Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday = Half Day Work 囧

I never like to work, and when I have to work, I will find those easy job and those that I don't have to spend most of my time with.  Same with this time.  I have to find internship where this is compulsory before we graduate.  I got no choice but find a company which sounds easy and near to my house so I can spend more time on things that I prefer most, cooking.

Today is Saturday, and I'm now sitting in the office doing my stuff (report) and also some designing.  The whole IT department left me alone, because 1 on leave and 1 has his job at 3rd floor and boss not in.  I don't feel it is nice here when I'm alone where I can do my own stuff because nobody around but when it comes to phone call, I only know how to say: Hello, IT department.  Then the caller will ask lots of stuff where I either don't understand at all or I have no idea whether I'm allow to do something they asked for or the caller looking for someone.  wtf.
There are lots of things that I am not used to yet.  I have to get used to quickly and then when someone called or when there are things need IT department, I can go help or I can do it myself!  

I know IT is actually a very wide field and now in most of the IT department in an organization has to cover up most of the maintenance although some of them are not included in IT.  For instance, damage of photostate machine should be repaired by the photostate's machine company, but here IT is like technician, we have to do all those stuff, if really can't do it, then only pass to them.  

So indirectly I actually can learn lots of things just in matter I willing to learn or not, because I'm sure that they are willing to teach. =D  

ps: It is 12pm already, waiting for another hour, then I can go back already!  =D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early Bird

I'm not early bird actually especially after spent my one year life in Labuan I already used to wake up at 8am or 9am.  Even in that few days when I was in grandma's house, I woke up at 10am! Fml.  (surprisingly mommy didn't wake me up as grandma said let me sleep longer *touched*)

Now I have made it become a habit and I find difficult to wake up at 6am.  The whole family member of mine wakes up at 6am, not to say my mom who exercise before 6am and my bro does his revision early in the morning.  I didn't force myself wake up once the alarm rang but I snoozed like don't know how many times until I willing to get up.  I'm no longer an early bird. =(
I don't wake up very early to have morning exercise anymore cause I can't wash my hair in the morning so that I can tie them up.  (the GM's secretary and HR executive requested me to tie my hair up.)
 wtf! double chin...  Argh... I'm so fat!!!  Okay! now scroll down. >.<
I didn't put much make up because I don't think is necessary.  So I just refine my brows and some mascara to open up my eyes. =D
No foundation but only sun blocks.
After back from work, saw my sis playing with the kitten.  So I joined her. =p
The kitten is so cute and it likes us to manja and play with her!
Just love to show you my maggi hair.  Lol!
I like the hair right now, because it looks so natural as like I just tied braid for few days to create the beach wave. =p  Anyway, after I recurl my hair to make the curl bigger and nicer, it can hold for whole day! =D  Guess it is the nice choice for me to curl my hair.  Thinking of recurl permanently again into big curl.  Guess I have to budget around RM500 or 300SGD cause as I know that those nice big curl can only done by kinda expensive hair saloon.  :s

ps: I really like s3, why I should wait for another 3 months?

Monday, June 25, 2012

First Day Internship

Finally the day has come.  I got 100% unwilling heart to welcome this day but I have to welcome this day and do my very best to gain knowledge and also to score in this subject.

Ask the password from me to get to know what is about in the encrypted part.  I don't want to give bad impression to the public.  Sorry.

Will update soon, hopefully. Lol!
Because I feel so tired after come back from work although I didn't have much work there.  I don't know why.  I think is because I can't have fresh air there, lack of water due to the toilet is so far away and I can't see the sun! (I'm inside the building so I can rarely see the sun.)
I went there with short sleeves formal blouse, high heels and my hair leave down (cause it was still wet, no hair dryer at home... >.<), and the HR department and GM's secretary told me to change my shoes to flat shoes next time, wear long sleeve blouse and if possible wear a blazer if I don't have long sleeves blouse.  I never know a trainee's outfit is so important.  She said that's because I have to meet guests out there.  Oh ya, she even mentioned that I should bun my hair.  wtf.
Cause marks of outfit are included.

