Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Site =D

Everything has good site and it depends on how we see it.

Yesterday suddenly I thought of one thing: suddenly feel glad that they divorce.
I know that get to know a person who come from a single parent family is kinda pity, but if you think another site of the situation, good thing appear.
Well, maybe not all single parent family get the good site of it, but I do. =D

Talked to her while helping her with her work.
Told her that I actually learn a lot after they divorce.
I know it is not an easy choice to make to choose to divorce, but she did, now she still has to live for herself and for us.

I know if they hadn't divorce, I will have a not-family-member at home.  (maid)
If I have a maid at home, I couldn't even know how to cook or do any housework.  I know I will just call "kakak, tolong...", "kakak, buat..."
I remember that I used to ask my maid to do lots of thing for me like when I got up I will sure ask her "kakak, tolong buat susu"  That's what I told her every morning after I got up from my sleep.
I don't do housework when they were my side.
I depend on them very much.

Well, that's the good site after they divorce for me.  At least I learn something that is useful for my life! (who knows when I can't get a job in the future I maybe can interview as chef! LoL)

p/s: trying so hard to make myself not to jealous.

Nasi Lemak

In all sudden I told my mom that I wanna cook Nasi Lemak.  But when I told mama about this she doesn't look surprise and say okay.
I went to buy all the ingredient on Monday cause I wanna cook alone on Tuesday when they all went to school and work.
When I bought all the ingredient, (I thought I bought everything!) just realize that I forget about santan....  Santan is the most important ingredient to make the rice smell good and tasty.
After discussion, all of us decided not to use santan as santan is very unhealthy... @@

I spent the whole morning preparing sambal, go find pandan leaves, blend everything.
From 8.30am morning until 12.30pm, finally I got these:
Eggs, mama and bro asked for fried egg, so I purposely fried for them. =D
peanuts and ikan bilis!  Bro and sis like them most! =D
The only vege in the meal...
Sambal...  I made it myself...  I put chillies, garlics and onions...  Next time I should change chillies into dry chillies and less garlic.  The taste of the garlic is damn heavy.  However, mama and bro said this is delicious and damn healthy cause the sambal doesn't taste sweet like outside.

Well, gonna make improvement and make it better next time~

p/s: I think I should learn curry chicken, cause nasi lemak without curry chicken is really dull...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Part Time

Couldn't find my part time job for this holiday.  Kinda boring actually staying at home, having the same routine everyday.  Housewife routine... @@

Last week (fathers' day), my friend messaged me and ask me whether I'm free to help her to replace her part time job for around 2 weeks (accurately is 12 days only).  Since I got nothing to do, so I accepted!
Just now I saw message from her that I confirm have to work for that 12 days already.

I don't know whether I should be happy or not.  Because I have to work in mall, which I never like to work in the mall!!!  But luckily I don't have to work for 12 hours per day!

There is the schedule of mine:
Monday & Wednesday : 10am -- 10pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday : 6pm -- 10pm
Saturday & Sunday : 4pm -- 10pm

So I guess I just have to work for 48 hours within a week.  Not bad, not bad...
I think I got not much time to chit chat with silai and post status in plurk already.  Gonna miss the moment...  @@

p/s: Ops, I can't cook lunch for Monday and Wednesday dy, what they gonna eat??!! >.<

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p/s: 我无聊,随便玩玩。。。


I never like to see any doctor even a dentist.
I don't know why I got the feeling of hate when I have to go see them.

Still I went to see a dentist yesterday!
I wanted to choose not to go in, but my sister insisted me  to go in together.
So I washed my teeth!

Argh, it was painful but now I can feel the different.
Tomorrow I'm going there again!
Gonna ask them whether I can take away my wisdom teeth...

What I know is those who taken away their wisdom teeth, their face become different already...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Look Down Upon You Dream!

Everybody dreams, so do I.  I know that having whole night dreams or no dream at all is very normal thing.  But if you able to remember what you dream of, go Google it!  Because there are meanings in there!

Maybe most of you think that this is ridiculous.  Well, I thought that too! Until everything proved!  I dream lots of things, but if I remember when I got up in the next morning, I will Google to find out what the dreams want to tell me.  I Google almost every dream of mine (if I remember what is in the dream).

