Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Public Holiday

It was public holiday on Monday and non- of us have class on that day, so we decided to go town for jalan-jalan while we took this opportunity to do our FYP as well.  We waited at the usual place where we wait for mini bus to go town, but it seems like only 4 of us who waiting for the bus!  
It was a long wait until the bus came. 

We went to eat some halal food before start our shopping walk.  Guess how much I spent for my breakfast?  (I took my breakfast at home with bread before I went out but I eat again!)  I spent RM11 for my breakfast!!! Fuh, I never expect I would have spent that much just for my breakfast! I'm really a huge eater... 
I even bought KFC burger before I went back.
Double Zinger Burger!!!  It is so big, luckily I shared with SW instead of taking them all by my own.  Hahaha! I like the sauce of the burger by the way. =D

Oh, I even bought a laptop protector for my laptop skin.  Friends around me kept asking me to buy one to protect my laptop as my 'new' laptop still look so new!  So I bought 1 and is only RM9, not expensive, so I just used it!
But I have no idea how to stick it properly on my laptop and bad result came out!
The left hand side was the very first trial and it showed failure but after I get the skill of how to push all the air out, it looks nice in other side of the laptop.  Still, my laptop looks like got chicken pox on its surface!  >"<

Tomorrow interface consultation, I wonder I manage to finish everything or not... @@

p/s:  why I can't get things I like?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recently I...

Recently I have addicted to a game (thanks to Syn Wei and Lynn!!!)  The game not just made me sit down in front of my laptop for an hour without going anywhere but also made me forget all my assignment!  Seriously it really released my stress but also gave me feel guilty of not doing assignment or homework. 

The game is in Facebook called Tetris Battle, you can search in Facebook to go to the application then you can play already.  I still remember when the first time I play this game was in grandma's house.  It is not a very interesting game but it is a very time consuming game where you can sit down there whole day just to play the game.  
Since the game boy spoiled, I never get to play this game anymore until recently both of them playing like crazy and make me join this crazy, stupid, wasting time but stress releasing game.  Now I can't let go from this game and I have to start control myself or I will be come monster who can't leave without this game!

There are something else here.
So many assignment!  But I still got time play games!  Kill me please... =(

p/s: I hate third year life... =( 
p/s: third year life doesn't seem to please me at all... =((

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Morning Peeps~

Morning people!
I have to do something today.  No more procrastination for today!
Let's start our Saturday with no time wasting and energizing!
Before that, let's have a come of Coffee...
Mummy recommend this as we can add the level of sweetness we like~
Guess my life gonna be living without coffee one day... @@

Lunch + Dinner!

I never know that three regular pizza for 4 people, we can make as lunch + dinner!  I thought I am a super eater that I can eat a lot, a lot means I can eat two persons meal at once, but actually I can't...

Few days ago, I saw this picture sharing among friends in Facebook.
Written there we can have three pizzas with only RM60 where 2 regular cheesy bites and a pan pizza.  (I love cheese and this really delight me!)  Since we missed the first promotion, so we decided to fulfill ourselves with this promotion! 
(First Promotion which ended on last week)
We brought the pizza back and make mushroom ourselves.  It was like staying home watching movie with pizzas instead of popcorn!  Whole week stress just gone like that!  yeepie~
Cheese taste good but when too much of them they taste yucks!  Still the cheese has delighted me. =D  especially the last part of the pizza!  (I dislike the cheese ball as the cheese ball taste more to creamy cheese than the cheese we usually eat.)

We ate pizzas together with mushroom soup... mm~ mm~
After we finished the pizzas, we made our own lemonade!  After the salty and cheesy pizza should continue with something sour to help digest food!  Hehe~
From 3pm we started to have our 'lunch', supposed to be late lunch I know =p and we have them until 6pm!  I never know we can eat that long! Fuh!!!

