Saturday, April 28, 2012


Do you ever do this?

Type out something in the typing space, trying to type out whatever thoughts that you want to share but when you type until almost the end, you move your fingers to the BACKSPACE key and erase everything?
Oh, I always do that and I believe there are lots of people who do that too!

But I believe that different condition also will cause you do that action.  Maybe you want to scold that person and you almost finish the sentence of scolding but you suddenly feel that it is not worth to scold that person so you just erase everything and leave it black or add another short word: WHATEVER.
Maybe you were sad and you wanna express how you feel, so you finally find a person to complain.  You type everything out, how you feel, how you think.  When you are about to finish, another thought came into your mind: what if this person didn't really understand how you feel?  Again you move your fingers and erased everything.  
Or maybe you are so happy, you got a very good news to share.  You're so excited to type everything out to tell your mates but suddenly you remember that your friends were in bad mood and you don't want their mood to become worst, so you change your mind from not to tell them and at the end you send nothing or just asked something regarding their problems.

Express feeling is really not an easy job especially when you have to explain your feeling not the facts.  Nobody can understand the same feeling as you unless they also have gone through the same thing.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Open Heart

What is the definition of Open Heart?  I am so confused with this.  A friend of mine told me that the definition of open heart is "someone whom you can trust entirely, won't feel that your are troubling that person by telling all your problems, will never feel the need to lie to that person." He said I just can't fully open my heart and tell someone or tell that somebody about my problem.  I don't know why.

But now, I think I know why.  I think don't tell because I know all the consequences that might happen.  I always predicted the worst before I can say anything, because I don't want that to happen, so I have to beware on what I gonna tell.  Maybe when I used this tactic for a long time, it becomes a habit and I can't help myself to throw everything out.  I think there is another reason, but I can't tell anybody of that reason, because I know if I tell people about the reason, then they will never tell me things anymore.  So why not I just keep everything myself and let them talk?  

I know that having a friend that always keeping herself everything is suffering because you want to care about her and understand her but she keeps standing at the protected area.  But I'm sorry.  I just can't tell.  


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exam Time Table

Finally the day has come.  I have been waiting for the day where the timetable of our final come out.  I went to check out at the BPA for almost once a day to hope to see the final exam timetable out!  
Today madam stand infront of the lecturer hall and announced that the timetable for subjects that taken by third year students (only third year subjects) are all having exam on the first 2 weeks, means we still have a week holiday to prepare before the internship starts.

I am so happy when she announced it and she confirm that it is confirm that the first 2 weeks we will have our papers only, cause Mama said before that she wanna come if time available after my final.  I quickly contact her regarding this and she asked me to check out for the flight ticket.

Seriously, I was so happy when she said she wants to come, but when I checked through the flight ticket, my heart hurts because it is damn costly!  Mama will definitely bring sis or bro to accompany her, but the flight ticket is like more than thousands if including mine.  Oh GOD!  Why none of my parents are staff for the flight company? ='(
I told her about this, but she said she will give me the answer tonight.  I feel very sad and helpless.  Sigh...

Guess I will take dad's suggestion and do things that I think is right although I super dislike the decision that I gonna make.

p/s: bad things make me become stronger.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last September I live my place and come to this small island to finish my last year here.  Looking backward to all the days and months, time really flies and I know I only left another 10 weeks (around 3 months) to stay here.  I'm happy that I gonna back home soon, but I'm sad that I left so few time to finish up what I haven't finish.

People were excited about their last moment here, spending their last memory here by creating some event to attend with friends.  They captured all the memories where maybe after few years they can look at the pictures and recall back all the sweet and crazy memories.  I do jealous on them who have the time to play around or maybe I should say their time management are very good because they can manage their time well in doing projects and in the same time they can enjoy their last few months here.  *face palm*

Talking about didn't go back home for almost a year, now I am missing my friends so much.  Tears rolling in my eyes when thinking of this.  I never know I can be this tough for not going home for like almost a year!  I should be proud of myself. =)  Though, I'm still jealous on those who can go back home.  Flight tickets are really very expensive for me.  I wish I can go back like they did but sorry my current financial status doesn't allow me to do so.

