Sunday, January 31, 2010

31st Jan 2010

It is so fast that time passes.  
It's already last day on January of this year, and I have been staying in this small and lonely island for a month in this semester.  
I need too be patient for one more week then I can back to the place where I was born with warmest love.
Lots of up and down, happiness and sadness, gladness and emotional, within this month.  
But I'm kinda emo now...
I know, I know you all will definitely ask me what make me emo always and why am I emo again.
is actually because of something.... I don't think it is a wise choice to note it down here.
I'm really frustrated now, I don't know why I keep on annoyed by those things!
I know that I should forget those thing now and act like normal, but I tried! Is difficult for me...

Just now I help Pei Jie to take things back to room, before that we went to cfc to eat something.  
We met WenMi, Ah Gong and Kok H0oi.  
They suddenly talked about clubbing and asked us to go clubbing tonight. =.='''
I also don't know why they suddenly got that mood to go, they said almost the UMSKAL students is going wor, and keep on asking me to go.
I have 2 tests on Wednesday and a quiz on Friday, then assignment and presentation of CC on Friday leh...  
I where got mood to go o??!!!
Some more wanna say I 'bai fon' o... ish ish ish
At the end, I didn't get to go although really lots of my friends go to enjoy, cause I know that I will never release myself if I go tonight. 

Just now mummy called me and told me that my car 'kissed' by others.
who the hell has such courage to kiss my car???!!!
walao... hahahax, but nothing much can do liao la...
things have happen liao
talking to mummy just now, but she keep on laughing nia... 
that time she was watching television that's why she didnt concentrate when talking with me...
sien liao, nevermind la, cause that is the first time she called me at night without receiving my miss call. =)
I'm glad with that ady. =))

0kayh, I think that's all for today.
Let me have a good week before I go back to my hometown.
Hope everything runs well as what I wish. 

p/s: left 6 days I can go home liao. =)

Photoshop Trial ^0^

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiara Hotel

Finally after long discussion, we have make our decision to go Tiara to eat buffet.  Well, actually I have to specially thanks to Shin Yi, cause she is the one who suggest to Tiara together, but at the end she didn't able to go... oh, this is really too bad, cause she had miss all the funny scenes. >.<

Before we go Tiara, we had our Corporate Communication class.  Since my assignment and presentation have to be done before next Friday, so I went down to ask him some questions.  And since he is not good in his English, so I ask questions in Malay so that he can give appropriate answer to me, but who knows, he speak English to me!!! wtf, I was trying to help him to understand me more but mana tau he speak English with pulak.  So I speak English to him.

Before the class started, we took picture. =)

Jacey should be in the picture too, but she came into the class late cause she wants to bath before go to class wor...
Then at 7pm, we went to Tiara.  Guess what?  7 of us in a Wira.  I also feel unbelievable too. =)
Due to the body size of mine and Pei Jie's, so both of us sit in front, Pei Jie be the driver and other 5 people sit at the back.  Pei Jie and I were comfortable in the journey to and back from Tiara, but others have to become sardin for that 45mins.  So paiseh. >.<

Tiara Hotel's food are not bad, but I feel that the food are quite salty, and this make me drink lots of water.  I wonder whether they purposely do this so that we can't eat much cause our stomach will full of water liao. @@

Are they look delicious??  
Yes they are...  Although the theme of the buffet is Chinese Cuisine, but there are still Japanese food.  Yum Yum~~~
I think I had eaten for 3 rounds with full plate of food, it was really really full!

After eat, we took some pictures too. 
Pei Jie and I~~~

Syn Wei and I~~~

Yu Jun, Syn Wei and I

Jacey, Syn Wei, me, and Yu Jun


5 of us~~~

All of us~~~

We used only around an hours to eat only, then we spend the rest of the time there talking and taking pictures nia.  It was really very funny.  
I hope we can go again, but go with more people.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Story About These Few Days

These few days are really like miracle.  Lots of up and down. There is a friend of mine written in her Facebook status: even is better than odd.  At first I don't understand what this meant about, but now I understand.  It means when you do anything, it is always better if there is someone who accompany you, and I really feel that. =)
Kinda busy with my assignment these few days too, seldom sms or call back home but there is one thing that I'm really glad with.  He has back to normal!  I really do glad to feel that. =) *happy*
The weather here is really hot recently, especially at night.  Although you are just sitting typing your assignment, you will still sweat.  I hate this kind of situation because I got no water for me to always bath before I sleep!

