Thursday, December 31, 2009

last day of 2009

oh, 31st of dec 2009 liao...
erm... what kind of feeling i have?? 
erm... lots of memory...

- this is the year that i end my secondary school and go to 'overseas' to study, and this make me miss home and friends so much, make me learn to appreciate more.
- get to know new friends before i gone for university. you know, lots of friends.... partners~~~
but there is someone that i never know that i will know her.
because yt, i get to know this lady.  and in this short time we become close friend.  and i'm glad to have her as friend too.
I love You~~~
- in this year, i learnt that everybody has their own dream and realize that i have dream too.
- beside of happiness that i faced, i also faced some negativity, but i almost ignore the negativity until they said i'm cruel and cold blooded...
- i learnt about life and humanity and i hope i do really grown up.


yesterday i left my handphone at yt's car and thanks to him for purposely bring to my house this morning before i leaving.  i owe him alot in this year, he has been help me do lotssss of things... i know if i say thousands of thank you or infinity of thank you, also cant repay his kindness.
then this morning all of us busying in packing to back here(grandma's house) on the way to grandma's house spamming his inbox and he spamming my inbox until no battery....  @@'''

in grandma's house now, this time the feeling to be here is different, cause i feel that i'm celebrating chinese new year. l0l... is really crowded~~~ yeah~~~ i love crowded just like people mountain people sea~~~
gave present to grace and Yt, hope both of them will keep the present until the last day of their life, although i know the present doesnt worthy any centsss

to be frankly, i really hope today i will be in kuantan to celebrate new year with them... but nevermind la, just pretend that yesterday was the celebration ba.  oh ya, YT i forget to imitate and you forget to hug liao...

okayh, i think this will be the last post in this year~~~ 
see u guys in chinese new year. YT i need u to fetch me back from bus station when i back from my po po's house then u fetch me go take angpao~~~ hahahax

Last Meet Up In This Holiday

right after i back from the holiday for the wedding, i called yt to ajak him for movie, and then ajak grace along~~~
yeah, long time didnt watch movie together liao..

yesterday night i went yamcha with joe and yt... 2 boys and a gal
but today was 2 gals and a boy... l0l
yesterday that 2 boys bully me.... i was like a crown... T.T

but today i got revenge ady, i make yt as my servant~~~
hahahax he became my driver... l0l...

first, yt came to fetch me at 7.30pm then go fetch grace then to the cinema~~~
ALvin and the Chipmunks
then around 10.30pm the movie ended and we went for supper -----> dim sum~~~
that was grace idea to eat dim sum
and then i was force to think for another place to go pulak...
since i got dabao for my family, then yt fetch me back to give them food then we go eat lok lok at T&L
then to tc~~~
and the last destination is h0ome...

finally back home, i gave the present to grace and yt...
and something happen when i reach home and cause mummy scold me...
is all yt fault...

okayh, have to sleep ady, if not i will kena marah again...
night all~~~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End Soon

the holiday is going to end soon... :(
what can i do?  i got no idea what i spend during this holiday, this holiday is too short for me liao...
everyday yam cha, then shopping, then eat, then gathering, then outstation then internet. 
although this routine is kinda boring but i still love this kind of life.
somebody fetch me out then go gai gai, this is really happy lo~~~

left 5 days then i will back to labuan to continue the studies (including today), although i have thousands of unwilling to back to the island but i got no choice to choose at all, who ask me to choose E-Commerce as my first choice subject, and the whole Malaysia only UMS offer this course.  
oh ya, result was out and i get a bad result... i am not satisfied with the result, but never mind la... nothing i can do already cause i can back to the pass, so why not i look forward to the future?? =)
oh ya, i want to thanks to YT for helping me alot during i was in Singapore.  He help me to feed my fish and serve my food in cafe world, he even help me to check my result although the system is quite lack.  gam xia~~~
although left 5 days i will have to leave peninsular, but i left 2 days then have to leave Kuantan (home town) liao... is really bad... only got 2 days to meet him and her...  going to miss them lo~~~

yesterday, went yam cha with YT, eat snow ice... 
really zadao that the shop is located in such lonely corner, YT and I was searching for it... l0l
He asked where i want to drink ma... so i ma say go and have a try in the new shop lo.
i owe him money but he belanja me makan pulak... zadao @@

tomolo will watch movie with grace and YT, both of them kena paksa by me to watch movie.. 
what la, i just want to watch movie and have a meal with them before i leave, is that difficult?? 
and lastly i went to buy ticket liao... Alvin and the Chipmunks~~~
grace and Yt, i have christmas present for both of u~~~ be prepare to receive it ba~~~
you guys will be surprise de~~~ hehehex

okayh, that's all... wanna go berpacking liao... if not i will really kelam kabut in last minute de~~~ 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore + Johor

this few days i got no laptop to use... The worst is when i was in Singapore, i was really suffering cause no laptop, no sms and no phone calling for me... Sigh...

result was out on 24th but the worst thing is i havent get my result yet... Sigh... How to register o?? Haih... I miss my laptop leh...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days Before Singapore

Hi guys, I'm in my grandma's house now, blogging.