ps: I really feel mommy very geng cause she wakes up 5.30am everyday and sleep at 11pm every night but she never complain about this.  But I sleep 10pm every night and wake up at 6am every morning and I still complain that I'm tired.  >.<

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Hairstyle

I have requested to change hairstyle into curly hairstyle since I was in form six, but that time mommy didn't allow me to do that with the reason all the chemical will damage my beautiful hair.  Lol!  
But since I am now so old, mommy doesn't care about me anymore because she thinks that I can make my own decision.  So what she can do is only pay for me. (wtf.  Bad daughter I am.)
So finally today I changed my hairstyle.  I wanted this type of curl actually.
Nice hor!  I also think the curl is nice, but this can only be created by using all the tools like iron curler!  Just now went to saloon, I said I want to do a permanent hairstyle like above picture.  So the hairstyler made for me.  Once she did for me already the curl is like after I let go a bun after few hours.  The curl is not obvious at all!  The hairstyler said the curl can only created by using a iron curler!  wtf.
I was like 'what the hell?', but luckily the hairstyler willing to do another one for me.  No more big curl on my hair but small curl and I look like auntie right now. wtf.
Right after I curled my hair.
After I bath, after I tied, after I do lots of thing on my hair.
Seriously, the difference is so big lo.  I never thought that curling hair in saloon got different ways one.  I thought those permanent curl that do in saloon only involve same concept and same method, but actually it is different.  Those big curl that most of people want actually need to be done by using extra tools.  Seriously I was like omg because after I curled I still have to do extra work if I want to get nicer effect.  Aih... but still never mind cause the hairstyler said after I curled, the curl will stay longer than before. =D
This is what I imagine what I will get after the hairdo.
Anyway, at least I don't have to worry about my curl wouldn't last long because this curl is going to make sure my hair gonna become nicer.  Lol!  

ps: finally I officially got curly hair already.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Curly Hair

Surprisingly, mommy is no longer scold me or reject my request on anything.  She said I'm old enough to make my own decision already.  (so touch)
About my hair color, she didn't even scold me or tegur me!  I admitted myself that I dyed hair and ask her whether the color nice or not.  =p

Just now found some old picture of me with my curly hair.
Now thinking when or should I curl my hair.  I've already asked the price, RM180.  I not sure whether I will regret it after I curl my hair permanently.  Cause I like to comb my hair.  Hurmp... need some opinion but mommy always ask me to make my own decision.  So I have to make up my mind myself now.  ^^"

Big Glass Water

Last night went out dinner with my family.  It is like first dinner outside with them after I came back from Labuan.  Bro suggested a Malay restaurant named 'Big Glass Water' (大杯水) cause the name in Malay named:  Rezki Gelas Besar.  So when we translate into Mandarin, it becomes Big Glass Water. wtf.
Nice name right?  Me think that too!  At least it is creative enough. =p
Anyway, the drinks are really in big amount.
This is not angle problem.  The glass of the drink is really very BIG!  Food over there so so only, but I found the food there kinda sweet but not thirsty so I assumed that they add sugar into the food where I dislike the most.  So I don't think there will be next time for me.  Lol!  
Anyway the price there not bad.  Worth for a try la. =)

ps: try before maybe you have different thinking.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Date After I came Back

Friends are all still in their University.  I think I'm the one who come back this early.  Since she has already come back, and almost a year we didn't meet each other, plus she is going back to KL again this weekend, so we decided to go out yesterday to gather and chichat.

Kuantan has lots of hotel already (mommy said this is due to SUKMA is going to held in Kuantan, that's why), lots of cafe and restaurants, which also means there will be more choices for me to have dinner or yam cha session with friends. =D
Too bad when bro or sis tell me, 'neh... that place xxx is very nice! the food there nice and the price also reasonable.'  I was like wtf?  Which place are you talking about?  Then their respond is like never mind la, you go find other place la. wtf?
Left Kuantan for a year like left for hundreds years.  >.<  I didn't even recognize some of the street and even I can get into the wrong street!  wtf.  I really have to drive more to recall back how to go certain place already.  (that day I even forget the way to miss Irene house!  so embarrasing... )

