Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have done a very bad thing today.
I think I'm crazy.
After finish my business and coming out from the toilet, I saw a damn huge 'lipan'.
It really scares me that time.
I did really control myself to be not afraid.
I must be independent that time, cause there isn't anyone at home at the moment.
Then I have a quick thinking.

Kill It!!!

Then I take a hard thing and had a big war with it.
I think I had that war around 15 months. (actually is 15 mins)
When the time I'm going to win the war, I cried.
I cried is not because I happy of my winning.
It is because I have done a very cruel thing.
I killed it.
Actually it is really disgusting.


12 Years Old?

This is what I need to mark on my standard 6 student. Actually not all the students like that, only him I marked and make me laugh alot. Others some are good and some are worst than him. I think few months later, I'll die because of marking too much books... Lol

This is what he write before I marked. The topic is write something about the Taska. Use their imaginary.

  1. Saya ke Pusat Penjaga 1 Tahun.
  2. Sini ada kerusi dan meja.
  3. Juga ada banyak buku cerita.
  4. Saya suda sekolah balik pusat penjaga buat kerja
  5. Situ ada banyak guru memarahi saya.
  6. Sudah buat kerja aku buat situ kerja.
  7. Situ boleh makan nasi dan minum milo.
  8. Di situ ada banyak kamus besar.
  9. Situ ada satu store room.
  10. Di situ ada television dan ekon.
  11. Kita di situ pun boleh main chess.
  12. Aku beg taruk di keluar pusat penjaga.
  13. Di situ ada amari yang besar.
  14. Guru-guru mencemian mata di situ.
  15. Ada satu antie sapu lantai dengan bersih.
  16. XXX ialah kawan jahat.
  17. YYY di situ ialah kawan baik.
  18. Aku di situ mandi dan makan.
  19. Mrs Loo ialah Guru marahi.
  20. Sekarang ialah pukul empat.

When marking this, I was like what the shit is that!!! I think I need to ask him to give me a pail to let me vomit out all the blood.

p/s: I didnt change any word of the boy's work. It is original.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big Boss Is Back!!!

That's right, the big boss of my work there is back from Australia. She is the boss who already a PR in Australia and she was my teacher when I was in the Nursery too.

Actually this is the first time I see her since I started my work on January. Before that was her husband who manage all the important thing in the Taska. It has been nearly a month that I work in the evironment without a Boss. And now she is here.

Telling the truth is actually I am glad to see her but I feel stress at the same time. I don't know why I got such feeling, maybe is because I need to do better than usual. Cannot do things so simply already.

Before I went back home, I heard that there is a teacher is going to leave because she got a better salary in other job. When I heard that I really feel du*** because she is the one who make Hui Yuan need to go to Nursery 2 (teach year 4 & 5) in the afternoon. Then she back here, Hui Yuan is happy cause she can stay in Nursery 3 (standard 4-6) in the afternoon. And now she going off just because she got a better salary at the other place. How can she be that selffish and because of her all the teacher need to change their position. Stupid her. But I can't do anything at there. What can I do is hope that Hui Yuan will not going back to Nursery 2 and stay at Nursery 3 in the afternoon although the other teacher back to work.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just A Result Of A Personal Test

Paranoid Disorder:High
Schizoid Disorder:Moderate
Schizotypal Disorder:High
Antisocial Disorder:High
Borderline Disorder:Very High
Histrionic Disorder:High
Narcissistic Disorder:High
Avoidant Disorder:High
Dependent Disorder:Very High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --
-- Personality Disorders --

By the way, I don't think the result is real enough cause I don't really understand all the difficult words. Can say that I simply filled in some of the questions...

Pai Seh

End of the month

Huhu, it is end of the month again.

This is what I have been waiting for from the first day of this month.

Everytime when I start working I will look at the calender and think the moment when I got my salary...


Happy cause got the salary dy...

Bad Day

This morning before I reach Nursery 2, the 'chef' tell Hui Yuan and I that we no need to care about the two children anymore cause the parents said that the children need to do finish their homework and tuition homework before can start to do their work at there.

Actually I feel very du*** lo. Cause the two children are very naughty children and not very good in their studies. So Hui Yuan and I decided to ignore this two children and just let them do whatever they want. When I think of this I feel so happy cause I can see the two children's future. I promise that their mother will sure regret on what she had done...

