Saturday, April 30, 2011

Satay!!! *evil smile*

It has been awhile I didn't eat satay and I really want to eat them!
After some consideration, we think that after the first two papers we should go and enjoy.  And yes!  We made ourselves out to have taste of satays~

We went Layang-Layang at first which is nearer to our campus, but too bad none of the stalls there were opened!  I was so disappointed then the 'driver' (is not an ordinary driver duh, is my roommate's brother! hahaha) brought us to another place which named Pancur Hitam.  The location is a little further away, I never drive myself there but I hope I can before I graduate.

Funny thing here, Syn Wei said the way to Pancur Hitam and the way to Mutiara look exactly the same!  LoL
Guess anyone who wanna sell her is damn easy~
(no wonder she will get cheated for the surprise~ =p)

We were fortunate that there are 2 stalls of satay open, no idea what special day is that day causing them choose to have holiday but I got no that much luck to taste all the stalls' satays...
Still, I enjoyed the satays there.

We tasted 2 different stalls' satays and at the end found out the satays in the inner corner taste better, and the sauce are tasty too.
Plus the plate and 'decoration' of the satays on the plate looks attractive, maybe that's the way they make us thing their food taste better~

Dogs are there too!  I wanted to give them some of my satay, but too bad it is very unhealthy for them, oily meat, not good for them thou...
Sorry little boy... I didn't mean to be mean to you...
This dog kept walking round and round near by our table, keep on shaking his tail.  I bet this dog is only less than one year old...  Still a puppy...

Today is the last day of April, guess most of the cars been return back to the owner, because all are going back on May.  That also mean that I'm not able to drive out from the campus already except by shuttle bus or bus mini...
Never mind, cause I still can drive when I going back to Kuantan~

Happy Saturday~

p/s: anyone wanna go Malacca?
p/s: anyone wanna come Kuantan to visit me during the holiday?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Things Happen Recently

Not much thing happens recently but things that happen really made me feel disappointed and seriously can't easily forgive or even forget.
Maybe you think I'm not mature to forget all those thing but I don't think it is a small matter for me because it is about my reputation as well.

There are 2 things that happen in this week.  So rare things that will actually happen, cause I never think that will happen.  One is I never know that friends could have think that way on me, seriously disappointed; two is I never know that a friend would have betray another with this.  Disappointed to both of them which the first one the most and the second one expected.

Because of the FYP thing, one of my friend couldn't get partners in a group which before this the friend is still alone, obviously the friend now does have a group.  Story ends.
I don't know how this relate to me but suddenly someone scolded me and blame me for still finding a friend of mine to make him feel sensitive.  This is ridiculous, we are friends that's why we communicate.  I already rarely talk to him face-to-face or go out together but we just chat through messenger, is that too much or over?  Oh, come on...  I don't think this is too much or what, but I'm sure I'm doing the right thing as I already make lots of prevention to avoid him to misunderstand, and this friend thought I didn't behave myself!
Argh, whatever~
I don't feel like talking to him or what now...  No matter he is dead or alive, is none of my business anymore.  Because it is hardly for me to forgive him.
He doesn't know the story but he makes one for himself.  From what I observe now I feel what I did is much better than the girl he likes.  At least I wont take picture with a person who have a crush on me so much, everything I do I will make sure I won't give any negative feeling or too positive feeling.

The girl complain to me on what happen to her.  I feel pity to her as I can't do anything for her when this happen to her.  The girl's friend betray her.  The betrayer chooses this that benefits herself.  Seriously never thing there will be this kind of person exists... Evil...
Didn't the betrayer knows that when she is in trouble, the girl would try her best to help her?
Didn't the betrayer knows that when she needs help, the girl would help her also?
It has been 2 years.
2 years friendship is not short, at least 2 years you can face lots of happiness and sadness together!  Where is your sincere humanity?  The girl treated the betrayer with sincere heart, but what happen to the girl? The betrayer still being mean to the girl.
To be frankly, after this incident, I really feel I'm glad that I didn't choose to be friend with you since that.  I am glad and lucky at least I pull my own earlier from the circle.

