prettiest Girl in our campus!!!)

(From the same state as I'm -- Pahang!!!)

Besides taking pictures solo-ly, took pictures in group too!!!

Taking pictures really wasted our time especially we used up most of the time picturing than eating!
Anyway, I just like the environment there~
Can we go there again?
Can we???

p/s: hope Evangeline managed to get car so that we can go there tonight!