Friday, July 30, 2010

How Come Nobody Understands Me

This few days my emotion like playing roller coaster, up and down, up and down...
You will very curious how it feels like...
My emotion are so hyperactive until at the first minute you see my happy and chit chat happily but in the second minute I will feel no mood of talking at all...

Assignments and assessments are here now.
They are attacking me while I got no nice internet connection!
I really need internet connection to do my assignment.
Never realize that assignment for this semester is that rely on internet.
It seems like all the lecturers had pakat to each other to post everything thru the internet to pass the message around!
And we have to check the website everytime before we prepare to each class.
So that we will never be the white mouse, reach the main building ny realize that there is no class at all...

Assignment already drive me crazy, then books pulak...
Got no idea why this semester need to buy so many books and all the lecturer make it compulsory.
If we got no book then we can't really understand what the lecturer is talking about during class.
Then the trip on September.
I got a very bad feeling about that.
I feel that if I go I will never really enjoy during the trip and this really drive me crazy!
The cost that need to spend for the trip is around RM600++
I didn't worry about the money but I worry when I can't get to enjoy and I scared I will emo for the whole trip and wasted the money nia....

What should I do??
Can someone please give some advises?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Accounting Class...

This is the first accounting class I attend since SPM.
I thought I can throw the knowledge of accounting after SPM
But who knows that I still have to study for this subject again when I am in University
He is a Malay Teacher.
The worst thing is actually there was a class before but we didn't attend because of some reason
AND this we have to thank to one of our coursemate!!!
*taking a deep deep breath*

Because of him, we have to skip one class which we got no idea that there was a class actually.
too bad is no longer just principle account, but financial account which is actually 100% tougher than principle account...

God Bless Me...

p/s: I think I have to thank to mummy because forcing me to take account when I was in SPM level so that I am not that blur than those who never study this before.
Love you~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Meeting With Juniors

Just ended the meeting with juniors. 
It wasn't neither a good one nor a nice one.
Less than 10 juniors were there.
Juniors received sms that the meeting is cancelled!
we the committee members also got no idea about the meeting is cancel while the juniors received the sms...
*cross mouth*
Finally the meeting is ended...
we will have it again next week...

Emo Comes When It Wants To...

What happen huh?
I'm kinda emo now...
just because of the trip on September that coming soon...
I got no idea whether to join or not
Since last sem we had been discuss this all the time that we must enjoy during the holiday
and I agreed with that too
I was glad to have holiday trip together
I feel that I've been abandoned...
I feel that nobody ask for the suggestion or opinion from us
and this make me feel that I'm not going to enjoy for the whole trip...
maybe this is just what I think
maybe this is just over thinking of mine


What should I do now?
explain to them about what I think?
NO! cause this will be very selfish of mine!
reject the trip?
NO! then I will be alone in hostel during the holiday liao...
just go and have fun?
NAH... I don't think that I can really enjoy with that kind of condition...

So now what???

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Why come with that "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"??

The story start with this:
Yu Jun came to my room to have dinner together, then we chit chat, chit chat, chit chat, chit chat....

until dunno when suddenly Yu Jun scream scream scream: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"....
I saw she screaming then I also follow her to scream.... I also dunno what happen lo.... I just scream for fun nia lo...  Then Syn Wei also scream lo... but she says she scream after she see the HUGE GIANT ant!  I scream until I saw the ant on the floor then I only stop screaming...

I also feel funny when we realize it was only a HUGE GIANT ant...

The Mood Gone Liao Lo

The mood really gone liao lo..
I wanted to update something just now de but now no mood liao la...

Haih... I want streamyx la!!!!
is really inconvenient for me leh.. this sem all the lecturers post every latest information on internet!
and now I can only use Syn Wei's broadband to online and update my blog!!!!!

I want streamyx!!!!
when you come?????

Friday, July 23, 2010

Room War

This morning when I got up from my good night sleep, I went to continue my notes of statistics.  Suddenly I turned my head to Syn Wei's laptop, guess what I saw?  I saw COCKROACH!!!!
the ugly cockroach is at Syn Wei's laptop!!!!!!!!!!

the stupid ugly cockroach was so dare to come in our room!!!!!
I was wondering to wake Syn Wei up or not but at the end I didn't wake her up because she can't help me anything and she will just scream nia...  But I wake her up cause the cockroach went into her bag liao... =.=
when I told her, she got big shock!
her look was like sooooooooo 'kua zhang'!

then Syn Wei can't sleep already, so she went to bath and I continue with my notes.  Then I saw the cockroach went out again!
I brought out my DETOL spray to spray it!!!
I got a huge war with the stupid cockroach!! from the floor to the chair then from the chair to the bed and lastly to the cupboard....

