Monday, June 29, 2009

1 Borneo

This is my breakfast for today, does it look good?
Is okay la, I still can accept it but it is too salty for me...

Since the senior said that we are allow to go out today, so after the breakfast we went out for shopping at the shopping mall: 1 Borneo.
After you see 1 Borneo, East Cost Mall lost already.
Because East Cost Mall is much more smaller that 1 Borneo.

There are something I think is special and I capture them down...
Here you are:

can you guess what is this??

still cannot guess??

is bench la... hahax, really unbelievable!!!
You can't find this in Kuantan de... hahax

berposture... hahax

Anyway, I do make new friends there...
There are kind and friendly, they even say that I'm funny!!!
Okay, I think I already on the way to make people think that I'm different and crazy...
SSS pulak...

Here are those friendsss:
they are Joey, Yee Ling, GuoGuang, MinTing, HuiYi, XinWei, and XinLin.
(Not all of them in the picture, and I capture them secretly.... most of them from Sandakan and KL and Kuantan)

On the way going back hostel, saw this view of the sky when we were in the bus.
Guess what time it was??

Deng deng deng!!!
It was 3.00pm only ler....
unbelievable!!! 3.00 pm nia and the sky is this dark already!!!
hello, it wasn't rain that time yea...

Going to go down to take our dinner ady...
after the dinner we will have to go to the hall to have taklimat again, taklimat about the whole orientation....

Okayh, wait for my next update yea~~~
miss all of you

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Today is the second morning that I come to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Ehem, I still miss home la. really homesick
That day Joe somemore wanna call me homesick gal. ==

This is the food that I ate there.
They think we are horse gua... that's why they give so much of the vegetable. ==

guess what time is that time?
is only 6pm ler, if I were in Kuantan that time, I don't think the day will be this dark already....
no wonder people who stay in Sabah & Sarawak always sleep early.... @@

I meet new friends here... she is so kind and she gave us to eat this
the cookies really taste good~~~
well, her name is syn wei and she is from KL.
she took the same course as mine too, consider as my coursemate too...

this is the Dewan Canselor that I went yesterday morning and night.

I have to walk to this hall when there are no raining, means that sunny day.
so yesterday morning, the sun was so bright and we have to walk to this hall and the hall is so shit far away which we have to walk for more than 30 mins.
oh my god!! we are wearing formal attire and we have to walk like that....
after that we need to wait and Q up for around 2 hours to wait for our turn for the registration.
really headache la!!!

but luckily after the registration we have free time until dinner time...
then after dinner time we went to the hall again for the taklimat ptptn.
this time the sky is crying so we don't have to walk but go there by bus.
thank godness!!!

this piture is I capture in the morning at 6am, which looks like 7am when you are in Peninsular Malaysia.

I really miss home....
Miss all of you la...
really hope can meet you all as soon as possible...

but the way, let me inform you that there will be holiday in August from 15th till 23th.
wanna go home, but mummy ask me to stay at there.... @@
how how how???
really miss home...

There are some problems occur in this laptop la....
regret for not format it last time when I bring it to Joe's house.
the Chinese Star cannot be used, the Mozilla Firefox seems to be having problems too.
I couldn't upload photo from Mozilla Firefox into my blog, but I can only do that from Explorer....
Over all the laptop is good in function, just one more thing left, the charger of the laptop is too lose, sometimes the laptop will off by its own...
Dangerous la wei~~~

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I wanted to upload some pictures today which is about the registration, but all the files like pictures and songs in my phone all gone.
I'm so so so sad now.
Really nothing can do already.
Before that my memory in my memory stick was 200MB++ but now I have 900MB++.
I don't know is a good thing or bad thing, because I got more memory with all the file gone!!!
What a big sacrifice!!!
All the pictures that I captured silently, secretly gone!!!!
Shit la...

all the V-Con pictures,
all the sweet sweet memories...
so sad la...
they are all gone...
oh my god!!!
I can't believe that la....


Friday, June 26, 2009

Raise Me Up

It is my turn now, my turn to go University.

Before that I was thinking that going to University is a very good feeling and I wish for so long and hope that I can go to University to study and have my own life there.

Now when I know that I am going to University, I will feel 'bu she de' everything in Kuantan.

Not just family, friends, but everything.

All the memories here, no matter good memories or bad memories.

I have been staying here for around 20 years.

Never leave from the house for so long.

This is the first time.


