Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KL Trip, Day 6

I guess I am the only one who have such long holiday for convocation.  What to do, I got no job!  Nothing to be proud of, because I'm jealous on those who have things to do everyday right now.  (Of course some of you might jealous on me because I can do anything I like.)  

Yesterday one of my cousin said she wants to watch movie in the cinema in Leisure Mall.  She said the movie only on screen in that mall (which is the nearest mall from her house).  Since it is not far away and I'm pretty boring staying at her home, so we went out.  Mommy drove.  I don't like to drive when mommy is around.  I don't know why.  And so, they went for movie while I continue with my shopping fever with sis and mommy.
(please ignore my flesh... wtf)

I tried the dress from F Block.  I can't believe I found their online store!  By the way, I like their style there!  I mean more on Korean style which also a trend now!
Okay, I bought a blouse, sis bought a shirt and mommy bought a shirt.  (Mine is the most expensive one! fml) Anyway, I don't think clothes there is expensive cause they only cost less than RM60.  I think the price is reasonable because with the quality, other shops might have sell more than that!

Leisure Mall is not very big, fashion stuffs are not much but food are around the corner.  I didn't take lunch so I had my lunch there at nearly 4pm...
Oh by the way, when I was waiting for cousins I bought books from Popular Bookstore.  Never know that I will buy books from Popular because Kuantan has the same book store too!  Anyway, I bought.
And I finished reading it before I come back to Kuantan.  >.<
Wait, don't misunderstand...  Only a book!  The purple one only.  The I only touch few pages.  (It belongs to sis! )

What I did at night?  
Online, online and online.  wtf.

ps: so lifeless.

KK / KL Trip, Day 5

So fast and it came to the last day staying in KK.  I mean another half day before heading back to Peninsular.  The feeling was so weird, I kinda reluctant to go back to Peninsular.  Uncle Lee was so nice that he brought us for breakfast before we went to Airport.
Uncle brought us to the terminal bus station of KK and we had breakfast there.  
We actually tried both tuaran mee and sheng nyok mee (both are not halal), but I forgot to take picture of sheng nyok mee because we were starving.  When I remembered to take picture, I realize my bowl was already empty.  >.<  
Like what uncle said, go ask local for tasty food.  Don't blindly go search from the Internet because most of the time tourists tend to hunt for famous food but they don't know where is the best local food.

After breakfast, uncle straight away fetched us to KKIA, we waited our flight there.

Did I mentioned that KKIA is the second busiest airport in Malaysia after KLIA?  Oh yeah, it is.  But anyway, I don't think KKIA is big enough to become the second busiest airport in Malaysia.  It is so so so much smaller than KLIA!  Sorry, no offense.
By the way, I bought some duty free chocolate that made from Sabah (flavour: durian! who says I can't bring durian into plane, I bought durian chocolate! wtf).  I wanted to buy a female local shirt but sorry, I'm too fat on it.  sobs...

After few hours time, finally reached KLIA.  Didn't call relatives nor friends to pick us up from the airport.  I wanted to go to one of the LRT station and asked someone to pick us up there, but mummy insisted to straight away go uncle's house by cab because we had to carry lots of bags along.  
(I wished I have private driver. wtf)

Didn't do anything once reached KL, but went out to buy vegetables with auntie at night.  I like Jusco, because their vegetables are so fresh and omg I can cook so many things with the ingredients selling there.  (why I sounds like si lai so much!?)  Anyway, I am so happy when my little cousin's auntie thought I'm her classmate.  (I'm not sure whether I look young or she looks old, but of course I prefer the first one!  Who wants to be old?  #okay.jpg, I know someone wants to be old because she is only 30+ and she keeps saying that she is 40.  -_-)

Anyway, I don't think KL has anywhere to go except for shopping and have a nice dining meal in restaurant that I can't find in Kuantan.  So I guess the rest of these few days will occupied with shopping fever.  XD

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kundasang / KK Trip, Day 4

I was in rush so I didn't manage to return my robe myself but asked Lynn to help me to return.  The rules of that university is I only can get my certificate once after I return my robe and done all the survey that the government asked to do, so I was thinking friend also can help to do ma.  Who knows the stupid staffs they need authorized letter.  wtf.
So I have to go back to KK just to get my certificate.
What to do, certificates leh...  The certificates were like worth RM30k and 3 years time.  walao! nothing is important than that lo!
And so there is my certificates.  So embarrassing with the result..  Aih, so close yet so far. wtf.
It was so difficult to find the hall to get my certificates lo!  I thought it was at Kampong E and thought might have the chance to bring family to visit there, but lol I made mistake and it wasn't at there.  The place to take the certificates was further than Kampong E.
The main branch of UMS really so big until we almost got lost in there.  GPS wasn't useful when you are in a University. >.<

Staying in Grand Borneo Hotel again since we left some of our belongings there.  We didn't want to bring all our belongings up hill so put it there before we left to Kundasang.  Since Grand Borneo is just right beside 1Borneo, so I went to walk around again in the shopping mall.
Met up with Lynn since she was lepak+ing there too!

