Me, The Pretty One

Name: Wong Cai Yi

Date of Birth: 5 Dec 1989

Age: go minus yourselves. =p

Gender: do you think I look like a guy with long hair and make up? (wtf)  Of course I'm a pretty lady!

Hobby: blogging, sleep, eat  (wtf)

I'm super special person, (I don't want to be an ordinary one, so I assume that I'm the super special one. wtf)  special as in I got standard height (I think I'm standard la) but fat body (wtf), or you can call me as King Kong where most of my friends call me that.  (You know la, a person with big bones and standard height can't be fat one, or else will look like super big size person)  I got no much friends, but if I really think you are my friend, I really mean it, so don't you dare to spoil the relationship.

I don't like to explain myself when I got into trouble like you misunderstand me or what.  If you have any misunderstand towards me, I will never feel to clarify myself because I don't think that people who really know me will misunderstand me, so why wasting time to clarify?   

I'm super sentimental, I don't like to show it because those tears always make me look weak.  But they never listen to me and flow out like pipe water then I can hardly stop.  That's why laugh is always the best way to cover everything.  Sometimes my over laugh is because of sadness (sometime only oh) but when you see I'm super silent, that's mean something wrong goes to me because I am a hyperactive person where I can hardly sit down silently.

I like to complain and I know that's the worst part of me.  I never stop complaining if I found something I hate or dissatisfied.  (will try to control myself)  I get angry very fast but also the anger goes off very fast.  I seldom get angry towards something or a person more than 10 minutes.  Of course, when I was angry and you pissed me again, then you will able to see the 'volcanic eruptions'.  

I never fall in love previously, but I am now, just the person who I fall into, I don't think he likes me also.  Lol!  Nevermind, I don't mind to be his friend after all.  I always that big and considerate (vomit).  Hahaha!

Me currently?
I'm trying to loose weight which is the most challenging challenge for me because I love to eat and I can't resist all the tasty food.  (You never know how much I can eat!)  But because I want to be pretty and healthy, so I have to eat slowly, bite slowly and exercise!  Now I eat whatever I want to eat but workout double when I ate something with super high calories.  Well, everything has to pay off.  Fighting!

I guess that's from me.  Did I miss anything?  Let me know if you find out that I missed out something.  Who knows?  Maybe you know me better than I do!  

ps: trying to become better person, so will you help me?

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