Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lots of disease occur nowadays
last time there was SARS, Bird Flu, H1N5, this and that.
why the disease come non-stop? take turns?
now the hottest news!!!
------> H1N1!!!
they said this is the worst disease among all the disease.

is this a trend?
one get this kind of disease, will spread to others, then the whole world will suffer by this kind of disease.
who can control this?
I don't know and I am sure that is 100% not control by me.

well, how H1N1 starts?
this really challenge me..
cause i dunno about it...
what I know is this virus spread very very fast!!!
Lots of Uni, schools have to close down because of the case of H1N1
really troublesome

So to all dearest,
please please please
and I beg you!!!
do take good care of your health no matter where are you and drink more water and eat more vitamin C
make sure you are 100% far away from the dangerous disease.
of course not just H1N1, but do be far away from other disease too!!!

Love all of you~~~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


from 18th of July till today, more than a week.
everyday life here: carry water, class, carry water, sleep, eat, bath.
same routine everyday.
sometimes even feel boring with this kind of routine.

a lot of things happen recently and I don't think this is the right time to tell yet.
I will tell when time comes.
I really do sorry for not update my blog more often like last time before I came to Labuan.
Anyway, I will update my blog more often when I got time.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Voice from the heart

Is really fast, now I only realize that I have been in Labuan for 3 weeks.

I still remember that I said I wanted to move out from this sucks place and cried for 2 nights here.
I really hate this place.
Just imagine that you are in a very very hot place and you still have to live at that hot place without water until September.
What will you think of when you yourself are in this kind of situation?

I don't know, cause everybody's opinion is different.

maybe is because I'm not tough enough to face all this kind of challenges.
or just maybe I'm a coward.

But now, honestly is true that the weather here is very very hot and lots of problems like water and electricity problems, but still I'm glad that I study at here.

first few days, I cannot stand for the inconvenient here, and all this make me miss my family and friends so much.
when ever I was doing, I will sure thought of them.
I even very miss the moment where we spend time together, laugh together, spend whole day in Starbucks together.

gen-sport, marathon, gen-circle, functions, bp, or even just a small gathering till midnight.
really miss that time.

today, I am in the place where there got no air-conditioner which is very heaty and uncomfortable.

I manage to stay at here more than 2 hours.

at the first few minutes, I sweat a lot but now I feel some wind.

this is call human, I finally understand and get what you said to me.
Human can adapt to every environment although the environment is very very poor. this is call human.

I already used to the life here and I didn't cry for long already only when sometimes I miss you all too much.
don't forget that we have gone thru this much and hope we will still be together no matter what happen.

you guys raise me up and make me become this tough and I believe I did the same way and make you all as tough as me too.

Miss all of you.... every single of you.

run for your life...!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I just realize that I have been a while didn't blogging already. Is already more than 4 days.

Friday class, Basic Mathematics is not available till 31st of July. We were happy about this cause the only class on Friday is Basic Mathematics and now is not available for such a long time. yeeepieeeee~~~ The happiness just ended and there come the stressfulness after we read thru the timetable of our topic of the studies. Oh My God!!! our mid term is right after the 31st week. Which means that we only got a 2 hours class after these unavailable classes to be prepare for the mid term!!! This is really ridiculous. I'm not God and I need somebody to teach me at least although I am very stupid to get to understand that fast, but at least somebody had taught me and I will try to find my way to understand.

Okayh, back to the schedule of today:
Early in the morning, I went for jogging with Syn Wei and Lee Yong Ket (senior). I wanted to ask my ex-roommate, but they are too lazy to wake up so early. Have a slow jog because on the half way Syn Wei ny tell me that she has asma and kena once when she was young. This shock me and I asked her to just run slowly and try to breath smoothly. This unbelievable, because I can run this far and this long time around 30mins non stop! Ehem,... maybe is because I run too slow liao gua... @@

Then go to bath in Mega Lab since we got no water in our own bathroom. Aiya, terpaksala.... no choice!!!
When we reached there, somebody told us that there got no water!!! Damn!!!
terpaksa again la we went to menara (where we study at there, our school) to bath.
After that we wait for the bas mini to bring us to town which will take us around 20 mins of journey. ^^
Really walk alot and my legs are very tired now.

I thought I can study at night, mana tau....
no electricity again!!!
and when the incident happen, I was alone in the room!!!
I was so scared and try to calm myself so that I can go to the Podium (which is the only place that do has generator) as soon as possible.
It was so dark on the way to Podium, scary...

p/s: Grace, the tag I don't want to do liao, cause I did everything ady all done. and that time the line was sucks + suddenly got no electricity!!! all BOOM!!! all gone....
sorry yea...

Monday, July 13, 2009

No Electricity + No Water

It is really unbelievable.

It has been a week we live without water supply in our hostel.

We need to bath in the toilet which located in another building and which is far away from our hostel.

Everytime when we want to go to bath, we will have to walk for around 5-10mins to the toilet.

It is really very inconvenient, but what to do? we have to use to it, because this kind of problem will only last until October.

No water has been a part of our life here.

Together bathing at the toilet and together walk to the toilet.

Now no electricity pulak...

I terpaksa go to library, because library got electricity...

but at 10pm, the library has to close the door...

terpaksalah again I go to the Podium building where we use the building to have our lectures.

the main problem is there got not air cond...
super hot la wei~~~

at the time 11pm

deng deng deng ~~~

electricity recover!!!
they are back....

I can go back to my hostel and have a good sleep ady~~~

God bless...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Labuan One Day Trip

It was a boring trip in Labuan that I had attended on last Saturday. The trip is not free and we have to pay RM20 which had included our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think the price is reasonable because the lunch is dinner is really tasty and I think I didn't get the chance to eat this kind of meal in Labuan anymore because those are Chinese food.

After the breakfast, open ceremony, ice breaking, games and lunch, we started our journey for the trip.

These 2 'important' people.
hehex... anything you want to know more you can ask me...

Marine Park
the entrance fee is free de...
can you see the 'bangunan' on the sea??
actually is a restaurant and I will go there to eat one day. that is a sure and a must...

I also dunno what is it...
what I know is when we put a piece of paper in the tall bangunan, the paper will fly up.
actually is the principle of physics....
but I dunno what isit ady....
i return everything back to teach ady...

do you notice that this bird got tail??
it is really amazing to see bird like this.
honestly that was my first time seeing this kind of bird with tail.

like I never see birds before...

the two future couple again...
because we know the gal, that guy so scare at us to say something bad about him to that gal.
that's why now he is willing to do anything to us...

I took this picture from a place call layang-layang.
I also dunno why the place be named that cause I didnt see any kite (layang-layang) at there also... @@
but I ate some satay there.
really dun understand why they said the satay there is tasty...
I prefer the satay that we ate when we was in Kuantan at manager there...
miss that moment...