Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas' Eve With Water

How did you celebrate your Christmas' eve last few days?
I had my worst Christmas' Eve this year.  I mean really worst one.  I usually have fun on Christmas' eve like shopping or movie with friends and then awesome Christmas like having breakfast and nice dinner on the Christmas!  But everything has gone different this year.

I went back alone from grandma's house on the 23rd of December, it was only super low rain but at night of the day, it rained heavily for the whole night.  I wasn't aware that the water level at the back corridor of the house rised!  The water in drain over flowed.  I was super nervous and called mommy to tell her about the situation.  I waited for the water level to decrease before I went to work.  I work at 8.30am but I went to work at 9.20am that morning.  Before I went out from the house, I did move all those important stuff like new shoes and clothes on chair or sofa so at least thought that they will safe.  
Unfortunately, at around 10am something, the sky started to rain heavily again.  I got the bad feeling that my house is going to flood.  My colleagues and I were sitting at the office, looking down at the street, watching people driving or you can say that as half diving (because the water level is already more than a half car tyre!)  Watching the 'wonderful' scene and imagine back what will be happening at my home there (which nobody at home and my dog was all alone!)  
Looking at the water level, risen until we must move our car to higher place.  We went down to our parking area and drove our car to the shopping mall and park at the third floor.  We had to simply park by blocking the 'legal' parking slot which already occupied but of course we didn't block the way la.  It was around 12pm that time.

I collapsed.  I cried.
Mommy said they were coming back home so they can help me.  I asked them not to come back cause I afraid the flood still will go for days.  (they insisted of course)
I can't do anything, because at that moment, all I can do was make sure that my car was saved!  So we went to have pizza in the mall. wtf.  Until around 3pm, we heard that most of the place were clear and saved.  So I went back home immediately.  Oh, forget to mention my dog was saved by my neighbour!  Lucky him! =')
Can you imagine how if the scene above appear in front of you when you opened you house door.  I was so damn shock seeing the mess that cause by the water!  Water....
Do you see the line above the bicycle??  That's the water level during the flood.
Books were all gone!  We only managed to keep some and had to dry them out when the Sun comes out.

Seriously, I don't know this flood would bring such impact.  My family and I had packed for almost a week but there were still bunch of stuff that isn't complete...  I think that was the worst flood to me since I was born and I don't think I will get to sleep nice at night when the sky rain heavily.  Phobia man!  

Let's pray there wouldn't be any disaster in the future, but I think I'm lucky because at least we are still alive and nobody in my family got injured due to the natural disaster.  =)

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

Remember the movie called 2012?  Yeah, I guess people started to freak out or 'believe' the existence of the rumors.  It was a nice movie, which the true side of humans behavior, selfishness had shown in the movie.  People were fighting to get into the Submarine-ship.  Just imagine that the whole world consists of how many people but the ships were only enough for only less than a quarter people.  

After the movie was on screened, newspapers were publishing information saying that the Mayan predicted that 21 Dec 2012 will be the end of the world.  Funny right, that time that was the trend that everybody was discussing about this.  Saw a news lately saying that a girl was trying to build her own ship arc so she would survive on the day.  I was like O.o, what the hell?
I believe that the world would end one day, but before the world is going to end, the scientist or at least NAZA will able to predict!  We are living in super high technology world, dude!  Gosh!...  

Even if the world is really going to end, what else can we do?  Run to survive?  Do you think people like us will able to get into the 'Submarine-ship'?  I'm in Malaysia, I don't even know how to start the engine of an air-plane to bring myself to China!  I can only stay at home, hug mommy, bro, sis and my dog, and die together. fml.

Hello World, I'm still ALIVE!

