Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lunch On 30/5/10

When for jogging early in the morning, I’m very lazy actually but I force myself to do some exercise before everything starts today.

Actually I want to share about my lunch, that’s all~
I think I don’t have to explain anything, so let the pictures tell stories.

But poor Mei Mei didn’t get to eat

Sometimes One Is Better than Any Number

When can I start not to be the first or take the initiative to ask people out?

I realize that every time when I am having holidays or coming back home, I will be the person who asks others to go out.

I wonder is this become a habit for them to wait for my invitation then they will remember of me?

Whatever then.

Actually I should feel immune towards all this.

It has been so many months!

Almost a year they have behaving like this.

I think I should learn to be alone some how~

This is what they call:


Wondering can I do this?


Is Just About After Dinner

Didn’t wake up early but woke up purposely to cook dessert for them, and because of this, I hurt my hand!  My finger got burned!
And thank to GOD, I don’t have to do so many things since the finger was hurting.
Yupe, all this are yesterday because I’m going to say about yesterday.

After breakfast and lunch we all had a nap and then went out for dinner at around 6.30pm.  All of us went out for dinner so we decided to drive 2 cars there.  One will be under 21 while another one will be above 21.  L0L
6 of us had a not very good yet satisfied dinner which cost us more than RM100 but we managed to eat seafood.
Due to the fullness of our stomach, we went for a walk in East Cost Mall.  Still we go the same destination with 2 cars.

I met lots of people at there who I never thought of meeting them again (Kuantan is really very small), I even met some of them that I never want to say HELLO!  I know that this is sinful, but I can predict what they will say when they saw us.  Sometimes it is better if we choose to avoid each other because this will be more comfortable for each other.
After dinner, we had some dessert.  Well, this dessert is expensive but I feel happy to have it while my little brother thinks that it is unworthy to eat such expensive dessert as we can get the same taste with a lower price.

Bro, BaskinRobbins is always expensive, but there are still lots of people willing to pay for it!  Aiyo, once awhile nevermind lor~

The ‘elders’ said they want to buy something in CareFour so we have to buy out ice-cream by our own and then meet them in CareFour.  But after we bought ice-cream and went to CareFour to search for them, they were not around!  ==
They were still in Padini!!!!
wtf, then we went CareFour again, means in the same day same hour, we went into East Cost Mall CareFOur twice!

Since P0P0 was tired and brother wanted to back home to study, we decided separate care to go home, which one car will stay with me so that we can walk longer (is shopping actually).  Mei Mei wanted to buy sneakers so we went round and round to find the suitable one.  When we found one most perfect in a shop, Mei Mei and I tried out with the sneakers but when we wanted to get the size that we wanted, there are no stock for Mei Mei!
Oh, poor Mei Mei…
At the end I am the one who bought the sneakers…

Finally I was home!
But this time is drinking time!  We drank wine that I bought from Labuan, didn’t finish it cause we were enjoying but not drinking till drunk!  Hahahax

Well, I guess yesterday was really happiness and sadness came along one shot!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camera Spoil My Mood

Beside grandma, my aunt who just married in Singapore just came to visit us in Kuantan due to Wesak Day + 3 days holidays of hers.  Before that she did mention to bring me camera because she has an extra camera which she hasn’t used before.
Since she has an extra one, so I asked her to bring it here so that I can use.

Is yesterday, she reached our home and brought out the camera for me.  The design of the camera is not very nice and I saw the feedback of this camera thru internet and all the feedbacks are negative! (Is an old model, so forget about the design and the function of it.)  The worst thing is she forgot to bring the charger for the camera!!!
Argh, alright…
I can still find the charger from shop outside there, just hope the price of the charger is not too expensive.  I went to the internet and searched for it too!  Well the price of it I think is still reasonable, but I still need time to go out to find for it right?  Just hope I can use it before I back to my campus.

That’s everything happened for yesterday.  Since I can play with it yet, so I just left it there on the table in the living hall.   Sometimes I really got no idea why can’t just buy a new camera so that we can use it for even longer time?!  Sigh!
(I’m trying my best to calm down cause it should be a good thing to have a camera free!)

Then I spent my time today watching movie by using PPS in my room and sleep, and of course eat.  Suddenly I realized that she didn’t even bring the USB port for me!
What the fish was that?!