Bring out my phone, and social networking sites.  Message them and tell them how I miss them.  Now I know that I have to tell out that I miss them and tell them that I love them.  Let them now that I care about them too!  Never too late to tell on how you feel to them.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yolk and White

Combination of Yolk and White become a whole egg.  Eggs are always my favorite.  I can eat nothing but eggs only for whole day but unfortunately eggs are not as healthy as what I think especially the Yolk.  Yolk contains lots of fats and cholesterol where these two can cause sickness and harm our health.

I love Yolk more than anything but too bad is taking too much Yolk will harm my health and might cause death.  All the nutrient that usually people need are in the White but however I don't really like White.  White taste sucks for me but I got no choice because I have to take White to have the nutrient that humans need. 

Sometimes I just think that this is not just about Yolk and White but this sometime this kind of thing also happens in real life.  You wanted something that you like most but there are always some circumstances that block you or avoid you from getting it or own it.  You dislike something but it comes the other way round, where although you hate that most, but you still have to own it.  Funny huh?
But nothing we can do, because this is life.

You like Yolk but you can't have it, you dislike White but you must have it.  To make your life better, go and like White and forget about Yolk, then maybe you can live happier.  Live happily or sad is always your own choice.  Instead of hating it, why not put more attention and try to love it?  Instead of live without smile, why not live with a smiling and joyful life?

p/s: Life is in our own hand.






Tuesday, April 10, 2012




Monday, April 9, 2012

23rd Birthday (NOT ME)

Someone's birthday today, wished her birthday already and sang her birthday song dy! LoL!!!
Didn't do any surprise birthday today, but just a celebration for her where she can dress up nicely and go out to have something nice to eat.
She wore my dress where she can show her sexy back!  Seriously she has nice, white back where no scars at all!  
Sexy right?!  Haha!  (She is still single and available, just come to find me to get her number if you are interested) =p
When you gonna wear like this if you don't wear it during your last birthday with us?! Haha!!  You never regret you wear this. 
Oh, who is the birthday girl?  Here she is:
Pretty right, she is pretty but always thinks that she is fat!  Does she look fat in pictures?  I don't think so!!!  But, I wonder why she always with that posture every time when picture was taken?  Aren't you have any other posture to post? >.<|||
We went to the restaurant outside bluewave there to have our dinner.  Look at the picture above, what you notice?  Haha, what I can say is that's Labuan life where beer is always cheaper than any juice when you want to have drink in Labuan!  =p
Oh, don't worry about the birthday girl.  She drank more than anyone of us.  =p I seriously wonder why she can drink this much as last time when she taste one taste and she straight away go to the toilet to clean her mouth already... hurmp...
Food that we ate for just now!  They were really nice and if you are on diet, you can order the Chicken Malai Kebab because they are using chicken breast and grill it not fried it... 
A girl who always be super careful when she is in front of a camera.  The way she talks, she eats, she listens and even she smile!  (I know the last picture didn't show she laugh actually... purposely on this.. =p)  Trying to put herself in the best condition in front of the camera... Hahahaha!

Somehow, she still lost control when one thing come to her!
She always can't resist tar tar sauce like I can't resist delicious food.  She can eat hell lots of tar tar sauce and keep asking the waitress to add some more for her.  I guess her favourite food will suddenly change into fish and chips cause she can eat with tar tar sauce... =p

After everybody finish their food, I go and take the cake out to sing and eat again!  
1.  "I wish FYP can be done on time, can graduate smoothly; I wish to have a boyfriend soon; ...... " 3 wishes on the birthday.
2.  time for taking out the candles from the cake!
3.  picture of silly face after take out the candle from the cake.
4.  picture with beard where the beard were drawn by me!!!  Cute!!! XD

Happy Birthday once again!!!
Hope you really enjoy the night! <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Post From A Friend

I was reading a friend's blog, and I would like to share the post here...
The post is about how 2 strangers become a very good friends and turn in to totally stranger after 2 years.  

Seriously I wouldn't never surprise even if this happens to me, because I'm sucks in relationship, no matter in any relationship except for family bond.  If one day, friends around me didn't continue contact with me, I don't think I will contact them.  Seriously... If my current hometown friend never contacting me after our secondary, will we still friends?  I mean, are we still hanging out together?  I doubt that.
Its Beautiful When Two Strangers Become Best Friends, but Its Sad When Two Best Friends Become Strangers...