Seriously enjoyed that moment. =D

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Feelings

Can you imagine how mama be that strong and tough carried you for 9 months plus and suffering for few hours or more just to give birth on you?  I never thought this and this feeling is way so far for me.  I was still young whenever there was a new born baby come to the world, that's why I never feel a thing.  Now when I heard that my auntie has finally given born a baby, I feel grateful!  Seriously I do. =D
He is so pretty, (all babies look pretty I know) but I wonder whether we can praise in front of him or not because the elders always say that babies can't be praised as they will grow uglier.  Hahaha.  Maybe that's because I grow uglier since I was praised when I was young! LoL

Welcome to this world, You Zhe.  =D

p/s: can't wait for the mushroom soup later!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Born Baby!

Feeling so excited now, I mean super excited!!!! I can even jump here and there already!!! ^.^
My auntie just gave birth a baby boy!!! Can you feel my joy!!! Ah....!!

Called mummy today and just knew that auntie went to the hospital yesterday but the baby boy is 'naughty' and wanna play inside her mama's stomach.  (I think he feels the stomach warmer than outside. XD)  Uncle messaged me far from Singapore to inform me that the baby is now in the world.  Today he finally come to this world!  A world that full of mysteries and adventures!!!  

When I saw the message of telling me he is here already, I feel so touch!  I can still feel the excitement!  I even feel want to cry!  I don't know why... Maybe it is because I imagine of how mummy gave birth on me when I heard the news!  Argh... how can you treat badly towards your mummy!  

I seriously wish I can buy flight ticket and fly to Singapore now, I want to be there!  Why la I'm still studying... =.=

Never mind, nothing important than wishing them stay healthily and baby, please grow up faster!!! Don't be so naughty!!! (I wonder whether the baby will play with me or not if I go back and meet him cause it will be another 2 years time for me to go visit them!)  

Baby needs to sleep... and I need to sleep now too!!
Good night~ 

p/s: I bet I will have good night sleep tonight. =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sharing on First Trial

This is the first trial of mine of cooking dhall.  Hehe! I'm so proud of myself because manage to make them tasty even though this is the first time for me!  (Mummy, you should be right here so that I can cook for you! miss you soooo much... *sob sob*)

I wanted to cook dhall before I come back to Labuan, but I got no time for that as I got so many food that I want to learn and cook for my family.  Finally I got my chance here to cook myself.  I never know that I will cook this dish one day, it was so sudden that I was craving for dhall then I looked for recipe only and finally got my own 'to buy list' and bought all the ingredient just now when we went out!

If you want to try out by your own, here is the simplest recipe.  (I ignore all the difficult part of the recipe that I found from Google, cause I am lazy and want to save cost. =p  So if you want to find for full recipe, you can Google search for that! =D)

Go to the nearest shop to find:
tomato (if you want to put)

Seriously, that's the only thing you need.  I am not very good in cooking, but I used the ingredients above to cook, it gave me a 'NICE' result.  So I don't really care about what 'rempah' that I should be including although I know those will make my dish better.

Cook dhall until it becomes nearly mashed, then put in your carrots, potato and cabbage and cook them until they become soft then only put salt and sugar until you satisfy with the taste.  Super easy right?
Haha, I just ate that with white rice and it's fulling!
Actually if you want, you can add eggplant and some dry chilies to make them tastier!  

I forgot to take picture of it after I done cooking.  @@

Anyway, happy trying~

GOod Luck. =p

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I never know that third year can be this busy.  I have been continuously a week didn't get enough sleep, my eye bag is bigger than last time.  I always have my eye bag, is genetic... @@ but now they become bigger!!! #$#$@$@%!
I really no idea how come seniors were so free when they were in final year?  How come I'm so busy like hell?!!  Conclusion is ----> my time management sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Can you believe that I have already 10 days didn't update my blog!!!!! omg!!! 
There are so many things for me to update, but to update a post really takes me lots time, cause I need to have good mood and nice mood to update!.  

