Saturday, February 23, 2013

Common & Different Channel

Guess most of you are still in Chinese New Year mood and extremely unwilling to head back to your seat and face tons of work that had left back during your absents (especially those paper work for Chinese who had taken extra leaves for the holiday).  
Yeah, I am still in holiday mood but I am pretty sure that I need to know well that I should have pack my holiday mood now and go on with the working mood on.  (Discipline! Cai Yi, Discipline!!!)  Fml

Okay, this is going to be a post that kinda boring cause it will be something about myself which is kinda annoying too!  So think wisely before you really want to continue to read the entire post.  I don't know to ruin your mood but if you insist, don't blame me or curse me for screwing your mood.  ;)

What you read end here, don't wish to spread this all around.  Thanks in advance! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Third Day of CNY (大年初三) + nonsense

Sorry for the long late post. =)

It has been a disaster since I woke up.  I knew that today I will have to go back home (Ktn) alone and I was planned to go back with daddy as he is going back from Ipoh too!  I didn't plan to go back with relatives who also live in Kuantan and also going back on the same day as I am because he didn't give me the confirmation earlier.  
So at the end I still insisted to go back myself with daddy.

It wasn't easy to ask bro to fetch me to Temerloh to meet daddy.  As like the whole family got into trouble just because of me but the selfishness in me told me that I should go on with my own plan because I knew I will regret for not going back with daddy.  I don't want to feel any regret on what I do.
And so I reached Kuantan with daddy.

So the new dog Dan Dan is at my house now.  Both of the dogs, Dong Dong and Dan Dan are unable to stay together peacefully.  For your information both are male dogs.  So I guess you would understand why they can stay together.  Males tends to fight with each other to get their own territory, especially dogs.  So Dong Dong is unhappy with the existence of Dan Dan.

Well, they fought!  I too got the present from them when they fought.  
The result after they fought!  I am the one who got hurt.  This happened on the 12th and I can still feel the pain.  sobs...

I don't know why, he is cute (Dan Dan) but I don't like him at all.  I feel that he is dirty even though I had bath for him.  I dislike his smell and will wash my hand frequently after I touch him.  I never feel Dong Dong is dirty even though he hasn't bath for 2 weeks and I like to touch him and hug him.  I really am not an animal lover.  I can spare my love to the other dog!  (I'm so loyal. wtf)

ps: daddy faster bring Dan Dan back, none of us willing to share Dong Dong's love to him!  >.<"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second Day of CNY (大年初二)

It is second day of Chinese New Year.  For Chinese, usually for those who stay near to each other got married, they would say today is the day to go back to the wife's hometown.  So today there would be more of them (relatives) come back to grandma's house.  For the wives, their hometown is far away which takes them more than 5 hours journey from here, so they rather take alternatives yearly to go back their hometown.

Early in the morning I was woke up by mommy to see the Lion Dance performance.  I slept at nearly 2am last night and I was woke up for the lion dance at 9am, seriously lack of sleep.
I really don't think the performance is nice but I can't complain much because they are just kids who younger than me!  I don't think I can do better than them neither. @.@
After the lion dance of course not forget to take photo of myself.  Okay, I know I am really too SS dy... wtf
Oh of course not forget to put my photo together with little cousin's.  He is so cute!  Seriously really hope I have my own kids now... >.<
At night we have something awesome! =)
Say YAY to steambot!  I always love to have steambot because we can have lots of different food to eat.  Too bad I still need to take care with my body shape and my stomach has become smaller, so I didn't able to eat them all... LoL!
They are really lots of food!  Okay, I really don't wanna accept the reality but I am pretty sure that I gonna gain another 2 kg during these few days. fml.
Anyway, there shouldn't be any diet or slimming session during CNY!  So I think I should continue eating and start my diet plan after CNY.  LoL! =p

ps: tomorrow going back home...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year, Chor Yat (初一)

After the wonderful reunion lunch yesterday of course is the time for us to wear pretty pretty, handsome handsome and take ang pao today!  Since this is another year of having real whole family reunion (as in all the relatives are in grandma's house!) 
Well, I didn't take photo on the eve, but my cousin did.  You may go to his album to have a look on his photos if he didn't private that album.  LoL!  Oh, don't expect to find me in that album because I didn't really get out from the room cause I really sick with the smoke around plus I was taking care my little cousin who was sleeping when the fire crackers flying around.  
Cute little fella. <3 p="">

So today is the official first day of this Big Celebration Day.  All of us are so pretty and I believe that none of you can really recognize any of us. =p
The photographer simply took this one while we were arranging our position and standing... LoL
Take 1
Take 2
One with simply funny and cute pose!  Everybody has their very own style!  LoL!
A big family right?  I also think that!  That's why I always love to celebrate CNY with them.  (damn, seriously lucky that I'm already slim down a little so I wouldn't look so terrible in all the pictures.  wtf)

And of course not forget to take some of my ss photo.
Okay, I know this could make you all feel disgusted and annoying but I don't care!  LoL, I still want to put these photos in my blog. =p
Of course not forget to take some with grandma and sis.  Still feel sad for not taking with mommy because when I want to take with her, she will definitely got something to do.  What to do?  No choice lo, but take with her tomorrow lo... =p

Yeah, I look super fat in most of the pictures in this album.  wtf.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The CNY Mood ON

I have been waiting for this CNY for long because I didn't get to celebrate the last CNY with my lovely family but I still feel grateful la because I still manage to celebrate with my friends in University.  Well, at least I'm not alone. =)
As usual, I dyed my hair again.  I think I am already addicted with coloring hair already.  I have been dying my hair too often and I know it is not good but I don't care la because I think I look good in this hair color. =)
Mama dyed her hair too!  And I think the hair color suits her.  She looks pretty than ever now. =)

It is New Year eve now!!!  Waiting for reunion lunch now! =)
Happy Chinese New Year! =)

Mommy's Birthday!

Last year I wasn't around for mommy's birthday but this year I am around and able to give her something.  I didn't want to give surprise cause every time when I want to give her surprise, my surprise will never work but she will give me a big scold in return.  So I decided not to give her surprise this year and tell her straight on her face that I want to celebrate her birthday by doing this and that.
It has been long time since my last photo warming of myself.  Today I gonna take some.  Yeah, I know I'm acting cute which made most of you feel disgust.  
Went to Cherating Steak House which I never been there before but bro and mommy had been there.  The food there is actually same as the food in Sherwood.  If you would ask me, I will suggest to go Cherating Steak House because the space there bigger!
They even have nice decoration for this Chinese New Year!  Cool right! =)

Mama and sis took photo without me because I was the photographer.  Lol
My all time favourite Fish n' Chip!  Seriously the portion is like so damn big until I can't finish my fries.  Really the food there are nice and I would finish everything if I could but my stomach really can't fit the portion that they gave.  I wish bro wasn't on diet so he could help me to finish my portion too but too bad that he couldn't because he was on diet.  Lol!  (we were trying to look good on CNY)

After the dinner, brought mama to ECM to have her bag shopping due to her handbag has already spoiled.  Seriously, I had told her not to save my money while choosing the bag but parents are always care too much of whether we have enough money to use or not, so I only managed to spend less than 1k on her.  (I know all these don't really enough la) Anyway, this is the only thing I can do for her when I have the ability to. =)

Happy Belated mama~

ps: this post should have posted on the 4th of February but I was so lazy and keep procrastinate until now.  Lol!!  Please forgive me! =p