Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Time Spend So Few When I Go Town

Since tomorrow is Chap Gor Mei, we actually plan to go Anjung Ketam to have our dinner.  Who are the 'WE'?? They are my 'CRAZY FAMILY' that suddenly appeared.  Why appear?? I think is because we are too stress and we need some humors to make our life in this University more lively. =)

Is really too bad that we can rent our car out tomorrow night, so we change our plan to go out today. ^0^
(Let me share the happy things here, since I am satisfied with the night.=) just forget about it.)
SPKAL students have their MAKRO mid term, so that can't join the dinner with us... (MC, paiseh... You cannot have free dinner with us... kekekex)
At first, as I said, we plan to go Anjung Ketam to eat some seafood, but Pei Jie asked me whether want to go together to an aunty's house to eat cause she is having house warming. Since others are agree with it, so we went to eat at there.  (this can save our cost too xD)

Laugh a lot when eating at there, I drank wine at there too, not bad. 
Edwin showed his 21st birthday present at there, to be frankly, his camera is difficult to use la... cause don't have anti-shaking. 
Anyway, have a nice time with them.
And, one important thing is I spend less than RM5 this time.

sigh, suddenly heard a news.... feel a little big of sad but I can do nothing about..... let it be ba. =)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tragedy Still Continue

Continue with the story previously, I said that I don't want to go to class with powder right, and I didn't. =)
Of course not because there is water already but because my room still got 2 pails of water, so I can bath since I only will use half of the water in the pail. =)

From the previous post until now, people in the campus like just came back from drought were 'fighting' for water.  I don't know why are they so eagerly want water so much???!!!
If you are here, you can see both of the tangki are always full people.  Oh ya, when the tangki is empty, then will be nobody at there, but when the lorry comes to fill in the water, before they start to fill in, there are already few people waiting at there liao...

Ever since I back from Chinese New Year, I haven't wash my tilam cloths until yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to wash my clothes and wash my hair cause I scare that there are no water for me to wash if I go a bit late.  Then suddenly few wanna breakthrough and go back to my room to take my sarung and bath at there.  Well, is a nice experience and now I understand why people rather bath at tangki there than take water into their room, because it is more convenient!!! and it is comfortable. =)

And guess what?? Today I bath at tangki there again...  I am no longer shy anymore... I don't feel shame to bath at down there, cause I can use more than a pail of water to wash my hair, face and entire body. =)
Well, this doesn't mean that I love to stay in this condition, I still want water back, bath in the room is the most comfortable thing ever. =)

Oh ya, forget to mention that, we desperate for water until I went to the airport to bath this afternoon.  =p
This is not our fault, cause the weather is too hot, and we were sweating like hell, we need water...


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tonight will be the second night I'm staying here after I back to this lonely island. 

Just now had my Mandarin mid term, is really like handing the blank paper to the lecturer.  I'm dead again and this time I'm the one who hand in first.  *dead*
I really got no talent in Mandarin, I wonder why I'm so weak in this subject???

I know that I shouldn't blogging now, I know that I should have studying my Multimedia now cause tomorrow is mid term for that course.  But I really want to complaint, although I know somebody dislike I complaint so much.  The water is becoming worst.  Now the water tank is empty...  Oh sorry, should be the water tanks are empty!!!
I got no idea how the whole campus can survive.... I don't know how can I survive... T_T
Tomorrow morning I still have class to attend, how I'm going to bath????

Actually nothing is bad in here, I have to admit that....  although I dislike it.
Everything is fine here, just the water problem!!!
I am getting fatter when I stay here, even my sinus gets better when I stay here.  I got no flu, no cough or even fever.  The weather, the environment are clean and fresh compare to my hometown I guess, that's why I'm healthier at here. 

Sigh, hope the water come tomorrow morning so that I can bath.  I don't want just go class with powder... T_T

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This morning got up at 4.30am, clean up myself and get ready to go to the Kuantan Airport.  I was so excited that I can go KL by flight, this is my first time. =)  As usual, before I got into waiting room, I went to check in my luggage.  I waited for so long while waiting for the person in charge to search for my name.  After 10 mins, the person said my name doesn't found in their list.  He only found my name in the list from KL to Labuan.
I was so scare and wanted to cry liao, luckily mummy was there and she bought another ticket for me.
take this as a lesson lo...
haih, really feel guilty and damn scare that time...


I am really sad now... super sad...
I never thought that he will never come to see me....
He told me that he is busy, but I never think that he will busy until mid-night.

