Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Hello Kitty Mission Accomplished

I had Mc Donald for almost once every week just to collect the Hello Kitty.  Mommy was nagging at me for spending money on those unrealistic stuffs.  What to do, it was in all sudden that I want to collect them all!

The Hello Kitty collection started on the 25th of April, so I started to have mcd on that day.  Luckily sis was the one who had to eat all the 'unhealthy' food.  LoL! #evilsmile So that's mean I didn't have to eat mcd food to get Hamburglar, then JT was nice enough to help me to get Grimace since he is going to get himself one!  Yeah, I am luckily enough that I don't have to eat mcd for 4 weeks continuously!
I just ate 2 times mcd to get 4 Hello Kitty-s!

That's not the main thing after all.  I am so glad that there are only 4 Hello Kitty to be collected or else I think I will start to hate mcd for doing that kind of promotion cause I will have to eat all those food when I'm actually on diet just to get Hello Kitty.  
If that really happens, I think I will never get closer to my ideal weight! wtf
And then when people ask me why I cannot reach my ideal weight, I think I will blame that to Hello Kitty. #facepalm

Still mission accomplished!  I don't have to eat mcd for the sake of Hello Kitty anymore which means I can get back to my diet routine which I still having heavy food during lunch time.  fml
I gonna keep all this until my grandchildren (if I managed to get married and having grandchildren) then ask them to keep for their grandchildren then sell them with super high price!  LoL!  Sucks investment ever... XD

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Trend

I don't know since when the trend of wearing thick spectacles frame started.  Friends around started to buy those frame without glasses just to follow the trend.  I didn't really do so because I was lazy to wear contact lens and it wasn't the right time to change the spectacles too.

So since I think it is the time for me to change spectacles and I also think that I would wear contact lens more when I am working, the specs will be only wearing during night time or during when I'm relaxing.  So I decided to follow the trend!  Lol!!!  
Not a very branded specs, but it cost me nearly RM half k.  I chose for don't know how long only I can get this one.  Seriously a very thick one!  Since I want a special and trendy spectacles, so I decided to choose something wow.  I think not much people out there would choose specs like this with power glasses because they usually use a specs that without glasses as a fashion.  
(my specs power didn't increase which means there is no different of power between the new one and the old one.. the only different is the design and color jek... Lol!)
Look nerd right?!  But I think this specs is much better than the previous one!  At least I don't look old in this spectacles~  Lol!!
So easy!  I don't have to put on any make up even hang out at night!  Because the specs is thick enough to cover most of the flaw on my face!  Hahaha!!
Omfg, I am so SS!!!  But right, I already seldom take picture recently already because of the front camera of my phone is so so bad!  :(
A colleague of mine said this is an owl spectacles!  LoL!!  Funny not, some more she said I'm wearing like a professor, funny la~
What do you think then?

Btw, my friend told me that I am suitable with the fringe!  :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Hello Kitty Fever

McDonald has launch the McDonaldLand x Hello Kitty.  Yeah, that's mean that you can get a Hello Kitty by just adding RM9.95 after you bought a set of McValue Meal (if not mistaken la, lol).  So basically this is NOT free which you have to pay to get one.

Last 2 weeks when I was about to bring sis to buy her lunch, she said she wants to have mcd as lunch so I brought her along to drive thru.  Since it was the first lauch of Hello Kitty set (Hamburglar) so I did ask her whether she wants one and so I bought.
And then on the 2nd of May, the second Hello Kitty (Grimace) was launched.  Since I already bought one, so I think might as well I collect all for as collection.  But this is the month of us (colleagues and I) having diet plan.  We have to lose weight at the end of the month, how can I have mcd at this moment?!  

Luckily a friend of mine willing to help me to buy one.  Big thanks to him so I don't have to put fast food into my stomach.  (I don't want to put fast food into my family's stomach as well... they just had fast food recently)  Anyway, out of the 4 I like Grimace the most.
Yeah, if you know me well, you would surprise why I will buy this because I also can't believe that I will buy and collect all these.  But since I bought the first already, I decided to have all four.  After 2 days (9th of May), the third Hello Kitty (Birdie) will be lauched!  Go grab one because that one also very cute and nice!

For your information, I heard other countries have already launched this promotion much earlier than we are.  Some of them posted in FB showing that they had already bought full set of the Hello Kitty when they saw us posting the first one, Hamburglar.  

ps: I think sis or bro have to sacrifice their stomach for that Hello Kitty.

Black Day On The Monday

It was the 13th election for us, Malaysian.  If you really do follow my blog all the time, you will notice I actually did post thing about the election in the previous post.  Yeah, I did my job as a responsible citizen and since that was the first time of me involve in the election so I did concern the result of the election.