To people who are in sad condition (the God knows who I mean to, because the God will know who is the kind and good one but who is the mean and bad one), hope you all will become happy like you use to be~

p/s: yes, you are right! I'm talking about you!!!
p/s: don't come and complain about this post. Just come to ask me if you dare.
p/s: to the girl, please don't be sad because of this bastard, it is meaningless to sad for this bitch as well~
p/s: I'm not angry thou~

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not High EQ, Just Don't Feel To Argue

Yesterday I felt lazy to cook wanted to go binary cafe there to have my dinner, but since my room-mate woke up late, and I wasn't hungry yet, so we changed our mind to cfc to have our dinner.
(Binary cafe always close very early, around 7pm something you can't order any food from there already, cause they close ady!)

So we went to cfc at around 7.15pm, after we ordered, we waited for around one hour, finally our food were cooked.  Friends were asking me why not go to complain instead of waiting like fools (while waiting for foods).  Then one of the friend wondered and said since when my EQ been so high, because I was just sitting there and wait for my food without a single complain.  I just kept quite because I got nothing to say that time and I don't feel to argue anything.

Is that a must to fight for when we don't feel nice on something?  For me, I don't think so.  Why should I feel bad or angry when my food not been serve fast?  At a round table, no body understands what I feel, one round table with 6 people sitting there (excluding me), nobody knows what I was thinking but telling me that I will emo after I reach room, going to complain in my blog about the food been served after an hour..
bla bla bla...

I don't know what to say la...
Just keep quite will do because sometimes the more you say, the more you say wrongly.
So, sometimes been silent is the best answer.

Damn Stupid Guy

Since this semester, my roommate keeps receiving weird phone calls.  The first time he called, my roommate said she heard weird breathing sound from the other side!
Not just phone calls, sometimes after missed call my roommate, he will message and say something very disgusting like: I'm fucking my Indonesia maid... or my maid wanna fuck with me...
Those geli things la!

Then started the idiot person keeps calling for don't know how long until now.  Don't know who is that person but every time when the he calls (assume as he is a guy cause only guys do this kind of thing gua... ), my roommate will sure pick up his phone to waste his money.
He didn't call everyday but he seems to choose days to miss call or message.
From the early days in this semester until now, when the idiot guy calls, we got no special feeling or shock already, just pick up the phone and put aside to waste his credit.  Sometimes we will find some weird weird song like Metha Chant from Youtube and play to him once he called.  Sometimes I will make ghost sound when we pick up his phone.

Yesterday was the worst one.  I wasn't with my roommates when the weird phone calls called her, she was playing her mastermind in a friend's house.  The friend wanted to help her to scold the idiot guy, so she called the guy and scold him!  At the end, the idiot guy messaged the friend also.  They were so semangat want to do something to make the idiot guy feel scare.

Then now my roommate got advice to go report to the police, so that they can take actions.  But if I'm the victim, I will just ignore the phone calls or message cause this kind of idiot guy they will get high and happy once he feels that he has successfully make you feel uncomfortable...
Nothing I can do also, just hope the few victims can set free from the idiot calls and messages la... LoL

Good Luck~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

For 38 gang~

Who are they?
They are our third year seniors, lovely third year seniors. =))

I didn't know them when I was in first year first semester, but I know the existing of Wai Yen a.k.a. 818 (I don't know she is 818, and I don't know people usually call her 818.) Then when in 2nd semester, I joined SSIL night, I joined PMSSIL (only as secretariat la) I know Alvin Yan, Sook Leng, Lala (I heard her name since first semester because of the Labuan One Day Trip).
After SSIL night 2010, JCN somemore.  That time I was already in 2nd year already.  In JCN, I know Leng well already since she is my exco! XD  Then Eacy, cause she is the President, then Shiang because she is staying downstairs of my block! =)

And then APN, I get to know Alvin, Leng, Eacy, Lala, Jenny, Ah B, 818, more as all of them are exco and MT which we had to meet each other more to make the event better and goes smoothly.
That's why I am closer to Leng and Shiang, cause I have been co-operate with Leng for 2 events and she always so patients with me.  I also close with Shiang because always go to her room to talk to her when I got extra time.