Seriously really got nothing to walk in 1Borneo, just walk blindly in the mall while talking with Lynn.  AND she is so funny as she didn't smell weird smell in the mall after I told her that the place she is standing smell like toilet, she only realized that the smell really weird!  Lol!

At night we went to have dinner out there.  Thanks to the source from the Internet and also one of my friend from KK.
Gayang Seafood Restaurant!  It is a little bit far away from town area, but if you really have GPS with you, sure no problem!  Just type G.A.Y.A.N.G S.E.A.F.O.O.D R.E.S.T.A.U.R.A.N.T then I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get lost. =D
You can just any seafood you want not from the menu but from the real in front of you!  Even vegetables too!  I was like wow!!!  Seriously the restaurant is like in a big hall instead of a small shop!  Looking at all the seafood, we (only four of us) ordered 6 dishes!
The four main seafood!
Scallops, Oysters, Tiger Shrimps, and Seabass!!!  Really can't resist all this delicious food!  Especially scallops and oysters.  I never try that in a meal, I mean as a dish itself!
The most important thing is 6 dishes only cost us RM180++, can you imagine that?!  It was super cheap lo!
(Uncle said this is tourist attraction wor... their food is not so tasty as Seremban Seafood Restaurant, but I think both are also nice and this one is much much cheaper.)

That's the last dinner in Kota Kinabalu, because the next day we were going back to Peninsular. =D

Kundasang Trip, Day 3

The early sunshine rises at 6am in East Malaysia.  So it has become a habit to me waking up before 6am.  Again, the hotel provided us breakfast, so we don't have to go out to hunt for breakfast!  I guess there are good and bad here cause we weren't able to taste the local food out there as the hotel had provided us food!  However, we find it is convenient as our hotel is a little bit far away from the town.

Go Kundasang this time!  Actually I'm confused Kundasang and Ranau.  All I know is Kundasang and Ranau is near to each other, but if you ask me where I stay when I go Kundasang, I will only able to tell you the name of resort.  wtf.

On the way to Kundasang is like 'wow! the view is so beautiful!  Look at the moutain!'.  Poor bro who is the driver of the journey didn't able to really have a nice moment to enjoy the view there because he has to concentrate on his driving.  =p  Before we go to Kinabalu Pine Resort, we went to Kinabalu Park first.
Nothing much at Kinabalu Park, mostly were only views of KK moutain.  So we went into Botanical Garden which is also inside Kinabalu Park there.  (if not mistaken la.  Shit... really forget lo!)
All are natural plant where the staffs there didn't really put effort to take care of them.  Saw a super warmth tour guide, he explain so many things nicely!  And we met him again at the next next destination!  Lol

After that we went to check in for our room at Kinabalu Pine Resort.
Beautiful flowers are all around the resort!  I mean they are really beautiful and look at the colours!  Colourful!!! =D
The view are so beautiful there!  At least once I open the door of my room, I can see beautiful scene.
There is rabbit house too!  I went to visit them for 2 times!  They are just too adorable!!!  I wonder if I have rabbits at home what dong dong will do to them..
Surprisingly, there are more than 5 rabbits!  All are hyperactive, jumping here and there.  It wasn't easy for me to snap picture of them because they kept moving around!

After settle all the stuff and checked in, we went to Poring Hot Spring in Ranau.
Since Kundasang is at the up hill, so it is like so common to see people there filling up their petrol into bottles.  I mean we really saw one of the petrol station put up a notice there written: out of petrol.  That was the first time we saw that!  Do you know how we felt?  It was like you go to the beach and wanted to play water there but there is a notice written there out of sea water.  wtf?!
And so we went to the Poring Hot Spring.  
I still remember last time we had canopy walk don't know at where but now I know the canopy walk is inside the Poring Hot Spring!  Since I think it would be a good exercise for all of us, so we took the challenge!

Guess what, we were the only family that go there by ourselves without tour guide!  AND I met the tour guide that we met earlier in Kinabalu Park there.  How coincidence!  lol
There were 3 groups of tourist, we were at the last one because we were not included as the tourist group...  At first we were following them during the canopy walk.  All of us thought that they are really slow and blocking our way, and after that they let me pass through them and guess what we become the first to reach the end line.!  Lol
Sounds so proud!  
(please ignore the fats on me... Gosh! why the hell I'm so fat?!)
There were 5 bridges all together, legs were shaking when we had to walk across the bridges!  After that we went to have a hot bath which also the main purpose we got there.  Didn't manage to snap picture there... ops.
Kind reminder here, please don't forget to bring towel there when you know you will have hot bath there because towel is not provided.  AND fol, because we have to buy for RM30 each towel because we didn't have our own towel.

After that we were so tired and luckily the resort provided us breakfast and dinner!  So again we don't have to hunt for dinner out there, we went back to resort sleep and wait for dinner!!!  =)

Stay tune for Day 4~!

KK Trip, Day 2

ps: This is the day!

