Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Don't Know

There is a trip to Genting Highland and Kuala Lumpur on 6th of December 2008 which means that the day after my birthday. The trip will end on 10th of December 2008.

I am still thinking that whether I should join the trip or not.

I wanna spend more time in Kuantan after STPM. It is too rush to go for holiday, I still haven't have mood to go for holiday trip yet. If the trip starts on 7th of December 2008, I think I will join!

I wanna go for shopping before go anywhere. By the way, Genting Highland has nothing to play lar and I maybe got more than 4 days not time to chit chat and blogging.

Oh I really don't know how to choose... I also wanna watch Madagascar. I scare after I come back from the trip, I don't have the chance to watch dy....

Can tell me what should I do?? Stay in Kuantan or join the trip with my family??

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Is He Thinking About?

Really don't know what he is thinking.

This morning (1am) sms me... and he talk nonsense.

It is so difficult to fall asleep and we make me awake...

I still think that he won't write those word...

I'm not sure....


As you know that yesterday was Hui Yuan's birthday.

2 weeks before that I feel like want to celebrate her birthday with her, so I ask 'Granma' and 'The Runner' to go shopping to choose and buy present for her birthday. At last, we bought a recipe book (it is about cake) and a panda.

Inside the recipe book, we choose the cakes that we want to (each person choose one only), and leave a message on a paper in the book. Cause we want her to make those cake for us. Hahaha

Okay back to the day.

Yesterday I manage to ask Phui Yoke and Yi-Tsiang along. Both of them prepared cake there. At first, (I was the one who managed how we going in). I think 2 days before, I called her sister, Wei Ni to do us this favour that help us to open the door when we reach there. So at about 8.30pm we reach there. I called Wei Ni out, cause we forget to bring lighter to light up the candle on the cake. So I asked her to bring lighter out, close the outside light and open the door widely.

When we steped into her house compound, Hui Yuan looked outside and she found us. Okay, she is still surprise that time, cause she gave us an unbelivable look, then she shout out:"Why you all like that?" Haha, sure you don't understand. When she said this out, she was laughing and embarrass. Haha, I am so happy that time cause my plan works.

Then we sang birthday song together, and we forget to take picture together. That's very sad.

By the way, I still wanna wished her Happy Birthday.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Bye~Bye Math

I know that sure you will said is Math that difficult in STPM?
Let me answer you that question.
YES. Math in STPM level is damn difficult. I know that Math in UPSR, PMR, and SPM is like kacang putih, but it is totally different in STPM. You took Add Math in SPM right? How do you think about Add Math? Easy or difficult? For me, it is just kacang putih. But when in STPM, I realise that actually Math that we took last time is very easy compare with other country (no standard).

I just finished my Math paper 2 today. Tell you what, it is damn difficult. On last Wednesday we took Math paper 1, and the question is not easy too. So all of us put our only hope in paper 2, but the questions came out is very very difficult....

Although we really did do our revision, but it is still very difficult... I think only Yun Chian, Mei Ting, Zet Hui can do those question because they are GOD in our school. Most of the upper sixers call them like that.

Anyway, left 3 more papers ny.
Haha, so happy

Thursday, November 27, 2008


10 days..
left 10 days only will be my birthday.
can't wait till that day

9 days..
end of the horrible days

Half Way

Now is half way through.

P.A. 2 done
Chemistry 2 done
Math 1 done
Physics 2 done

Now what I need to do is study my
Math 2
P.A. 1
Chemistry 1
Physics 1

Then on 4th of December 2008 at 3.45pm.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't Understand

I don't understand how she thinks.

I don't understand how he thinks.

Do they really know what is their relationship?

Really don't understand...

I know that I'm busybody lar..

Just curious...

Craping... Lol

Monday, November 24, 2008


12 days left,
will be my birthday.

11 days left,
will be the end of STPM.


This is very very bad....
I got this from Joe...
Is it real that woman= problems?
I do not know cause I not a woman yet....

Study Group During STPM 2

I think is because we are too stress, therefore we acted so weird. Especially Han Leong & Wei Hong.

While Han Leong was studying by leaning on the floor, (I think he is too stress, therefore he decided to study that way, maybe for him is very comfortable.) Wei Hong came...