So, who did silly thing last night? =p

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life Of Pi

Did I mention I have watch 'The Golden Couple' too?  It is a Malaysia movie so of course mommy would like to give support to Malaysia's movie.  =)  We heard that the movie supposedly screen in the month of August or September but don't know what happen internally, not because of the movie but because of the approval from the person in-charge (aih, you know la Malaysia), so apparently they just got screened in the cinema this month.  It is a comedy movie, so go watch if you want to laugh. =)

Then I watched this last night, Life of Pi.
At first I wanted to watch but bro said it would be another movie that is difficult to be understand like other movies directed by Ang Lee so I didn't ask anyone to watch until last night.  I heard lots of feedback from friends, some said okay only and some said nice, of course there are also some said the 3D effect is awesome.  LoL (you know who you are)  

It is true that Ang Lee's products are really unbelievable and profound, you might need to fully concentrate on the movie and its story line carefully to understand what the movie is delivering.  And of course, the 3D effect is really awesome and I jumped up when the tiger appeared in all sudden. wtf.
It is a super meaningful movie, really nice one only if you comment through the moral value and 3D effect from the movie because the story line is actually predictable.  I think I would like to read the book too to get more 'life philosophy' and wisdom.  

One more last thing, God made tiger carnivore so he has to eat meat, but God made us omnivore, then why need to be vegetarian?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Act Weird

I think recently I have been acting weird.  I don't know why.  I don't know how you think but I think I changed.  I don't know whether is because of hormone imbalance or what.  

Reading that you can see that this is regarding myself again (which is quite boring if you are not interested in me. wtf), so my advice is if you are not interested in me, better don't continue reading or else you will find this post super annoying and boring.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update For The Sake Of Update

Life isn't getting better after the awesome date (12.12.12), people were saying the doomsday is coming and there are also people saying that the doomsday will be on 21 on this month. (how many days left ah?)  Never mind, I still have to go on with my life and achieve what I want to achieve.

The other day, bro told me that Petronas has vacancy in management post, he asked me if I'm interested.  Seriously, I don't think or feel to change any job right now.  Yeah is true that I love the freedom of what I'm doing right now but that is only one of the reason for not to change my job.  The other reason is I haven't really get something on in the current job yet, I will only have my real work next year I guess.  Now is still the period for me to learn and adapt into the super stressful job scope. wtf.  So I would like to stick to what I'm doing now until I have something in there.  (I'm just trying to challenge myself la)

Last Saturday, we went to have dinner at Kuantan 'BBQ Plaza'.  There isn't any BBQ Plaza in Kuantan actually, the restaurant named Lila Wadi which they serve something like BBQ.  The famous food there isn't the BBQ but the Mango Cheese Cake there.
They are so delicious!  You must try out if you get the chance to go there.  The cake is even better than cake in Secret Recipe.  I swear!

And yeah, if you notice or stalk me in Facebook, you should notice that I had already went to have a hair cut.  From the super long hair until medium long hair.
Freaking love the hair right now, the hair is so smooth that I can feel that half of my hair has already chop off. wtf.  I'm now thinking to get gradient color for my hair after I got my first salary but the hair stylist said that gradient will make my hair become unhealthy.  Hurmp...
Never mind, now stick with what I have first, I still have plenty of time to do what I want soon in the future after the doomsday. wtf.

Talking about doomsday, what you going to do on that day?
(I heard someone said that he will hug his wife while waiting the end of the world but before that his wife will be wearing the wedding gown. wtf)

ps: life still move on!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Awesome Date 12.12.12

I didn't start to compose this post yesterday (12.12.12) because I don't know what will happen until the last minute on the special date!  AND unfortunately nothing special happen.  LoL!

Last year, we had 11.11.11 which I think I considered lucky because I got to go through this awesome date.  That time you can see there were so many couples chose to get married or registered on that day.  Well, same goes to this year, there are so many couples choose to register and get married on this special date.
Reading today's newspaper, only I realized that 12.12.12 is the meaning of 'loving you, loving you, loving you' (爱你,爱你,爱你).  I really don't know why 12.12.12 would bring that meaning.  ^^"

And so since the date is so awesome, so I want to make a breakthrough.  I did some breakthrough eventually on this 'loving you' date. wtf.  I wore dress to work.  A dress which I bought 4, 5 years ago and I only got to wear once before this.  (If you know me well, you know exactly that I don't really wear skirt or dress)  You can only imagine about this because I didn't capture any of the picture.  (I want to pretend that I'm too busy due to no Internet connection when I was out there outside from the office)
Another breakthrough is that I did something that I should have made earlier (I think), and of course my colleagues didn't force me to do that but I myself who requested it.  Started the telemarketing and which I don't think it is really successful although I managed to make an appointment.  (well, practice make perfect!)