Today is the last midterm for this semester.  It was really tough and I never know that I have to face 2 subjects of programming subjects, that's really gonna take my sweet sweet time on revising them. =(  Programming really not my field.  I'm so not into it... *sob sob*

Although all the midterm test has done, but this Friday has another assignment to hand in... 
Argh.... I have to be stronger to get through all this leh... =((

Will update soon, cause now gonna sleep... Tomorrow morning got to wake up early for that assignment!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Dinner Out There

This has been my first dinner outside!  I never believe that I can stand for this long, eating food from the cafe in the campus and stay in campus cooking myself!  
Wow!  Miracle! XD
Few days didn't have nice sleep and didn't drink enough water, this cause me have dark circle and big eye bag! =(  Pimples are also visiting me!  Ah.....  I never have so many pimples come to visit me in the same time before! ='(((

Never mind, I still have to have my nice dinner!  I didn't really go out nicely this semester, most of the time I also stay in the hostel!  =(  No auto car for me and this make me feel like I'm in the jail although I have friend to bring me out once a while.  I hate it when I have to rely on friend, when I can't do something by myself. =(
Why la I can't drive manual car? @@

Some how, I still had my wonderful dinner although only so few of us.  Food are always delicious because what matter is who you are eating with! =D
Simple dishes but I am super satisfied with that.  They made me so full! =)

I want to go eat again, can we?  Er... Maybe after November?  Or maybe after FYP Project 1?

p/s: this semester really sucks. =(

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Everything Heighten

I don't know since when I started to heighten things and even my emotion.  Heighten up their weaknesses, heighten their negatives.  I really don't know when I started to behave like this.  I'm seriously a bad dumb ass.

I never thought that this person that I have already know for 2 years can be the person that I'm thinking now!  A person who was nice, I thought, become a person who is selfish, always take advantages from the others and even become a person who easily remember on others when someone accidentally makes this person angry.

I have heightened everything.  I never think that whenever this person ask me to do things is actually his/her habit of taking advantage from me to help him/her to complete the uncompleted task.  
I wonder.  

Maybe is my problem after all, thinking people's weaknesses instead of their strengths!  

Do you ever face the problem like what I'm facing now?  Someone you know and when you first met him/her, you thought he/she is a nice person, but time flies, or something happen, his/her real identity float.  The feeling of that moment is like suddenly this person of you were knowing has become a stranger.

Yeah, I think so.
But, sometimes ignore your feeling and just go ahead and pretend nothing can make your life better. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Story That Couldn't Be Told, But Write

Paige, Ginger and Anne are good friends.  They have most of their free time together.  Ginger always gives both of her friends a wrong impression of she gain weight very fast and lost weight very fast.  Maybe today Anne say Ginger looks swollen in the morning, but in the evening, Ginger looks normal!  We thought Ginger got some problem with her health.  Both Paige and Anne thought Ginger might have edema.  

Anne knows what cause edema, it usually happened because of kidney problem and pregnancy.  She knows that well as she got relative who facing kidney problem and her auntie is now pregnant and both of her relatives got this symptoms too!  So Anne and Paige asked Ginger to seek for doctor to find out what is the problem.

Finally they have the free time to go out to find out what is the problem that what 'disease' is Ginger facing.  "Hi, may I help you?"  "Oh, I would like to seek the doctor regarding my disease, I think I have edema."  says Ginger when the nurse at the counter asked her.  The nurse at the counter was shocked to hear Ginger says that!  Then quickly Ginger replies, "oh, my friend told me that I got edema."  Paige was the one who accompany Ginger to clinic as Anne feels lazy to go out.  Paige was shocked but she didn't show out her response on her face on what Ginger told the nurse.

Then is Ginger's turn to go in.  Paige stays outside since she can do nothing even she goes in.  Once Ginger goes in, "hey girl, do you know what is edema?  Edema is because of .....".  The doctor begins to explain how edema bring about.  "Who told you that you have edema?"  The doctor asks her.  "My friend, my friend told me that I have edema since my weight is so irregular.  My weight can raise and drop very fast!"  The doctor was laughing and she asked her to explain to her friend, Paige on what is edema.  "Oh, my friend is just outside!"  So Ginger brought Paige in.  The doctor asked Paige's age and what she is studying.  The doctor laughed!  "Wow, an IT student told her friend she has edema!  What a big joke is that!"  Guess that's what the doctor laughing and thinking that time!  Paige was so shocked when Ginger asked her to go into the room as she thought maybe the doctor also want to check up whether she has edema too!  But when the doctor asked her how she knows and notice Ginger has edema, she was so speechless...