Dear Bro & Sis,

It has been awhile we been together, one day, one month, one year..... Although we just know each other only for a short time or for a long time, I appreciate every moment that happened to me, surrounding me.

Well, time really past so fast. I am sure I'll miss those life where we spend time, share secret, share our happiness together. Those life that we study together, crazy together or even do our dream chart together. I'm sure that I'll not forget that. I swear.

There are lots of you that I want to say to, but I put in as simple as possible so that I can post it here.

Don't always think that long distance relationship doesn't work. If you never try how you know?? nothing is impossible in this world, the problem is do you want it or not. For me, nowadays the technology is so modern and fast, we can still communicate with each other. sms, msn....

I can feel the love that you gave me. I know that the love is not a normal one but a powerful one. Love is surrounding me, that's why I can become stronger, stronger and stronger. You have make me become stronger than before and become another personality than before. Form level 1 has updated to level 3.

Anyway, just don't forget me. If I got time, I will msn, or sms with all.
Love ya~~~
Good nite all~~~

Cai Yi

Saturday, June 20, 2009

how can I do that

I went to Yi-Tsiang's house to borrow his printer to print out the surat tawaran yesterday.
Half way, I realize that I forget to bring something to his house.
So I went home again to bring that things to his house.
When I reached his house, I saw a Proton Wira in front of his house.
His friends is here.

Told Yi-Tsiang that I will go print something but he didn't make sure the printer can be used and I have to wait there.
He friends ajak him out to yamcha that time, but because of me he terpaksa ask his friends to come later after he settle all the printer.

While waiting for him to settle down all those things for me, my phone rang.
Kye Ling called me, and I am happy to see the phone call.
I cried when I was talking with her, talk something about going to Sabah this far and might be alone at there before I find any new friends.
I tried so hard to control my tears from coming out, but I can't.
Yi-Tsiang saw me cried and he showed me the look that he wanna tumbuk me.

After KyeLing's call, Grace called me pulak.
That time I already calm down that time, but when talk with Grace, I tak tahan pulak. @@
Pass the phone to Yi-Tsiang, and start to calm down again.
Mana tau, Yi-Tsiang's mother came and give me advises and pujuk me...
Oh My God, I can't tahan dy...
All flow out..
My godness!!!
Damn paiseh, cry at ppl's house and in front of ppl's mother.
I cried until I can feel the ke-bengkak-an of my eyes.
Yi-Tsiang somemore want to laugh at me.
I wanted to go home already, because I had done everything that time.
But since I cried till my eyes bengkak and red, I have to wait for them to become normal before I go back home.

Talk with Grace don't know for how long.
Then Yi-Tsiang's friends came again and I decided to go home because I don't want his friends to see my ugly face after the crying.
Talk with Grace don't know for how long.
Yi-Tsiang opened the door for me and still talk for at leats 20mins.
That time his friends were waiting at his house, upstairs.
His friends wait until impatient and came down to ask why opened the door to let me home also need to use so much time.

Think back to the scene, really paiseh.
I really can't believe that I'll cry at my friend's house because of my own stupid thinking.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Or Sad

Definitely you guys know that the result of application of IPTA is out today, I was so nervous from yesterday night.
If you did check thru the website before the result out, you will find out that the date and time were 19 Jun 2009, 11:00 am.
Today I woke up in the morning and the first thing I did was on my laptop and went into the website and wait.
I was so gan jiong, I refresh the website every half an hour, waiting for 11 am to come.
Then suddenly the UPU website change the time, they change it to 12 pm.
But I refresh the website every half an hour.

At around 11.30 am like that, the website change to another skin when I refresh it.
Yeah!!! I can log in to see already!!!
Okay, I get UMS (which is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but I kena study at Labuan.)
Is so far.
That was my first choice, I should be happy with the result that I get.
But honestly, I don't know why I feel so strange.
After I check mine, I left all the message around in Facebook, MSN that they can go check it already.
Oh my GOd, after the news spread out, my MSN is full of messages and calls.

Lots of them call me and ask me about the result.
While I talking to them, I cannot tahan and my tears coming down.
I tried so hard to cover my voice with a normal tone, but still some of them still found out that I was crying.
Crying for what?
I don't know, maybe is too happy or too sad to leave this town that full of memories.
Not just memories, but sweet sweet memories for around 20 years.

For now, I got lots of things to do la....
medical check up



Since the day has come, I think this is the time I spell out everything.
Last few months, we need to filled in the IPTA form thru internet and there is expired date, the date limit for you to fill up the form.

