Sunday, July 29, 2012

Officially A Month

As you know Wednesday is movie day because of the half price of each ticket.  Of course I will never miss this opportunity to watch movie with friends although I was very tired for movie.
2 hours and 44 minutes movie, it consider long to me and I think they talk too much in the movie. wtf.  I watch The Dark Knight few days before I watched this movie, so I still get and understand some of the actors inside.  Anyway, the movie is surprising me at the end of the story.  Worth to watch thou.

From the first day I start my internship, 25 of June, now is official a month already.  Yes, I do feel that I have already been there for three months although it is only a month.  I make new friends there and I also understand and get to all the policy inside.  Now boss asked me whether I want to stay or not since he is leaving.  Leave or not just to inform him.  However, I am scared to face all the masks inside the company but I understand that all this happens in every company, so it is the same even if I want to work in other company.
I still have 2 months left there, so now I'm thinking whether I want to stay or not.  2 months time to think. =D

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chubby Me

Heading to grandma's house.  It has been almost three months before the last time I went back to grandma's house.
Enjoying the view when I was sitting at the back.  Seriously it has been long time I got to sit at the back because I always am either driver or sit beside driver.  However, it is not comfortable sitting at the back because I prefer the view from the front side.  >.<

I am trying hard to reduce my weight but too bad it is hard for me because I love food so much.  I am not allowed to eat more but I can't resist to have such delicious food.  Like mommy said, food lovers always have the problem of losing weight because it is a super difficult job to lose weight if they don't control what they eat.
Seriously FML.

By the way, I wonder.  Is it shameful or pathetic when a person got no boyfriend before when he or she is already 20+ years old?  I really don't understand why there are people who think that this is pathetic thou.

ps: sometime we don't want to accept a person is because we don't want to hurt that person.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

After 3 months Please

I don't know why I got the phobia of adding people into my facebook or giving them my blog link especially my colleagues.  Calvin asked me to give him about my blog today so he can follow.  He asked when I asked him whether I can update my blog in the office!  I really feel so regret of asking him such question until he wanna follow mine. >.<

I feel so weird when you meet them everyday and then you post lots of your own feeling in the blog and then he/she comes to read your blog!  Ah... I also don't know how to explain how I feel.  You know some people they tend to share your feeling where you post in public to everybody.  Sometimes you want some one see it but you don't want people to share so publicly.  Do you get what I mean?

Alright, then Calvin ask for my FB account so he can add me.  Now he is in my friend request list and waiting for my approval only.  WHY he didn't want to add me after 3 months?  Why now???! wtf.
Since Calvin's sis (Bi Juan) was my junior, and I so kepo cause I go to find them every time when I free.  I told her about this and she asked my blog link too!  wtf.  I made so many mistake today!  

I added Bi Juan not long ago after I work there but that's because she is my junior!  Plus there isn't any conflict cause she is not in the same department also.  Now someone is trying to threaten me that if I didn't approve his friend request, then my weekly report will remain unsigned.  Walao!
(But I know he is kidding la, he will never be that mean and cruel =p)

ps: hopefully non of them got my blog link yet.  If really got it already, I can see my dead day coming. wtf.

Zenith Hotel First Annual Dinner 2012

I should say I'm so so so lucky that the annual dinner is held when I am still working there as internship.  Oh of course that it would be super super great if I'm already work there for more than a year too.
Since I'm just so lucky and friends and colleagues asked me to go to enjoy, so I finally decided to go.  (I only can go to eat, I got no door gift or lucky draw because I'm just trainee there.)  I simply wear because I am lazy to find a suitable dress plus I do think that I'm just the extra staff there, so I shouldn't grab all the attention. =p
Simply grab a shirt and a pair of pants that I got online, I'm really lazy to find clothes for this event. :x  (I'm so fat!!!)
 Food we have during the night...  (I didn't eat much because of stomachache...)
Prizes of the night!  I really jealous to that person who got galaxy SIII!!!  I wanted the phone so much and I was so excited when I got to know that the phone is in the list of lucky draw!  But too bad that I wasn't in the list of being the lucky person because I wasn't allowed to have lucky draw!

