Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nail Color

I think this is the first time I do manicure for this semester.  Last semester I was like crazy with all this and keep on changing color everyday until my nail become unhealthy and yellowish. =(
But this semester I hardly find the time to play with my nails plus need lots of patient when playing around with the nails.  Especially when you need to wait for it to dry.
I really like the color.  I wanted to put on super red color but I got no red color so ended up Bibian choose a color for me.  For your information, I didn't do this myself but Bibian did this for me!  Billion thanks to her.  Seriously I really don't know how to put nail color on my own nails especially when I need to apply on my right hand.  My left hand will never obey what I want to do.  >.<
Now I'm super satisfied with my nail color!  Hahahahaha!

Socks Curl

I am so not expert in using iron curler and my hair become straight very fast.  When I done curl on the top part, my bottom part of my hair become straight dy.  I really have no idea how to make my hair look bouncy and curl!
Finally found a alternative way on doing a super curly hair.

1. Simply take few cloths that you don't want and cut them into long pieces (in around 30cm x 5cm, you usually you will only need 4 stripes)
2. Just roll your hair on the cloths and tie them up like shown in the picture below.
3. And then, sleep over it.  

Easy?  Yeap, that's easy. =D  
But it might be a little bit tricky when you roll your hair up.  Your hair might ended up super messy and loose but practice make perfect! 
Super curly right! Yeah!!! The curly and bouncy look!!!  I seriously like this too! =D

It is super easy, and you don't have to scare whether you hair will spoil because this is heatless!  All you have to sacrifice is during the curling session, you will look extremely ugly.  But still worth it right, because the next morning you can see a beautiful curl hair. =D

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FYP Presentation

I wanna update this post since long long time ago, but unfortunately all the pictures were taken by someone so I have to wait for him to upload I only can get the picture.

Before the presentation, I asked Audrey to wish us luck and gave Debbie a surprise.
I guess I success in giving her this surprise!  And of course thanks to Audrey for the wish! =D  I think we didn't ruin the whole presentation and the lecturers didn't ask difficult questions too! =DD

Mommy said I look so big size in this picture! >.<
Debbie is the one who do all the clicking and I'm the one who do all the talking.  

Took some pictures to keep as memory and syok sendiri around before we left the seminar room.  It was a nice experience although some of them might think that we didn't do the very best but I do think we have already do our best.

Yeah, I know some of you wanna ask why only take pictures with this few people.  Because I got so few friends who support me and come to see my presentation! (Joking la)  Because my presentation is in the morning, some of them had just finished their presentation the day before and they are exhausted to come for the presentation, so left so few of us.  And plus, I got very few friends, seriously few that's why only got this few of them who willing to take pictures with me. 

Anyway, I just wanna save this in part of my post in my blog as a memorable moment.   

He is GONE

It happens so suddenly.  Yesterday I called mommy to tell her that I gonna post all my stuff on 4th of June (but now already change to 9th of June! Geram!!)  Then she gave me a super surprise news.  My uncle has passed away.

Before FYP presentation, mommy told me that he had cancer which is already in the 4th stage.  But he had done his operation and the doctor had also declare that he is fine.  But who knows that after few weeks, mommy had to attend to his funeral.  This is really like so suddenly.

Seriously don't know how to feel right now.  He wasn't close to me, but just never expect he will leave us so suddenly.  All I can say is hope his family will get better soon.

ps: this 3 years so many things happen and I'm not at their side.

After FYP, We Eat

This would be the last time we went out by bus no. 4 (I guess).  I wanted to walk the whole Labuan Town at first, but once I stepped on the UK's floor, I'm so lazy to go out from there already.  Plus I heard Guardian has located inside Giant, so I wanted to visit the new Guardian.  

Walked from ground floor to first floor then from first floor to ground floor.  We even sat down and drink our pearl tea at Zipangu cafe for an hour, reading magazine and comic.  Then here come the greatest news of the day.  We went to washroom since we drank too much water (pearl tea), then before we wanted to come out from the washroom, a friend of mine shouted and said her pants has spoiled just like what had happened to her formal pants.  The zip is not functioning anymore.  Then the only thing is we were glad because we were in the mall so it is easier to find a new pants.  Poor friend, she has to find a new jeans as her jeans is 'dead'.  The worst thing is we couldn't find a jeans for her because of her size.  When we thought that she might fit into the size, but some part of her body can't fit into it.  Finally found a pair that she can fit into after around 30 minutes, unfortunately the pants is kinda expensive.  It is around RM130!  