There is a question that ask about:
which year you take your SPM
I can't believe that I fill in wrongly, Oh My God!!!

I can't blame anybody in this, that's why I am so nervous to the result coming out.
All along none of my friends know about this except for 2 persons:

I was so scared when I found out this, I don't know who to tell and don't know what to do. I MSN YT and ask him to keep this secret for me.
Then tell Grace pulak.
I think this whole world only my family and 2 of them know only.

That's why I am very nervous although I know that this won't help anything.
I want to calm down, but it seems to be difficult for me.
God bless!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ah... Tired...

as I said just now
I went out almost a day
after I prepared lunch then I went out till dinner time
came back home
take a bath, eat and went out again
went out again
is so tired and I thought that I might fall asleep at Yi-Tsiang's car
but luckily I didn't
if not really paiseh
now I still haven't back home yet
I still at the mamak stall opposite mamak stall
using Yi-Tsiang's laptop to online
luckily this mamak stall got wi-fi
mummy just called
she ask me to go back earlier
but Yi-Tsiang is busying now la
have to wait him to finish first
patient la

Nice Mood

I force myself to be busy today to make sure not to think things that will make me emo

wake up in the morning
straight away went to on my laptop and watch some episodes of Detective Conan from Youtube
then I went to prepare lunch
I was surprise that I was so relax and with a happy heart when I prepare this meal
because last time I will feel lazy and annoying to do all those housework

bubur ikan
I prepared bubur ikan for my family today

since nobody accompany me out for shopping to buy things
I decided to ask handsome Joe
and he is so kind for willing to go out with me
I just choose somebody to ask
don't sensitive in that sense okay

really thank you a
I really appreciate that
hehe ^^

buy lots of things
actually I also dunno what I bought
but I am sure that I spend lots of money in there
but don't worry la
I know how to control my expenses~~~

this incredible that I have shopping for around 5 hours
is super tired after the long shopping
I manage to buy myself a long pants
guess what
the pants is only cost me RM23
is super cheap la wei~~~

fast fast!!!
if you wanna buy that pants
you can go to M&G~~~



I lose


you dare me not to





but I sms you

I was force to actually

I got no idea except asking you


no more argue

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

let us throw away the old one and invite the new one

let me tell you
sometimes we have to let go something
this is true
because when we let go that time
we will get something new

don't misunderstand
this is not just matter of love
is matter of your day life too
think properly before you read continue reading

I have a slipper that I think I have use that for few years
I still remember that I bought that slipper with my sis from pasar malam
I am so obedient to that slipper because I take good care of it and use it until today which today is the day it retire
but my sis
I think she only use for few months

today is the day my 'fish bone' slipper find its destiny---- dead
no choice
I have to make decision to 'bury' it
sorry little 'fish bone'
(this is called let go~~~)

in the evening at 2.30pm
went to SMART school
become sushi delivery
bring some home made sushi to Grace to let her have a try
it is happy to see her eat because she appreciate them
not like some people never appreciate things that given by people =.=
sorry back to our topic
I was just to angry and to think back things happen!!!

went to ECM just now with Grace
she accompany to go buy a new slippers
it is so nice to accompany because I thought that I will have to go shopping alone
@@ thanks
we went to almost all the shoes shop
at the end I bought a slippers from nose
(and this time the new one comes~~~)

and then Grace belanja me makan ice-cream pulak
TERIMA KASIH banyak-banyak
this is the second time I ate BR Ice-cream
chit chat awhile while eating ice-cream
thanks for cheering me up
you know much better than others sometimes


Sushi Time~~~

Suddenly feel to make sushi
It has been awhile I didn't make sushi ady
Suddenly free boring, then go out to buy all those material and started to make it

Half way to finish making....

I'm not showing off ler....


Yesterday you said you were too full to eat the sushi that I made
Not even want to try one of it!!!

Then I show you my emotion
Didn't talk to you in the car
Ignore your MSN
Didn't SMS you since last night
And just reply you MSN with an alphabet

Look at your quick message
Is funny and obviously you are talking about me


Talk to me others things
or else
I will still treat you like that

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is incredible because I went out earlier than before.

It was Yi-Tsiang idea to go out at 8.30pm, since he is driving then up to him la.

It was so damn silent in the car except of the noise of the vehicle and the songs that was 'singing' by by the radio.

