Monday, February 28, 2011

Reunion Dinner~

Finally we got out celebration after APN.  Previously we had reunion among EXCOs, but this time is all of us, including EXCOs and AJKs.
After all the hardwork, at least we come something in return.
Nice food and wonderful night, I mean wonderful gathering as well~ =)

It was a dinner leh, I mean a proper dinner yet an ordinary one.  Er, do you get what I mean?
That's why I have to put on my make up, so that I will look nicer. (you know la, I am so ugly...)

Then we were so punctual to wait others to come at 6pm but the problem is not all of us were so punctual!!!

omg! what is that smiling face... @@
Took few pictures while waiting to others to come~

We had our dinner at...
and we had


Asam curry Fish,

Fried Oat Prawn,

Chicken, and

another crispy chicken.
We had vegetable also but didn't get to capture any picture of it, cause it was the last dishes seriously the last one.  We almost finished everything, the vegetables ny been served!... =.=|||

After eating we had karaoke session as well, I was so malu to go up to the stage!!! and our song was... @@
Great thanks to Joan to choose that song!

 Thanks to Syn Wei to present me this~ Seriously love this picture to the max!!!

(people are jealous to us because both of us have dimples!!!)

Before we say bye bye to each other, we had our group photo again~
Good Job everyone~

p/s: I look fat in every picture!!! =(((((
p/s: Wish APN 2012 will be as great as this year or better! =))))))))))))

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Appreciate Everybody Around You

It was yesterday, I saw my sister posted that she just came back from funeral, my mom's colleague's funeral.  He has already leave us.
My deepest condolence to his family.

I called to ask what happen, because it was so suddenly, seriously find difficulty to accept that he has gone.
I don't know him well, but I know that he was a good person, helped us a lot.  He was nice to us, bring fruits when he bought from out there to us, he even purposely brought something nice to us because he knew that we love that.
He personally got high blood pressure.  One day he unconscious suddenly then brought him to the hospital, I don't know whether the doctor did their very best but he remained unconscious for 10 days and then left this world without saying bye bye to his family and friends.


Nobody will know what happen next.
Your beloved might gone in the next second without saying goodbye.
So, take care of yourselves, especially your own health!  Don't say that life is short, that's why can eat anything you like.  You are true about life is short, that's why you need to take care of your health to make it longer! Make yourselves healthy so that you will have longer life and do things you like!!!
Don't be stingy towards your food, eat those healthy one, eat more vegetables and less meat...
And do appreciate everybody around you, don't make yourselves regret.

Cai Yi

p/s: seriously never aspect he will just gone like that... I feel sad about that...

Friday, February 25, 2011


怀念幸福的童年 那个傻傻的,纯纯的,开心的童年~~~

我们小时候都曾经是笨蛋.. ??


我们的童年时的幸福, 再也回不去了……


也许为了顾及家人的意见 ,你们没有在一起。  



因为我知道如果我们成为男女朋友我们就不能像现在这样无所顾忌的无话不谈 ,我会更在乎他对自己的看法

Lovely Friday!!!

Finally I can enjoy my weekend nicely for this week at least.  Assignments that need to hand in by today already been done and quiz are done today also!

Now I will have great Friday because tonight's class been postpone to next Tuesday!
I am going to throw all the books away for today to let myself relax for a day.
I know that I still have 2 mid terms starting for next week... and I know I still got lots of assignment to go, but gambateh!!!
I believe I can do it well although I'm in a unfriendly place here...

Nothing I can post la actually, cause I got lots of thing to say, but I can't tell here...
Is too private and I know there are lots of people read my blog.

Nevermind, just let myself to settle my own problem with my way although I know my way could be a wrong one.

Anyway, just wish me luck in anything I am going to do.


p/s: I'm alright~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have to DECLARE!

I just wanted to post this post before I sleep tonight.
Er... should be good morning.

Recently I can feel someone is changing into some kind of attitude, well I don't know why.  I just feel a little bit of frustrated and annoying towards that.  I feel uncomfortable.  Seriously dislike that!
I know I shouldn't be this straight forward, but I have to.
I know I got no right to control anybody's feeling, but I have to make myself feel comfortable.

Just don't over the boundary...
I really don't think we can get to be friends if this person over the boundary.
Can't we make it like last time?
I feel more comfortable with last time, but not now, cause I feel being controlled, being order.

