Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm going to KL on this coming Wednesday and I have done nothing in preparation of my packing. This time I will be going on 27th of May till 4th of June.
This trip is kinda long, but I think it will be much more meaningful than going KL for shopping for the whole weeks.

Actually the purpose I go to KL is not for shopping. I am going attend a conference that going to held in Stadium KL with 8000 networkers from 200 other countries.
I really can't wait and I am really excited!!!

Meet you guys after I back from KL la.
By the way, I want to inform u all that I'm not be able to answer your call during that few days.
I believe I will off my phone and will on it in the midnight when I want to sleep.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Finally the Business Presentation is held in Kuantan.
It is the second Business Presentation that I attend after I join this business.
I really enjoy every single second in this few months.

23-5-2009 (Saturday)
Went to Sri Malaysia before 2pm. It is really hot with those clothing, but I really like wearing them because I look smart with them. ^^
I like BioDisc BP, see some experiment and I myself try out the experiment.
Really impress le...
UNBELIEVABLE.... if I didn't try out myself, sure I will never know that it really works!!!

After the BioDisc BP, I went to have some pictures with Yoke and Yi-Tsiang.

At night,
wow.... it is more crowded than what I thought of!!
Not enough seat!!!
But not too bad. I like the environment at night.
After the BP, we went to a mamak stall near TC.
Listen to some sharing that given by Anderson. It is so unbelievable that Anderson will come Kuantan along too. So excited!!!
He came to Kuantan ler... Of cause I will have to take this opportunity to learn this from him la, that's why I follow them to Yam Cha at mamak stall at night.

We help Ching Chian to have a earlier celebration at there too.. She was so touch and cried.
We thought that she likes chocolate, so we bought chocolate to her... mana tau, she allergy with it.

Took some picture here too...
again, my face look so big!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have make an affirmation after I realize that I bought the wrong tickets that we will be able to go KL on 27th by Ching Chian's car.
And my affirmation become reality jor.

I success fully sell of the ticket with RM65 which I first bought the tickets with RM65.70
Really thanks a lot to the ticket seller.
She is really very very kind.

I feel much better after this.
The feeling is like I feel the robe that tie my heart has been losen.
Haha, can smile and laugh naturally jor.... ^^

Yam Cha + Thunder

Promise Harn Wei to go manager there to have a small gathering just now. It has been long time we didn't held any gathering after her birthday celebration. A month I think.

She asked her to meet there at 10pm, but at the end we went there at around 10.30pm. Late for 30 minutes. But luckily Yi-Tsiang did tell her that we are going to late a bit. Hahax.
Kwong Ming and Wei Sam went along but they have their own drinks at Kemaman Kopitiam. @@
Harn Wei wore very girl that night. Long time didn't see her wearing like that lor. She really looks beautiful. ^^
Later on Joe, Wei Hong, and Jun Yan reached and we had a talk over there. We even talked about Wong Yeong Li and Wong kwok Joe. Ehem, Joe didn't say anything but he just said that before he came for the yamcha, he went to meet her at tc and eat ABC together. But I can see that he smile so sweetly when we say that... hahax
Besides that we also mention another 'couple': Grace and Yi-Tsiang. Wahahaha, Yi-Tsiang didn't say anything also but he looked at his phone and smile sweetly.... L0l...
Talk till nearly around 12am. We had a good gathering this time. Just Yoke kena complaint for being talking to the phone for so long while we were yam chaing....
When we wanted to end the gathering, rain appears. I really hate rains although the temperature of the surrounding will decrease and we will feel better.

After that gathering, we went for second round at Kemaman Kopitiam where Wei Sam and Kwong Ming were waiting for us for so long.
This time thunder 'arrive'.
Oh My God!!!!
The thunder is really scary. Scary and loud. It seems like got big King Kong walking to Kuantan Town jor.
Wanted to go back early de, but the rain to heavily, so we ma wait till the rain slow down jor only run into the car lo...