They are going to leave this campus and this island to go Peninsular to start another life there, which will make us miss them so much.
That's why don't know with whose idea, they come out with this video. =)

Part One

Part Two

You guys really have to come back to see us, cause we gonna miss you all, miss the laughter, the noisy from you all.  Seriously you all make me realize that although this campus is not as comfortable or interesting than other campus in Peninsular, but you guys make the life lively here!
Really can't imagine our third year life without you all... *sob sob*

I wish you all here again that you all can get through all the difficulties that you all gonna face in the future.
Happy always~
Love You All~

p/s: try my best to attend your graduation~ hope no class on that few days la~ XD
p/s: bye bye~

Friday, April 22, 2011


I saw this from the Facebook.
What you need to do is just send them an email of your before make-up and after make-up pictures.
If you get the most 'like', then you are the winner!


I helped Syn Wei to take part in this contest already, helped her to put on her make up to make her win~

Hey, don't just read my blog, please vote for her!
First, go to this link ---> KAIKO ACADEMY
Press LIKE to like the page, then go to this link --->KAIKO 《Before.After变身美女》照片竞赛!
Then press like on Syn Wei's picture!

This is how the picture looks like. =))
Go go go!!!!

p/s: ask you uncle, aunty, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband, mummy, daddy, brothers, sisters, grandpa, grandma... whoever to help to vote~ thank you!!!

Funny Dream

I couldn't believe that I will have this kind of dream!
This is a dream of my and my 'boyfriend'.

Why I put this ' and this '?  Because I got no boyfriend now and I have a 'boyfriend' in my dream!
Weird huh?
Well, dream of a boyfriend is not weird, but what I feel weird the most is, I was so happy in my dream! wtf...
But when I got up, I feel very funny when I recall back what I had dream last night.
Damn stupid...

That's not the only dream I dream last night.  I dream of my form 6 school, but my form 5 teacher is in form 6 school and she told me that I should attend their activities because she knows that I always skip class or activities... @@|||
Even the teacher who sayang me so much also told me that I'm too much, and I shouldn't skip too much of the activities!

Dream dream dream...


Everybody seems to be addicted in this game already, including me!

Yesterday Syn Wei went to Jacey's room to release her stress on Final Exam, I didn't follow her to Jacey's room but I went to library.  (Since nobody in the room, so I went library lo.... )

All you need is just your logic brain!
Guess what? I have a logic brain~~~

okok, mastermind can only be junk food... HCI and ECBM are now my main meal!!!
Argh!  They don't taste good...
(you know what I mean... XD)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take A Break

Study week already, didn't realize that this semester is going to end very soon, then I will have my 3 months holiday!
I am so happy with the 3 months holiday but too bad after the 3 months holiday I don't think I will able to go back home after a year of that.

I know now I suppose to be reading my slides instead of blogging here, but wanna take a break awhile la... =p

I am now seriously not in the mood of studying, wanna go home so desperately!!!

24 more days then I can go home!  Waiting for the day to come!!!!

There will be lots of Things-TO-Do and I think I gonna make them a list so that I won't miss out any of them to avoid my holiday wasted~

p/s: waiting, waiting, waiting...


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


WARNING: if you don't want to read a post of scolding people, please stop continue reading this.

Why is it turns to become like I'm the one who did wrong?!

Alright, I admit that I a little bit over react at first.  I wasn't angry at first when I saw you tag me in pictures, but when I saw you uploaded everything, I feel pissed off, cause you took all the pictures and uploaded everything without my permission!
I wanted to upload myself, so that my hometown friend and family can see those pictures.  If not what for I want to take picture by using my camera?  Do you know that pictures in Facebook are sometimes couldn't be seen by non-friends?

