Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Birthday

It was few days ago if you notice.  Yupe, the birthday is my birthday.  God gave me a huge birthday present too for this year.  FLOOD.
If you do stalk me from my Facebook, you would have know my house got flood.  I never know flood can come so many times in a year, because previously flood come once only not as frequent as this time. 
This is the second time of flood.  Damn frustrated and I was alone at home that time, so helpless.  The water level that time is the highest for this year (touch wood, no more flood already).  Before the first flood on 2-Dec-2013, sis and I managed to bring up all the stuff before the flood came in, so we didn't put down everything immediately so I still managed to handle everything when the second flood came.  The second flood is so damn dirty.  The picture above is the second wave.  
Guess what, we cleaned everytime after the water gone.  So when the second wave of water gone too, we clean again.  Only God knows what He wants, the third wave came.  I was so tired and slept even when the flood came.  Mommy didn't sleep but she woke us up when the flood almost gone.  (For your information, you must clean the house especially the floor when the water is about to gone, or else you will suffer!!!  Trust me, I'm already consider as an expert in this. Fml..)
When the second flood came I was at home with Dong Dong only, look at his face, I guess he also fed-up with the situation.  He dislike rain and water so when flood came, his mood went down.  Anyway, he really behave well because he didn't give us any trouble when the flood came.  Thanks Dong Dong.  (I wish he reads my blog too!  LoL)

So it was 2 waves of flood on the 3-Dec-2013.  One is in the morning and one is in the late evening.  Well, thanks for the protection from the God, we are fine and fortunately we are not the very victim cause there are lot more victim out there faced very very bad disaster.  Their house left roof.  Can you imagine that?!

Took my time cleaning the house on 4-Dec-2013, plus I had period and sick so I slept almost whole day.  Sigh.  Sick when people need my help, really do feel guilty for this, but luckily sis was understanding enough she did most of the cleaning.  (appreciate much).  Oh ya, there wasn't water and electricity for like almost 12 hours because of the flood.  Tell you a lil secret, I didn't bath for a day because of the weather + no water  + I couldn't get hot water to bath!  Shhhh....  Don't spread out!  Lolzzzz

Yeap, my day!  I almost forgot this date cause of the flood la, I didn't even realize that's my day...  Lolzzzz!!  I supposed took annual leave for 5th and 6th so I can spend my sweet time do my own stuffs as I wish to.  But I feel guilty for not going to work on 3rd and 4th, so I went to work.  Pity me...
Anyway, my colleagues managed gave a birthday surprise.  Yeah, they made it.
So many different cake for my birthday!!!  Yum yum... (gained weight because of this! lolzzz)

At night, mommy bought me for dinner and we went to the same restaurant that we celebrated my birthday last year!  Lolzzz...
And yeah, last year I wore the same clothes to work too!!! Wow... so much coincidence...!!!!

Well, when grow older, you will realize birthday is not a big deal.  Nothing much to celebrate thou...

One last thing.
I dyed my hair.  First time ever I dyed my hair in salon!
I really love the hair color much, but the thing is I got to change my eyebrows' color d because the one I bought doesn't suit to my new hair color!  With the new hair color, I look fairer leh... Lolzzz  Anyway, I still wanna say it one more time, I really do like the color!  Lolzzz

ps: tomorrow is Sunday and I got to work... sobs...
pss: going to KB on Monday, please pray for me that everything goes smooth...
psss: my birthday wishes for this year is I hope to get good result for my sales next year & trying to be a better person so I can learn to love people who care about me.
pssss: I got 3 super special presents this year.  the first and second one is the so call mainstream blog.  Lolzzz from Debbie & from Lynn.  the third one is the birthday song from the tutor, it is not a normal birthday song cause it was the first time I heard it!  Damn cool!!!
psssss: pray for the flood victims~

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

It's my month!  Yeap, I'm born in the month of December.  Lolzzz!!  I am just trying to start something for this post.  >.<

So I draw my eyebrows everyday to work so I don't look like ah gua and scared all the customers away.  @@
Look at my eyebrows, nicer right?  I mean I must draw lo, if I never draw then I will really ugly...  I am waiting waiting waiting for my brow to grow... (why you no grow fast fast?)

Okay enough of my pics and about my appearance (someone told me yesterday to protect my 色相, which means appearance...  I wonder I got 色相 one meh?  Lolzzz).