I didn't talk to him and he didn't talk to me, I don't know why and don't ask why.

After that, we reached Wei Sam's house.

The silent started to break and become noisy again; the ice has been broken...

Started to talk lots of nonsense and this noise didn't stop although we were eating at the mamak stall.

When we almost finished, here came Ching Chian and her friend.

We chit chat all along but I think we have ignore her friend. Sorry ya~~

I don't know what we were talking around, but I'm sure that we had stayed there quite long time and we went back when the Boss is going to clean up everything... @@

Yi-Tsiang asked me to pay and we drink 3 cups of drink with 3 plates of food and they just cost me RM10.
They didn't even want to charge us at first, cause of Yi-Tsiang.
I told the boss that I'm the one who belanjaing them...
At the end, he charge us RM10...

Is time to go home althought the night is still young.

On the way back home, there were still some noise.

After Wei Sam gone down from the car, the silent are back...

Really silent and you will just heard the musics... until I reached home.... and I said "bye, thankyou"

What does it mean by that?

Dare Or No

Actually we plan to go out last night at around 10.30pm
Suddenly a message sent to me and said that the outing is cancel
Then I was thinking
I have been boring for the whole morning till evening
just make the boring-ness continue till night

The school holiday has gone
And the schooling days have begun for them - my brother and sister
Morning till evening around 3pm is my world
I can use the laptop as long as I wish
After they back from school they will have the chance to play it
But still at night they got no chance to play it because mummy will definitely says
"tomorrow you still have school go study"
"now school starts already, dun play computer too much"

Last night mummy dare me pulak
I was using the laptop
Then she suddenly said
"can you sleep early than me one time"
Then something came into my mind
where got ppl sleep so early de
Fine just go sleep before she slept la

That's why I offline at 10.30pm
It was a difficulty for me
I lie down on my bed with my eyes open big and round
The night was still young and you want me to sleep
So I did my

You dare me
I will just accept it if I am in a good mood~~~

Monday, June 15, 2009

Boring ==

after 2 days of busy-ness

I feel uncomfortable to live in life that is boring

staying at home today and do things that I don't really like to

so few of sms

so few of msn

so few of call

normally I will sms a lot

but today I think I only sms less than 50

which usually I sms more than 200

I really hope tomorrow won't be this boring anymore

pray for me~~~

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I should be updated my blog last few days.
Actually the I already type half way all the post that I wanted to post out, but I seems to be too busy to continue the post and when I wanna continue de time I got no idea to write and got no mood to write things about that topic anymore.

Yup, I already reach home for awhile.
This few days really busy, really for those that I msn half way and sms half way then didn't choi you.
I was doing my stuff and had to busy for awhile.
Really sorry!!!

Yesterday morning, the whole family of mine went to my grandmother's house.
I didn't appear myself there because I got something to do in Kuantan and because of this I have been lecture everyday... ==
They went in the morning after they settle everything.
I went to Starbucks ECM at 1pm when Yi-Tsiang is free that time.
I actually I should have gone alone there but I dislike being alone at there waiting.
After my plan is over, Yi-Tsiang and I went to Carefour to buy some bread and sushi to eat.
That was my lunch and dinner... @@

Being alone at home is a very suffering thing. Although your ear can rest, but there lots of things you have to do alone and actually it is scary... T.T
I have to do all the house work... although I went back home late.
Luckily I went home and had a break in the evening so I can finish all the work that time.
Around 7.30pm, Yi-Tsiang called me.
Before that he said he coming to fetch me after 5 minutes.
Mana tau after I rush here and there, he called me and said that he will come later. ==
Then I just realize that he went dinner with them...
Sien liao lo, went out for dinner also didn't ajak, I eat alone, so kesian....
He pulak tole me that he thought I went along so he didn't call me to go eat lo... I was like... huh?? @@
Then we went TC at night. Stay there till 12am something...

Didn't get to sleep well that night. Fall asleep at 2am, but woke up at 5.30am.
Then after everything settled, I went to fetch Sam and YT to TC again...
We having a breakthrough there, really very funny.

Then after breakfast, we went to ECM again at 1pm.
I stay there until around 10pm.
Actually is really tired, but I learnt some new skill in there.
Really wanna thanks to Wilson and KyeLing, they inspired me alot.