When my anger is about to fly away, I saw some pictures in the whole album, picture of I took my own picture.  The anger came back!  I felt very angry as the pictures are kinda privacy for me!
I was so angry so I inbox you to remove the pictures that I mentioned.
But somehow, you over react too.  You block the entire album, and cause us not able to see other pictures which are not been tagged.
The angry level of mine raise.  I really don't understand why you want to block the whole album as I only asked you to remove 5 (I think is around that figure) out of 100+++ pictures that you have!  Am I too much?  Or you simply want to show me your anger too?

Sure you guys might think that why not I just upload pictures again to become my album.  I thought of that.  But the problem is if I upload again, there will be 2 same album (which contains the same pictures) and when I tag my friends, they will be wondered why they been tag twice as the pictures both are the same!
Even if this person deleted the whole album, I will not upload any single pictures also, cause people will still wondering why been tag twice!


So now what?
I need to apologize to the person to say that it is my wrong for being pissed off?  Why everybody has to see her face?  Why everybody has to care so much of her feeling and try to be nice with her as she is wrong?  I am not the type of person that will stop scolding a person even if the person come to manja me...  Sorry I'm not!
Come on la! I'm already kind enough for not gone to your place and scold you face-to-face!

p/s:  yeap, I'm scolding someone, and I'm expressing my feeling.
p/s:  if you think you are the one I'm scolding, please la, make the album visible for everyone and delete the picture that I mentioned so that I won't feel naked!
p/s:  if you choose to read this blog, you can come to ask for details but not complain, because I have already post at the very first sentence!

Thank you for reading. =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vampires' Night (17.4.2011)

It is the night specially for third year seniors, but we are too ke po so we were there too, to make the environment crowded.. LoL
There are nothing much I wanna describe.
Seriously the main reason I went there because I can eat and I can use the opportunity to make myself pretty!

Let the pictures tell everything.

I love this picture very much.  I don't know why and don't ask me why.  I just like this very much.  Although I didn't look nice in here, but the feeling is nice! LoL
May be this is what we call natural look..

The night ended but I'm still in hungry!!!

Look at my teeth, they showed that I'm super hungry!!!
Give me blood!!!

You can see more pictures from here, here, here, here and here.

p/s: pictures never tell lies right? I seriously look like big fat girl in the pictures!!! Argh... =((
p/s: I did pissed just now about the pictures uploaded. At first I didn't feel anything, but when I saw some of pictures that I don't want to be uploaded is there, I feel my privacy being interrupt!  that's why I feel so angry!  Seriously don't get it why you want to be like that, block everything or whatever... Just remove the pictures that I ask for will do.  Thank You.
p/s: please don't be so perasan... I'm not talking about you... (whoever you are)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Can You Believe That

Can you believe that

friend beside you are actually wearing mask everyday?
what he/she talks or says is actually an act?
he/she friends to you just because you are valuable to him/her?
he/she is just acting to be close to you, like you?

Oh My God!!!
This world is just so fake!!!!

Where are those who being sincere???????

*sob sob*

Not Final Yet

I thought everything will be done on 8th April, I mean assignment, so I was a little bit relief after all the hard copies submitted to SSIL office.  Well, at least I don't have to rush for assignment and make myself lack of nice dream and sleep.

After the presentation on Tuesday, my leader decided to redo the whole business plan.  (OMG!!!)  He said since we still got 2 days to go before our presentation, he wanted to present the best so that we can get higher marks.  I know that his intention is good but sigh... (for me la)  Started I have to rush again, I thought is over for this semester.  But I still feel glad that Hanin and I just have to do Marketing part which we actually had submitted 3 times (we redo for 2 times! before we get accepted by our leader!!! phew... )

I never believe that I can do assignment for more than 12 hours like non-stop.  This is the first time, and I hope this would be the last time.  (I know this is impossible as FYP always cause the seniors do from day to night and then from night to day which I'm going to have my FYP in the next semester also!)

Actually the marketing part was assigned to 4 of us (all girls so that we can do our things together, will be more convenient), but since one of the girl had to rush for her English assignment, so she left us early, and then the other girl she had menstrual pain, so she didn't come to join us for the fight.  Conclusion, at the end Hanin and I had to do overnight to finish up our part.  (Guys are so geng, cause they did most of the part of the business plan! Salute them!!!)