Then later I having lunch before 11.30am there and we forgotten to ask the children out to wait car at the waiting compound and cause a girl miss her transport to school. Lol, but since there are lots of children who study in the same school, so she tumpang others car.

Haih, feel that today is a really bad day for saggitarious, cause Hui Yuan and I got no mood after that. But I recover soon cause I am open minded but this doesn't mean that I will forget this incident. Hui Yuan still look emo about the incident. But then, after this incident we can see the workers' attitude more clearly. This make us think that we really cannot judge a person in just a one look.

Well, may be this is also a good thing because we can see thru their faces and know their really attitude. Then next time we can be more careful on how to face those evil people....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just came back form Yi-Tsiang's house. I have been asking him to teach me to fold the love shape by using RM1 for a week. Everytime I ask him thru MSN, he will sure say that he is not free or he is busy. I really feel sienz liao that time.

Then one day, he finally promise me to teach me to fold it, but that day got yamcha with friends which is yesterday. Actually I thought that he might be lazy or not willing to teach me anymore, so I didn't ask him about the love shape thingy anymore.
I saw him only before I go for tuition just now and I type out his name in the conversation, he mention the love shape thingy and ask me to go learn from him after my tuition.

After my tuition, I have waited him for more than 10 minutes outside his house. Fine, cause I'm the one who ask favour from him so I must be patient. And finally my wish come true, I finally learned how to fold the love shape. Yipeeeee....

The small onesss...

Really small leh...

The big onesss...

Compare them, and you will see the difference.

Actually I want to learn to make this is because I want to teach the children to make this love shape. Since Mother's Day is around the coner, so I must think something and ask them to make a Mother's Day card back home and show it to their mother. Their mother will feel the happiness when they receive the card with full of hand making love. I am sure that will be very touch and then cry. Lol...

Ah, how sweet is that....


I have decided to ask all the ex-uppersix friends out for yamcha. So I suggested this idea in Mgroup and only Min Ting agree with me. She is very kind enough and help me to call all the friends out. LOL

I want to call myself but I know that most of the friends dun really like me, so I think if I call them, they will defintely say they are not free and refuse to go. (This is just what I think). I wanted to ask someone to fetch me there, but seems like nobody willing to fetch me there. I asked Yi-Tsiang to fetch me there, but he didn't reply me...

I fetch Harn Wei there too. She wore very pretty that night. Lol. That night only MinTing, WeiXin, SiewLee, SuYing, WeiHong, Doris, EeLoe, HarnWei, Joe, ShengYau, Kee, EChern, and PheiE. (I hope I didnt miss someone else).

We chit chat alot yesterday and stay there for more than 2 hours. We talk about our temporary job, which is about the children. Talk about how they naughty. They took lots of pictures. I feel malu to take that time pula... wat de... Crazy.. haha

Although we didn't do anything there but I laugh till my mouth going to cramp liao... wakakaka, hope next time got Yam Cha again...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Waking up very late today although I went to sleep at 10pm last night. Guess I woke up at what time today? I woke up in nearly 10am this morning. It really break my record because I never sleep for so long at night. It is nearly 12 hours man, means that I have spend half day in dreaming and sleeping.

After finished my breakfast alone. I didn't eat breakfast with my family today because of my laziness. Haha, they wake up earlier than me and they had their breakfast outside then they only 'da bao' for us. I even have to reheat my breakfast when I woke up because the breakfast already become cold. =.=|||

Then bring out my 'doctor job course and job' to read through the course that maybe I going to take. Erm... I think I wanna take Media Technology. But it is not a famous course in Malaysia. Only UUM available. Oh, which means that the probability is really very very low....


Lots of course in UPU form that I got no idea about that. When I reached the page that need to fill in the courses that I need to choose. But at this moment I got no idea about it yet, need to ask Miss Irene about that though. Then I click on the 'back' in the page, it become the first page of the UPU form. Shit!!! wtf

I really sienz liao see like that. Now what can I do is wait. Waiting for STPM result out then I only can fill up all the information and the courses.

By the way, please give me some idea on what should I take because I really need some guide and sometimes people beside me sometimes are more clearly understand myself than me.

Wish me luck!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss One Class

I have decided to miss today's class just to attend a talk about insurance. I gave the class today to Hui Yuan. That's means that I pay RM25 for the Insurance Talk. But I think it is worthy.