Finally Sunday!  So the most attractive place on Sunday is Gaya Street!  Thanks to daddy because of the GPS, we didn't get lost because of that!  I don't think we can survive without GPS at there and I am so sure that I will be scolded like hell and we wouldn't be able to go Gaya Street!  LoL
This is part of Gaya Street!  You can find souvenirs there, especially those cheap cheap one.  The cheapest key chain is 10 key chains with only RM10.  (we didn't buy key chain)  We bought shirt for each of us and of course dry seaweed.  You can walk around first and then compare the price!  Some of them sell expensively but some of them sell it very cheap.
I met some of my Uni friends there!  Gaya Street really are the strategic place to meet up with them!  Lol, but I didn't get to meet Debbie because she sleep till 9am where at the time I almost finish 'shopping' there already.

Talking about breakfast, since the hotel I stayed provides us breakfast, so we had our breakfast in the hotel!  Lol

After back to hotel, I started to make up myself and prepare to the next mission: Convocation of mine! Yoohoo~
Hey yo!  My moment!!!
I don't know how to wear that freaking robe seriously, especially the purple yellow one!  Simply snap one just because I don't know how to wear...
(first time with bath robe!  Gosh!!! so excited~  hahahaha)
After make up and dressed up of course must take some picture with mommy and sis la, bro was so sick, lying on the bed ignored what we did that day.  Lol!  Sometimes really pity him being the only guy at home, can't join what we do and can't share what he wants!  Lol! Different direction!
I don't have lots of friends, so I only managed to take this 2 pictures with these two close friends by using my own freaking phone!  Still there are friends who have so professional camera and I managed to snap some with them!  Lol
Roommate and I~
Opps... Just ignore the terbalik UMS!  Lol!

I tell you I think all of them in the picture I showed are the best person I ever met in my University life.  Seriously!  At least I can feel the real inside them, they are not fake as some of the people there.  Gosh!  Really so glad I managed to meet them! =D

btw, for more pictures, go stalk my Facebook.  Lol! 

It was raining after the ceremony, I feel a little bit of disappointed cause I thought of waiting for bro to come to take picture with me. (he was sick so he chose not to attend the ceremony but came after the ceremony ended to take picture with me)  The sky didn't seem to give me a favor, but rain like cats and dogs.  So, no pictures after that...  fml.
But never mind la, the most important is the certificate I got after I have been studied for that 3 years. =D  

Hungry!!!  All of us were super hungry after the ceremony because we didn't get to eat lunch!  Yeah, rushing here and there until forget to take lunch.  To make it clear, I wasn't in the mood to eat neither cause I was too nervous!

Was too hungry and I forgot to take picture of the food!  Managed to take the crab... ONLY...  Sorry~
Full!~  Seremban Seafood Restaurant!  (Opposite 1 Borneo)  
Uncle Lee recommended there as well, and I remembered my Mandarin Class lecturer did mention the seafood there not bad, so we went to try out!  I like the crab but costly because the crab is soooo damn big!  

After eat, of course sleep la!  Must have good night sleep because the next day we are going to another place! woohoo~

Monday, October 29, 2012

KK Trip, Day 1

KK stands for Kota Kinabalu just in case you confuse. =)

I am so dependent and I can hardly arrange everything wisely before I go to KK with my family.  Tell you something secretly, I even threw my temper on my mom because of the stress that I can't handle. Really shame on me.

Okay, let's get started.

Flying to East Malaysia is not my first time but I still can't overcome the feeling of hundreds butterflies in my stomach!  So fail!  Since it is difficult to get ourselves from Kuantan to KLIA by bus or train so we decided to fly from Kuantan.  
And then fly again from KL to Kota Kinabalu.  It was the first time for sis and she said she feel scared after the double flight effect!  Lol! (double flight effect as in she has to sit in the flight for 2 times to get to the final destination).

Finally after 6 hours journey, (we got an hour time to hang around in KLIA, I met Lynn there too!) we reached the destination.  Before flying to KK, we did drop by Labuan Airport.  So indirectly we actually went to Labuan.  XD 

I rent car from a Chinese uncle who he is quite nice, at least he is reliable.  Can contact him if you need to rent car in KK.  Mr. Lee  016-8332811  
He brought us to the hotel we stayed, Grand Borneo Hotel (4 stars hotel!).  I like the hotel obviously but the people working there are way too warmth.  What I mean here is when I want to go out, and I didn't notice them, they will purposely call me and smile at me.  Awkward!!

The hotel is very comfortable, I stayed in Grand Deluxe Room so of course the environment nicer la but they provided fruits for us!  Dessert some more lo!  (I didn't take any picture of it because we were hungry like mad and finished all of it in few seconds time.)
Comfortable bed (please ignore my bro).  They were so sweet where they even had a welcome card for us.  Some more got name on it!
That day was nothing because the main thing is the next day!  Anyway, I met Debbie at the main entrance of the hotel so she could pass me all the stuffs.  Really big thanks to her or else I would have to wear a XXL size of robe.  Just imagine I'm so big size and if I put on the XXL size of robe I would look like a big fat giant with small head that time. wtf.

