Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Nothing At All =)

Yesterday Shiang came to our room to ask whether want us to go pick up her Ah Loong from the air port together or not, cause she had book for 4 cars to pick up him (really dai zhan jiong lo)
Since I got no class today and I don't want to face my laptop for whole day so Syn Wei and I decided to help her to 'fill' the car.

Early in the morning, Shiang smsed all of us.  What she sent was something like invitation but is in form of sms...
Since decided at first already, so at 10.20am Syn Wei and I went to the car park as what she told us in the message to wait for others.
When everybody arrived, only Syn Wei and I wore very simple, others were wearing formal! (they have class today and today is formal day!)
So we split up into 4 groups and sit into car~

First car was Ah B, EC, and Xian Xian.
Second car was Nicky and Shiang.
Third car was Nelson, Leng, and Lala.
I was in the fourth car which Chyuan is the driver, with Syn Wei and Edwin (Edwin went out just to tumpang car to pay streamyx nia)

We were all so excited and wondering what will Ah Loong's expression when he saw us (4 cars leh!!! like going to marry like that.. =p)

In all sudden I realize the car in front of us (the third car) was break in all sudden!  Then I heard Chyuan said SHIT!  Then BANG!!! I knock the car in front, and the front car knock the second car...
(This really make recall back the incident happen when I was in form 4 and that time I was in KL... Faced the same accident that our car knock the front car and the front car knock the front car of them!)
Then all of us get down from the car and I realize that I have bruises on my right leg, and did knock my left hand on the dashboard while I was trying to avoid myself to approach to the front.  (Luckily I got put on safety belt!  If not I think I have already out from the car...)
Syn Wei got bruises on her right leg too, and Edwin got bruises on both of his leg... (the most serious one...@@)

Since we haven't pick up Ah Loong, so we went to airport with only 2 cars.  Nelson and Chyuan left at the spot there to wait for people to take the car for reparation.  Ah Loong treat us choco top!!! (partially is to calm us down =) )

Then we get back to hostel after that.
Back to my room, I ny realize that I got another bruises on my left leg... didn't realize it was painful that time...
Then I also realize that my left hand was still shaking! (got no idea why only left hand shaking... is it because of the knock?) Really zadao lo...
Didn't know that my physical still in shock as mentally I don't feel anything already...

But now I'm okay already, Syn Wei is okay too, she is not as frighten when the accident happen ady. =)
I'm proud of myself that I didn't cry this time... cause the previous accident (I was sitting at the back) I cried right after I get out from the car... and then I got phobia after that... guess Syn Wei get phobia from this too...

Anyway, we are lucky cause no major injuries happen.
So is nothing at all! =))


There are lots of gossip in this world.
There are lots of people who are wearing a very thick mask too!
This is why parents always say that we have to alert anytime, anywhere when we are out from the house

There are really lots of people that he/she can be such a good friend in front of you but when he/she turns his/her head around, the attitude change! He/she might say something bad about you to the others and this you might never know!
This is really evil!!!

Sometime you got nothing bad to be gossip, but this particular person is so pro in gossiping can make things change until people around you might believe what he/she says.
When things become worst, you will lost your trusty among you friends and at the end you will lost your friend too!

That's why people say be alert to everybody although he/she is your close friend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival 2010

This is the second year celebrating Mid Autumn in campus, without family.
I thought I will use to it, but no... I still miss home!

There is friend who asked me to join for their celebration, I didn't accept at first cause I got no mood to celebrate this festival...
But hometown friends asked me to play around and don't make myself celebrate this festival alone in the room!

I went!
It was full of SPKAL students there, guys were preparing food for girls.
That's nice!  Thanks guys. =)

Seriously, I just ate plenty of food but I got full very fast!!!
Not much food to choose anyway...
But it was just for fun right?

So sad daddy didn't manage to call me due to his meeting.
(maybe he forgotten too! he has serious short term memory!)

Thanks for those who invited me to the celebration anyway. =)
And thanks to those who left moon cake for me, it was touching and you guys make me able to eat moon cake during this festival this year! thanks alot!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bye Bye Holiday

It has gone although I beg to stay.
This is really make me depress!

So stress until I got a pimple on my forehead!

