Monday, January 30, 2012


I guess I'm now still consider in holiday right?  Because it is still semester break just that I must attend 3P...
DBA is really difficult, I have to force myself to open my eyes wide enough and remind myself not to fly out from the classroom...  I want to learn but sometimes I can hardly focus... =(

I really love manicure, too bad I don't have all the accessories to what I want...

p/s: can't wait to go home and ask all the female cousin to line up and I help them to do manicure! =)

Sunday, January 29, 2012









p/s: 突然被感触到的

Friday, January 27, 2012









Thursday, January 26, 2012

Study Week

Usually when we see the word week we will thought of 7 days.  So study week supposedly at least 7 days!  But I just realized that out study week for next coming semester only 3 days!
Seriously this doesn't please me at all although this has shorten the time staying here to go back home earlier, because I have to manage my time super wisely to get good result dy. =(
Why? Why not just start study week for 3 days after we graduate?  Why in our last semester??? =(

p/s:  sigh... have to work harder to get what I want.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second Day (CNY)

It is second day, which means I'm still in CNY holiday!  But too bad, because bad thing happened!  Whole campus got no electricity!!!  Great!!!
I was cooking lunch, then suddenly the rice cooker not functioning!  Out of Electricity!!!

Since nothing to eat, I have to go out to find food to put something into my stomach.  Luckily a friend of mind got car, so at least I got transport to go out!  ^^  Thank you so much!!!
Since Chinese restaurant didn't operate so went to have Indian food!!  (Seriously it has been long time I didn't eat Indian food dy!!!)
I ate nasi beriani with mutton.  Guess what, I have double yolk in my egg!! (super happy!!!)  

After finished our lunch, (I guess that should be brunch already ^^") we went to walk around in Ujana Kewangan (UK).  Just now did I mention that whole campus got no electricity?  It is actually whole Labuan got no electricity!!!  I think whole Labuan has been out of electricity from more than 4 hours!  Really can do nothing without electric, because I can't watch drama or cook but sleep for whole day!  Luckily got transport to go out, if not I will sure bored till die.  @@

Third day of CNY, what should I do?  Today don't have special activity...  I don't feel like staying in the campus doing nothing except for drama, eat, sleep and cards...  I really feel this boring...  I miss all the CNY biscuit... =((

p/s: trying not to be so meaningless in this third day of CNY.
p/s: I prefer a happening CNY...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Day (CNY)

 After the reunion dinner on CNY eve, we have our steambot dinner on the first day of CNY!
We had satay celup, normal chicken soup and tomyam soup!  Love all the soup!!! ^^  
Seriously I feel so happy because I still got friends who can join this steambot with me!!  At least I don't feel so lonely and not happening on CNY especially now I can't celebrate with my family.  =)
My 2 Malay friends who celebrate CNY together!  Hehe ^0^
And we had chempedak as dinner!!!  I never eat this for like don't know how many years, so I am so grateful to eat this! 
Thank you!!!

p/s: today I had DURIAN!!! ^^

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pictures before Dinner

Since the dinner is so expensice, of course we have to dress nicely to there!  If not we will feel wasted. =p
My face is really very round!  Obviously I become fatter already because of eating so nice here!  Lol  Chubby Face!!!
One with white pretty dress look like a pricess.
One with cute skirt look like a small little cute girl.
Cute 2 pretty Girls.
Happy Chinese New Year people!!!  Enjoy your day!  ^0^

p/s: dear mummy, I am very good here~ Love you~!

Happy Chinese New Year

It is Chinese New Year again!  ^ ^
It always the festival I wanted to celebrate every year because there will be lots of delicious food and all relatives will gather in grandma's house!  I just love the environment of happiness during Chinese New Year. 
This year wasn't a very lucky year for me.  I can't go back home for celebration this year but celebrate in the campus.
This year I DO NOT have
many snacks to eat
many drinks to drink
many new clothes to wear
So many things that I will miss!

