Sunday, September 30, 2012


And so I'm officially unemployed.  The funny thing is my part-time job as tuition teacher is able to make me feel exhausted especially when I have to repeat so many times in explaining Mathematics.  The good thing is I'm willing to explain because I love to teach Maths, and I will be proud if they can score in Maths too!

I'm now everyday facing the same routine.  
Wake up
Prepare for the night tuition

Really is not the life that I ask for when I was young.  I wanted life that can really fully utilized and life that I can earn lots of money but at the mean time I still have lots of time to do my own stuff.  But now seems I need more experience to achieve what I want.  

It was Friday and I received a phone call that telling me that I'm unable to continue to work in the company as because the company's problem.  I was super duper sad...  Cause I didn't get to say good bye with most of the colleagues.  Sigh...  I have to smile and say I'm fine although I was super sad.  (tears drop)
Nothing else I can do but recharge myself by having positive thinking.  
Now I'm free and can concentrate to do things that I want.  Guess this is the only thing I can make myself happier. =D

Yet, I got offer from my ex-colleague.  She asked me to become baby sitter of her son for a week.  Nice!  I like children and is time for me to 'torture' them. =p  Maybe I can get a job of being a Kindergarden teacher!

ps: went to worship hall just now and surprisingly met one of my students. =D

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The HOLIDAY Of The Week

Pity me as I don't have much holiday although I have one week holiday staying at home.  What I mean here is I don't have much holiday although I'm not working for the whole week due to lots of housework and house-management stuff waiting for me to be settled.

Never mind, at least I have one day of my day to enjoy myself.  Nevertheless, I still need to settle some of the stuff asked by mommy before hang out with my friend.  (only a friend.  #foreverone.jpg)
Took some pictures while waiting for friend to buy something out there.  Of course I must take pictures because it is so rare of me put on make up and make myself look nice.  Alright la, I know you all must be thinking that WHY CAI YI BECOME SO SYOK SENDIRI ALREADY?  Argh... Nobody likes of course must love myself dy ma.  =p
Yeah, it was really a happy outing.  (OK! I know I should stop putting my ugly pictures.)

I went to watch movie in GSC.

OK, it was really scary but the storyline really not bad.  This movie cause me couldn't finish my medium size of popcorn.  Fml.
After movie, we went to walk around and I realized we have been awhile since the last time we came out for movie.  What to do?  I had to work in the day time and have to attend tuition class at night while weekend is for my family.

After that we went to eat sushi as lunch and guess what Bonanza is back again!  Next Monday I going to eat sushi again with my family.  How can I miss Bonanza? =p

Never mind I still manage to enjoy my day. =D

Miserable Me...

I have been editing this post again and again since last week.  I really not sure whether I should continue with this post or just let it be in draft.  Yet, you still manage to read this post eventually.  Guess I prefer to share my thoughts by writing than saying out straight from my mouth.

Still, I want to warn you for continue reading this post.  This post is going to be full with annoying and frustrating stuff.  So if you insist to continue to read, please read at your own risk.  Don't complain about this after this saying this and that because I have warned you.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Last Day Of Internship

Is this consider that my University life is now officially end?  I really can't believe this.  

The 12 weeks internship have officially ended and my LI result is out (result for this internship), at least I get something nice from the result even though my academic supervisor didn't get the opportunity to visit us in Kuantan.  (that's really a waste, cause I wanted to go through the same pathway as others did!)

So on this last day, I decided to take pictures with my colleague-colleague sekalian.  I am so sure I am going to miss them so much.  (people inside are nice, only the management sucks.)
The Love one. <3
The New one. <3
The manage Money gang one. <3
The Teasing me one. <3
The Old one. <3
The Bully one <3
and The Crazy one <3
I am so sure I going to miss them sooooo much and I believe they will miss me too because I know I have been so noisy in the company, making so much sound pollution.  In all sudden the sound pollution was cleared, they definitely feel uncomfortable. =p

Now is time to hunt for permanent job.  Gosh, I really hate to face this but I know I have to no matter how.  I will have to go through all this eventually.  Anyway, let me have some short time to have my own empty time before I really fight for what I want. ;)

ps: it is time to enjoy my holiday now. =)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Miserable Future

Looking at my palm, trying to predict my own future.  (so crap la... although I wish there is some one out there could tell me who am I after few years.)  Now only I realized how good if I'm still a student.  wtf...
What is the problem with me?  I have lots of suggestion towards my own life before I step into the real world, but when I really where I am now, I start to be like a coward.  #shameonme
I can hardly see the road in front...

One More Week, Then I'm Free. (let's consider as holiday) =D

So fast and now it is second week of me starting my tuition classes, which means I have worked for more than 8 hours a day for 2 weeks and this Saturday I still have extra classes to my beloved students due to their weak subjects.  (of course I'm super willing to teach more as I can earn more in return!  #badteacher)  

And yeah, so fast that left 5 days for me to stay in The Zenith Hotel and I will tell you I'm waiting for my convocation in October!  Can't wait till that time so I can go visit around with family.  I have been wishing for family trip for so long and this is the time for them especially mommy to enjoy! (although the money we used will be mommy's, Lol!!!)