On the way back home, the roads are all full of water jor.
Like going to banjir like that, so scary.... Scare the history will back again... T.T
On the way to Kwong Ming and Yoke's house, Yi-Tsiang terlanggar to a biawak.
OMG, went we turn our head back to look at the lizard, the lizard can still walk... It is geli..... ==

Think lots of thing last night.
Think about all the things that had happen for this few months.
Hope everything can get better...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Embarresss >.<

Oh my God!!!
It is really very embarrassing....

Yesterday I back from my grandmother's house by bus.
Since I was in the bus station dy, so I bought the bus ticket to KL for 27th May de.
Mana tau I said I want to buy bus ticket for 23rd May. I was so blur that time. I didn't even realize that I said that...

After few hours at home, I only realize that I bought the WRONG one!!!!!!
Oh My God!!!!!!
I quickly ask for help to bring me to the bus station.

Now what I can do is just wait till tomorrow morning and make a phone call to the ticket seller so that I can get my money back.
Oh, God bless me...


Is your relationship between your daddy and you good?
Honestly I have been almost 2 months didn't get to see my daddy's face.
For all my close friends sure you know what is the situation.

I have been quarrel with him last few weeks through phone.
After that I didn't call him or sms him.
He also didn't want to surrender and refuse to sms me or call me.

After these few days, I really see through my daddy's true personality.
I realize that he no longer care about us anymore.
Even when my brother or sister sms him, he never reply.
Don't tell me that he is busy. This is the lousy excuses that I ever heard.
Where got a father that will be that busy until no sms, no call within this 2 months?
This is really ridiculous!!!

It is really nonsense for me to forgive him.
Never think of begging him, hate to do so either.
Maybe he likes to see us begging.
Who knows??

What I know is I will continue my life without him.
Whatever things going to be, don't beg me for anything in the future.
Everything that happen in the past and now, I don't think I will ever forget.
It is not easy to forget either.
Just let it be.

But it is just impossible for me to treat you like how we treated you last time.
Time cannot bring anything back.
Things just happened and nobody can bring the past back.
What I can do know is let him go and keep my life on without him.

Well, I believe I can do it very very well.
Wish me Luck~~~

Hello there~

Let me speak out this time
It has been a long time I didn't speak out my feeling here.
I have been busying on my own stuff for this long time, until I got no time to settle down my own feeling. @@
haha, really love to crap......

To all my beloved friends who have gone to study:
How's the study and the environment there?
I'm sure you get to know lots of friends there.
Any way I hope all of you can really get to study on what you love.

To all my beloved friends who going to study:
Okay, this situation is almost same like me. Haha, because I am going to study soon although I am not sure about this.
Hope you all can get the course and the University that you wished for. =)

Suddenly feel that all the friends are leaving one by one from me.
In the end will be left me alone to get to know new friends.
Aiks... I really hate this to happen... @@
I know that get to know new friends is a good thing but I want to have old friends along.
Honestly it is really difficult to find old friends that can keep in touch till now nowadays.
Well maybe not for you. I myself find it difficult la...
Maybe is just I am to sensitive jor gua...

Lots of things happen and not much people know what happen to me, because I am a very good actor. Wahahaha, I still can laugh, jokes around in front of you all.
I can't believe I can did that well.
Can go to take part in competition jor. @@
Problems that I faced only some of you knows about this, because I choose to tell you all.
Really appreciate you didn't tell anybody about this.
Thanks a lot.

Muaksssss, Love you all


I found out that I become lazier and lazier.
I don't feel to do anything.
I just want to sleep, sleep, and sleep.


Do you know what is the taste of being in a jail?
Yerpz, I feel it already.
This is the second day I live without my Kelissa. It is really some kind of curse like that. I can't drive out!!!
You know, I love being outdoors. Running here and there, no matter what time. But not to this whole week. I lost my freedom!!!!

No more running out when my mom's working.
No more lepaking.
No more FREEDOM!!!

Oh My God!!!
How am I going to stay for this whole week??
It is going to drive me crazy.
Staying at home for whole day is really like being in the jail, not a low class jail but a high class jail.
It is something like you being in a jail that you are available for using internet, handphone, toilet, bed, and you will be comfortable with them.
But I'm sorry, if you want to stay in this condition of life without outdoor, let me tell you...
I'll definitely die.
I really can't tahan life like this.