Dinner didn't have something special but it is recommended by Uncle Lee.  The restaurant is in 1 Borneo named 金糖.  I think the food are delicious but I didn't manage to take any of the pictures!!!  Argh...  I feel so bad now can't show you how the food looks like.
(by the way, the restaurant is right beside Old Town.  Still no idea where is it?  Turn right after you see Times book store and then straight until you see Old Town, that restaurant is just right beside there.)

We slept early that night because we have something huge on the next day!  

Wait for ME!!!

Oh gosh! I forgot that I have promised that I will update little post by post!  fml.
I really got no time for that especially when the Internet connection in hotel sucks.  I have to share lines with others just because I didn't bring my laptop there!  >.<

Please patient with me, I will update soon...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Part of Convo 1

Guess what? I'm in KK (Kota Kinabalu) now,staying in Grand Borneo Hotel currently.  I tell you! The hotel is really super pretty and grand!  Especially the toilet of the hotel, it is super romantic!  (Why I'm not coming with my boyfriend?) Lol

I don't really master in using this apps, it is kinda difficult to use actually.  Anyway, I damn sua gu and don't dare to tell people I'm from UMS due to I don't even the way to UMS...  #shameonme...

Will post little by little as appetizer until next week yo! I didn't bring my laptop and I have to look at the super small screen and typing by using 2 fingers. Wtf.  Bear with me for a week then I will tell nice nice story! ^^

Friday, October 19, 2012

Make Up Practicing

Tomorrow is the departure date I'm f'king nervous now.  Okay I got the feeling of going into the toilet and lao sai.  (what is lao sai?  means you go shit and your shit is watery than the usual one. wtf. so disgusting.)  Don't worry I will wash my hand after I come out. wtf.

Since I can't bring too much things there to avoid unnecessary problems so I only bring very little of my make up stuff there.  Too little of the stuff make me feel insecure whether I will manage to put on the make up or not, so I decided to try out the make up before I leave.

Anyway, I would like to warn you first... After this will be lots pictures of mine.  If you hate me don't continue reading.  Or if you have high jealousy on pretty girl like me, don't continue reading too.  Cause after this you will sick of my pictures.  hahahahaha

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 days!

I think I should be listing down all the things that I should bring to the trip coming.  I really don't like and hate handling all this.  It would be super good if there is someone there to help me arrange everything and I don't have to worry this and that.  I'm really a coward. fml.

Let's see where I should go in KK (Kota Kinabalu), I feel I'm carry a very huge responsible to make sure they are comfortable and enjoy in the whole trip.  It is like stress and tension la and my feeling now is like I'm going to Labuan to study! wtf.  (hate this feeling!)

I am going to stay for 2 days in KK and another 2 days in Kundasang then back to Peninsular.  But I don't know anything about these 2 places although I have been there once or twice because most of the time friends were my tour guide or else there always be someone who plan everything and I will just follow.  Sigh.  Now is my turn to plan all that and my family has to follow.  The feeling really sucks.

So first place I think of in KK is Gaya Street.  It is the famous pasar pagi in KK so I think the place should be the MUST GO PLACE.  At least show them how their pasar pagi looks like.  Seriously Gaya Street is so much different than the Peninsular's pasar pagi!
And then I got no idea where to go anymore.  (shame on me)

When I declare to my family that I don't know roads in KK nor Kundasang, bro said I better don't tell people out there that I have studied in UMS but I must mention I studied in the branch campus which is located in LABUAN.  fml.

And then in Kundasang.
As I remembered I went to here, there and here.  FML I couldn't remember all the places but I can remember what I did there.  First go to a place with the name HOT SPRING, not idea the exactly name and I don't want to Google it yet.  Second, strawberry farm (I don't think I will bring them there).  Third, cow farm (I think this is the must go place and I should go on the first day so they can buy some milk back hotel to drink on the next day!), we love milk, so I think we must go there.  And then maybe the memorial park which last time we didn't get to go and the place where we can see the whole KK mount.
Okay I know some of the places but the problem is I am not sure whether I know how to reach there or not.  Pray hard hard that I can return back to Kuantan safe and happy.

Oh God please send me a free tour guide for me so I can play and enjoy till the max during the trip!

ps: thanks to Debbie who help me to take Jubah (no idea what it calls in English)!  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I went to this website ( last few days to look for some jobs.  I feel so guilty for being a lazy girl at home.  Now I can feel the fats in my body is so active and they are generating more fats.  fml  
Don't you think I'm joking please, I'm telling the truth!  Real truth where I sit down everyday rather than walk around due to some reason.  Not excuse la, but even if it is an excuse also is because the excuse is reasonable.  

So as I said earlier, I went to find jobs online.  First I went to google search for jobs and I found one of the website  I found a job description there and I applied.  So the company called me up today.  I missed the 2 calls from them and I just ignored the miss calls although I got the strong feeling that they might be the company that I applied for.  
Nehmind, they called me back after few hours.  