I miss him u know...
If he never come to see me before I went back to the island, I will got no chance to see him until May...
super duper sad now...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is Time To Go Back *emo*

It has been 2 weeks I am in Peninsular and is time to go back now.
I really hate this feeling a lot!!!
Every time when I have to back to the lonely island, I will have very sad feeling...  *unhappy*
Tomorrow will be the first time I will go to Kuala Lumpur then go to Labuan by MAS.  The feeling is so so so..... I really hate myself to get those feeling every time I going to Labuan the lonely island...
Tomorrow's flight at 6.50am, means I have to go there at 5.30am!!! Is really early la...

Today I feel very satisfy with my lunch and dinner.
I feel so happy with it...  
At first mummy said lunch we will have vegetarian, but I don't feel like eating vegetarian, so I said I want to eat chicken rice.  But that time was already 1pm something and most of the chicken rice are already finished so she didn't promise me anything and I also did mention that is okayh if I eat vegetarian. 
But surprisingly she bought CHICKEN RICE back for me. =)
Thanks mummy, I feel so warm and happy. muakssss~~~~
(Feel so worthy to satisfy the purse that my aunt gave me to my mom.  The purse is branded de leh... xD)

Then at night I wanted to eat bah kut teh, so mummy bring us to go to eat since they also didn't eat bah kut teh for a month liao.  
We went to so many shops and restaurant and all the bah kut teh's restaurant didn't open at all!!! 
wtf, maybe it is not my day then. 
I think we go round and round for around 45 minutes and at the end we back to the restaurant that near by our house.  =.='''
We didn't manage to eat bah kut teh...

sigh, I don't want to go back to the lonely island la...
I just want some cares...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movie Season & Emo Session

Although I am in Kuantan for few days only during CNY, but I managed to watch 3 movies!!!  I really break my record!!!

First, I watched movie with Joe, Leong, Hui Yuan, Grace and Yi-Tsiang.  This plan was like so troublesome, cause at first Hui Yuan wanted to watch with me nia, mana tau then she asked Joe to go watch, then since she has already ask Joe to go, so she asked me to ajak others to go along.  So I ma asked Grace and Yi-Tsiang to go.  I smsed Grace and told her to sms Yi-Tsiang too.  Until mid-night, still not sure who is going for the movie and the next day was the day of our movie. =.=
I was planning to have movie right after I reach Kuantan, which make the movie at 5pm like that.  Mana tau, Grace asked me to put it earlier so that YT can join us.  I was a bit of bu suang that time, cause I don't feel like going out at night...
Then since I will be very rush if I buy the tickets, so Joe buy the tickets for us and with the final result: Joe, Leong, Yi-Tsiang, Grace, Hui Yuan and I were attending.
Tough huh...
This is just half of the part though...  cause I was staying Kuantan alone and I don't feel safe if I drive back alone.  So I asked Joe to fetch me there at first, I know that if I ask YT will be more convenient, but I was angry (really angry) to him that he didn't reply my msg the day before when I asked him whether he wanted to watch movie along or not.  But after some deep thought, I think that it will be better if I ask YT to fetch me just to give chance to Joe.  Called up YT, but he told me that he wasn't free and he needs to work and then ny go for the movie.  Again, he make me angry... But after few minutes he said he fetch me at 8pm... go Grace's house to bai nian first.. fine...
Here is the movie that we watched that night... really a tough chance to watch huh... =.=

During the movie, I found out I got nothing to talk with them......
Then when the movie ends, 6 of us sat YT's car to go down to the building to drop Hui Yuan, Leong and Joe to their car which their cars park at outside of the building.
When I was in the car, Grace and YT talk nia... I kept silent only, cause I got nothing to say....  Nothing to speak....
After Grace back home, when we reached Shell Petrol Station which is near by our house, YT asked me whether I want to eat or not...  Then we went makan...  I know is Grace asked him to bring me go makan, cause she knows that I was hungry....  But too bad, I regret to say I wanted to eat, cause YT was so silent when I was eating, he looks like my servant nia... T__T

The next day, go bai nian...
First we go Joe's house and then I feel bored, so I pull Hui Yuan to go Wai Li's house to say hello since we already have sometime didn't meet each other.  Then to Mr. Ng's house.
Guess what Mr. Ng said about me, he said I change a lot and he asked me whether I'm the one who wore specs..  L0l... he still remembered me....  Am I that famous until every teacher remembered me well???? kekekex
After that went movie with Hui Yuan nia, which she had promise me to watch 'Little Big Soldier' with me... =)

As I said earlier, this movie is not recommended, but is really can bring to laughter and meaningful.  Lee Hom is so handsome and 'yeng' in the movie and Jackie Chan looked so cute.  hahahax
After the movie, I rest at home for awhile then go Hui Yuan's house.
Only very few of us went her houuse, Joe (her admirer), Kee and I nia... few huh... kesian her nia...  Although there were only 3 of us, but we stayed there for around 2 hours!!! Is really long enough... and I was super tired liao...

