Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I did lots of crazy things lately.

  1. Joined somthing that is crazy for me, cause I myself also don't believe myself will join this kind of thing. But honestly, I love it and I feel proud of myself for choosing this.

  2. I went KL alone. Yeap, this is really the first time I go KL alone. Hehe, actually I feel excited and a little bit of scare because alone.... Some more the bus only got 4 people included the driver... Suang~~~
  3. Then I seldom eat 3 meals in KL.
  4. Believe or not, I almost laugh for 24 hours when I was in KL. Look, is not smile but laugh... Haha...
  5. I think this is more crazy. My friend and I ternaik into the wrong bus when we was on the way back to her house. So we got no choice but just drop down to the next station and then walk along back to her house. That time I was holding bellon~~~ Holding bellon and walk all along for around 45 minutes... Really crazy... Actually I got feel to vomit when I was walking, but I know that I can still tahan, so I ma continue walk lo. Hehe, mana tau I kena marah by my friends for not telling her, cause she said she can call someone to fetch us back de.... @@
  6. Yesterday night, we went to TC and did something crazy again. We shout to the sea and I think all the people were looking at us... Lol, but I really like the feeling after shout that loud. Hehe~~

Anyway, if you are really curious to know what am I doing, you can come to find me, I will explain everything detailly to you. Hehe~~ ^^

Monday, April 27, 2009


Actually I have open to this website since days ago. I wanted to update my blog on friday night when I was still in KL, but I was too tired and when I wanted to post a post, I will feel my eyes become very heavy...

Same as yesterday night and Saturday night, I reached home after 12am and I was driving alone back home. @.@ (mummy sure will give lecture to me very soon). I told her that I got some friends that I respect very much are coming to Kuantan and this is a very good opportunity to listen to their sharing. And I really love you mummy for being so understanding.

Beside that, I also really very miss someone. I know that this person is very busy on doing her own thing and sometimes forget to sms me, but he/she sms someone else... feel jealous.... @.@ no la, just kidding nia la. I know that you got super sms with him ma... I forgive you lo... ^.^

Kind enough right?? Hehe.... Actually I wanted to call you, but I already run out of credit liao.. Really paiseh, some more I said I will sms you in the mid-night so that you will be no scared... Really sorry, cause I didn't make my promise...

That day I just back from KL (I stay in KL for around 4-5 days and I really did lots of breakthrough), then I terus mandi after Jie fetch me home. After cleaning myself, I went out again. Actually it is really tiring but I really happy to have this kind of life. ^.^

Just hope all my dreams will come true after all the tough thing I have done for this time. I really hope I can get what I want. Hope all of you support me... Muackssss~~~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

KL~~ Day 1 & 2

It is really boring in KL, my purpose to here is not for shopping although I have a lot of time to go for shopping. Too bad, because I think I will get lose if I walk around in KL. I really got no idea how to go shopping alone from my friend's house...... @.@

Don't laugh!!!! I know that sure you are laughing of my stupid-ness. I know that I'm stupid!!! But this is my first time to KL ler, i mean coming to KL alone... Some more the place in KL so complicated and need to change lots of station when going around....
I prefer Kuantan more although Kuantan is very very small. But at least I can drive around and I know where am I wherever I going.. Hahax...
I don't think I will get lost in Kuantan because I staying there for years liao.... @.@ but if I do, please don't laugh at me oso....

I only got function at night this 2 days, so I realy boring in the day time. Doing nothing except of open my big eyes and face the laptop and close my eyes and bersleeping.... haha, wasting my morning time... @.@
And then when I want to on my MSN to berchit chat with friends, the network sure not functioning properly. But when I can beronline liao, then nobody can berchit chat with me liao.... Sien liao lo.... then my friend will say that this is my face problem... =.=||| cause she still can berMSN and I cannot.... Really =.=||| Face problem..... -.-

Like now, I want to berchit chat with someone, but very few people choi me nia... zadao liao lo... I got nothing to do, so I ma berbloging at here and tell you all how boring am I.
I think next time I better ask a group of friends to come to KL together so that I will not be this boring..... I really regret to come alone, but I am not regret that I have to spend my time here... HAha... Nonsense, I also don't what I'm talking about...