Anyway, we managed to finish up and presented well last night... Well, not us who present, but the guys who presented!  They are so powerful!!! Hahahaha
Thanks to them so much!!!

p/s: really much appreciate...
p/s: the busy life make me know nothing what happen at home... @@

Friday, April 15, 2011

Down Down Down

Just finished my part on the Business Plan.
Just handed in to my leader.
I know I didn't do it well.
I know I give lots of troubles.

Suddenly feel like useless, didn't give much help...


I wish I could do better than this...

I am so so so sorry for all the troubles...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesterday was raining when back from campus...

I wanted to wait for the rain to stop so I don't have to walk under the rain...

But I need to finish up the slides...

Thanks to both guys...


I have to walk under the rain!

Now I got flu...



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shock With Bless

Yesterday a friend of mine change her relationship status.  I mean she is now upgraded, no more single life!
Congratulations to her.  =)

I was shock and couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw the status posted in Facebook.  It was unbelievable but it is super true.  She is in love with her boy!!!
I really can't accept the truth when I got the news yesterday, but now I accepted ady as that's her choice~

Anyway, hope she get all the happiness from this boy~
All the best to her~



Monday, April 11, 2011

A Free Outing

Is not free from money but is free in my hands!  I didn't buy anything just go to accompany this girl ---> Syn Wei.  She wants to trim her eye brow, so Yu Jun and I purposely go out with her so that she can go do her trim trim trim~

Here is the difference:

So how is it??? Denius and Gillian said she become prettier ady!  Denius somemore add one thing: you face looks smaller lo!!!
What do you think??

Well, since I get to go out, I also play with my make up!
Really long time didn't make myself pretty pretty before go out de~

LoL... Really fat de!!!
Paiseh, show you guys such big fat bear... (Meng Leng keeps saying that I looked like a bear, lol)

We go out really just for her de... so basically we got nothing to do, and Yu Jun and I were having some cam-whore when Syn Wei is trying on her dress~ (*^__^*)

(really cannot stand beside Yu Jun when take pics... cause will show that I'm super fat!!! %>_<%)

So, how this 2 looks like??
Gillian said she looked like an artist!!!!

Do you think the same way as what Gillian thought?
I also did try this dress but is black in color.  Didn't take picture cause I don't think I manage to wear as pretty as Syn Wei!

p/s: dunno just now went out after us by the car de got enough petrol or not... >.<

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surprise!!! ♥

Happy belated birthday to my room-mate ----> Syn Wei Khaw!

Since her big day when she was 21st I didn't get much time and vitamin M to celebrate with her, and plus now she is my room-mate, so I decided to help her to plan a blast one! LoL

Once Yu Jun's birthday ends, I already asked everybody who is willing to join for her birthday. (I knew that if I didn't take the initiative, nobody would have plan this celebration for her)  Well, obviously that wasn't a good respond as what I thought.  Then I started to emo because I can't do anything without any help from others!
When I emo, I blogged!
So here comes the supporter me ----> Ivy Khaw!!!

Syn Wei's sister.  After she read my blog, she came to me by email me.  She told me her plan and I thought it was a good idea so I merged the her plan into my plan!  And the result showed was PERFECT!!!

Here come the story from the very first one... A week ago!
I plan to not to prepare cake and replace with cup cakes, but is end of semester already, everybody starts to complaining that they got no more money to spend already.  So I came out with the plan of using eggs and burger only!  LoL
That wasn't a bad idea actually cause is creative!

