Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bored Night

Staying alone at home now,
only Dongdong's barking make me feel that I'm not alone,
he is running here and there,
looking outside and inside,
seems like he afraid that I'm going to disappear for half a year again.
He misses me I know,
because every morning when he sees me he will be very happy to see me again,
run towards me and jump here and there.
Showing his happy emotion.

I'm boring now and I'm tired too,
but I can't sleep yet because I just had my dinner.
Tonight dinner is delicious because I make it myself.
Foods that I want to eat, and foods that I seldom get to eat.

Tomorrow will go out again
Go to the seaside to have a walk,
Go to the beach where half a year I didn't go there.
Go to the beach where there were lots of memories.
Is last day of November.
Anything to be remember?
Anything to let go?

Let's welcome December.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding Ceremony

Last year I got wedding ceremony too when I back from Labuan.  This year a little bit small ceremony because I am not that close with that family, not as close as the previous one.
I wanted to diet de, less dinner but since got nice food and is a celebration! So I ate lots of food this 2 days!...
(Before I started the journey to Bahau, I got a huge bruises when I wanted to put my luggage at the bonnet, I was super unlucky!!! I still feel pain leh... T_T)

Took this on the buffet dinner night, which is on Sunday night.
I was guilty to eat so much but I am guilty for not try all the foods there! >.<

With my cousins...

With my sis...

After the dinner, we went back to the rented house and stay over night at there.  Can't sleep well cause eat till too full already, get to sleep at 12am lo... But don't worry, I still continue my sit-up for 50 times although I was super tired. (will try to maintain it everyday de)

The next day is the day they bring the bride back.  I got up early in the morning, cause the house rented only got one washroom, so I don't want to fight with others and I choose to use it first.  After dressing up and put on make up, I have to put on make up on my cousins and sister, and also tie hair for 2 cousins, sister and mummy.  I was really busy with that but I do happy because I make them look pretty~

There were so many protocol to follow, is kinda boring to us, kids... Anyway, I managed to take angpao from the new husband and wife~
I took pictures too!

After the long long ceremony (you know la, give tea to the elderly to drink, then they get angpao... somemore this is big family, so I waited for few hours, it was so long.... I almost fall asleep leh), we finally can have our lunch which I personal waited for long, cause I want to eat!!!
We went there at 1pm but waited for an hour for others.
Chinese are really not alert on timing... *disappointed*
While waiting, I played with my camera too~

How's the technique?
I didn't do any editing, is 100% original!

Now almost everybody has a dslr, and this really make me damn crazy!!!
I want that too la!!!

Oh ya, I did manicure myself~
Here, I show you

I'm satisfy with it. =)

p/s: feel that you all forgotten about me... Is that difficult to be forget?
p/s: I wore dress... wakaka, length is above knee... =p

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sushi Time!

It has been a long while that I didn't make sushi myself already.  Wanted to make myself in hostel de, but I got no tools for that.
Today I got the chance to make again because I'm at home already!

Everytime I get to eat sushi then I will be no hunger, because I will eat none stop although it doesn't look very delicious or tasty. 
Guess I will make it again because there are still some vineger and rice left for sushi, wanna make something special on the flavour this time and hope can find those ingredient in Kuantan~

Tomorrow going to grandma's house and then to have buffet there!
When I think of this, I will remember that my diet plan will screw up!
Argh, delicious food will be infront of me and I can't eat it???
No!!! I have to eat them, if not I will feel guilty!

Guess I have to exercise more on that already...

Friday, November 26, 2010

First Outing In This Holiday

I just reached home yesterday and I went out today.  I seriously don't feel like going out de, but I know that if I didn't go out this time, there will be no chance for me to watch that movie de.
Friends ask me out for movie, Harry Potter movie.

Went out at 1.30pm.  I was really tired and lazy to go out, but still go because I don't want to miss the movie and the secret actually. =p

Took this while I was waiting for one of my friend.

Watched Harry Potter and Deathly Hollow Part 1.

This is really seriously long movie!!! 2 hours and 20 minutes!
I was tired and I almost fall asleep in the cinema.  But luckily the movie is not bad, that's why I didn't really fall asleep~
Go and watch and bring your student card along to get cheaper price! (is actually student's price)

I'm sleepy now, guess I going to sleep soon.