Ginger continue her body check up.  She went to weight her weight and recorded 58kg. Since she needs to do urine test, the doctor asked her to drink water to take the urine test.  She got 59kg after she drank water!  When she back from the toilet she weight again, she got back 58kg!  Wow!  Paige was surprise about this that her weight can control by drink water!  Fuh!

The story ends here.

Do you guys get what is the story meant by?  I do.  If I'm Paige I have already scolded Ginger because of her stupid-ness.  I wonder how Paige can control her emotion so well!  Urgh...  I personally think Ginger doesn't have to ask Paige goes into the room or tell the doctor that her friend who told her she has edema was outside!  This so ridiculous.  Ginger can tell Paige after she finished everything with the doctor nice and privately, not in front of the doctor!  Paige needs face!!!  

Alright, maybe I'm too emotional as well.  I got nothing to do with this and I shouldn't take it seriously.  Sometimes there are things that we should take seriously and there things that we shouldn't.  Seriously got no idea what is in Ginger's mind!  (right right! I souldn't care!)

p/s:  This is just a story.  If there are any story who familiar with this, just a coincidence.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cooking Time~

Finally get the chance of learning all this after the long wait.  We wanted to start this during the holiday but since I was doing my assignment, so everything postponed to the day we free!
Today we gonna make DONUTS and NASI LEMAK!  I never make donuts before, and this is my first time!  While nasi lemak, I make them without using any santan because mummy say santan is unhealthy and after discussion with bro and sis, so they decided not to take santan.  But this time, the nasi lemak that we made is with santan! =D
It become bigger size because of the yeast!  
Cool huh?
First, DONUTS!
I can't really remember the ingredient.  I remembered I put flour, yeast, margarine, sugar, milk powder and etc.  (I just realized we don't need any eggs for donuts!!!  So those who are having skin allergy who can't eat any egg, you can eat DONUTS!!!)
I even made weird weird shape!  Haha, my 'teachers' kept laughing at me as I make all weird weird shape.  That's creativity la... hehe (I know they are ugly)
Woots!  Sambal making time!!!  I'm really surprise with the ingredient that they put, because I never know they put that too!  Guess what they put?  They put soy sauce, chili sauce, sauce 'tiram'...  Wow!!!  I also surprised about that!
After all, the food was nice!  I love homemade nasi lemak, you can add anything you want!  If the nasi lemak we ate just now can add together with curry chicken, that would be superb!  While eating all the delicious food, I was thinking of going back home fast!  I can't wait to share this tasty food to my family, I want to make this for them too!!!
NASI LEMAK with DONUTS!  Do you want some?  Haha, I think next time... I ate all the remaining nasi lemak and donuts, because they are just too delicious already!  (I don't care I will gain weight or not because of tonight, it was too delicious until I can ignore of the diet plan. =p)

Ah... Food = Paradise for me.  How can human leave without food?

p/s: happy eating. <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Half Way Through The Holiday

We have one week holiday.  Most of our friends have already gone home and some of them enjoying traveling out there, while I choose to stay in the campus, facing the same people, same routine and same environment.  I didn't want to go out, first thing is because the holiday is too short, and my FYP supervisor gave me an assignment which I haven't start yet (the assignment needs time, really time constraint)  


It has been half way of the holiday and I have done nothing except for eat, cook, sleep and yesterday hand in an assignment proposal.  I know this doesn't sound proud because it is not!  I should have done more assignment in this holiday but I didn't.  Bad Cai Yi.

There are lots more assignment waiting for me but guess what I am doing this few days?  I played games, make up and hair style!  What the heck I'm doing?  Some how, I can't reject myself doing those thing because that are my interest and hobbies!  