I know that involve in Insurance is not a very good choice, because it is a very tough job. But I want to earn money. They said when you start your first year in insurance, definitely you will still earn as same as others. But if you continue your job you will success one day.

Sometimes I think I am not qualified to choose to involve in Insurance. I must admit that I am a lazy person, but as an agent, he/she must be very hardworking to find others to buy insurance.

Anyway, I'll try my best!!! Just think about my family and my pocket. I'll change myself!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


There was a parent came to see me and asked me to let him see his son's exercise books at there. The boys parents are the famous parents that are very fussy. Is true!!!
There isn't any parents that ask to see what their child or children had done in the morning at Taska here. BUT his parents did!!!
I was very angry because got such parents that act like that!!! So I bring all the boy's book and all the exercise books to him.
The parent explain to me why his son always late to Taska (the boy always come at 9.30 am something and our class start 9 am). His reason is he scare his son will feel sleepy when he is studying in the school in the evening.
Oh... What a stupid reason. I told the parent that if his son come late, then I got no choice, I need to let his son to continue his work although others are gone for shower and lunch. But when a child got no friend to do work together, he will feel sad and got no mood to do that.
Luckily he know about it.
I don't care.
If tomorrow he come late again, I'll make the boy become the last person to shower and eat.

I gave my standard 1 children to write some Chinese word and I told them that I'll give them a reward if they can finish on that day and write neatly.
I told them I'll give stars that I have promise last time for those who get the most will get a present from me.
So they were all very hardworking doing their works that I gave.
But time pass so fast and it is time to shower.
So I asked them to keep and just left 2 boys.
A boy is he just came into the class 30 mins ago, so he must continue his work and another boy is he cannot shower with friends cause he will play water with others.
Suddenly I saw the boy's eyes (the boy that cannot shower with others) look strange and he seems sad.
So I bring him to a room and asked wat happen to him.
Oh shit!!!
He told me that he wants star.
So I ask him to finish the work the I'll give him star.
So funny!!!

At night I having tuition with student from standard 2 and teach them BM and BI.
HAving a lot of fun with those children when playing games with them about vocabulary.
But suddenly a student cried!!!
I got shock a little while that time. But very soon I understand why he cried.
It is because that he got the lowers marks in the game.
Oh dear!!! I scolded him and tell him that I let them play games is to have fun and not to see anyone crying. If anyone crying that's mean they don't like to play games.
After I scolded him, he keep quiet and continue palying... Hohoho, really funny.

After that when I was cleaning the board and keeping my bag ( is time to go back), a parent came and ask me about her daughter. How's her daughter.
I told her that her daughter is fine and she even can get the highest mark in the vocabulary games.
I was so nervous when talking to that parent but I think I handle it very well.
I talked in full of confident.

Is late now, and I need a good rest.
Bye all.
Dream well.
Sleep well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I found out this few days nobody bother me in Mgroup.
The feeling is pity.
Whenever I on9,
there sure got lots of people on9 in my list but nobody chit chat in Mgroup.
Even when I type something in there,
they will just ignore me.
really sad when this happen..
Maybe I'm really that irrtating.
Maybe they really dislike me...
how sad...
I just want somebody to chit chat with me..
That's all..
But sometimes have some spam better,
cuz I really enjoy spaming..
I enjoy chit chating rather than talking face to face.
I don't know why.


Yesterday went to Harn Wei's house to have a briefing on insurance thingy, cause I am thinking to buy insurance for myself. After discuss about the prize and the package of the insurance, her mother told me about become an agent of insurance.

She explained to me the way they get money and the difference between Graduates and Insurance Agents. Actually I really got attracted by the Insurance thingy cause it can really earn more money than normal person who work for others. But the problem is I don't think I can make it cause I am not the type of person that she has been saying.

She said to be an Agent, that person must be more hardworking than others. The person who want to become a successful agent, he/she must not have attitude that like to lepak lepak and go for kopitiam at night. After I think this I am sure that I'm not that qualified, cause I am a person who love to hang out with friends.

But mummy said that don't make decision too early, let's wait until the result out first than you spend your time to think about it. Okay. Maybe mummy is right. Cause I am sure that I'm a person that couldn't stick on a thing for too long. For example, maybe I want to learn piano today but after few weeks, I will feel bored on pianoing or maybe I love others...

