Monday, August 31, 2009


31st of August....

Last year I celebrate Merdeka in my hometown, not celebrate actually, just waiting for the night to come to see fire cracker from the sky.
They are awesome and beautiful.

This year I wasn't in Kuantan.
I didn't hear any fire cracker's sound and the scene or sense of celebration in Campus.
I used to sleep at 11pm something at night in hometown and awake by the sound of fire crackers in the mid night. I will definitely jump up from the bed and see the beautiful scene from the window in my room.
Fire crackers are always that beutiful~~~

I received a call from my friend this morning at 1am.
They said they were celebrating Merdeka and suddenly think of me...
I never thought that during Merdeka, there will be somebody who think of me...

Don't make me cry la...
You always so bad, make me cry...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Really Miss Him

It has been nearly 3 months I didn't see him

I really miss him so much

I want to see him and talk to him

But this seems to be impossible

Whenever I want to talk to him

He will just ignore me

Maybe he has forget me for long time

But then I still miss him very much

Nothing I can do when I miss him

What I can do is just looking at his picture

I really miss him very very very much..


he is actually my dog...
I really miss him very very much~~~
I love you very much... muacks~~~

Friday, August 28, 2009

After All Day Busy

After having holiday for a week, busy days come continuously for the next week.
Really busy, busy for assignment, exams.
Long time didn't get a well sleep...
I really hope I can sleep for 8 hours nonstop!!!

Today having Math exam.
I didn't able to do it well.
I was busying with my English assignment which has been rejected for many many times.
Anyway, finally it is being accepted.
Forget to inform that the assignment is just draft...
Means I still got long way to go to my final assignment...

3-4 subjects of assignment...
My godness!!!
after all the assignment, I want to eat pizza later la, as reward for myself~~~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

27 of August 2009


what is so special about this day until I have to type this date so many times??
ehem, actually it isn't a big day and we got no holiday for this day but we still have to attend class, tutorial, and test!!!

What important is today is my roommate, Mei Qian's birthday.

Mei Qian, happy birthday~~~

We didn't plan very much in this birthday, but we know that we wanna give her a surprise, so three of us didn't wish her birthday until just now.
we pretended that we had forgotten her birthday and act like normal.
we can see that she is kinda disappointed with us for being so forgetful.

We prepare everything when she was out for tutorial, when she get into the room, she got surprise!!!
Here are some pictures~~~

Here are my roommates~~~ my laopo~~~
Yan Qiu, Me and Mei Qian

Pheng and Mei Qian

oh my god!!!
look at what they doing??
hey gals, please la behave yourselve la!! Pheng and I are here leh, want to do something also have to wait until we get out first la~~~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listener + Friends

I have been being a listener in this University since the day I step into this campus. I know that I might be not as good as professional counselor, but I can make sure one thing which is I can guarantee that you will feel much more better after you tell me your true feeling.

I have to admit that I love to dig people's true feeling and like to gossip around, maybe this is the way for me to release my stress or maybe you can just call me as 38. Honestly, I believe that everybody does 38 before, just 38 is normally gal's hobby, so this is not my fault for being 38 too.

What does friend mean by??
I have been thinking this question for long time especially starting to sms him and he starting to sing songs to me almost every night although both of us were far far away from each other.
I know that it is not fair for both of us to continue this kind of relationship, but I like this kind of feeling and I can do whatever I like because nobody can control me here.
Definitely you understand that I love freedom so much, and nobody can control me on doing something. I will do whatever I like to make myself happy and I'll not going to build my happiness on others, so don't worry~~~

Recently I have some problems here:
  1. Eat not more than RM5 per day after I back from holiday to cut cost...
  2. Hardly concentrate on my studies
  3. Too many assignment to do
  4. Sleep too much but still difficult to be alert
Trying to give some reward to myself later if I can finish my C++ today~~~
Wish me all the best~~~


It has been guilty for many days since that happened
I cannot mention what I have done, cause this will make somebody get hurt
Not just hurt, but this might kill somebody too

After I make that lie, I didn't get to have good sleep
Nightmare all around
This is not a bad lie actually, it is just for our good sake

Trust me,
I lie to you is to make sure everything going to be fine between us
It is for your own good too
May be this will be unfair for you, because I never give you the chance to choose at all
But I'm sorry, this is the best I can do

Telling lies are really suffer
Especially you have to use the lie everyday
none stop....

