Sunday, July 28, 2013

Secret, NO

I wonder is there secret in this world
I wonder is there possible to keep a secret until the end of the world
I wonder is there secret that remain secret

My Stumbling Block

Hey readers especially my friends, do you realize I have been down for sometimes?  I bet very few of you know because I don't really tell and even if I say this out I don't think people will listen too!  That's why sometimes I prefer to hide it to myself and think or solve it myself.  (even if I tell I don't know why I just don't have the guts to tell the person him/herself but instead of telling the third person...)

I am not sure whether any of you are reading this, but I gonna throw out everything today.  I can't afford to keep this anymore or else I gonna expose and started to be demotivated.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gaining Weight

I don't know why I am gaining weight now.  Seriously this is like really fml because if you know I'm actually on diet and working out to slim down!  Supposedly I should be losing weight but instead of that I'm now gaining weight somemore gained 2kg!  Damn!!!
I think this is really funny and irony, don't you think so?  I am actually on diet but gaining weight instead of losing weight!  Argh...  Can't believe that.

I don't know why I am now always grave for food.  I get hungry easily, feel like wanna eat something easily and even feel wanna eat all the time!  As long as there is something to put into my mouth I would be satisfy.  I feel like I'm a monster right now, an eating monster, because I eat none stop.  *pout*
This is not a good thing, I feel like I'm sick now.  Usually after I had oat (okay this sound sucks for those who don't really eat oat) I can stop my eating desire, but recently I still want to eat something to kill the desire of eating.  


I went to yoga almost 3 times every week but recently somemore gain weight.  I am pretty sure something goes wrong with me.  Where got people diet with controlling what they eat and exercise but also gain weight one?!  

Okay, I believe most of you already feel annoying with this post already because I keep repeating of I'm gaining weight which you already get what I want to say.  I am sorry lo!  I was thinking I have been long time didn't update blog ma, so I should keep this long long ma... Hahaha!

Okay la... I don't think it will be another long long while until my next post...  

ps: popoye~

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hi Everybody

It has been really awhile I didn't update blog already.  I really been so so lazy recently where blogging is no longer my hobby anymore.  So sad to hear this right?  I am sad too!!!  I never know that I would have abandon this blog like this, cause I told myself before that I gonna continue blogging even after I start to work!  

After these long long while, my life didn't become super happening, even some of the time I have to spend my whole weekend at home doing panda's life, (eat sleep and eat sleep), so boring and so no life at all!  SO NOT HAPPENNING!  
What is with me right now is I have no life at all, staying at home when I don't have thing to do.  Nobody ask me out because Kuantan here got no where to go too!  When I have really things to do like travelling around, that must be because of work!  Damn! why I so got no life?!  Argh...

Now already July.  
I have been working for more than half a year now, so many things I need to learn.  I still have super long way to go but I don't know where is my destination!  In another way of talking, I don't know what I want at the moment.  I don't have goal at all!  LoLzzz...