By the way, I would like to ask:
if you bought a bus ticket and you found out that you don't need it anymore. Then what should you do? Can return back to the ticket seller? Or just let the ticket be?

p/s: really frustrated now. Many things happened so suddenly...

Monday, May 18, 2009

This is not what I want

sigh, I really feel frustrated.
I have been asked to bring my grandmother back to her house tomorrow.
I have to drive alone with my grandmother.
Well, this is not the worst part.
The worst is I have to leave the Kelissa at there for a week until my aunt drive the car back to Kuantan at the end of this month.
I have to stay at my grandmother's house withour internet.
This is really suffering la...
I hate this to happen, but it happen.
My mom asked me to stay 2 night at there, but I don't think I can tahan for so many days.
I really feel frustrated already.
Asking me to do this and that.
Got no freedom if I stay at there.
I got nothing to do except doing housework and sleep nia....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Really Busy

Is really very busy.
You guys know that I had stoped my previous job at Day Care, but it doesn't mean that I have got my freedom after that.
Life is being more busy after that.
Went to KL for some motivation training.
Went for my daily task.
Really busy.....


Friday, May 15, 2009

Should I??

Something bothering me this lately.
I don't know how to express or say it out.
Don't know find who to tell either... @@

Well let me ask you guys here la,
if you fall into someone and he/she is your friend, but another of your friend fall into him/her also, will you give up??
for me I think I will let him/her go, because I don't like being relationship of triangle...
So suffering...

Aiyer, don't simply think la...
nothing happen to me,
just suddenly got such question came to my mind...
that's all...


1.My Name : Wong Cai Yi

2.My Birthday : 05/12/2009

3.Who tagged you : Grace Alexander

4.Name 5 best friends: Honestly none in the pass 5 months, I found one and I hope it last long.... -----> The person who tagged me.... @@

5.What do you wished for birthday: have a great surprise birthday

6.Happy things that happened recently : none.... T.T

7.Most stressed about recently : works
8.What is your dream about future : happy family~

9.Do you have someone you like : got gua... you guess la.. hehe~~~

10.Will visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering : yerpzzzzz~~

11.Most happy to hang out with : friendssss

12.If two of your friends were having conflicts : will try to figure out and help to solve it....

13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : just go where ever that is comfortable for us to talk. ^^

14.What to do in Christmas : an ordinary day @@

15.Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with : my lover~~~, friends~~~

16.Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : lie down on the bed and sleep again.... Lolzzz

17.How many siblings do you have : 2

18.Favourite song(Female) : till now, all acceptable

19.Favourite song(Male) : Lee Hom: Everything

20.Favourite Colour : something warn

21.Flush before using the toilets? : if it is too dirty~~

22.Love me not? : Who?? I don't know... @@

23.Affectionate to guys or girls : not really.

24.What do you wants to shout out loudly : I want to sleep gao gao!!!!

25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : NO!!!

26.Will you take off your undies in while in the WC : Huh?? what?? I don't understand

27.Who's the bastard : n0pezzz

28.What's the current affection : Internet!!!

29.Sleeps uglily : not really

30.Whats the time now : 2.06am

31.Do you hate the person who tagged you : nope!!

32.Weight : 57kg heavy huh..... dieting~~~

33.Weather today : cl0udy.... hot... cloudy.... hot

34.Are you pregnant : nopezzz

35.What will you do if you win a lottery : give some to mummy, then buy a laptop for myself~~~

36.An activity that must be done while in the Uni -life : having a good relationship~~~

I don't think I want to tag anybody.... paiseh

1.Who tagged you with this questionnaire? : Angelssss
2.How long have you known him/her : 5 months
3.Do you think that he/she is important to you? : a little bit
4.Your relationship with him/her : just friends
5.Whats his/hers hobby? : piano
6.What do you think about his/her personality? : like to help people and then get herself into troubles
7.His/her points of importance in your heart : share lots of things together

