Saturday, October 31, 2009

After A Week Of Resting

Alright!!!  It has been a week.  A week that I didn’t update my blog already.  I’m very sorry about that, but my schedule is really fully book and I got no mood to update at all.


Final will start on Monday and I have 8 subjects to handle which I only really started to study and do my revision on yesterday because I was busying with my assignments and assignments.  Nothing else I was busying with.  I went for interview too.

Since I was a band 4 student, I was allowed to choose a foreign language in my next semester.  There are Japanese, Arabic and Advanced Mandarin.  Guess what subject I had chosen??  I had chosen Mandarin, advance Mandarin.  Surprise huh??
I was really surprise too.  I thought I will challenge myself by taking Japanese but in the end I failed too.  I really do feel I’m coward.  I don’t even dare to sacrifice my time, my money to take Japanese language. 

I’m getting fatter and fatter here….  I really don’t know how to diet liao, because in my experience when I having exam, I’ll definitely get fat.  Stress maybe, I don’t know.  

What I have to do now is study and do more revision…..  I don’t want to get a bad result and I hope to get back my current room and one of the roommate or with a closer friend. 
One more thing is I am looking forward into 16th of November 2009, because that will be my last paper until 12pm then I will be free and I can fly after that…

p/s: left 19 days to back to peninsular….  Can’t wait till that day….  ^^

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sharing of My Days

Yesterday was my free day for whole day, unfortunately there was no electricity at all!!!  I really do feel frustrated about that.  This problem occurs since Thursday night and the electric current came back yesterday evening.  And during this ‘disaster’, my laptop was switch off without shutting down properly twice!!!  Oh my God!!!  My heart is bleeding because of that!!!  Pain la weyh!!!

Things unexpected happened, but for me is still okay, because I don’t have to sleep uncomfortable that night.  I just pitied those SPKAL students.  They were going to have their final exam on the next day and they have to spend whole night doing nothing?!!!  I really don’t understand the technician here, why they never think of the students and never take precaution on the electricity source???!!!  And the worst thing is, they have to sweat during the examination!!  Oh poor, this is so uncomfortable, and if they didn’t get good result, I think they should blame the person in charge!!!
That night, all of us were sleeping with sweat, damn hot and uncomfortable.  But fortunately, I was too tired to think of the ‘warm’ environment.  I fell asleep very early that night.

The next morning, I went to a temple to pray.  It was really smoky and my tears came out without my permission.  Hahahax
Hello!!!  Tears coming out don’t mean that I am sad or crying la!!!  What I did enjoy that time was I drove!!!  ^^
Really, it has been long time I didn’t drive and I really miss the moment I drive when I was in my hometown.  Well, the place and directions here are still strange to me, that am why I still need someone to guide me when I was driving.  Guide me in the sense of directions. 

On the way back to hostel, I only realize that the car was full of ladies, 6 pretty ladies and all of us are in the same course!!!  We are course mate!!!  Wow, unbelievable~~~
6 of us went out to pray and we went to eat something good.  After eating, I feel a little bit of guilty because I feel I am getting bigger and bigger in size…  the size isn’t growing vertically but growing horizontally.  T.T 
Every time I thought of diet, but I got no time to go for exercise, and the main reason is I’m lazy.  Yeah, when you do not want to do something, then you will find lots of excuses to yourself.  I’m doing the same thing here.  >.<
here are some of the pictures that i had captured~~~~

Something else I do want to share with you guys is:
I feel something on me.  Every time I give comment towards a couple, especially negative comment, the comment or my presage will come true.  I’m so sorry to those couple that I didn’t see any good future on you both.  Every time I tell my friend or I think that a couple will break up soon, things will happen just may be now or later.  So so so sorry about that.

Maybe you can think for not letting me know that you will going to have further relationship with him/her.  Or don’t let me know the personality of your partner, or else I will see thru everything.

‘bull shit’ this word might come out from your mouth, but is true.  I had experience this many times…  believe it or not….

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everything Is Messed Up

Everything blew up!!!

I really very disappointed what I have just done just now during my English presentation.  It was really terrible and I was told that my presentation was not organized.  Sigh.  Disappointed ler……
My presentation was about ‘Direct Selling and Network Marketing’.  It was my very last idea, because when Madam wanted us to hand in our final draft, she asked me to change topic last minute because she is not satisfied with my previous essay map.  I had used the whole night to finish the essay map and in the end came out with the topic ‘Direct Selling and Network Marketing’.

Really disappointed.  I was so nervous, and my point are not organized.  Ehem, I really have to admit it.  Actually I know that I had chosen the wrong title for the essay, but since I have chosen this topic, then I have to make effort to make my essay become better……

Really want to cry now…

Not just cry, but I really hope that time can flew back until the day she asked us to do essay map… I want to change the topic la……  ish ish ish!!!!

