Friday, April 30, 2010


Mosquitoes attacked!!!  And this cause I can’t get back into my sweet sweet dream.  =.=’’’ 

Well, I still thinking what happened yesterday.  I know it has been past tense, but I still got no idea why I will still think about it.  Surprise what had happened??  Is all about JCN (Japanese Cultural Night), is all about the posting ajks thingy…

I don’t think listing out at here is a good thing, so I will not going to list it here but you can ask me privately.

So, what can I do???
Nothing, I can’t do anything, cause like he said: nasi sudah jadi bubur…
Nevermind lo….
I also don’t want to cause so much problems…
Haih, suan le ba…

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Paper Left!

Wanted to update my blog last night, but the mood wasn’t there for me although there were lots of things in my mind to share out.  Maybe is not about the mood, maybe is I’m too lazy already. =p

Yesterday I had two papers in a day, which means one paper in the morning and another one in the afternoon.  Cool huh?  But I think if the papers are not difficult, then is not a problem for me.  Till now, I have finished up 6 papers.  Yup, that’s a lot but till then it has become past tense and my face has shown more and more smiley face.  Well, guess how many subject left until I back to the warmest place?  ONE!!!  Left one subject only which is Corporate Communications.  I’m now in holiday mood already, I got no mood to study at all, just wish to play and go back.

Yesterday night we had a small meeting with our Mandarin teacher, guess that will be the last lesson for us because he is going to retire soon although I keep begging him to stay until we finish our class next year.  I know this is a very bad and selfish of me because he is now 66 years old, and he has his family life to enjoy.  After that kind of thinking, I didn’t ask him to stay to teach us already, because I feel sinful that I want such old man to work as he actually can enjoy his retired life few years ago.

While our Mandarin lecturer was giving explanation on HSK, I was messaging with another lecturer about the tips of our last examination.  But who know he is too kind to call me back and we talk about 10minutes ++.  Hey, hey, please don’t misunderstand!  I want to ask questions but he keep misunderstand what I was asking and he explain things that I do not want to know.  Then I talked and wanted to stop his explanation but who knows he said: “dengar dulu, dengar apa yang saya cakap dulu.”  Fine!  He is the lecturer ma… so have to give him face lo!!! Hrng!!!

Well, life still goes on…
We should appreciate what we have today and look forward but not compare with the past.
Smile and face every problem that you are going to face.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Emo Day Still Go On

Today is really terrible. 
Maybe for you it is not, but for me it is. 
Till then, after the whole afternoon emoing and crying, I am now feeling much much better. =))

Thanks for those who approach me, ask about my situation and care for me.
I really love you all so much. 


Well, life still go on.
So, just smile and face all the problems with a stronger heart.

Here I would like to thanks to Harn Wei who cheer me up, and advise me once I was in emo mood. 

Thanks a lot.

What I want to say now is:  Bye bye JAVA, I want to love you, but you reject to return your love to me.  So I don't hope to see you anymore. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holiday Trip For Sem Break?

Examinations are still on its way.  And we are on our way of studying, studying and studying.  Honestly, this is really suffering. 
Some of them saw my previous posts and wondering why am I stress out.  To be frankly, this is the first time I feel stress on my studies.  I also got no idea why am I having such situation this time cause mummy never want me to score high marks in my studies.

Thanks for those who care about me and approach me to ask upon my situations.  I appreciate that.  For those who didn’t even care about me but still happy with what I got, go ahead continue your happiness by building disaster on other people, you will get karma soon.

Well, people should look further and forward.  We hate examinations, so we should look forward to the holidays that are coming soon.  (can’t wait! ^.^)  We should have enjoy the holidays since is 2 months long, but I guess I should do something during my holiday.  I think I want to teach tuitions to earn some extra money.  What to do? Cause I want to earn some pocket money for me to go holidays with friends. 

Since I suggested going for holiday, then I suppose that we go with University friends.  First, we were like suggested Genting Highland.  Then the respond was: harh… Genting ar???  A little bit lame lar…  Okayh lo… Then we suggested Pulau Langkawi, but they said too far away.  The Pulau Redang but one of them is going there with his ex-classmates. 
So we postpone our discussion until today.