I don't know since when the dream kept telling me that I will have sick or unhealthy (this is what I got after Google) and some of the dream told me that I got bad result in my studies, some told me that I got good result in my studies.
I know it seems like nonsense but let me finish it first.

Now I got my result.  I got 3 and above, I'm satisfied with it when I saw my result, I was happy!  (From the dream I got good result)  But when I realize that there are more who got 3.5 and above, I am sad with my result and I don't think I got a good result! (here show that I got bad result!)
Then now I got flu, seriously sick now!  Proven again from the dream!  I am unhealthy now and I'm sick now!!!

After all this happened, I don't think it is ridiculous, but there are something!
Maybe some of you still don't believe all this, but I do.
Well, if you believe there is, then there is.  And I choose to believe it.

p/s: I Google it written in Mandarin... I never try in English before, maybe you guys can try it!

Beehives/hornet's nest

Did I mention that I have a beehives at my house?  I don't think that's the correct term, it should be hornet's nest!

I didn't know that my house got one until that day my neighbour told me that she was stung by a bee! (hornet I guess)  She told my that her house always full of hornets, flying around in the morning.  Weird thing is I can hardly see bees or hornets in my house!  I can only see like one or two in the garden!!!
She said maybe her tangki there got one nest, that's why she always saw lots of hornets flying in her toilet.  (Our toilet can connect to the tangki)

Since there are somebody who got stung, her husband called the Pertahanan Penyelamat Department to ask someone to settle with the hornets.

Guess what?  My neighbour's tangki there really got hornet's nests!!!  Got 2 somemore!  There are really big!

Guess what the worker was nice and explain what is bees (lebah) and what is hornets (tebuan).  I never know that they got the different!  Lebah got honey while tebuan got no honey.  That's the different, Lebah are not as fierce as tebuan and a ebuan can sting you more that one time.

He was like having a small outdoor lesson for us to understand more about the insects... @@

This is the second time my house become hornets' house, the first time was don't know how many years ago. That time was really full of hornets around!  Even Dong Dong played with them... >.<|||
All the auntie auntie sekalian and uncle uncle sekalian were there to see the 'show'!  I was so crowded outside my house... LoL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday was the day we know 2nd year 2nd semester result!
I went to check once I know that the results were out!  Okay, result I got not too bad, for me I am satisfied with the result.

Friends are excited with their good results and there are some of them who feel sad with the result.
I don't know their how's their results, from what I observe I saw their status mention that they want to cry or die...  Is that meant that the result sucks?

My result didn't get better than last semester but drop 0.03 points!  Ya, very funny... Last semester I have more subjects, but I can get better!!!
I was happy with my result, but when I get to know there are lots of them got 3.5 and above, I realize one thing.

I shouldn't be proud of my result.
I should think and ashamed with my result.  Should have get better than this.

Nothing I can do now but do well in the coming semester!
Gambateh guys~ =D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Bother?

Why bother what people think about you?
Because I care.

What make you care so much?
Because I mind.

I know there will be lots of questions to be asked.
Seriously think properly.
We live not for others.
Not even for our family (to be frankly)
We live for our own.

We live in this world because there are something that we need to complete.
We live because we are here.
We live to eat.
We live to laugh.
We live to talk.
We live to do anything we want!

So why you bother so much whether what people think about you?
So why you bother so much what people do?
This is not your business?
Just do what you need to do, but not what you think you have to do!
Let them settle their problems themselves.
They will come to find you if they need your help.

Just be yourselves.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cute Miserable Puppy

Yesterday a puppy came to my house, a very cute puppy.  I saw her (is a her I think), she is so cute so I gave her some dog's food.
Who knows after that she doesn't want to leave the house already.  At first, I don't allow her to step into the house, just let her stay at the garden, but my dog (Dong Dong) kept barking at her!

I scolded Dong Dong for behave so childish, but I understand how he feels because suddenly got one strange dog came to the house, then he has to share everything with the dog!  Plus it still a puppy!  Puppies need more love than adults, they need more attention!