Last Thursday night when I was sleeping, suddenly I feel someone splashing water to my face. I was having sweet dream leh, but the water woke me up!  So I open my eyes saw my roof are leaking!!!  Water are dropping from the roof!!! omfg!!!
(It was 2am)
Quickly I woke mommy up and asked them to help me, the amount of water leaking is like heavy rain!  AND it wasn't only came from a place but almost all corner of my roof!!!!  So pek cek.  
And so after find out the main source of causing this happen I lagi pek cek, because the tangki at the roof there that leak is not ours!  It was our neighbour one!!!  Damn F them la, they know their tangki leak before already but they don't want to change a new tangki but only repair it.  Hello!  If you repair for one or two times and it still leak please change la...  Now third time d still wanna repair...  I don't mind of your tangki leak and cause your own freaking bed wet but NOW we have to bear the consequences because of your attitude!!!  
My bed all wet!!! Can you see yellow yellow spot on the floor?  That's the water from the roof!  The bed absorb the water and when I brought down outside the water still drip one lo!!!  So geli...  My study table all spoiled at the bottom part because of the water d....  People flood only will kena downstairs, but now my room flood!!!  

(take deep breath)  Aih, nevermind la, it has passed and they also didn't want this to happen also.  All I hope now is they change a new tangki la, I don't want to have such problem anymore....

Yesterday Joe is back to Kuantan, so we had dinner together.  SATAY!!!
See, the tutor sent me all this advises.  It has been awhile since the last time he sent me what he read.  Hey, I got try to apply one lo kay.  I'm trying so hard to change and turn into a better person now.

ps: December, please be nice to me!!!
pss: I need more sales please.... 囧

Friday, November 22, 2013


I used to have pretty eyebrow but now I would say I got no eyebrow!  omfg...

People call those who don't have hair as botak, so what people call those who don't have eyebrow?!

No matter how pretty you are, without eyebrow you will look so damn ugly.  ops... no offense...  But this is true la, so people who got no nice eyebrow will draw eyebrow to look pretty.
This one is with my eyebrow... I think I look cute here...
and then look at this one... Oh damn!!!  Why I look like ah gua one?!  sobs sobs...

ps: wondering when my eyebrow will grow back... I prefer to look cute la... lolzzz

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Opps! Encrypted

Sorry for another encrypted post.  I really need to express myself because I don't know who can I talk with about this at all.  
Why this time I couldn't find a person to express myself?  Sigh.
I'm seriously sad and damn depressed.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Grateful, Thank You

A friend (The tutor, I would say) of mine back from KL and guess what he brought me?!  
Yeap!  Hello Kitty!!!!  I got my 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Frog Prince' dy!!!  Damn!  I am so happy!  I thought I only have 'The Ugly Duckling'.  Seriously unexpected!!!

Besides that, I asked the tutor earlier whether he has a book named 'love the imperfect of yourselves' (direct translate).  So lucky that he and his friend bought the book and now lend it to me!  Nice!
Now you know why am I feeling so grateful?  That's because I am so happy to have friend like him! Thanks, my dear!!!

ps: Still feeling happy!
ps: I bought the kitties with my own money one leh... 
ps: HAPPY!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Sexy Pic of ME!

Okay I need to update something already.  Looking back the history, this month is the most hardworking month I guess.  Cause this month has the most posts that had been updated!  See, I really spend my precious time here dy, trying hard not to abandon you anymore baby.

Just to share more pictures of the night for those who don't really stalk me from Facebook or I would say, my friend didn't tag me in Facebook, that's why I share here.  LoLzzz
Look at my sexy back!  Do I look fat looking me from my back? (I'm in the purple pink bikini with sarong)  Seriously, this would be my sexiest wearing ever!  Hao Hai Xiu  (shy *blush* )

Because I was having p*****, so I couldn't join the water game but instead of that I take pics with HQ colleagues which most of them I don't even know their name!  Lolzzzz
Let me show you some pictures now.
I drank, really drank and you can see that from my face!  Lolzzzz

After the night and after the picture was expose to Facebook especially the one with my naked, sexy back, there are people who come approach me.  Like friends who didn't contact me for long find me in all sudden and asked me why was I so sexy and told me that I should take more sexy pictures.  Lolzzz
Don't think that this is a good thing to me but a friend of mine said this is a good thing because that's mean I am actually a pearl oyster because after I open my shell, I'm as bright as pearl!  

ps: I thought I am always pretty?  Hahahaha!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Superb Annual Dinner 2013

Last month we received an email informing us that 9th of November will be our annual dinner.  The theme of the annual dinner will be BEACH THEME, so we have like more than a month time to prepare for the theme.
So you know la I always excited on decorating those fashion and love to explore this kind of things one.  So I went to search Google Image for beach wear so I can match with the theme and at the end I came out with an idea that is wear bikini inside with sarong batik outside.  