After sort of discussion and revision about JAVA in library, (it is really difficult to make JAVA fall in love with me…  I should spend more time before this but not last minute. Sigh.) we had small discussion in the cafeteria about the Holidays trip.  After 5 minutes of crapping, they decided to go Pulau Redang.  I didn’t oppose what they suggest, cause I know I should respect their opinion.  To be frankly, I don’t mind of going one more time to this wonderful beach but I don’t feel like going with another group of friend.  Yeap, I know that you might say: we can make new friends.  But for me, it is not the best enjoying way for me.
Erm… how to explain it a… 
If go with that group of friends, is seems like we have another gang.  Do you understand?  Let’s say, you bring a group, then I will have another thinking of mind that I will bring my gang so that I won’t be lonely when you are enjoying with you friends.  (don’t understand? This is because you don’t know me.  Go read the previous post, MY PREVIOUS POST then u will understand.)
I just want to go with our own gang, I don’t hope to mix.  If want to mix then, what is the different that I go with my own friend and you go with your own friend? 

I know you will sure ask me to raise my opinion about this, but I don’t want disappoint them.  I hate to do that and why want to make others unhappy because of me?  I don’t want to be that selfish and I don’t want to make situation bad. 
I do hate myself doing that sometimes, cause it will make myself into bad situation when others are happying.  Well, guess this is so called sacrifice. 

Okayh, shake shake the head!  *shake shake*
Now all the unhappy things gone! Cause there are still time till that can and I want to concentrate my JAVA after I bath! 
Oh god! Please, I just don’t want to retake any of the subject. >.<

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Want To Know Me More? Read This.



他们貌似很坚强,因为在别人看来,他们什么事都能微笑着去面对,但事实上他们长着世界上最脆弱的心灵,只是长期的伪装使得别人很难发现他们内心深处的创伤。 他们其实非常孤独,虽然看到他们时都是在跟一群人谈天说地,那是因为他们实在不能承受一个人时的折磨!  






他们其实非常单纯,甚至你曾经给了他一个微笑他也会一辈子记得你的好,因此他们的世界观其实也很简单,他们很容易受蛊惑 ,请不要轻易的伤害他们的感情,因为一旦伤害了,那就将永远弥补不回来! 如果你身边有这种人请你给予他(她)那怕是凤毛麟角的那点关怀,让他(她)知道这个世界没有抛弃他们 。 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I’m really stressed out liao… 
Oh god…
this is the first time I study until cry. 
I can’t stand it anymore… 


Just now called mummy thought can release some stress de… but can’t cause it doesn’t help at all…

I just want to cry out loud now…
I’m really stressed out already…


Monday, April 19, 2010


Am I too stress or what???

I guess stresses do affect a person behavior… 

Cause I got no mood to study now!!!

Keep on taking own picture…. @@|||

Here you go~


I think I am going to get mad soon...

Can you guys help me???

Help me to take final la... 

I hate examinations!!!

Study Week (ends)

I really need some break…
So is time for me to blog again~
Yupe, I went to town today to buy materials for our dinner.
They are so lucky to have the chance to taste and eat what I cooked.  Since Chinese New Year until now, my family doesn’t have this wonderful chance. 
Guys & Gals, you all should appreciate this precious time. xD
Well, anyway… hope you all really feel the taste great la.  If got chance I don’t mind of making another western food for you all de. 
But with one condition: must finish up all the food that I make.

After the whole night of studying, I take some break and take some picture of mine…  Well, is ugly… cause there are pimples on my face!!!
Argh.. I hate pimples!!!
But what to do?? They come when I have tension and I guess my blood is not clean enough…
OMG!!! I just realize that it has been weeks I didn’t eat fruits!!! Oh cannot liao… later have to buy some fruits to eat liao!!!

Sharing is caring, so I decided to share the pictures that I just captured with you guys…

( I know is suffering to see my pictures~ but sorry la…. I prefer you to vomit~~~ hahahahax)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spaghetti Night?

It was last night.  Chun Chun and Hun Hun help me buy toilet paper.  Then I go down and take from then when they back to campus.  That time the sky was crying and they have to walk under the rain to bring toilet paper for me.  Then Chun Chun said the toilet paper cost RM30.  I was so blur and trusted him, hmmm….

Then when I reached home, I told my roommate about the toilet paper (we share for it) then she was so shock with the price cause last time she bought with only below RM20!  Wtf!!!  Chun Chun, how can you bully me la… T_T
Then I ‘scolded’ him in msn.  Then he said Hun Hun said I just have to pay RM15.50 (the original price of the toilet paper) but I have to treat them Pizza or McD.  But who knows, at the end I have to cook for them…  swt la….