*1st thing before sleep : sms...
*1st thing after awaking from sleep : sleep back again..
*Your idol : Lee Hom
*Favourite season : Autumn
*Worked part-time before? : ada~~~
*Times worked : flexible~~~
*Country that wanted to go most : Taiwan....
*Personality hated : being 'fan'
*Are you a crybaby? : yes... @@
*You laugh alot? : yups, infront of friens...
*Do you like to go out alone? : NO!!!
*What time you wake up if it was a holiday? : depends
*Today's weather(Sunny Rainy Cloudy): cloudy
*Choose between Friends and Lover : Friends
*Choose between Chances and Fates : Chances
*Are you narcissist? : huh??
*Is this questionnaire long? : 12mins
*How to make yourself feel better every time? : sleep, eat, shopping
*Favourite food : whatever
*Do you like ice? : yes!!
*Are you full of happiness? : not really
*Which are the friends that you cared the most? : friends tat cares b0ut me
*Whats the most important item in your bed room? : my pillow
*Most consistent dream at sleep : not really dream...
*Will you forgive a guy that is mentally disobedient? : depends....
*Whats the meaning of life? : to do whatever you like to
*Do you know?(See if you can answer this!): know what???
*When do you hate me? : when you feel frustrated after helping your friends...
*Like the day you were born or been into the society?: why not??
*Like Taoism or Confucianism? : Nopezzz
*Favourite cake? : Any flavour as long not jagung and straberry
*Do you like sardins? : Ok Ok l0....
*Who knows you the best? : None~~

*IQ higher or EQ? : I don't know wor....
*Computer or Mobile Phone : m0bile
*Friendster or Facebook? : facebo0k
*Whats your wish right now? : Have a boy friend... @@
*Tired? : everyday
*Favourite drinks : watermelon juice~
*What do you think of the humanity and personality of the person who tagged you? : kind and helpful... hahax

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Something happened yesterday.
Wake up at 8.30am yesterday, feel uncomfortable on my eyes. @@ So I went to have a look on the mirror to find out what happen.
Oh No!!!!!
My eyes..... T_T BENGKAK liao!!!
It is so damn ugly a....

I don't care about how ungly it is, I still went to Megamall with Ah Sam. Old Town.
Really sienz this few days. Don't feel like going out today also, but I went out again liao .... @@


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For those who receive my message, for sure you know that I have change one of my handphone number.
From 012 to 017.
Yerpz, that's right. It is the youth club package. Is quite cheap and I think it is a good choice to change my number from postpaid to prepaid. @@
Today I went to Megamall again.
This time is with Wei Sam. I want to switch my celcom number to DiGi.
Mana tau I have to wait for 1-5 working days. AND. might be reject.
I was like @@.
Okay then i will just have to wait nia la....

Monday, May 11, 2009

No Mood T.T

Where is my mood??
Where it has gone??
Oh No.....
haih, no mood la...
got no mood to do anything....

Birthday Gal~~~ Grace

Yi-Tsiang and I planed this for so long, I think almost a week before. Grace told me not to remind Yi-Tsiang about her birthday, but I believe he still remember it la, cause most of the things about her he also know very clearly... aiks @@
(nanti kena from Grace pulak...)

On 3rd of May
I asked Yi-Tsiang 's idea on how will he celebrate for her? At first he said that he will celebrate with her for the whole day, well I don't know how la. But the first respond in my brain is like: wow, like boy friend want to help girl friend to celebrate like that...
Aiks... @@
Because before that Grace told me that she thinks that Yi-Tsiang has totally forget about her birthday liao. So I ma tell Yi-Tsiang that she thinks that lo, some more I told him that I want to celebrate together but I only can spend out my time at night.
So Yi-Tsiang said that since she thinks that way, then he will really make her thinks that he really forget about her birthday liao... Then I will go fetch her at her house at night, maybe around 11pm then ny g0 to a place to celebrate. Surprise~~~
Actually we want to have surprise at home de, like how we celebrate with Yi-Tsiang, but we don't have her mummy's phone number. So we have to bring her Out liao lo...

