Friday, August 31, 2012

End of August, Welcome September

Submission of Final Report (done)
Submission of Weekly Report (done)
Submission of BL07 (done)
Submission of BL08 (done)
Supervision of Academic Supervisor (not done)

Seriously this is a big big hole in my life.  Everybody (my University Friends) were all went through the whole process.  Got nervous when they know their supervisor will come to visit and some of them even make themselves looks super nice on the visiting day!  *pout*
So my academic supervisor didn't turn out himself at the end.  Excuse he gave is our university didn't give him allowance for the visit.  I was like what the hell?

I can only declare that I'm unlucky.  That's all.  (I don't wish to meet him, but I still hope to go through the process!)
BJ is leaving the company after working there for two and half months.  I'm joining this group starting on 1st of September, so we took this picture on the last day of her stay.  Okay, August has ended.  I'm going to have something different on September.  From 1st until 21st, I going to work on Monday till Friday from 9am until 10pm.  Fml.  But good thing is, after 21st I only have to work at night from 7pm until 10pm.  October?  Let's think about it later.  Maybe I will plan something else for that month.

Before I end this post, I wanna share a super nice song here.
I bet you gonna say this is a nice song too!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am so in Comfort Zone

Recently my emotion is like going high up and then drop to the very bottom.  Yeah, you can say it as up and down.  (sound like heart beats! Lol!).  Friends around me are staying good and nice.  Even some of them are aiming something and are now achieving their aims and goals!  Good to hear that from them anyway... =D

However, I started to feel my life so colourless .  There are no up and down in my life (I mean from what I can see from these three months, omg!!!  I'm so lifeless...  >.<), of course except from my emotion.  wtf!  

I'm home for almost three months and today is the last day of me staying in IT department.  I am going to 'transfer' to another department which I don't think there are many people who know about this department:  Purchasing Department.  Yeah, it is a super tiny and nobody would have notice their existence but nobody know their effort and stress they have to face.  

I'm now still in comfort zone.  People I know in the company all are so good where they all take good care of me.  At least I feel they are bagus-bagus belaka.  

Btw, today is the last day of my colleague (also junior. lol!).  We have farewell party!
Yeah, we eat junk food as farewell.  wtf!  We are damn 'healthy' lo!
And yeah, I got early farewell gift!  XD
Earing from Korea!  Lucky me right!!!

Now you know why I say I'm always in comfort zone...  I always get to meet all nice nice people and they are also being so nice to me.  So how I want to leave this comfort zone into challenging zone?!  Argh...

Nah, let you see my fat fat picture after I work for 2 months here.

Fat hor...  I wanted to put the picture of four ladies one, but FML I lost the picture already.. I don't remember whether I got take out from the device or not...
I wanted to keep that picture one leh... >.<
Nevermind, go and find out on Saturday...

Lol!  So now you know why I am so in comfort zone, I really don't want to leave this comfort zone, but if I never do that, I will never grow up!  Damn difficult to choose...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Want To Be Irresponsible

Being an adult is really suffering.  The responsible and tension around will increase along with age.  Once you are an adult, you have to start handle all those tensions... 
Recall back when you were young, there were so many things that you didn't have to worry nor responsible.  You didn't have to be responsible to anything you do, because to adult, you were a kid who know nothing.

I want to be irresponsible person la.  I don't want to be responsible on anything so I can do anything I like and ignore things that I dislike.  wtf (so selfish of me)

But I know this is impossible because I'm an adult now, I have to be responsible on everything I do.  I have to care people around me and I am not living alone but together with others.  I have to take care of their feeling, I have to think of their situation also.
Aih, there are so many things bugging me lately.  I really got the thought of throwing everything back and go out there alone.  However, there are a voice told me not to.  So I'm here complaining. wtf.

Being an adult really are tiring.

ps: let's make the tiring and effort worth!~

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finally, The Final Assignment

Three years, and I'm now one more step to wear square hat, wearing big wide robe, put on nice and beautiful make up and then throw the square hat like what seniors did last time.  I never know I'm going to go through that path.  I mean so soon!!!

Finally is time to submit the report.  The last report of my University life.  =D
After this report that gonna follow me would be report from the company.  I think it is time to say bye bye to school life.
I'm sure I'm going to miss school life, missing those days of being irresponsible and dependant.
(I really hate to become an adult. wtf)

ps: now is time to figure out the trip to KK.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Awesome 3 Days Holiday

As you know now I'm having internship and I'm force to work from Monday to Saturday (although I feel so free in the office. wtf).  But thanks to Muslim, the whole citizens in Malaysia have 2 days of public holiday which mean Monday and Tuesday I'm free!

At first we planned to go for holiday trip with mommy but ended up we decided to just go back granny's house.  Since some of my friends coming back home during raya, so I wanna spend time with them too!  So my schedule become: 
Saturday: go granny's house after work.
Sunday: come back home in the evening.
Yeah I know... even grandma said its a waste to go back for a night only.  But I wanna visit you, even is only for 10 minutes, as long as I meet you.  

