Monday, October 31, 2011

FYP Consultation Phase 2

Finally it is here, our FYP consultation phase 2 which should be held last 2 weeks ago.  It has been postponed for 2 weeks and guess what, most of us stay up late last night to finish the DFD and ERD! Even though we have given more time to do that. 
Procrastinate really KILLS!
Go with a good nice smile although we are really tired and tired.
I'm lazy to find a better outfit, so just black and white for today.  Super Formal.
I don't think we did badly for the consultation just now, maybe is because the person who gave advise isn't the person that I 'like'.  Hurmp... bad impression on her.  Just I don't get it why she wants to be that aggressive!  Never mind, you are the consultant and I shall listen to you.
(really have to rush for everything, these 3 days gonna be tough day for me.)
Hot Hot day today.  From main building walk to the cafe for dabao then back to room, I already sweat as I have gone for a evening jog!  Fuh, the weather is getting hotter and hotter which means the Earth is getting weaker and weaker. =(
Although the weather is hot, but I still want to eat local food ---> Nasi Lemak!  Alright mummy, I promise I will drink more water. =D
It is so fulling and the fried chicken is so damn delicious!  I wanted to have more, but it is fattening as well, so one will do.  (Don't say I didn't eat meat already, I do pamper myself on food. =p)

p/s: holiday is coming soon, I miss home... =((
p/s: there are so much stress and tension lately, don't dare to call home... I scared I will collapse, trying to be strong now.. =((

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Life hasn't gone well, after one down another problem for me to solve.  Maybe all these make us become stronger and stronger so we can face more difficulties in the future.  Although thinking at the positive way, we get good things in return in the future, but think rationally, this is super suffering and who wants problem to occur?  Nobody wants to have problems but it just come whenever they like.  One problem maybe you can face it nicely, but when problems suddenly pop-up just like that without any earlier notification, you might depressed and helpless.  This is what I feel now.  I know I have promised myself not to be that or negative, but when things happen once, you can overcome with your smile.  Things happen twice, you might mumbling on why problems have to occur twice.  When things happen thrice, you could have been crying for that already.  Like I did.  Nobody knows what it gonna be, to prevent? You don't even know what is the problem is, to seek for the problem, you don't even have the time to do it.  Right, I know that are just excuses that we are giving to ourselves.  Sometimes I really really feel tired with all this troubles and problems, it is really tiring.  

When will it stopped?  
Nobody knows...  

Who will care?
Nobody cares except you yourselves...

Hate It

I know I shouldn't blogging now and I should studying for my Security subject now, but I just want to complain awhile here.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to do her a favour to attend the talk that organized by their group, but since there are so many things to do and I don't think I can handle my time wisely, I rejected to help her.  I am sorry about that.  I know this is a selfish attitude but I don't want myself of regretting on what I have done.  I am not like the others study in last minute can remember everything or can remember everything when others tell story on the subject.  I'M NOT!

I know what is my condition and I believe my choice isn't a wrong one.  The moment I rejected, I know that my action is so selfish that my friend needs help but I didn't lend out my hand to help her.  If you think I'm selfish and wanted to hate me for that, please do so, I don't mind.  Because I didn't help.  
Some how there is a girl, saying that I didn't care for a friend.  She said I didn't make friends in first position.  (tidak pentingkan kawan)  When I explained that I want to study for my mid-term, she said I only memorized on the number of the slides.  Oh well well...

Today is already Sunday, you think you got much time for that, but I don't think I have, so please don't try to simply saying that I didn't study as I have already studied for the whole morning!  Seriously hate that so much!!!  Monday we have consultation, but I haven't done the DFD structure; Tuesday we have data structure, I know you good in programming and you don't have to study for that, I'm sorry because I have to study on that! I'm sucks in programming.  Wednesday, we have security mid-term.  I know you are better than me, so don't put your condition into mine please.
I'm sucks in everything and I need to do something to make them better but not making them worst!