Guess what?  I talked with the caller for nearly an hour!  #fuckyeah.jpg
We talked about my resume (need to do correction on my resume), talked about her rabbits, talked about india's food, talked about this and that.  We talked a lot and who knows at the end I need to have face-to-face interview with the Kuantan branch manager.  SO THE CALL WAS JUST TO INFORM ME THAT THEY VIEWED MY RESUME AND THEN SUDDENLY WE CHIT CHAT FOR THAT LONG.  WTF.
Surprise me that the caller is so nice and friendly.  If not I also wouldn't be able to talk to her so long la.  hahaha

So at night I went out to talk again with my friend who just came back from KL.  She said she has story to tell and since I will be not around for so long, so I think maybe we should meet up before I leave.  AND I HAD SOMETHING HORRIBLE! (not horrible as in not nice la, but horrible as in I took supper. wtf)
Fattening enough plus I skipped my exercise for 3 days without stop eating all those junk food.  This time really fml and also proven with the legit that emo = eat.  wtf.
So tomorrow really have to work out or else I shall kill myself.  wtf.

ps: the caller said I look different from the profile pic in Facebook and the profile pic in the  I told her that's all about editing.  LoL!

Cute Plushies

I should have update a post yesterday but I didn't as what I have promise earlier at least a post a day when I'm free.  Shame on me.  #facepalm.jpg

I was busying with the present that I want to give him.  It wasn't easy as what I see from YouTube or maybe because my sewing techniques sucks, that's why.   I made a white one at first but I asked him what color he wants, black or white.  He chose black.  So I had to make another one.  Nehmind, I am willing to do more cause I'm practicing to make a perfect one.
The current two that I had made is so ugly, especially the black one.  fml.

I will post all the plushies I made soon here.  I'm hoping to make something cuter and nicer but at the same time I also hope all the plushies I make are going to be very precious one.  So now I'm thinking to make a signature on it.  A friend told me to put my lip mark there to make it as my signature.  wtf.

If you are interested to make one yourselves, you can refer to the following YouTube plushies tutorial.

There are more pushies to choose if you really search in YouTube.  All the tutorial looks simple and easy but still it doesn't easy to me when I first made it.

ps: I wish to make Domokun next! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendly, short form of environmentally friendly.  As you can see the whole world is now practicing this campaign where people on the Earth are asked to reduce the usage of plastic (especially plastic bag) and try to save more electricity like turn of the computer or light if you are not using it.  

The sad story is although the campaign is still going on but I can't see people who really practicing this.  Malaysia has 'summon' all the citizens of Malaysia to practice this healthy lifestyle by starting the campaign of 'NO PLASTIC BAG ON EVERY SATURDAY'.  The government even makes the rules of if those who use plastic bag on Saturday (like you didn't bring your own plastic bag or recycle bag and used the plastic bag given from the super market or mall) have to pay RM0.20 for the plastic bag.  I was like rich people do not care about that RM0.20 la!

Just now I went to a bakery shop to buy bread with mommy.  Since we only buy 2 types of bread which I can still hold them with my hands, so I told them not to give plastic bag.  Guess what one of the staff there said.  She said today is not Saturday!  I told her: it doesn't matter whether it is Saturday today or not.  
I really feel wanna kick her ass and ask her: DO YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE THE EARTH?

People, if you bring your recycle bag on Saturday why can't you bring your recycle bag on the other days too?  You are afraid to spend that RM0.20 for plastic bag but why you are not afraid to lose the whole Earth?  Really beh tahan.
It is not the first time you know.  Whenever I bring recycle bag out and refuse to use their plastic bag, they will laugh at me and tell me that today is not Saturday!  There is no such thing that you can only love the Earth on Saturday!  Shame on YOU!

People are now anti-LYNAS, ANTI-radioactive, but they never think of that actually they are doing things that also harming their future generation.  They thought all the radioactive can cause cancer this and that but they never think hurting the Earth, our home!  
So sad.

ps: let's reduce the usage of plastic bag! =D

Dream Again

I want to update this post with the content of what I dreamt last night.  It was super awful and sad dream.  

I was in the school and I remember that I have Mandarin examination.  The surrounding is a place where I am not familiar with.  I remember the exam is last for 2 hours and the teacher (my lecturer, Miss Soon!) told us to do faster because we only have 2 hours for the paper.  Very fast I managed to finish all the paper and went out from the classroom heading to the vehicle out there waiting for me.  My bro is inside the vehicle waiting for me there.  

After I went into the car I just realized I left my bag outside the exam hall!  Since we are not allowed to go into the school after we go out during exam, so I called up Debbie to help me to take.  (I don't know why I dreamt of her. wtf)  At first she doesn't want to help but after I beg her for few times she finally decided to help me.  So we went to the parking place to wait her. (The parking place is in basement lo, and the parking basement need money one.  sweat!)  Since I have car ma and Debbie's mother is waiting her in the basement.  So I ma suggest to fetch both of them go out from the basement lo.

Weird part comes.  
Debbie and her mom were super weird in the DREAM!  They pee in my car! wtf!  After I dropped them, I have to clean the xu xu at the back seat.  Eww... That's really disgusting! Omg, I really can't forget the scene of them xuxu+ing in the car.  Damn!
Can you imagine when you are sitting in front and there are two at the back pee+ing?  wtf wtf...
Bro said it was disgusting so he went to the toilet and left me alone in the car cleaning.