I thought the whole event will be super grand and I really did look forward to the event, but somehow it disappointed me.  There are so many of them who wore nicely and there are also some of them who purposely rent custom and nice dress from out there just to attend to the event.  I can see they put lots of effort in this event!  Maybe they want to win the prize of the best dresser!  :x
My boss, (he doesn't allow me to put his picture or take his picture, so I ask for his picture of his back! XD) he is super funny guy but of course he is a very strict person too!  (I know I have to be super alert when I need to settle my 'homework') He is super humor and I can see that he is a good father. wtf.  I have been feeling jealous towards those who have superb daddy lately.  >.<
Anyway, he said I was so different with spectacles and without spectacles.  He even told me not to wear spec to work on the next day or else I will be kicked out from the office.  (wtf??)  He somemore said if I still go on with this look, I will become 'lou gu po'.  (meaning that I got no boyfriend or husband when I'm older)

This really make me wonder, do I really look so different when I am with spec and without spec?
It is still the same me!  (I drank! that's why my face is so red!)
Let me ss awhile. wtf.
I think that I'm good to be original, because I don't hope my friends or future partner get to know me because I'm sooooo 'pretty'. wtf.  I just want to be who am I, but of course if there is such event I am willing to make myself look gorgeous to attend the event!  Who doesn't want to be pretty to attend a event?

ps: happy pretty to me =p

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Become One Step Older =)

I never know this will happen to me.  I have this experience but that was when people confess to me.  I never know that there will be my chance to confess to someone else!  I also never know that I will have this feeling.  They said this is love at the first sight and I think it is. =D
So I confessed to this person and it didn't go well but good thing is we are still friends.  However, that make me so lucky that he didn't accept me because I know it would be weird as we are not close to each other yet! (I don't even know his full name. wtf)  And I am proud of myself for being so brave to bring this step out. =D

I know this is going to make so many people who are reading this feel surprise that I will make this move.  Well, I also feel surprise and I don't know where I got that courage and tell him about this.  So say: Fuck Yeah!
After this I have become one step older because I know that confess to someone is not a stupid thing because it is just about telling a person how you feel towards him or her.  It is not big deal when somebody rejected you, so I don't understand why there are some people will feel sad or depressed when being rejected.

Anyway, I feel if you have something on that person, go ahead and tell him or her about how you feel.  The feeling is not just about you fall into him/her but also feeling that you think he or she is nice.

ps: I know this action is kinda selfish but it is not wrong to tell a person how you feel.  Just don't push that person too much or you will lose him/her.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

McD Chicken Foldover

Finally got promotion on Foldover already.  Have you ever try Chicken Foldover from mcD?  I have tried and I like it so much.  
Buy 1 and get 1 free.  It is a superb promotion where you can now spend RM9.10 for 2 ala carte Chicken Foldover.  =D
Sis, mommy and I love this so we went to buy on 12 of July.  I think nobody use this coupon or I think there are very few of them notice this promotion because even the staff there also got no idea about this promotion where they have to ask their supervisor to confirm this promotion!

So we bought 3 chicken foldover and get another 3 free.  Funny thing is they gave us back our coupon after we pay for the amount.  Usually they will keep the coupon as proof that customer use this coupon to redeem the promotion and we got our coupon back.  Since they give, of course I take it back la, so I can use them again! =p  (I'm always this evil.)

Go right click on the picture and save the picture and then print out to get your own Chicken Foldover!  =D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Complication of Two

When people are together happily they feel everything is nice and sweet; but when the two of them got into fight, they started to feel everything is shit and even people around them are bad.
What is this all about?

It is weird, really weird. 
It is true that someone you have to be cruel in this situation, I understand because I experienced before.  I admit that I'm not good in settling all this too and I wonder during my cruel time, is the same problem occur?  
I don't know because nobody tell me about this.  Some how I still think my situation is much easier to settle because it never begin, so it was just to prevent it to happen.  But in this case it is started and it has to be stopped and push a side.

Sounds weird huh?

I also don't know how to describe all this.  You will understand when you go through all this.  (I'm crapping.)

ps: knowing ignorance is knowledge, ignoring knowledge is stupid.

Sunday, July 8, 2012






ps: 就是喜欢这种感觉~

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Movie Fiesta

After I start to work, here come movie fiesta.  I haven't get my first salary but I start to spend lots of money already.  It is so true that money can buy happiness.  wtf.
I mentioned before that the first movie was with mommy and sis (ghost movie), the second movie was with my sis only (Painted Skin) and I have watched another 3 movies after that.  Conclusion, I have already watched 5 movies in this 3 weeks. wtf.