Then night, Joe smsed me and asked me whether want to go Grace's house.  I know that he is going alone and since he asked me, so I accompany him lo...  Again, I went to Grace's house, mana tau she told her mom that I want to take angpau twice... @@'''
Joe went there just to play the rubic cube there... zadao la ah joe...
Guess what we did after to Grace's house???
YT's house...
we went YT's house...
which ended up we watch Casino Royale at there..  I was so tired and sleepy already but luckily YT's dining's room sofa is so hard that's why I can't fall asleep, cause it is not comfortable at all... xD
Then YT suggested to have lunch together the next day...

I was thinking whether to go or not.....  Cause I feel like I was like 'orang luar' nia when with them, can get into their conversations at all...  *sigh*
I was the driver that day.  Fetching Joe and YT......
When Joe is in the car, the car still got some noise, but when Joe wasn't in the car, the car was full of radio's song nia... *sigh again*
(that night, Joe and YT left Kuantan....  I started to miss them already... T__T)

Yesterday I was alone at home doing my own stuff...
Really hate being alone....

Today, went for brunch with Grace at Hai Peng.
then went for movie after some rest at home at 2.30pm...
It was so funny when I went to fetch Grace and when we bought movie tickets and when we were looking for the cinema's room...
I guess, I will never forget all this... hahahax
(paiseh a, make you embarrassing nia)
We watch True Legend...
Is not bad, just I don't like the way they fight... is really painful... it seems like I'm the one who kena tumbuk like that... ouch!!!

Since is still Chinese New Year, go and watch this movie... =)

p/s: I just want you to care more about me...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Day Alone At Home During CNY

wake up quite late this morning although I sleep quite early yesterday night.
I was mad last night I guess, or because I'm too free already.
okayh, forget about yesterday, let's talk about today...
Promised mummy that I have to clean up the house, so this morning I force myself to wake up even though I was wishing I could sleep for another 5 minutes.

Clean up myself then turn on the laptop.  This life is really like my Uni life when mummy isn't around...
Then start to bring up things from the floor (I mean small things la... takkan table also bring up meh... =.=''')
What now??
l0l, I was sitting in front of the computer after that.  wtf.  sit for quite long, then only start to sweep the floor.

As I remember when I done cleaning, it was already 1pm something...
l0l, really lazy la...
what I can do, the lazy worms like me so much and they don't want to leave me...

Dinner time, I was wishing someone could spend his/her time on me so that I will not be alone in this silent house.  I posted in facebook and asked who can accompany me for my dinner.
Alvin came and left comments...
He always does leave comments, and this time he was trying to make me down down and down but I understand his meaning.... It seems like he wants to spread negativities to me but actually he is trying to make me positive...
thanks Alvin.

Yeah right, I think I should rest now although I am not that sleepy....
Tomorrow, they will back...
I don't know it will be a good thing or a bad thing for me anot, cause mummy will definitely shiver around that I didn't do perfectly in house work...

p/s: stupid!!! my word 'whatever' is not meaning that you can do as you wish, is I already think you are useless.... don't you know that gals like to say things that opposite????!!!! stupid...


Friends are leaving one by one... 
Yesterday were Joe and YT
Tomorrow will be all those IPTA students, friends...
Then 2 more days I will be leaving too..
I really hate this moment...
hate the feeling of leaving each other...

Lazy Mood

oh my god, I'm really in lazy mood now!!!
I still got lots of assignment and studies haven't catch up, but I got no spirit and mood to do so la.
ish ish ish!!!

If not because of I have promised mummy earlier that I will sweep and mop the floor when I back Kuantan, I will not do this for her.
What I really want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep nia... nothing else...
Eat?? hahahax no mood to eat either...

Aiyo, really sien la....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Of Driving

Sometimes being a passenger is also a happiness.
Today I drove back from grandma's house which need around 2 hours time of journey.  It is not very tiring but very boring.  I listen to the songs alone, talk alone and smile alone.  I really hate this kind of feeling.  Hate it so much.

After I back home, I just realized that the bai nian plan change to the next day, so Hui Yuan asked me for movie and have a walk in the mall to help her to choose a dress for her dinner.  We went ECM and we met Joe and Kent who wanna buy movie tickets for that night's movie.
Finally decision had make that 6 of us will go for movie, which are Joe, Hui Yuan, Leong, Grace, Yt and I.  At first I asked Joe to fetch me to the movie, cause the movie is until quite late.  The movie that we were going to watch was 'Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief' and Joe bought 10.20pm ticket, which means the movie is going to end at 12am something. 