After bought the pants, she was in bad mood and wonder why she can be so fat until her pants spoiled in all sudden.  We kept comfort her by telling her that her pants is too old already, that's why the zip spoiled!  So it has no relation whether she is too fat until the pants spoiled.  Yet, she is still emo until when we sit down in Pizza Hut to have our lunch.

Malaysian cultural.  Took picture before we have our meal, but I forget to take picture on the pizza and the side order that we ordered!  @_@

Eat eat eat!  My friend somemore feel super sad and she ate as much as she can.  And then she claimed to have KFC as dinner, but I got no enough cash so I can't manage to treat her snack plate but only a very cheap ala carte.  If I got enough cash I would have treat her because she wouldn't listen even though I said she is fat already.

She is super sad as her wallet become so thin already because of the jeans.  Guess this few days she gonna stop eating but sleep for whole day... >__<
Aih, it is all because of FAT!

Finally My Hair Color Changed

I have already waited this for long long time.  I remember the first time I dyed my hair was like 4 or 5 years ago.  That time mommy wanted to dye her hair and ask me to dye for her because she didn't want to spend those money since I know how to dye.  Then I told mommy that I want to dye too!  And out of my expectation, she bought for me.  hahahaha
Then I dyed my hair for the very first time.  Due to my original hair color is so dark, no color was shown to my hair even during the day time.  I can only see my hair color when I stand outside under the big bright sun.

Why take me so long after the first dye?  Because mommy doesn't allow me to dye anymore after that.  I don't know why.  After so many years, I finally decided to dye my hair and I'm no longer use those brand that I need to spend so much time.  I used Liese by Kao.  Heard that brand before?  It is not normal liquid but you will just use it like shampoo, because when you squeeze the formula out, there will be bubble!  Incredible huh!
Yeap, just apply this onto your hair!  So easy. =)
I dyed for Debbie too!  She chose Casis Berry while I chose Platinum Beige.

Debbie used 2 bottles all together because after the first dye on her, her hair color still not obvious and she is jealous on me because everybody said my hair color is nice but nobody mentioned about hers.  XD
Not much difference right.  (don't focus on place that you shouldn't focus.)  Then she has to dye for the second time since she has already bought 2 bottles of same colors.  And now her hair color is brighter already.
She was so hiao after she dyed for the first dye on this color.
Really super hiao... >___<

While my hair color is not that obvious also, but I like the color changed.
The bottom of the hair is not that obvious but the root of the hair is so damn obvious!
Seriously I remember the very first time I dyed my hair, the product made my hair super dry after dye, but I used Liese, I didn't feel any dryness but I feel smooth and healthy!  Seriously got to tell mommy about this so she will choose Liese and that will be easier for me to dye her hair. =p
Now I'm thinking of changing color before my convocation.  Haha!  I guess I'm addicted now!  Lol!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can't Forget

I don't know why, there are just things that I can't forget, I want to forget about it, but when something related come along, it will remind me of that and then my mood ruined again.  I never like to be lied and I believe none of us like.  However there are always some people think that what they did or what they are doing are actually trying to not to make us sad.  

Is that an excuse?

I don't know whether it is an excuse or not, but it always remind me of being cheated.  I was in front of you talking about this to others when people ask me.  I cared about how you feel that's why I asked them not to ask, yet you still didn't want to correct me on the spot when people mention about this and say it wrongly.  This is like the whole world know about this and I'm the only one who don't know about this.  

You asked me to talk to you every time when we have problem within us, but I don't know when you are telling the truth and when you are lying.  I don't know when you are real and I don't know when you are fake.  That's why I can't really communicate with you and rather choose not to give and respond to you.  

Every time when we talked about something, you have what you think and you know what you gonna do,  (and that's good I suppose)  but after 2 days later, you can change your mind out of sudden without any reason.  As we have already make ourselves in the decision but you change your mind in all sudden. 