Friday, June 12, 2009


When time past,
I realize that the distance between you and me become further away.
I don't know that is I am the person who too sensitive or not.
But you know,
lady's six sense is always very accurate.
You told me that when time past,
the gap will become closer but why this word doesn't let me feel safe and confidence?

Right, craping again...
Don't know why since last night I like to crap alot.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Mistake

I think it is really a big mistake that we choose to watch movie today.
We should have watch tomorrow or other day but definitely not today.

Just now we went to watch movie.
I was the driver, and because of this mummy banned me from driving out at night.
Oh God!!!
I have my own reason to do that!!! Is not my fault either to drive at night, is we got no transport to go there and I promise that I will be safe at home even though I drive alone.

Yi-Tsiang was so tired, didn't talk much for the whole 3 hours.
Grace was also tired, but at least we talk something.
I felt sleepy and uncomfortable sitting on the seat in cinema. I don't even know why.

I really regret to take the movie tickets that early, if not tonight I won't have to go out and I don't have to see those expression.
I really hate those feelings.
Grace, next time if I need to fetch you both again, I think I should go fetch you first. Because the air was so tension and silent when I was alone with him in the car.
My goodness!!!

Alright, I think I need to sleep although the night is young.
Nobody to sms tonight I think because they are to tired to reply me or the fall asleep like what they almost did in the cinema. (I almost did that too)

Good night all, sweet dreams...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Alone

Don't be confuse by the title, is not home alone actually, is just feel alone sometimes.
Wake up by a message yesterday morning.
I suddenly feel like missing somebody already although I'm not sure about it.
Okayh, don't care about the feeling.
Lazy to care either.

So I went down to have my breakfast and then went out at 12pm.
Find Grace to accompany her yamcha since she ajak me that morning and she knows how I lonely I felt for this few days.
Minum, minum..... at Old Town, because Pin Ju didn't open yesterday.
Grace keep on ngam that Old Town is expensive...@@
After that I went home and sleep.
I think I'm too tired already because I sleep until my phone rang I also didn't hear it.
Incredible, because normally this will not happen to me.

At night, I had meeting at Cherish as we had decided at the very first place and we wanted to start at 8.30pm.
Luckily I went out at 8pm because Cherish didn't open that day.
WTF, why so many restaurant didn't operate that day huh?
So in that short time we changed our place to K&Y.
Luckily others still can make it.
After the meeting I think it was around 10.30pm already, they want to eat again so they went to Medan for second round.
I went with them, but actually I got no mood to eat or chat with them already.
Because before that I get a phone call and find out that bad news and I still need to be positive face infront of them, so after I fetch Kwong Ming to Medan and I sit down for around 20minutes, I went home alone.
Went home and voice call Grace, I think we voice call for around 2 hours.
Wow!!! geng, but is free~~~

I think I break my record today.
I didn't sms that much as usual, I think less than 10 messages.
Oh my God.
I really don't believe that I really did that to that person also.
Actually I got no mood to sms either, I feel that the person is frustrated on me, maybe is because I'm too annoying.
Anyway, just face it naturally.
Tonight we are going for movie, I don't know how we going to watch this movie ler.
I shouldn't be that gan jiong to buy the tickets so early, I should have bought it today not yesterday, then we maybe no need to force ourselve to watch it.
I'm not blaming myself, is just I'm too gan jiong to do things already.

Yet, today I think I'm tired too.
I didn't realize when Grace smsed me. I didn't heard the message tone.
And sorry for the late reply.
By the way, I'm not emo...

Monday, June 8, 2009


Yesterday went to eat ABC with Grace, Joe and Marcus.
Suddenly we saw a picture when Joe was paying the bill.
Here is the picture:

This picture really doesn't look like him.
Grace thought that he was Joe's brother.
Lolz... Joe, since when you have a brother?? I thought you are the only guy among you siblings??

This morning we went Pelindung.
Have to wake up at 7 am, because we all have to reach Pelindung at 7.30 am.
Oh my God!!!
I'm so lazy to wake up ler....
I put alarm at 7 am but I receive morning sms. >.<
Hahax, thanks Grace for waking me up. I know that you scare I suddenly ffk you. Hahax.
Last night smsing with Yi-Tsiang. He sounded like he is not going along. So I ma dun wan to force him lo. This morning I did call him but he didn't answer my call, so I go Pelindung alone la.
Mana tau when Grace was there that time, I saw him in her car. @@

Honestly, this is the slowest and longest time I took to climb up. @@
No wonder my mom called me half way and she was so shock that I haven't finish the climbing....
While waiting Grace and Yi-Tsiang who were so slow at our back, took some pictures here.