Finally I won the war and Syn Wei had to clean the dead body...
*evil laugh*
I killed it then she clean it lo....
fair enough, some more can train her to face those 6 legs creatures~

Here I Come

Here I'm finally update my blog with my pictures~
You guys really have to thank to Syn Wei because she lend me her broadband so that I can post up this super long post~
Thank You Syn Wei~

So, like I told you, I went to KK to have my HSK examination.  It wasn't that tough and the journey to there was fun!
From campus to KK, we were almost waiting waiting and waiting everytime when we were waiting for the bus.  We waited in the campus for the bus driver to fetch us to jetty, then when we were waiting for another bus driver to KK campus we waited again!

MC took this, and Yu Jun said this make her look tall with her long leg! hahahax

And finally we were in the hostel already! Again we have to thank to Monitor and Secretary, because they both helped us a lot in arranging hostel and transport for this HSK.  But I think I am the one who make them have to do this 'extra' stuff~ L0L!!!

These were when we get our room after waiting for around ONE hour at Kolej E, then we capture capture in our room while waiting 4pm arrived so that we can have our dinner and window shopping in 1 Borneo~

Once they reached 1 Borneo, monitor suggested to have Kenny Roaster as dinner.  Since I don't feel like eating meat plus Yu Jun got ulcers in her mouth so we went to other shop which can provide porridge!  Finally we found HOME after half an hour walk.

After the meal, we went for our dessert!  Syn Wei didn't eat dessert with us because she said she is too full due to help Yu Jun to finish up her porridge~ L0L
So I share the snow ice with Yu Jun and it was really yummy and I hope I can eat again when I go to KK!!!

Eat and Drink liao sure have to go release them out la...
So we went to the toilet to release lo, but 1 Borneo is too big and there got no sign board of toilet at all!!!  We wasted our time to find the toilet tim... 

While we were searching for toilet we saw SASA got sell nail polish which only cost RM10 for 3!  Syn Wei was so gan jiong and she went in to see but who knows that Yu Jun and I didn't even step into SASA!  L0L... 
This make Yu Jun call Syn Wei aunty..... =p
Then we started our window shopping, we managed to try out MANGO nia... (time not allow leh....)  but I did took pictures on our dressing!

Oh My GOD!!!! I'm so so so damn fat!!!!

After the window shopping we have to rush back by shuttle bus from 1 Borneo to KK campus... If not we have to walk back le...
Take some cute cute picture before we lead back to hostel~
that were only the first day we spent!!!
Now we are going into 2nd days in KK which means EXAM DAY!!!!
We were waiting waiting and waiting also!
First we have to wait for guys to make up...  Manage to take picture there too~

I helped Syn Wei to make up, she doesn't look like ghost liao right???
I think she was so pretty with my make up on her face~ L0L

then we have to wait in the library because we went out too early to avoid we miss bus to PPIB office.
The Library in KK Campus is damn huge weyh!!!  I think the size is like 3 Labuan library there!

These library pictures were capture by Edwin Cheah!  The picture of stalking MC was also captured by Edwin.... (nothing to do with me de a...) *guilty look*

We were all waiting in the library and nothing to do!  The library is so damn hot too!!! I suddenly miss our own library in Labuan...

Then we went to PPIB office there to wait at around 12pm which that time was for registration.
But who knows that we didn't get to register on time and we waited for almost an hour there!
Since I was so boring, I kept capturing pictures around~

Finally done~ Hahahahaha!!!!

Few days before I did something wrong again!  Is about APK group assignment...
Can't believe that I did the same mistake in this semester which I already got experience in previous semester! How idiot am I!!!!
Then when we were in town (Syn Wei, Yu Jun and Edwin), we went to pet shop and have a look on those animals... Too bad that there don't have dogs... (T__T....  I miss dong dong la...)
When I was on call that time, Edwin told Syn Wei and Yu Jun to buy one parrot back and teach the parrot to say: Cai Yi is fatty.... Cai Yi is fatty...  And then present it to me!  So that when I ask or talk to the parrot, the parrot will answer me: Cai Yi is fatty!!! Cai Yi is fatty!!!
The purpose is to make me slim down...  The most funny thing was, Edwin added: when Cai Yi become 30kg, and ask parrot whether Cai Yi is still fat or not, the parrot will still answer: Cai Yi is fatty....  Then that time I think you guys will have to go hospital to visit me liao....=.=

Today I went town with Syn Wei and Yu Jun and I managed to capture the picture of SYN WEI IS EMO!!! 

Really don't understand she can get EMO when someone wants to video her... =.=

I know this is a very long post... but I don't know when I can update my blog everyday le...
so don't blame this too long ba~
Good night~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello guys, I am sorry that I didn't update my blog lately that often...
I want to update but I got no time to do so plus I got no connection in my room and this become very inconvenient to update that often..

I got lots of things to share actually especially when I went to KK to take HSK exam.  I took a lot of pictures too, but the size of the pictures are too big and I have to resize them before I post them into blog or facebook.