Yesterday night I told Grace that I will open my eyes until early in the morning and then call her before she going to school. Which means that I not going to sleep for the whole night until early in the morning today. Hahaha.... really zadao, because I slept liao... somemore slept for more than 6 hours.... hahaha really zadao...

BTW, anything you want to ask, you can call me or ask me out, I am willing to share what have I learn in KL for yesterday night... I am not that selfish la.... hehe. Call me ba.. haha

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm now in KL as you know. I should have bring my laptop here!!!!!! I wanted to online since yesterday night when I reach my friend's house, but I don't know why I have difficulty on signing in my MSN account.

Whenever the laptop is with me, I will sure sign in my MSN. Even though I was working last time. Last time when I reached home, my first word came out from my mouth will be :"Hey, help to online now". But now I can't online at here, really very sad.

Sigh, maybe it is because facial problems. My friend got no problems in signing in her MSN account, but I do. How come!!!! It is unfair!!!! I want beronline!!!! Ehem, is it laptop problems or face problem leh??

I am trying the 5th time to sign in my MSN, I really feel frustrated on keep on signing in and get the result ---> TROUBLESHOOT.. Oh no!!! not again. I think I need to retry thousand times then I only can berMgroup liao...


The Way From Kuantan To KL

So excited because this is the first time I going to KL alone.. Huhuxxxxx......
I was abit shock when I reached bus station because I'm the only one who waiting there for the bus to KL. So I ma think that may be is because those people havent arrive lo, since not all the people in the world are that punctual as me ma.... Hehexxx

But after the bus start moving I was like

Wah.... nobody going to KL meh?? Zadao!!! The number of people in the bus only got 4 people including the bus driver... geng leh.... zadao!!!

Really empty de lo.... this is the prove, if you don't believe then i got nothing to say liao lo... But here is the prove, takkan I want to pakat with the passenger to let me to take pictures meh....

The way I sit is soooooo comfortable... HAha
I can sit whatever I like, because the bus is so empty.... Hahaha

Ehem.... Thanks to Ah Kee for helping me to buy the whole bus journey which I can sit so comfortable... He said that the other 3 persons in the car are my security guard and driver... ZADAO!!!
But I really comfortable in the bus!!!!

But sadly I'm too boring in the bus so I play play with my handphone and berpicture with myself... wakakaka..
Right now I would like to announce that I'm safe at my friend's house. And the bus reach KL at around 10.30pm...

Ehem... I know it is very early now, but I don't feel like sleeping now.... Lolzzzzz

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before Going To KL

I'm going to KL alone this time. I never have this kind of experience before. First time leh... first time going to KL alone leh... Really excited and a little bit of scare...
Before I went there, I keep asking friends to go along, but most of my friends having part time work at that time....
So no choice...

Then I ma started my packing liao... I thought that I only need 2 bag to there.
But mana tau, I stay there for around 4 days at KL... so 2 bag is definitely not enough...

I need 3 bags, some more the bag for put clothing is the biggest one....
Haha.... So I'll be bring 3 bags to KL...

And the thing that I want to show is....

I will be bringing my Calvin Klein bag.... huhuxxxxx

Hahaha.... branded de wei~~~

Monday, April 20, 2009


I need a formal entire. I have already plan that I'm going for shopping today with Yoke, but unfortunately I receive a message and I have to delay my shopping for today. Sigh

Really tired yesterday night, I think I slept at 11pm, early huh? I appologize here to all my friends who were chating with me that time and I suddenly appear off 9. I know that it is very weird when you see my off 9 and get into bed that early, but I really felt tired that night. Erm, maybe is because I got no date that night gua.. HEhe

Today got to be a busy day for me too. I need to prepare lunch, dinner and some more want to spend some time to go buy formal entire. I'm going to need the formal entire on this Wednesday and Thursday. Sigh... Some more my body shape like elephant, really difficult to find one that suit me.

