Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Semester

There are so many assignments this semester and all the assignments that we need to do are those that we need to find organization!!!
We got no much time for this, because we still got FYP to worry!
But the lecturers seem to continue by giving us difficult assignment...

However, no matter how busy am I, I will always empty some of my time SS with my friend!
Here are some of the pictures of SS-ing before heading for the IKS group assignment meeting.
p/s: no matter how busy you are, make yourselves relax for awhile, then you will feel the happiness of all the process. =p

Wednesday, September 28, 2011






Let's Us Shine

I feel like I'm so dead for this semester.  I didn't know that this semester would be this tough! I thought the only toughness would be FYP only!!!

Alright, the sun still shinning, remain shinning.
the cloud is trying so hard to block the sun from shinning so bright.
The sun will stop shine brightly?
The sun still shines brightly, to brighten up everything on the ground.

No matter what happen.
Maybe you will get trouble in whatever thing,
whatever whatever whatever what happen.
Remember to shine yourselves.
Make yourselves to be happy than before.
Because this is the only way to make yourselves better than before.

This is not your mistake, don't be sad of this.
Because he/she is the one who give up on you, his/her lost!

So, smile~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011






Monday, September 26, 2011

Phase 1 Consultation Day

Phase 1 consultation day.
We were all so nervous of this day because we got no idea what will happen during the consultation.  Yeah, we know that it is just a consultation but we have to prepare something to meet the lecturers (consultants).

We were all freak out! Seriously freak out!!!

Since is still a presentation for us, so I have to make myself look good.  (I know I still don't look good... >.<)
Wanted to wear skirt and untie my hair, but the weather is so damn hot and I don't feel that I am suit in this so I change to this (picture below)
The mirror is really dirty, I think I should find one time and clean it so that I won't be looking so blurry when I take picture next time. XD
Then SW came in and joined me.  (I'm the one who asked her to take picture with me.  Aiya, first presentation for FYP ma... ngek!)
Take 1.
SW: why my face look like alien?!
Take 2
CY: I think the take 1 is better la.... XD

Alright after I 'solo', after we 'duet', is time for her to 'solo' too!
Take 1.
CY: why you always give me this pose de?!
SW: abo??? you want this pose? (showed me the pose like the pic below.)
One word.

Overall the presentation was not tough at all.  I was just a little bit of disappointed as only 3 lecturers who listened to us!  I wanted to hear more comments on how we gonna improvised our system, I don't mind of comments but since they didn't comment much, so I guess our system should be no problem!

p/s: someone told me that I look better without make up. What do you think?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relaxing And Work Hard Later

Yeah, I think my Laptop Battery did tell what happen to my adapter.  So I have to go to town to settle everything so that I can continue with my assignments.
First of all we went to have our breakfast and then walked all the way back to the computer shop to get myself a new adapter.
On the way, I saw angry bird!
Lynn said I look super alike with the angry bird especially when the beak of the angry bird is poked in... LoL  Do I look alike with the Big Red?

Then we walked ahead to UK (one of the 'shopping mall' here).  Went to few computer shop here and guess what? I'm so lucky that my adapter is actually no problem!  The problem is the power cord!!!  So basically I save around RM100 for the adapter and just change the power cord which cost me RM25.
(Huray!  The adapter still with us, battery.. you can get your best friend back~ ^^")

After that I bought myself a pair of new sport shoes since my sport shoes spoil liao and 4 of us get the same sport shoes! Walao!!!