Sigh, until now I got no idea on what I should take. I think all the friends, I'm the only one who still remain blur on what I'm going to study soon. Oh no...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm really afraid!!!

Time flies this time not just pass like a car but an aeroplane. I'm really very scared. Scared of what? Of course scared of STPM results. I know you will sure say that
"aiyo, no need to scare about it de la, you will get a good result" Don't tipu me la!!! How can you be that sure?? It's my result and you got no idea during that period how I answer those questions. I myself also didn't know how I answer them...

And the most terrible thing is the moment we are going to separate and go into different University and different places. I'm very scared of this thing. I have no idea how I'm going to survive after separation. I don't why I got that feeling so early. I hate the feeling of missing, hate the feeling of separating and hate the feeling to know new friends after having lots of funny friends and need to say 'bye-bye' to them. It is so good that if we no need to go U and just using internet at home to make as study in University. Then there will be no separation.

Yeah, sure you will say I'm silly and childish but I really hope that will happen. But after all, I know that it is impossible... Really hope that I can control everything that I like in this world, so that I can live as happy as I like...

Silly huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

True Feeling

Something just happen just now and I'm not sure what had just happen. What is friendship? I just read through a blog and it mentioned about friendship. For me friendship is just nothing.

Telling the truth, I got no best friend. Look back to my previous post, I did mention that friend. I must admit that I am really affraid of being alone but this doesn't mean that I must have a best friend. I think most of you will sure say that everybody must has a best friend just to share our happiness and sadness but I don't really agree about that.

Look backward to my life. When I was in Kindergarden, I am sure that I had a very good friend that I always follow her whenever she went. Eat together, chit chat together, spend our time together when we were in the school. But time pass, soon we need to separate and go into primary school. After half a year, I already forgot what is her name. If I really got the chance to meet her at that time which mean after 'disconnect' for half year and 'connect' back, I'm sure that I got nothing to talk to her or play with her. At that time, I will have new friends who studied in the same class with me. But when I was in primary school, for sure that we will always change our class according to our exam result. And at this time, we will sure lost our good friend cause we spend time lesser and lesser.

Let say I still having the same good friend in primary school although we study in the different class. But come to secondary school, the probability for us to study in the different school is very high. And lastly, I need to meet new friends in a strange, new school. By time, I will slowly forget the friend that I had met last time. I'm not a forgetful person, so I can still remember my friends who study in primary school and their faces during that time. But since we are in a new place, of course we need to know new people and treat them as friends, cause they might those person who share knowledge with you for five years. Who know?

After secondary school, going in to form 6. This time we still need to change our school because we taking different course and some of them choose to go to colleges. From secondary to form 6 is not a very tough thing but from primary to secondary is very tough because most of the friends were study in other school.

Keep changing friend. Do you know what I mean about? Sometimes is not our own fault not to have best friend, but is the situation not allowed. I really jealous those who can still keep in touch with their friend who study in the same class in primary school last time. And they still can talk to each other very well. Laugh together, share secret together. Well, I don't know why I can't. I am really difficult to share my secret to people. Normally things that I speak out, I'm not affraid that it will spread out, cause things that I speak out I don't really mind about.

Now I'm waiting for my result. I have been suffer because I am so so so afraid to be alone when I go into University. The feeling is totally different from last time. Last time I didn't think too much about feeling lonely because I know that how lonely am I, I still got my family members with me when I have finish my school. But this time is maybe I'll go into University that I might need to stay far away from my family!!! Only specially holiday can balik kampong. I don't want that feeling. It seems like going to put me into hell.

Ah!!! That's why I don't really believe in best friend or a very close friendship. This is because when you share everything with him/her but doesn't mean that he/she share everything with you!!! Becareful with your friends around you, maybe they will betray you one day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, is true that today is Valentine's Day. Well I got nothing to do except attend my job this morning then tuition in the evening. Hmmm, actually it is really boring.
Well never think that my form 4 students will only half of them attend my class. Okay, just forgive them because today is Valentine's Day and maybe they got something to do. Lol..

Back to what I want to say. I got the news today when I was working. The teacher will only back for work on March. OMG!!! that means that Hui Yuan and I need to suffer for one more month. Oh no!!!
It is a tiring day today. Although today is Saturday but I spend an hour to finish my lunch. While eating my lunch, I still need to go out to look after them to make sure they are safely go into their school car. And this cause my ate 3 bowls of porridge there... Lol..