Just now went out with a friend and have a small gathering.  (fyi: I don't really like big gathering especially with those who lost contact more than a year, because I can hardly find something to say and that will make me feel abandon then I will sit there silently without talking. ) Two of us went round and round in Kuantan City, and then stop at a mamak stall.  Who knows the mamak stall is going to close right after we sit there for like half an hour!  I was like wtf???  
We then went to have another yam cha session at another place.  It is a new place to me because it is the first time for me to step into the shop.  I ordered this:
No doubt I like the taste but if the sweetness of the 'zhi ma hu' can be lesser it will be perfect to me!  (less sugar and sweet makes your life become healthier!)  
It was around 11pm when I have this.  I know this is super unhealthy to have this heavy dessert during the mid-night!  That's why I am still awake at this time!  Argh...  All the food make me super guilty now... (guess I have to bring sport shoes or the rope skipping back grandma's house! I can't miss the exercise of tomorrow... )

During the way back home after fetching my friend home.  All my mind was happy moments in workplace.  I can hard recall back bad things that happen in there, and I'm pretty sure that this is because I never go through all the negative 'activities' in there.  At least when I'm alone, all memories that I recall back are all able to make me smile while I'm driving or day dreaming.  I SAID SMILING, not laughing.  To me, laugh doesn't mean that you are happy but smile from the heart is happy.

I am pretty sure that I will miss them so much after the internship.  I'm so lucky to know every single person in there, because all of them treat me well and YES! THEY TREAT LIKE A SMALL KID!  They even called budak sakit jiwa.  >.<  I'm very normal okay, just a little bit TAK SIUMAN sometimes.  Hahaaha!

Really, even the General Manager of the company asked me when I will be leaving, and then he said after I am gone, the whole office will become 'sunyi' (quite).  I'm noisy I know, and I know I'm super loud!  My laughing can go through the wall and other department out there can hear my super loud laugh.  

Left 5 days there, going to be super fast past day because I am so busy everyday and that make me feel the time passes so damn fast.  I don't care, on the last day I gonna put on make up and take pictures with them. (only put on make up, not going to dress myself up.)  I think I will break all the rules on my last day.  (well, rules are to break!  Don't you agree me? ngek...)

Right, is almost 2am.  I must sleep because I have to wake up after 4 hours and start packing.  2 days holiday...  I'm coming!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Need The Courage

Recently I started to feel the rejection of being care again.  wtf.  I really don't know how to get rid of this kind of situation.  Last time when I was in University, friends were so good to me and when it reaches the limit of mine, I start to give bad impression to them so they can have bad impression towards me....

Yeah, I know  that I hurt so many of them.  When they find out that I'm not the person that they thought in the first place but I really don't know how to make people think I'm a good person.  Because I'm the type of if you want to think I'm a bad person, then I will continue be the bad person in front of you.  I will never want to be the good one unless you find out yourselves the actual of me.  Weirdo... I know.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Super Busy Life FML

I am so so busy on this few days and I'm sure I will continue busy until end of September.  Morning work for  8 hours, and then continue work for another 2 hours at night.  I have only gone through this tough days for 2 days and I feel exhausted.  I really don't know how I going to survive for a month.  fml.

Monday, September 3, 2012


I just wanna complain something here.  

ALERT! If you don't want to read a post that full of negativity emotion and aura, then stop reading!

If you insist to continue reading, please take it on your own risk.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Gift On 1st of September

Since mommy wasn't around and only one car was available on that day, so I got no choice but drive Mr. Wira out.  You never know how difficult to control Mr. Wira when you are already used to Mr. Kelissa.  I dislike Mr. Wira not only because he is super low but also because he is super difficult to drive, difficult as in he is very difficult to move on even though you push the pedal with most of your energy.  

I never know battery inside Mr. Wira has already old enough to die.  He still can be used in the morning, fetching me to work, then lunch together with bro and sis.  I even drove it for satay late evening!  He was really unpredictable, he GONG in all sudden!
Satay I had!  I like they way they cooked satay.  I know it is unhealthy eating all this food, but still once awhile...  OK back to topic.

At night, when I was in daddy's shop and ready to go back home, I couldn't start the car!  Mr. Wira rang alarm and warned me that he is out of battery!!!  wtf.
I don't feel nervous or scared that time because I know daddy is still in the shop, if anything happen I still have daddy there to help me.  I was so relax and let daddy settle everything down for me.  (Seriously do think it will be super nice if he stays together with us.)
And yeah, I managed to bring Mr. Wira back home!  But unfortunately, he is sick until daddy changed the battery on the next day.  Now he is alive!  

ps: if daddy wasn't there, who I should call to?  I really got no idea.  I think I will still call daddy for help.