Maybe some of you think I'm cruel but I really am not good in managing all this kind of stuff.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something New on Banana

I always like to prepare delicious food especially when I want to eat or craving for food. =p  So there are some people who posted these pictures in Facebook and they look delicious, so I decided to give a try of preparing them.
pirated BANANA pie?  
Homemade banana pie sounds nicer. =p
Chocolate BANANA Popiah!!!
Alright, let's make these as ''BANANA'' theme.  Cause both of the recipes need banana!

Looking at the pictures shown above, they look like easy, but when you have to do it by yourselves, they took like so many WHY in your brain, cause you can't get the result as what shown above... #ohgodwhy.jpg
is slightly different from what shown in the recipe right?  Yeah, me think that too!  But nutella + banana is really awesome!!! #pukerainbow.jpg
I know they don't look like banana pie... But I still like them because of the banana inside.  (Seriously a big fan of banana!)
I don't think this is a successful one, but I think I gonna try again at home!  Frankly, Nutella is not that tasty when you eat with bread, but when you use it to make chocolate banana popiah, it tasted like O.M.G.!!!  
You know what I mean... *wink*

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I don't feel wanna cook for the rest of days for this week.  Should have give me a break where I don't have to cook but got to eat!  Unfortunately, this will never happen unless I go to the cafe or the stalls out there to buy myself food. =(

I'm so jealous on those who can eat but don't have to cook for their meal.  Because thinking of what you gonna cook is something difficult.  Those who don't have to worry on what to cook will never understand about this.  And the worst part is you were trying hard to prepare something that is different from what you eat everyday but out of sudden there is the someone who tease on what you cook.  

Nah... don't think because of pms...  I don't think I should blame on this... I just think it maybe because after long time, it finally explode...
Go on and hate me or think I'm bad because I am.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


When you don't feel like wanna eat something, just say no I wouldn't need to prepare yours!  It is annoying when see someone eating your food with the whole face look like has been tortured.  I would rather you throw it away than looking your face like that.  
It is really annoying.

If you don't like something, can you just say it out, at least we know what you dislike.  And maybe next time when there is such dishes, we wouldn't bother to ask you to eat together.  Seriously I really got no idea what to say about you already.  It is not the first time, and I believe it will not be the last time neither.  
Now thinking of, maybe I should eat alone next time rather than seeing you eating in that way.

p/s:  I know my cooking skill sucks... but the taste should be in that way!  sour + spicy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Some Thoughts III

Sometimes there are things that we can't control.  It just happened by it's way.  If bad things or things that we didn't expect happen (no matter is a good thing or bad thing), we can only accept it with a bless heart.  

I know sometime a relationship need to be blessed by people surrounding so that it will go and stay longer.  But like someone said, "why bother what others think?  Just go on if you think it is right! ".  It is true, but when nobody give compliment, the feeling is gonna become bad and I guess you will start thinking: "I'm I doing the right choice, decision? " 

Seriously sometimes we need people to support on what we think, at least few of them.  At least there are some who support although it might be not the majority, still we will feel much better when people stand at our side.  At least when problem really occur, someone is by your side to listen.  =)

Even if now there is no friend supporting you, I believe there are still somebody who support you always, family.  They will never abandon you anyhow.  Just tell them your problem, and they will face all the problem with you. =D

p/s:  nothing to sad of, at least you can see who will be there when you need help. =D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some People Always Think They are So GOOD!

I seriously never meet this kind of people before.  SHE thinks that SHE is so good and being nice to everybody... But seriously I suddenly feel the fake in her.  Whenever I see her, I feel wanna vomit!
Gosh!!! Now think back, I seriously got no idea why we can be this close during the last year!  Seriously WTF!!!

Damn! Now seriously got no mood already... Later on still have to meet in the class... =(  Plus there are so many food we shared that haven't cook and now have to eat together with HER!!! NO!!!  WTF!!!
Nevermind, left 3 months!!! I gonna pretend that I don't know her after this!!!

p/s: This is definitely you!!! What the FUck!!!