Since I got no program today, I spend my time with my family. I watch Ye Wen with them. I got no idea where my brother get that movie but I am sure that the movie is downloaded from internet.

I know that you will say that 'how come you so outdated de a... that movie so long time liao de, now only watch a...' I got no time to watch movie in cinema la... that's why I watch it now. This movie is really ganas man... I am glad that I didn't watch this movie in cinema because I think if I watch it in cinema sure I will scream in there... It is really very pain when I saw them fighting. The way they fight is really very 'can ren'.

After the movie I become boring again cause Mgroup got nobody there and all of them remain so silent... I think I should sleep early so than I can wake up early, cause I'm going for jogging tomorrow morning...

Good night!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


It is 11pm now. I got nothing to except sleep and staring in front of the computer LCD screen. Hey, I'm not joking leh. I know you will sure think that I am typing my post.

These few days, things keep repeat and repeat. Everyday repeat the same thing. Go to work in the morning and come back home in the evening. Then have a rest at the time. Shower, eat and On9. Then go for tuition classes at night for 2 hours. After that on9 again at home.

Is that a very boring life? For me it is!!! Things that didn't repeat and repeat is when I am working in the taska. The children sometimes make me laugh and angry, but most of the time they make me angry more than they make me laugh and happy. This is the only thing that is different everyday.

Well after less than an hour is Valentine's Day. I think I will just keep on my work and my tuition and lastly just stay at home. Got no programm on that day.

Whatever la, but I want to wish all couple in the world 'Happy Valentine's Day'...


I has been tough two days. A teacher from my Taska there got some family problems and had to take lift for 2 days which is on Thursday and Friday.

In this two days, Hui Yuan and I were really very tired. Actually in the morning I take care of standard 1 students, Hui Yuan take care of standard 2 students and the teacher take care of standard 3 students. So we have to take care of more students each this two days.

I can't even have a good time to have my lunch. Everytime when I eat, for sure the children will chit chat till very loud and I must scold them louder then they talk and punish them. And now I got sore throat because of them!!! But for sure that I think they are very scare of me already.

Yesterday is better because in the afternoon session, Hui Yuan was in Taska here. Which means that it is still enough teacher for afternoon session and we can rest abit in the afternoon. But today Hui Yuan got to go to Nursery 2 because there is lack of teacher in the afternoon. There is a teacher took holiday. I was like OMG!!! God, I need to handle 2 classes in a time, standard 5 & 6. It is so tired!!!

Just hope that the teacher can quickly done all her family problems and come back to work. We really need her alot. Pray for her!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Thing Happen

Never thought that today will be the first day to beat students by using rotan. A student came 5mins late from what he had promised us. He promised us that he will come at 8.45am but he came at 8.50am.

Then I went out to the door to look at his face expression when he is late. I never thought that his father will tell me that he didn't finish the homework that school teacher gave. I told his father that I check his homework but what I check is all finished. Okay that means that he hide some of his homework!!!

I scolded him the moment he came into the class. I asked him to bring his school bag in. I check his bag and found out that some of his homework got question mark that written by his school teacher. I counted the number of questions that he didn't finished and add with the number of answer that he gave wrongly during spelling and ejaan in school. All together is 24 questions. I've beaten him 24 rotans.

Then the rest of the students were so quite and remain their good behaviour. They were so afraid that I will beat them too. But at the end all also kena my rotan. This is because I asked them to copy the passage from the white board that I'd just written down, but the still can copy wrongly. So I beat them by counting how many mistakes that they had made.

When I was scolding them angrily, Hui Yuan came into my class and laugh at me. I can't laugh to her too much because I was still angrying with those kids. So I must continue pretending. I asked Hui Yuan to go out cause I still wanna scold them. I think it is just 5 mins, Hui Yuan came in again. This time she was still laughing but the way she walk is abit different.

She told me that she sit on her own toe. Do you know what I mean? I mean that when she sit on the chair, she accidentally put her toe under the chair and sit on it. Now her leg is bengkak and blue colour. Whenever I think that incident, I feel very funny. So do her. She keep laughing after her toe become like that although it is very painful.

So clumsy.... haih.... hahahaha

Gossip Again

Last night Handsome Goh nudge me in MSN after I finished doing my popiah. So I asked he what he wants and he said nothing it is just to free so he nudge me. wtf. I don't know how we started the conversation but it sound like that...