I got no idea what to do with the puppy, I left it at the road, but it came in after few minutes.
While waiting to my bro and sis to come back, I took some pictures with the puppy, and allow Dong Dong to play with her.

Dong Dong was behave well in front of me but when I wasn't around, he started to bark her!  No idea what they are talking about...
Maybe they are talking this way:

Dong Dong: stay away from my house!!!
Puppy: no!!! I want to stay here!!!!
Dong Dong: get lost you bastard!!! Don't steal all the love from my owner!!!!!!
Puppy: no!!! I'm still little baby, they will love me more, I didn't steal... They want to give love to me just because I'm cute!
Dong Dong: worf.. worf worf!!! Don't pretend that you are very pity.  Go back to where you belong!!!

Guess they didn't manage to finish their conversation, cause I always stop Dong Dong from barking at her.
So the little puppy walk around in the house while Dong Dong stay outside the house.  (Purposely separate them)
When I allowed it to come into the house, she pees!!!!
I put her in a box and put her in a corner while waiting for my brother and sister to come back to discuss what to do with the puppy.

After sister and brother came back, they want the puppy but we all are very sure that mummy will never allow us to keep her.  So I brought her to pet shop see whether they can keep it or not but too bad none of them want to keep her.
So we asked friends whether anyone of them would like to adopt her, but again, none of them want her.  Reasons are: "I don't want female puppy", "My mom doesn't allow", "my house got already..."
Poor little puppy...

At the end, we put it together with wild dogs, and hope they can take care of it.

My sister is sad about this because she couldn't find an owner for her.
But I guess we can still see her since she is with dogs out there.  We can visit her sometimes, and feed her some food.

Actually I know that this is my fault because I been treat her very good when she came to my house.  I fed her food!  She is only a little puppy, she will follow anyone, anyone who feed her and cares about her.  I'm sure that I make her feels that humans are mean and cruel.

When all things settled, make me realize one thing.
Don't treat anyone too good if you are not willing to be good with him/her in the future, because this will disappointed him/her.

p/s: Sometimes be mean is the best way for everyone of us.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beauty and The Beast

I wanted to watch this in cinema, but when it is on screen, I wasn't in my hometown yet.  I was still at Labuan, studying.

This kind of story are always predicable.  You know how it ends, and you can predict the storyline.
Still I like the story because it is simple and with happy ending.

From the handsome face become ugly face, which curse by a witch.
But at the end, he become handsome back.  (Ya, predicable.)

It is no longer in cinema, go download and watch it. =)


很想知道你近况 我听人说还不如你对我讲
经过那段遗憾 请你放心 我变得更加坚强
世界不管怎样荒凉 爱过你就不怕孤单

我最亲爱的 你过得怎么样
没我的日子 你别来无恙
依然亲爱的 我没让你失望
让我亲一亲 像过去一样

我想你一定喜欢 现在的我
想起你的模样 有什么错 还不能够被原谅
世界不管怎样荒凉 爱过你就不怕孤单

我最亲爱的 你过得怎么样
没我的日子 你别来无恙
依然亲爱的 我没让你失望
让我亲一亲 向朋友一样

虽然离开了你的时间比一起还漫长 我们总能补偿
因为中间空白的时光 如果还能分享 也是一种浪漫
关系虽然不再一样 关心却怎么能说断就断

我最亲爱的 你过得怎么样
没我的日子 你别来无恙
依然亲爱的 我没让你失望
让我亲一亲 像亲人一样

我最亲爱的 你过得怎么样
没我的日子 你别来无恙
依然亲爱的 我没让你失望
让我亲一亲 像过去一样



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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts & Feelings

Recently been lazy to type blog here.  I'm still having my holiday, jobless holiday but I spend most of my time to prepare meals for my family and some housework.  (I seem to be like a housewife when I got no job especially during holiday!)  Every day I have to prepare healthy and tasty lunch and dinner for them, breakfast I seldom prepare as I don't wake up early than them! (Bro and sis are going to school at 7am)

My daily routine is housework and Internet.  You might say this kind of lifestyle is kinda boring.  Well, I have to admit it as sometime I find boring, but if I have the mood to do housework, I am no longer boring.  Some of my friends hate to do housework, but I enjoy when I'm doing housework.  (when I have the mood to do so)  Nah, housework is not difficult to handle but it is not easy to complete.
Right, end of the topic of what I am doing for my holiday.  (I do jealous for those who able to work, cause they don't have to spend all of their time at home!  They can meet new friends!  I want to meet new friends also... >.<)

Recently me and another 2 'aunties' are chatting really like auntie.  We don't really make it as public when we chat, we make it as private.  We wanna earn our karma which increase so so so slow like snail...
We gossip about others, talk about our current situation and even talk about what happen to surrounding.  Really gossip like aunties who got nothing to do!