Yesterday after fetching sis to her tuition, then I drove like crazy lady around don't know for what. My friend and I don't know where to eat and finally we decided to go 'Your Place'.  The restaurant names 'Your Place' is not your place.  Lol!
Since sis and bro said the place not bad and the food also not bad plus the price is also quite reasonable, so we went there.
I forgot to take her food. wtf.
Anyway, I like the cake there.  We ordered yogurt berry.  Lucky me, I ate the berry (only 1 berry in a piece of cake) and she didn't get to eat it.  Hahaha! *evil laugh*
By the way, I was lucky because the cover that I got on my drink is my horoscope!  So lucky!!
She told me that she supposes to gain weight one, but she finds difficult to gain weight.  I suppose to lose weight one but I find difficult to lose weight. wtf?!
But see how much we ate also can see why she can't gain weight and why I can't lose weight already.  First, she can't finish her own food and I finish until no rice left on the plate.  Second, she eats super slow and I eat super fast.  How I can lose weight like this?!

Today is Wednesday already.  Aih... Holiday is gonna end like this... I don't want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After came back from Labuan, the first word daddy said to me is: wah! so fat already.  I don't feel anything because his word can't be trusted.  =p  
I asked my sis, she said nothing different.  Lol!  But I know I really fat already but not much difference.  =p (I'm not trying to lie myself)

A friend of mine said her mom 'dislike and avoid' of her fat look.  I was like wtf?  Where got mother in the world will get disgust of their own children?  My mom didn't say that she feels disgust on me, but she warn me not to gain weight anymore.  She said now I'm in the super limit level already, no more gaining weight.  So now she is controlling what I'm eating. wtf.
I feel like I'm small kid right now, all the food that I gonna eat are controlled by my mom.  LoL!

Really is time to control my weight already although I feel so lazy to do so.  Yet, I still have to force myself to do so.

ps: why there are people out there who can really slim down healthily???? >.<

Eating Non-Stop Is my Favourite

After two days of weekend, I didn't make myself sweat like hell again.  I know I'm lazy.  However, Kuantan's weather is much hotter than Labuan.  I did tell mommy about this but she doesn't feel that way!  Well, can't blame her after all, because she never stay in Labuan before, how can I ask her to compare the weather difference between this two different places?

Weather in Kuantan is really hot, I can sweat like I did 500 of rope skipping after I cooked a meal! I sweat like I went jogging after I bring my dog out for a walk!  Can you imagine that?  I bet you can't.  
Plus food at home never less, so it is like a huge opportunity for me to eat when I am free!  FML!!!  I can only say food in Labuan is less healthy as I always buy those fried food from cafe while at home, I only eat oat biscuits and fruits.  That's different.  =p

Recently, McD came out with a new promotion on their breakfast.
Interesting!  Mommy quickly prints out 4 copies of these coupon and redeemed this morning.  Mommy said RM2.50 is really cheap as if she buys bread from the shop she will have to pay almost RM12+ for 4 persons' breakfast.  So, this morning I went to buy this with my bro.  Yeap, I have to get up at 6am.  It has been like don't know how many weeks I didn't wake up that early and now because of McD I got up early this morning.

Guess later at 9am or 10am I will look for food again, cause I had my McMuffin with egg at 7am!  I eat a lot, I know. =p

ps: I hate it when this week ends early. =(  I want longer holiday...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday - Father's Day

It is June again.  The celebration that the whole world will celebrate is Father's Day.  I never really get to celebrate father's day, when I was young, if I want to celebrate, I would buy present for him.  But when I know there are something that I can't afford to buy and I also feel useless to buy him those things.  So recently if I want to give present to him, I will just cook something tasty and healthy to him.  What is important than taking care of his health?

Today I prepared spaghetti with homemade sauce.  I used potato to make the sauce of the spaghetti.  Mommy likes it as she said it is not salty but sis said it is normal to her.  (She is always be the one who talk so much on my food but she doesn't really know how to cook.
It is like the whole world is bringing their father out for a nice dinner, but I cooked this and drive to his working place and passed it to him.  He didn't even eat in front of me!  Ah... nevermind.  I cooked for him is because he is my father, daddy and I want him to know that I know how to cook.  And the thing is he only got 2 chances a year to eat what I cook!  Guess mommy is more lucky on this, cause she can eat what I cook anytime. =D

After coming back from Labuan, the thing that I care much is spending time with my naughty dog. Playing with him whenever I'm boring and free!!  And I found out that my neighbor got a new pet. I think is Kucing Siam, cause that cat really like to play around. hahaha
I was trying to let them be friends but the cat seems to scare my dog when my dog get near to her (I think is a she...).