Since bro has his own program (dinner actually) with friends, so I need to find my own outing also.  Went out to have dinner with friend then change venue to another place to yam cha.  Guess this is the first yam cha session with friend (friend, not friends... lol! really dislike to go out with bunch of friends la...) since I come back. LOL 
First time ever spend time out there just to eat and drink for nearly 3 hours.  >.<
Dinner at Island Two Cafe with her.  Since we don't feel hungry but wanna put something into the stomach.  So we shared our food!  Lol...
And then we went JR (Just Relax) to continue our chating session.  She said JR is no longer just relax because the surrounding is noisy due to so many people there.  

Since the next day need to go Sungai Lembing to climb Panorama Hill, so we decided to go back early to sleep for few hours.  (we start our journey from Kuantan at 4am)  Too bad I drank too much tea during the dinner so I didn't get to sleep well.  *panda eyes* It is public holiday so Sungai Lembing was crowded with people!!!  I mean really many people there.  They said 45 minutes we can reach the top, but I think we can spend less than that with the condition, exercise everyday before you go.  Seriously, all the hark work and work out paid off!  I don't feel tired like the first time I went out!  I'm so proud of myself!  
Forget to mention, I saw meteor!  Ngek Ngek.  Don't ask me whether I made a wish or not because I always think of that wish. =p  I bought books too!  Buy 2 Free 1.  Since they are cheap, so I bought 3.  (Should be 2 and I got another 1 free.)
After that went back home and sleep.  Thanks to bro who help me to do housework, so I can sleep right after bathe!  I wanted to sleep longer or at least more than 30 minutes, but I can't!  Tired but couldn't fall asleep. wtf.
So went for lunch after nap since bro is hungry.  Then wait for another outing.
Before going out, took some pictures. wtf.  (I feel I'm damn SS la... >.<)  It has been long time I didn't wear 16mm color lens.  The diameter of the lens is so big until my eyes look like barbie's eyes. wtf.  AND I know I look pretty in the picture above. (wtf!!!)  Anyway, I didn't put on make up on my eyes but I did define my eyebrow so my eyebrow looks thicker.  (now you see, the difference of after & before bath, and also the angle I take picture to make myself look nice.  Lol!  So fake!!!)

4.30pm went out to play 2 round bowling then dinner at Mr. Specky and then lastly movie.  Steambot at Mr. Specky really make me so full until I wanna vomit.  
This is just the first round.  Really full dao....  Luckily there are boys who ate with me, or else it wouldn't be worth to eat buffet there.
We watch Expendable 2.
I seriously hate those bloody movie la.  I like action movies, but I hate when they hit or fight with each other because I feel the pain!  When they punch each other, blood comes out from they nose and mouth, I feel it is painful as I'm the one who got punch.  

This morning went out to have breakfast with bro.  Because of him, I woke up at 6.50am.  Anyway he treated me curry mee.
We had breakfast at a restaurant named Sungai Lembing.  (Now don't have to drive an hour journey to eat breakfast at Sungai Lembing already cause can eat at the restaurant.)  The taste of the curry mee is almost the same as the one I ate yesterday.  The only difference is they give si ham today and no si ham yesterday.

Guess, I should stay at home eat sleep and eat sleep today to restore back all my energy so I can continue smiling and laughing in the office tomorrow.  Seriously need to recharge myself.!

ps: someone called me dinosaur yesterday. wtf.

Thursday, August 16, 2012



说到我有部落格,我相信很多朋友都会看我以前所写的东西。可是你相信吗,我是不会看会我所写过的东西。从来都不会。应该是说我不想为自己所写过的东西负责任吧~ 不去看自己成写过的东西,因为明明知道自己不会让自己做一些后悔的事,所以不会让自己有机会去后悔。




Sunday, August 12, 2012

Difficult Decision

My internship going to end soon but until now I still haven't make up my mind whether to stay in the company or not.  (sounds like the company confirm wants me to stay but actually I'm the one who keep thinking that they want me. wtf.)

I know everybody has given me suggestion and they even suggested the path for me, but I still can't make up my mind which way to go.  I want something different but I know I'm fresh grad, it is difficult to get what I want plus I know I don't have to real knowledge of what I have learned during the three years time.  Seriously FML!

People said once you graduate, then you will unemployment.  This is so true.  I am now thinking to take the challenge or continue protected by them.  I want to explore myself but I am not sure whether I'm ready for that or not.  Gosh!  I am so mommy's daughter...

ps: sometimes really hate to make decision. fml.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Movie not on Movie Day

As you know movie day is on every Wednesday as we can get half price on that day but after one of my friend started her tuition so no more movie on movie day.  (and I have to spend more than that. no offense)
Any way, after this we have to be good spender already.