He laid on Harn Wei's mattress and study...

Too concentrate...

See what had Wei Hong done to Han Leong? Poor Han Leong. Because you have such a friend... lol just kidding...


I bought some stickers yesterday.... And I put mostly all the stickers on my phone.
not just outside, but inside too.

Then I used Harn Wei's phone to take this picture... It seems like I'm in the magazine if I really make up... LOL
I look pale... It is because of STPM....

Study Group During STPM

I was so surprise today when I saw her. Why? Oh it is because she bring all this stuff.
Look down....

I think you know who is she when you see these pictures
This is when we study until very tired, we will talk to each other to release stress.
But Jun Yan and Leong were still very hardworking and studying without rest.
While we were resting, we also will continue our revision... cannot rest till an hour de ma.
This is the view when we were studying in the morning.
And this is the view when we studying in the evening.
Do you see Yi-Tsiang and Phui Yoke? Guess what they were looking at...
Have a closer loor... ?? looking at his pencil case for what o??
Oh, he is watching tv program lar... His handphone can watch tv de leh.. Wah so yeng.


I know that for your information that my birthday is not here yet...

But I wanna start to countdown...
Today is 23th of November 2008, means that only left 13 days my birthday will be here. Ha, so happy to wait that day arrive.

By the way, my birthday is the day after my STPM. I feel that I'm quite lucky cause when I was having SPM, my birthday is also on the day after SPM. But this year I know that it will be very few ppl will celebrate my birthday cause most of my friend is going to oversea for student exchange program on 5th of December 2008 [which is my birthday].

Hello, everyone who view this post, don't forget to give me present on that day. I really love surprise. LOL. [tak malu]Wish: wanna celebrate an unforgetable birthday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wash Wash Wash...

Yesterday Mr. Tai Wei Hong had promise us that he will come to teacher's house at about 8.30am to wash the smelly toilet (actually I wash twice dy, but still sting and dirty after few days).

Today I reach at there at about 10am and I saw Sik Mei and Harn Wei were cleaning the area dy. So I helped them to mop the floor. Guess what? Our dearest friend, Mr. Tai Wei Hong reached there at 11am and without his breakfast. So all of us ask him and Han Leong to clean the toilet and bathroom.

Here are the prove that they really did those cleaning.

He is very serious...

The toilet is very very small... Ha, he look very difficult to clean it.

the sink become shinning after Han Leong clean it.


Thank You, Mr. Tai Wei Hong and Mr. Ching Han Leong.
Thanks Alot

Second Week

Okay it is going to be second week of our exam.

We had our P.A.2 on Tuesday followed by Chemistry2 in the same day. The day before that I was very very scare and 'gan jiong', cause I hadn't finish all my studies and really not prepared for this big exam.

On that day, I feel nothing. I even fall asleep when I was doing P.A.2 and Chemistry2. Oh, I also do not know why. After we finished our Chemistry2, our friend, Leong Sheng Yau spoke out very loudly that the Chemistry paper is very easy. Then none of us talk with him. Oh, Leong do you know that you shouldn't say that even though you feel it is very easy? Cause it is difficult for all of us and they way you act like very 'lansi'. Not good de.

The day after we had Math 1. Although I had read through everthing in Math, but I still do not know how to do. After I finished doing Math, I feel like everthing is end. Cause I got lots of questions do not know how to do a... Oh...

Now I can only do is study for the rest subjects, although I know that I cannot score good result in my STPM dy.

God bless me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dumb Look

Haha, Ee Loe took this when I was studying by using my mobile phone. I told him that I gonna publish it into my blog. Just He never believe me and tell me that if I publish this, he will put a photo that he took secretly (I beg he editted it liao de) somewhere... I do not mind lar, cuz he always did this to me liao de... HAha

Can any1 guess who is he?? Ha... Sam left comment that he tot is Jian Han, den I ny realize that I forget to mention that this is Joe. Joe, you kena liao.

In Love??

If you have go through my blog recently and there was a comment that left by Mr. Leong Sheng Yau that mention that I'm in love...
Oh no!! What does he mean??
Am I in love??
I don't know and I don't think so.
So you are wrong. Haha

And I just found out that someone told him about this after she read through my blog. When I ask him to tell me who is it? He avoid to tell me. Okay, it is a good thing though cause this means that he keep secret. She said that by using girls' six sense that by seeing my blog, she thinks that I'm in love..