I know you didn't mean it.  I know you mentioned them with jokes, but that doesn't sound funny for me.  It hurts and irritates me.  I have my own plan, I always do.  I hate to spoil and ruin my plan, so don't give me things last minute.  
It has been so many years, you never said in that way, even you did, I always said 'never mind, just a joke', thinking that deep in my heart although I don't feel that's funny at all. 
I know this will offend someone, but I still have to complain.  I must complain... Because this time I really do hate about this.  Seriously hate it.

p/s: cried loudly deep in my heart, why still don't understand me?  

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Guess for those Computer Users' expert should know what is blue screen meant by.  Yeap! I faced it thrice!!!
Can you believe that?!!

Argh, I don't know why I have been so gadgets not friendly recently... Even phones are bullying me too!

I didn't hope much on that la, just hope I can get through all this and graduate! XD

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I never celebrate Halloween.  I only see this celebration from shows.  I never experience the real Halloween party before, maybe I shall have a try and experience it myself! 
When I was young, Halloween is a very scary day for me, because people around us will wear in scary or weird custom and scare people around.  I thought it was real!  When I grown up, I realized there are all fake.  The childishness mind of mine has already gone.  Now if I been invited to attend any of Halloween party, I think I will choose the ugliest character and custom for the party!  (sounds interesting!)  Too bad, Halloween doesn't really famous in Malaysia.

Maybe one day when I am capable, I can organized an event on this! Halloween party! XD  Or maybe I shall go out there and explore this myself!  

p/s: Halloween is at 31st of October!  Enjoy yourselves... 
p/s: candy or tricks ;)

Someone Cried 2


Caroline realized that she was the one who make mistake.  She knows Bonnie would have bond them (Elena and Caroline) back together, but she doesn't want to trouble Bonnie anymore as Bonnie always help her on settling this kind of problem.  So Caroline decided to start the first step to make their relation become better.

Caroline brought out her phone, and smsed to both Bonnie and Elena whether they want to go out together or not on the next day.  Too bad Elena has her own stuff to do and Bonnie was being lazy to go out again...  Elena suggested to go out some other day because she is busying with her event of the school!  Caroline quickly use this opportunity to apologize to Elena and wishes Elena could have scolded her laud and sound, but Elena didn't scold her but tole her how important she is to her.  (OMG, the story is so touching! I almost cry of that!) Caroline can't control her tears, the tears keep dropping down when she read through what Elena told her.  Caroline was so touched!

(Story almost end here)

Caroline was so glad that she made the first step, although even if she didn't make the first step out, there will be no changes in their relationship.  But now their relationship has become better than before, at least the there is no scar on the heart, everything healed!  
Three of them were so happy and decided to hang out again!  Hurmp... maybe Halloween Night?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Someone Cried

Don't ask me for further information of this.  If you can understand the story here, then just keep quiet, but if you couldn't understand... Ops... blame on your brain... XD

That day Elena, Caroline and Bonnie went out for something and guess what they came back with fight.  A small tiny fight.  The fight began is because Caroline was so not understanding and keep on blaming on others as she is the only person who thinks right.  
Caroline still angry after she went home, so she went to have a bath and finally she cool down a little.  (that's a good sign)

Then Caroline went out again with Bonnie and didn't expect to meet Elena at outside of the house, so Elena join the walk!  Elena tried her best to cheer Caroline up although she did nothing wrong.  (Caroline is always thinks she is the right one... and she also a very stubborn person.)
Things seem to become better because Elena finally successfully make Caroline smile.

There is a party at night, so Caroline went out again, and Bonnie followed.  Bonnie asked along Elena for the party.  They set a time and meet at a place.  Caroline didn't know about Bonnie has asked Elena to go together and Caroline just walked forward without heading to the place where Bonnie had already told Elena.  Bonnie didn't mention about waiting for Elena before they went to their destination.  

Guess what happen then?

When Caroline and Bonnie back from party, Elena is there with the event's attire!  Obviously she has been waiting for another 2 girls to go together!  OMG!!!  Bonnie quickly ran to Elena and sit infront of her.  Elena called, smsed both of them, but they didn't realize it as the party was so noisy.  Elena waited both of them for around 3 hours!  Pity her...  Caroline thought: no wonder there was rain when they went out, because the God knows Elena is waiting her over there.  The God wanted Caroline to turn back and walk back home so that she can see Elena waited there!  Bonnie realized it was raining too, but Caroline insists to go to the party even if it is raining.