Haih!!!  God, please help me… 

How good, if there is somebody who can guide me…..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

C++ Assignment

Is very early in the morning now and I am still in front of my laptop.  But please don’t be misunderstand that I didn’t sleep for whole night, I did sleep just now at 12.30am just now and wait up at 3.30am which I only sleep for 3 hours.  Again… 

I didn’t want to, but I forced to.  No choice, who ask me to be the group member of this group assignment.  What I can do is sigh by my own, and try to solve everything out my own because I have the responsible to make sure my group manage to hand in the assignment in time.
Till now, I haven’t 100% done this assignment, because the printer run out of black ink which I only manage to print most of the pages.  

There three parts of this assignment and I do feel that I have finished all three parts but I don’t mind actually, I least I learnt something from here.  No matter things that I learnt or realized in here is negative or positive, I will always use a very positive thinking.  
Honestly, I do feel jealous on other group.  Even though they finished their game last minute but they manage to finish their reports and slide earlier than our group.  I guess it is just like what he said – team work.  Maybe our group really lack of that point. But, this weakness occurs is not because of the team member, but me, myself.  I didn’t do my part on dividing job to each other and didn’t strict to each other.  What came to my mind was, they will do their best, but I didn’t feel any afford from some of them. Maybe I’m too sensitive on that.  

I really do feel exhausted on this assignment.  I spent a lot of time on this.  I didn’t manage to prepare my presentation on tomorrow and the quiz that comes at this evening.  Maybe I am not really good in managing my time, no point to blame others.  What I can do is learnt everything from the mistake and realizes that I get this time to make myself more stronger in the future

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Life In University

This is the first time I feel that University life is such busy and tiring.  I really very busy and tired for the last week and I only sleep for 3 hours per day. 
I was involved in a carnival and was a committee member of that carnival.  The carnival really drives me crazy and wasting my time, but luckily it ended yesterday night. 

After I back from Program Anak Angkat, I didn’t have time to rest at all.  All the time was full and you can hardly find that I having rest.  There are a lots of things happen also after the Program, and I do feel happier than before and I know that you feel better too.

I was busying for the dancing performance, carnival, assignment C++, English essay presentation and E-commerce.  There are a lot of things to do in that week but I only manage to finish my carnival and part of C++.  It is so tired to do so many things and I have to sacrifice my sleeping time too….
Poor thing….  And worst thing is, I drink coffee which I always rejected to drink because I know that drink coffee is a very bad habit that can cause addicted.   Argh!!!

Still got a month then I can go back home, that’s why I feel energetic even when I didn’t get a good night sleep.  I guess when the days come nearer, I get to have more motivation to stay stronger and stronger here.  I really do miss you all.  I wanted to call all of you when I am free, but I am scare you all not free because final are around the corner and government exams are very near too.

Just now I had just fill in for my foreign language course and guess what I choose??  I have chosen mandarin.  I know that most of you will scold me that I’m stupid to take that language.  I know that it will be a big mistake to take this language, because I really do want to take Japanese too.  But I really don’t want to be so busy and always busy with my Japanese homework only like those seniors now.  I want to be able to skip class to go back home earlier or back to campus later…   I know that this is a very stupid decision and I know that this is a very very immature decision too.

Anyway, just let it be because I have chosen the language and nothing can change it now….
God bless me….

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Program Anak Angkat

Last Friday I had joined a program called ‘Program Anak Angkat’.  Actually the program was started in the morning, but unfortunately I had class in the morning and mid-term for TITAS in the evening, so I can only join them for the night activity.

Is  kinda disappointed at first when I reached the kampong, Kg. Lubuk Temiang.  Because I do not like to join formal activity, I thought that the activity is just follow what our host family, but we have to follow to what the organizer had plan.
At first, Jacey and I were asked to stay with ‘penghulu’ but the ‘penghulu’ said that his house is kinda small, so we stayed with En. Jesmey.  He is a very good guy and he is really very friendly.  The whole family of him are kind too~~~

We get to eat delicious food when we stayed with them although the environment is kinda dirty.  You can find lotsssssss of cockroach in the bath room.  You know la, I very scare of cockroach and usually I will shout or scream when I see them, but this time I didn’t scream or shout at all, I just pray that they will not come to me. 
I got to eat homemade meal~~~ yum yum, delicious, the food that they prepare are very delicious, just they seldom prepare vegetables.  I got the chance to eat crab and prawn there.  I can even follow them to catch prawn in the lake behind their house although I’m not the one who catch, but I get the chance to see how they catch prawn. 

I do got a lot of pictures here, and I am a little bit of lazy to type out all the activities that I had done.

May all the pictures explain everything.