I was looking for bikini online but it seems like all are pre-order, and for those that are ready stock I need to spend more than 100 bucks!  So I rather give up on searching online.  Some how I went to search for scarfs for the sarong and was thinking to just use bra as inner wear.  Guess I'm lucky enough cause I see promotion!  There was promotion where I can have 2 pairs of bikini with only 100 bucks!  So I asked my colleague (a.k.a. mama) to share with me.  I finally have my very own bikini then.  Hee~ 
Well well, I don't have sexy body shape and with super big tummy so I can't just wear the bikini like that walking around, so I have to find a way to cover up those ugly part of mine.  By the way, the bikini are awesome right?  I really have to do something with my body shape so I can wear like this bikini and have sun bath overseas (Bali perhaps?)
I actually know where we were staying before we heading to the hotel.  We stayed in Thistle Hotel (5 stars hotel leh), the swimming pool there is big and they even have private pool for our party!  Awesome right?! So that's the view from my balcony of my room!  Superb!

However, the worst part is I am having menstrual so I was unable to jump into pool and have fun with others, plus we were quite late when we reach the hotel, so we would rather to use the time to prepare and make up for the night than swimming.  Lol!
After done the preparation, the must thing that we would do is pictures time!!!  We think we are pretty after dress up and make up, so we don't want to waste this opportunity and take picture non-stop!
There are more pictures coming on, but sorry I don't have pictures with me...  Lolzzz!  No choice, I'm using China made phone, so the camera is not nice!

Hey, I have the six sense telling that one of us will be going to get lucky draw this year, and it happened that I'm the lucky one!  I got a power bank!  Thank you CBSA.  :)
That night was awesome, I drank, I dance, I hug!  Lolzzzz  
I was having menstrual but I ended up in the pool.  I was totally got wet but it was fun la, relationship of me and HQ colleagues got closer.  Haha!  If you were asking me which one having more fun, the previous annual dinner or this one, I would say 'Of course this one la!'  Lolzzzz....

Can we have this level or higher level of fun again during sales launching?  Seriously I enjoyed!

ps: I was so lucky and the luck will continue~

Friday, November 8, 2013

'He' is Here!!!

The watch that I have been waiting is finally here!  My earliest birthday present of the year!  

Can you see how gorgeous is the watch?  Damn, he is so handsome!  

Specially thank you to my manager who introduce the boss so I can get cheaper price and of course thank you my colleagues who helped me to bring me this handsome back.  Haha!
You never know how excited am I now.  I'm really superb happy with the watch!

ps: Hello baby~
ps: PD tomorrow.

Something Good To Share

The Tutor sent me this link and asked to watch.  This is exactly the same thing that he mentioned to me earlier which you can read from this post.  So I downloaded the video and finally got the time to watch.  He sent me this video is like 2 days ago.  Lolzz

This is quite meaningful video, so I decided to share to you all.  Hurmp... about what I think and what I get from here I should share it next time cause I need to head to work d!  Lolzzzz

ps: TGIF!!!

Movie With Bro & His Friend

Okay, this is like I never got the chance to watch movie with bro, I mean only bro and I.  Lol!  Somehow I still manage to watch movie with him & his friend whom I also know.  Yeah, bro is back home for a week, after like 2 months studied in UNIMAS (located in Kuching, Sarawak).  

Since he wants to watch Thor and I also want to watch Thor, I asked him to buy ticket on the other day when he went for Insidious 2.  Talking about Insidious 2, a friend of mine did ask me to go watch together last month when he was back in Kuantan, but I rejected him because I scare of watching horror movie in cinema.  I feel that watching horror movie in cinema is like waste of money cause I will just close my eyes for the whole session.  Damn.

Anyway, I think this movie is nice, at least is much better than Special ID.  Special ID sucks and the movie gave me the feeling of 'why is this movie so long one' ? LoL!!!!  But this movie, Thor doesn't give me the feeling that is long but I enjoy the whole 2 hours!  There are part of love, part of sentimental, and also rage.  I mean is nice lo!  