Yesterday night I went for dinner with my roommates.  After a sem of waiting, that was the first time we eat and go out together because since last sem we had mentioned to eat together outside and now we make our 'dream' comes true. ^0^  We rent 3 hours care to town to eat our dinner.  Wow, the dinner was really satisfying and delicious.  
Tonight I will go out again.  But this time is with another gang of friends.  We are going for buffet, 7 people in a car.  Actually we planed to go with 2 cars, which at first is Shin Yi's car and rent car because at first she said she is going to eat today too.  Since the more people who go the more happy and excited, so I find some others to go along.  After we had decided everything, the next day she told me that she is not going although she really want to join us.  The reason?  Nah...  I don't feel like mention it here, cause when I think of that I feel angry! because the reason really ridiculous! I really never see such selfish person! always think of her own but not others although people around her always help her.  I don't understand why until now she still don't know how to change her attitude, she really wants her friends surrounding all gone one by one then will only realize or she wants to wait until the day when she step to the reality life?
Argh! forget about it, ruin my day only, but my EQ is high enough, so I will not be angry or sad with this kind of person, who cares?  Just like Ah Gong taught me that don't care what others did to you, but remember that how they treat you, so that next time you will not be stupid to make the same mistake again.
Here make me think of a quote:
"A mistake made once is a teacher; made twice, it becomes a friend; a mistake made thrice is your life"
which means that don't let your mistake become your habit.  CHANGE!!!

Yesterday morning I had Multimedia class.  I wanted to skip class because I know that the lecturer will let us go after 1 hour, but too bad cause after the class I have Technopreneurship group meeting, so I went to the class at the end.  Then the lecturer suddenly said there will be tutorial after our class.  OMG! "Miss, can you continue the tutorial class right after the lecture class so that we no need to wait for an our after our lecture class and we can go back early?" this is what came our in my mind when she said the tutorial class will start at 10am while our lecture class ended at 9am.  @@'''

I suppose to have class at this time, but the lecturer is not around and the class is cancel!!!  The message was blush out very fast in Facebook. And when we saw the message, all of us was so excited because we no need to wake up early in the morning although I still woke up at 7am this morning.  Well, it has been a 'good' habit for me to sleep late and wake up early. >.<

p/s: I'm going back soon and the days left is just 8 days. =) and i'm waiting for Sunday, cause I told ah gong to buy me some sushi. =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emotional Again... I think this has been a trend to me...

I don't know why, I have been getting easy to be emo recently and I found out the smile or laugh wasn't real for me.  I can feel that I'm acing sometimes or that was really funny that's why i'm laughing.  But you can hardly see me sitting down alone, smiling alone to nothing.  
when you see me smiling alone to nothing that's show i'm really smiling from my heard but recently I seldom do that.  I also wonder that.  cause usually even i'm in the car back to grandma's house, i will smile alone when i stop talking to my mom.

and one more thing...
i thought i am a straight forward person.
but i just realized that i'm not at all.
i'm not a straight forward person...
and i found out that i love to hide my feeling on others.
for example, if i hate somebody or i don't like a person attitude i will hide in my heart.
i also don't know why i will act like that, cause usually i will straight away scold that person and just ignore that person that i dislike.
but now, i feel so hard to express out... that's why i keep it in my heart...
isit because i'm the wrong person to angry about the attitude or isit because i'm wrong for thinking that way??
that's why i can't be straight forward to that person??

this really make me feel emo la...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 days

wow, it has been almost a week i didn't update my blog ady. 
tuesday was so free cause got no class and i guess that you all have been read my previous post that i had my time with 'crazy family' eating satay at Layang-layang.  

then wednesday i had Java class from 2pm till 5pm, is really long time and tired and can't concentrate after that 2 hours.  during the class, miss chin mention about the mid term before CNY, all of us refuse to have exam that week, cause most of us are going back hometown ady.  then she got no idea and decided to make the exam on 3rd of Feb, which means next wednesday!

thursday, i had multimedia that day and we was so depress cause we thought that we will have our class for 4 hours non-stop! cause the lecturer told us that the first 2 hours will be lecture class then the next 2 hours will be lab session. but fortunately that day she only use 1 hour to teach us. =)
then in the evening we were told that we will have CC (communication corporate) so we were also frustrated to attend the class, but who knows that after a while, i received a sms that the class was postpone to friday evening which is as usual. =.='''

we was planned to go town to search some Hubungan Etnik material for our assignment after the morning class. but who knows that the CC class was postpone to friday evening, which means i have to back to campus before the time.  no choice lo... and one more thing, this coming friday will have techno quiz... T.T suddenly quiz and exam come... really sad...

then yesterday, i was so so hardworking doing my assignment.  finally i can consider finished up my assignment of mandarin and hubungan etnik. =) i'm proud of myself cause i can hit my assignment target that i set for myself.
then at night i did something very very silly.  my roommate bought wine.  and we drank yesterday night in our room,  omg!!! three of us got drunk and we can't even finish the wine.  cool~~~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Satay at Layang-Layang