I'm Home~

Suppose that I should update my blog last night, but I have to lend my laptop to my brother to watch Pokemon. Hmm... Since he got holiday and let him rest awhile la. =p

I was surprise that I don't have to wait for daddy yesterday, because usually he will make me wait whenever I ask him to pick me up or not.  This time, when I was still in the airplane, daddy called me once I turn on my cellphone, then when I was taking my luggage, daddy ady asked me where was I!  Then once I push my luggage out, daddy ady at there waiting for me!!!
So surprising!

Then daddy bring to The Curve and Ikea to have a walk since we were in KL already.  I spend time around 6 hours there, eat and walk in Ikea. Then ny start our journey back to KL. 5.30pm started the journey and reach home at 8.30pm. 3 hours ny!!!

I'm so glad and unbelievable that I'm home now. Missing mummy, bro and sis so much.  Pass them stuff that I bought for them, wine, shirts... And gave my cellphone to my sis, she is happy with it. =)
(you make sure you don't fail any subject in the future if not I will take back the cellphone. )
I miss DongDong so much, he really gets old liao.

This weekend going to have buffet dinner.  Told mummy that I don't feel like going because I'm in diet planning now, but mummy said ady told Gor Ma that I'm going. So... Suang le ba... Go and eat lo~

Later going for movie, Harry Potter~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waiting The Time

5am hasn't reach yet and I ask the van aunty to come at 5.30am. So what I suppose to do within this half an hour?
Sleep?  Can't, I scare I will oversleep la... later got flight and want to go home de leh.
Facebooking? Nobody is onlining now lo, I feel like I am playing facebook alone, so weird la... ==

What else? I can't think off le~
Self capture?

Home very soon!!! Wish myself enjoy everything and finish up everything during the holiday!
Hope everything goes smoothly~
To those who can't go back, wish you all have a good time here and take care~
Will going to miss you guys I'm sure about it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

End Of Sem 3

Sem 3 is officially end today, because today is my last paper and tomorrow I'm going back to the warmest and full of loves home.  Yeap, I'm really can't wait to reach home now, really hope I can teleport home now although I know that this is impossible.  Anyway I'm going back tomorrow, so I don't mind to wait another 12hours. =)

It is so fast that I will go home tomorrow, turning my head back to the pass, realize time passes so fast and didn't realize that one sem ends! Looking backward, I feel like I just came from my hometown and it was like just happened yesterday!

Looking at juniors came in to this campus, girls hostel been surrounded by fences, juniors are staying in Semi D and Mutiara which they got lots of nice benefits than us.
Start our class and I got 8 subjects this semester (quite a lot!)
And then 2 weeks of short mid-sem break, went to KK and Kundasang which really made lots of fun there.
I learnt to be more alert to everybody around me, know more about 'don't judge a book with its cover'
And then faced finals...
Fast huh..?

This semester is really tough actually, I saw a lot of things, faced a lot of things and even put myself in difficult situation.  I really dislike this feeling in this semester.  Anyway, can't say much also because is not what I can control right? Maybe it is the way the God wants me to learn, learn to be mature.

So, here I am! Going to be more mature because I'm going to be 21st soon!

p/s: home sweet home, can't wait this!

Voice Out Or Not

I got lots of thing to put here actually.  I wanted to voice out but sometimes when we voiced out already that will never be something sincere already, but when we didn't voice out then people will never know what you are thinking.
So, it is very important to have friends that they will know what are you thinking although you didn't tell them about what you are thinking.

It is something very contradiction but humans' thought are complicated.

Sometimes I just hope somebody will know what I'm thinking, but too bad there is nobody know me.  Is it very difficult to know somebody's thinking? Because sometimes I can really understand and know a person thinking and will try my best to do it to help up.  It is all about tender and sincere only.  If you really know somebody and really care about that person, you will definitely understand what he/she is thinking.

Maybe nobody around me being care to me yet gua, that's why nobody understand what I'm thinking.

p/s: just crapping anyway.