I drove after that, and I don't know how we went into an accident.  Weird thing happened again.  There are someone else in the car, bro's friend.  I don't know when he got into the car and sitting at the back there.  I am still alive in the accident but bro and his friend don't know why knocked their head and dropped into a swimming pool.  I was so scared and quickly find the security nearby to safe them.  I saved my bro and the security saved his friend.  I cried like hell in the dream and also in reality.  Shit.  Really hate this kind of dream.  That's really HORRIBLE!

Thank GOD that this is only a dream.  I don't hope to see anything happen to my bro and of course I don't hope to see Debbie pee in my car neither! wtf.

ps: Just a dream yo!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Testing 123

Alright since I will be leaving for a vacation without a laptop or desktop for almost a week and I think that I should update blog during the vacation, so I decided to install this app so I can update blog whenever there is Wi-Fi.  So this is just a testing to test out whether the application is useful or not.

One more week then it will be my turn to wear the square hat. My feeling now is so complicate. I feel excited and at the same time I also feel scared and worry...

Ps:  should go out tonight or not?

Weird Dream

I have no idea why recently I have lots of dream when I was sleeping.  I mean not those dream that to be achieved but dreams that appear when you are sleeping.  Almost every night I have dreams, not just dream yo, but dreams!  And then every week I surely have nightmare.  

Yesterday I dreamt of I am able to talk with animals.  Now you asked me to recall back the whole story of the dream I can't because most part of it I have already forgotten.  Sorry... ^^"  
But don't you think it is weird when you are able to talk with animals?  The weirdest part is not just normal animal like dogs and cats!  I talked with GIRAFFE!!! 
OKAY I don't know and I forget what I have talked with the GIRAFFE!  Just weird why I dreamt of that.  
Another dream is I kept coughing in the dream.  I cough and run.  I don't know why and I don't know what I was running away from.  The cough is not just normal cough but I can feel the cough is making me feel suffer and the dream was so real.  

Actually I have somemore dreams but all the dreams were like a spoiled tape.  All stuck.  So difficult to say out the whole story of the dream so just cin cai describe the two dreams.  LoL.  

ps: do you see the second picture of Giraffe looks like a troll face meh?  haha

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Oh Friday...

Guess my mood is always changeable according to the weather.  I couldn't wake up early like I used to be today.  (I always wake up at around 6.30am no matter I'm working or not) I woke up at 7am something.
Then start with my daily routine which I have to do everyday at the moment.

Gosh, I really shouldn't let the weather to become the controller of my mood!  >.<  Suddenly the neighbor who usually paid to become driver of my sister to school and back from school called me and asked me whether I'm free.  I straight away pop-up all possibilities of why she came to find me in all sudden.  AND yes!  I was right, she wants me to pick up my sister later at 12pm.  I feel that she is so ridiculous!  We pay her but most of the time when her kids are not going to school or when only my sister who being hardworking goes to school, she will ask us to pick her back ourselves.  I really don't understand why she wants to act like that.  If we have to pick up ourselves then why we have to pay you?  Am I right?
(Not a small amount you know we have to pay her.  Some more pay her per month leh...)
Gosh, I realized that I know what I should really feel but sometimes I just can't control my feeling.  It is something like my EQ is not high enough and I think my feeling controls me rather than I'm controlling my own feeling.  I think I should really learn to calm down and chill down before I explode.

Friday is the happiest day of the entire weekdays because it is the last day of weekday and then there comes the weekend where we can hang out and sleep for the entire day!  Too bad I still have to wake up and go morning exercise with mommy.  Oh but I already rejected her just now that I'm not going for morning exercise tomorrow cause I feel I'm going to sleep till really late tomorrow. (I'm lazy)

Today sis had a quarrel with daddy.  She said I always help him but the problem is whenever how he scolds us (three of us, bro, sis and I), none of us should shout back to him because he is our father!  No matter you think how irresponsible he is, he is still your father!  Sigh, I'm so sad that she misunderstand me that I ignore her feeling and care about my daddy.  I care both of you!  *sobs*

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Funny Little Thing

I am currently watching 怒火街头2 (Ghetto Justice II).  I know I'm so outdated now only watch this drama.  I got no time previously working more than 12 hours per day, I only manage to watch now because I'm now unemployed.

I found one funny thing from the drama.
The hair in the first picture is much longer than the hair in the second picture!  But the accident happened first (in first picture) and then only appear in the hospital (in second picture).  Funny right?  How he can go cut his hair in that few minutes?!  ldm.

ps: what do you think fml and ldm mean?

Sometimes WTF Doesn't Mean What The F*CK

WTF is so common and I started to use since form 6.  It has been a habit to me since that and it also is one of the way of expressing myself.  I don't think it is a bad thing of writing wtf.  It is just an expression!  