The last thing we did yesterday in town.
We played UNO blocks and guess who make the blocks fell?
Ngek, you know I know la... =p
I was really happy and the whole cafe was full of our laughter and noisiness...
Tired but happy~

After playing for the whole day, is time to continue with my FYP dy...  Full, this is super tired!!!  But no pain no gain~ =D

Raya Open House

Yay!  One of my course-mate invited us (the Chinese) to her house for open house.  So I empty my stomach by not eating dinner and gather at the ground floor at 8.25pm then go to her house!
Now I know why I become fatter and fatter already... @@

We ate non-stop from 8.30pm until 10pm.  Then we had chit-chat session and played with Lynn's hair.
And I took this for fun.
She become thin already!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Adapter

Dear adapter,

How could you treat me like this?  I thought we are best best friend in the world?  How can you just leave me alone like this?!  Do you know how much I miss you?  I got no enough food everyday, I have to get my food from another adapter who the owner is no longer Cai Yi, she has to borrow another adapter from her friend just to feed me.  After the day you gone, Cai Yi has been so sad and emo, she doesn't understand why you can just leave us like this, she thought you can be with her too, at least until she finish her FYP.

Dear adapter,

Because of your leaving, you cause us lots of troublesome.  We have to find another you to feed me, because it is super inconvenient to borrow other's adapter just to feed me.  Cai Yi has lots of assignment this week and her phase 1 is on Monday.  She has to do lots of preparation for the phase and you just left us like that.
Cai Yi doesn't show her sad face to me because she always hide all the feelings in her heart.  She doesn't want me to be worry and starving for food.

Dear adapter,

I bet one day I might forget you because I think I will make new friend which Cai Yi will buy me another adapter to feed me.
I know you might miss me but let me tell you, don't miss me anymore, because Cai Yi will make herself not to miss you and love the new adapter more.


From: Lenovo Y410 Battery

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

War Begins

Alright, the war has officially begun just I never really take it serious.  Once the class started, week 1 started, the war has already begun.
I never really wanna admit that I involve in the war, but when everything comes, I have to admit and face them with all the courage I have.
It seems like so peaceful from the outside, but who knows what happen to the inside?

People thought we are so free that we got nothing to do, nothing to rush, but they will never know the hard work that we gave is much more than them.
Well, no pain no gain.

Last year, it might be difficult than what we think, but I will do my best to get what I want.

p/s: Good Luck

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sad Case

I got lots of problems facing right now.

First thing is my handphone battery.  I realized that my battery doesn't function very well ever since last semester.  I told daddy about this (since he repairs handphones), but he never seems to bother about this.  I know he might be too busy to take care our phones as he has his own business to go with.
I can't have long talk with mummy and I have to charge and charge and charge!  If I never make any call, then the battery might last for around 2 days, but if I make call then they battery will become empty in few minutes.

Alright, I assumed that as a small problem as it doesn't really affect me and my life here.

Second thing is my adapter.  My adapter seems to become older dy and it can't really function well.  Previous semester, I used to fix a place for my laptop and I don't have to bring in and out to use my laptop, so I didn't really realize what's wrong with my adapter or it started to have 'problem' that time.  This semester I have to move in and out just to get internet connection and this also make me realize that my adapter is really sick.
I have difficulty to make sure that my adapter receives current from the plug!
I know it seems like a small matter, but trust me, it is really difficult to make my adapter to connect to the current.
Damn difficult! >.

I got no choice.  I don't know who to seek for when I face this problem.  The only person who came in my mind is my dad!  I can only call him and seek for his help! (I know that he is too far away to help me and I should helping myself up!)
Sigh, I'm really too dependent on my family.  Seriously can't live without them. =(

Daddy said he will post me the battery and the adapter.  Hopefully I will receive them soon.
Seriously feeling helpless at this moment...

p/s: really have to make myself even tougher... because I can hardly find a person here to help me when I really need help... =(

MC's Birthday

Happy Birthday to MC.
Small surprise to him.
And we get the tasty cake to eat.





Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Was Stucked!

I bet you will never believe me if I said I was trapped in a house just now, couldn't get myself out from the house and also couldn't do anything but wait.

But, I'm sure that you will believe me after you see these few pictures.
It's already rosak!
Nobody lock the door and we can still pusing pusing the lock holder, just we can't open the door at all!
People from outside couldn't come in and people from the inside couldn't go out!
The weird thing is, when we ask Asli Jati to come to repair for us, they said they have to cabut everything because that's the only way.  AND they asked us to buy a new lock and ask them to pasang back!