I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Madagascar 3 and The Amazing Spider-man.  
I wanted to watch Abraham Lincoln with my bro, but at the end I FFK him and he keep nagging me about this.  (so sorry)  By the way, I don't think that movie is very nice as most of the feedback, maybe is because I watched in the old cinema which is not very comfortable (I got backache).  Anyway, the story is predicable where I can really predict the whole story.  Maybe you should try to read the book, I heard they say the book is nice.

And then Madagascar III the next day.  It was so rush that day suddenly decided to go watch that movie.  Actually when we went to watch Abraham Lincoln, we planned to watch Madagascar III but since Abraham Lincoln also almost the same time, so we watched Abraham Lincoln first and the next day Madagascar III.  Poor Leong has to eat 2 hot-dogs as dinner.  Lol!
This movie is super funny!  When the movie started I start laughing from the beginning until the end.  Just the part when they found out Alex lied to the circle, I feel that part touch.  No wonder bro recommend me this movie!  Anyway I watched this movie in the old cinema also, but I didn't feel backache at all.  (I think it is because of the quality of the movie =p)

Surprisingly, both of the movie above is like Sagittarius' outing!  Joe, Leong, Hui Yuan and me are all same horoscope!  Lol!!! 

Yesterday Leong suddenly called and ask me out for movie.  I didn't want to go because The Amazing Spider-man just released and I know the ticket sure expensive, so I rejected but he said the ticket is free!  wtf.  I die die also want to space out my time for that. >.<  Then Leong said got one more extra ticket so I asked my bro to go.  (sis doesn't want to follow)  I think if Joe is here, then there wouldn't be extra ticket already.
I like to watch action movies than ghost movies, so this movie is perfect to me.  Although the story is almost the same, but I think this one is much better.  First of all is because the spider-man in there is so handsome!!! and Jack (secret circle, but his name in this movie is flash if not mistaken) is in there too!!! wtf!!!  Let me show you the difference.
Handsome Packer 
and BLue Eye Packer.
Anyway, I think The Amazing Spider-Man is amazing!  So lucky I get to watch in cinema free!!!  Thanks Leong!  Oh by the way, Leong said it's not really nice and Debbie said it is not really nice too!!!  Hui Yuan and I understand what it is going on. =p  They start to have same point of view already! XD  (You know I'm not joking. =p)

ps: Kuantan is so crowded now...

Some Annoying People

When will you feel annoyed?  I find someone is super annoying.  He thought that he is right about everything but he never himself in my shoes.  Maybe like what people said, I only can be with him for short time, not long time, because now I can see the longer we be together the more issues will pop-up.

There are also some annoying people where I told them who I am but they never want to listen and keep denying that I'm that kind of person.  I know who am I and I'm so sure what I am.  I have be myself for almost 23 years and you only know me for less than 5 years, so don't judge me.  I told you in the very first place but you didn't want to accept it but keep saying that I trying to hurt you and now you are complaining about me.  What is the point?

Sometimes I really feel that I'm so lucky that I didn't online so often, make myself grounded at home (unless some Sagi as me to go out).  The feeling is so nice.  Some people are just a stop in your life.  That stop can be only a stop that you might not want to turn around and have a look at there because you don't think there are memories that you want to recall back especially when you think it's hurt.

When things happen once, an ordinary person will start to be careful on everything so that he/she will not fall into that mistake again.  That's why when something bad happen once, even by other person, you will still afraid that it will happen again to you.  

Anyway, to make myself happy, I gonna stay far far away from all this annoying people. =D


My friends were wondering what I have been for this few days.  They thought I disappeared because I didn't text them nor chat with them.

I'm still alive here, facing same routine everyday make me feel boring and I get to use Internet during my work time, so I feel lazy and tired to online at night after I come back from work.  PLus I want to spend more time with my family.  So I rather spend my night time watching TV drama with them than spending another 2 hours in front of my laptop.