Okay, I don't know how she thinks about. Is it mean love?? Oh I don't know about it because I never fall in love before... haha

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hope I Was There Also

Today an Malaysian artist came to Kuantan Parade. He is Rynn Lin Yu Zhong. My brother is his big fans. When I know that he is coming to Kuantan, I was very excited and feel like want to go to see him too... But STPM is very near, I rather use that time to study.
But now I'm regret. LOL.... Why?? It is because he got to go too... Wanna see him lar...
My brother, sisiter and mother is going too ler...

My brother got the opportunity to have his autography. It is a very good chance for him. Cause Rynn seldom come to Kuantan which is a very very small town that doens't well-known. Oh, really regret. If he ask me to go to then sure I will go there too, but he never ask me to go. sad....

Well, next time I'll sure go. Cause I do not want to miss this opportunity anymore.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Is So So So Near

Guys STPM is very near,
it is just left 3 days left.
First day is PA2 and Chem2.

I'm now study very hard.
Hope no distraction that will distract me.
but just can't help it

everyday study study study only
each day at least 8 hours.
just wanna score in STPM

Life so so difficult
Why Why Why

Just told her about that think that day, she said very obvious. Oh, isit?? I thought that I have hide it very very good and no one knows about it. Sometime very confuse and dunno wat am I thinking. Actually isit the right thing? right choice to do that....

sad too, see things like that everyday.... try to talk more please!!!

Oh, no! dun be distracted by it. NO NO NO. You must be more concentrate.

p/s: only me, myself know wat am i talking about... no 1 knows about it

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh My God

I got no idea what happen just now
For sure,
I'll never forget what happen.
I'll make it as a experience,

Cause I can't do much after it happen.
Wish me luck for the rest of my life
I'll love myself more.
Thank god I'm still alive.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Am I A Bad Girl?

Someone told me something today
He said that I'm a person
who never think of others feeling
and I never think of future...
Am I that bad??

This make me think a lot a lot
and ask lots of people's opinion.
Feel sad actually when people say me like that
but this is the only way to know about your own weakness..

I just wanna be an ordinary girl
who can do whatever she loves to
Am I that bad??
seems like not much people like me
(although they said I'm too sensitive)

Life is sooooo damn complicated.
But if it end just like that
I will regret when I am in the hell.

Can you give some opinion??
Am I that bad??
I don't mind you to say out my flaw
really... at least I know
Not need to think about my feeling
when you wanna say out my flaw..
i'm willing to listen..


Shoppping wee~~

Today I went shopping with Joe and Leong for some purpose. We went there at 3pm after school. Before that we have our lunch and rest at home, but when we meet there, Leong was still wearing sch uniform. LOL
I do not have to drive to megamall today, cause got somebody fetch me there.. Haha, I'm very lazy to drive there. Actually I also wanna pay my saman at there (I got a saman for didn't showing the parking coupon)
We shop for about 2 hours today, man it is really tired lar. I also do not know why I get tired so fast, cause normally I can shopping for a whole day.

Btw, I have bought a story book from popular today...

This a very interesting book. This is about investicate de, haha. But not investicate by using Science. Later I finish reading den I tell you all more lar...

muackss~~ I love you Wei-Si-Li (wesley).... lalala

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wu~~ Study

Yesterday we were discussing where we should have our study group at. Finally we decided to study at TC and those who had confirm going are Leong, Ee Loe, and Joe, I only 50-50% going ny.

I had my breakfast with my daddy this morning at 'lots of old man there' 's restaurant. After breakfast, it was about 9.20am. So I called Leong to ask who's there already. LOL, only Joe and himself at there, cause I thought Ee Loe will go there very early. The day before she mention that she will meet us at TC at about 8am.

When I arrived there (TC and it's about 9.45am), I only saw Leong and Joe. So I sat alone on a table and start my study while wait for Ee Loe. While studying, we did chit-chat abit (haha just to rest and release some strees okay), we mentioned about our holiday after STPM. Leong and Joe suggested that we out for a trip. Yeah! I like trip, but I have to make my 'passport' at first. This 'passport' is very difficult to get it, it cannot bought by paying money.