Anyway, I believe that God will understand why I tell lies
this is the only way....
God bless~~~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

真有意思 (Meaningful)



於是,他們就揹著一大包 行李開始往上爬。


哥哥告訴弟弟說:「包包太重了,這樣吧!我們把它放在二十樓,先爬上去,等電來了再坐電梯下來拿。」,弟弟說:「好!你真聰明!」,於是他們就把包包放在二十樓,繼續往上爬。 卸下了沈重的包袱,輕鬆多了!他們一路有說有笑地往上爬。

但好景不常,到了四十樓,兩人實在累了,想到只爬了 一半,往前看,竟還有四十樓要爬,兩人開始互相抱怨 ,指責對方不注意停電公告,才會落得如此下場。他們邊吵邊爬,就這樣一路到了六十樓。 到了六十樓,也許是累得連吵架的力氣都沒有了,哥哥對弟弟說:「只剩二十層樓了,我們就不要吵了,默默地爬著樓梯 !」。

於是他們安靜地繼續走,終於,八十樓到了!到了家門 口,哥哥擺出了一個很帥的姿勢:「弟弟,開門!」,弟弟說「別鬧了!鑰匙不是在你那兒嗎?」......,結果,如你所想的,他們把鑰匙放在二十樓的包包裡了!.....







想想 : 您的夢想是什麼?最在意的是什麼?不要到了四十年後才來后悔。

真有意思 (Meaningful)


拼命的读书,好了读完书了。大学也毕业 了。
拼命的做工,赚 多多的钱。。。
拼命的存钱 ,买房子,车子,保险

拼命的灌输孩子要努力读书 。。

孩子忙着读书 ,不得空理你。。

孩子和你拿钱 。


成了大家 眼中的势利同事。。。

房子! 还是和你要钱




几十年没有呆在家,忽然 和妻子相处。。。





毕业=失业 , 工 难找! ,最后找到一份只可以养活自己的工作。还是要住在家里。。。吃,交通。去的薪金的一大半。。所以只是意 思意思的给 RM100给父母做伙食费。。

3年过去了,孩子好不容易累计的工作经 验,薪金高了。。。但是却开始要买辆汽车代步。。。母亲帮助 + 自己储蓄,给了头期。。。有了汽车,费用也多了。。还是意思意思给 RM200作伙食费


由于车子+ 女朋友费用太大,还是不能给伙食费太多,而且女朋友说30岁计划,全部钱要储蓄。。。

2 年后,终于买了房子,买了房子,开始要结婚了。。。


摆酒,婚礼,旅行。。。用了一大笔+ 母亲储蓄+我剩下的公积金


结婚了后,孩子很少会来了,忙着自己的家庭。。。偶尔假日才回来看看父母。。。每个月意思意思的给 RM200 。孩子自己也困难了。要维持自己的家庭

好了,30 年前的计划希望能够开始,旅行!!

大事不妙,媳妇怀孕了,生了个孩子。。。母亲代抚养,因 为媳妇孩 子都做工


孩子每个月意思意思的给多RM300 ,当着是孙子的伙食费 。。。

照顾了5 年后,孙子大了,孩子抱回去了,一切回归平静。忽然想起 30 年前的约定,决定和妻子去旅行。。。。




Monday, August 24, 2009

Trip During August Holiday (Part 2)

After having holiday in Sandakan, I continue my holiday in Kota Kinabalu. The main purpose we choose to go to Kota Kinabalu after playing, eating and resting in Sandakan is because we wanna use our remain energy to have shopping in Kota Kinabalu.

It is really enjoyable trip in Kota Kinabalu especially get to shopping in the shopping mall there. I am regret that why we didn't go to 1 Borneo, there are lots of shop in the mall. All the clothes, the air conditional~~~
At around 1.30pm, we reach KK, then we took some time to search our hotel so that we can stay for 2 nights at there. At first we went to City Park Hotel, after some discussion the senior talked to the receptionist and going to say yes to stay there, then we the gals said we wanna find another hotel to have some comparison before making any decision, so we went out from the hotel.The moment we went out, the senior got so angry and mad, and he scolded me and another senior. (my another two female friends went out already) I got shock that time, really got a big shock, but luckily I still know how to cover my fear. I totally ignore him starting from that.