Do you know that actually everybody has different thinking where a picture can have many different meaning from different people.  WTF can be what the f*ck, what the fish, what the fork, some of them even make it as Welcome To Facebook.  There are so many meaning that can represent WTF.   
(I have been drafting this post since this morning and I was distracted by TVB drama.  fml )

So what is your opinion of the meaning of wtf?  Is it a good one or a bad one or maybe the funny one?  I can't control what you think but you have your own thoughts and I am not going to change that for you because that's not what I think.  
From the picture above, you can see what is the meaning of wtf.  If you think the picture doesn't bring any meaning to you, go to google and search for it yourselves or maybe I can guide you for that.  Click here.
Was that hard?

It is the same thing that when a person is scolding someone but the person didn't mention who the one is, anyone can be the target of being scolded.  You can't read people's mind and you can guess what a person is thinking unless the person tells you what he/she is thinking.  

So dear all, wtf to me is super common thing that it represents so many thousand words which I can't tell you in this short time.  Well, don't judge my WTF.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Me

I'm so hardworking updating my blog everyday.  I have to bring back the spirit of blogging like I used to update blog everyday.  (really never realized that I used to update blog everyday.)  Now I start to wonder how I thought of new topic everyday for my blog while now I got no idea what I should share.  fml.

Had nightmare last night.  Guess it is so true that I never sleep without dreams.  I dreamt about that I almost missed the flight.  I was still at home and after an hour is our departure time but I still haven't pack my clothes.  That dream was so damn weird and I got stressed up.  I quickly called the car rental on the next morning to confirm everything.  (yes I'm so kiasi)

Today a friend of mine came to find me in all sudden (okay, I know he likes me. wtf. ).  We chit-chat and then I told him I have one in my heart where I only know him recently.  The friend taught me how to court the guy I like, that's sweet of him!  Alright, I don't think I will be so good to give something I like most to others unless my mood is super good.  (guess he is in good mood too!)  
Why am I sharing all this here?  Lol!!!

Anyway, the convo thingy make me super nervous and don't feel good.  Because I start to worry this and that especially when I don't know the way of going here and there in KK.  I used to walk there but not drive there! 
I heard we are invited to dinner on the night before our convocation but since friends are not going and I haven't find a dress for the night so I don't think I will be going neither.  

Recently so many things to be settle down, I mean things that related to my future and my mental.  Guess living in 'too free' life is actually causing sickness too, I mean mental sickness.  I will always think of unnecessary questions and start to feel emo and then go sleep and then whole day passed like that.  Boring...

Now I miss the life where I have to work in the morning and night.   
Tired but meaningful.

ps: human never appreciate on what they have. :x

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Doctor?

Went for morning exercise this morning.  It has been 2 days I didn't do any exercise which has actually become my daily routine after I come back from University 3 months ago.  (don't expect me to look super slim now because I'm still look exactly the same as the one 3 months before)  
I don't bring water when I go for morning exercise especially when go climb Bukit Pelindung because I can hardly feel thirsty.  (I drink after I back home)
This time I didn't drink water even after I back home, and then I had curry noodles that bought by my brother.  Guess that's why I got headache for the whole afternoon + evening and now.  FML.

So ended up I got headache since afternoon.  I went to sleep and hoping to feel better after I got up but still the same, the headache still suffering me.  I didn't bother about the pain and keep doing my stuffs.  It didn't become better but become worst, I can feel my head was super heavy.
Friends asked me to seek for doctor and take medicine.  The problem is I don't take medicine especially paracetamol.  AND if I seek for doctor, I believe the doctor will also give me paracetamol.  So what is the difference of seeing doctor or not?  The main thing is I don't want to take any medicine.

Friends around me keep telling me that I look like a young lady but my thinking is actually like an old woman.  wtf.  Because usually old people do not like to seek for doctor and I don't like to seek for doctor.  That's why.

ps: preventing myself from seeking doctor by staying healthily.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Preparation For Convocation

Alright is my turn!  I really feel nervous every time when whoever mention this in front of me.  AND I tend to get annoyed because I feel damn tension whenever I hear the word convo.  FML!
But I know no matter how annoyed I feel I still have to face it because this will be the special day to me where I can wear square hat and throw the square hat up high!  (and that time really officially say bye bye to the world of naive and MUST say hello to the cruel world.)

I heard all other University have their rules and regulation for the convocation.  They have to pay this and that  to attend the convocation too!  I didn't know anything about this or information about this from my own University until that day one of my friend told me that we have our dress code for the convocation.
Have to wear long sleeves blouse and cover toes shoes.  (for girls la)
I don't have long sleeves blouse because Malaysia is too hot for me to wear like that, plus my arm is so big where I can hardly find a suitable one.  So I didn't want to follow the dress code at first, but mommy said it will be my big day that day so I should make myself look pretty and good on that day.  

She brought me out to buy long sleeves blouse and also a pair of shoes.  From the picture above, written there that high heels is not encourage so I decided to wear the flat black shoes where I used to wear during my internship.  BUT mommy said the flat one will be ugly because shoes with a little bit of heels will make the overall look nicer!  So she insisted me to buy a pair.  (where to find this kind of mommy, don't jealous. =p)  
And so, I bought the long sleeves blouse and a pair of heels.  Damn satisfied!