Sigh… suddenly all my mood gone!
Don’t even have the mood to buy the charger for the camera and don’t even have the mood to find the USB port for it! 
Well, maybe have this kind of feeling is because my mood was spoilt before that, and this make me feel worst.
Alright, trying to throw the negative emotion away.
Trying hard now.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Human Being

I really got no idea why, why friendship will become like that.

Is reasonable that we didn’t keep contact with our primary friends because we were young and didn’t know how to keep communications (well, most of us).  Most of the primary friends I had last time I didn’t really contact unless they contact me or we met again during form 6.
Secondary school’s friends should keep in touch with those you are closed with (I guess).  There are some of them that I still keep in touch although they are in overseas now. 
Form 6 friends are the friends that I’m closed with now.

Actually I don’t understand why.
Primary friends were friends that we spent the time most with them, 6 years!
Secondary friends were friends that we spent time for 5 years and Form 6 friends we spent time for only a year!!!
Why?! Why?! Why?!
Why friends those in form 6 are friends that I’m closed with now?

I really don’t understand why this will happen to me.
Primary friends sometime will ask me out for gathering, but usually I used up lots of excuses to reject them because I feel that I’m the extra one if I go.  There are nothing to talk with them when sitting there, what I did is just smile and listening to others.  Well, maybe is because I’m not closed to them and I don’t have any special thing to talk or share with them.
Now secondary friends were studying in different school when we were in form 6 due to different fields that we chose.  Some of them even went private college.  Well I think the problem occur in me because other of my friend they still can keep in touch well until now they can still go shopping with them.
Form 6 friends are the friends that I’m closed with now, but seem like everybody has their own thing to do when they are back from semester break.  Well, I know that everybody has their own life and lifestyle.

Well, if you know me well.  I believe that you will understand that I hate to be alone.  I hate to eat breakfast alone, hate to do things alone!  (if you notice that)  I will feel weird if someone go shopping alone, watch movie alone, eat alone, and even walk alone.  I don’t like the feel of being alone, that’s why usually I will find people to accompany me.  Make it short and simple, I hate being alone.
This semester break, I don’t seem like spending time with my friends at all.  I feel like I’m spending most of the time with PPS!  I also don’t know why this becomes like this.  Friends they usually will accompany me were busy with their own ‘business’, studies and some of them work!  They got no extra time with me at all.  Some of them I didn’t even get to meet yet until now + grandma is at my house now, can’t go out as often as usual (you know old people will say a lot, but they are not scolding, that’s really frustrating when this happen!)
Spending my time with this LENOVO laptop more than anybody here!
It seems like everybody is having fun but I’m having boredoms!
I know I’m complaining again, but beside of complaining I really got no idea what else I can do already!

Right, back to the topic!
Friendship is actually like a string because when you want your friendship to be strong and last long, you have to make the string thicker and thicker by adding more strings into a string!  But when you choose to give up a friendship, it will dilute when you seldom contact with them, just like a string become easy to break when time passes!
So everything is in your hands, and every choice is up to you!  If you choose to let go, nobody can stop you! 

How about me then?
I’m also thinking about this…
Can they be my friend forever just like Leong said???

What A Morning...

Yesterday I got a nice sleep and it has been a long time I didn’t get to sleep this long already.
Guess how long I slept last night! I slept from 6pm and woke up at 6.30am! 
More than 12 hours.  Well, I’m really satisfied with it.  It has been long time I didn’t get to sleep this long.
Plan to go for badminton this morning, I asked few of my friends but end up only Leong willing to go with me. ==
Since it has been awhile I didn’t go out with Leong, so Leong pick me up this morning at 6.45am.
And then when we wanted to reach Teo Court, he said he doesn’t want to play actually because he is hungry.  (sweat la Leong…)
So at the end we went to the beach.  He sat there and I was standing there.  Talk, talk and talk nia…  talk about nonsense…
After awhile of chitchatting, we went for breakfast. 
Curry Mee AGAIN!!! 
Guess mummy will scold me when I back home once she knows that I eat curry mee AGAIN!!!  (It is true that she scolded me when she found out that I had curry mee as my breakfast because I just had it yesterday morning)

During the way back home, Leong told me that girls’ mind are unreadable. 
I feel funny about that cause I don’t even think that I’m that difficult to be understand. 
I usually will show my happiness and sadness on the face, if you really understand me then you will know whether I’m happy or in sad mood.
Leong, guess you do not understand me at all… hahahahax

Leong! Is all your fault that I can’t get to exercise…  T__T
Bad Leong!!!

p/s: people can be so thin while I can be so fat… 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010








One leaf for name,(一叶带来荣誉)
One leaf for wealth,(一叶带来财富)
One for a faithful lover,(一叶带来爱情)
One for glorious health,(一叶带来健康)
All in this four-leafed clover.(四叶草啊!你拥有了这四种能力.