This movie got 3D or not a?  If got 3D I would recommend for 3D cause I think the effect should be nice.

ps: TGIF!!!!!
ps: tomorrow going to port dickson for pool party!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Hello Kitty Fever Is Back AGAIN!

I think McDonald is very evil.  I mean McDonald is a devil!  They have the previous Hello Kitty Collection and now it comes back again.  Sigh.  I collected the whole collection of Hello Kitty last time with having McDonald as lunch every once a week for 5 weeks!  Can you imagine that?

Hello Kitty Collection  You can read my previous post about the Hello Kitty.

The new collection of Hello Kitty with the theme Fairy Tales is really damn nice.  This collection is nicer than the previous one but too bad I am not allowed to buy any of it anymore.  Mommy has been nagging me since after I bought the previous collection.  

After you see the picture I bet you will also think that they are so cute!!!  I really can't resist from buying them la, but at the same time I also dislike the nagging from mommy...  So I have to let go from buying them already or else my ears are going to pain for long.  

They are so damn cute la... sobs...

ps: anyone out there willing to give me whole set without asking me to buy?  Lolzzzz
ps: I am really day-dreaming...  Haha

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Pre-Watch

I am in love in a watch which I saw last few months.  When I was having my window shopping, I went into a watch shop and try out some watches.  Actually I do have the intention to buy one for myself but I couldn't find one that I really love it very much until I met this one.
Can you see how gorgeous is her?  I am in love with her already from the first sight.  I decided to get her but I was out of budget.  So until I went to KB (Kota Bharu) last 2 weeks, my Boss has a friend who actually have this watch business so I asked him about this watch.  (I actually can hardly find in Kuantan already because the one I saw already sold out. ) 

I am glad that he has one!  So now my colleagues are helping me to collect for me from there!  I am soon going to have this baby with me.  I'm so in love now!  
Before I having this, I got another good news from mommy.  She said she will give me a watch as my birthday present!  WHICH I am going to get this for free!!!!!   

Thanks mummy!!! 

For your information, this watch cost me RM0.5k.  

ps: guys, save money for my birthday present please... Lolzzzz
ps: I really love the watch like crazy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Tutor


就证明了你自己的内心世界的其中一部分“没有被满足” ,赶快去探讨深思是什么原因,要有能力的去和不满一同走在一起。


而内心的不满足就使我们要对方做出满意的东西 “为什么你讲话那么大声?” 之类的。




I'm lazy to to translate into English but you go for Google Translate, I believe you will find the translation funny because I think it is funny.  Don't worry if you really don't know how to read Chinese, you can PM me for the meaning or go for Google Translate which it will give you slightly accurate meaning.  LoL

My tutor sent this to me and ask me to figure out myself.  However, in the end of course he explained to me again.  Somehow life is always + or - , or you can say every shape has it different faces, even something round has different angle of faces.  It is like how we see something or how we want something to be.  Thoughts and thinking.

I'm not a perfect person, I am sure about it too but of course sometimes when something happen I choose to ignore the thing happen or just have the attitude of 'let it be'.  I never know that this could be a problem, cause I thought that this is actually a way of reducing problem from creating more problems.  I am just trying to avoid from creating more problem.  Until this fella told me about this only I realize that actually this is what we call as avoiding to face the problem in the other of way of thinking.  Well, what he says was true too, it depends how I think of that problem.  

Somehow, this has become a habit of mine.  I would rather choose to keep quite and then complain to others (well, complain for nothing also actually) then I wouldn't voice out or tell the problem out to the person who involve.  Also I admit that I always choose to run away from scene rather than stay to help up.  Selfish, I would say. fml

Many people would say I am stubborn to listen to advises, but I would say that I am lazy to change my habit which I am now need to overcome this bad habit as well.  

Still, God Bless Me.

ps: nah... 2 posts today leh... Lol!

I'm An Adult Now

I don't know what should put this as title.  You know what?  I actually have lots of confession to confess here, but when time passed and I now I'm no longer the Cai Yi that I was where I posted everything in blog.  I don't think here belong to me anymore but belong to the whole Internet users where I can't confess everything here anymore.  I can only filter up everything before confession.  

I'm an adult now.

Last time, no matter how busy am I, I will definitely spend an hour or few hours to update my post and sharing around with friends how I feel but now I couldn't do that anymore.  I must aware of what I am posting.  Guess this is like what one of my friend said, we must learn to be different people when we are facing different kind of people.  