That is really ridiculous!!!!
That's not our fault to make it spoiled!  It spoiled by its own! maybe is because the lock is old already!!!!
Maybe we shouldn't go buy or what, just leave it there like that. XD

p/s: is not my house... it is the main door of the house.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jogging Adventure

It is not really an adventure but it was the first time for her!  I can't tell who is she, but you can guess from this post.  I am pretty sure that you manage to guess because you are so clever!

Let's continue.
We went for jogging just now and since nobody would believe that she went jogging!  So we took a picture of her before we really start jogging.
First time for her and we jog in this weather.
But we never know that it will rain so heavily!
Btw, the beach is no longer that beautiful like last time, you can see the color of the sea turns to brown color!

I don't think we jogged until have way to Petronas because the rain came suddenly and we had to ran back immediately.
We were all become wet chicken when we manage to get ourselves safe from the rain.
Fuh, nice experience for her. XD

p/s: don't worry she is not a bad guy, she just doesn't want others to know is her. XD

I DON'T Know

I don't know why I will feel that, but I still hope that things never happen and it remains like last time.  
Yet it has already happen, 
I couldn't just acted like nothing happen although I want to.  
I don't know, just felt awkward...
I know that my EQ not that high, just I don't want like that.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't just pretend that nothing happen before.  
Maybe time will make everything become better.
I hope so...

p/s: I don't know whether you will read this or not, but I really hope you do.

Happy Malaysia Day

Good Morning!
No class today!!! yay!
It is public holiday due to Malaysia Day as 'they' postpone our national day because of 'them'.
(you know I know la...)
Finally find the chance to eat the apple that I bought.
Sweet sweet apple would delight my day today!

p/s: later going to lecturer's house! excited!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Everything seem to be stable now at the moment.
All friends seem to have their room already.
Class started already and the rules for us are already changed and we can't skip any of the class or bar from finals.
Guess, we have to be super hardworking in this semester!!!

Alright, I know that this semester sounds horrible but from what seniors told us, this 2 semesters are horrible.
A professor told us that we need to manage our energy.
I really don't know whether I can do it... I am not sure whether we can really manage our energy well or not, but I believe that I will make myself to do it.

This last year gonna be tough for me, but this is also gonna be another turning point of my life.
If I do well in this last year, I gonna have better life and better environment when I graduate.
So, let's gambateh!

p/s: I'm scared too! but I wanna make myself fearless to FYP! =D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

中秋节 Moon Cake Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.
Ya I know it is a little bit too late to wish now, but late better than nothing. =p

I have been celebrate this festival for 3 years without my lovely family.  Even that I only manage to celebrate without joy this year, can hardly really see my smile from my face.  Yet everything still went well at the end, at least I got moon cake eat and tang lung to play! (at least not that pathetic lo...)
Yesterday I went out town with a friend and shop for around 3 hours and went back room with tiredness.  Then I just realize that it was Mid-Autumn Festival, so I took out my moon cake which mama bought for me to bring back before I came back to this island.  (Fuh, luckily I have moon cake to eat, if not really sad die me because of loneliness and some more no moon cake to eat)
I brought some moon cake to my neighbour too!  We both eat together while watching movie that I gave her.

I don't want my last mid-autumn just passed like that, so I suggested to go out to have a walk out there.  Luckily we went out, because we manage to play with tanglung for awhile.  I didn't want to play Tang lung but they asked us to join and since I got nothing to do....

Just stayed there with them and took some pictures...
At least we both don't have to look at each other in the room and watch movie only... lol
We touched tanglung!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back To Reality

Finally I'm here in Labuan.  I wanted to update this post so long ago, but I got no internet connect in my room! (I don't know why my laptop couldn't detect any of the wireless, but my friend can! wtf)
So I used my friend's laptop to online once awhile to avoid my karma drop.. =p

I moved twice once I reached here in Labuan to find my perfect 'homestay' and I finally found one!
Lucky me. =)
First few days are horrible to me, I couldn't sleep well at night but luckily I brought my favorite pillow here without mama's permission because she always stop me from bring that to Labuan.