Since I want to give chance to Joe and Hui Yuan to have some lone time, so I thicken my face and called YT to ask him to fetch me.  At first he say no with the reason that he got work to do and after work he straight away go to the cinema, but then after few minutes he smsed and said he was coming to fetch me at 8pm.  wtf.
so I went out with YT to Grace house.
I felt regret to go out pulak... and I regret to ask YT to watch movie also.  His face a....
At night I become the passenger that YT fetched me back home, and before balik, he fetch me go makan supper....
@@''' I think I prefer to be the passenger.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ignore the title first, let me complaint something first...
Yesterday night (should be this morning) I watch them ber-mahjong till around 1.30am, then my sister and I went to sleep together.  I don't know why I was so uncomfortable and can't sleep well yesterday night...
I think I have stay awake for an hour, then I feel very hot and started sweating liao!!!
wtf... why like that de... I still wanna join basketball in the morning with them de leh, I have to be enough sleep leh...
haih, what to do, nothing we can do but wait nia.......
at the end, I fall asleep at 3.30am, and decided to ffk my sister for not to go basketball with them...
really so sorry la..

this is really sweet and warm, my aunty wake up early in the morning and help us prepare this breakfast.
Thanks a lot, want to have a kiss from me??  hahahax
It is combination breakfast!!!
Combination from:
woah, is really healthy and full la weyh...
yum yum

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tag By Lee Yi... (again)


··1·· 是非題
♥有過的打圈·O· 不曾有過的打叉 ·X·♥
(1) 耳洞: 0
(2) 染髮: 0

(3) 抽菸: X
(4) 喝酒: O
(5) 寵物: O
(6) 牙套: X
(7) 手機: O
(8) 出國: O
(9) 戀愛: 0
(10) 自殺: X
(11) 自拍: O
(12) 網咖: O
(13) 刺青: X
(14) 接吻: 0


  1. Get things that I want
  2. Get care from some special
  3. Get what I dream of
  4. All the dream that I want will come true
  5. People that I love will happy everyday
··3·· 如果你の生命只剩下1天 你会做些什么疯狂の事情?
Answer: confess 


  1. interesting
  2. attractive
  3. everybody likes it
我来当财神爷派奖项咯 =)[不是红包,而是奖项哟]

☆Yu Jun
☆Syn Wei
☆Ee Loe
☆Hui Jia
☆Hui Zi
☆Cool Fung
☆Kok Hooi
☆Mei Qian

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY + Valentine's Day 2010

I will never forget this unforgettable special festival!  If you ask me how is my CNY or how is my Valentine's Day for this year, I will definitely answer you that, I will never forget today!!!
Curious enough??
Let me share with you my experience today.  It will be memorable, romantic and sweet... Maybe...

This is what I wrote down my feeling on a piece of paper when there is no electricity, I was so bored so I decided to write them down then now I can post it to share with all my friends. =)

From just now morning 11am until now, the electricity still not available in the whole area of Bera (a small kampung near Termeloh).  This is freaking hot la weyh!!!  My grandma's house is already hot even if you have turn on the ceiling fan into 5 mode, and now the electricity is still not here yet.  I really wanna fuck them already!!!  I know that you will say chill chill, but today is Chinese New Year leh, isn't that we should be enjoy and have fun??? and plus today is Valentine leh.... Why I have to deserve all this?????!!!!! 
Early in the morning today at 0000hour, we prepared ourselves on welcoming 'Chai Shen Ye' which is the God of fortune.  After and before welcoming the god, we were enjoying with watching and playing with firecrackers.  I know that I'm too old to play with it, but when I was playing firecrackers I was really enjoy it... L0l.. like a big child only.... paiseh... kekex

Preparing to welcome the God of Fortune.. =)

Scenes of enjoying with fire crackers... =)
Okayh, back to the condition now!!!
I'm so hot now, argh....
hot and nothing can do... those adult are playing with mahjong! I really can't believe that they can tahan with the hot weather and continue their mahjong for few hours none stop!!!
I was so boring and I did some decoration on my fingernails...  is funny and not professional at all... hahahax

nice?? =p


The electricity still havent recover yet... is almost 10 hours already.... I got no idea what happen in our fridge, because there are lots of foods and drinks in there and plus my uncle just cooked har mee for us and he kept openning the fridge so many times...
Mummy called to TNB and ask again when we will get our electricity back, the person in charge said because the generator of the daerah explode that's why they are finding some other alternative way to regenarate the electric current for us... yeah right....
Guess what again?? I'm so romantic because I'm studying and doing my revision with candle... l0l.. and the adults are mahjonging with candles too....  l0l... this is really unbelievable scene... i bet you never see this before right???

now is already 2336h, is going to end...
I mean this meaningful day...
But I did nothing today... nothing meaningful and nothing memorable and nothing romantic....
What I did is I experience something different... something different from other years...
Oh I forget to mention that the electric current is here... that's why I can online and update this blog...
What to say??? erm....
nothing but unforgettable.....
Night all~~~
Hope it is not too late to say Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day....  muakssss...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Eve

Chinese New Year.
The time is really passing too fast!!!
What can I say?
I mean so fast that I am in University now, this is the first Chinese New Year after I got into University.  I skip for more than a week class so that I got to back my hometown with a cheaper flight ticket and manage to back earlier than others.