Caroline doesn't know what to do, just put on her very master fake smile on her face looking at Elena and Bonnie.  Elena's eyes were wet, tears were almost dropping out.  Then she wake up and walk back to her house and when she turn her back, she wipe her tears off...  
Caroline and Bonnie looking at each other.  They realize something wrong, but they do not know what to do.  They just left Elena go back alone and cry alone...

Then Caroline and Bonnie walked home together, Caroline threw her temper on Bonnie and cause Bonnie upset too!  In a day Caroline make 2 of her besties sad and angry.  She thought this would end her miserable day, but who knows she left her phone in the room with silent, she didn't realize there is emergency call!  Now she can't help to solve the problem.

To Be Continue...

Fuh!  How's the story?  
Caroline shouldn't be so selfish!  She didn't even say a word 'sorry' because she kept thinking that's not her wrong and she has very strong self-respect!

No idea how Caroline, Bonnie and Elena will become then?  Maybe they will remain on what is going on now and ignoring each other or maybe if someone bring a step out, they can be friends like before??
Nobody knows...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Way!

I just realized one thing, there is crack on my laptop!
I knew this laptop won't last long.
I knew this laptop won't be as good as the old one.
I knew this laptop will spoil one day.
I knew!
I knew!
But I never know that it will just spoil this fast!!!

Argh!!! I don't care what is going on next, what I hope is i can use this laptop until the end of my FYP please... =(
I need you desperately leh... >""<

Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Monday

Had an early phase 2 'consultation' with our supervisor, really glad that we did so, if not there will be problem occur during our FYP phase 2 consultation.  Our lecturer gave us a weekend time to finish up our DFD Level 1 but we procrastinate and cause us sleep at 3am!  FML!
But luckily we managed to finish them up and presented to him!  Now what we need to do is correction and then prepare for the next meeting with him and the phase 2 real consultation. =)

After that, I went to have breakfast with my friend at the cafe (the only cafe in our campus).  We were sitting on the place where only available for 2 people, while we were eating, I realized that there is a guy kept looking at us.  I wonder what are they looking.  Then when the guy and his friend went off, my friend told me that she realized both of them were looking at us!  >'''<

Then I told my friend maybe is because we both look like lesbian as I wear like a man and she wear like a lady! XD
I was in this when we went for breakfast, I left my hair down without tied them up, but I know I was sitting there with very rude posture, maybe that's why they look at us maybe thought that we are lesbian.  @@
My friend always do wear clothes in lady, because she has hot body shape and even she wears like a man, she will still look like a lady.  XD

If I really do look like a man, maybe I should change myself to become more lady, because I don't want others to misunderstand that I'm a lesbian.  (although most of them already thought so...)

p/s: today should be a sleeping day, but I refuse to sleep for whole day because that will make me feel guilty... =(
p/s: do you know how much I miss you? thank god you come back dy, we can eat something nice with you dy~

Challenging Yourselves

Friends of mine have been chosen to join this DiGi Challenge for Change, and I am jealous on them.  I did at first that I don't feel to go even if I'd been chosen, but since phase 2 consultation is postponed, I would like to go.  Furthermore this is a 'camp' of challenging yourselves with your friends that you know!

Friends of mine thought I wouldn't want to join this as there are so many things and assignment in this week and there are so many stuffs to follow up.  Hurmp... maybe you don't know me, if I been chosen, I would have gone with you, if I have been asked to go, I would have join you guys.  But none of the above situation happened to me, that's why I didn't go.

This is university life.  For me, university life without challenging yourselves that would be nothing at all.  Because you will hardly remember the memory of your university life if there is no climax there.  I wondering now whether I have climax in here.
Well, since I missed the most 'stress' and 'tension' part here, maybe I should replace them with other thing.

p/s: jealous although I know you guys are exhausted.
p/s: make myself a miracle. =p

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Tired.