Yi-Tsiang: u like Joe a?

Me: har?? who say?? no!!!

Yi-Tsiang: o leong? u say first.

Me: cannot be, no, both oso no!!!

Yi-Tsiang: why leh?

Me: har... okay like la... just how I like all my friends lo... u oso de same la...

Yi-Tsiang: okay, so I change my question

Me: wat de....

Yi-Tsiang: you love joe or leong??

Me: =.=''

Me: both oso no!!!

Me: I love them just as how I love all my friends....

Me: happy now??

bla bla bla bla....

I really surprise when he suddenly asked me those weird weird questions. I also don't how to answer him that time... lol. wtf

Now I am wondering who asked him to asked me those stupid questions?? It is ridiculous... sigh...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am very scare at the moment actually.
I scare of when all my friends went to University and left myself alone.
I know you always see me happy go lucky face, actually I scare most when I am alone.
The feeling scares me.
I also don't know why.
I am really afraid to be alone.
Being alone when I was working.
Being alone when I was driving.
Being alone when I was reading story book. (especially when I was going to sleep) I scare the people in the story book will come out to the real life. (it is not because after I watched Inkheart)

I am a person who love to say nevermind.
But actually I very mind of it although I am controlling myself not to be mind of it.
I don't know why.
It is true that the monk say, I am the person who can laugh very loudly in front of everybody and pretend to be very happy and actually when I was alone I will think alot.
Even my friends and my family do not know this.
I think I'm very good in acting.
I think I should just join to learn how to act.

I still remember when Meei Siew told me that some of the friends were boycotted me, I pretend I was very well but I cry everytime I bath for a week, I keep thinking of that although the incident had already past for so long.
I must admit that I am a person that very mind of how people think of me.
How people treat me as.

Lots of my friends they already found their best friend, but I never find one.
It is very difficult to find one.
Life is just complicated and difficult although you have try the best to make them simple.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Craping In MSN

I don't know since when I started to crap in M-group. Went to look back to the chat log to see when I started to crap like that... lol

I started when I change my nick name into damn joe, and everybody in ther thought I was him. It is really funny. When I was chating in the M-Group I keep on laughing. I really can't believe that they will think that I am Joe.

The most funny thing is Yi-Tsiang also cheated by me. I never expect that he will be cheated by me, cause he knows Joe very well and I think he knows Joe's personality too.
Then after that I keep using nick name that doesn't belong to me, and more people kena cheated this time.

I still remember got one time, Joe's nick name is monkey and my nick name is me. I don't know why this will make Hui Yuan think that monkey and me is also myself. She thought that I used two nick name. Lol...

Actually this in the only entertainment that I can have all this time after I got to work form morning till night. When I craping in M-Group, I feel happiness and I can feel I'm enjoying in there. Other time I was too borring, because everyday repeat the same thing.

I think things will keep on going until end of April cause I need to earn my own money to buy my own laptop. Haih...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out For Date

Sunday, I should be staying at home to have a very nice rest and good sleep because I have been rushing here and there from Monday till Saturday. Work more that 10 hours a day.

Wai Li is going to Australia soon and she asked me to have dinner with her on Friday night which that night I also have tuition till 10pm. So I told her that I cannot make it on that day and why not we have our breakfast on Sunday. She is very glad to hear me say that I guess and she wanted to eat Bah Kut Teh, so we went to eat Bah Kut Teh. We asked Leong and Hui Yuan along but only Leong managed to go.

Then after breakfast at around 12pm, Wai Li came to my house to fetch me to East Cost mall with her. Hui Yuan went along this time. This can considered the last shopping that I will go with her. I'm sure I will also miss this moment!!! After an hour, we had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Oh, pizza again. Yesterday I'd just ate pizza that I ordered through internet.

Before leaving the restaurant, we managed to take some pictures.

Don't ever forget us.

Don't ever delete these pictures from your handphone!!!

Miss ya!!!

Wishes Star

Guess what is this?

I think this bottle contain more than 500 stars. Hui Yuan and I made this few days ago. We spend our time and with our wholehearted. And finally we finished this.

Actually there are some words at the bottom of the bottle. It is written as 'Always Remember' from Hui Yuan and Cai Yi. We made this to Wai Li is because she is going to Australia very soon. I'm sure that I will always miss her complain and laughter. All the best to you!!! Miss ya!!!