Yesterday night when I was sleeping.  I had a weird dream...  I dreamt that I will receive a message when I was sleeping and I dreamt of the ringing tone of the message tone.  Then at the next minute, when I was a little be alert, my phone really rang and showed that there is a messaged received!!!! woah!!! Isn't this unbelievable???
Then after that I fall asleep agian.  I make a dram again.  This is a totally different dream.  I dreamt about Facebook game... Facebook Cafe World!!!!  I dreamt that somebody send me gift in Facebook Cafe World for me.  Although I didn't dream about what was the gift but I dream that who send me the gift!!!  Then in the morning after I wake up, I login into Facebook and checked, it's really surprise me!!! cause there is really a gift from the person I dreamt and is from Cafe World!!!!  unbelievable!!!

Yesterday rush back to Grandma's house and today we have our reunion lunch together. =)
Food are prepare by those adult (excluding me because I'm not an adult yet.... xD), mummy keep scolding me that I'm too lazy for not helping them up.  But the problem is what I need to help?? The kitchen already full of people liao, if I go in to help, definitely they will scold me for being troublesome.... really in a dilemma, which I hate the most.  Then mummy misunderstand me something and scolded me... I was so angry and sad, but I can do nothing, cause is Chinese New Year and I promise her not to create any 'war'.  That time I was really down, if someone came to talk to me, I believed that I might cry that time.  The tears are coming out, but I stand for it.  I didn't cry at the end.  I wanted to find someone to talk, but seems all are busy with their own things....  Too bad for me....
Fine...  Just take the eraser and erase it from my mind although I know that it will be very difficult...

Then we pray and prepare to have our reunion lunch after all come back home... 
While waiting for all the relatives reach, we put the food to pray in the dinning room.  We pray to the God and to our dead grandfather and 'nenek moyang'

The food look so delicious and yummy....
There is prawn, chicken, vege and of course pork.... and there are some food that I dislike...
To be frankly, I don't really like reunion dinner cause seldom have food that I like most... The adults like to prepare food that are expensive and rare to eat on ordinary days, but those expensive food I really dislike to eat....
I feel that it is really geli to eat them...  
There are really less time for me to online here cause lots of people are fighting to online and there are only on computer are available....

Okayh, I will have to stop now, cause my cousin is walking behind me and keep asking me to let him play for a while....  Since I'm a good sister, so I have to let him play lo.    l0l... 

Shopping Day With Lee Yi

Since Lee Yi will back home from school before 2pm and I am not satisfied with my product of shopping, so I asked her to accompany me to shopping.
The day before, we went ECM, which at there I manage to bought a pair of formal pants.  I tried a pair of long pants and a high heel shoes too.
After awhile of shopping in Mega, I suddenly regret that I didn't buy the pants that I tried out in Mango in ECM in the day before.
Until now I still regret....
but the main thing that I want to buy was the high heel shoes, because it is really very nice and comfortable!!!  T.T

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is very near, hope those who out there is already at their sweet sweet home, cause I'm already at home for few days already.  Nothing is better than staying at home with family during festivals especially such grand festival.

It has almost a week I back to Kuantan, nothing is better than this.  The feeling is supper good~~~  Although this few days I busying with house work because of Chinese New Year, but I also spent at least 2 hours a day to go for shopping.  And....  my shopping skills improved!!!
I managed to buy 2 cloths in an hour.  Gosh, this is really geng, cause last time I can walk for whole day and end up with nothing.

I think I will keep on updating my blog when I am in Grandma's house. =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
The seriousness of your love:
Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education:
You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

9.2.10 *14:22*

Went makan with Grace just now, I had some dim sum, is not really very delicious but it's satisfying. =)
First time see Grace wear so formal, I also seldom wear so formal to class before unless there is presentation. 

The weather in Kuantan is really sunny and hot but windy, guess the Sky know that we are in the season of house cleaning, that's why He wants our cloths to be dry and out of bacteria. =)  Thanks to Sky, although I have to sweat a lot, cause I can able to wash 3 times cloth in a day which all the cloths can dry in a day too. 