Hope you know who you are.
I hope I didn't get to hurt your feelings.

p/s: I'm sorry if I do hurt, but I can't be that selfish... Or you can say I'm selfish.
p/s: you know who you are.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Not Blushed

This morning I was sitting alone in a row in the class while waiting the lecturer to come in.

When all of them reached, the row I was sitting already got 4 of us.

And I was sitting in between 2 guys...

Suddenly the guy who sat at the right hand side of me said:
"You should be proud because of sitting in between 2 handsome guys."

I was like:
"then I ma move seat lo... let you both sit together la..."
(I didn't move cause the lecturer was there already)

The guy on my right hand side:
"Cai Yi, you blushed a??? hahahaha"

(I was shy okay... not blushed!)

I'm not blushed!

I'm shy...

Someone Dare Me This

Someone wants me to update blog so eagerly I guess.
Or he/she does something so nice to me. (I forgotten what was it already... =p)
So, he/she dares me to say 'I Love You' in my blog.
(maybe he/she thinks that my blog is so famous enough to let the whole world know~ )

Alright, here it comes~

I Love YOU!!!

p/s: you know who you are~
p/s: or you want me to let the whole world know?? I can do it de~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Sunday

Sunday is ending, is evening now, and is going to rain out there.  I'm still the same, doing nothing and all the lazy buds are climbing on the whole body of mine, they make me feel lazy on doing something serious, but they make me hardworking on eating. That's not a good thing for me because they are causing me fat!
The sky is dark now, He keeps on complaining by thundering, I'm glad is just small thunder that won't make me scare at all~

Just finished vampires diaries the 15th episode.  It was interesting English Drama, but I want to thank to my dear friend who taught me how to download movies and dramas!  If not I think I have to go back hometown to get movies and dramas from him which this few days I can only watch the latest dramas by PPS which it is not a very wise choice.

Show you something,

This picture is from Mr. Yuszren's blog (one of our lecturer), he loves photography very much and I didn't realize when he got this!  Surprise me!

Seriously nothing to update today, cause I'm now trying to change the style of the blog here, trying to change this blog into cheerful blog, which mean I will try not to post anything bad or negative here.  Just want to share something positive~

I think that's all for this post.

p/s: nah, post liao lo~
p/s: want rain just go ahead~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not An Angel

Can't deny,
I am really a bad person, that's why I'm not an angel.  (Ah.... so lame... @@)
You can't even find kindness from me, don't doubt that you found one, because I pretend to make you found one.
I'm wearing mask from the top till bottom.
I'm good in pretending, good in acting, especially when acting a good person.

To those who close to me, please don't cause I might hurt you of being pretending like an angel.
To those who aren't close to me or even hate me much, please continue to do so to protect yourselves.
Is for you own sake!

Why I'm so kind at this moment tell all the truth?
Er, because just now an angel scolded me and hit me, so I want to tell everybody before I change my mind. I'm super evil and I'm a devil, not angel.
Although being scold by the angel, but I want to be as a devil, to avoid people around being hurt by me.
Don't ask! I just want to complete this post before I change my mind.

This is just a warning, I can't force you to do anything that you dislike or not being a devil's friend.
But as a devil's friend, please bare in mind that you might hurt or die any time because devil is devil.

So, just get far far away from me, or else you will get hurt...
Shuuuuu shuuu shuuu!!!!

p/s: just stupid of me...

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Is All I Want

What I want is a very normal very faithful friendship...
Like this

That's all I want...
I'm not asking too much right?

p/s: I really hope to know what's going on...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yuan Xiao Jie (Chap Gor Mei)

Its Chap Gor Mei, but I'm now at home with my roommate, seriously pity us. =(
Everybody is having fun out there, making fun out there...
But anyway we both find out way of spending time in the last day of Chinese New Year and Eastern Chinese New Year of 2011.

I was spending my time having yam cha session with a hometown friend of mine, which he was having his tea in front of his laptop while I was having my tea in front of my laptop.  
We were looking at each other, talking in front of each other laughing and smiling to each other but we were in different place different location! 
Haha, I am in Labuan while he is in KL!

Who would have treated me so good, I guess no except to my hometown's friends.

Right, I know now is not the time for me spending my time here...
Got to go!
Will update again later~

p/s: er, real one will be post but not here.
p/s: although I'm not very happy today but I still wish everybody around me spent their time happily~

Movie Time~

I just can't do nothing except concentrating while I am eating, I have to do something else to make sure I utilize my time wisely.  (Although I don't really seem like utilize my time wisely and I know it is not healthy.)
I was updating my post in another blog of mind...