On 8th of May
I spend whole day outside with friends. Shopping~~~
I some more promise Grace that I am g0ing to online at home so that we can chit chat before I going to my grandma's house. Mana tau at the end, I break my promise, I couldn't rush back home in time some more go back at 12am something. Sorry~~~
I know that I disappoint her. Really sorry~~~

On 9th of May
I already at my grandma's house.
I keep on smsing with Grace. Some more sengaja reload my credit just to call her at night.
While I sms with Grace, I sure got tell everything happen on her to Yi-Tsiang so that we can plan the best surprise for her.
She some more want to tell me that Yi-Tsiang didn't sms her about her birthday and she really thinks that he forget already.
Although she just sms me and tell me about this, but I'm very sure that she was very very disappointed about that. She remind me once again to not to tell Yi-Tsiang about her birthday. I asked why. She reply: its not things to remind but to remember.
That night she celebrate with her friends... @@

On 10th of May
Continue my sms with her. Then ask her out for yamcha. Luckily I asked her first, cause she told me that after I ajak her, she got some friends who ajak her too... @@
Go on continue our plan that I have discuss with Yi-Tsiang in the evening.
Venue: JR
Birthday 'cake': McD burger
At 9.30pm, I went to Yi-Tsiang's house after he finished his badminton. (hand pain some more want to go for badminton!!!! naughty!!!)
Found out that we forget to prepare candle liao. So in the desperate situation, Yi-Tsiang terpaksa use the candle that we used for his birthday as the candle for her birthday candle. @@
I online at Yi-Tsiang's house and chit chat with her to confirm with her to go to JR1 or JR. I suggested to Yi-Tsiang to go JR1 because will be more easy for us to make her surprise. So at the end the venue change to JR1.
Before we (Yi-Tsiang and I) went for our plan. He suggest that he will arrive earlier than us and will put burger and candle on a table. Then he msn Grace and still berpura-pura that he forget everything about her birthday. hahax
(actually it is a miracle for them or not sms each other in a day, because they always sms to each other with their 'super sms')
Mana tau, I reached earlier than Yi-Tsiang, so our plan terpaksa change. Grace and I will go in first and I'll pretend to just treat her Yam cha. After Yi-Tsiang reach JR, he smsed and tell me that the lighter that he brought rosak liao... @@
So I used a very stupid reason that I want to go take something from my car. I know that if I said that she will sure suspect liao de. Mana tau, she just thought that I going to my car to take present to her... hahax
So after I borrow lighter from people and then we gone into JR1 together. She was so so so surprise~~~
We didn't prepare cake for her but we used burger as cake... hahax.. @@

Happy Birthday~~~

We took lots of pictures over there, and I wanted to post it here, but I think Grace will post la... So I just post them in Facebook la... hahax...
I choose some to here ny la... ^^

After berpicturing at JR1, we went to Grace's house to eat cakes~~~ yum yum@@
I think we reached at her house at 1am, and chit chat until 2am. That time Yi-Tsiang only went home. So Late@@ I no need to go back, cause I will be overnight at her house... Syoknya~~~
Chit chat with her before sleep until around 3am only really close my eyes to sleep.
Really can't believe that Yi-Tsiang still smsing with her. I don't know what they sms to each other, but seems like very screty... wuwuwuwu~~~~ @@

Anyway, happy birthday~~~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day~~

I didn't plan anything to my mummy this year, not even a wishes.
Very rude huh?
Previous year, I will definitely celebrate Mother's day with her de. I usually will cook a meal for her or treat her to something good.
This year, I don't feel like celebrate it. I feel guilty now. I didn't even say, mummy happy mother's day...
Really very bad lo...
Even my friend got sms my mummy and wish her...
Sure she will feel disappointed...

I Am Back~~~

I back to Kuantan liao!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Balik Kampung~~~

Announcement here~~~
I'm g0in back t0 my grandma's h0use f0r this weekend.
Abit sad actually, cause I will n0t g0in t0 able t0 0nline in this 2 days.
G0nna used all 0f my credit f0r sure to sms....