The place where I slept

Whole family~~~

my 'father'~~~

Buah Tarap

The place I stay....

'mak' dan 'ayah'

Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Want To Let You Know

Dear All,
I'm going to have 'fun' outside the campus for 3 days, which means I'm not be showing my face in the campus for 3 days and you are not going to see me for these few days too.

Hahahax, I know that you are going to miss my noisiness and my smile....  tak tau malu pulak.. but no choice lo...   if you miss me then you ma sms me lo, I don't think I will be onlining to chat with you, cause I am not going to bring my laptop out.  I will let him hibernate for 2 days~~~~

anyway, if you got anything please do contact me~~~  I will be love to chat thru phone~~~
FOR my C++ group member, I would like to hear your suggestion on what kind of game do you wan...  and find you friends that know about C++ and ask for help, so that we can have a small meeting when we come back.

Okayh, that's all for now, I will update my post later when I come back and when I am free.....  >.<

Cai Yi

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

丰富的一餐 + 光明的夜晚


当那个人把灯给换之后,我真的很开心,因为整个房间都变亮起来了,我再也不需要跟我两个室友过那么 ‘浪漫’ 的夜晚了~~~

Monday, October 5, 2009








p/s: 我還有 44 天就能回半島了~~~好期待哦~~~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Words For My Ownself

I don't know why I feel so down this few days.  I feel suffer and moody.  I don't even think anybody will know about this if I didn't write my feeling in blog.  I don't know why I have this kind of feeling.  I really suffer because of this.  I really hope I can cry aloud and I want to, but I feel difficult to make the tears to come out from my eyes.

I know that if a person can cry when he/she is sad or hurt, but I can't.  That's why I feel tired and I can do nothing but continue my life here.  
University life....
At first I thought University life is joyful, relaxing and full of happiness but now I realize that I'm too naive to think all about that.  The life here in University is actually consider as pre-job or pre-reality.  You will get to see there are many kind of people in the world in University.
Sometimes you can't even see the real part of a person or you will never know the true personality of him/her until the end of the life.

I know that I shouldn't be so emo, but sometimes it is really difficult for me to wear mask around to be happy in front of everybody.  But fortunately some of the friends that I meet here are good to me and sometimes I can feel I am laughing honestly and deep in my heart when I am with them.  

I think I really have to change my mindset my charging up myself, there are no friends that can be charging for me.  I will always remember to what you told me, I will always remember that although you are not at my side but the spirit and the energy will always be around me and help me along.
I really do miss you all a lot.  Every time I faced problems here, I will think of you all and make me feel that it is not a wrong to know you all.  Make me be more appreciate that I have you all.  Thanks...

Sometimes it is suffer to look at people's face to do things that we dislike.  This not me and I love to do things that people never ask to.  If you ask me not to do that, then this will make me want to do that eagerly.  Maybe because of this many people misunderstand me.
It is hurt and sad to hear that honestly, but nothing I can do.  I can't wash their brain, I can't control them from listening from the 'news' from others.
But I know that I can change their mind when they know me well.

Anyway, this is not the time to think all about that.  What I have to do now is study and do my own business.  Don't be too busybody to help others when they didn't ask for help cause some of the people will think that you are pretending.  
Just do what ever that I think is good then it will be enough and don't care what people think of.  
Just remember one thing that is: when people trying to say bad or good thing behind of you, just let them continue.  Actually you are too famous that's why they will say about you.  Just imagine, if they don't even know you, how will they mention about you???

Yupe, I have to charge up myself.  Never let myself walking down but walking up. =)

Friday, October 2, 2009

True Words To You

I am really disappointed, really really disappointed.  I can't believe that you don't trust me at all.  I don't understand and confuse.  Which one is the real part of you??  Are you honest to me every time you talk to me?? I don't know, I don't when you are the real one.  Sometimes you seem to be so far from and sometimes you seem to be so close to me.  

I know that it is difficult for you to forget someone that you care about and it is difficult for you to give up upon the relationship and I know that you hope things will change in all sudden.  But do you know that sometimes please don't be so stubborn, things cannot just change as you wish, everything will still go on no matter you like it or not.  You can't control others thinking, you can't control others actions and you can't control others feeling.  At least he/she knows what are you thinking, don't you think that is a better way to be??

I wanted to talk to you but I don't when is the suitable time to be and I'm sure that when I talk to you, you will definitely think that I am wrong and you are right.  Even though I don't really understand your personality.  What I can say is, as a friend, I hope you can be honest to me and let us face the problem together but not you face it alone.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


看医生看到一半,我收到朋友的讯息说有上英文课。。。唉,没办法啊,我都已经租车到 12 点。。。算了吧,只好告诉老师我陪朋友去看病咯。。。