Suddenly we did mention about reality people are wearing mask.  It is true and I agree with it.  Everybody is wearing mask, no exception.  Don't think that you are innocent and you don't wear mask.  I bet you do!
Don't tell me that everybody beside you are fake or not sincere towards you.  Not everybody does sincere all the time.

Fuh!  I think not everybody thinks I'm right, because some of them might think why want to be friend with a person who wearing mask?
Well, I got no comment then.
Everybody does have own different opinion.

p/s: I wear mask too, I hide my feelings under my mask. =D

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Saturday, June 11, 2011



I love cartoon.  I watch cartoon since I was a small kid and I'm still watching cartoon although I'm consider as adult now.
I just watch Kung Fu Panda 2 just now with one of my friend.

Kung Fu Panda 2 is really nice! Funny and touching also.
It consider as cartoon also isn't it?  But there are lots of people including adults are watching it!

I love cartoon is because they are funny, they always end with happy and wonderful story, not like reality.  I know is ridiculous and cartoons are not real, but at least I enjoy to cartoons!
For me watching cartoons are not stupid but is part of entertainment.  I know I seem to be childish to watch cartoons at this age, but I don't know why, cartoons are seem to become part of my life.

I love cartoons because there are always happy ending.

p/s: I love cartoon, not anime...

Friday, June 10, 2011


之前朋友趁我去马六甲旅行时在 plurk 里留言:射手座需要朋友边推边敲才能鼓起勇气去谈恋爱!







p/s: 可以不用管我的。。。我很无聊罢了。。。


p/s: 很明显,妈妈一定会常念我。。。
p/s: 吃榴莲会肥!可是我还是爱吃。。。怎么办???


We Played and Eat together

Actually I got nothing much to say about Malacca trip actually.  It wasn't an awesome trip but I enjoyed it because it was the first time I have my holiday trip with my sister.
I wanted to go eat Malacca food so much, so my sister accompany me there since she is in holiday too!

We stayed in Arenaa De Luxe Hotel.  It is a comfortable hotel, not too expensive.  The room we stayed is quite small but very warm and comfortable. =)
 Morning view of Arenaa De Luxe Hotel~

Night view of Arenaa De Luxe Hotel~

We went not much places, because I'm more interesting in eating local food, but we did visit some famous places in Malacca, just we didn't take much pictures there.
Besides my main purpose to visit Malacca is because I want to eat the food there.  My friends always say food there are nice, but I never really tried them.

Now I got the chance to try them out.  I forgot to take picture of Baba Nyonya's food, I was too hungry already.
I remember the Kangkung belacan is damn spicy, I have to go toilet for around 4 times the next day! =(

From Kuantan to Malacca is quite far, need around 5 hours, but the bus we took took us around 6 hours!!! My ass was going to numb for sitting so long without moving or standing up...
I went there by Transnational but came back by Mara Liner.  Guess which one better?  Mara Liner la of course! (cheaper somemore lo!)

Gone fat already after all eating eating session with sister.  The last 2 meals there I have to find myself, we decided to eat dinner in hotel and breakfast in McD!  I didn't know that my sister loves to eat mcD breakfast.  =)

p/s: I prefer flight...
p/s: I know is short, but I got nothing else to say already.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Happy Dumplings Day~ hahaha
I'm in grandma's house, and my lovely grandma just made us dumplings. =)
I love homemade dumplings especially from her.  She always that good in making dumplings.