But when Siva and Yu Jin knew about this, they said birthday cake is a must for a birthday celebration!  Since they say so, then just replace birthday cake with burger lo...  (I was very sure that Syn Wei never expect me to ask Siva and Yu Jin for the celebration XD)
Seriously it is so damn easy to cheat Syn Wei!!!  Really damn easy!!!
The whole week when I was planning for the celebration, she already started to give hint to me that she hopes to celebrate and she hopes to have a blast like what others have...  That time I didn't give any respond to her acting like I want to finish up all my assignment first cause all the assignment due date is on 8th, one day before her birthday!!!  Hahahaha...
She didn't know that day I went out with Siva is actually to buy eggs and order a cake for her!!! She is so naive la!!! LoL

Until yesterday, she started to complain to me that she wants a birthday celebration.  She told me that even her sister told her that not to put so much hope cause nobody will care about her and nobody will celebrate her birthday also.  She kept sigh for the whole day!!!  When she complained to me, I said sorry... I also don't know how many sorry I said already.  I even asked her whether want us to celebrate after we free or not, but she sounds disappointed and say no need!!! LoL
Guess what? when I said sorry, I was actually laughing!!! I really can't stop laughing but luckily she wasn't facing at me when I was laughing...  I can't tahan to laugh so I went down to Yu Jun's room to laugh!!! LoL

She some more told me that none of us got heart on her... She said Chris is the best cause he is the only person who sms her 'Happy Birthday' as others only posted the wishes in Facebook!  LoL
Really laughed die me!!!!! hahahaha

The night had come!!!  I wanted to bring her down with the reason I want to eat!!!  But she suddenly tell me that she wants to buy junk food, so I say okay but later.  Then we went down and I used another reason to leave her and Yu Jun so that I can prepare in pkp~
We didn't manage to make her 100% surprise, but we managed to make her cry!!!!! hahahaha

See properly!!! Her eyes are red!!!  She cried because of too touching already! The video touches her the most~

Happy Birthday once again~

So now are you satisfied with that???
Haha, don't complaint that nobody celebrate birthday with you ady la....
We will LOVE you always de~
Smile la~ O(∩_∩)O~

Wanna thanks to Yu Jin and Siva for the Birthday cake and the cable,
thanks to Wei Chien for helping to boil and color the eggs,
thanks to Edwin for designing the shape to give to Syn Wei,
thanks to Woon Chee for letting us to use his laptop and also the speakers,
thanks to Meng Leng and Jacey so nice to prepare the birthday card for her,
thanks to Yu Jun who willing to cheat her also~
thanks to Robin, Wei Song, Yee Lau, Chris and MC for coming!!!
Seriously an infinity of thank you from me!  Without you guys, the celebration won't be this fun!!!

p/s: I didn't miss anybody else right? XD
p/s: the video is touching cause consist of love from her friends and family~ sweet!!!
p/s: what I want for my birthday? go find a video for me also la.... I want a video that consist of my father, mother, brother and sister...  (just kidding la, cause I know it is impossible)

Saturday, April 9, 2011




Friday, April 8, 2011

Assignments Due Date

8th of April 2011, the day we hand in all our assignments.

I wanted to update blog, even Siva also asked me why I didn't update blog.  I was really busy la!  Everyday has to go for meeting, then individual assignment to be done in the room...
Seriously got stress in this few weeks.

Today we are supposed to hand in 3 assignments which included Isu-isu semasa, ITPM and BM but because we been rejected by a lecturer on our ECBM assignment, no choice but have to redo!
So conclusion is we have to rush 4 assignments and done it by yesterday so that we can hand in by today.

I didn't get to sleep well this few days because of the assignments so I didn't get to update blog, because I want to use the extra free time to sleep~ XD
Aww... please forgive me!

I do assignment until crazy lo... =(

For me completing assignment in time is like having a war especially all assignments due date are on the same day!  Yet, the war still hasn't end yet, although we have already win the war.  The residents of the country still
haven't choose to give up but continue fight with us!  (I still got quiz and presentation on Tuesday) If the mogok success on Tuesday there will be another mogok on Friday! (if Tuesday my group didn't get to present, I will have to present on Friday!!!) Argh!!!
So the war will only officially end on Friday!!!

But I'm glad I have won the war!!!
Get the country~

Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie In Labuan

Did I mention before that there is no proper cinema in Labuan?
Seriously, I'm not kidding... Labuan really doesn't have a proper cinema, only got a very poor condition cinema. I heard they say the when you are watching movie, you can hear the transport moving sounds from outside, and the size of the cinema is so small like a classroom, maximum can fit less than 30 people!
The most important thing is the cinema got no latest movies!!! All old old de!!!