Argh... Lots of things to settle... not just activities but assignment too!
Almost all of the assignment's due date is on next week!!!
Got to continue my work already!!!

p/s: please give me luck!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ban Min + Walk Under Rain + Webcam

The day before yesterday found Andrew in Facebook and to ask whether want to have breakfast outside or not, well at the end we decided to have ban mian although I'm the only one who wished to eat! *happy*

Early in the morning, the weather was so nice, raining outside and the environment become so cold and it was so comfortable to continue my sleep, but because of BAN MIN, I sacrifice such a nice sleep and get up from my bed to clean up myself to go for breakfast!
(we been asked to go out at 7.30am)

Finally we reached the place, but Kok Phing sounded like he didn't want to eat BAN MIN, so he ate kon lou min...

Yee Zheong and Her Daughter...

Kok Phing, Andrew and Wei Song

Really got no idea why when everybody looking at the camera then Andrew didn't look at the camera but when others weren't looking at the camera then he will look at the camera..
maybe he wants to be special ba...
Kok Phing's kon lou min so fast... and when we started to eat de time, he ady finished his!

Here come my ban min
It has been long long time I didn't eat, really precious!
Argh... super hungry now to see those delicious ban min!

And very fast I had finished it because I don't want others to wait for me lo..
But who knows when Me and Wei Song finished ours, Syn Wei still hasn't finished hers!!!
This was so incredible that that was the first time she ate something that will slower than me!!!

Well, my day didn't just ended like that but I have nice dinner too!
When for jogging again, but I straight away went for dinner with Syn Wei and Yee Zheong after the jogging!!!! (oh, that's very fattening I know... T_T)
When we finished our dinner, it rains!
Never mind, I plan to walk under rain long time ago dy, and this will be the chance for me. =)
And the GOD is kind and love me too!  He made the rain heavier only when I reach hostel! (How sweet is that!)
This was how I look after walking under rain.

There is huge pimple on my forehead!!! (argh... too heaty ady!!!)
Oh ya, Syn Wei finally admited that I'm having huge body like GIANT!!!
(T_____T I also don't want de ma... that's my bone structure....)

After bath, then went to msn to see who is online.
Joe was there!  Ask him to webcam with me, wanted to see his face!!!
(miss him so much!!!)

He gave me funny look when webcam with me!

He suddenly went off and came back with something black black in his mouth!
He ate kuai leng gou and show those face to me to let me see what is that...  It was so funny when I capture down the picture! hahahax

He showed me his mushroom too!
It is soooo cute!!!
He had 2 but he gave away one to You-Know-Who XD
and then he kena BOOM so many times from me *proud*

Then I had MSN chat with both Joe and Yi-Tsiang...  Forgotten that they are brothers, sure will combine to bully me!!! aargh....
It was funny and happy~
Joe and I web cam for 3 hours plus!!!

My days ended after I ended the call with Joe...

p/s 1: Siva, wish you luck in your final! =))
p/s 2: So sad that both of them are not in Kuantan when my 21st birthday...

Saturday, September 18, 2010




p/s: 我会有这样的朋友吗?

Double Rainbow!

That was so lucky that I saw 2 rainbows when I was coming back from jogging!

see properly and you will see 2 rainbows. =)))
Well, I didn't plan to go jogging with Syn Wei only.  I did ask others but since the person I asked said not feeling well then I didn't force to...
But who knows at the end, he end up cycling to Layang-Layang pulak...

Saw Andrew, Remy and Xian Xian~
Oh ya... Nice view of today.

Is raining out there...
I prefer rain when I am running half way... and suddenly got sunny day
Maybe I can nicer rainbow!

Friday, September 17, 2010


It wasn't the first time I jog for 2km none stop (I know this isn't proud)
But this was the first time I jog from my campus to the Petronas near by and back from Petronas to campus nonestop!
*proud of myself*
I think the way will be further from what I did when I was in my hometown gua...

By the way, I took a nice pic too. =)

Later going for jog again...
Wonder how's the view today. =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Lunch, Her Brunch, Her Snack

Shiang (senior) told us (Syn Wei and I) that today will prepare lunch for us yesterday night.