Yesterday night went shopping with mummy to ECM, bought some new formal cloth from Brand Outs Let, g0t sales now, kinda cheap too. Buy 1 Free 1. I'm getting fatter and fatter liao, all the cloths I also cannot wear liao, that's why I have to buy new cloths liao.... Aih... sigh, this is the consequences of after eating too much and enjoy too much liao!!!
What to do? I can only relax by eating eating and eat!!!! I think I better find other way to release my stress, if not I'll be fatter and fatter liao, later my house door I also cannot masuk then jalat liao.... @@'''

Tonight I'll be going out with Grace again.  
Just now listen to her stories, suddenly feel that things that she is talking about got some relation about me... which means that things that she is talking about I have the same attitude in it too... I feel that one day I might make her feel annoying too...
Maybe as someone said that I've been complaining too much!!!

Guess I have to learn to stop complaining but blaming myself rather than complaining right??
hahahax, I will learn to do that. =)

Okayh, got to continue my CC assignments liao, really bull shit that I have to redo with that.  Well, is not that I wanna complaint, but is really not our fault to redo but the lecturer!!!! Almost all the groups have to do again!!!
Anyway, to all my teammates, GAMBATEH!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm In Kuantan (hometown) Now

Yes!!! I'm really happy with this. =)
Really really happy cause I can back to Kuantan earlier than others. 
Yesterday at airport, I feel lonely when I have to wait in KLIA alone for the next flight from KL to Kuantan.  But luckily I have laptop with me so that I can online facebooking and chit-chating with others to reduce my boringness.

When I reach Kuantan airport and going out after taking my luggage, a guard stop me and ask me to show him my passport! Hey, Mr. I'm Malaysian la... I told him, then he double check my luggage then he apologize and said he didn't notice the tag on my luggage.  Fine, I forgive him cause he is just doing his job. Then I called mummy to fetch me back.  It is so so so happy to listen to their voices, happy to see their faces.  My sister even complaint to me that I'm very noisy when I back home, the house is fully of noises nia...  But I feel never mind la, cause they can feel this phenomena when I wasn't at home ma. That night before I got into the flight back to Kuantan, mummy cared about my stomach and asked me whether I need to eat something before I reach Kuantan or not.  Thanks mummy.. *sweet sweet*

This morning I woke up by mummy at 8.30am, I was so sleepy so I continue sleeping (ignored my mom's as alarm) then she came into my room to wake me up again at 9am and ask me to bath my darling.  Okayh, 100% awake, then I bath my darling.  It has been a month I didn't bath with him, I know that he is really happy to see me too, right darling? =)
Then after bath, mummy bring me out for breakfast, vegetarian. It has been awhile that I didn't have heavy breakfast, usually in campus I will just eat some biscuits or drink cereals then off to class or brunch, that's why the breakfast today for me was kinda full and really very very satisfied!
After breakfast, my time to serve my mom has come.  Cleaning session started!  I helped her to clean the ceiling fan downstairs and wiped the cupboard, I just used up 3 hours for this and I feel tired after that.  There are lots of lazy bugs in my body that's why I was so lazy to continue cleaning up the whole house.  Plan to continue tomorrow. xD

Went to watch just now with my family.  This is really rare that we can watch movie together, and it has been long time we didn't watch movie together, and I also forgotten when we watched together.  
This movie is really funny and the most important is the movie is made from Malaysia and the venue they took in the movie is my hometown!!! Kuantan!!! I'm really proud of it!!! =))))

It is worth enough to watch this movie.  This movie make me laugh, smile, and cry, it is really meaningful and the most important is it's made from Malaysia, we should support local brand! 
This movie is suitable to all different ages, so bring along your family members to watch along no matter they are old or young.

Let me ask you, 
how long you didn't watch movie with your whole family in cinema? 
I had just watch with them, how about you?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

1st Time CC Presentation Make Me Emo

This morning, again, I was lazy to wake up.  But since Mr. Yuzreen said that we will going to have out quiz in the next class so I forced myself to wake up from my bed which I still wanna stay and sleep a bit longer.  Quickly clean myself and then go to the ground floor and wait for Syn Wei they all to class like we did as usual.  But who knows that they were no quiz at all.... sien again...
Oh ya, I remembered...  Last night when Pei Jie came into my room to sleep with me (her room is out of electricity), the whole bed was slept by me... she somemore need to use her pillow to hit me to make sure she got place to sleep... xD

After the morning class, we were rushing here and there for our CC presentation in the evening.  We are in the second group which means we will be the second group to go up to present our work.  We spend 2 weeks time only to do this assignment.  At first we had chosen the topic "the importance of corporate reputation", last week the lecturer suddenly told us that we have to choose from our text book, so at the end we choose chapter 4.
Before we went to the class, we were rushing here and there to print and bind our portfolio and assignment, and we have to wear formal attire purposely! (today is semi-formal)  Siva and his teammate were the first group.  They were the first who presented, their presentation and assignment were being rejected.  And guess what??!!  Our assignment were being rejected too!!! Sigh... cause we had been rushing here and there, at the end what we get is we need to redo our assignment.... what the heck!!!!  The most pity thing is Ah Gong went back to change to formal purposely for this presentation.