It has been awhile I didn't post up pictures liao.
Came to Labuan this sem, I really didn't get much time to enjoy outing.  I have been asking Shin Yi to bring me to go makan satay, since every time she said the weather is not good, this and that, i already fed up, so i asked someone else who maybe want to go eat along.
Syn Wei and her family are so excited when I suggested to go eat Satay at Layang-Layang.  Her whole family went with me and I suddenly become part of her family. =.='''

we ordered 50 satay, i ate 9, syn wei ate 10+, meng ling ate 10, jacey ate 8, and yu jun ate 8.  l0l, is really funny that we can eat so so much.  hahahax but the bad thing is we have to eat with flies and cats...
flies and cats were so busybody came to kacau us when we were eating.

after makan, we went to the beach and took some photos there.

well, i didnt post everything up here... abit lazy to upload all of the pictures.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unsatisfied Yet Satisfy. XD

okayh what have been making me feel unsatisfied??
there are lots of things.
first of all i would like to complaint the water supply which i had already told you guys long time ago.
well, compare to others UMSKAL students, i think i'm consider lucky, cause although my bath room got no water but at least the kitchen got water so that i can take water from the kitchen. 
it still convenient to me. =p
secondly, the lecturer of our communication corporate.
he is really sucks.
plus that day my mood wasn't that good.
cause right before i want to go for that class, the sky cried (rain), its rain heavily.  i got no choice but still i have to take my umbrella and walk to the main building to have our class there.
our class suppose to be 5pm to 7pm, but the lecturer change time in all sudden and cause the International Students have to skip their Malay class which also at the same time.  pity them.  =( 
the lecturer is really sucks and almost all the students going to boycott him. and obviously i got pissed off of him!  guess what he said during the class?! he said that he is not a english teacher and he is not a dictionary when one of my coursemate asked him some questions.  what a rude attitude???!!!! wtf
we decided to complaint about that lecturer but after all thinking and thinking, we decided not to do that to avoid getting very low marks in our presentation and assignment which carry 70%.
and one last thing.
i'm going to become mad! i really pissed off with some of their attitude.
i'm not going to beg them for doing that and i'm not going to ask them to do anything.
this is just make me feel like you will only find me when u need me. am i your friend?? sometimes this make me think that...
or am i too sensitive? i dun think so...

okayh, now for the satisfied thingy. =)
well, i'm in a good mood to write this especially this satisfy things.
only now i know that i'm lucky from others that is i got a very good mentor.
i am really regret that why i didnt tell him or complaint to him in the last semester about our Ecommerce lecturer who is so sucks??!!!  Today Syn Wei, Veron and I went to find him to sign on our registration slip and then he was so kind to ask us what happen and can we cope with the life here.  suddenly i feel warm in my heart cause i never think that we can find any of the lecturer will really treat us like their own children, but now i really meet one. =)
we complaint to him everything on what we dissatisfy and what we find problems, like CC course and Ecommerce.  we were really regret that we didnt tell him about our ecommerce last sem. but nevermind we know what to do in the present and also in the future.  we will never allow any of the lecturer to bully us anymore.  we need to take our right back!!!

Smile =)

Recently I find out that smile is a very difficult thing.
okayh, maybe you will say that
"i always smile, and i smile everyday..."
"come on la, smile is an very easy thing only, is not a difficult thing!"
"don't you see me laugh everyday? then smile is a very easy job la!"
do you realize that everyday we laugh is because of what?
don't you realize that laugh isn't from our inside?
all day long maybe you have laugh until your stomach pain, until your face feel 'sour' but this doesn't mean that you are happy.
do you get it?
maybe you are able to smile or laugh in front of others everyday but this doesn't mean that you are happy with it.
so guys and gals,
are you happy now?
Guess what? 
I'm assigning my friend a mission.
make sure they are happy everyday, smile from inside.
well, can you make it??

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is really unpredictable

saw some friends post this 

今天晚上九時Facebook將有5分鐘的沉默,包括沒有任何網站活動。這項工作將紀念 在海地地震失去生命的人,如果你同意請複製並粘貼到您的首頁 Tonight at9pm all of Facebook will have 5 minutes of silence which includes noposts, no comments and/or any other activity on the site. This will bedone in remembrance of all the lives lost in Haiti's Earthquake thispast week. If you agree please copy.

into Facebook as their status.
I suddenly feel sad and go search for the news about this incident.
went to the internet and found out that out there, from this small island, something huge happened.
and i can now staying in this small island having my own life...
laugh every night, and i really feel sorry for this.
our life is really short and unpredictable. 
who knows that all this will happen?
it is really shock when i found out this incident and feel pity for those who has lost their beloved
what i can do here?
nothing i can do but help to pray for them
since life is so unpredictable, please appreciate what you have now.
care every moment, care everyone around you.
don't wait until bad things happen then only start to regret
that time ny realize will be too late ady.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Time Ever