The day before yesterday, i cried for almost 5 times, because i that day will be the last day for this holiday to meet most of my friends, feel a little bit of upset, but all the negativity gone after i meet them (some of my other friends).  
feel good after that.

then yesterday was the most busy day, wake up in the morning, packing then make passport...  although didnt walk here and there but waiting is the most wasting time and tiring thing for me.
i think i will going to get mad if i have to wait for the passport for whole day but luckily i just have to wait for half day. :)

at night yt sms me, i paksa him to use his digi campus to call me, and he called me in the midnight right after the clock show the next day.  which is this morning.  
hahahax, really funny.
cause over all we talk for around 30mins nia... then he fall asleep without off his phone and i let the phone be until the digi stop the conversation..

can go to singapore is a very happy thing but one thing make me suffer is i cant sms when i'm in singapore.  this is really making me suffer.  argh...
i will definitely miss them alot!!!!

tomolo 11am i will start the journey to singapore, miss you and love you~~~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

this all little kids from KL have been ask me to bring them to the beach for many times and i have postpone and postpone, because i'm lazy to go to the beach la... hahahax
finally when i wanted to bring them at night, reach there and park my car, and gone down walking to the beach... rain came.... $%$#@$^! terpaksa we went back home and go on the next day...

after breakfast on the next day, (is still raining when we want to go for breakfast) we walk to the beach... and that time the sky is just too kind and show the very shinny part of them...

here are some of the pics we took that day~~~

and below are the pics that we took at home...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

just some random pics...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Days In Grandma's Place

Last weekend, I went grandma's house with my mother and without my brother.
the moment i got down from our car when reached grandma's house, my grandma asked about my brother and searching for him.
yeah right, obviously she is more concern about him than us...  =.='''
when i reached, my uncle and aunty were there already, after another 2 hours, my another aunty and her future husband were there too...
i helped out on writing invitation card, is wedding invitation card...
and we were so so busy about it...

all of us were busy here and there...

and then at night, those little children try out their new brand clothes... and i managed to snap some of the pics...
here they are:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

YamCha 2 in 1

Finally after 5 months I got to meet Kee~~~
miss you a lot lo... hahahax
when i found out that kee coming back yesterday, i quickly sms yt to ask him to yamcha at night.. (yesterday night)
after some nonsense smsing with yt, final decision is we will go yamcha at K&Y at 9.30pm~~~

at 9.20pm, yt came to fetch me liao!!! omg!!! he was so so so 'punctual'!!!  
i was thinking to finish watching the drama then only go out, mana tau he came so early....
to yt:
go out to kee u so punctual la... go out with us then u so 'punctual' also la!!!

around 10pm, all reach K&Y~~~
we chat and chat, laugh and laugh, until we became the noisiest customer in the restaurant... >.<
then we went for second round at mamak stall, that time was around 12am liao~~~
crazy leh~~~
but i really miss this kind of life liao~~~

Friday, December 11, 2009

Difficult Dinner

Yesterday dinner went out with Grace and Tsiang G0r (I think you guys know who is him).
I ask Grace on Tuesday that Wednesday night we will have dinner together, mana tau she said she still has exam on the next day (Thursday), so i decided to change our time to Thursday night.

Until Wednesday night we still got no idea where we want to go makan.  I suggested go eat keling fan at first, but it seems so ordinary... Sushi King.... The Chicken Rice Shop... then East Grill (western food) pulak.... but YT said no money wor... wtf!!!
We fixed a time to go out which is 7pm, YT said that time he got thing to do, so he was not joining us...
Okayh then, i told Grace about this, then she ma ask me to tell him that we will follow his time, so ask him what time...  after asking YT, he said: you both go without me, no need to follow my time de...
wtf, i was really got mad and reply the msg and told YT and Grace that I'm not going for dinner liao...

At the end, I don't know what happen between both of them, and they finally decide to have dinner at Old Town at 8pm.  I rejected at first, but after Grace memujuk me, then I accepted the date... XD
then I smsed YT whether he go by his own or i fetch him there...

and finally we had our dinner at Old Town which is very near my house.

during makan de time got 'issues' pulak... =.='''
YT and I reached and we ordered drinks.  then mana tau when She came she said she ate at home ady and she was really full and cant add anything else into her stomach liao...
then my food was ordered and chosen by her, which is Ipoh Hor Fan; and YT ordered Nasi Lemak Special.
and she herself ordered Lime Juice... =.='''
while waiting for our food to come, we paksa Grace to order to makan... the scene was really very very funny...
(really long time didnt laugh like that ady)
after our food were arrived, YT gave me all his peanut and ikan bilis....  hey brother, next time if tak mau makan then ask them dont put la...  XD

from 8pm we ate until around 9.30pm...
long huh??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5th December 2009 - 2

Here are the pics that I got them from Harn Wei~~~

what are u guys looking???!!! see my face so 'clean' isit????

that's all~~~

5th December 2009

I know I’m late.
I know I should have updated my blog about how I celebrate my birthday right after the day of my birthday.  I’m sorry.