Friends are having holiday but they are actually adding their life more colors but I didn't add any color into my life but onto my face! (make up make my face looks colorful)  Today I'm going to learn something from my friend about cookings.  I love make delicious dishes, but I never be perfect.  Today gonna learn something that I already know but I never really use the right way to create it.  Hahaha
(Stay tuned if you want to know what I'm going to do today)

Later on, there will be housework waiting for me to be done.  
Today made my first try on the RED BEAN PORRIDGE.  I never tried that before until just now.  It's nice! hahaha.  Gonna make some for mummy when I back home, I bet she misses my cooking. =p

I must utilize the half holiday left!  Or else I bet I will regret about this.  

p/s: enjoy ya holiday <3
p/s: xoxo

Monday, November 7, 2011

Flat Iron

My auntie gave me a flat iron when I was in Singapore.  I love to make those hair style, make up thingy, so I decided to bring the flat iron to Labuan so I can play with it when I'm free. =)

I am so grateful that I brought the flat iron here, cause I have already used it for many times and I surprised that flat iron can also use as curling iron!  You can find they way how to use flat iron to curl your hair in Youtube. =D

I have long long hair but is straight, my parent doesn't allow me to curl my hair that she said I will regret if I curl it.  She even asked why I want to make my hair curled as my hair is so long and straight.  I got nothing to say, but just answer her with one answer that is I want to change my look!  Still, I haven't really curl my hair permanently because I don't think my hair is long enough for that, maybe after a year, after I graduate, I will curl my hair permanent. =)
(the above picture) 
I did this hair style when I was in Singapore (Johor actually because that day went into Johor for one day trip then gone back to Singapore again) by hair stylist.   
And this one, I did it all by myself by using flat iron! Man! I'm so good!!!! *proud*
Oh, I know my fringe has already grown longer...  But I don't really dare to cut my fringe or hair in Labuan, so I will let the length become longer and cut them when I go back home.

p/s: so coincidence! It was the same shirt! XD

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mc Donald!

I'm lovin it~

It has been long time I didn't have McD (maybe not really that long), since we are going to Airport, so we took this opportunity to eat that as our late lunch!
So many things happen before we managed to eat that delicious and 'healthy' food. @@
2 classic mcdeluxe and 1 spicy mcdeluxe.
Why burgers are so delicious?  Ah... I want to have them again!

p/s: can we have them again when we go airport again? =p
p/s: or is there anyone who going to buy mcd back during the holiday?  can I tumpang? XD

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fcuk It

It is really like a super not good day for us, I mean today.  I mean seriously, I really don't know what is going on!  

This started in the afternoon when we were waiting for the rented car.  Storm came to attack us!  It was lasting for around 30 minutes because the rented car was late for 30 minutes! Ah, wasting my time!  Once the car was there, we get into the car quickly and drove quickly to our hostel since we our main purpose is to fetch our friend to airport!  (yeah, she is going back home.)  

Here come the main issue!

It was raining, there was no security guard there so we assumed that we can go in to our hostel!  (that time was really like cats and dogs!)  After we put the luggage into the car and drove down to the guard house (we have to pass through the guard house before going out from the campus), the ass hole guard doesn't allow us to go through with the excuse that we didn't get permission of going into the hostel.  F it la, he didn't do his duty and he blame that on us.  He should have stand outside there, why he stand inside?  then now he blamed us that we go in just like that.  =.=

It was still raining, so we just scroll down the window and talked to the guard like that, but the ass hole guard acting like he can't hear anything.  WTF!  TNB!!! Who he thinks he is?  Fu*k it!  I wanted to go down, but my friend went down, I know I can't go down, because I would have scolded the guard.  I know I can't control myself in that situation.  
Still, the guard finally let us go out after my friend kept say sorry.
Usually it is very difficult for us to drive car inside the hostel and it is easy for us to go out, but today seems to be reverse problem occur! @@

I seriously don't understand why can the guard does his job like that?  Is that a proper way of doing his job?  I wonder is there any way of complain about this?  I doubt I can success on doing this as this is not the first complain I got from my friends.  They told me that this guard (I mean this guard, not all the guard behaved like him), he is very arrogant.  I just never know that he will be acting in this way.

p/s: seriously ass hole!  

Lazy Day

Today it is a very very very lazy day for me, should say that it was a superb lazy day!  Holiday officially started and the lazy feeling started as well although I still have assignment to catch up which our due date is on Tuesday!  (Stop telling me that I still got time for that cause that assignment is f*cking difficult!)