Oh yeah, about my name.  If you could notice, I used to use Cai Yi and I changed to Chai Yie recently.  Even in my Facebook or my new name card I am already using Chai Yie instead of Cai Yi already.  This is like Feng Shui la actually.  I had been unlucky recently so someone just helped me and she suggested me to use this name unless for those very important occasions only I use my original name.  Well, the pronunciation still the same, so don't worry of calling the wrong name of mine.  =)

Talking about luck, recently I mean the whole year I couldn't find my luck becoming any good at all.  However I am super sure that God loves me because He protected me all along until I'm still alive and healthy now typing here updating my blog.  God Blessed ME!
Yeah, I know right...  It is so important to be grateful and blessed all the time so I can appreciate all the things I have in present and also past.  

Last time we used to yum cha with friends as social way but now in the working rules, my colleague forces me to drink 'western tea' instead of just yum cha.  You know what is 'western tea'?  It is also called or known as beer.  fml
I don't like to drink actually but I always forced to drink and with all the excuses of table manner, I have to drink the whole cup one shot.  Seriously that really suffered me a lot but somehow I have to show a lil manners where I will drink some and not finish it, cause I really can't finish it due to the weird taste of the beer.  

I wonder, why some people will think beer taste nice.  Guess they will ask me, why is plain water taste great to me!  Lol

Somehow, like my tutor said.  (I guess it would be more appropriate to say he is my tutor or keep saying my friend.  Lol)  I must learn to be social-like, learn to drink and be more tolerate with one another which I'm sucks in being tolerating.  Seriously thank God I have friend like him where he would tease me so I can become a better person where he would say out my negative and asked me to change.  (I wonder I got become a better one already or not... lol)

You know what is the best moment for me?  The best moment of mine is spend the day have shopping or window shopping with songs inside my ear, and then sit down in Starbucks with a cup of hot chocolate with a book on my hand and songs in my ear for the rest of the evening.  Super relaxing and peace moment.  I guess.

ps: I'm enjoying now also because I'm having my headphone with songs while updating blog!  It has been since very very long time I did like this already.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorry Title + Updates

I am so sorry for not update the blog for this long.  I mean is like 2 months since the last month I update!  Sorry...

I am so not good recently as in I'm not in super good mood when I am typing this because of someone.  He just said that I look fat already and that stupid sentence had just ruined my mood.  I'm so useless!  Damn...  I don't know why after working I have been difficulty in losing weight already.  So I look plump now, people who want to praise me will say I'm cute but people who wanna tease me then they would say I'm fat.  

Recently there were lots of story from friends, especially those that related to relationship.  I seriously couldn't except what they are doing and how they are acting with all the situation, I don't know why and they would say I'm old-minded because I act like an old lady thinking.  Fml
Just to me life are always beautiful and perfect, I never know that all the triangle or square relationship will really come to my wonderland.  So when this happens to my friends beside me, I would feel that that is really unacceptable.   

Oh ya, after working for almost a year, I finally got my confirmation letter.  I know right, this is like 'what?  now only you got your confirmation??? '  I know right, I know right!!!  People take 3 or 6 months to end their probation but I took almost a year time to end my probation, really so shameful.  *digging big hole*

This weekend there will be annual dinner of my company but this time no longer in KL or Selangor area but in Port Dickson!  I never been to Port Dickson before and this gonna be the first time for me to go there.  Guess what is the theme that they fix for the night?  BEACH WEAR !  The first thing came to my mind of beach wear is bikini, so I'm going to wear that together with sarong to the night.  Trust me, this is so gonna be my very first time for everything.  wtf

For the bikini, will show you guys the picture later after the annual dinner.  Haha! But I really feel paiseh to wear bikini only.  Lolzzz  No body shape to share to public leh~
I think that's all for now, will update again soon.  I promise.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Awesome Moon Cake 'Legend'

I am trying to change myself into a better one and so many obstacles recently for me to achieve what I want.  I am trying so hard to please everybody but some of them think that I have bad intention of doing that.  Argh!!  Whatever la, cause I don't live to please anyone but only please myself.  So I don't wanna care anymore but live happily and meaningful, that would be better.  I am pretty sure about that.

Yenie asked me one day whether want to join for an activity of teaching primary school students to make moon cake.  I was like since I'm free and I am going to be free on the date that she mentioned, I decided to join so I can learn to make moon cake also!