This time I want to share out my Art Assignment final product.
I have been spending this for around 2 days and nights, so I think I have to let people know what I was busying of, then I will feel happy of that... wakakaka

The first night we started our painting first. Paint here and paint there~

Don't know when we started to help up Edwin to paint his.
Hahax, So his product actually do have this 2 ladies hard work too!

And also first day, my poor little blade and scissors spoiled because of someone...
The scissors broken liao while the blade become super short liao. T_T
(but now I got replacement liao, no worries)

Second night of drawing, I manage to finish up the painting!
I was proud also because manage to finish up so fast. =)

When I was almost done my assignment, she just started to do hers.

That night I manage to done almost all my folio.  And I was tired for that but I'm proud that I did it so fast.

She was still doing her Art when I was already started my Mandarin revision.  This is the consequences of playing games and sleep too much.. @@
But anyway, she able to finish on time. =)
Glad she did.

And here come our final product.

Which one nicest?
Which one ugliest?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tired Of This Actually

Friends are now all asking me to keep fit, diet and so on.  I know all are worrying about me, because with my body size I will definitely can't wear on Cheongsam. Some even send me the link of getting fit in a week time!
Now I'm really tired of it, cause I have to eat something and it is not just something but lots of things to release stress, and now I'm really stress because of the 2 papers which is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.  But I'm now controlling my daily diet which didn't eat as much as before, which means that I didn't get to release some of my stress, so I have to find the other way to release it, that is PPS!
Because of that PPS+ing ady become one of my bad habit!  You know la, I'm addicted to it already!!!

Actually I feel like starting all the planning already, but is exam time I feel that I afraid I will screw up my study because I need food so much at this moment!  I wanted to start right after the holiday but I had promised mummy before this that I will follow her to attend a wedding buffet!  So when I can start all this?
I had made some scarification actually, I had been offered to eat McD so many time but I rejected all (this is the first time I been offered for 3 times a week! Usually I only get to eat McD when I ask to... )

Guess I should control my meal first, like what I checked.
Breakfast I will eat as much as I can.
Lunch I will eat something that I will feel safe.
And dinner I will eat something really healthy.

Wondering whether I can make it or not.
Guess I should do something to remind myself of that!

p/s: wish me luck for my paper tomorrow~
p/s: hope it won't be that difficult!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Left 2 but I stressed up!

Left Mandarin and Art then after the Art presentation then I can go back!
Can't wait that day to come!
(I know some others are jealous on me cause I can go back during the holiday, don't jealous cause I'm going to face the same thing too)

The day before yesterday I were rushing for my art assignment, it was really tired of doing assignment that way.  The assignment can't consider as last minute work cause it was expected to be done by the time like this.  But I just didn't know that I will spend up more than 24 hours to do it!

Now I'm worrying about my Mandarin Papers.  It will be one of the difficult paper among others.  It is not as easy as you just study them all then you can answer all the questions.  But I have to memorize it one by one to answer all the question.  
I'm really stress up studying ady.  There are so many chapters to go and I am very poor in memorizing!  Argh...

I've been controlling myself not to eat McD or heavy meal at night.  Who knows my roommate that she also should doing the same thing as mine (because we have to wear cheongsam next year) now already 3 days continues eat McD food!  A little bit worry about her because I got a mission to her!

Guess I have to get good night sleep tonight to make myself more alert tomorrow to get more studies into my brain because last night I got terrible dream that I know is because of my tiredness cause that.
Sigh, 2 more to go and 5 days then I will back to home.

Really can't wait for that!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Secrety Of Mine Recently

I'm doing my final assignment of Art.  I knew that I gonna take lots of time on it, but I didn't know that I will make myself so exhausted on that! Huh...
Well, I'm still not regret to choose this subject. =)
Just I'm too tired.