After we found a place to put on our luggage, we went to have our lunch and then start our 'heaven' trip (for gals), shopping in Central Point. Oh god!!! the shoes are so so so nice, I didnt buy them in the end, cause I got no more money already. East Malaysia's food are really more expensive than Peninsular Malaysia. I thought only food in Labuan expensive but now I only realize that food in East Malaysia is expensive. When we having shopping in Central Point, we really relax and have lots of fun there. I know that one of the reason is because guys are not around, guys sometimes are really troublesome though...
At around 8pm, we separated from those guys and walk alone, they back to hotel because of boredom. We continue our walk in Warisan Square. My Godness, Warisan Square is totally heaven for me. If I got RM1000 cash with me, definitely I will shopping over there. Is shopping not just window shopping. There are really paradise for couple too I guess, food and shops are all available. I think I fall into the place already.Then we walked back to hotel which need around 10mins of journey. We are proud that we still recognize the way back to hotel.

Got to Central Point again the next day. The main purpose is to go to the Public Bank to take Joey's debit card which is located in Central Point. Mana tau, the debit card counter is not available on Saturday... +.+Since the mall main's door was opened and the shops in there only Watson was on, so we went into Watson to try out all the cosmetic tester. Luckily that day I didnt make up before I go out, so I managed to use most of the cosmetic there. I fall into Za's mascara. I really love it.Nothing much we walked that day... Cause Yee Ling and Joey went to find their brother in the evening and left me alone.

At night, we went to watch movie, District 9. I really dunno what to say about the movie, is something like documentary. The story isn't too bad, but if you didnt pay any patient to continue watching after 10mins, the movie will be very very boring then. We went to watch movie at 11pm and back to hotel at 2am. It has been long time I didnt spend my night time till so late since I came to East Malaysia and I really enjoy the moment.

During this trip, I realize something. that is I finally see through some people's really face. Make me understand that people's real attitude will be understand after you know them in a longer time. And I'm really glad I did make the decision last time although I know the decision is hurting somebody. I know I'm selfish, but this is for my own justice and for my own good. I believe that....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip During August Holiday (Part 1)

Let me first mention and tell you all something. There have been lots of first time I have been met here.
  1. first time come to West Malaysia
  2. first time go to Sandakan
  3. first time go holiday trip with friends that I just know them for a month
I have to wake up early in the morning at 4am to bath and preparing. 7.30am ferry from Labuan to a small kampung and at around 10.30am bus from the small kampung to Kota Kinabalu. Since our bus will only start at 6.30pm, so we have a small walk in one of the shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu.
Finally is time for us to go into the bus and start our journey to Sandakan. In the bus, Yee Ling and I was very very tired, we got no idea where we will go on the next day cause we got no idea Sandakan got any place that well known. There is a senior who guide us to Sandakan cause his home town is from Sandakan and we going to stay at his house for the whole trip. In the bus, he keep asking us where we want to go on the next day. Honestly, I really got no idea where to go, why not he suggest some opinion and let us have the option to choose? At that time, Yee Ling and I can see his temper was shown out because of impatient with us obviously.

Let's start the journey:
First day
nothing special honestly, we went to eat Dim Sum in Sandakan hotel and then Kaya Gai to have a walk at there. Nothing special in Kaya Gai actually, sigh~~~
after the walk, we went back to have a rest. At that time I feel sick, maybe is because the weather there too hot and I cannot stand of it, so I fall sick. I had flu that night.... I get to eat steambot too~~~ the steambot there is not that delicious as I thought, is very normal but just the steambot is in buffet style...

Second day
Early in the morning, we went to Joey's father's shop there to fetch her to eat breakfast together. I ate curry that morning, curry pan mee.... Not that delicious too, I prefer Kuantan's. Then with the guide from Joey, we went to Joey's house so that next time we will be easy to go her house cause we can recognize her house better for the next time. Mana tau, on the way to her house, the senior was driving and the enjin mati!!! He screamed in the car.
wtf. I was talking to the phone, so I was so lazy to scold him or even tegur him. Just ignore that... At night, we got to eat dinner that prepare by the senior's mother. Yum Yum, not bad, it is delicious but too salty for me. Anyway, I really can feel the warm of a family when eating that meal~~~
at night, we went out with Ah Liao to a romantic place. The place is really very very beautiful and romantic, very suitable for couples, the view there.. you can see the sea view, is beautiful and romantic. We played Uno blocks there, really have fun though... the happiness I get is totally different from the morning~~~