So, hotel in KK already booked, hotel in Kundasang already booked by my IT supervisor's friend (seriously thanks to him introduce a nice KK resident to me. =D) and the most important is the car has already settled. Of course flight ticket is the first thing to be settled.  Tell you secretly, I was so tension when settling all this until I even scolded and throw temper on my mom!  Luckily she understands me and asked me to settle all this earlier or else I will be super kelam-kabut now.

Now is the time to wait.  But I don't know why I got the strong feeling of I don't hope the time to come.  Sigh.  I also don't know why.

ps: will take a picture of my attire during the convocation.

To All My Beloved Family, Friends, Readers

Guess I have to be hardworking to update blog for these few days since I got no job YET.  (I'll have a job.) Enjoying all day free now and I know once I got a permanent job I don't have the time to do things I want to do.  You know la, sometimes we have the money but we don't have the time and sometimes we have the time but we don't have the money.  And yes, I'm in the category of I have the time but I don't have the money.  FML.

Sometimes staying home alone or when I got nothing to do I started to think lots of things and become emotional.  Guess most of you will face the same problem.  During the pass 2 weeks I have been so free, (most of the time) and I have get use to the freedom I have for the coming week, guess I will become emo easily again on the following week.
Everybody has their own business to do and concentrate.  Mommy got her daily routine where I think she is satisfied with it, bro has to focus on his STPM and sis has to focus on her final, only me can online, facebook, gaming and novel anytime I want!  And the think I have to do in return is to do housework because they are too busy to do that. wtf.

Alright, back to the thing that I want to share.  I went to hospital to visit my IT supervisor (he was my supervisor during my internship).  He was admitted in the hospital because of some sickness which I don't know what its name.  He actually did brain surgery due to the blood stasis in his brain.  Main reason of causing that: high blood pressure.  He considered the lucky one because it wasn't stroke and YES, God blessed him.  He went through a 5 hours surgery and now he is awake.  =D  So glad to hear that.

Seriously, you will never know what happen to your health.  He is a person who exercise and love outdoor activities, but you never know that he almost got stroke!  People always say don't get the 3 High (high blood pressure, high cholesterol  high glucose) but in this society, people never realize that the 3 high are actually very dangerous because they are actually like a timing boom which might explode anytime.

Recently there are so many cases about car accident in my hometown.  Previously was my sister's friend passed away and now another 4 people passed away in an accident.  Car accident is something that you might can't prevent because sometimes unwilling accident occur.  Maybe because of car problem or the road problem, sometimes you can't control of this to happen.  But health is always can be control by ourselves.  We can control what we eat, what we drink and what we use.

Therefore, to all my beloved friends, family, and readers... please do take care of your health.  Eat more vegetables, fruits and less intake of meat which actually acidic.  (acidic food and drinks harm our body and they actually cause cancer.)  Do more exercise but don't over do.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthily, and Live Healthily.

Cai Yi

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Random One

Can't believe another weekly post again.  Recently I was so busy until I got nothing to write.  Funny thing is when I was so hardworking updating my blog, nobody out there updates their blog but when I got nothing to update, there are so many of them update their blog everyday.  =) And this become the motive I online everyday to read their blogs. =D

Guess most of my friends are all got their permanent job and looks like I'm the only one who is still being so unstable and lazy to find a job.  I was thinking of giving myself holiday before start to work but you know la, parents are always concern this and that for us and they started to ask me when I will find a proper job (permanent job).  Friends are also asked me all this question whether I send out resume to hunt for job.  

Dear handsome and pretties, I haven't send even one resume out yet, but I will soon.  Now I'm working as tuition teacher teaching Mathematics in a small tuition centre, but if you got brother and sister or cousin or relatives or friends who want to hire tuition teacher can find me.  Price can be discuss.  (I prefer to work as part time as tuition teacher cause I need to get pay slip by looking for a permanent job during day time.)

I love kids so much until I went to work in a kindergarden taking care of my ex-colleague's son for 5 days.  I never want to get pay for that because is only for few days but since she insisted, so I got pay at the end.  Playing around with kids were so enjoy and you can really forget all tension you have to face.  The principle of the kindergarden asked me to stay to work there but I rejected because I don't want to forget all the tension where I think I should face.  Teaching tuition is not easy either, I have to explain explain and explain for one freaking question for so many times sometimes because they don't understand the concept.  AND they are facing PMR this year!  I have to give so many extra classes and hopefully they can get an ideal result for their Maths and Science.

Yeah, seriously I'm just trying to update my recently life here so everybody knows what I'm doing lately.  Or else some of them might think I'm so busy and thought I already got my permanent job where actually I'M NOT.  wtf.  
Mommy keeps asking me to work somewhere else if I can't get a job here in Kuantan, but I want to stay in Kuantan!  I want to continue my part-time as tuition teacher!  Sigh... so now I can only send my resume to the advertisement company where my auntie and ex-colleague suggested.  (super thanks to them where they think of me when they found vacancy out there.)

Right, now I have to settle down all stuff I should have settle before I go KK.  By the way, I cut my hair!  Still thinking of what hair color should I put on to attend my convo.  And then what attire I should wear???  Hurmp...

ps: stay healthy friends. =D