Last night didn't get enough sleep, cause I want myself to finish up everything no matter how, and I manage to do until the last part and some decoration. Is a good start I guess, cause I think I can finish up by tonight if my spirit still there~
After this I gonna have a short nap to get back all the energy so that I can continue again tonight.

p/s: lots of friends are now in their home sweet home... I miss home...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 More to Go

2 more to go!!! left Mandarin and Art.
Well, I still got one more on hand ---> Assignment!!!
Going to start later and I have to take some pics to finish up the pholio as well.
Wish me luck on that~

Something make me pissed off just now.
Really pissed off...

p/s: Maybe this is what people always say ---> selfish.
misunderstand really make lots of problem de lo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just One More Before Sleep

Tomorrow will be my 6th paper of this Final Exam.
Well, I went through all the slides, understand them, but I didn't memorize them.
I'm really bad in memorizing and I still got no way to solve this problem.

I'm helping myself diet now.
Is really crazy I know cause you finally heard this from me.
Is so suffering actually cause I'm now forcing myself not to eat when the sky turns black.
No more food after that even I'm starving.
It is just a start actually.
I tried yesterday but I ate a little bit when my roommate brought some food back.
I know that I'm really glutton.
I want to eat so much especially food is in my eyesight!
I don't know whether this works or not I just try out, hope something I want will come.

Really regret to involve because now I have to sacrifice a lot!

p/s: I have to admit that I really tam leng de lo... XD

Tuesday, November 16, 2010






1.绰号:采亿 / Wong Choi / 阿亿 / 阿采 
2.星座: 射手座 / 人马座
4.兴趣: 吃、喝、玩、乐(所以才会这么胖吧)
5.血型: O型(很慷慨吧~)



3.他的个性是:开朗、好玩、有时会搞一搞 emo 的
4.他长得怎样:可爱、有时候会很 man

4.最爱的颜色: 基本上是紫色
5.最想去的国家: 哪里有好吃的、好血拼的,我都要去! 
7.最爱的饮料: 白开水

1.你很爱哭吗: 不爱哭,但是眼泪中会默默的掉下来
2.你很爱笑吗: 爱笑,但不一定笑得开心
5.你喜欢自己吗: 有谁会不喜欢自己?
7.你喜欢体育吗: 还好,但是当可以流一身汗就很喜欢
8.你喜欢跳舞吗: 喜欢,但是不会跳啊
9.你很专情吗: 应该不会吧~


1号-→ 妹
2号-→ 慧佳
3号-→ 钰如
4号-→ 榆筠(希望没有写错)
5号-→ 欣薇
6号-→ 彩凤
7号-→ 谢玟翰
8号-→ 佩洁
9号-→ ying ying 
10号-→ 其实想玩的人都可以玩啦,就算你有被点到而不想玩我都无所谓


如果你有三个愿望 ,Tell me your wish :


Really Have To Make Up My Mind

To avoid something I dislike to happen

Now I have to do make some decision that I dislike.
Now I have to start thinking.
Now I have to do something I hate most.
Now I have to suffer.
Now I have to torture myself.

Is it this is what they say suffering then enjoyable?

The Worst Paper

Finally finished 5 papers.
APK, Database, Statistic, Accounting and Networking.

APK was okayh, cause it was just MCQ, read through the slide and with some common sense.  It wasn't a big matter plus the final was only 30%!  Well, still hope I can get an A from this... (haha, although didn't really study very hard in this)

Database.  Better programming language than previous which I am more understand in Database.  At least I didn't leave any blank answer like I did previously to the other programming subject!  (hopefully Mr. Goh wouldn't be kedukut with marks la)

Statistic.  A little bit of disappointed with the questions.  Is not because of too easy, is because some surprise in there.  Didn't expect that the question will ask by that way and I heard multimedia students said their Discrete Maths questions were came from tutorial questions! Why ours are not from tutorial questions a?? Sigh...

Another calculation subject, Accounting.  It wasn't easy too. I spent almost 2.30 hours in the hall, looking at the questions.  Some of the format of the account I forgotten, use my common sense to answer them.  Expect can score for an A for this subject, but I think this should be just a dream, cause I am confident in the first question only.

Today's subject was the first one that I feel I'm totally dead. (Sorry Sir)
Is so unbelievable that I able to write something in the answer sheet, because I was so blank at first, looking at the questions from question 1 to question 5 and then from question 5 to question 1. After 15 minutes I only started to write something.  I feel sucks. Really sucks... Because I know nothing about networking. T_T


Before Accounting paper I feel okayh, but when I was going to take Accounting, I felt like I'm bring a lot of army to the war without the general!  And today, I feeling I'm the only one who step into the war and fight alone...