Suddenly want me to cook for them. This sem I didn’t cook anything before but suddenly want me to cook spaghetti.  Hmmm….
Don’t blame if it is not nice!!!

p/s: just realize the last name of Chun Chun and Hun Hun = my brother Cause my brother’s name is Chun Han.  =.=|||

I Love You Mummy~

yupe that's right... I'm now is in a competition.
and now I would like to ask favor from you guys to vote for me.
Here's the link:
you just have to become fans in the page.  then you will be able to click 'like' to vote the pics. =)

this is the pic that I choose for the competition. =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sad Feeling

I almost did something very selfish today…   but I’m glad that I didn’t do that.  As planned, we went for dinner just now, but with one more extra people. 

She asked whether she can join us for the outing or not in Facebook.  I reply with a NO.  Then there left lots of comments.  I observed and think.  I really think deeply.  Think while I was bathing, while I was changing.  Finally I make a decision.  I choose not to go. I realize that I’m really selfish for not letting others to go, why don’t I choose myself not to go instead of rejecting others?  I don’t want to go already.  No Mood.  And I believe that they still can play and enjoy happily without me.

After I back from the main building, I saw them, and they saw me.  I don’t want to make them think that I’m playing with my own feelings or show temper.  So I went.  I knew it.  I knew it was a bad decision that I choose to go out at the end.  I believe that they can play more happily without my appearance cause they were obviously got pissed off with my expressions and attitude.

I’m really sorry that I was really hardly can smile.  Yes, you guys successfully make me laugh, but laugh and smile is different.  You can make me laugh anytime because I’m the kind of easily get to laugh but not smile. 


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here am I~

You are very popular within the community; you can get things done by just chatting… To even enemies!
Well, I really have to admit that…  I really can get things done by just chatting.  But (there are always a but in the end of the story) chatting and friends are two different things.  Please don’t mess them up.

You have a pretty good business mind, you are often have no-idea what is today is like, or tomorrow is like, you are a person who does anything when your head thinks "let’s do this". You will be famous if you open up a business, get involve in share dealings, music etc…
Yeah, of course.  Just do it when you want it to be.  Why want to make things complicated??

Very popular with sense of humor,
Nah… I don’t think I’m humor enough, but what I know is I am good in laughing.  They always say the points of laughter of mine are to low liao, that’s why I can laugh that much.

You are the one your friends and families will always ask for help and you are the one actually get money on credit and help your friends.
Help?? I’m busybody enough that’s why I will help. =p

You will have more than 1 relationship, but when u get settle down you will be a bit selfish anyway. Coz your other half will have a pretty good amount of control in you, be careful! You tend to go for other relationships! Contacts even you are married at times 'coz your popularity... You are someone who gets along with anyone coz the number 5 is the middle number…
I’m not very sure about this then.  I’m not in any relationship yet and I don’t think I will have more than 1 relationship because that is really sinful to do that.  Selfish?  I’m selfish…  I usually get along with anybody but I will still pissed off with those who make me hate them much!  This one really not accurate lar…

Changes & freedom lovers you are!
Yeap! This is true!!! I love freedom and nobody can take my freedom away from me!  Who manage to do that I will either kill that person or fall into that person…  Hahax. =p

You are an explorer with magic on your face. You learn your life through experience and it's your best teacher!!! Your best match 1, 2, and 9.  Good match 6, 8!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Study Week

I know I shouldn’t update my blog for this few days… because is study week and I should studying.  But I’m really sien of studying liao la… I just want to spend 5 minutes here nia…

Just let me sigh!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Do I have the right to get angry?  I have the feeling of sadness now, although I know they are happy with it.  There are lots of anger in my stomach, nobody can I speak to.  *sigh*

Sometimes I wonder am I acting selfish to other?  I have been thinking of everybody’s feeling when I want to make a decision or when the decision make by me being change by others but I still have to act nothing to please others.
I do feel tired of this.  Really tired of this.
When will other people understand what I’m thinking, what I want?