I really don't know why I keep on crapping at here 6^^ hahaha....
Just ignore what I trying to say. I am just to stress sometimes. Really need a kao kao rest if can.
Thank YOu mummy for being so understanding and forgiving for my busyness....
I love You

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I promise Grace to go watch competition at SEMSAS. Since I have already resign, so I went with her yesterday morning. The day before she smsed me and told me that she will come to fetch me at around 7.30am. I was like, wow so early...=.= hehe

I am sure for one thing. I'm not regret to follow her to SEMSAS. I really spend my time there usefully. So happy.

This is the picture when Grace was listening to the SEMSAS students praticing.

We were taking pictures in the toilet, but dun worry about us, cause the toilet is very clean and no smelly smell.

After the SEMSAS finished their performance, we went to the hall to take some pictures...

An ungly ghose is attacking Grace... Hehe

Grace keep on asking me to open my eyes when taking pictures. But I really do open my eyes la... I know that my eyes very small....
But I did record down all the song of the performance... I really like those song so much.... @.@

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Day Of Working

It is really very very sad when the business admin told me that I better resign on 15th instead of 17th and this will help them in doing their account.
I really feel sad when she told me about that, but I still pretend that I'm very fine with her decision. Because I don't want to let her feel that they fire me, I want them to feel that I fire them!!!

And today is the last day of working at there, I took the opportunity to take some pictures with those children so that when I miss them I can still look at those pictures...

There are the boys from standard 1 till 3.

The girls who in the age between standard 1 till 3 too.

I like this boy most. He is only standard 1 and likes to play around. Always late to nursery and scolded by teacher. Haha, very cute boy.

Lee Cher Yuan. I still remember when I worked at there last time when I was in form 3, we used to call this girl "grandmother". This is because she really a very ngam cham girl.... But she is really very cute too.

She is very good in presentation, performing. She always get prizes in competition.

Boring, that's why I snap some pictures~~~~~ Haha~~

Miu Yang. The biggest size among all the year 6 children. He always tell me to call him 'meow' because his chinese name is called 'mao yang' which is cat and goat in English...

Look at his big big face... haha
I told him that today is my last day, he said I'm blufing him. Lol, he some more say that I balik kampung ny.... hahaha

I will miss his massage. He always massage me when I am marking books and when he finished doing his homework..

Doing their homework.... So hardworking....

They love to take pictures too.....

And now these are the pictures from year 5, I didn't teach them but I love them a lot and they are really very cute...

Owen Kang Kang~~~


Foo and I

Four of us, they really do like to take pictures alot!!! (Foo, me, Chun, and Owen Kang Kang)

Ah Chun really like to take pictures. He keep on asking me to take more and more pictures of him.... Haha

I love him a lot!!!

Lol, Owen's looked like kena paksa.... haha

Ah Chun again.... =.=

Ah Chun, Superman!!!!!~~~


Haha, why he looked at me like that??

mmmm, this 1 looked better...

AhChun wanna to take pictures again.... Lol...

Lee Cher En, Cher Yuan's brother. The most innocent boy i ever met.

All the year 6 children...

Looking at what o??? haha so cute...


Ah Yo~~~

AH Mo~~

So difficult I only can pujuk him to take pictures... haha

Camera shy.... T.T

Ng Jun Yi...
Taking pictures with them is really tiring.
Today is Wednesday and I having OT today which I need to wait the children back home I only can go back.
The terrible thing is, rain heavily today. I really hate the rain, because of the rain I become all wet. Really wet....
Today is the last day I work there, can't believe the God wanna fall some water to the Earth... Lol... nonsense... craping all the way... haha
Anyway, I should be glad that I have choose to make myself free because staying at there for the whole day doing nothing is really tiring and boring. Wasting my golden time too...
Happy Holiday~~~