Just now I just find out that we have event during CNY, which we will go 'bai nian' like we use to be last year.  But too bad the event start on Wednesday which I back to Kuantan on that day too...  really sien diao liao..
Whatever la...  cause I should be happy cause I'm going back to Kuantan tomorrow, which means tonight is the last night that I'm going to sleep at Labuan's bed. >.<

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Tiring Day

I slept at 5am today, I was so glad that I able to fall asleep again.  My alarm rang at 7am which I had set, but I didn't able to wake up at that time.  When I was fully awake, the time showed 8.15am!!! Oh My God, I have class, I have Multimedia class at 8am and obviously I'm late!!! Very very late!!!  Then I saw 2 messages received, one is from Ah Gong and another one is from Syn Wei.  Ah Gong asked me to leave a place for him, while Syn Wei told me to go to the class first cause she overslept.  =.='''
But who knows that I overslept too??
I wanted to skip class since I have already so late.  I called Ah Gong and told him that I'm not going to class, so please help me to sign for the attendance.  I laid down on my bed after the call trying to continue my sweet sweet dream, who knows after a minute, Ah Gong called me and ask me to go for class cause there will be quiz for today's class!!!  Woah!!!  I quickly jump up from my bed, change my cloths, wash my face and brush my teeth then rush to the class.  I didn't bring anything, which means I went to the class with nothing on my hand, because I'm planning to pretend that I'm just back from toilet so that the lecturer won't notice that I was late. 
Yeah, I know that You will definitely say that I'm bad and this is a very bad example.  But I don't want this to happen also la..  I never know that my AFFIRMATION will be so so so accurate. (before that I told Syn Wei that I might not going to class, please help me to sign and if got quiz then inform me so that I can rush for the quiz)

When I was having Theno's meeting, Shin Yi smsed me and told me that we will go to T0WN at 10am.  Syn Wei, Shin Yi and I went town at 10am.  Guess what I bought?? I bought alcohol!!!  I will bring 4 bottles of alcohol back to Kuantan this time, please... GOD BLESS ME...
After 'SHOPPING' then we rush back for our Hubungan Etnik which the class on Monday had been canceled.  I was really tired cause I went out from 8.30am until 3.30pm only back to my room.

Guess what I did when I reach my room?? 
0nline??  NOPE!
Chit Chat??  NOPE!
Facebooking?? NOPE!
Sms??  NOPE!
Bath?? NOPE!
Eat?? NOPE!
Hahax, I watch DRAMA!!!
I really love this Drama, cause is all about dogs.

This Drama is really nice, the Actor and Actress were so cute.  They were always quarreling with each other but at the end they become couple. This is what we called "冤家变亲家".  This quote is the most suitable them.  

By the way, that's my new earing. =)

Okayh, I cannot tahan liao.  I really want to sleep ady.  I am really very tired!  Good night all~~~

Complaint About Life

My bad habit comes again.  Yup that's right, I want to complaint!!!
Complaint are always something bad for me, because I will usually teasing or scolding, but yet after complaining I will feel thousands of fresh and good. =)

Yesterday was the worst day I ever had I guess, 2 exam in a day and these 2 exam I didn't do my best to study them.  First was Java, I am really sick of this subject, but I got no choice except continue studying it.  Before I came to study, I thought I love computing, and choose most of my course were related to computer.  Now, I think I am wrong, I got no talent in computing and I need to do a lots of practices in that.  Since I have already step into this field, then I should continue my way.  Second, Mandarin.  The lecturer didn't specify on what we should study, so I didn't pay much attention on the revision on this subject, I put more in my Java.  When I get my question paper, I was really surprise!!! Surprise that I didn't know how to do the questions!!!  The lecturer gave us 2.30 hours to answer our questions, but I used only half and hour to do them.  I am really regret why I didn't memorize all the informations?  Who knows that he will give us the questions just like history questions?  Yea, I know that I shouldn't blame the lecturer, because I am the one who didn't make sure myself study everything, every notes he gave.  I think I got no much different on what I answer with handing in a blank paper to him.  I am really sorry about that...