Woke up early in the morning because there was class at 8am, done everything I went to class with my roommate.  We waited for half an hour, (the lecturer always late to the class so we didn't know whether he will be late or he will not attend the class) the assistant of the lecturer told us that our class has postpone to next week!
Seriously I wanted to scold out that. His time is priceless then how about our time? We could have better wake up in this such good weather.  (Yesterday was raining and the weather turns into windy until now!)
That's really ridiculous, the lecturer should have posted in his website and tell us no class for today so that I don't have to wake up at 7am but 9am.

Well, think of another way, class cancel in all sudden make me eat my breakfast today.  I mean a full breakfast.  I have very weird combination of my breakfast today and weird thing is I was freaking hungry but I can't finish them all!  Too spicy I guess... >.<
Told you that I have to do something else when I'm eating, so I online and see is there any interesting stuff in facebook or plurk, well obviously there wasn't because I watch movie!

Journey to The Center of The Earth.

It wasn't a new movie and if no mistake is a movie few years back but I got no chance to watch it until now.  It is an interesting movie, and I'm really regret that I didn't really get a good opportunity to watch this in cinema, cause the effect and graphic would be nice!
Well, since there is no effect from the cinema, I make those effect myself, you can ask my roommate how I act when there suddenly came out very weird thing or scary thing.

Oh ya, today is the last day of Chinese New Year, and they also mention this as Chinese Valentine's Day.
So, go celebrate with your loves one once again, it will be a mistake if you don't. (just crapping. =p)

I got nothing to do tonight.  I know most of my friends are going out to have the Chinese New Year feel around with others, but I am not in because nobody invited me and I don't think I'm welcome though.  So why don't I just stay in the room, watching those dramas and movies that a friend of mine gave me?
Maybe that can cheer me up.
Almost forget that tonight maybe can webcam again~
(Already continuous webcam for 2 days already and my roommate gets frustrated already I guess =p)

p/s: Happy Chap Goh Mei
p/s: Celebrate till the max on this last day of Chinese New Year
p/s: Go go go! go celebrate with your love's one on this Eastern Valentine's Day!

Good Luck~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Say Cheese...

Can't really smile now, feeling neutral but fake smile keep appear on my face.
Can somebody cheer me up?
I need happiness...
I really do...

p/s: =(

I'm Going To Explode.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holiday Today

Is public holiday and whole Malaysia is having holiday today.  Guess students are the most pleased, we can sleep till any time we wish to, don't have to rush to class.

Yesterday was holiday for me too although it wasn't a public holiday.  I think lecturer wanted to celebrate Valentine's too, that's why we got the opportunity to be lazy and in holiday mood one more extra day. =p

Although it is a Valentine's Day, I don't have anything to do as I am still single.  It was just a normal night as normal I have.  Eat, sleep, drama, when there is no class; eat sleep drama and class when there is class... lol
Boring life I have right?

Today is also holiday which mean that after I came back to campus I still having holiday for 3 days before school starts.  Actually school started before I came back but I just don't want to leave home so fast, I miss them! Furthermore, buy flight ticket and back home for only a week!? No way!!! You should know flight ticket is very expensive so it is not worthy to flight RM100++ back home and then come back again in a week!
Alright, I admit that I'm mummy's daughter kay? I'm pampered at home, I get what I wants almost all the time, they love me! That's why I don't wish to leave home so fast!

Right, I'm still wondering what to do next.  Is holiday, no class, but hopefully the cafeteria is still operating cause today feel like eating their food.  I didn't get to eat their food since I came back except for a slice of papaya.

So, what next?

p/s: I don't feel like starting any of them, maybe you think I should, but I don't think it is the time yet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

No matter you are single or having a great partner, do treat yourselves good as you are celebrating your birthday!
Happy happy Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey! Is still Chinese New Year!

Yala, is still Chinese New Year!
So even I back to campus already I should have Chinese New Year feel and mood as well!

Usually I can't get any good CNY feel when I am in campus... Cause it seems like CNY is already ended once I left my house!
But this time, this semester I got the CNY feel and mood in campus!!!  Really happy and syok just now.  Seriously thanks to a gang of friends!

p/s: pm me to know what was going on...
p/s: seriously missing the time...
p/s: maybe I should forget...