Where chating and studying, suddenly Leong looked somewhere else. Then, I saw Jun Yan and his girlfriend, Ann Mee. Wow, they were wearing couple t-shirt, I guess. They wanted to have their breakfast at there (of course Mc Donald lar). After they finished their breakfast, Ee Loe also haven't arrived yet...

At about 11am, Leong said he need to get off to attend to a gathering of SMK Tanah Putih students. When he wanted to go off, Ee Loe came. Yeah! I got someone to accompany dy (I know Joe was there to accompany me if Leong gone and Ee Loe not there yet, but I do not want to cause we haven't really can talk).

At about 11.30am, when Ee Loe was eating her chicken foldover, Joe said he wanna go home (maybe is because he saw Ee Loe was eating and he feel hungry, haha). So at last, left Ee Loe and me.

Since Ee Loe didn't want to eat her lunch because she was still very full. So I also didn't take my lunch too. Very soon we went back home, cause I'm very hungry (I better don't eat fast food untill STPM is over cause I have cough now) and she wanted to go home. At that was only nearly 2pm.

I did nothing until nearly 5pm (not really did nothing, I did use computer and have some oatmeal cause got nothing to eat at home too), then I went to Taman Gelora with Harn Wei for jogging. I'm so happy cause Harn Wei and I had ran for 2 rounds none stop (I know that like that actually just sap-sap water for all of you, but for me it is almost miracle). While running, we saw Harn Leong and his run. We even asked each other to come again tomorrow at 5pm.

So Leong do not forget that you have already promise that tomorrow you will follow me to jogging... Hahaha

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jay Chou


This is important. Please scroll down and read carefully. Thank you

One morning a few months ago in broad daylight, a girl was getting into her car when a few men approached her with what looked like a torchlight. Quite harmless looking. They pressed the 'torchlight' into her back and immediately she went limp and very pale. So she wouldn't be able to fight back, they slashed her thigh with a parang and sped away in her car.

They were many people around and they quickly took her to the nearest clinic which was my doctor's clinic. There were two doctors at that time and they managed to stitch up her wound but the girl remained pulse-less and still pale as paper. No pulse, no blood pressure. Just like dead.

The doctors were confused as to how one wound on the thigh made the girl almost like dead? They managed to revive her and save her life.

After some checking around, the doctors found out what actually happened was that the girl was made unconscious not by a torchlight but actually a high voltage weapon. The voltage in the torchlight is high enough to kill a person by electrocution.

It seems this weapon is from China. It's not rampant yet in Malaysia, but with this thing, a person can rob, rape, kill, kidnap, and practically do anything to you. The doctor said that if the girl weren't taken to clinic immediately she would have died because there was no pulse on her.

So please just beware of your surroundings, if anybody is lurking around with a torchlight-thingy and approaches you, just scream or run away. Better to be embarrassed than ZAPPED and fried, right??

Beside that, I also do not want to lost any of you, cause I love all of you very much...♥

Friday, November 7, 2008


Just now Yi-Tsiang sent this pic to me through email. He said that he LOVE this pic very much... LOL

Oh! it hurts

This morning when I woke up, I 'tersentuh' my left hand. OMG! It hurts... (In my previous post I mention about how my hand got hurt)

Beside my finger, my hand also pain. I'm very sure that isn't muscle pain. But the pain is like when you hit something then got bruises. And this happen to me. My hand do not have bruises but it pain like got bruises...

Oh!! I never thought that the tie could be a weapon and make my hand pain...

I shall revenge. This time I think that I should have used a pair of scissors to cut his tie into pieces... hahaha

I have to be careful with my hand today.... T_T

My Third Tag ♥

Okay this tag is about ~SMILE~
  • List out things that make you smile, happy
  • Then tag it to your friends
Let me list out what will make me smile... (okay I know that you always see me smile..)

>There are friends beside me
>Talk everything with friends
>Play in the school
>Study together with friends
>I can eat whatever I want to
>Love surprise
>Helping others
>Sharing (just sometimes)
>Chit Chat nonsense, crap
>Play fool with others (This is where I learn from ex-Alor Akar students who love to play fool with those around them)
>He treat me for a meal
>He ask me out
>Go shopping and buy whatever I want to
>No more worries about money
>No more exam
>Play with my pet
>Having surprise on my birthday
>(The last thing and is the most truly and real) spend my time with my classmate-->6AS1. I really enjoy life with all of them... LOVE ALL OF THEM

Well I think that's all....