One more thing.  You never let people know what is going on.  Sometimes people tend to forget something or missed out something, but you never want to remind people about that and cause us miss the opportunity.  The excuse you gave: I thought you all know about it and you all choose not to go.... yada yada yada...


ps: I post it here because I don't want to talk about this from my mouth, so please don't make me hate you more.
ps: Whoever you are.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Troll Mom

Yesterday saw mommy online in facebook, so I click on her profile and chat with her.  I asked her to call me (this is what I always do when I saw her online cause once she online means that she is free to call me). =p

Usually mommy will not reply when I inbox her, but this time she replied: Don't want.  
But of course she did call me.  I asked her who was the person just now who used her account to reply me.  It was my mommy!  That was really her, I thought my sis used my mommy's account when my mommy was away or something!  -____-

Then told her that I cut my hair myself and also help a friend to cut her hair too!  She doesn't sound surprise and I don't know why.  Then I told her that I didn't have proper dinner last night but only cereal + oat because I feel guilty of eating so much in the afternoon and her respond is super TROLL!

Me:  Miii, I only eat oat + cereal for my dinner...  So cham leh...
Mom:  Why?
Me:  I so fat, have to eat less dy... must diet liao...
Mom:  No need to diet la, already so fat no need to diet liao... must eat more!!!
Me:  (wtf) fat liao only must diet la... fat liao still eat more will become fatter...
Mom:  (laughing)

She was so troll and I guess she was in a super good mood, because she seldom respond that way!  Usually she will say: why never control when you eat before this? Now only say fat liao need to diet.
But I prefer she become troll mom than strict mommy like she used to be. =p

Friday, May 25, 2012

Before During After FYP

FYP is so far away from me where that time I was so scared and nervous.  But I don't know why I got the excited feeling in my heart.  The night before yesterday (24.5.2012 was my presentation day), I didn't sleep well because of the excitement!  Yet, my partner and I still managed to get at least 6 hours of sleep night before the presentation.  I got lots of wishes from friends and family so I am so excited with the presentation that gonna be presented in front of lecturers although I knew that we might get lots of 'bullets' from them.  I went to the presentation since the first group of the day started.  Seriously the whole day on Thursday, I really have to say, all the systems are consider as powerful system. 

Finally is our turn.  I was like take forever to wait for my turn because supposedly we were arranged to present at 10am, but the previous groups took around an hour each group to present.  Guess how long we took for the presentation?  We took only 20 minutes!  The lecturer didn't ask weird questions, they didn't even make us difficult at all!  We are consider lucky.  I mean really lucky.  Funny thing during the presentation is Sir Yuszren asked us to put more cherries on the cake (as our system includes drag and drop cake customization) and Dr. Zamhar came to play and have fun with the customization cake himself!  Lol!!  Overall, there was nothing to ask from the lecturer and we just ended that way.

I felt like I got nothing left but go home.  I don't even feel want to bother about my final, I feel that everything is done and over!  All the tough things had over, now we are taking time to sleep and rest. Too bad sleep for more than 8 hours a night is not my style and I have no idea why I can't sleep from 12am until 12pm.  >.<
Now FYP left report which is my part and I'm waiting for my examiner to mark our report so I can do correction on my report.

ps: I heard yesterday was the evaluation of all project by testing and watching from the CD we gave.  Now we starts to worry because our system need Internet or else most of the function is not work.. FML


Seriously don't understand why we always argue because of small matter, but when we are not arguing we are so close?  Seriously fed-up with this kind of feeling.  
Fed-up of arguing and fed-up of all this.

Why there are always appear that one person who wants to pretend that he/she knows you well.  Giving you lesson and all that as they don't know what happen and then judge people like that?  I told you before, I am not an super ordinary person.  My feelings and thoughts are sometimes different than yours.  My feelings and thoughts are always include evil-mind.  

Stop judging me that I don't tell you all things and what so ever.  It is annoying.  I just wanna be normal friend.  You want to be close is up to you, but I really can't let you all get too close in my own circle.  Alright, maybe sometime what you were saying were right, I know it deep in my heart but I'm the person that the more you want me to do it, the more I don't want to do it.  I like to play the other way round of what people thinking.  

I have changed a lot, maybe for you is just a small step.  When I started to try to be honest to you, then you start to say something that you should make your own decision or something like this kind of things why should you let me know...  Okay, maybe that's nothing to you, but that is something to me.

You are right, I never think of your feeling.  Maybe I'm cold that's why don't feel any feeling of yours.  I can even laugh when my friend is crying!
Ha Ha
I really don't know what to do next.  We are so so different on many ways.

Oh ya!
I'm selfish.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Last Busy Week

I guess this will be the busiest week for most of the 3rd year seniors.  
Flash back to the first year and second year when I first came here.  