Sometimes I really do wish that there is someone who understand what I mean.  Understand what I say eventhough I didn't really say what I want.  I really do feel tired sometimes when I have to pretend into another 'creature' just to make other people comfortable with me.  I know some of you might wondering why I have to pretend, why not just be who am I.  This is life, if you never pretend in something you might have make others hate you because of your behavior.

I know I'm selfish.
I admit that.

I know I shouldn't have this thinking of people have to pamper me on what I like and what I dislike.  I know I shouldn't, but I really hope and wish to have it.  I'm tired of making people around me happy, laugh and smile.  I have to smile in front of them to make them cheer.  To smile, to laugh is a very simple thing, but to smile deeply in the heart is a very difficult thing.

Do you smile deeply in your heart?

It has been years we met, but not all of them understand me.  Some of them didn't even get to know me well at all even though they have been my friends for n-th years.  Some of them are only friends for few years but they know what I'm thinking, they know what I want.  At least I can say what I want when I am with them.  This is what we say comfortable between friends.  Maybe is like what some of you said, I have been trying to protect myself from being protected by others.  Self defence.  I don't know why this happen to me, maybe is because I'm trying to protect myself from being hurt.  Life for me is not negative, but is something that sometimes bad things might happen.  I put my thought and feeling at the situation of 'bad things might happen' so that I won't be disappointed on what will happen.

I know I'm complicated.
I do know.

Just wear on my shoes and think on my behalf.  Everybody has their own different way of thinking, different way of living.
So do I.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blood Donation Campaign

It has blood donation campaign again in our campus.  I purposely sleep more than 5 hours the day before, went to  have heavy breakfast, but unfortunately I still not able to donate blood. =(

The lucky guy that manage to donate his blood to help the others, he is lucky isn't he.  I don't understand why he can donate blood as he didn't take heavy breakfast (he took 2 small mini size chocolate only) while I took heavy breakfast, yet I still couldn't donate blood... So unfair!!! =(
The nurse thought that both of them are brother and sister.  Who do you think is the elder brother or elder sister. XD

p/s: why that stupid lady so annoying?

Uncle Doon's Burger

It is about my assignment.  
Our lecturer wants us to create a Facebook page for an organization.  
So, this is our page!
click here please -------> Uncle Doon's Burger

LIKE our PAGE!!! 
if it doesn't trouble you, do ask your friends to like too! =)

Beside that, we have contest too for this assignment.
Alright, here is the link ----> Picha Contest!
(is only open for people in Labuan... )

Go and have a look, you might be interested in this.  
Ultimate prizes are waiting for you!!! 

Good Morning

Morning bloggers and readers~

It is Saturday!  Really it has been awhile that I didn't get to have this relax and free weekend.  Although this is relaxing but I know I have to make use of this 2 days so that I won't have to rush again in the coming assignment's due date.  I realize that I really like procrastinate!  I know it is a bad habit, that's why I'm trying to overcome it. =p

Good morning my friends~

Recently, I have been stressed up with all the assignments and lack of sleep.  I never have this kind of life previously, even I had it was because of events and functions!  But this time is because of assignment.  I am seriously so glad that I didn't join any of the activities because I doubt I can handle them well as I will put my assignment as my first priority.

Good Morning people~

It is a wonderful Saturday, what's your plan for today?  Continue with your assignment?  Or enjoy your day today?  I think I will make my day today with assignments and joyful.. (I doubt myself on the assignment...  because the lazy buds have visited me!)