Third Day
Since we got nothing to do on the day, and Joey had to accompany her grandpa because that day was her grandpa's birthday, so Yee Ling and I went to town to Guardian and Watson. In Labuan got neither Guardian nor Watson, that's why we appreciate the moment that time when we saw this 2 shops. After that, we went to English Tea House, a restaurant that full of England style and almost of the customers are foreigners. The drinks and food there are quite high quality in the sense of price too. >.<
I really got no idea why we want to go there.. is damn hot there, should go at night. After that 'tea break' we went back and go out again, this time with Ah Liao again without those seniors. We ate egg tart and drink pearl milk tea. The egg tart are delicious and the pearl milk tea make me feel heaty, because I drank red bean... Anyway, it is still tasty although I already having flu at that time.
After that, at night we got the golden chance to eat homemade dinner again. And then eat ice cream at a place where they said the ice cream taste good. But for me... I still prefer McD's ice cream~~~

Fourth Day
unforgetable day because we get to eat homemade 'lo ma kai' and homemade 'xiu mai'. Joey's mother definitely a good cooker. And we get to try Joey's muffin. Yum Yum~~~ yummy~~~
then we stay at the house for whole day and I was very very sick and sleep for around 4 hours. But at night, I still eat burger~~~ the burger is really delicious, until now I still can remember the taste of it. Oh God~~~ Let me try one more time~~~

Fifth Day
Last day in Sandakan. Went to buy hand luggage at the pasar which located in the town area of Sandakan. I bought my hand luggage with only RM15. I was very proud of myself for fighting for the price but when I reach home, I realize that the bag is not that 'new' which means that it cannot be used for too heavy things and I dun think it will last long.
After walking around in the town, we went back again and rest.
that night we got the chance to eat homemade dinner again. I really feel bahagia when can eat homemade dinner~~~ Long time didnt try this kind of food ady...

To Be Continue...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ordinary -----> Special

Look at the title, what will you think of?? Change of something?? person?? or even life??

These few days I really do experience something different from surrounding. Lots sorts of experience.



My life change a lot after I started my studies here. I have to learn to make decision all by my own which I used to ask my friends to make decision for me. I started to be more patient to others although I realize that I don't really like their attitude. This is some kind of challenge for me because I wasn't that kind of person that will keep all the temper in heart, I used to scold the person that I don't really like.

Love story definitely you have heard or watched before and they are romantics. For me, love are really suffering and tiring. I rather sit there and feel the love from me to others without notice by others rather than telling people my real feeling, because I can feel the 'dangerous' and the 'unsafe' conditions will happen. I am a person who hate trouble very much, things that are simple and less trouble, I like most.

Friendship is very important especially we are now far far away from our family. For me, I treat everybody the same. Although I know the bad attitude of them, but I will just be patient and let it pass. If they act too much, I will just give advises, if he/she doesn't want to listen or change then I got nothing to do. Because this is their life, I got no right to force them to change to be a better person. Just remember that a person who willing to correct you from mistake is actually a true friend, don't be too stubborn to accept others idea and complaint and even advises, open your heart and give tresspass to accept what they give and advice you. Because, for me if you aren't that close with me, I'll never correct you from your mistake and let you figure out yourself. This is what I think...

Environment also will affect a person's lifestyle. The environment here also have affected my life. People here are nice and friendly, just some of the people love to wear a mask to live. Weather here is really hot and the sun is always that bright and sunny. Good weather will affect our feeling too. I prefer to have cloudy here, because when the sun come out, you will only realize that how hot is the weather here. The temperature is higher than my home town but anyway think positively, my cloth can be dried up in the faster rate. ^^

Conclusion, actually there are a lot of hidden message in this post, I hope those people that who know who are they will understand what I mean and take some action.
I hope to wear sun glasses with all of you because I believe that our future is very very bright, bright until we need to wear sunglasses o. ^^

Sunday, August 9, 2009



没有办法啦!因为有很多很多很多的功课哦!尤其是数学,一共有 30 多提叻。。。


Saturday, August 8, 2009


I had a nightmare last night,

a nightmare being bullied by another person.

