Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Awesome Moon Cake 'Legend'

I am trying to change myself into a better one and so many obstacles recently for me to achieve what I want.  I am trying so hard to please everybody but some of them think that I have bad intention of doing that.  Argh!!  Whatever la, cause I don't live to please anyone but only please myself.  So I don't wanna care anymore but live happily and meaningful, that would be better.  I am pretty sure about that.

Yenie asked me one day whether want to join for an activity of teaching primary school students to make moon cake.  I was like since I'm free and I am going to be free on the date that she mentioned, I decided to join so I can learn to make moon cake also!

Yesterday I made some as thank you gifts for some of my friends.  Went to Yenie's house to make since I am not very good in this, having a free, experienced teacher is better than I do alone without any experience!
Seriously, I feel so proud because we managed to do all these! Yum!!
They looked awesome right!  I think this is already very good for first learner!  

So today I went to the primary school to become volunteer teacher to lead and teach all the cute little children to make their own moon cake.
Seriously feeling awesome when see all the children enjoy their time so much over there!
By the way, I got to meet new friends too!  Elora and Giulia.  Both of them are lovely.  Guess what, JT almost got insane because of them because of their beautiful eyes.  Haha!  
Notice that or not?!  They have blue eyes and grey eyes!!!  So beautiful.  Can you guess what's their age?
Anyway, they are going to stay in Malaysia for student exchange program for a year, really hope they find Malaysia is a wonderful country.  Did I mention that they are from Italy?  I think I should ask them to recommend me one handsome Italian.  Lolzzz!!
Of course not forget the person who ask me to join this wonderful activity.  Thanks love.

ps: super tired weekend but I 100% enjoy the weekend because I really fully utilize my weekend doing superb things.  
ps: sometimes don't be over to ask for more.  I am really grateful for what I have now.