Btw, look at my fingernails... I drew them myself and I know they looked ugly...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blue Moment

Just finished my lin chi kang with harn wei just now. Chatting for more than an hour at there. Chat about life with have been through each after STPM. How's our work recently and so on.

Reach home at around 11.30pm, it is quite late cause I drove out.
I know that it is noncense to say that.

When I reach home, the first feeling was I feel that the world seems like going to end. I got no idea why I feel that.

I cannot smile right now, things I want, everything I want never really come to me. Sometime I think why people can get it so easily but why I can only get them when don't really need them?
Why life need to be that difficult and complicated?

Really hope can get life that I love into it. Think deeply, I hope that I am still young little child in the age of 3-8 years old...

New Student

Having tuition yesterday night and I saw a new face in my standard 4 classroom. So I went to ask Ms. Cheng, she said that he will be my new student and I need to be more patient to him cause he is a bit slow.
After she said that, I was thinking that 'oh, one more headache student'. I know I am very bad to think that but in my class, there are 2 students are very troublesome. They always make me headache. They really make me old many many years.

But what surprise me is the little boy is really very clever. The first thing I asked them to do when I walked into the classroom yesterday was wrote down all the multiplication timetable into the exercise book from 2 to 10 in 10mins. After 10mins, only a girl and the new boy managed to finish them in time and they did it all correct. I was like wow!!!
After the Math period finished, I continue the Science period. The new boy also can answer every question that I gave. The answer that he gave was almost the same as the answer sheet at the back, just he is very weak in his English, that's all.

Really can't believe that a boy that can't talk properly and listen properly is very good in his result especially Math and Science. Lol.
Really can't see a person on surface ny... Lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Funny Little Thing During Work

I brought some beans with wasabi to work today. The purpose I bring that is to let Hui Yuan to have a try, but after she tried one she said it is spicy. Haha, if you really see her expression sure you will laugh.

When I was teaching the standard 1 students, I asked those students whether want to have a try on the beans. Most of them said yes. I did give them, but before I gave them to eat I told them that the beans are spicy. Although I have tell them this, but they still want to eat. After they tried that I told them not to drink water until they finish everything. Most of them quickly finished it then drink lots of water. Very funny.

When the students were taking their bath, and the class was only left 2 students. The 2 students told me that they want to eat some more. Lol, so I gave them and they eat until their face become red , blue, green.... Lots of colour came out...

Then in the afternoon class, there is a boy who his nick name is Ah Yo, he make lots of fun and jokes... Here, let me show you.

~Smile face~

~Sad face~

~Happy face~

~Angry face~

~Crying face~

~Scared Face~


~Cute face~

I think he is very talent in the facial expression. Isn't it?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Missing Them

I already missing them a lot and I just saw them on last Saturday.

What can I do?? I forgot to take their pictures when I was with them.

I'm going to get crazy soon. They are so lovely and cute and I think I fall into them.

That's right, they are Poppy and Hannah. Aiyo, I really miss them so much!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bai Nian 2

It is the second day we went to bai nian. Today we gathered at Kee's house. I managed to ask Hui Yuan to come along. She didn't want to follow at the first place but I said Leong is not going and I need to drive alone very kesian, so she follow liao lo... haha

I went out at around 10.10am which we actually had agreed to gather at 10am. Most of my friends had arrived Kee's house accept Yi-Tsiang, Sik Mei and Hui Yi. Talk about Kee make me think of his dog, Tommy. Tommy is the most coward dog I ever met (sorry kee). I haven't step into kee's house but Tommy had already started to bark at me. After I went into Kee's house compound and wanted to feed some food, Tommy keep running away from me. OMG, I never see dog that really so scare of human before. Lol...

Then we went to Leong's house. Leong was grounded today because he miss his promise yesterday. Poor thing. So we went to visit him at his house. His house compound is really very big and comfortable. Leong's kakak fried french fries and nuggets and also some agar-agar for us. They taste good. Then Joe remind us that Leong has a dog too. So I went to visit the dog. Poor thing the dog seem like it is been abuse (sorry, I didn't mean that). It is a Chi Wa Wa. But just imagine a Chi Wa Wa that has been pump in the air into his stomach. It is really fat, like Harn Wei's cat.

We wanted to go Yell Jing's house, but she wasn't at home.