Argh, maybe is impossible to find that in this campus.
I’m now waiting for my food and finding happiness my own~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Masquerade Night

The night has come.  I got no idea why I don’t have that feeling like: “OMG, the night is coming!!!”  I really don’t have the mood.
I know all of them have been waiting for so long, but for me, if the night ends fast, I will be very happy.
We have been starting our decoration for the night since 2 weeks ago, but not all things have been done until that night because test, presentations and assignments were at that time too.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6am just to go 5th floor to pack those things to the hotel.  While waiting for the bus to fetch us to Tiara Hotel, I waited for Mr. Edwin Cheah for so long (Ask him why he make me wait him) until the whole bus know where he went on the previous night.  After we reached Tiara, we started everything. 
We do this and that (decoration la) from 10am until 6.30pm.  We were so damn tired.  Plus some more the weather is so hot, my sweat keep flowing down like I turn the water pipe on like that.
But finally finally, decoration is nice, I guess~ 

Then the night, I didn’t get to take lots of pictures… but is okayh la.  Cause I was really tired liao that time.
Here are some of the pictures I got from facebook.   Sorry for the few pictures.  I will post them up as soon as possible once I got others~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sick + Stress

Wow, can’t believe that is only 3 days that I didn’t update my blog.  I thought I had been more than a week didn’t update.  L0l…

Yes!!! Is all ending now!!! All end!!!  All the assignment ends.  Tomorrow have to hand in JAVA reports then Tuesday present our mandarin presentation.  That’s all and then is Final that we going to face.  Should I sigh or smile?  Guess I should smile first then start to sigh.  =)….. haiz….
Assignments really drove me crazy lately.  And because of that, I got sick…  Sickness attack!!! Argh!!!  The sickness are losing now, don’t worry.  But last few days they almost conquer my whole body.  Oh God…

The first day I got sick was when my back got injured.  I don’t know how I injured it, but it causes me painful especially when I was sleeping.  Then at night I got terrible cough, actually the cough just came like that.  I also what is the reason I got cough.  The next day I feel whole body uncomfortable, my eyes were so heavy until I can hardly open it and fell like sleeping only.  But since I suggested earlier going eat satay, and I don’t want to turn anybody’s down, so I went along and I ate too.  After I reach my room from eating satay, I straight away sleep on my bed.  I don’t know is because of tiredness or sickness.  I just don’t feel any energy flow in my body.  I almost slept for the whole night until the next morning.  (more than 12 hours leh)  The next day which was yesterday, I still got JAVA presentation and Technopreneurship assignment and multimedia assignment.  I wanted to cry already cause feel stress and that time I was in bad condition but I have to stay strong to finish everything up. 
Yesterday night Syn Wei and I rush for Multimedia assignment until 3am and finally manage to finish it and hand in on time.

Today, I got bad sore throat.  A terrible one.  I never had sore throat with this kind of pain before, but luckily the pain gone right before Technopreneurship presentation.  Before Technopreneurship presentation starts, there was so many conflicts, I am lazy to mention here, anything just ask me personally ba… 

p/s: thanks for those who care about me, asking about my health.  I’m much better liao.  If not go ask Syn Wei, she can prove that the sickness in my body had just raise their white flags~ 

Monday, April 5, 2010

This few days......

Hello all, miss me already? 
I’m so sorry that I didn’t update my blog that often.  
I know that you guys been waiting for my update too.  >.<
Yeala, I’m perasan la…
Okayh, let me start my story.

These few days, it has been the busiest time for me. 
Assignments, assignments and assignments nia. 
They said this consider as University Life, but for me may be once a while can la don’t everyday also have to rush for assignment and stay up for whole night cause I will exhausted de leh…
Finally I have finished multimedia assignment which means left Technopreneurship, JAVA, and Mandarin assignment. 
I think next I will go on with Technopreneurship and JAVA. 
Gambateh Wong Cai Yi!!!
This week will be super busy week for me. 
Hope I can cope for it.

Decoration of SSIL Night half way on it.
Java report half way also.
Technopreneurship haven’t start any yet.
Mandarin…  slides show done already but lots of words I don’t know how to read at all.

I really hope this week can end fast, so that busy life can end and I can enjoy for the night. =)

p/s: hope my backache can recover soon… I don’t want to walk like a grandma… T.T 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stress Up!

I know I shouldn't be here updating my blog, but I'm really too stress and tired already.  I really need some break!!!
Here are the assignments that I need to settle them:

  1. Multimedia (Monday)
  2. Java (Wednesday)
  3. Technopreneurship
  4. Ethics In IT (Saturday)
  5. Hubungan Etnik (mid-term) (Saturday)
Guess I'm just dead ba...