Back To Track

I'm now In Labuan already.  Although I got 120% of unwilling but I still have to come back to continue my semester 4.
I had a great Chinese New Year although it was very short and didn't get to have any gathering with my hometown friends.

After 2 weeks, I have to pack everything, emotion, and even holiday moods back to campus, continue my daily routine.  Go to class everyday, eat everyday, facebook everyday, dramas everyday...  A boring routine but still have to go on until 3 years end (hopefully no need to extend... God bless)

I didn't say bye bye to mummy this time when I depart to KLIA, because I don't want to show my sad face to her although she know how I feel. Argh.. damn miss home now...
Some of my friends happy to go back to campus, but I realize one thing, most of UMSKAL students are not willing to come back. @@

Missed class for a week, lots of assignments are waiting for me.  Sigh... I can feel that busy life is waving me already...
Have to always think of June so that I got more motivation to stay here...

Miss everything in Kuantan already...

p/s: I promise I will take good care when I'm here...
p/s: I want more and more holiday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

2 = couple?

Just now when I back home, sister came to ask me

sis: Jie, just now you go out with who wor?
me: with YT lo...
sis: only him a?
me: ya a... why?
sis: that is not call yam cha la...
me: not yam cha abo call what o??
sis: 2 person go out is pak toh!
me: =.=
sis: ya ma... not meh?
me: if yes then I ma pak toh with a lot of ppl before lo!
sis: ...

Where got like that one o??

p/s: Sometimes I really prefer 2 ppl go out nia lo... can talk more!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Only Yam Cha

It was the only yamcha for this holiday.  Seriously, no kidding at all!  Somemore the yumcha session was only 2 of us.  So pity...
Holiday is too short already, can't blame anybody...

I wanted to meet all my friends during Chinese New Year, like we did last year.  Went to house one by one, took angpao from each and every family, chit-chating to each other, meeting old friends, and meeting some of the teachers.
Too bad that this year wasn't a perfect holiday because I spent almost all the time in grandma's house. (all the time when I get to spend time with friend, I was in grandma's house so I didn't get to meet any of them except one)

Since I was in grandma's house I ady asked one and only friend who still in Kuantan to go movie together, but too bad at the end we didn't get to watch any of the movie but lucky me because I got to watch with mummy and sister~
Then he asked me to teach him blog and that was the first met with friend for this holiday... ==
He is a really good friend because he willing to be my driver for a day! (hahax, he always do, not just today!)
Fetching me from my house to the mall so that I can shopping with my sister!  If not I have to take mummy's car then mummy has to ask other to fetch her, so damn inconvenient!
Thank You!

can go out!!!!

It was really long time ago since I started to drive my own, I never ask mummy to fetch me to mall. (I only ask friend to fetch me back and go) This time I asked mummy to fetch me back from the mall! And luckily mummy came to fetch us cause I got the chance to bought the dress outside the mall!

Then when I reached home, the feeling of going back to the island was really irritating...
I emo.
Plus one of my coursemate told me that got extra assignment to do!
The level of emo increase!!

I went out.
I went out although is 9pm already...
I don't care! I just want to stay away from the laptop, stay away from calendar, stay away from things that remind me that I'm going back to Labuan!
But too bad that he is going back to campus soon...

Anyway we had sai mai lo just now... (xi mi lu)

Almost a year didn't get to try this thing already...
But it is still tasty~
I wanted to try Lin Chi Kang de, but didn't open due to Bai Ting Kong, so we went beach to take this!

p/s: I really don't wish tonight to end...
p/s: thank you so much!!! Next time my turn to fetch~ promise!
p/s: wtf you delete the pic that I took!
p/s: I bought dinner dress le~
p/s: thank you for bringing me out when I'm emo...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


普通的星座分析,认为射手座的人花心。其实射手座的人喜欢交朋友,她们往往分不清友谊与爱情的差异,重视朋友的射手座时常会跟异性朋友擦出火花,因为射手座的观念是,若是谈爱情,咱们首先得是朋友。在模糊概念之下发展出来的爱情如果令她们失望,她们毫不犹豫选择放弃,再交其她的异性朋友,于是人们看见的只是射手座的表面。 。
射手珍惜的人,喜欢的人,会终生认定对方,包容对方的缺点,善良的射手总是为自己找到更多原谅对方的理由。你会经常发现一个射手,仿佛对曾经交往的不快忘得一干二净,继续把快乐带给你。其实射手心里很受伤,她的天性是快乐和坚强,珍惜和包容。 。

My Problem, I guess...