Good morning love~

My friends they have joined an event in the main campus, wish them have a wonderful today too!  Although they complaint that it was a super tough competition...  (at least you guys get the experience there, I wish I am there too!)

p/s: have a good day~ XD

Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy Me

This week is also very busy.  Well, I should correct it and say: This semester is super busy!!!  There are so many assignment this week (I know I procrastinate also... =(... bad habit.... )

I feel like I'm almost like one week with a post! Oh no, this is super not like me la...  I want to update blog like I used to be.  I want to update blog when I am sad, when I'm busy, when I'm happy, everything happens in my life!  Gosh, where is my time? =(
Updating blog really do need mood and time, but too bad when I got the mood to update blog, I got no time for that, but when I was free to update blog, I got no mood to update!  Fuh, what's wrong with me??? =(

Firstly we supposed to have our logical design workshop on the 3rd of October, but the speaker wasn't prepared as the organizer didn't remind and inform the speaker earlier, so the date was postpone to 10th of October.  Then we went and prepare for the workshop on 10th, but who knows that the speaker was in KK and nobody inform us about this.  We had to postpone the workshop again to 17th.  We supposed to have our phase 2 presentation on 17th, because of this and because of there are lecturers who not around, we have to postponed our phase 2 to 24th!  Alright, that might be a good thing because most of us didn't get the time to prepare for that.  
Now everything changes!
Our phase 2 postponed again because some of the students got activities in the main campus!  Argh, I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing... Sigh, all the time and schedule seem to be postponed and now it becomes a mess to me. =(

This few days so many things changing.  Besides of assignments, opinion of people towards me also changes.  I never know that the incident could have change my image of what people is thinking on me. =(  I never know that my action could make my friends around me think that I'm an evil person, because what I did is to make the person stronger and forget about me.  I didn't mean to harm, even if that really hurt him, it is just for awhile because I hate to make people pain in a long period.  
Now whatever, I don't want to care who and how they think about me, because I'm who am I.  I like the way I am.

p/s: life is about up and down, if your life without this, then it could be a super boring one. =p
p/s: life is risk or nothing. =)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Different Perspective

Everybody has different perspective.

Yeah, I know that and I believe everybody knows about it.

It is weird you know that actually when you know it is a mistake or incorrect but you still want to do it.  I always did that.  =.=

I always have the bad habit that I never think before what I say.  It is really bad habit that this will offend people when I talk to them.

I know this, but I never really change it and keep give excuses to myself that this is what we call straight forward!  @@

Bad excuse also right.

Maybe one day I will keep quiet and smile at you whenever what you say or express, because that might be the best way of respond.

I don't know whether this is right or wrong, but I think for now if I want to be the way I am, I think it is better to just smile and say nothing.
Listen and say nothing.

p/s: self-motivating... @@

Sunday, October 16, 2011

LI Workshop

I had our LI (Latihan Industri) workshop Friday night and Saturday (whole day).  It was a fun workshop but on Saturday I feel saturated during the 11am to 1pm slot.  I can't really absorb any of the knowledge and I felt sleep...  @@ bad Cai Yi...
From this table, you can see it how pack it is on our weekend!
I was really busy and tired with this workshop, but I seriously learn something from there. =D
Our "big family photo".  Just realized I stood at the center!!! @@
Took photo with smart people too!!! 5 of them are smart and famous people in SSIL! unlike me... lol
but I like the way I am. =D
One of the speaker. Madam Haslinda.
She taught us lots of thing, now is time for me to apply it.
Until now I only manage to apply some only.  I still need time to make myself apply all of it. =D
Before went to the talk, camwhore awhile in the house. =p
(SW said: wah this formal shirt again, guess your blog only show this formal shirt...)
I know that and I don't think that would be a big problem.  LoL  because I like that formal shirt so much. =D
Friend abusing. =p
(Break time and I was trying to make myself relax after sitting on the chair for 2 hours!  My butt become flat dy....)
Camwhore again.. =p
Took picture of numbering.  Can you guess what number are they posing?

We had day session and night session.  The day session was about interview and resume. What we have to do during interview and what we shouldn't do during interview, format of resume and how to do an outstanding resume.  It was interesting but too saturated at the second slot, and that make me can't fully concentrate on what the speaker was talking. @@

After lunch, I my energy came back and I can continue my concentration. =D

Night session was grooming, so I put on make up which is my favorite and then put on my favorite formal short and bring along my blazer.  I know I looked normal that night because there are more of them who look 'wow'!  Never know they can be that pretty and good looking.  LoL
This also showed that there is no ugly or not pretty people in the world, it's only the way of how you make yourselves look good.  =)

p/s: sorry for the late update on everything, I was really busy and I don't think I will have the time to upload more blogs in the future, because there are really lots assignment to rush for this whole month... 
p/s: wish me luck and good luck to you. =D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello There

As you know, my laptop really are dead.  I should say she is now in coma.  Nobody can help her in Labuan.
Guess later I should bring her to hospital.