So please be patient to wait for those pictures of mine, those sharing of mine...

p/s: sorry leong, I didn't mean to break my promise but I really haven't resize the pic....

Friday, July 16, 2010


I woke up late than usual today because I was tired due to the meeting day before.
I slept less than 7 hours leh... plus I got nightmares last night and cause I didn't have good night sleep...
I dreamt that mummy got shot by bullet!!!
That was really scary lo!!!

Then today's accounting class lecturer didn't turn up at the end.  I was the first who think that there will be no class once I step into the class (I got six sense ma)...  Mana tau really got no class, so I use this precious time to blogging here.

While I was onlining in the main building, juniors came to ask about buying second hand books.  So I suddenly become famous pulak... (I'm really very low profile liao, I also don't want to be too famous de T__T)  Then suddenly got one of the junior ask me something and the conversation sounds like this:

Junior: Erm...采亿你是2nd Year的吗?

采亿: 是呀...
Junior: 那你认识 Lee Chai Fong 吗?
After that there was a big laugh because Chai Fong was sitting right beside me and the junior is looking for her!!!  I was very pity because Chai Fong keep bully me by pushing me when I pointed to her when the junior was looking for her.

Oh ya, one more last thing, my fan's room is finally done!!!
I was so rush just now, rushing here and there until I feel very hungry now...
I wanted to eat, but have to wait '表姐夫' to finish his class so that we can go eat together.

*praying so hard so that he can come out fast fast!!!*

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiring Of Onlining Outside

Forget to correct the info about previous post, we can now apply streamyx in our room as long as the room that we are staying is now permanent.

The Streamyx application hasn't here yet, so now I have to online in Megalab, library and podium.  Taking my big heavy laptop which without battery walking around to online and this really make me sick...
I'm now lazy to go library to online every night to online because my room got no fan and I don't want to sleep in sweat!  So you will be seldom seeing me online at night unless I'm using internet in my room~

Yesterday syn wei told me that the fan was fix and it turns already, but too bad last night was so cold and the fan make lots of noise, so I suggested to off it.  Who knows that this morning the fan not functioning again! wtf!!!! @#%&$#&
Although the fan was functioning for one night, but I didn't even got the chance to use it when I feel I want to use it!!!

Last night we had manicure party in Senior's room.  From around 8.30pm until 11.00pm...  Really a long time, but we really do enjoy the time and Senior's room was full of people and you will hardly walk in there because everybody was sitting on the floor.  And I finally get my green fingernails~ ^^

Okayh, I think I have to chiao first, want to go to have my lunch... I think boil eggs can be my lunch today. ^^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YuJun Asked Me To Update

I got lots of thing to update but I got no mood to do so, when I have the mood to do so de time, I don't have internet connection!
So now since Yu Jun keep asking me to update, then I think I shall update some...

The room that I'm staying now got lots of ants, especially my desk!!!
I got no idea why there are so many ants in our room
But I think the room memang got lots of ants de gua....

Then I keep telling my friend that my laptop is too sweet until ants come to visit.. L0L
But some of them said because I eat infront of my laptop and my laptop is too dirty....

I called daddy up (since he is the one who gave me this laptop)
He asked me to put under the sun.
Guess what came out in my mind?
my laptop need to have SUN BATHE...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot Weather Make Me Bad

The weather is really hot and I don't think anybody will like this.
PLUS my room got no fan, so I'm really desperately want to get out from my room to lepak at others room or sometime I will online at podium.

This is really cruel of the campus because they don't allow us to apply Streamyx in our room anymore!  They said there will be wireless in the whole building for us to online.  But in my opinion, I don't think this will really helping much since most of the students they know how to download and some of them watch PPS! (I don't download but I PPS)  This definitely will cause our connection become weak and at the end those who are not downloading or PPSing will be unable to online!

What should I do now???
The food in cafeteria are really sucks until I have to buy my own rice cooker to cook!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Juniors' Closing Ceremony

Finally the orientation has finished!  I think all the juniors are thinking this when the ceremony is officially ended.
This year juniors are obviously lesser than my batch, maybe they already heard of the bad news that Labuan Campus is really sucks... L0L

My friends and I were very ke po... so we went to see the function...
We are too 38 but we didn't wear formal there (it is formal function) so we can only stand at the back.  Again I stand on the chair to see the performance...

The batik colour of this year is red colour, look like ang pau... but I can see the quality is really good, at least better than my batch de lo...
Juniors' bags are very nice too!!!
And most important thing is, they got umbrella leh!!! I really don't get it why our batch se kelian????  Why everything we get are so sucks and we have to suffer for 1 year and juniors now are being pampered????!!!!

I am still so fat!!! OMG!!!


All 3 8's people... L0l

The ceremony ended very early and I am really very jealous of that because we never been treated so well and I want to be pampered too la...  Last time all the night function that we went we have to stay until 11pm only can leave, but they ended at 10.30pm..