And I would like to tag
  1. Ee Loe
  2. Phei Yee
  3. Leong
  4. Lai Sim
  5. Samlzx
  6. Wei Shin
  7. Melissa
  8. Ai Reen

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Quarrel

There was a big quarrel in my class today. That involved Mr. Wong Kwok Joe & I actually.
Okay, at first I took his colour-colour pen, because he keep showing me that stupid look and make me feel like wanna bully him back.

When I was writing Kee's memory album, then suddenly I remember that I forget to write something on Joe's album ( if you wanna know what I wrote, then you go have a look at his album lar). So I asked Joe to lend me his album so that I can add something on it. Then aih... I oso very lazy to say liao...

Okay, so I skip the center.

Before we going back home today, I wanna keep my stuff all back into my school bag. Then I only realize that my calculator lost liao... OMG... how can it be?? The first thing in my mine is Goh Yi-Tsiang, cause he sat beside my seat. He gave me a guilty look. So I asked him to give back my calculator by using violence, but he doens't want to... And he gave Joe a very weird look. So I go kejar Joe lar...
He used his neck tie to tie my hand to avoid me to 'kejar' him... And this cause my hand become so so so red and pain.

After 20mins he used the tie to tie tightly on my hand, my hand still remain so red and pain...
But later when I was in Jern Foong's car (Cause he fetch me to GYM), I only realise that there is another injury on my left hand. The injury is located at my fouth finger starting from my ibu jari.

After the fight, I took Joe's pencilbox cuz I have returned back his colour-colour pen but he didn't want to give me back my calculator. But the worst thing is he go took my colour-colour pen and my memory album. He didn't just take my memory album but he took all the paper out from my album. That's make me feel very angry.

But actually I do not have to be that angry de, since he played till so much. So I show my anger to him... Haha, and yeah, I success cause he never see me so so angry before. And just now Yi-Tsiang appologise to me through MSN. haha

LOL... I think that I have scare them off... wakakaka..

OMG!! What happen to my leg??

Omg!!! something worst happen to my leg...

It is getting worst and worst...

Maybe I got some kind of disease... Cause this had happened for a week...
My skin not very healthy recently. That day when I was playing with Joe, he just catch my hand hardly den my hand become very itchy and red.
nevermind lar. Just ignore it... like wat secret say...

Class Party

If you got view my previous post, you will realize that I did mention about the class party that we going to held today. Harn Wei & I need to continue our work to succeed the class party.

Actually we did this to Mr. Ng (a teacher who teach us Physics). We promise him that we will make fruit salad for him since he not taking any chicken... (he isn't vegetarian, just cannot take chicken too often) Because of him and our whole class members, I went to Harn Wei's house at 6.00am to help her up in doing the fruit salad...
KFC is a very heavy food. That's why we need some fruit to balance up the diet.

The friut salad included red apple, green apple, honey dew, grapes, raisin, tuna and of course some mayonise. I forget to take the picture of the salad, but let me tell you, the salad is really really tasty. Yum! Yum! Delicious man...

The fruit salad is colourful too... the red apple is abit brownish, green apple is abit greenish, grape is dark purple, raisin is dark in colour and honey is orrange in colour. The most interesting is almost everyone who ate the salad will say that the fruit in orrange colour is papaya.... I really like -_-""" ~swt
really LOL... haha

Later after we finish doing the fruit salad and changed our cloth into our school uniform, we went to take our tom yam beehon... oh that tomyam beehon is really delicious. But for me it is abit spicy. But poorly, the tomyam didnt finish... so sayang...

Since I cough, not feeling well, so I decided to bring home my KFC, but they keep laughing at me.... What o... Wei Hong said that I'm doing good thing to the society, cause I help in cleaning food that cannot finish... LOL... (I'm not MPK, Mr. Tai)

I'm very happy is the salad that make from Harn Wei & I finished.... haha so happy...