The feeling of me working here is totally different from the feeling of mine working in the precious company where I had my internship there.  It is true that people I met here and there are all nice and they treated me well too but I get more freedom here which I like the most.

Recently I realized that friends from the past (I mean here those who seldom meet or used to contact in the pass few months) didn't really come to find me anymore.  Either I'm too busy or they are too busy.  Sigh, facing friendship problem which causing me boring all the time.  Maybe I should just watch drama whole day and sleep on weekend.  I need to do more exercise!  Gosh, it has been awhile since the last time to go out to breath some fresh air and trained my stamina.  Working inside the office really will cause sickness.  Duh...

Will update again soon regarding the weekend that I am going to go through soon this week.  ;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Calm Down, Cai Yi

This gonna be super boring post which will be all about me, myself.  This post will be something irrelevant to the surrounding but only about me which I think I need to express out here where by maybe there are some of you (or anonymous) would like to give some comment or guide to me.

I will be super appreciate all the guide you give me.  You can either email me or leave comment at the bottom there.  Although I know there wouldn't be anyone who read my blog, but just in case la.  (hope)  So if you insist to know what happen and maybe you are so kind to help me, you can just click the read more button at the bottom, read through and give me something.  Thanks!

Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10/2012 - Training

Before share what I had gone through today, wanna share the movie I watch last night first.  Yesterday went to watch movie, Rise of Guardian with friend.  
I thought the movie wouldn't be a nice one but surprisingly it came out with nice effect and I believe it would be super nice if you watch in 3D.  It is a nice legend that believed by children.  I wonder why I never asked to believe in all this when I was young.  I think it would be super nice if I really believe Santa is real.  

I had been told that there will be training for me (for every new employee) but we didn't know that today is the day!  So we were 2 hours late for the training and of course the training ended at around 7pm.  Fair enough.

Anyway, I feel lucky because I don't have to go through all the orientation like others did (in other company), at least the training I attended today was super and interesting!  At least it is something that I can use not only in my career but also in my daily life.  The training will last for three days and I am excited for it.  

Right, now I got another important thing to do.  I need to finish up my homework.  Good night!  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cheated Everybody & ...

Looking back at the previous post, I feel like I had cheat most of them people who read my blog. wtf.  The whole sentences were actually given by someone who named Lynn.  I told her about my feeling the other day then she wrote me this.  
Said her that I can start to write something like novel about my feeling already. wtf.  Then she came out with the sentence.  

Went for night movie on Friday night.  HY was always the first person came out in my mind when I want to watch movie.  Then I will text her for movie.  So I consider her as my only 'movie kaki'.  You might wondering why I don't watch movie with bro or sis.  Bro has his own gang of friends who also always ask him out for movie while sis's emotion always in the uncontrollable mode, so I rather don't ask her out unless mommy is interested in that movie too.  So and so she become the only 'movie kaki' of mine.  #foreveralone

Guess it would be the last movie we watched together for this year.  Wreck-it Ralph!
A touching movie, especially the end when Ralph chose to sacrifice himself to save Vanellope!  I think it is super touch la cause will you willing to sacrifice your life to save a person who you only know him/her for that few hours?  I don't think I would do that.  (Opps, forget that I'm cold-blooded.)

Another thing is, I realized that Kuantan doesn't have comfortable place for yam cha.  Either the place is too noisy or the place close very early at night.  So after the movie we didn't manage to go for yam cha (which it would be the last yam cha for this year too!) and straight away go home.  I really don't know how I gonna survive without movie for the next don't know how many months.  I know some of you might say that I survived when I was studying in Labuan where there are no cinema!  I know I know!  but the different is there got no cinema for me to watch movie but Kuantan does have cinema for me to watch movie!  How can I refuse to watch movie when there is super nice movie screening in the cinema?


ps: vacancy for the post of 'movie kaki' replacement (without salary or pay or any in return), anyone?  LoL

Friday, December 7, 2012

To Be Continue...