First year, there is a lecturer told us to go see seniors' fyp presentation because we gonna face this in the last year for our own FYP too.  That time I was just nobody and I don't know any of the seniors. Besides, I didn't even know what is FYP all about.  I knew it stands for Final Year Project, but I never knew what is it really about.

Come to second year, I finally know what is FYP about and this time I got to know some of the seniors.  I never find them so frustrated as what we are facing right now, I feel that they are so intelligence and so 'geng' cause none of the seniors that I know didn't finish their system!  They can finish on time and they even went to see others presentation!  I wonder how they did that!!!  *roll eyes*

Now is our turn!  Tomorrow is Monday... (move the mouse to my left corner to confirm the day) and Thursday is my turn!  Once I got this in my mind, my stomach started to fill with butterflies!  Argh... I'm not feeling well... =(  
However, I know after this week, everything will be better.  I know at least I have to be tough until end of this week!  So people, FIGHTING!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 12 Ended

Week 12 has already ended but week 13 is very near.  It is Saturday today.  I bet those who gonna present on Monday will definitely feel nervous by now, because I'm presenting on Thursday but I have already feel my nerves are jumping and shaking like hell.  Gosh!
The worst thing is pity those who are going to present on Monday, because currently we have water crisis!  From yesterday until Monday there will be no water supplies from tap but we have to go down to take water ourselves like what we used to do during first year.  Seriously can't really concentrate in this hot weather plus no water to bath!  *sob sob*

Oh! As I said earlier I am presenting on Thursday 10am, the worst thing is there are 3 groups before us and 2 of the groups are top students!  I know I'm paranoid potato, but I'm still scare and nervous about the presentation!  Argh...  Just imagine when your product is not as good as those top students and then you are going to present after them!  OMG!!

6 days till my turn to present, but 28 days till my turn to go home!  hooray!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


A friend of mine had his super unlucky day yesterday, luckily he has girlfriend right now to comfort him.  I'm too busy recently and keep ignore him when he finds me in FB.  Sorry.  

People said when you had your worst, you will get something good in return.  

Recently there are so many things happen.  All things really can happen like so suddenly where you never expect it to happen.  Someone with super good result can suddenly got the lowest mark in the class; someone who always the attention in class and favorite by all friends can suddenly become the people hate the most; someone who always drive slowly and carefully can also involve in an accident.  There are so many unpredictable things and they always happen when we got no preparation for this at all.  Well, this is call as life.

Somehow if you treat all this as an experience or challenge, then you can actually find out that there are lots of special things happen at the back where you get supports and true friends come along.  
Anyhow, I wish all my friends who are facing problem no matter in their assignment or personal life, can have a better way to solve their problem and move forward to another beautiful path of life.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Talking about blog.  Last night my friends and I were suddenly don't know how the hell we started the topic about the blog.  Looking at all the posts that I have written, it has been almost 4 years from the first post I started in 2008 around July.   

Click back to the older posts, (back in 2008 and 2009 year) I found out that I was so childish (I know I'm still childish) and I was so so young!  
Look back the newer posts, I am so different dy.  There are different in the inner side of me and also outer side of me.  The inner side is I change lots of view on how I should feel and I should do while the outer side is I transform from a NOT so FAT person into a SUPER FAT person.  omg!

I never know that I will blog for this long, and I wonder will I continue after I finish my studies?  University life is so busy where I only get to update so few posts in a month especially in the last 2 semester.  I wonder can I manage my time well and still blog until age 90?
Haha, it will be long way to go and it is a long way to think of!

Convocation Date

First of all, I wanna show you how long is my hair.  I did mention in my previous post that my hair has already reach my low waist.  I know is hard to believe but I think it is super difficult to keep this long.  I trimmed my hair only in this past 2 years, I didn't cut my hair just to make sure it become longer and longer. 
Just ignore my tummy, I know I'm super fat now.  I nearly get into obese category I guess, now I have to work hard to pull myself back into safe zone. >.<
So back to the hair topic.  My hair is now difficult to take care, I don't know how they (those who has super long and healthy hair) take care of their hair.  Hair treatment?  Or conditioning everyday?  Cause now I find difficult to wash this length long hair.  I have to use more shampoo to wash hair too!  Now can't wait to go back home and have a new hair cut.  Yeah, I mean CUT, not TRIM.