At the end, we also have cake. The cake is sponsor by Pn. Lee. Pn. Lee reconmand that we should celebrate birthday with those who haven't celebrate their birthday. There are six of them: Suying, Yeon (Leong's Granpa), Lai Sim, Leong (Yeon's Granma), Joe and I. The cake is 'mochachinno'. The cake is really delicious, just abit sweet.

Friendship Forever~~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Tired..

It is so so so tired man....

Tomorrow will be our class party, so we have decided to eat KFC. Okay is 'Kentucky Fries Chicken', not 'King Fucking Center'. Haha, I'm just crabbing... But well is true that we going to eat KFC (Kentucky Fries Chicken).

Since tomorrow we having our class party, so Harn Wei, Ee Loe & I went to KFC which located in Teluk Chempedak. Don't worry, we weren't went there to eat. We went there is to look at the menu. Haha, sure you feel very funny right? There was a Combo that got 15 pieces of fried chicken and it cost RM50++, but our class got 19 of student ler... Somemore teacher leh... So we decided to buy 21 pieces of fried chicken which only cost RM56, although it different from the Combo, the Combo got cheesy wedges... haha, I like cheesy wedges the most... But since it is too expensive, so no choice lor...

After that, we went to buy a cake. The cake is sponsored by Pn. Lee. At first, we have choosen a cake that make from jelly... It is a manggo jelly cake. It looks so delicious. But unfortunately, there is difficulty in writing something on it. Too bad~ too bad~
So we choose another cake... And we wrote 'Happy Form 6"

Then we continue our shopping at East Cost Mall----> Carefour to buy some fruits for fruit salad. We spent more than an hour at there and spent almost RM50... The weird thing is the Carefour is so big, but we couldn't buy or see any Mayonise that the brand we want and we even couldn't see tissue paper that used for party... OMG...
What to do? So we go to other place lor... no choice liao.

At last, we went to Pantai Selamat to buy something that we couldn't find in Carefour. Okay, this is the last place that we went today to buy things for the party. After we find things that we want, then Harn Wei fetch Ee Loe & I back to school cause our car are still in da school...
At that time, it was already 4.40pm...

p/s: tell you what, we didn't even have time to bath cause we go shopping right after the school finish... So during the 2.30 hours we were still wearing our school uniform. LOL

It is end for Harn Wei & Ee Loe but isn't for me, cause after 5 mins, Jun Yan smsed me to go for jogging. So I ma go lor.. I just ran for 1 run in Taman Gelora. So sad...

I think i'll sleep very very early...

p/s: my pimples pop up very alot alot liao... really hate exam, cause the reason my pimples pop up is because of that stupid exam and stressssssssss!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Am Sorry

There was something happened today in the school....

I did apologize to him/her,
but I still haven't get the answer that he/she had forgive me....

for me, if he/she doesn't want to forgive me....
I'll just keep silent....
Cause I got nothing to do dy....

Tell truly,
he/she is just a normal friend....
not too close and not too far....

I know that we cannot be very close friend....

p/s 1: I'm just crabbing, too stress dy....
p/s 2: I never have any best friend or good friend, cuz not all friend can be trusted

Monday, November 3, 2008

♥ November ♥

OMG!!! is November dy....

oh god...
I havent prepared yet....
can you reverse the time??
I wanna go back to the pass.... I
need more time to finish up everything....
or can you stop de time for at least a week??
just a week...
so that I can have more time to study...
i'll thank you for that.
I really do...

I have been study for hours today...
damn tired.
now hungry too...

Oh God...
can I just delete it??
skip that step??
ignore it??
i mean STPM??

If not,
den You delete the moment when we need to take result..
I'm not afraid of exam...
just I hate to see the result..
I'm afraid to see result actually..

Can you help me??
I'm begging...
I'll do anything tat I can do to return da goodness of yours

please delete da moment that I need to take exam...
straight away jump to after exam...
then i'll be please...


mummy calling... "okay enough, back to study"..... "okay, mummy"

Album Season~~

starting from last few weeks, we upper six started to write our album... Wat is tat?? oh it is a book tat write your friend's comment for urself ... something like that lar... so that can keep in touch ma...

Normally I'll finish the album in da sch... but since it was time to go home on friday... so i bring back home to write lor... (if I write in da sch, I will just write very little and didnt pay more concentrate on it... but if i bring home, I'll write nice nice de... LOLXXXXD)

So I brought Wei Hong's n Joe's back home to write that day...