I have been thinking this problem for awhile, I mean really awhile since last year.  I was wondering what changes us, what make us apart, I mean really apart like now... No talk, no laughter, no sms, even sometimes wishes to each other been skipped.

I was wondering, wondering why we become like this?
Told him about this before, then last few days he told me that you were telling him the same thing as what I told him.
Weird huh? 
We both realize that problem, but none of us take the action to solve it as the problem will solve it by itself.

After a long thinking, I realize that is my problem...
I can't accept the way you are...
I don't know why I accepted it last time, maybe time changes...

I know I'm selfish, but I really don't know what to do when I'm facing you, is something like nothing to say, nothing to share when I meet you...
I'm so so so sorry...
I'm really selfish, I don't feel like reply your sms, that's why I will leave the message and reply after half an hour or later...

I didn't mean to hurt you...

p/s: I don't know whether you will read this or not...

Firewall Broken

The firewall in my body got something wrong and allow the viruses attack my immune system!
And now, I'm officially weak and sick!

I don't feel good yesterday after I bath, feel weird in my throat and heat in my nose...
I knew that I'm going to fall sick, so I ate vitamin C, but too bad this time it doesn't work on me...  Its getting worst and this morning even worst...
Sore throat attacking and big flu make me feel weak!

In the morning I still feel okay, but when evening arrive I kept on sneezing none stop.
I want to go shopping today but the sickness make me feel lazy and uncomfortable to go out.
At the end didn't get to go out at all...

I don't care, tomorrow I want to go out!
I want to go out!
I want to go out!

p/s: I hate this feeling...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm now finally get to stay in my home sweet home...
Home that I don't have to share my laptop with others
Home that I can online even mummy or sister is using internet
Home that I can online in my room
Home that I don't have to do homework in the living hall
Home that I can do anything I like! (doesn't mean that I can't do anything I like in grandma's house just I can't go out anything as I wish in grandma's house because there got nothing!)

Yesterday right after coming back from grandma's house, immediately I booked movie from the internet! Then we went for movie at 3pm as the movie starts at 4.30pm.

I Love Hong Kong~
That's the title of the movie.
I love the movie because it was funny, really funny!

Then went for dinner with mummy...


took some picture before the night ends~

p/s: tonight want to sleep early la~
p/s: thanks to a friend of mine who borrow me his student card~


This Chinese New Year holiday is too short already la...
I went grandma's house 4 days before Chinese New Year, with no doubt we are always the first family who reach grandma's house every year! Of course we are also the last family who leave grandma's house~

This year only 5 families in grandma's house, if a full one, we got 6 families under a roof!  We were super lucky already because one of the relative family was from Johor, they almost can't celebrate Chinese New Year with us due to the super cold weather in Johor!  But thank God that they manage to reach grandma's house to have reunion meal together~

After reunion dinner, we got steambot on the first day of Chinese New Year and I did mention this steambot thingy in the previous post. Just go and have a look~ (Sorry cause got no picture in this few posts..)
Then on the second day of CNY, my uncle cooked laksa!  Uncle really very good in cooking, he is really good in serving as well! (this is what we call gentlemen I guess =p)  Uncle's laksa really makes everybody thumbs up, for those who didn't get to try his cooking is really a waste!

Second day of CNY, one of the family went back with the reason their children's boyfriend and girlfriend were coming to visit them, so the parents have to see their future daughter-in-law and future son-in-law. =p
So left with 4 other families, is lesser but the house is still very crowded and full of noise~

Third day = Saturday already. The family who came from Johor going back ady... and the family who from KL also went back but left their children at grandma's house so that they can accompany us for one more day.  =)
I had start gamble since that day, mahjong... black jack... Chor dai di...
I won at first, wont around rm30 but at the end I lost around rm30 means if counted together with the money I won, I lost around rm60!
But is CNY ma... so nevermind ba~

Fourth day, is already Sunday.  We must come back too, but grandma doesn't look very healthy so we stay for another night while others already say bye bye... Left 5 of us in grandma's house including grandma, but the house is still noisy and lots of laughter because I was there!  I made them laugh, made them scold and made them talk!
No gambling already because not enough people... >.<

Now I'm already in Kuantan...
Home alone...
Waiting sister to back so that can start our shopping journey!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Once Again, Happy Chinese New Year~

I don't know what number of this post already, what I know is I posted a lots of post under the date today.