Just Another

Just another emotional post of mine that I would like to throw out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me (2012)

Yo!  It is my birthday again! This year I'm celebrating my 18th birthday!  (cheat you one, but I don't want to grow older, so I claimed myself as 18 years old this year! =p)
Okay la, go find out yourselves my actual age.  Not going to expose my real age here.

As usual I have to go to work today.  An adult now which it is no longer school holiday to me on this day.  I'm not Agong or God where the government can make this day as public holiday so the whole Malaysia or the whole world can have holiday with me.  (I know is still early to dream now. #okay.jpg)  Still being the early bird in the office.  Walking around doing nothing while waiting for others to come. Of course not forget to fill up myself with some knowledge regarding my own company! *wink*

Colleagues are finally here and they asked me to go out together.  They mentioned about eating cake in Secret Recipe.  Since Secret Recipe is not operated yet, so they have breakfast at somewhere else while waiting.  I was curious why they wanted to go Secret Recipe in all sudden but very fast I could guess that they wanted to celebrate for me, but what I don't understand is how they could get my date of birth.  Anyway, we didn't end up celebrating in the morning but in the evening instead.  Jesslynn has flight to catch on the next morning so she went to KL in the evening and so she couldn't celebrate my birthday for me.  But of course, I'm pretty sure that she is the mastermind of all, cause she is the senior!  (I guess la... LoL)
And so, Hao and Sharon brought me to Secret Recipe!  I had Hi-Fibre Cheese Cake.  
Thanks to them! ;D

Supposedly we planned to have dinner outside tonight, but since bro has to sit for 2 papers tomorrow, so it would be better if the celebration can postpone to tomorrow night where bro can celebrate without worries.  Anyway, I don't mind actually cause mommy, bro and sis already wished me!  That's more than enough. =)

Daddy gave me RM100 DiGi reloads and bracelet!  
Guess I look more like a lady after wearing a bracelet and you can hear me walking near to you because the bracelet has mini bell on it.  Please don't annoyed that cause I just want to have your attention with this.  wtf!  
Lovely isn't it?!

HY gave me homemade cake!  That's so nice of her and she finally made one for me which I always nag her to make one for me.  
Can you see it's a 'love' shape?  Don't think too much, we are not lesbian! wtf.  But of course the cake was made with love!  Who would simply make a cake to you if she or he doesn't love you?!  I only made cake once in my life till now that's for my mommy!  So I appreciate the cake she made so much!  ;)  So more purposely delivery for me leh!  How good is that!  *eyes full with tears...*

Joe called me and talked for more than 40 minutes until my phone battery almost dry!  wtf!  
To Joe: eh, call me on your birthday, so I can wish you 'Happy Birthday' and talk to you for another 40 minutes.  (He has plenty of call credits, so don't have to worry for him =p)

It was great birthday after all!  Facebook has become the easiest media of all connecting people all around the world so they can wish me today!  This year and as usual, I got more than 90 friends wished me!  Can you feel that?  Love is every where!  *touched*

Speaking about next year, I wish I would be super busy until I don't remember that the date of my birthday!  I think it would be awesome when we have something to do isn't it?!  Of course, it I don't remember this day of my birthday then I don't think I would remember that this is some others birthday which they have the same birth day and month as mine.  (just crapping around)

Last but not least, the most importantly, thanks to mommy who brought me here.  Without her, I am nothing. =D
Let's thank her instead of wishing me! =)

ps: Thanks mommy.  Happy Birthday Cai Yi.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leong's Birthday

It was Leong's birthday on the 2nd of December.  Since it was weekend (Sunday), I got to work on the next day and we thought he had to go back to campus that day (which at the end he didn't wtf), so HY and I decided to have dinner on the 1st of December as a pre-celebration.

Decided to have dinner together at La Casa de Inn which the main chef of the bistro is an ang mo!  Before we told Leong about this we were struggling because we knew that the place is gonna be expensive and people like us (haven't get salary yet) but at the end we still went!  Leong's birthday ma and since we never eat before also!

 SS awhile with my own picture first. wtf!

 my burger steak!  (first steak ever!!!)
I think is nice and finally I understand why people choose to eat steak so much!  But hor, the portion is so big!  If you don't eat much like me, better share with your friend, cause I was so damn full until I was unable to finish up the last bite of my steak. wtf!  What a waste!