This cause me didn't sleep well whole night.



My Student Card + Sleeping whole day long

Finally my student ID card is out and we have to wear it when we are in the campus.

I don't mind to wearing it all around or every corner in the campus, but I mind when the picture of mine is not nice.

Yeah, I know that I'm not nice already but the camera man should take the picture more nicer so that at least I look better in the picture ma...

My face ady very big like big biscuit in real, somemore they want to make it wider o...
I really ==|||
nothing to say lo, the card is already out, I got no choice to choose at all. suan le ba~~~

Don't know why this few days keep on sleeping only... Sleep dunno how long ady but still very sleep, maybe is because lack of oxygen in brain...
After today's kokum, I went to sleep again...
Now still blur blur o..

anyway, I live happily here, I know how to take good care of myself.
Thanks for those who always care about me and ask my condition here.
Really appreciate your concern o..
muacks, love you all so much o...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pillow Talk + DiGi Campus

Last night I had 30 mins of pillow talk with my roommates. Both of them already become my wife and I already become their wife too.
Before that 'special' event, we went to Menara (our lecturer's office) to hand in our homework which she gave to us that week. While my roommates went along to hand in their group work together since both of the lecturers' office are in the same floor.
After I put my homework into the box provided, we went to the other side of the part of that floor to hand in their group work. But the moment we step into the place, we went out immediately because it was so so so so so so dark in there and all of us are scare of dark. Is really scary in there.

After the 'mission', we went back to our room to continue our pillow's talk. We talked about our life last time when we were in primary, secondary, until now. We even share whether we meet somebody that we admire~~~ (is just admire yea, not like yea) Share things by hearts, share to each others, really relax and happy that time.
That's why I always said sharing is the most important thing and happiest thing, but you guys never believe me.
I never expect that my roommate and I will be this close because when I look back to my memory last time, I wasn't that close with them and I thought that I can't mix with them easily, mana tau, I did it~~~

DiGi campus is here~~~

is unbelievable and I was really excited yesterday to apply another DiGi number.
is not expensive actually cause is only RM10 then you can get a sim card which already include RM10 in the sim card.

I said it is really worthy is because after u have make call after rm2, the remain calls are all free each day~~~
so I decided to use it when I wanna to call someone who is using DiGi too.
and when u sms to you friends and family, you don't have to pay anything... is free~~~

this is my new number, but no need to save la, cause I will be very very very seldom on using this number de.

Happy always, think positively~~~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Hide The Face


I hate to be Monday, cause I have to have classes for another 5 days.
Some classes are interesting, but some are really boring.
I had TITAS on Monday. Definitely you guys are thinking what is TITAS. TITAS is short form of Tamadun Islam Dan Asia.
Our lecturer was explaining and told us the story how Islam is created.
The story is totally the same as the Bible in Christian... Okayh la, maybe is 98% same la...
But honestly, this can be say that Jesus and Allah seems to be the same God o...opic

Back to the topic.
the lecturer of TITAS gave us some time to have a break, so I went to the washroom. My friend went in earlier than me while I was still talking with my friend. So I went in late lo...
There isn't any notice that show which way to the female washroom and which way to male washroom.
And I made a small small tiny tiny mistake is I turn to the male's washroom, and that time Yu Jin was washing his hand.
Surprise me!!!
By the way, I didn't see anything, so is still okayh.

After that incident, Yu Jin laugh at me...
So yu pei, really feel to put my head in the ground....


Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st Of August

One month,
is already a month I stay in Labuan WITHOUT water.
It is really unbelievable that I can survive here.
A month,
is not a short time either.
at least i learn something here
not just study
but in all kind of expect
i can feel I grow mature in thinking
maybe you cannot feel that, but I do honestly
lots of things here make me realize lots of other things.
within friendship
within the challenging challenge that challenged me in the controlation of my temper
till now I didn't show my own temper yet
but I control it well although I got some issue in certain things.

dear friends,
please be open minded and accept my appologize
i did this is because i dun wan this to go on like this
this will only become worst if drag this more longer
so just think widely and dun blame anybody and be strong yea
there are still a lots of opportunity out there
today this not belong to you doesn't mean that next opportunity not belong to you too
just think positively and think that what you get after this experience and be glad that you have this kind of experience
anyway, all the best.