Now I'm using another laptop.
My laptop, alright don't complain about how worst is acer, because this is the only laptop that I can use now!

My wallpaper for my current laptop.  "Be or not to be"?

p/s: satisfy with the current laptop with this situation. =)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Take 3

It has really been awhile from my last update.  I wanted to update but too many things happen in this few days. Really many things happened.
I can't even blog much now as I can hardly find free time for myself to blog...
I promise I will blog again soon.
And I promise I will post the picture that I have said earlier (you know I know la).
Now I'm eating and just to take some break then will back to rushing world already...

p/s: why this semester is so damn pack??? =( dislike....
p/s: some how, I will take this as a challenge. =) XD

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Letter To Darling

Dear Darling, 

I have been missing you already.  It is only few days, but I already miss you already.  I know now you can't talk and can't give me any respond.  I don't know when you will come back to my side...  You are now in ICU, the doctor said they got no idea what problem with you yet, that's why they need to observe you in ICU for few days. 

This 2 days without you I feel so lonely and uncomfortable but I still can eat and sleep like others.  I guess I will adapt to it when time passes, if you love me too then don't leave me, if you leave me away then I will forget you.  So stay by my side k?!


Have you been missing me?  I am missing you now...  I don't hope to find another 'you' to replace your current position.  I hope to get you back.  I know that this is kinda impossible but it is still my hope.  I never want you to leave me away.  I want you to be with me.  =(

I'm loving you so much no matter how outsiders say bad about you...
So please come back K???

p/s: pray hard hard for this... Hopefully darling can pass through all this and we can reunion...

McD Gathering

I thought of wanna put "Mandarin Class Gathering" but since there are some who already put this so I think  "McD Gathering" would be better. 

We had been collected some money for Mandarin class.  At first the lecturer said the money is for the Mandarin Club (which it existed for the previous years but when it pass to our batch the club become so inactive) so we have to collect each of us around RM10.
We collected the money and pay for this and that and at the end we have RMXXX.  (P&C)

Since we have extra money with us, they decided to go have a small gathering at McD.
Everything was planned last minute without meeting or confirmation with everybody so at the end from 16 people, only 13 people went for the gathering.
My face is still as big as usual.  Alright, just ignore the mess of the table.  I know we should have choose a better place for taking picture and this picture is way too formal.  I wanted request for a funny look group picture but since everybody was busying 'dabao' for their friends so I didn't request for that.

Currently McD has their promotion on the Family Dinner so I ordered that. 
Scary right? So many of us ordered this.  But I didn't manage to finish them and brought them back to feed the hungry girl... (I guess she was so thankful that I brought her some food!)

p/s: this gathering is way so formal la... seriously dislike... and why we have to sit separately?!  Why the managing so sucks?!

Out Of Luck

Recently I don't know what happen to me, something wrong I guess or maybe He said, is my turn to get bad lucks.  Well, if He really meant this then I shall face all this with all the strength and courage that I have.  I really don't know what to do sometimes.  When things messed up, I seriously wish I have a place to cry but this isn't my home, the environment force me to be stronger.

What else I can do except for this?  I really got no idea.

All along I have been very optimistic (I guess), I gave all the reason to myself when I faced problems.  I gave myself advises when I faced problems.  I gave encouraged myself when I feel helpless!  You know what?  This self motivation is super tired but when things were settled, I feel relief that I have make the right choice of facing my problems instead of thinking or putting myself in a upset mood.

Like a friend of mine said, "This is life, we have to go through this until the end of our life."  True and I admit that.  Maybe is the only way to make me grow up.  (really dislike adult's life but I know there shouldn't be dislike in the dictionary but adapt to it)
I know that life is part of adventure or nothing so I rather choose the adventure part instead of nothing.  At least I can colour my life up!