Here come wei hong's

spider man is coming to rescue you... (lol)

Got mirror somemore... haha

see... I'm in da mirror... hahaha

Hehe..... lol... before write this album must look who am I at first... lol...

guest what... although very colourful but i only used 20mins to finish this leh... ver fast hor...
erm, if u wanna see the content, den go ask wei hong to let u see lar... lol

Okay the next 1 is Joe's

See da paper clip?? he purposely put it at there... lol... so this make his book different from others...

His book quite old liao actually...

before i start to write, I saw he wrote there... the more you write, you will get a mystery gift...
LOL.... so I write looongggg looooonnnnnnggggggg.... haha cuz i wanna to get gift.....
lOL how greedy am I...

Long leh... hahaha... joe present leh?? cuz i read through all liao... no 1 write longer than me.... hahaha

p/s: for those who want me to write nice nice, den let me to bring home to write lar... LOLzzzz but i not gurantee it is very nice in ur view.... haha

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday, Lai Sim suddenly tell me that she has something to ask me through MSN, but she said that she will ask me on the next day which is today. So I ma ask her today lor...

She seems like so mystery... Lol... this is because she didn't want to ask me in front of everybody... so I ma don wan to ask to much liao.... I was thinking that if she wanna to ask den ask, if dun wan to ask then nvm lor...
Then after math, I went to toilet, she step forward and ask me... lol

okay, she said that on thursday (which is da day I ponteng sch), they talk about me in da class... okay its gossiping... lol
she said that they said I already fall in some 1... LOLzzzzzzz... okay, just continue, they guest that I fall to Joe or yi-tsiang...
Then I was like wat the hell... omg... erm, I dun no wat to say...
She said I always fight with them, which make them think that I fall into them... wat the...

okay lar, telling the truth, I always fight with them is because they always bully, that's why I bully back them... I'm like tat de lar... Com'on lar, I dy fight with all the male in my class lor... dun't tell me that I fall to all of them too.... LOL...
Just because you are my fren that's why I play with you all like this. If you aren't my friend wat for I play with you?? crazy...

after Laisim told me about this, I wondering who start this stupid conversation that day?? Then suddenly I wanna to go EC mall to buy some bra, so i wanna ask Harn Wei along, but she gave me a very weird answer. she ask me to call joe out... ask joe to accompany me there... lol wat the...
then the next thing I think is she is the 1 who start the conversation... yeah right cuz that day she went to sch... Then I sms her... and I ask her wat did she say that day...
she replied:
Well. Thats creating opportunity la. What talk bad. He is not bad ma. Can jog. Always make fun of you. Let him fell terasa. And you too. Then ma happen lo.
(guest you guys know who is she talking about...)

I was like wat the...
I also dunno wat to say dy... just reply her that I got more feeling on her than on Him...

Happy Deepavali

We went to Pashe's house to celebrate Deepavali yesterday (although Deepavali is on 27th of October 2008). She prepared lots of food that isn't very spicy actually. She had prepared lemang, mutton, some vege, nasi beriani, eggs, and also some fruits.

I reached her house at around 7.30pm. I ate two plate... lol seems like very proud like that... haha
But wanna tell you here Pashe, those food all are very delicious... But I do not know why after I reached home, I felt very very thirsty. I drank almost 750ml of water... Before I reach home, I didn't feel very full liao de, but after I drank that much water, I felt full again... till I cannot sleep well... lol...

After I ate, of course I didn't go back home just like that lar... Aiyo, where can like that de. where got ppl eat like then straight away go home de???

I went to join Harn Wei who was still eating. Yi-tsiang they all were chit chating at that time... Then we went to take some pictures.
Those picture isn't with me. I make a link here. You can go to see at Phei E's blog there.

After that Jern Foong, Meei Siew and Wei Hong also arrived dy...
That Jern Foong and Wei Hong keep play fool on me... I get frustrated and wanna give them a big 'present'... But my 'present' wasn't to big, so they didn't feel anything... lol

At about 9.15pm, I feel that I got nothing to do there, and since Shik Lin and Wei Yie oso going back home liao, so I went back home too...