Yeah, the result came out on the night of 5 of May 2013.  It was first time ever I waited for a result for so long.  From 7pm, I sit in front of TV, having dinner while watching the live news reported about the result.  Never been so excited for result before, seriously even when waiting for my SPM nor STPM result.  (see I love my country so much! wtf)

Yeah, the result was out and I believe lots of you know what happen.  I don't want to talk more about this here cause now it has been prohibited from talking nonsense.  Well, the news weren't being proven la, but still if there wasn't incident happened, there weren't be rumors spreading around.  Am I right?
(or maybe there are somebody out there really want to ruin this country)

Once the result out, all of us were so moody until most of the FB users changed their profile picture into black color, so did I.  Seriously all the rumors were hurt and I really felt sad after seeing all those 'proof' (videos and pictures)  I can hardly fall asleep that night but I had to because I got to work on the next day.

To show our dissatisfaction, we did these.
Different design and arrangement of the words.  I think this is cool and creative!  Don't you think so?
From the pictures above, do you manage to find which one is me?
This is me!

Seriously until now the issues of election is still very serious no matter in the social media and also in all media like newspapers and TV news.  Everybody is worrying incident like 513 would happen.  Sigh.

My opinion, I love this country.  I remember when I was young, I kept telling mommy that Malaysia is a very nice country where we don't have war nor nature disaster like other country.  I was proud of being a Malaysian.  After the election, I really do feel disappointed on what happen and what had been done.  I can mix well with Malays and Indians, I have Malay friends and also Indian friends.  I seriously dislike the way our 'LEADER' said about Cina Tsunami, because this sounds like we are the disaster.
To be frankly, none of us hope bad thing to happen.  We live as 1 Malaysia as what had been mentioned because we are Malaysian.


Let's pray for the best.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today is the day of me as one of the citizen of Malaysia who is now qualified to vote!  I believe the whole world also notice about this, because this is the first time ever where people in Malaysia are so alert and excited in this.  

This is the first time I involve in all this where I vote for a better Malaysia!  Everybody in Facebook is also excited about this where since March everybody has been talking about election, until lately in end of April, there are lots of videos and pictures about election.  This is the 13th election for Malaysia.  I can see there are more citizens who involved themselves in this too!  I heard mommy said last time when she went for voting, the school is very empty and few people came in the morning, but this morning when I went with mommy, I waited for nearly 2 hours just to wait for my turn to vote.  Fuh...
They have this ink for us, those who voted to avoid people from voting 2 times.  This is also the first time the government takes this action to prevent cheating.  So you can see Facebook is fulling with fingers painted.  Lol wtf.

However, something surprising me because the ink supposedly to be permanent for few days (or you can say irremovable for few days) but mine faded after I washed my hand!
Now the color is even lighter than the picture above.  Some of them even said the ink can be removed by using toothpaste.  I never try but what's the point of putting ink on finger after voting if the ink can be removed easily?  Waste taxpayers' money again?!

Talking about wasting money.
I had been receiving all this postcard from BN.  I really don't understand why they want to do this as is this necessary to be so many?  I have my mind and brain to think, if I have already make up my mind, no matter how many postcard you sent, I will still wouldn't change my mind.  Wasted all the natural sources.  Other than postcards, I also received letters from both parties.

Maybe because I'm first timer, that's why they want to win my heart so I can vote for them.  LoL!

Now I'm sitting beside TV listening to the news for the latest result while updating this!  Seriously, I feel so proud that I have done my responsible as a citizen of Malaysia.  ;)
I hope we, all the people of Malaysia can get the best government to lead towards a better future.
*pray hard hard*

My Health

One day I look into the mirror and when I was preparing to wash my face, I saw something at my forehead. Out of all sudden, I realized saw a hole (a super small one, smaller than old 5 cents) on my forehead.  I thought it should be nothing so I just ignored it and continue my daily routine to work.
I told my colleague and show them my head.  They were surprise and also wonder why my head will become like that.

I started to worry because I know that that's not normal.  So I went to have a head scanning at a saloon (where I used to cut my hair there).  Conclusion from the scanning and the surface check up, I have more holes hide under my hair.  I was OMFG why the hell this will happen to me?!  From head to toe, the most satisfied part of me is my hair leh...
The only thing I can do is to start to treat my hair to reduce the hair amount from dropping.  First thing is to change the current shampoo into those expensive non-commercial shampoo.  Curious with the price?  The price is 10 times higher than the price of shampoo that you can find in Watson or Guardian.  *heartache*  I have to be 'generous' on this in order to recover.

Hopefully after a month time I will recover without doing any treatment because if I didn't recover and things get worst, I will have to spend even more for the hair treatment.  Oh God...

Anyway, don't worry la.  I am still healthy and hyperactive like usual, I can still eat, sleep and laugh loudly, just the thickness of my hair getting lesser.  That's all.  So cheers~  (still super strong, wouldn't die or collapse so fast la... lol)