Since we can't watch movie on Wednesday, we still want to watch movie.  So at the end we went to watch movie on Tuesday.  
I think it is a nice movie and the most epic scene in the movie is the picture below.
I thought the boobs were fake one, but I heard that they really went to find the real person for this movie.  wtf!  She said: you will wish you have three hands!  ewww....

Anyway, I confirm that I can't have movie on the week until next week.  If not mommy will definitely kill me for wasting so much money on watching movie out there. fml.
I somemore have to reject friends for asking me for me.  So guilty... >.<

Monday, August 6, 2012

Insomia! Help!!!

What time is it now?  wtf!!!  I seldom awake at this time but yeap, I am still awake!  I can't sleep!!!  I am super tired now but I can't sleep at all!  

Early in the morning I woke up at 7.05am and found out mommy not around already so I thought I should start to do housework at downstairs and let sis continue her sleep.  When I finish everything it was already 9am something.  Back to my laptop and watched drama while waiting sis to wake up.  
Finally she got up.

We went for breakfast together and I don't know why the breakfast we ordered were in super big portion where we were like forcing ourselves to finish them.  (we wished bro was there so much to help us to finish up everything.)  Finally we finished everything.  Paid and leave.
Since nobody is going to cook tomorrow (I'm lazy to cook for a person) so I suggested to buy maggi mee so she can cook maggi mee and eat when she is hungry.  (I bet mommy is gonna kill me after she back! fml)

At 2pm badminton with colleague and his friends.  Can back at 4pm.  Get ready and then go out for dinner and movie with sis.  Surprisingly I don't feel tired after the sport but I feel super tired after I came out from the cinema!  Oh godness!!!  My legs and hand were so damn 'sour'!!! wtf!!!

Now I want to make myself sleep on the bed, but I can't!  I just can't get into dreams and sleep well!!!  Gosh!  Tomorrow confirm I'm going to work with my panda eyes!!!

ps:  I'm really super tired!!!

My Movie Marathon During The Whole Week

They usually call movie marathon as having movie in the whole day non-stop!  But I think my also consider marathon where I watch movie non-stop during whole week!  seriously fml! (face palm gao gao!)

Firstly I watched Greedy Ghost with my colleagues!  Yeah, you can consider it as all girls night.  I watched Greedy Ghost that night.
It is not very scary but because I don't know the story line so I closed my eyes most of the time because I scare the scary scene comes out. wtf.  But guess what?  Saturday night I went to watch again with my family!  I wanted to watch Step Up 4 but since they changed their mind so we went to watch Greedy Ghost.  Yeap for me ---> again?
But this time I watch with my eyes open.  Mummy said how come you watch for second time already but you still can laugh till so loud?  Lol!

So at the end I watch Step Up 4 on Sunday night.  Step Up is always that awesome!!!  When you watch Step Up, no matter 1 or 2 or 3 or revolution (4) it still make you feel you wanna dance together with them!  Plus, the main actor in there is so handsome!!! *heart melt*
I didn't watch 3D because I don't want to spend too much in watching movie but I am super sure that the 3D effect inside will be superb!

ps: another movie coming next week!  Total Recall!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lazy Me

Right, now looks like is my turn to update my blog once a week! fml....  Seriously, this really happen lo!  My senior told me that after I start to work, I will be busy and hardly find time to update blog!  wtf!  I never want this to happen, but it really happen thou....

I swear to my own self before that I don't want to have daily same routine life because that would be super boring where I hate boring the most.  But internship life is the life that I can't control much because I got so few allowance where I can hardly save them or spend them.  And then everyday same routine: morning wake up, eat, work, eat, work, back home, jogging, eat, drama, sleep.  Boring!
However, last few days sis back home and tell me that her tuition center wants to hire tuition teacher, and she suggested me.  Since I know the person in charge there (I worked there before!), she asked me to meet her up by Monday.  Well, I think I can get that part time job there.  So conclusion, my daily routine will change a little. =)

The other laziness on me is, I started to feel lazy to exercise already.  I find that after jogging I feel super sleepy and tired so at the end I keep complaint that I'm sleepy!  But I don't really think that is because of jogging I think is because of my body's spare-parts are old already and start to complain already... wtf...  Plus everyday has to OT (although I got nothing to do...), my time all messed up...  I wanted to go back home before 6pm so I can go jog for like 30 minutes can done bathing and dinner before 8pm.  Then follow mommy out to buy some grocery but every time I also got to rush because of my bad time management.

5th of August, I haven't buy my flight ticket because I'm so scare to buy.... >.<  Anyway, I got another thing to worry right now.  That is whether to continue working in the same company or not after I finish my practical.  I have talked to my supervisor but I know his style that he will ask me to think myself which until now I am still thinking what choice I should make.  What I think is let the time pass by itself and I believe God will tell me what to do. =D

ps:  fat really make me feel ugly and unhealthy!