Another friend of mine told me that I am a person who afraid of help from friends.  Let me justify this.  I don't mind of helps from friends, but I don't like when my friends have to do things just to cheer me up.  I know this is so call friendship but that make me feel guilty as I know I don't have the qualify to be treated that good.  (I'm not a good person)

I do what I think is right, and what I think is rational.  For instance, I wish to get things that I want but I have to see the condition if the condition allows me to do so.  Nobody can control you of doing things you like, if there is a person does able to control you, then what I can say is you are the stupid one.  (no offence)

After all the bad lucks since the semester starts, I still got the so call 'six sense' that the bad luck will continue for maybe 1 weeks.  So what?  I believe I can manage the 'bad luck' well.  Because after the rain you will still see the sun and maybe you will see rainbow!  =D
I love rainbow because they are colourful and always make people cheer when they saw rainbow.

Alright, I think I should back to work and do what I have to do. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Raya Open House

The campus has organize the event of open 'house' in the campus! The venue is in the main hall of our campus.  It was a huge news that all of us went to the event right after our tutorial presentation.
Some pictures before we can start to take food.  (there are foods around us~!  can't wait to have a try on them!!! =p)
I really ate a lot and I couldn't finish them as I want to eat but my stomach wasn't allow me to eat that much as I got stomachache again... =(
Supposedly we have class at 10.30am, but we stay at the main hall until 10.45am then ny walk to the class... How sinful... =p
p/s: eat so much @@

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awful Day

Yesterday morning when I got up, I got very weird feeling of my stomach, I knew that I will get this feeling as I ate lots of watermelon one day before my menstrual.  I didn't know that I will come the next day and I forgot that it will come soon so I ate lots of cold watermelon.

The next day (yesterday) I don't have the feeling of good at all for the whole day.  Menstrual pain was torturing me and I can hardly force a smile on my face to show that I'm alright.  I kept on blaming on the watermelon that cause me this kind of sickness.  I seldom have menstrual pain, even if I do usually it will be like awhile and a very light pain only. =(
I wanted to skip the morning class cause I can hardly walk when the pain attacked, but when I realized that I need a doctor's letter to skip class, I rather go to class.  I hate to see doctor, furthermore this is just a very small sickness that the doctor will only give you painkiller tablets.  (I went to see doctor before when I had my menstrual pain.)  So I feel that go to seek for a doctor because of menstrual pain is really useless and wasting of time.

Menstrual pain is really annoying.  Seriously!  The pain is not like continuous pain all the time, the pain is attacking you like once awhile.  Maybe this 10 minutes you will feel the pain, but after that you feel nothing, then awhile later you will feel the pain again!
I don't mind of the pain actually as long as if the pain doesn't effect me when I was doing my assignment, but too bad because I don't feel good with the pain as I can't really concentrate on my assignment when the pain attacked!
Can you imagine that?  (well, those who doesn't have gone through menstrual pain they will never understand this kind of pain)

I couldn't even sleep well last night.  Last night it was like difficult night for me, I can feel the pain even when I was sleeping!  I had to find a nice position and pose to sleep, if not my stomach will feel uncomfortable again.  Fuh... What a night... @@
It was still second day... Hopefully the pain will go away quickly... 

p/s: I really don't dare to eat watermelon at night and before menstrual... =(((

Monday, October 3, 2011

Changes In All Sudden

Suddenly so many things change in one day.

Workshop got canceled and might postpone to Saturday.  (my weekend gone again...)

E-community that we planned to do on November have to bring earlier to end of October, due to lots of activities in campus in November + Raya.  (Suddenly have to done that by this month)

Tonight I gonna have 2 meetings continuously!  (from 7pm to meet Sir Jonathan for Web Programming tomorrow's class presentation then 8pm is my group assignment on SAAD)

Besides of assignments, there are something else that has changed too!