At night, we went out after dinner.  Driving around with no direction.  Then realize that we never been to Blackball before, so we went in to try out the dessert there.
It looks like what you can find from Snow Flakes, but this is what I can find in Kuantan.  But I think it is nice just that the desserts are cold.  (Both mommy and I prefer to eat something hot at night and eat something cold in the afternoon to chill down ourselves because of the super hot weather.)

Later I gonna be driver to pick up my bro.

That's my Sunday, how about yours?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Day After I back Home

Everybody said I gain weight already except for my sister.  I don't think I look like I gain weight, but I am gaining weight. wtf.  Yesterday I wanted to go for supper before I go home, but when daddy come to pick me up I don't feel hungry, so at the end the supper plan cancel and straight drove back home.  
My seat from KL to Kuantan is 26, so I am almost the last one who coming out from the plane.  Daddy's wife used her cellphone to do a tiny 'banner' with LED for me.  Written there: Cai Yi.  LOL!  That's really funny!

Bro asked me to fetch him to school today in the morning at 7am.  Since I'm going to wake up that early so mommy and I thought we can go for morning exercise together.  7am is a little bit late for mommy to go morning aerobic in Taman Gelora, so we went to have 'mountain' walk at Bukit Pelindung.  Guess I got better stamina already, cause I don't feel tired at all after the morning exercise!  =D

Since sis keeps complaining that nobody go movie with her, so we decided to go movie together with mommy.  (Bro is not going because he is now in KL to attend school activities) The first movie I ever had in this year, (灵听)
The movie chosen by sis.  It is a ghost story.  I never want to watch ghost story and also scary movie in cinema, because it is super scary when the movie is shown together with all the super loud sound effect! wtf!
Mommy laughed at me when I'm watching this movie, cause I used her scarf to cover my face. wtf.  I don't think it is very scary, but the sound effect cause the whole thing sounds scary.  (I personal think the movie is not nice at all) >.<
I laughed when I was watching this movie too!  There were few kids (teenagers) watching sitting in front of us.  (they are male)  One of the kid, holding the pop corn box to cover his face.  Hahahaha!  It is so funny!  #okay.jpg I know it is not funny.
But I don't think this movie is worth to watch in the cinema after all.

Oh ya!  Today I touches the real Samsung Galaxy SIII!  (the white is nicer than blue one, and the real one is nicer from what you see in the picture!)
It is super nice, really!!!  I gonna have it, and I gonna own it!! no matterr how!!! Let's make this as target, once I manage all the flight ticket, I gonna save money to get myself that phone!  Weird thing is mommy seems like supporting me to have that phone.  She even suggested that I can pay by installment as she help me to pay.  wtf!  (She is so nice!!!) But I wish I can get it by my own, even if I have to pay monthly for that.  

Tomorrow is father's day.  I don't feel like buying anything or celebrate that with daddy.  So I decided to cook pasta and delivery to him, that's all.  Then will try to ask him whether he willing to sponsor me partially on getting a S3.  (is that even possible?)  Right now, let's dream for it first.  Later after all the planning, then I will own it for real! huahuahua!!!

ps:  I have to sleep early tonight cause tomorrow gonna wake up at 6.30am again.
ps:  I wish this week will never end. =D

Friday, June 15, 2012

Some some Confession

Packing Back Home

I have already posted 2 boxes of stuff back home, so I assume that I got not much stuff anymore, because I checked again and again, realize things that I left are clothes and some daily uses.  However when I really pack all my stuff into the luggage, I realize that I got no enough space for all that!

Now I worry I will exceed the weight of 20kg!