Dumplings' leaves~

Preparing the ingredients of dumplings~

I helped them too, but dumplings that I made don't look nice at all...
Next year I wanna make dumplings also, to upgrade my skills~ =)
Making dumplings are difficult for me, need lots of practice to become nice looking dumpling.

yum yum~

p/s: homemade dumplings always the best!
p/s: grandma rocks!!! =)))

New Handphone Accessories

Bought myself a new handphone accessories~
Can you guess what is that?
Tips: Plants vs Zombie

p/s: cute right. =p

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recently, I...

Back home almost 3 weeks already but I didn't get any job yet.  Not I don't want to work, I want to find a part time job to utilize my holiday also, but I couldn't find one.
I went for interview last 2 days but until now I didn't get any response yet, so I assume that I didn't get lur...

Later after this weekend I will go for my holiday trip.  No more family trip but only my sister and I... 
Disappointed actually, but no choice.
Hope I can have lots of fun although just gai gai with my sister...  (we love to have shopping together but I'm not sure whether can spend our time together in holiday...)
After I back from trip, then I ny find a proper work and start to earn money la... =p

After back home, I get to talk a lot to my sister.  Lots of secret, lots of chatting with her.  Told her lots of things including what happen to campus, what big news in campus and also my life.  She is so interested in my story...  hahaha
After talked to her, now she understands me more.  Every time when I give response or did some reaction, she will always tell me and she can read that I don't really mean on what I react.  I just want to hide my true feeling...
She is now worms in my stomach!!!!!!
(I don't know this will last how long la...)

Now what make me worry is the trip... I don't know I keep on feeling something gonna happen... Things that I feel is not a good thing, maybe because I don't feel safe (that's what my sister told me).  I don't feel safe when everything doesn't settle 100% before I go.  Although hotel is 90% settled, but transport is not confirm yet.  I am afraid that my tour guide suddenly not free then I have to use GPS in my phone to bring myself everywhere already...

Nothing I can do now, what I can do is pray pray pray only...
Help me pray also la, if you don't hope me to be in troubles... Hahahaha

p/s: I wish I can have nice trip without any troubles and problems. =)


I'm now at grandma's house... Got no wireless here, so I can't online whole day like I used to be when I'm at home.  I have to share computer with cousins and sister.  (Seriously inconvenient for me)
It is a Love novel.  Can't believe I read this kind of book right?  I read.  I read when I am very very boring.  I can hardly is computer and internet here so I have to bring a book for myself.
Now I have already finished the story.

I really dislike the way the story end.  The ending is very sad.  The boy and the girl in the story didn't get together at the end.  Some more the girl dead...
Ish Ish....
Next time I think I should ask my sister what is the ending before I choose to read it... If it is happy ending then I will choose that book...

Happy ending always cheer me up. =)

Loosen Already

We used to be so close
We used to talk to each other often
We used to spend lots of time together
We used to meet each other very often

Since when...
Since when we become so far away?
Since when we become like stranger?
Since when?

We meet only once a year (almost), even when we get to meet each other longer but I don't feel we are that close.  The feeling is you never want to stay here because of those reasons....

I'm clear and understand that what had make you become like this, but I don't want to tell because I know if I tell you, you will think that I'm nonsense or jealous.  
I'm not nonsense or jealous.
I'm not the only one who feel this...

Are we going to be close like we used to be?
Or this will last until one day we can hardly meet each other?

Thursday, June 2, 2011















我:=.=  。。。

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Turn Round and Round

Someone got his salary and promised us to treat us a meal, a luxury meal.

At first we wanted to go Sherwood to have our dinner there, but too bad when we reached there, there got no place for us.  All table are fulled!  Even those empty one also been reserve by customers already.
(advice: reserve before go Sherwood)

We changed our destination to Teluk Chempedak (beach), when we were near to TC, suddenly I want to go Cherating Steak House, so we changed our destination again.
Guess what?
Cherating Steak House didn't open!!!

Finally we went to a Japanese Restaurant which near to my house!
We turned on big big round to find food as dinner but at the end decided to have dinner near our house!!!

and I ate this


and this

I ate till so full, stomach gonna burst already...

Still consider satisfy la...
but I still hope to have dinner at Sherwood and Cherating Steak House...
When go there to eat?  Hurmp...

p/s: I love Egg Mayo very much!