Price?  I think the price consider as normal, not that expensive also la.  Worth a try la, but I heard that we need to do reservation before we go there!  We didn't la, but it was so full when we were there!  So better do reservation before you want to go to avoid getting no chance of trying their food.  LoL!

Happy Belated Birthday Leong~!

Monday, December 3, 2012

First Day of Fighting

Finally I'm in the working era.  This time is the official one, no more special 'discount' like I had in the previous company when I was trainee.  (discount like no working extra time, no standby mode)  Now I have to do everything ALL BY MYSELF!  

I don't think I should expose where I am working now or which company that I'm working now, just to be secrety so you all would feel curious. wtf.  Anyway, I went so early like I always do (paranoid. wtf), waited there for around 15 minutes but since I was early so I assumed that they come exactly at 8.30am.  But when the time passed 8.30am, I called the manager!  I know I'm too brave and it is not a good thing. wtf.  Pity Jesslyn has to skip her breakfast just to open the door for me.  Sorry... ^^"
Anyway, tomorrow I think I'm the one who going to open the door myself or I might be late.  Cause first of all, I have the door key already and secondly I need to get myself an EPF account.  (don't laugh at me at that la!  I know I'm so noob. wtf)

Alright, let's talk about attire.  I thought sales should be something formal like I saw in the previous company where they were blouse with blazer.  So I think I should where long sleeves blouse and a pair of formal pants, of course not forget to tie up my hair because I remember last time Kak Noor mentioned me to tie up my hair to look professional (corporate la..).  
For those who know how I look or what I wear during my convocation, then you can imagine how I look like today.  I wore exactly the same clothes like that day.
I wore something like this:
But the ladies there wore something like this today:
They all wear those fashion fashion dress one!  Walao!  I really looked so noob lo today. wtf.  Some more they are pretty one definitely match with those attire la... I look so ugly and so fat.  Damn!
Guess now I will become like those ladies out there, spending time in the morning searching the whole wardrobe and still don't know what I should wear.  

I heard end of the month, there will be annual dinner in KL!  They said I will be going along (I also not very sure about this)!  Anyway, why am I so lucky because I got to go for annual dinner last time in the previous company although I only a trainee there and this time I get to go for the annual dinner also!  I only here for only a day leh!  Damn!  I'm so lucky!!!

Colleagues are so good there especially, all of us have our own discipline where we handle our time management ourselves.  From the 'experience' of the first day, I think I finally found the working environment that I want where I got lots of freedom!  Er, but I am not sure after a month what I will be thinking by then.  LoL!  But for now what I know is I must do the best so I can achieve what I want currently.

Kay la, tomorrow I have to wake up super early, so I must sleep now.  
Good night.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello December, bye bye November and I think I shall prepare farewell party for 2012.  

Usually I would be super excited to welcome December because it reminds me of Christmas and snow.  Too bad I'm staying in hot country where there is no snow in Malaysia.  

The December of 2012 would be something special to me because this is the first month of me start to be a real adult as in I have to blend in the reality and work.  Working is always disaster to me where I find that working is something boring and preparation of wearing a mask on the face is a must.  That's why I hate to be a grown up but I know this is impossible because I'm a healthy person.

Other than that, school holidays are always fall in December and I got to travel around especially to Singapore almost every December and celebrate my birthday there if the date match.  But I don't think there will be the chance after this until I am stable in my career.  I always remember the scene of fake snow 'dropping' from the 'sky'.  For me, that was snow!  

So fast that left less than 30 days then we will be countdown in front of the laptop and shout Happy New Year together.  So those who made the 2012 new year resolution, have you fulfill what you had promised?  Not yet?  Don't worry, you still have less than 30 days to fulfill them. =)
Well, I don't have new year resolution but I wanted to go Singapore before 2012 ends, and I went.  So I'm satisfied.

Alright, I really got to sleep because I need to be well-prepared for my first day tomorrow!  =)

Good Night.

ps: did I mentioned that I had changed my hair colour? I like the colour by the way.  It is now Marshmallow Brown!