This is the thing that I always worry about.  For your information, I seldom go back home or come to Labuan by Air Asia because I need to go back Kuantan straight away.  Last time I used to ask daddy to pick me up from LCCT and KLIA, but after he did twice he said the petrol he spent is equal to I buy a flight ticket from KL to Kuantan.  So, like that lo... =p

As you know MAS don't allow to pay extra for more weigh on luggage unless you upgrade your seat to business class which the price of it has huge difference!  Now I only have 20kg limits and I start to worry whether I will exceed the maximum or not.  If I do, I have to pay for penalty! wtf...

Waiting for 2pm to come, (my flight is at 5.20pm) then going to UK to spend some time there and then going to airport to check in then spend time together at mcd.  I think this is gonna be the last time for us to spend like this already.

I seriously gonna miss this place and I don't think I will never forget the place I spend my three years time to finish my degree.  All the sweet, sour and bitter memories here I will never forget (I think so).  

Alright still got 30 minutes to go... my heart beat now is like super fast because I'm damn excited!!! >.<

ps:  missing my dong dong so much..

The Three Years Here

Warning! This is going to be a super long post that might cause you bored but if you insist to read this then continue scrolling down.

It has been three years I studied here in Labuan and now is my turn to say goodbye to all my lecturers and all the friends here.  My TURN!!  That's mean I'm now one step ahead to graduate already.

Now refresh back what I have gone through for this three years.  I remember when first I come here I cried every night because of homesickness.  I cried alone in the middle of night and complain to daddy about how bad is the condition here as there is no water for me to bath.  Don't dare to call home that often because I know I will cry because I was missing them so much.  Even if I really got to call home, I will make sure the call is short so mommy won't able to hear my voice shaking.  I don't want them to worry especially mommy.
However, I managed to make friends here.  Guess I'm so easy to make friends where I can talk anything to everybody beside me although I don't even know who is that person.
Really got no idea when I took this pictures!  Seriously face palm... >.< (and I look slim last time! Lol)
During the first year first semester, we had a performance regarding our TITAS.
And then lots of activities were held in the campus and I was trying to involve myself in all the activities because I don't want to leave this campus with only study memories but I wanna make myself life full with energy. lol
As committee member of Masquerade Night for seniors.  (I was still first year)
As committee member of Japanese Cultural Night (JCN), Malam 1 Malaysia (M1M), and Angpau Night (APN).  All these were second year events!  Can't believe I used to attach to all these activities!

Activities that I joined during I was in first and second year.  Still remember we made our own song and sang the song ourselves!  Never know that I will do this!  Any how that's a super experience! =D
I was dragged into this activity suddenly and in all sudden I become exco.  It was also the first and the last position I took for the entire University life.  I'm glad to know all the seniors and also all the members in there.  I learned lots of things. =D

All the sweet sweet memories and life without FYP but full with activities, celebrations and outing.  Life without FYP really so nice and really, junior-junior sekalian, you all must really spend your enjoy life during first year and second year.  If you got extra time, go out and explore and have fun with your friends.  Or when you are in third year, you can hardly find the time but if you do, you might screwed your FYP.
I used to hang out with all these friends but ended up differently from what you expect.  Maybe is because I got super bad personality that people don't like.  Like mommy said I got super big mouth and never learn to control what I should say and what I shouldn't say.  I know usually what I say cause lots of argument and displease, but I rather displease you right away than please you when I'm in front of you then complain about you at the back.  This is not my way, but guess that if I want to survive in this world, I have to do this.  (#facepalm.jpg)

But still I manage to find other friends although they are not that crazy but at least they treat me sincerely. (I really feel you all are, but maybe you are not...)  Now I get to meet all these awesome people.