The campus is now currently unavailable to apply for streamyx.  We thought this is only for new applier, so we didn't bother about that and continue using our streamyx.  (still have to thank God that make me wanna come back earlier) Friends of mine who has streamyx and still under contract can't get their streamyx because the Beta office just officially stopped all the streamyx contractor to come into the campus no matter we want to continue our streamyx or apply new line for streamyx.  Now they can't get any internet connection (they can get slow connection from the campus but not fast one) but they have already pay for the 4 months without using the internet.  (We had 4 months holiday and because we are still under contract so we can't terminate the line, but we have to pay for it)
I seriously don't know what I can do for them.
MPP, PM all have done their job on this.  I heard that now they are going to find the Pengarah to talk about this.
Now the campus look like so calm from the outside but actually many things have already happen inside.

I also can't do anything but what make me worry is I got lots (I really do mean a lot!!!) of assignments to do!!! I really don't know how to handle them and all the stress making me feel like wanna procrastinate!

I need motivation please... =(

Loss of Iron

Got up early today just to attend the workshop at 10.30am, but since there is no extra empty class and the speaker forgot about us, so they decided to cancel the workshop.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to town, but I forget to mention about I went for donation.  I saw blood donation campaign there when my friend went for a hair cut, so I try again whether I can donate blood as I couldn't donate last time due to lack of iron in my body.
I filled the form, I had my weight check up, I had my blood pressure check up (I almost didn't pass... @@) and the last check up: the density of my blood.  My blood couldn't sink into the bottom of the beaker! It floats!!!!
I asked the person to try again but the same result came out.

Just now when I was in the main building, I told my friend about this, he asked me to eat more iron for this few days as there will be another batch of blood donation campaign that will come to our campus!
So I went to do some research on Iron.

I realize that red meat consist of high iron but the problem is I seldom got the chance to eat red meat here!
Besides that there are also vegetarian food that high in iron:
curry powder (I had twice ady this few days)
oat & wheat bran (I have my oat as breakfast! @@)
apricots (hard to find here)
hazelnuts (I can only find in chocolate!!!)
almonds (kinda expensive, now out of budget!)
sesame seeds (seldom have this at here)
soya beans (I think I should drink more recently)
wholemeal bread (seldom eat bread dy... )
red kidney beans (difficult to cook...)
green peas (my friend doesn't eat this and cause I got no chance to eat this in this semester)
spinach (hurmp... I don't know where to find if I don't go to wet market here)
eggs (I ate lots of eggs recently but why my blood density still not high?)

I really don't know why this happen to me as I got eat lots of healthy food but why?  I hope to donate blood la!!!

Hello October

This is the first Monday in this month.  I know that most of us will get Monday Blues whenever Monday comes, but guys, let's us make our Monday become colourfull instead of blue!  Lol (jk)

Recently I have thought lots of things, not because of I go through lots of things but because I see through lots of things.  Life and death...  Nobody can really predict.  You can only appreciate.

Many people think that they are so pity and helpless but when you think of others properly, you can see that actually you are already very lucky and should appreciate on what you have.

Life is really short.  You will never know when your friends are leaving, when your family might leaving and even yourselves.  That's why you have to make use of every single moment and time before you say you got no time in this world.

I am so lucky now seriously, compare to the others.

Let's us make our October shines. =)

p/s: I hate you as you really tak pandai become a human.
p/s: there will be phase 2 in this month, not easy and super difficult!  
p/s: let's us work hard for this. =)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out Again!

Sounds like we were so free!
No! we were not.  We have something to do actually so since we have to go town, I think it is okay to meet Lynn there after her Sunday service.
We wanted to do our survey as well, but too bad some of them do not know English and we started to regret why we didn't prepare BM version for the questionnaire...

Anyway, that wouldn't be a problem cause there will be another way for it. =)
We have stress for the whole week doing assignments and sleep late at night, but we still have time to have fun!
Yeap, stress and fun is part of our life, so manage your time well, so that you can enjoy your time in this life.

p/s: do enjoy your life in this life because you will never know you or friends around you have how much time left.
p/s: do you notice that Debbie cut her fringe?  She looks younger now! =p