Holiday started but doesn't mean that my assignments and stuff are going to stop until the school reopen, because that's impossible as our supervisor gave us 'things' to do and asked us to let him view after the holiday ends!  Ouch!  Can't enjoy my holiday... *sob sob* (my time management sucks I know, I don't know why, maybe is because of procrastinating.)  

Got up early in the morning at around 8am, taken my breakfast back to sleep again since I don't feel like doing anything and I don't have my laptop with me, so I can't play any game!  So once I slept I slept until noon!  It was the longest ever sleep for me.  I never slept until noon!  I slept for more than 12 hours... @@  I was so freaking free as actually I'm not!

Right, it wasn't a lazy day for me after all because I did some housework!  I sweep and mop the floor since I got nothing to do except sleep and eat and chit chat for the whole morning.  Boring kills!  Ah...

p/s: I really do feel like doing anything, I just wanna sleep and eat but I don't want to become pig... @@

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My New Baby

Finally I got my new baby!
Aww... I wanted this for so long and finally it's mine!
Nice isn't it?
I love them so much! There are so colourful!!!
It is not big as what I thought, it is so small...
Can compare with my finger.  It is smaller than 20 cents but bigger than 10 cents.  I thought it would be bigger than 20 cents and smaller than 50 cents! LoL!! So big difference.  This big difference make me feel selfish to not to share with friend. XD  
I have been wishing this for more than a year and finally I got this and it is hard for me to share this to others, plus the amount of each colour is so small!  Ops, maybe I'm too selfish. 

I tried the color on my face together with my new liquid eye liner.  I never really use a liquid eye liner on my face, only on friend's face.  Even this liquid eye liner, the first use was also not on my face! 
I know this make up is a little bit weird, but this is my first try without looking or copying in any tutorial in Youtube! 
The colour for my eye shadow is purple, pink and blue.  I like this three colours especially purple, that's why I choose this as my eye shadow for this make up.  The eye liner! Alright, I know my hand was shaking, I still don't really know how to control on using liquid eye liner!  Well, practice makes perfect, I gonna do more practice on this. =) (I think pencil eye liner suits me more!)
This is so not like me! 
Haha, but I just like to play with stuff like this. =p

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Don't Look GOod

Some one told me that I'm beautiful yesterday.  This not the first compliment already, even my sister also will say that sometimes and added at the end there "BUT IF YOU BECOME THINNER THEN YOU WILL BE PERFECT ALREADY".
So whenever who tell me that I'm beautiful or pretty, I will just take it as compliment and say thank you but I will never take it serious, because I don't think I'm pretty with this body size. =(  

Lots of friends keep telling me that I don't look fat.  Ah... Com'on la, I know my condition well, I don't look fat but I look big size!  For me this is the same meaning.  I know I'm big bone, love to eat and I am lazy to exercise, so I don't blame it, just stop telling me that I'm good in this look, because I'm not satisfied with this.  

A friend of mine she is short, but overweight.  Guess what, nobody tell her that she is fat, but when I stand beside her, everybody says I'm fat.  Do you know why? That's because I look so big and she looks so small.  That makes different. @@!!!  
Ah... I just felt a little bit of annoyance when people tell me I look good as I know I'm not.  Because I will feel that that's a lie.

Who doesn't want to look good?  I bet most of us want ourselves to look better, and some of them just satisfy with how they are now.  I'm the one who want myself to become better. >"<

We Are Punctual!

One day three girls are walking to the school.  The school starts at 8 in the morning.

Before they go to school, Girl A says.

A: Eh, later make sure we are not late because we have been late to school for the past 2 days!
B & C: okay okay!
B: By the way, it is still very early lo! still got more than 30 minutes leh...

After around 10 minutes waiting for C to change and prepare.

A: Faster lo!
B: Why you so slow one?!
C: hanna hanna... can go liao la... ==

While walking to the school.

A: eh what time already ah?
B: yalo, I got the feeling of we are late already ah?
C: no la... still early, is only 8am.
A & B: #$#^@$%$%@#@! our school starts at 8am and now you say this is still early?!

p/s: A & B didn't actually F C, but they laugh out loud because of the super lame 'joke'.