Of course not just them who that I took picture with.  There are lots of them who are awesome in my life too!  They are too awesome and sometime you are just willing to share anything to them.  =D
I believe everybody changes in three years time.  I changed too!  I never learn to care about how I really feel towards my family, after I have to leave them for so long, I know they are always the number 1 position in my heart, and nobody will replace them.
I know I'm so 'innocent', annoying and crazy sometimes, and I know you all have cope with me so much and be patient with what I have done.  And me as a complaint Queen never think at your side and feel from your side.  I apologize for everything.  =)

Here got a special message to one of my friend who I know her only for a year.  You know who you are.  I really do regret why I didn't know you earlier.  You really take care of me and I don't know why I feel so comfortable when I'm with you.  Seriously a year with you is really very short and plus I only close to you this semester!  Ain!!!!  Saya mesti mesti mesti akan rindu mu!!!!! =')
Nak keropok... hehe

ps: later 5pm flight and I'll be home at 12am or earlier.
ps: gonna have the last hang out with my friends later at 1pm!!!  I can't wait!!! =D
ps: still remember when I come here I hide myself at friend's house and cried like hell a week before.  today I cried like hell too because I'm leaving this suck yet memorable place.   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is gonna be the saddest moment for me on 15th June 2012.  I am gonna leave this place, the very small island where no entertainment and no 'life' for me.  I know it is so ironic when I said I gonna miss this place because I never want to come here every freaking time when sem break ends... 

Every time when I had to get back to this island, my mood will become so down and sad but this time  my heart is so heavy to leave here.  (this doesn't mean that I don't want to go back home)

Everyone I know here.
Everything I have gone through here.
Everything about this three years.

I think I gonna miss them.  Everything about here although I keep saying I wouldn't.  (You know la usually people tends to forget sad things when they find something nice or find something happy)  

Hey people out there, people at home, people at peninsular and of course my dog (hey dog there!) lol!
I'm home soon!!!  Go and make a banner and board to welcome me home at Kuantan airport!  

ps: tears drop because sad song is playing as background.  wtf

Farewell Party At Madam's House

Finally I got the time to post about this.  Haha!
This happened last Saturday.  Madam mentioned about this party before FYP, but since all of us were busy with our stuff and Madam was busy also so everything drag until last Saturday.  As you all know, I like to eat and EATING is everything to me.  So once I heard about this, I was damn excited and really hope to go!
(I like Malay food and Indian food... maybe because I always eat Chinese Food! XD)

So I arranged the transport so all class-mates can go together.  Since I like food, so I wanted to steal some recipe from Madam to cook when I go back home later, so some of us went to madam's house earlier at around 10am.  Anyway, I ended up playing around with her children!  Lol!  The funny part is I don't understand what her daughter said and she didn't understand what I said neither!  wtf!!
Since I went there to help, I thought it would be better if I tie up all my hair.  (plus Labuan's weather is super hot!)
Before we went to madam's house, we had our breakfast!  AND the beef is supeb!!! >.<
Help Help Help!!! Lol...  After done helping then we watch cartoon and on-line over there.  
And then around lunch time, Madam cooked us lunch!!!  The food was superb!!! OMG... However I was too full to eat for second round that day... >.<
While waiting others to come to start the party, I was playing around with the kid! (the elderst one) and we took pictures with her as well... 
We only managed to play with the eldest one, because the youngest one is so malu to play with us... Plus she prefer to stick with her grandma, mama and her papa... (mission failed... Lol!)
One is super hyperactive, keep laughing and jumping around.  Another one is super crying baby, once she is not beside any of her parents, she will start crying.  But both of them are so CUTE!

And then the party starts!!!
This is only part of the people in the house!  Madam's house was full house!  I mean really full house!!!  The other part is at another corner in the house.  Although that day was super hot, but I really feel very happy that day! XD

Noticed why my face was so red?  Because something happened that day.  Madam's house washroom is always closed.  So you got no idea whether there is anyone inside until you tried to open the door.  So like usual, I want to go to toilet, I tried to open slowly to confirm that the door is unlocked.  So, yeah! The door is UNLOCKED!  I opened it and I saw my friend (guy) inside there!!! OMG!!! It was so embarrassing!!! >.<

Even after all of them left back to campus, (I stayed back to help clean the place) they kept ask me about the incident!  Omg... I feel like finding a big hole and hide myself in there.  Any how, it is not my fault!!!! It is the person who didn't lock the door's fault!!! wtf
Btw, I ate ice-cream twice that day.  First was madam who treat us with mini cornetto and then miss Nuraini treat us MCD ice-cream!  Lol  

ps: still got more pictures and I hope I will post them in blog... =p