Ugly face!!!

The most funny is when we was on the way down to our car, Joe and Yi-Tsiang were trying to follow on what Grace is doing. Follow everything, every motions, every actions. It was so funny. Then Grace came to hold my hand pulak..... This time Yi-Tsiang follow my action and Joe remain following Grace's action.
Ish ish ish!!!
When Grace holding my hand that time, Joe and Yi-Tsiang holding hand too....
Walau!!!! I was really like... OH MY GOD!!!

Then after all the exercises we went breakfast. All our fat that burn off during exercise gain back liao.... hahax, but is okay la, cause the purpoe I went Pelindung is not to exercise but to enjoy. ^^
But half way on healing my stomach, I feel cold and terpaksa went to the toilet to settle the business!!!
I think I have settle the business for 3 times today!!! I got no idea what I have eaten and now feel like nothing in my stomach. Fine, just anggap it as diet...
Can slim down... hahax...

Later going to Sri Malaysia Hotel pulak.
Busy life is going to start again.
Come let's us face all the challenges together.

A success person will face thousands of challenges before they have today's succeed!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Late Post

I should have post this post last night, but I was too tired and got lots sort of things to think so I decided to post this today.

Having lunch with my new gang at Johnny's Restaurant.
The food there doesn't really suit me, not that tasty.
But the price there okay okay la...
Actually is a steamboat restaurant, but we refuse to eat steamboat over there.
The dishes that given only have very few choices.
Ehem, just eat nia la to heal my stomach... >.<

Grace ajak me to go eat karipap at Taman Gelora.
After meeting at Johnny's restaurant, fetch Yi-Tsiang back home, I went to Taman Gelora to meet up Grace. But mana tau that the Karipap stall didnt open that day... =.=|||
That Yi-Tsiang some more want Grace to dabao for him. 7 pieces of karipap.... @@
Then we have to change our plan ady lo.
Go Tanjung Lumpur to eat keropok. @@
my first time there...
hahax, but the keropok really taste good
Dabao back to mummy to eat la...

the latest couple that we have been chit chating is...
Joe and Hui Yuan
oh my god, Hui Yuan will definitely kill me after she see this post.
Okayh, I should have think of my life after I post this post out in my blog.
I know that you will be reading this post soon or later, but have to say that is, Joe is a nice guy.
Just sometimes abit naughty, but I'm sure you can handle it.

okay, this is about today.
Grace belanja me waffle today.
Thanks Grace. It taste good..
Went to eat ABC near Pantai Selamat there. This time Joe belanja....
Thanks Joe!!!!
Ehem, let me help you if you need my help...
And then tonight,
somebody called me monkey.
He said that he is smsing with monkey and that time I was smsing with him. So he anggap me ask monkey liao la...
sien liao lo...

oh my god.
12am ady a...
so fast, tomolo so more wan go pelindung with Grace, Joe.... (don't know that lazy Yi-Tsiang got go anot) in the morning. Oh my....
Then have to go Sri Malaysia pulak....
Busy day again.....
But I love it~~~~


My feeling now is totally complicated.
I hate this kind of feeling because I found that whenever I faced this feelings I will definitely don't know how to solve it or tell somebody although I think that I should have tell him/her.

I know that I have been laughing a lot lately.
Actually is I don't know how to show the real expression, that's why I choose to laugh or smile on whatever I faced in front of the crowd.
Most of you never notice this and you will just ask why am I keep laughing although that things is serious and I seems to be like not serious at all.

Seldom tell people what do I feel, if you are the unlucky one then I will tell you.
Hope you don't mind to become my unlucky friend, because if I tell you my story, I will still hiding something in there.
It is difficult to open heart to others.
I shall admit this sentence.
For me, I still haven't find a correct person to spell everything out no matter how privacy it is.
It is not easy to find one.
And I am looking for someone that I no need to spell everything out but he can understand me.
Because I really hate to spell things out, I rather keep them with me.

Telling the truth, actually my laughter is a fake.
What you see is just surface, but sometimes the laugh is real.
Hahax, nobody can see through this except for myself.
I think it is good too because seldom people cannot really get what I really feel.
Because sometimes they think that with a happy person then you will happy too.