Streamyx line was really sucks lately.  That's why I didn't get to update my blog yesterday, I can't even play Facebook, which it has been my daily routine to open Facebook.  I know that this a very bad habit just like YT told me, I can't live without handphone and internet.  Well, I am on the way learning to live without handphone.  It seems like he is right about this.  >.<

Something bothering me now.  Let me ask you, what is blog use for?  For me, blog is for us to express out our feeling no matter is good thing or bad thing.  I did express some of my feeling in blog about good and bad around me.  Maybe she read one of the post that I did mention about her and now she already pissed off with me.  Well, anything.  I shouldn't be to kind after all, cause no one will appreciate it.  Make me feel like I'm being fooled nia.  I really need someone to talk too, to care about, but seems like I haven't find someone like that.  Sometimes things that expressed, I will feel funny and dumb cause I never think that I am that fool, but YT said I'm not stupid. although I think I'm and very stupid.

I can't sleep now, although I'm really sleepy.  Insomnia.
I slept at 12am just now, then don't what make me awake, at around 2am.  I was so sleepy, so I went back to sleep again, but too bad I can hardly make a good dream.  I can't really go into sweet dream, can't sleep.  Then I know what happen liao.  I got insomnia.  Luckily I plan to skip class later. >.<

Oh Ya, mummy's birthday had just passed.  I wanna wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I really LOVE you mummy.  I didn't give her a call on her birthday, I know she is waiting for my call, but I got no time to call you la mummy, I was rushing with my exams notes... I'm so so so sorry.  Celebrate with you again when I back Kuantan, k??  All the best.  Muacksssss~~~

That's all for now I guess...
I think I got to force myself to sleep ady....  Good Night all. =)

p/s: don't get offended on what I mentioned yea. =) 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tag Tag Tag

① 被点者请在自己的网志上打上答案
② 请传给另外十个人
③ 传阅人请在这十位被点的人的留言板上通知他,他被点咯!
④ 这当中的十位不得拒绝
⑤ 被点者请注明被谁点了在哪里接到再传给下十位
⑥ 这些被点名者,你们被点会祝福
⑦ 不可回点哦,并且愿望会实现和得到幸福

① 绰号:Wong Choi, Ah Yi
② 星座:Sagittarius
③ 生日:1989/Dec/5
④ 兴趣:FaceBooking and Blogging
⑤ 血型:o
⑥ 最宝贵的东西:Love 
⑦ 最討厭的东西:Hate-ness

① 有喜欢的人吗:Got gua... I don't know leh, a bit blur about that
② 有交往吗:Nope, nobody wants me... T.T
③ 幸福吗:Sometimes yes but sometimes not, I feel 幸福 when he cares about me
④ 他很爱你吗:who is that 'he'? my friend, my daddy or my brother?? 
⑤ 如果你有勇气最想是什么:confess?? hahahax

① 你被谁点:Wong Lee Yi
② 他是你的谁:Sister
③ 他的个性是:Stubborn, playful, secrety
④ 他长得怎样:Pretty and she has a big face like mine
⑤ 跟他认识多久:Since she was born
⑥ 你想跟他说什么:Mei, I Love You
⑦ 如果他变成你的情人:Oh my god!!! will become incest liao lo

① 最爱的音乐:any songs that is nice
② 最爱的季节:Winter and Autumn
③ 最爱的卡通:Something cute and interesting
④ 最爱的颜色:any color that suits me
⑤ 最想去的国家:all over the world
⑥ 最爱的水果:fruits that are sweet and juicy
⑦ 最爱的饮料:Plain Water
⑧ 最爱的人:Those who LOVE me. =)

① 你很爱哭吗:I have to admit that, I really like to cry...
② 你很爱笑吗:I love to smile and laugh
③ 你是很有信心的人吗:Sometimes sometimes.
④ 你想要怎样的生活:Happy, sweets and comfortable life
⑤ 你喜欢自己吗:yupe
⑥ 你喜欢音乐吗:sure
⑦ 你喜欢体育吗:exercise make me sweat. =)
⑧ 你喜欢跳舞吗:If I can sweat, then I will like it.
⑨ 你很专情吗:If I really fall into it, then I'm
⑩ 你喜欢睡觉吗:I can sleep whenever I want to
你喜欢唱歌吗:I can't sing well

1. YuJun 
2. Syn Wei
3. Jacey
4. Edwin
5. Ee Loe
6. Cool Fung
7. Kok Hooi
8. Nicky
9. Sam
10. Mei Qian

「五号跟谁谈恋爱」her boyfriend lo
「一号是男的还是女的」gal gal
「六号人很好吗」okok lo
「二号很色吗」nola.... where got o... hehex
「十号喜欢一号吗」okok gua
「六号喜欢谁」Don't know
「你爱七号吗」okayh okayh lo...
「十号跟你告白」nonono impossible.
「四号有宠物吗」Don't know leh

如果你有三个愿望,Tell me your wish :
① Get what I want. =0
② More and more people LOVE me
③ Everything that I wish to will come true