And I found out something recently, I can't find the interesting part from the Internet anymore.  I used to spend whole day turn on my facebook waiting friends to chat with or gossip, but now I don't find that interesting anymore.  I don't find we have the same or common topic anymore.  Maybe is because we are in different area now.  Like for instance, they were telling me that they are going for sing K session and they are going with this and that, but I don't think this is something that will make me jealous because if I am there staying near to them, I don't think I will want to go out also.  Because first of all, I don't sing K and secondly I don't really like to hang out with friends just for shopping or walking around.  If you want to ask me out, I can't accompany you to walk around, my outing must include, yam cha or makan session or movie session.  If not I will find the outing boring.

Seriously 24 hours really not enough for me, because I almost spend 9 to 10 hours a day in office and then after I go home, I feel so lazy to do anything already.  >.<  And now Saturday I have to work for half day, so I don't feel I have any extra time.

ps: really hope this 3 months can finish fast.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Since I went to Labuan, badminton has become so far away from me.  So it means that it has been awhile (quite long also la) I didn't play badminton already.  Yesterday one of my colleague asked me to join them.  Since it is free and also I want to play so much because so so so long didn't get to play already.

I felt so awkward when I reached there in the court, but since I was there, of course I must make myself play at least around and sweat before I go home.  Luckily I was early and there weren't many of them arrived yet, so I still managed to play for 30 minutes.  I think is my poor skills because I can hardly play with them!  After that 30 minutes, then most of them had their partner and play in group already.  I was sitting there with other colleagues, waiting for my chance to get into.  

Seriously, sometimes we really have to take initiative if we want to have something.  It is not always that we have the chance that allow us to take initiation.  I didn't regret that I didn't make my first step to approach them because I managed to see how they play.  Lol!  Now I know who is expertise in this sport and who is just playing around.  Haha!

Anyway, I don't I will join them again because I got sick due to bath and wash hair after 10pm.  Now I am having sore throat some more. wtf.

Anyhow, anyone wanna join me for badminton? =p

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sushi King Bonanza

Finally Sushi King Bonanza is coming again and I'm so lucky this time because unlike previous season, I got the chance to join this bonanza! (Finally!!!)
Kinda rush today actually cause I have to leave office earlier and then go pick up mommy and then rush to the mall but all worth it!
Took some pictures while waiting mommy to come out from her office.  I really not a good employee because I rather leave the office early just to go makan. wtf. (no wonder I so fat la! everything is about food only)  Anyway, I did ask for permission la, my supervisor said I can come anytime and leave anytime from work.  He is really nice lo!  But I know he is very strict in work, so I better do nice nice in work and play play during entertainment with him. =D
We went to the mall with 2 cars.  One bro drives and go with sis and the other one, I drive out from parking lot to pick up mommy from her office.  It is so convenient to have 2 cars! =D  I'm glad that I know how to drive by the way. =D
Although all plate sushi that is from the belt is only RM2, but when you eat non-stop, you still will spend a lot.  We eat non-stop until we are all super full, but when we start to count how much we have eaten, we were so surprise because total up is more than RM70! 

Seriously, this bonanza is really a good business strategy, and they early super lots because this bonanza will make you eat more than what you budgeted or planned.  Ahahahaha!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It Was Saturday!

I never want to work extra or not extra on my weekends so that I can play around and do anything that I like.  I have to work on Saturday at the place where I'm working now.  The problem is permanent staffs are allowed to work alternately on Saturday but trainee has to work every Saturday!  (I don't think is fair, so I make myself so punctual and go back home sharp at 1730h.) *evil laugh*

Supposedly I planed with my bro and sis that we gonna watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but when we reached cinema to buy ticket, just realized that the movie is only for above 18 where my sis is still underage. wtf.
So, no choice we can only watch Painted Skin with sis.  (Bro got things to do)  9pm movie.
(Mommy wasn't delight because we went to watch night movie.)
Since it is Saturday, I decided to make bubur cha cha as desserts today. 
I think I put too much of purple sweet potato dy, that's why the whole bowl looks so purplish.  Haha!  Anyway, daddy said not enough sweet but I think it is sweet enough already.  Guess enough of Saturday outing and I should spend most of my time at home with my family!

Btw, I gonna give up samsung s3 for now because I'm waiting for iphone 5 to release then will only aim back samsung s3.  Definitely after this samsung s3 will be cheaper than the price now.  Hopefully I can buy with less than RM1800. =D