Conclusion, Labuan cinema is totally opposite from GSC...

Still, I manage to watch movie here in Labuan, but in campus... I can't run far away from the campus until I graduate.
I watched yesterday.  A sucks movie and I didn't manage to finish it also.

The movie make got no mood to continue the next slote's movie...
So I skip 500 summer days!

My friends al say the movie is very nice!
Now regret!!! =(((
But nevermind, someone is downloading for me ady! =)))

Just now I watch Flipped!
Nice movie~
My tears drop at the last part of the movie...
Am I too sentimental???

Since my friend said he got the movie Tangled, so I choose Flipped lo~
Wating to watch Tangled!!! =))


Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Girl

There is a girl, she always complaining that nobody want to celebrate her birthday.  When she sees others get to have surprise birthday or get to have wonderful birthday celebration with lots of friends, then she will feel lots of happiness...

Obviously, she is jealous.

She doesn't tell anybody about this but she always tell her close friend about this.  She always say why people can have such great birthday celebration while she always can't have?
She is jealous, but she can't do anything, cause she can't force anybody to help her to celebrate her birthday if they are not willing to.

Her close friend know about this, and want to help her on this.  She used her time to plan the birthday surprise but when she was trying to gather her friends for the celebration, everybody starts to give excuses.
Some of them said they got no extra money already, they are broke already, but do you know that actually everybody is broke now? If everybody willing to share then each have to pay less!  Some of them said no time.  Bla bla bla...
Excuses and excuses...

Her close friend is also disappointed on this and now started to think already.  She is thinking whether to make her birthday with a normal dinner in a restaurant with few friends instead of having a memorable birthday surprise like what they used to did for the last last last birthday celebration.
Her birthday wasn't surprise and never get to experience a bunch of friends celebrate together.

She knows that the girl wants to have a surprise birthday celebration which she never help plan for anyone and also never been through with this.
She knows that the girl will complaint again.
She knows the girl will disappointed.
She knows how the girl feel as she also hope to have surprise celebration just she always get to know there will be surprise from her friends.  She wants a real surprise.

So what do you think if you are the she who want to help the girl?
Help the girl to celebrate the birthday like what she did previous years or help her to celebrate a blast one?

p/s: please don't be so perasan...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Girlfriend~

By the way, April Fool!!!
hahaha, don't get cheat today by those evil friends~ =)

Yesterday was Yu Jun's birthday. I purposely skip my ITPM meeting to make surprise for her, but I am sure that this is not surprise, cause we ruin our own plan.. @@|||
(Yu Jun, because of you I kena from Yu Jin leh... he wants a surprise for his birthday also lo... >.<)

The plan ruin because 
1. not all of the 'participants' follow what we planned.
2. there was sudden pop-up situation (which make Syn Wei pissed the most as she already asked everybody goes to DK Alpha to gather)

I think that's the 2 main reasons.  Multimedia students were late, but we did make a back up plan for that, their late weren't affect the whole plan...
Over all, is okay la...
As long as the birthday girl is happy and enjoy~

Is all Pei Jie's fault of pressing Yu Jun's head into the cake!
Seriously don't get it why want to do this. I was just mean to ask her to bite the candle by using her mouth... but she was lagi evil than me, press Yu Jun's head into the cake...
If her face had already put on skin care product, then we will be eating cake + chemical product! @@
I personally don't like people to press head into the cake, who know that the person got skin allergy???

Happy Birthday To You~

We did celebrate Edwin's belated birthday, but I didn't manage to snap any picture on him as I was busy kacauing and hiao with him...
Weird thing is there are so many people have camera, why only one person who bring it???
Somemore wanna complaint my camera... My camera so cheap... @@|||

Yesterday night really laugh die me... I laugh until super tired!

Happy Belated birthday to Yu Jun and also Edwin...

p/s: April fool~