I can make people happy although I am not 100% happy.
And I really happy with it.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Is almost 11pm already.
I wanted to sleep but I'm waiting to a call and I must wait for that call.
I become a very good sleeper after I back from KL.
Need to replace all the sleep that I have miss.

Woke up 8am this morning, quickly go to have the last check on my Identity Card.
Luckily I found it, Thank God!
Which means I no need to go Police Station and I no need to get any penalty.

Then I ajak Grace to have brunch together although I just met her last night at Cherish.
I wanted to eat Poori.
Poori is seem like roti canai but it taste better than that, I think I love into the taste already.
The first time I ate Poori was at ALIF restaurant, that time I was eating with Grace and Yi-Tsiang.
After agree to have brunch together, Grace asked me to go there earlier and ordered.
Guess how many Poori I ordered?
I went alone to the restaurant and I ordered 9 Poori, the waiter got a shock and he asked me is it for bungkus.

After brunch with Grace, I online for awhile and then went to sleep at 12pm.
Wake up at 12.30pm to prepare lunch for them and slept again at 3.30pm.
I think I going to become pig because I really sleep alot.
Although I slept so much, but I still feel sleepy.
Oh my god!!!
How to overcome this a??

I don't want to become Sleeping Beauty!!!

Wow, Hero

I was sleeping that time actually it was a nap. Suddenly I heard my dog barking, I don't what was he barking at, so I jump up from my bed and went down to have a look.

He was barking at a corner and we only realize that there is a big lizard over there.
And my dog wanted to be hero to help us to chase the lizard away.

My dong dong really yeng and really a hero..

A Week

It has been a week I stayed in KL. I think I hate the life in KL.
Really hate!!! this is not because something unfortunate happen at there but is because I hate to see so many cars, vehicles.
I have to go from a destination to another destination by public vehicles!!!
Traffic Jam!!!
Difficult to recognize the route map from a destination to another.
Get to trap in a place that might not know where were you!!!
But still, there are lots of people love to stay in KL and there think that life our there is better than in Kuantan.
But for me ---> NO!!!

Well I think I am abnormal, I hate KL lifestyle but I still thinking of going to KL. I think I need to go to have body check up especially my brain >.<
But for sure is the purpose that I go to KL is not to shopping but doing my own stuff and visit my friends that she is coming back today from England.
It has been long time I didn't meet her since she went to England last year.

During the week I stayed in KL, I realize lots of things. Sometimes is suffer to act to be happy on the surface of the skin and actually you are thinking something so badly in your real identity.
Well, some action that they make is frustrating but I don' t think I want to tell them because since they are right then just let it be.
I will only tell them when there is somebody who tell me that he/she doesn't like his/her attitude then I might maybe will their that person what's the problems.
Because if I am the one who thinks that, maybe this is my own problems but not his/her problems.
Time will show everything clearly, I shouldn't be so gan jiong on all this kind of this...

Right, I am a person who really can't accept when people scold me or say something on me, definitely I will feel upset although I know that this is the best way for me to realize the mistake that I have done.
Normally I will use it to everybody no matter that person is younger or elder than me. But honestly it is not easy to do that. This is because you will definitely feel upset to hear something bad from others and this is not the main point, the main point is you will change after you realize it but not keep on making the same mistake in the future!

During this week in KL, I feel that I am alone sometimes. I have to admit that I love to take attention from somebody, but I counldn't and I failed to. In the whole week, I am happy when I heard somebody care about me but honestly I only heard that less than 5 times. Most of the feelings is I think they feel frustrated about me. But anyway, don't care about them, just do whatever I like to as long as I don't hurt anybody so that I can have my enjoyable life all along the way.

Although there are lots of sadness but I still remember some of the happiness over there. I will show you my happiness when you see the pictures that I going to post soon.
I haven't get any pictures yet because all the pictures are with Yoke and Ching Chian. I haven't meet them and I am thinking on how to take pictures with them because I believe that their pictures' size is very very big!!!

Anyway, I want to thanks for the person who willing to listen to me and give some oppinion to me. Sometimes I laugh when you talking is because I don't what expression that I should give. I don't what the environment to be to tension and I don't want others to see my sadness look.
Hahax. @@

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello Guys,

Sorry for not updated my blog for more than a week.
I have been busying in KL for a conference that I attended recently as I mentioned in my previous post.
Although I been to KL earlier than the registration date of the conference, but I don't even have time to online and there got no internet services for me...

Anyway, I will update my pictures into my blog very soon right after I got all the pictures from them...