So we went to Wei Xin's house. Wei Xin is my primary school teacher's daughter, so I managed to meet my teacher back. It is very happy. She also has a pet too. I forgoten the pet's name. But it is not a dog, it is a cat. The fur of the cat is really very pretty.

Then we went to Emily's house who stay nearby Wei Xin's house. Emily is really very clever. She seems to know a lot of things. She also very clever in doing all sorts of handi craft. No wonder they call her 'God'.

After that we went to Harn Wei's house which it is the last location for me cause I was very tired dy. We gamble at Harn Wei's house and I win again.. LOL. How come when I play with my cousins I always lost?? After playing for a while then I fetch Hui Yuan back and fetch myself back home.

I quickly had a quick clean of my house, cause they are coming to my house. I was very excited at that time. I never invite friends to my house during Chinese New Year and this is the first time because I usually will spend all the Chinese New Year time in my Granny's house. I was very very happy when they came to my house.

Hey all, come to my house more often, not just Chinese New Year. I love the feeling when you all come visit me..

Earlier Celebration

It wasn't the first time I celebrate birthday with mummy, but this is the first time I celebrate her birthday earlier than the date as usual.

Yup, that's why I went to make a birthday cake for my mummy. Well this is the first time and I think it will be the last time I make cake unless I find a special person then I will break this rule and make a cake for him/her.

Well for me, cake is very delicious but not this one. I never make cake for anyone before. I just cook a meal for someone and she is the same person that I make cake for her.

I woke up early in the morning, quickly bring out the cheese cake from the fridge and pull down the aluminium foil and the cake looked like this.

Then I added crandberries on it.

Add some whipped cream, isn't it look cute??

I do not know why when I reach home from Bai Nian, the cake become like this... Oh so sad...

I sang birthday song with mummy just now, she just smile. I know that she felt very happy but she just doesn't like to show it on her face. I do not know why every time I sang birthday song to her, I will feel my tears running out from my eyes. But this time, I controlled them well, they didn't come out after all.

After singing, and cutting the birthday cake, we tried out a piece each. I think it is okay cause I'm still new in this, but mummy and sister said that it is not nice and they do not like it. I feel so sad. I think it is because the taste of it is totally different from the cheese cake that you usually bake it. This cheese cake is make without oven for your information. I brought some of the cheese cake to Hui Yuan and her family to let them to have a try on it because she had taught me the way to make it.

Bai Nian

As I told you yesterday that I went to bai nian with all friends. They first went to Mr. Ng's house, but I didn't go cause I was still working at that time. After working, we went to Handsome Goh's house which is just nearby my house.

When Hui Yuan and I reached Handsome Goh's house, there already 'crowded' by people. The most funny thing is Handsome Goh's grandma asked him to give us ang pau, which only married people need to give ang pau. When we receive the ang pau from him, we will of course said:' Thank You, Uncle!'

The next place was Miss Irene's house. Teacher was waiting for us to 'lou sang' which is mixing all the food together. I also do not know what it means. Just followed. Then we spend our time there chating with teacher. When they mention about STPM and University, I was so damn scare. Cause I dreamt that I only got 2.2 pointer and I was the lowest among all my friends include Jerusha. OMG!!!

Then we went to Hui Yuan's house. We managed to eat some cookies that she make her own. Her mom treat us to drink pumkin juice and fruite juice + red wain. I ate a lot there especially the keropok that make of bean. I love them.

After that we went to Phei Yee's house which is located near SMKTC. I wanted to say hello to Ricky (her dog) but he seems dislike me. He barked at me very not friendly. I gambling at her house too. I manage to gain arounf RM5, but poor Yee Chern was losing alot... wtf.

The next was Handsome Joe's house which located near to Pelindung's house. When I first reached there, I asked him to show me his two little puppy which are now already 3-4 months old. They are cute. I keep playing with thme until I was bitten by mosquitoes, I also forgot to take pictures of them. Poppy and Hannah are really cute. I love them very much. Feel like want to bring them home for a day since mummy not around but Handsome Joe said if I wanna bring him home must take care for him for the rest of my life... wtf.

Then the last destination, Phui Yoke's house. We have been many houses, her house was the only place which switched on air-cond. So when we went into her house we feel cold and cool. But it is very comfortable. I ate lots of chocolate there too. They taste good.

Today we are going to others' house to bai nian. Hope to see more dogs and puppy...