However, I still thankful that I have nice reunion dinner with friends.
Delicious food but it wasn't as delicious as what I expected... I love the Yee Sang and the desserts most!  
9 of us ate 10 people foods!  and YuJin kept asking people is they full so that he can eat more! Haha
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!  Especially to my family and beloved friends. =)
Okay, this was my lunch! I made kon lou mee for them and myself!  First time but I think it is delicious!!!  Hehe  ^^"

Grandpa is right, Chinese New Year is a celebration and a festival that people take this opportunity to gather together.  It is only a normal reunion festival.  It is nothing to celebrate CNY anywhere, as long as the heart is always at home.
I everyday make at least 2 calls back home!  I really miss home very much, but I know some of them think that I don't like to go home and take this opportunity to stay here with friends.  I don't mind what they think. I just mind what my family think about me.  =)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!  ^0^

p/s:  gonna have steambot tonight!
p/s: I love CNY!!!
p/s: grandpa, don't always say there is no more reunion, because you still have us.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Okay, is days before before CNY and I just spoiled my specs!  >.<
Guess I have to see when go out town and then bring this to repair dy... But I don't mind if not going to repair this, cause I'm still wearing it and it still okay with me!  Lol...

p/s: CNY don't simply curse people la... later curse turn back to yourselves... @@

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gift For New Year

Finally thing that I wait for a week has arrived!
I love this!  Too bad it only fit a phone of mine.  If I fit 2 phones then I can't put my money and cards in this ouch but if I put a phone then I can put my money and cards.  Guess I can only choose one option.  =(
Still I still love this pouch!  =))

I received another 2 small cute gift other than this!
Cute huh?!  I love the color!!! =)

I gonna use this pouch in special occasion as I sayang this pouch very much!  Hehe

p/s: I love the present that I received today ^^

Satay Craving!

Finally the final for this semester has ended.  Before the last paper, we already plan to have satay on the last day!  So we went and each of us ate 10 sticks of satay! @@
We ordered for 60 sticks of satay all together!  I also feel that we are so power!!!  3 fat girls and 3 thin girls squeeze in a kancil and had 60 sticks of satay!!!  
I had nice moment just now, I really do!  
I want to eat satay again!!!! =p

p/s: Can't wait for the barbecue!!! ^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


怀念某一个 某一吻
时日飞过 再别上心
钟嘉欣  吴卓羲: 巨大梦想 显得我太渺小
落力幻想 想得我更困扰
在伤城之中 消耗掉

连夜大雨 天花都报销
钟嘉欣  吴卓羲:巨大梦想 显得我太渺小
落力幻想 想得我更困扰

Take A Break!

Since it is a 'long' break from last week paper until this week!  So the mood to study is totally gone and my mind is full with manicure!  I started my first manicure when I was in primary school.  Turning my head back and look at myself...

My youngest auntie always bring lots of nail polish back to grandma's house when we went back grandma's house especially during CNY.  It has been a trend for us to ask her to do manicure for us during CNY.  We (children) always line-up to wait for our turn to make our nails look colorful.  
I don't know since when I start to over take my auntie's position and I'm the one who help my little cousins to color their nails.  It was really fun to do manicure especially when you do it on others!  =)  (it is because I still find difficult to make it on my own hands especially the right hand! )

Other than manicure, I remember on the first day of CNY, we will wake up at around 10am or bath at that time to clean up ourselves and then put on our new clothes.  After that, we will go into auntie's room to wait for our turn to put colors on our face!  (make up)  Yeap, I started to make up since I was young and I find that's really enjoying!  
Until now, even though I already not a small kid, I still put on make up on the first day of CNY.  I will now bring some basic make up stuff back and 'color' on my little cousin's face!  =)

Argh, I know I miss home now. =(

Yesterday I didn't manicure again.  A trial and error manicure.  I don't have all the material that they use for manicure, I only have nail polish...  Gonna get myself a full set of manicure set! =)
Few different patterns and ways of making gradient.  I didn't learn by my own creativity but I learned from seniors and youtube!  Seriously, if I never meet both of them, I will never do all this pattern on my fingers.  Maybe the only pattern on my fingers will be plain color without them. 

I don't know why, as I grow older the more I'm in love with this kind of things!  Manicure, hair style, make up...  All the things that I used to tell my auntie when I was a teenage that I would not do all this when I grow up!  And now???!!!  I'm so obsessed in all this!!! 

p/s:  miss home badly, but I can't do anything but call home everyday!
p/s:  miss my dog too!  feeling like wanna 3G back to see them...



p/s: 想家了。。。

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


That day when we went out purposely for shopping, we wanted to exchange our medical coupon that time!  But who knows we were so unlucky that the clinic that we used to go already out of form that we need to fill in before claim vitamins.  So we went to another clinic which we can claim our medicine/vitamins.  We were so so unlucky that the clinic didn't open on Saturday!!! WTH!!!