First day here I have to carry my luggage up! That's really make me sweat like hell and I don't really exercise so I got muscle-ache! Fuh... (my luggage is 17.5kg)
Then the next day have to carry 3 damn heavy boxes from the store room where we put our stuff there for free.  When I got in there, I can hardly find my stuff!  The whole store is really a mess!  I really got no idea how others gonna take their belongings when they come back later.
I thought I can carry everything in one day cause I still got 4 boxes in another store which I have to pay for and at least stuff that I put there were safe.  But at the end I can only get them on the next day.
So continuously I have to carry my things up and down for 3 days!
That's really make me exercise and my arms are painful...

But luckily I came back early to this island, so at least when the class starts I don't have to suffer like that anymore.  (no offence)

Gonna continue my blog in the next post.... I'm having class later at 10.30am...

See ya!


Thursday, September 8, 2011












p/s: 虽然我不喜欢回去,但是我还是要回去,因为我要完成我还没完成的东西。。。

无奈 + 无助









Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Such An Evil Devil

I really do think I'm so evil and mean.  FML
I just got to know who is my roommate and I have to thanks to V for helping to check!  I don't know who is she, but I was very sure that she is SPKAL student.
I went to check in Facebook by using her name, but none of the result found!

I have another alternative way to search who is she.  I went to google homepage, and type her name out and search the image of her!
HuaHuaHua!  (I feel that I'm so clever!!!)
I found her name and also her picture.  Although her picture wasn't very clear, but at least I know who is she.

So I search for her contact number and called her to discuss about room exchange problem.
She is so busy that I couldn't really discuss with her.  I know I'm selfish to do this, but is not easy to stay with a stranger after so many years staying with people that we know!
I don't know how to say la... but is like if can I still hope I can stick with my ex-roommate.
It would be much more convenient if I can stay with my ex-roommate, but if nothing can change this, I also can't do anything.  I can't force her because she has the right!

I seriously feel that I'm super evil and mean.  Asking people to do things that they might dislike to!

p/s: please let me know if you don't really want to.  I really don't mind, really don't.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Looking at the calendar, 
it shows 6th of September already. 

My heart beats faster than usual, 
I feel nervous.

I feel nervous of leaving this lovely place.

I am going to another place which is no long a stranger for me.

A place that full of adventures that waiting for me to overcome my fear.

2 days left, 
then I will start another new chapter of my life in campus.

A chapter that gonna full with emotions.

Emotions of stress, 
and also tears.

I'm excited and can't wait for the moment to come.

My heart beats even faster.

But not because of fear to the island, 
is a feeling of looking forward on what will happen soon.

Cheers everyone,
the journey will be fun and unforgettable.

Trust me. ^^

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely! ♥

I had been so lazy today, I skipped my morning exercise!  Yet I still wake up early and had breakfast with mama.
(Left 3 days)
This Friday I gonna leave the warmest place the lovely place of mine to a strange yet full of adventures island.
I must enjoy my last few days here with happiness, laughter and joyful.  I must say: negative mood sshuu shhuu go away!
Everybody is treating me like a princes as I gonna leave home for like one year time, enjoy our last few days with warmest love!
Mummy said I can have any food as my dinner!  So I choose not to cook as I was so lazy after so many days of holiday... (I don't have to cook when I was in grandma's house because my aunt was there to cook! =p)
With evil thought, I decided to have western food as my dinner! ♥
Finally I have the chance to have my dinner at Sherwood, which located beside Pantai Selamat supermarket.
I went there twice before this, the first time was when I went with family but there were no seat for us.  The second time was before Raya, when I went with a friend of mine, they didn't open. =.=
This is the third time, and I finally get the chance to eat what's so special in there.
I ate lots of vege just now, and the potion of the food doesn't look a lot, but it was difficult for me to finish up my food. @@
I was so damn full, but the food was great! I will definitely go there again. =)
The salad that we had was Avocado Shrimp! and it was the first time I eat avocado, the taste of it is nice! =))
I am very sure that I will go there again! =))