Next will be Marketing..
Any tips?

Monday, November 15, 2010


Will update more post after Thursday yea... 
This week kinda pack of papers... 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

McD Free Lunch!

Yay~ is McD again!
I don't know since when I will feel happy when I get to eat McD.
As I remember that before come to this island, I seldom eat McD and I prefer KFC rather than McD.
Now I love McD so much and whenever I get the chance to eat McD, I will be super happy!

Here comes the chance again.
We got a small award from our JCN president that we can have our lunch in McD!
Yay~ McD!!!  And most importantly is free de!!!

We had our nice time there, and whole McD was full of Ninjas!!!
A grand view actually~

Here are some pictures that I managed to get~

Guess every pictures do tell what I want to say, so I don't have to type too much here la~
(actually is too lazy... l0l)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hate It When Comes To Diet!

I really hate diet, because I can't get to eat food that I like.
Don't you feel torturing when you didn't get to eat food that you like especially when food are in front of you?
I do!
I feel torturing when I can't eat something I wish to eat.
I feel torturing when I have to control to this and that!
Eating something good and something we like are something happiness!
Is a blessed for me!
And now I got 2 ways to go:
  1. continue my eating and end up can't wear on the traditional clothe.
  2. start to diet so that I will look nice with the traditional clothe.
What should I do?
Eat Or Diet?

p/s: was told that I have to wear cheongsam on that day, but actually already know it just don't feel like facing the reality. =p
p/s: when I was told to wear cheongsam, someone just voiced out that I can take this opportunity to diet. @@
p/s: so what now? diet? or eat?


This sky is so orange today.
Just orange~

p/s: lesser blog that I can read now.. T_T

Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Alrdy?

Really suspect whether I'm old now... (should be we) But I'm not officially 21st yet!
Had another study group today in Podium with Syn Wei, Edwin and Zi Hao.  (3 of us studied accounting while Zihao studied his own multimedia subject)

We really studied, but for around 3 hours. Then we spent another one hour chit chating.
Surprisingly that we chat about our young life!  We talked about our life when we were still young, around 5 to 12~ When we were still little kids..

People say when we get old we will start to think about when we were young or something that happen long time ago... 
Is that mean that we are old already??

Another Uncomfortable Night

Shit them la...
I wanted to sleep early and planned to wake up at 4am to study de.
Really F*** them!!!
Yeap! They were making noise again!
at 2am midnight!!!

Talking so loud that they think they are the only people in the whole house is it?
walking and running like king kong scare other people don't know that they are passing by is it?
laughing so loud to let other people know that they have something nice to do is it?

Really pissed me off leh!!!
This time I really beh tahan liao, I went out and told them that they were noisy and make me can't sleep.
But they didn't seem to slower their volume!
Never considerate at all.

This morning I told one of them that last night they were really very noisy and wake me up until can't really sleep well.
Then I act curious and ask why they don't have to sleep for whole night (cause they make noise from 2am until 6am when the sun started to rise also can heard their voice)!
But who knows that she told me that she slept right after her exams then study during the midnight.
Nobody will stop you from study in the midnight while others are sleeping, but please be considerate la.
We still want to sleep de ma...

Feeling scolding them!!!

and my clothes, which hanging at the balkoni there were mix with my roommate!
Fuck them la...
simply touch my clothes and mix around liao!
My clothes all were almost dry and she mixed with my roommate's which are still wet!!!
now my clothes are wet again!!!
So busybody!!!

If scare of birds then go into your room to study la!!!

Really pissed off la!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is my favourite porridge~
I will always ask mummy to buy ham dan and pi dan so that I can cook to eat with porridge~
Usually I will add some pork with it but now in campus can't eat pork...
So bo huat..
Just eat with ham dan and pi dan nia~

yum yum~
Mummy, I wanna ear again when I go back~
Let's make it as breakfast on my birthday~

p/s: don't worry I will make it myself~ and let you all eat it.
p/s: it is 100% halal k!