But I will use this 0pp0rtunity t0 make all my stuff d0ne...
I d0nt kn0w why I g0t the feeling that s0mething bad will happen...
Ch0i ch0i ch0i~~~
n0thing bad will happen...
everything will g0 very very well!!!

Anyway, I'm g0in to depart early in the m0rning t0mol0...
will be back 0n Sunday nitezzzz

S0rri Grace, can't celebrate birthday wif y0u...
realli realli s0rry...
@@ f0rgive me ler.... hahax

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Min Fun Ga0

yesterday we had a discussion at X-Team Group about our breakfast today.
then they said they want to go eat "min fun gao"
i was like 'harh, eat min fun gao again a'....
i just ate min fun gao with Yi-Tsiang and Grace yesterday lunch...
so i decided not to go to eat this morning...

s0mething just happened!!!

Yesterday and again left me alone down stairs onlining and chit chating with all my friends, updating my blog. I did on some songs from my phone...
Something scary just happen...
Suddenly my phone just rang, I went to have a look. The phone call is from my mom. I was wondering why my mom miss call me at that time, some more she was just upstairs sleeping. Call me for what???
Then I hear my mom went into the toilet. So I ma think that maybe she is just warning me to sleep early lo. So I say bye bye to all my friends and went to sleep...
Is really end that night.....

This morning, I woke up early in the morning.
I went to down to ask my mom why her miss call me in the mid-night time??
She told me that she didn't miss call me at all!!!
Oh My God!!!
What had just happened??
Then the person who miss call me is who??
Sei Lo....
Because I went to check my phone's call list, really is from my mom!!!
Oh God!!! this is so scary....
My mom didn't do the miss call, then who did??

Shit liao la....
I really don't want to meet those thing la....
some more now I'm staying at home alone la...
Nobody I can talk to, I only can express in here...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Guess what I done today?? Haha, nothing special actually...

Yesterday sms with Grace and that stupid girl think something badly, so I asked her to sms me when she awake. >.<
And because her message, I wake up early this morning. @@

Go vacuum my car, my mom lecture me last night... She told me that I so free but never spend time to wash my car... hahax... No choice lo, clean my car this morning. Vacuum inside only, outside haven't wash yet. Lolxx

'Date' with Kee and Yoke at 10am to school to certify the certificate. I reached the school at 10am, waiting for 10minutes then call them, mana tau they haven't even come out!!! Really angry liao!!! Then I wait for them again, but this time I have wait another 10minutes. Shit!!! still haven't come yet!!! really angry liao this time. Got down and go certify alone liao lo....

After that I called Yi-Tsiang, ask him want to go visit Grace together anot.
He say okay. So I go fetch him at his house to Grace's house.
Before we go to her house, I suggest to buy medicine to her. So we went to Aw Kah Yan to find 'woods' but no stock, so we bought another medicine.
On the way to her house, she asyik say hope I got sesat and cannot find her house.
Zadao @@
You think I so stupid meh.... huhux

I some more got call her, obviously she got no idea that Yi-Tsiang will follow me to go visit her...
I think we spend around more than one hour at her house. Force her to drink medicine too... Actually I want to force Yi-Tsiang to eat medicine too, but he doesn't want. So fine lo~~~
They somemore want to talk something I don't know...
Really sien, cause say something that I dunno again and make me feel blur...
Alwayz like that, really sien liao...

Then we went for our lunch together... Mian Fun Gao~~~, I ate lots of ikan bilis...@@
Yi-Tsiang and Grace gave me lots of ikan bilis~~~
Later I become the next patient.... @@

After lunch, I rush back then go fetch Yi-Tsiang again to ECM. So rush....
Miss lots of training today, actually is not my fault. I want to listen to the training, but I can't la... T.T
Nevermind la, still got chance de... ^^

Hey guys, don't ever trying to hide things from me anymore!!!!! Really sienzzz de leh like that!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tag Again~~~

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want.
Describe the person who tagged you and put his/her picture.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question..