Yesterday I made some as thank you gifts for some of my friends.  Went to Yenie's house to make since I am not very good in this, having a free, experienced teacher is better than I do alone without any experience!
Seriously, I feel so proud because we managed to do all these! Yum!!
They looked awesome right!  I think this is already very good for first learner!  

So today I went to the primary school to become volunteer teacher to lead and teach all the cute little children to make their own moon cake.
Seriously feeling awesome when see all the children enjoy their time so much over there!
By the way, I got to meet new friends too!  Elora and Giulia.  Both of them are lovely.  Guess what, JT almost got insane because of them because of their beautiful eyes.  Haha!  
Notice that or not?!  They have blue eyes and grey eyes!!!  So beautiful.  Can you guess what's their age?
Anyway, they are going to stay in Malaysia for student exchange program for a year, really hope they find Malaysia is a wonderful country.  Did I mention that they are from Italy?  I think I should ask them to recommend me one handsome Italian.  Lolzzz!!
Of course not forget the person who ask me to join this wonderful activity.  Thanks love.

ps: super tired weekend but I 100% enjoy the weekend because I really fully utilize my weekend doing superb things.  
ps: sometimes don't be over to ask for more.  I am really grateful for what I have now. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


三百万元一堂课?值得看?我看后, 觉得太值了!但我只用了五分钟!为了大家,我也转了!

一只骆驼,辛辛苦苦穿过了沙漠, 一只苍蝇趴在骆驼背上, 一点力气也不花,也过来了。 苍蝇讥笑说:骆驼,谢谢你辛苦把我驼过来。再见! 骆驼看了一眼苍蝇说: “你在我身上的时候,我根本就不知道, 你走了,你也没必要跟我打招呼, 你根本就没有什么重量, 你别把自己看太重,你以为你是谁。” 
著名表演艺术家英若诚曾讲过一个故事。 他生长在一个大家庭中,每次吃饭 都是几十个人坐在大餐厅中一起吃。 有一次,他突发奇想, 决定跟大家开个玩笑。 吃饭前,他把自己藏在饭厅内 一个不被注意的柜子中, 想等到大家遍寻不着时再跳出来。 尴尬的是: 大家丝毫没有注意到他的缺席, 酒足饭饱,大家离去, 他才蔫蔫地走出来吃了些残汤剩菜。 从那以后,他就告诉自己: 永远不要把自己看得太重要, 否则就会大失所望。 

被称为美国人之父的富兰克林, 年轻时曾去拜访一位德高望重的老前辈。 那时他年轻气盛,挺胸抬头迈着大步, 一进门,他的头就狠狠地撞在门框上, 疼得他一边不住地用手揉搓, 一边看着比他的身子矮去一大截的门。 出来迎接他的前辈看到他这副样子, 笑笑说: “很痛吧!可是, 这将是你今天访问我的最大收获。 一个人要想 平安无事地活在世上,就必须时刻记住: 该低头时就低头。 这也是我要教你的事情。” 
这个故事真实而简单,但是它告诉我们, 一定要学会认识自己, 千万不要把自己看得太重。 这个世界上,每个人 都很重要, 但是离了谁地球都照样地转。 一个人可以自信,但不要自大; 可以狂放,但决不能狂妄; 可以健康长寿,但不可能万寿无疆; 能够力挽狂澜,但决不可能再造乾坤。 
不把自己看得太重, 其实是一种修养, 一种风度, 一种高尚的境界, 一种达观的处世姿态, 是心态上的一种成熟, 是心志上的一种淡泊。





一只小鸟飞去南方过冬。天实在太冷了。它冻僵了,掉在一片田野上。它躺在那儿时,一头母牛走过来在它身上拉了一堆屎。冻僵的小鸟躺在粪堆里,开始感觉到了温暖。牛粪确实使它暖和过来了。 它躺在温暖的牛粪中,异常高兴,并开始唱起歌来。 一只过路的猫听到鸟叫赶过来看个究竟。顺着声音,它发现了牛粪下的小鸟,并迅速把它拖出来吃掉了。 
(1) 并不是每个在你身上拉屎的都是你的敌人。 
(2) 并不是每个把你拖出粪堆的都是你的朋友。 
(3) 当你深陷粪堆中的时候,最好闭上你的鸟嘴 