Yesterday we had meeting with our LI (praktical) coordinator.  The meeting is about the practical that we gonna take after our final from 25 June until 21 September.  In thought the practical is as simple as we go to work at a place and write our own report then submit on time, but it is not that easy.  The  procedures and forms will drive me crazy.  There are lots of things to prepare during the practical!

Okay, never mind.  I am sure I can do it also but I got the feeling that I will procrastinate as I got no work desk at home!  I scare I can't concentrate well and focus on doing report as I got lots of house activities to do. =p

Madam did mention about the CONVO date!  Previously I have already seen this information but it said that it wasn't confirm yet until yesterday Madam said it has already confirm.  So now I am so excited about this and told mama about this.  
For your information the date is 20 October until 22 October 2012.  Yeah, it was earlier than expected, I mean much earlier.  I thought the date will be on December, but ended up on October.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stress = Pimples

Recently because of stress, pimples all pop out on my face!  I never see so many pimples come together in one time!  This is the first time and hope this is the only time that will see so many pimples on my face. >_<
Can you see my forehead full with pimples?  I never face this kind of problem before!  The pimples are big and pain! =(
FYP really can make a person become uglier from outside but make a person become clever from inside. 


Just changed my wallpaper from this
to this.

FYP II Report

Finally the day has come.  For third year students in our school, we have to hand in 2 reports which are report Project I and report Project II.  In the previous semester, we had done the report for Project I so now we have to proceed with Project II which are implementation on the system.  

Many of us do last minute work.  Who likes to do assignment?  But we like to procrastinate, that's for sure.  AND the consequence of being procrastinate and lazy is not enough time for the final product.  We learned the lesson, but we never want to apply what we learned.  Enough said.  I'm lazy and always procrastinate.

However, we still managed to complete the first part of this semester, the POSTER.  I almost forgot about the poster part and the lecturer is so good to inform us 4 days before the due date about what we should include in the poster and what we should prepare for the poster!  I really amazed with the efficiency of their work. ;)  Still, thank to God that I managed to finish my design fast and gave my supervisor to choose one.  (I designed 2 posters)  Guess he is satisfied with what we done. =)
You can have a clearer view of my poster here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 & 33

What is the numbers about as the topic of this post?  
Today is 12 of May!  and another 12 days will be my FYP presentation.  I'm excited of that and I really wish that day to come fast because I really can't wait to enjoy my life without FYP.  FYP really does torture our life as in physical and mental.
I want to finish FYP as fast as possible but of course pass this smoothly also la, then I can enjoy and relax in the rest of my days with assignments and finals.  After gone through this right, I suddenly feel that I rather do lots of assignments than FYP!!!

Then what is about number 33?
After 33 days I'm home!  Argh!!! after a year, I seriously can't wait to go home!  I miss everything about home, family and my dog!!!  GOsh.... homesick + ing now... ='(

Anyhow, I have to go through the most difficult part before I can enjoy my day with my family! so fighting!!!
Let's do our best for our FYP to not to regret for the rest of our life!!!

I look like this in front of people:
But the reality I am like this:
Ps; good luck to me and all who facing FYP now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Which one?

Which one is better or suit me?
This one?
 or this one?
I like the color above!!!! wtf!!! but I bought the bottom one... :s
Argh... nevermind since is out of stock!!!
I got to back to FYP, so I can present it well on the next next week and dye my hair in a super nice mood.

FYP is so NEAR!!!

I was like in honeymoon mood all along this few months and now when the deadline become nearer I started to freak out and no idea how and what to do now!  I seriously jealous, jealous and jealous to their FYP (you know who I mean) because their FYP can be finished just in few weeks!  Looking back at my own report, we need to more more more time than just 2 semester to finish it!  I'm really not good in coding and I don't know why I'm here!!!  Oh HELL!!!

Every time when I thought of FYP, my emotion change.  I will become super duper emo and started to think that there are so many things that haven't be done!  (seriously none of the function working or complete!  I really don't know how to die this time!!!)  Gasp...

I wanted to concentrate so much in FYP, but I got stress when I concentrate for very long time.  And now I got something distract me.  I went to google search and search for hair color.  I plan to color my hair myself!!!  Fuh, guess that's the most exciting thing for me right now to motivate myself to continue FYP.  Because I can only dye after FYP to respect all the lecturers and examiners.


I think I need to back to work dy...

p/s: I will post about my hair later when everything ends!  wish me luck!!! I need super duper lots of lucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012