This girl name Grace. This picture was captured when we were celebrating birthday with Yi-Tsiang at Curry House near Midashi there. She had sun burn, terrible sun burn. Look at her skin's colour.... So red!!! Hahax, sure you will ask me why I want to choose this picture, because I got no other picture of her liao, I only know her well during Chinese New Year. So honestly I know her only for months till now. Erm, she is a person who really love to help friends around her but always ignore her own feeling. Must change lo~~~..... ^^

1. What is your name: Wong Cai Yi
2. A four letter word: Wind
3. A boy's name: Wong Kwok Joe
4. A girl's name: Wendy
5. An occupation: Wine Tester
6. A color: White
7. Something you'll wear: Wind Breaker
8. A food: Watermelon
9. Something found in the bathroom: Water
10. A place: Western Sahara
11. A reason for being late: Went to the toilet~~~
12. Something you'd shout: wtf!!!
13. A movie title: Wild Wild West
14. Something you drink: Wine
15. A musical group: Westlife
16. An animal: White Shark
17. A street name: Wong Ah Jang Street
18. A type of car: Wartburg
19. Title of a song: Where is the Love??? ~~~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad Day~~

I wanted to sleep till late late today actually, mana tau my brother came into my room and tell me that my daddy is going to bring us for breakfast.... Actually I am very lazy to wake up to go berbreakfast with him de lo.... sleepy la~~~

After I come down from upstairs, mummy told me that my car's tyre 'poncek' liao... =.= The first thing came to my mind is what happen o?? Later I ma cannot go to ecmall liao lo.... OOOOPSSSSSSS....

But luckily Kee can fetch me to ecmall. Because I called Yi-Tsiang to fetch me there, but that time he hasn't wake up yet. Fine lo... I also don't like to beg people, so I just go mandi and wait for Kee nia lo... Mana tau, when Kee reach my house that time, I wasn't prepared. So I tertinggal my nokia phone at home, and rush to ecmall... I really feel not good when I was out for whole day without my another phone...

After I finished everything and settle everything down, I wanted to go home liao... but too bad cause I didn't drive there. Then I ma started to call my friends to fetch me home. Mana tau..... Actually really feel sad when nobody is there to help me when I need them. T.T Feel bored to call them liao. So I choose to wait liao lo.... No choice...

I did call Him, but he said he got 'something else' to do, so I ma don't want to berkacau him lo. I don't like to beg others either. wait wait wait~~~ From 3pm till 7pm.... finally She is there to help me...~~~~ ^^, my angel....

Oh... friends?? what do they mean??


I slept very early on Monday night. I was really very tired that time. After the marathon for few days, I really enjoy the time when I was busying with all the partner and friends.

Happiness come everytime and you will found that sadness is always very tiny. Erm, it is difficult to explain here, want to feel it then you just come and try it yourself~~~. You can really find the joy from here, but honestly I really tired and this tired is the different one from other tired you ever have. Come and try it yourself if you want. Just come to find me, and I'll help you.. :)

That night I was really very tired so I went to sleep at around 10pm. Before I slept of course I wouldn't forget to send my 108 to them. Very fast I fall asleep that night, really. Honestly I seldom fall asleep so fast. I am totally exhausted. All my friends are all feel shock to find out that I sleep so early that night, cause I normally sleep very very late, around 2-3am.

I don't know what was the time that time, but I very confirm that I was awake and very alert on what am I thinking. I suddenly wake up, but I couldn't open my eyes and I can't even move my whole body. I really feel suffer that time. Honestly I really thought that I kena haunted. I really very scare that time, because I can't even shout. OMG!!! My azimat that time wasn't with me either, because my bag is downstairs... really scary...

But after I asked those people that can see 'those' thing, they said actually this case got nothing to relate to ghost, because ghost will not do such thing. Then I was like........ ~~~ I also don't know how... My friend said that this is because I was too tired then this kind of thing will happen... Haha, I really never think that I will be that tired till my body give such reaction.~~~