爹对儿子说,我想给你找个媳妇。儿子说,可我愿意自己找!爹说,但这个女孩子是比尔盖茨的女儿!儿子说,要是这样,可以。 然后他爹找到比尔盖茨,说,我给你女儿找了一个老公。比尔盖茨说,不行,我女儿还小!爹说,可是这个小伙子是世界银行的副总裁!比尔盖茨说,啊,这样,行! 最后,爹找到了世界银行的总裁,说,我给你推荐一个副总裁!总裁说,可是我有太多副总裁了,多余了!爹说,可是这个小伙子是比尔盖茨的女婿!总裁说,这样 ,行! —— 生意就是这样做成的。 


很久很久以前,人类都还赤着双脚走路。 有一位国王到某个偏远的乡间旅行,因为路面崎岖不平,有很多碎石头,刺得他的脚又痛又麻。回到王宫后,他下了一道命令,要将国内的所有道路都铺上一层牛皮。他认为这样做,不只是为自己,还可造福他的人民,让大家走路时不再受刺痛之苦。 但即使杀尽国内所有的牛,也筹措不到足够的皮革,而所花费的金钱、动用的人力,更不知凡几。虽然根本做不到,甚至还相当愚蠢,但因为是国王的命令,大家也只能摇头叹息。 一位聪明的仆人大胆向国王提出建言:「国王啊!为什么您要劳师动众,牺牲那么多头牛,花费那么多金钱呢?您何不只用两小片牛皮包住您的脚呢?」国王听了很惊讶,但也当下领悟,于是立刻收回成命,改采这个建议。
小哲理: 想改变世界,很难;要改变自己,则较为容易。与其改变全世界,不如先改变自己--「将自己的双脚包起来」。改变自己的某些观念和作法,以抵御外来的侵袭。当自己改变后,眼中的世界自然也就跟着改变了。如果你希望看到世界改变,那么第一个必须改变的就是自己。 



Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jordanian Bachelor's Night

A day before I text Jerusha and asked her when we will go out cause I still owe her something for her birthday.  She didn't reply.
The next morning, she replied.  She asked me to bring her out for the shopping because she needs a dress for dinner and then she asked me to go along to the bachelor's night at Hyatt Hotel!  (only for ladies.. Lol!!)

Seriously I thought the bachelor's night would be included guys and ladies, so I was kinda excited to join the night, at least I can get to know more friends.  But still okay la, cause I get to see lots of pretty ladies and have lots of superb food there! ;)  It was black theme so I need to have something black on myself.

Took some picture before Jer came to pick me up!  I didn't buy anything for the night, I'm so lucky that I have black dress where I usually wear for work, so I'm consider lucky!
Took some pictures with Jer before and during the event!  I regret didn't put on super thick make up cause all of the guests there were with heavy makeup!!!  Lolzz  Of course there are lots of super pretty ladies.  I didn't have the courage to ask to take pictures with them, really regret and feeling stupid now for not doing what I wanted last night.

Besides having super tasty food, I had something special too!
I had Henna on my hand!  They invited an Indian lady to specially draw Henna for the bride and guests, so I waited for so long for my turn, because I realize some people are just don't know how to queue for their turn. >.<  Still I think I'm super lucky because I have the special design among others! ;)
Awesome!!! ;))
I had superb night but with a lil tired and overload of food in my stomach.  I really gained lots of weight during this holiday!  I really have to put up my mind and start with my diet plan already or else I am going to become super round after this.

ps: I am in love with Henna!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya (Happy Holiday!)

Finally there is holiday!  I wanted to have a holiday which of course weekend is not included la, and yes!  now I'm enjoying holiday at home.  Lolzzzz  Lots of my friends were asking why not I plan for holiday trip on these few days of holiday, at least enjoy my life out from my house, but seriously I don't know where to go la.  A friend of mine did ask me for outing but I rejected as in some reasons.

Still, I decided to spend my day today to prepare food that my sister has been always asking for since I came back from University.
Cheesy wedges and also homemade sushi!  I have been long time no cook all this already because I started to become lazy since I started to work.  I would feel like damn lazy to do housework after I work, feeling damn damn tired.  So I make working and tiring as excuse not to cook at home and choose to ask them eat outside.  Lol!

Somehow, still finally I cooked!  Lolz!!
Happy Raya anyway.

Btw, here is my face of Day 3.
Not sure whether it getting better or not, but I'm sure that it doesn't get worst.  Guess it is a very good improvement already!  I can do nothing but be patient so my pretty face can become pretty back.  Lolzzz

ps: again, happy holiday peeps~