This morning I feel to eat fast food so I went to find whether anyone going to town, then ny realize I am going to have homemade lunch and dinner so I cancel unhealthy food. =)

Syn Wei's gor asked her to go town along with her and left me alone in the room and that time was already 11am...  I was playing with my facebook and saw Shiang was onlining in facebook. (she told me that she can't even log in!) so I suppose that will be other person, I went to greet! (just to find out who is using her account!)  Mana tau is Ah Loong Ge... =.=
Guess what Shiang's boy friend told me?  He said:" can you have breakfast or lunch with Shiang? She said she got nothing to eat.  Can you give me your phone number so that I can call you just in case?" 
My reply was:" you go ask Shiang la..."  Then I grab my corn flakes down to Shiang's room (Ah Loong Ge said she got nothing to eat ma... )  Gave some flakes to Shiang.. Then she suggested to have lunch at her room!
But the lunch is not 四川菜 but sandwiches.  Dinner ny eat 四川菜~
I'm fine with it!

So I went back to my room and continue my statistic!
At around 1pm, Shiang came to my room and ask me to go makan!
Can't believe the sandwiches that she made is so healthy!!!!  Is full of nutrient!!!

argh... really love them so much!!!
this is Shiang's brunch as well~ 
She ate very few of cornflakes nia... and she made this as her brunch


veges: cucumber and tomatoes!

eggs with mayo + a little of lemon!

another vege: cabbage!

and toasted bread!!!
Oh my god!!! It was really delicious!!!
I never had sandwich with ham before!!!
This is my first time and I love to have that next time!

One ham cover everything already... (under ham I have cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and eggs!)

Have a close look, and you will see veges in there!

I had 2 pieces of bread!!! Argh... Will never forget how it tastes... *heart melt*
this time I change the arrangement of the veges and ham~ 
make ham the bottom~
It is still so delicious!!!

Don't feel jealous! 
Because I know you are having better than mine!
I'm satisfy with this already with my condition now.
When I finished 2, Syn Wei back from town.  Shiang asked her to eat some, and she did although her gor ady cooked bihun basah for her~  So she had half of the bread with other ingredient, as her snack before her proper lunch!
(fei sei ni a... hahahax)

p/s: looking forward for dinner!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Complete Dinner

During Raya, there is no food in my campus.  It is really pitiful that I have to think what to eat everyday.  Some friends do have their own way to find their food like cooking by their own.
I'm sick of instant noodle actually, so I waited for people who going out to town to ask them to bring back some food for me!
Well, some of them are kind enough to ask us whether to buy food for us, but some of them didn't ask us anything.  Some that we don't even know that they went out!  Huh...
(I'm seriously not blaming la!)

Since the day before yesterday, I only had milo as my dinner, I sms-ed my super senior to ask her out for dinner!  She came to fetch my roommate and I out! That's so kind of her.
I had wonderful dinner.  A complete one.
I had rice, veges...  Although there was eggplant that I usually won't eat much even though mummy force me to eat, but I ate quick a lot!  Got no idea is it because it was delicious or because I got no choice in Labuan on Veges...
(is very seldom to have chance to eat lots of veges in Labuan)

It was really good to get out from the campus to have a nice meal out there.  The feeling was 'I'm out of the jungle!'  For those who are at home now, you will never understand this because you will never know what's our condition that no food in the campus waiting us to buy.

I'm really appreciate that I get such good super senior.  Seriously.
Feeling that she is the one who willing to feel my existence, but not ignoring me when I need help.  Not like others...
Every time when I need help there will be lots of excuses around and that really pissed me off.
That's why I am good in appreciate those who treat me good.
Is so easy that you treat me good and I will treat you good too!

p/s: hmm... tonight spaghetti???

Monday, September 13, 2010

It Was Yesterday

Yesterday went for jogging with Syn Wei saw Woon Chee when we were about to back to hostel.
capture some scene there by using my phone.

After that we followed their car to town, they went to buy some food to cook as dinner and junk food for themselves!

And I got what I want too! McD Ice Cream!!!

Guys were so kind to cook us dinner.
(Andrew, Woon Chee and Milo Phing)
And we had this as our dinner

not bad, at least I don't have to feel hungry...
any way, thnaks guys~