Today we went out again purposely to claim our medicine/vitamins.  We went to the polyclinic as the clinic got no more form.  Guess what?  We have 2 coupons in each semester, so we usually go and exchange 2 coupons together to get vitamins we want.  Today the clinic told us that we can't use 2 coupons but only 1 coupon!    And the worst thing is they have to charge RM10 as consultation fee where each coupon worth RM35 and then they have to charge RM10 so that means that we only can claim for RM25 medicine!!!  wtf!!!
We spent like half an hour there to think what to claim.  It is so difficult to get things when you have limit money on your hand!  

Finally, thanks to the 'nurse' (is actually receptionist) at the reception, she helps us to find stuff that fit to RM25 and I finally got these.
I don't eat vitamins so I decided to get these, soap and aloe vera cream.  The soup cost RM10 and the aloevera cream cost RM15 so together is RM25.
This is the mouse that I bought!  I always wanted to buy Sensonic mouse and I finally get myself one.  Yet I prefer the plain white color one but too bad don't have. =(  But still I like this one. =)
My ex-mouse was bought from hometown during PC fair which is also white color, but I still prefer the current one.  I fell my ex-mouse twice accidentally that's why now it can't work properly, sometime the laptop can detect the USB of the mouse but sometime not.
There are many different pattern to choose actually but the shop don't have stock for all these.
I prefer the Paws and the Paint!  =)

p/s: hopefully I can use this mouse until end of next semester! =)
p/s: I wanted to eat KFC or any fast food but I have to save money for the buffet... hahaha

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping Spree!

We had already promised to ourselves that we must have a day break before the last 2 papers, so we decided to go out today to buy some new year clothes and enjoy a one day shopping. =) 
(I know we are not going back home for celebration, but is still CNY, so I still wanna celebrate! and I know Labuan got nothing to buy, however we still manage to get something for ourselves. =p)

Hey, I found a shop for girls!  I love that shop and the stuff there are nice!  Especially their shoes!!!  +.+  
I never know I can find such shop in Labuan!
Alright this is the heels I tried, and I love them very much!  I wanted to get one for myself but too bad I had already got myself one online, so I can't get another one because I don't want to spend so much!
Okay!  I know you can't see anything from this angle, but the heels are really very nice!!  However, my friend bought herself one with black color. =)  This color better, but my friend suit in black color only, so she bought that with RM80, not expensive at all!  =))

Fine with that heels, so we continue our shopping~!
At the end of the day, we bought these!  (look at the picture below~)
Junk food! (things that I never miss when I go out!)
Nail polish and also a pillow.  I never have a proper pillow since first semester, but since sales are everywhere plus my friends they want to buy a new pillow!  The pillow is only RM13.90 each!  So I bought one for myself!  =)  
This pillow is just way too awesome!  Before you open it, you see the pillow is so so thin, but after you open it, it become bigger and thicker!  So cool!!!
Cool huh? ^^
Now I have 3 pillows with me!  Yay~!
At night, I did manicure!  Fuh, really distressing. =)
How is it?  Nice????
Hahaha, I love them! =))

Right, tomorrow I still need to attend an activity, need to sleep early.  Good night people~!

Friday, January 13, 2012




Thought of doing manicure and girl stuff yesterday night, but all of us too tired dy so at the end only manicure and movie. @@
Last night I make myself multicolor on my nails.  Since I have to wait till them super dry before add any pattern on them so I decided to put some pattern on my nails on the next day. =)
Thought of doing panda after I apply the white color, but just realize I don't have black color!  Argh!!! I can't do panda on my nails already!!!

Black Friday!!!  Now I have to use scissors to clear my nails to remove the nail polish, because I don't have nail polish removal!!! =(


Yeah, I'm not an understanding person, that's why I said don't treat me so good because I don't worth to!
Now what has happen?
Blame me?

1 Malaysia Voucher

Previously I heard primary school and secondary school kids can get RM100 to buy books.  (If not mistaken la... I seldom read news de)  Now is my turn to take the voucher dy!

After my Web Programming Paper, I went to HEP to take my parcel then go to the ground floor there to get the voucher and register for my 3P.  (Because of this 3P I can't go home. =(  *sob sob*)
Any how, I get this already.  I don't think I able to use it here, so I think I will post back and ask mama to use it for me.  =)

p/s: I'm hungry... =(

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Planner

Finally I got myself a planner. =)
I love this planner very much!  It is so cute!!! <3
Besides that I also bought index stickers!!!  They are adorable too!!! =))
 These are the free gift the shop gave!  ^^
Panda index Sticker!!!  Guess what my friend said?  She said this panda looks like sausage dog because of the long long body! XD
So cute la =))