On the 4th of December 2009, (the day before my birthday) I was watching 绝代商娇 that given by Goh Yi-Tsiang in my room.  That time already 10pm something, suddenly my bro approached me and told me that there is a guy outside the gate and our dog was barking so fiercely to him.  My bro was surprised that I didn’t hear my dog was barking.
I went out and found out that the guy was a worker of Pizza Hut, I wondering why I stopped at my house with delivery???!!!  There were full of questions mark in my brain that time.  Then he mentioned my house address, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…..  yup, is correct!!!  But I didn’t order pizza la… is so late already, and furthermore I’m going to sleep after watching the drama lo!!!
Then the worker mentioned the name of the owner of the pizza, is Goh Yi-Tsiang!!!
Oh my God!!!  There are more and more ‘???????’ in my mind!!!  What to do, I pointed YT’s house to the worker but he still got no idea where is it, so I pay for him then drive to his house lo… what can I do?? 2 regular pizza leh… I can’t finish them all by my own!!!
When I was going to bring the pizza to YT’s house, Yoke came to my house and told me that Kah Woon said he wanted to have dinner together, so they decided to come to my house.  Then here come Kahwoon, Grace, Harn Wei, Qiao Yi, Sam, and YT…
That time was only 10pm++, so I thought they were just really want to eat at my house… hahahax
After they finished makan, they really gone back…. >.<  that time was only 11pm something.

YT keep on smsing me after they went back, some more say raining got cannot go home la… all those nonsense…  then Yoke called me and said Sam’s cellphone is at my house, want me to open the door for her to search for the phone.  Then all came together with cake… this time add one more person, hao jien~~~
Thanks guys and gals.
Although it is not a very very surprising birthday but I think I will never forget it for the rest of my life~~~ 
Give u guys a big warm kiss here….  Muakssssssssssss  XD
The pics are all with Harn Wei, I will upload it as soon as possible right after I got them~~~

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Finally got to watch 2012 and New Moon.  I know that you will say that: “harh?? So late ny watch 2012 a??”
I know la.. is a bit late but late then none right??

I went out 11am yesterday after had breakfast at NCY with Grace and Yi-Tsiang.  We were asked by Grace to go to her house at 8.30am to fetch her.  Since YT is going then I ma ask him to fetch me along lo.  Mana tau he wake up at 8.30am and our breakfast from 8.30am become 9.00am… @@’’’

After breakfast I rush back home and change then went out again to fetch Hui Yuan.
Argh~~~ tired!!!
We went ECM to watch movie just as we planned.
Grace told me to help her to buy 7 tickets of 2012, so I bought 7 tickets of 2012 and 2 tickets of New Moon.  Right after I bought that 9 tickets, Hui Yuan and I decided to watch 2012 too~~  so we bought another 2 tickets of 2012 and we are lucky cause there are still empty seat right beside Grace’s tickets.
Our New Moon will start at 12.10am and that time was only 11am something, so we walked around in the mall, when the time came we went to the cinema there and bought ourselves some popcorns and drinks but unfortunately the drinks taste like ‘air paip’!!! Really sucks!!!

This movie is actually about vampire and romance.
Well the story in it is not bad just a bit of boring and maybe I never read the books, never watch twilight, that’s why I was confuse and didn’t know what was it all about.

But yet this story is totally different from other vampire movie because other vampire movies are just about kill and kill, nothing else.  Twilight is about LOVE + ROMANCE~~~
Before the movie starts, Hui Yuan and I took some pics in the Cinema while waiting.

after New Moon it was only 2.40pm and we thought we wanted to have lunch so we bought our ticket for 2012 at 4.15pm.
we waited for more than an hour doing nothing...
it is really very boring!!!
finally it is 4pm then i met up with Grace at the cinema...

okayh, 2012 is much more better than New Moon~~~
is touching movie when the movie is going to end.
please human on the earth!!!
love our mother earth more!!!
after movies Hui Yuan and I ate our dinner at Black Canyon then ny back home.
guess what time we reach home??
nearly 8.30pm!!!
omg, i had been outside for more than 8 hours!!! 8 hours of watching movies + dinner!!!!
walao, geng!!!

all above was yesterday..
today i went out again, and this time we added one more----> Wai Li
once i picked her up from her house, she talk nonstop talk and talk and ask and ask~~~
wow!! you never change!!! hahahax
then we went to GC curry house to eat keling fan (Indian Food)
then went to megamall to have a walk and took some pics
and here we are~~~

then yt ajak me out for yamcha pulak...
argh!!! i'm really tired and i rejected...

here some random pictures...