Just had steambot as dinner.  Well, homemade dinner!
Everything homemade~
Chicken bones' soups as the soup of steambot, fresh veges, prawns, fishes, porks...
I guess you can't find all those food I mean really nice and tasty steambot's ingredient outside!

I am the one who purpose this steambot because we used to have this on the second day of Chinese New Year but don't know since when they didn't do it anymore due to tiredness of preparing.  I want to eat steambot so much so I tell mummy about this and my auntie supports me!

Guess what we have for our steambot's ingredient?
We have
slices of fishes
tiram (I got no idea what its call in English)
seafood taufus
all kinds of ballsss (fish balls, sotong balls, prawn balls, pork balls,.... lots more!)
bihon (got ready fried bihon too for those who prefer fried one =D)
slices of porks
lots more... I seriously can't recall what I ate!
We invited relatives who stay outside to come along to have dinner together, and we got the chance to get more ang pao!!! *evil laugh*

What make us, children (I know I don't consider as a child anymore, but I still want to be as a child!) very happy is we can get more and more and more angpao during the 15 days of Chinese New Year!

Now still thinking where to get more angpao, cause I want to buy my dinner dress and if can another pair of dinner shoes by using the angpao money!

p/s: Happy Chinese New Year~


Officially Chinese New Year already!!!

Previously was syok sendiri, having fun of our own of celebrating early Chinese New Year plus with APN, we were all in CNY mood very early~
Now officially Chinese New Year already... AngpaoS were taken~
Tonight will be steambot!!!


Chinese New Year must wear new clothes~
I bought myself some and I wore them today!
Who knows kept teasing by others... @@

Seriously can't wait till tonight!!!

p/s: I know I am fat la...
p/s: Seriously no idea why I can't be thin as them...
p/s: envy...

Please Don't Pretend That You Understand Me When You Are Not...

I know that I shouldn't post all this upset post during Chinese New Year especially today is still the first day of Chinese New Year.
Line doesn't show it is good now and this make me quite emo cause I can't online as much as I can like usual...

Alright, I spell out everything...

It is mummy's birthday today... I planned this since I was still at Labuan...  I didn't want to have a cake at first to celebrate her birthday, but since my auntie (mummy's sister) suggested to have a surprise cake so I didn't really do much of my own opinion.  (by the way I ain't at home now which means I have to celebrate with other relatives.. so not much weird weird thing I can do to celebrate with mummy)

I was seriously upset actually because mummy keep on telling everybody that buying cake was my idea and the main point of mine is 'so that I got the chance to eat cake'!!!
That is super super wrong!!!
I really didn't have that kind of mind thinking... =((

Every time when I celebrate mummy's birthday, she will definitely tease me on this...
Yea, is true that buying cake is to eat!  But the problem is I never have this kind of intension!  I really do sincerely want to celebrate birthday with her!


She never understands...

p/s: guess this will be the last birthday celebration for her since she thinks that I'm not sincere...
p/s: I'm childish a.. so?
p/s: please don't pretend that you understand me when you are not...
p/s: because that is really annoying...
p/s: maybe auntie is coming to visit me... maybe...

That Isn't A Pleasant One...

Is Chinese New Year Eve...  (okayh everybody knows about that... and I know I don't have to inform everybody about that one more time...)

One happen was right before the dinner...
I was helping mummy to take her food... Then when I was wanted to sit on the chair to start my luxurious dinner, she asked me to take rice for grandma as well.  I was really unpleasant about that.  She was about to the kitchen (the rice cooker is in the kitchen) but then she turned around and told me to take rice! Isn't that very nonsense?

Second happen was when and during the dinner...
I was having my dinner and mummy keep on like scolding me.... Suddenly I feel annoying...
(little bit of regret to wait her for dinner!)

Third happen was just now..
I was using a table for my laptop, the adults are using another table for mahjong and there is another table at the back there... They are very clever to ask me to let them to use the table that I'm using for my laptop for their mahjong as there is an available table at the back there!
Seriously don't understand.  I told them my reason why I don't want to change with them, but they told me their reason that because the table at the back will be use later for Chinese New Year ceremony!
So selfish!!!!!!

It wasn't really a good day for me although I got lots of thing to eat!

p/s: really not a good day.. =((