As I told you that I have join other group in an assignment.
Today I had attend the meeting, the very first meeting of that assignment which I was been told to be Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in that 'business'.
Well, I guess I will never run away from the word 'financial' in my life.  =.='''
First Meeting..
any idea that I will say?
I was thinking when I was walking back to my hostel, am I joining the wrong group?
They are too perfect for me.
I have to admit that I'm not an intelligent person or a smart person but now I'm in a group that full of intelligent and smart ppl.
What I'm afraid is I will bring them down and they will blame me for that.
That's why I'm thinking now am I in the wrong group?
During the meeting just now, they can keep talking and talking while I was just sitting down there listening and just able to give one or two suggestions.
I'm not good in talking although you can see me talking all day long, I'm not good in present.
Well, since I'm in that group, so I think what I can do is do my best and make myself more intelligent so that I wont bring down the group.  Smile~~~
I believe I can do it. =)

second week

here comes the second week of the school days, is kinda unwilling for me cause the day of handling up our assignment become nearer and nearer.  when the days come, stress will definitely comes along.
i really hate this.

but what can i do? this is called university life, what i can do is just adapt to it although i might get emo when i alone, doing things alone.
well, actually i believe i can do it just sometimes i might need to complain, you know i love to complain and when u realize that i stop complaint, u should find out that i got problems liao... =p

anyway, god bless for this week...
gt eat liao, later got class somemore~~~

Sunday, January 10, 2010


this is really funny...
hahahax, i'm laughing to myself..
i almost misunderstand and i'm lucky i didnt do anything wrong yet...

okayh, things all settle ady and i feel much more and no more burden anymore.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Guilty + guilty + guilty =(

i think today will be the most evil day for me, or maybe you can say that i have been acting like a devil today.
i'm really so so so sorry on what i have done today.
i know that i am been very selfish today, i'm sorry.  except for apologize, i got no idea what i can do already.

there was a class today that we need to have 5 persons in a group.  i smsed woh and siva whether they want to join me anot, since syn wei had decided to join others group.  at the end of the class, i was decided to join sim sian, shin yi, evangeline, and jing moon that group, which i have to say frankly that i'm not satisfied with that group (sorry for those terasa),  i tot all others have already with 5 of them in a group so i didnt search for any other group to let me join.

then afif called me to ask me to join him. i wasn't in the class that time, i was in my hostel and it is inconvenient to decide whether i can dumb the first group i join to join afif.  cause i have the responsible to fulfill the place of mine if i switch from a group to another group.  and i was guilty to make that kind of decision too.
i told YT about this, he asked me to switch if i able to for my own good.

then during evening class, siva smsed me again and offered me to join their group.  this time i was confuse and stress up.  i dunno what should i do and finally i told evangeline and jing moon about this.  both of them are okayh with my decision and they dont mind if i switch from their group to another group.  then i told shin yi about this and she understand my situation.  the last member of that group, sim sian.  shin yi helped me to tell her that i will be switching group and she said she is okayh with it too.  
so i found one group member for them then i joined siva, veron, yu jin, and chris that group.

i joined them with a very evil heart and i can't believe that at the end i will make such cruel decision.
well now everything had happen and if they want to blame, i dont mind if they blame me.  because i have to admit that i'm wrong.  i shouldnt be that selfish to jump out from a group to another group.

well, to evangeline, jing moon, sim sian and shin yi, if you all can't forgive my action, please dont forgive.
i'm really really sorry.  =(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Steambot Time~~~

this few days there are water in our campus, and Yee Ling suddenly said she wanna eat steambot, so i ma help to make one lo.  
well, this is the first time we make steambot, but maybe this will be the last time we do also... so those who get to eat this steambot is really their 'fu qi'.  l0l =)

we are going to start our steambot~~~
although this wasn't the perfect one, but we really had lots of fun here.  =)
and i took a lot of pics too~~~

aiyo... syn wei a, not need to be paiseh paiseh de... ehehehex

we took lots of pics when we were eating, yum yum...
but some of them camera shy... l0l
anyway, for those who didnt get to eat and feel the environment, do you feel that you miss a lot???
just kidding la... hahahahax

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boring + ness

erm... well, kinda emo last night cause except facebooking, left comments in facebook, spamming others inbox and chating, i got nothing to do ady.
sorry Goh Yi-Tsiang for my attitude last night.. you are really kind to forgive me.  =)

i was so so so boring and decided to change my headers in my blog, and i am now kinda satisfied with it.  =)
i don't know i have spend how long on this header but what i'm sure was i have been changing and changing the headers at least 10 times..
phew~~~ finally i manage to change to the one that i'm satisfied to.  =)

here are them from the first one until now~~~

and the final one~~~

okayh, i'm satisfied with it already.
any comments?? 
well, i'm still receiving bad comments too, don't worry, i will give trespass to all of you. =)