关于四叶草,还有一个很美的传说呢!以前有一对恋人,他们真的很相爱,一起住在一片很美的桃林里,但是因为一件特别小的事,他们闹别扭了,彼此不肯让步,终于有一天,爱神看不下去了,她飘到他们住的那片桃林,悄悄撒了一个谎:告诉他们各方会有难,只有在桃林的最深处找到那片四叶草才可以挽救他们,他们听后装作十分无所谓,可是心里还是为对方担忧着,那晚下雨了,是暴雨,可是他们仍偷偷为对方到桃林最深处寻找四叶草,当他们知道对方都很在乎自己,都好感动,决定让四叶草见证他们的爱情,爱神笑了…… 这是爱神开的一个玩笑,因为她并不想让幸福来得过于容易,只有彼此在乎,彼此珍惜的人才配拥有幸福 ……



It Was Yesterday

Good Morning~  
Just back from jogging and haven’t bath yet, so decided to blog while waiting my sweat flowing down and dry.

Recently I am watching a Japanese drama named <月之恋人/ Moon Lovers> via PPS (I’m now started falling in love in PPS).  The drama was starring by 木村拓哉, 筱原凉子, 林志玲. 
It is a new drama actually, until now I’ve just watched 2 episodes waiting for the next episode now. 
Till the episode that I have watched, I think the overall story not bad because it makes me want to continue to watch it, but I think林志玲’s is not match to木村拓哉’s height at all!  Well, maybe they purposely to do that.  Since 林志玲 is too tall, cause her has to bend down a little bit in the drama, if you do put attention in the drama then you will have notice that.

Here are the artists that involve in the drama.




Yesterday brought grandma to hospital to meet her doctor.  Just like usual, then when the way back home, I decided to buy cendol since the weather is so hot now.  Grandma was happy because she loves to drink cendol especially now her tongue got ulcers can’t eat anything but cold food and drink does make her feel comfortable!

Oh ya!  Forget to mention that I met Ee Loe and her friends there having tea time there.  She called me and I turn to her, I guess I gave her a weird expression.  Sorry Ee Loe, I didn’t mean to give those expression, I was shock to see you there.  I know you have been kind to say ‘HELLO’ to me but I didn’t seem to reply on that.  I saw you were with your friends so I didn’t know how to start anything to talk to you.  So so so sorry…  We talk when we meet during yam cha kay?  Sorry yea~

Monday, May 24, 2010


I know actually what you are thinking.

I know actually what you hope for it.

I know actually what you want me to do.

I know actually everything you want.

I know actually how to predict people’s mind.

Because of those I know, that’s why I want to confirm it.

I will ask for confirmation before I promise something.


Unless I know the wish that you are going to make me can 100% make it for you, and then I will promise you to do anything before you tell me your wish.

I’m sorry that I didn’t promise you anything and make you upset, because I know that the wish that you going to tell me I’ll never achieve it for you.

I’m sorry

I’m really sorry

This might be a small sadness or might be a huge sadness for you but if I promise my words but I didn’t make it for you, I think the sadness and disappoint will be more and more than now.

All I can say is I’M SORRY.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

















p/s: do you face the same situation? 

I'm Not A Good Girl

I'm not a good girl
I don't do housework
And I hate to do housework

I'm not a good girl
I don't listen to advices
And will feel annoying to those advice that controlling me

I'm not a good girl
I know that you are tired but I still don't want to give u my favor
And I will continue my work 

I'm not a good girl
I know you will disappoint
And I still want to make you feel disappointed

I'm not a good girl
I don't respect elderly
And I hate when they say something that annoy me

I'm not a good girl
I don't like to earn my own money 
And I like to spend money

I'm not a good girl
I don't understand people around me
And I blame them when I'm in bad mood

Since I'm not a good girl
So stay away from me
I won't do anything to please anybody
I just want to live freely
Nobody controlling 
And nobody affect me.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I’m very tired now.  I never feel this tired since I back from Labuan. 
I’m doing something now, something that make me feel excited and suddenly got that spirit to finish it although the ‘journey’ to finish it is tough…
Don’t worry, I will post it up here when it’s done.

I’m going to grandma’s house this weekend, tomorrow and will be back on Sunday night. 
So I don’t think I will be able to update my blog because I think I will be busying with my stuff there for 2 days.

Well, just message me when you want to find me, cause I don’t think I will online~
Let my eyes rest from laptop and computers.
(although I know that it is impossible)

Guys, Gals~
Don’t miss me…
I will be back soon~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Again!

Went for a movie again today.  Since I back here, this is the third movie I have watch in the same cinema.  First was IP MAN (with Hui Yuan), then ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE (with Family), and NIGHTMARES ON ELM STREET (with Hui Yuan again!!!).

If you read thru what I wrote in the pass few post of mine, then you know I watched those movies.
Well, NIGHTMARES ON ELM STREET is a movie that consider new. 
I didn’t want to watch it actually cause I know that the movie is very scary but once a while watch scary movie in cinema is okayh ba~

This movie is really super duper scary! I feel lucky because I brought my jacket along, if not I really got no idea how I’m going to cover my face from the scary and horrible scene.
Guys, gals, if you all want to watch this movie, go ahead.  But I don’t really recommend it cause it is really very scary. 
It is better if you download it or watch pirated at home~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sudden Feeling Of Mine

Was watching vampires Chinese drama just now and you know that I like to do things when I am watching mysteries and horror drama or movie so I was facebooking at the same time.
Looking at those pictures that they are posing in Facebook, suddenly there are lots of thinking flying in my mind, lots of wondering.  Looking at those happy moments that friends around me have, feeling jealous with them.

Sometimes I really don’t understand why they people can have such wonderful time together, can join lots of activities and functions that organize by their University; they can even combine an activity with other University.
This makes me think whether I have chosen the right University to enter. (As you know I got the first choice for my course to enter this University)

Every time I see them having such wonderful time, I wish I can join them, to feel the happiness together, although I know that it is impossible.  Form 6 life ends, groups that we joined last time for studying, for camping, for educations are all gone for me.  We are  no longer staying together to go to school, lepak after class, sleep in the class, talk loudly in the class, celebrations together in the school, hide our cellphone to our teacher, or even having issues while we were in school.
Perhaps they have already become my memories, good and bad memories, unforgettable memories, even lessons that I have learnt, and now they have stored inside my mind, locked well.

They said university’s life is actually consider as pre-community (a small studies before we step into reality), there we can see what is reality and how we should do when we face problems, we have to learn to be evil when times come too.  Yet, people like me like to put myself into the dead end, still I did learn lesson from here.

Just a stupid emotion at this moment, this second.  I bet I will be okay when I wake up tomorrow in the morning.  I know I can find my happiness moment with my own willing and choice because everybody does have the choice to choose to be happy or unhappy. 
I want to live happily and I choose to live happily, how about you?


Last few days I was so boring and spend out my time with this.
Guess when someone sees this, that person will definitely scold me…

Are they nice?

Sunday, May 16, 2010































Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Day

Today is my family day.  It has been half a year since the previous movie I went with them.  I still remember I went to watch ‘TIGER WOOHOO’ with them before Chinese New Year.  Now because of this movie: ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE, I got the chance to watch movie with them again!
Well, guess I have to thanks to Malaysian Director and Actors whom involve in this movie because we support MAKE IN MALAYSIA~

Before we watch that, we ate our lunch at SUSHI KING.  SUSHI KING again, because I just had that with Hui Yuan when we went to watch IP MAN.  Sigh, don’t tell me the history is back!  Sushi twice for a week… That is a lot and make me feel sien cause there are not much choices on the belt and I am lazy to order. 
Then there were conventional and exhibition at both of the hall of the shopping mall causing lots of people were crowded there!  (this cause us can’t find a parking place!!!)  We passed by few TM stall, they kept promoting the Uni Pack of Streamyx, then I complaint to them about why I didn’t get my netbook while the streamyx at home has already been activated for 2 weeks! 
They asked me to call to TM to ask pulak… swt!!!

Then is time for us to watch movie.  There we go~
How can I miss out popcorns when having movie???!!!
You can go to have a watch on this movie, cause it is really not bad and I think is worthy to watch!  Go watch with your partner if you have one. =)

While I was watching the movie, my phone vibrated!  Guess who called me?  Is HP officer called me!!!
My net book is here now~~ Yeah!!!  

Don't feel jealous ler~