Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cheese Cake

Actually I'm very lazy to type out this post. I went for work today and then went for bai nian with friends... Is a bit tired actually but I'm happy about it...

After taking angpau and visiting each other, I quickly went home to change and bring my stuff out and straight away to Hui Yuan's house to prepare to make a cheese cake. When I reach her house, she was just wanting to have her dinner, so she asked me to take out everything that I need to do... but I forgot to bring Cocoa Powder.

Yes, you are right! I went back home again just to take the Cocoa powder but I also did take my old mobile phone out just in case my daddy call me (but he didn't call after all).

Can say that we started to make cake at 7pm. The base of the cake we need to make twice, cause not enough, but in the end it become extra alot.... Lol... Okay then we just ignore it and continue to go on to the next step.

We need to add whiped cream to the cheese cake so that it will become softer, but we bought the wrong thing when we were in Cold Storage. We should have buy whiped cream but we bought whiping cream. I wanted to use whiping cream, but the taste is totally different, a lot of different. So we went out to buy the cream at Pantai Selamat.

Finally we finished doing the cheese cake, but the quantiti of the cheese cake is really very little and it is not nice to just like it be like that and not deep enough to put candle on it... Lol. So we decided to make again for the other layer.

We went out to Pantai Selamat again to buy Chocolate and Cheese Cream this time. We both feel so silly and very funny. The time showed 8.15pm when we went out.

After finished the second layer, I help Hui Yuan to wash all the dishes cause I'm the one who use them. Finished that too, I went home with the cake that I have make... And that time the time showed 10pm.

Lol, cause before that Hui Yuan said we can finished doing to Cheese Cake in an hour, but in the end we finished in more than 2 hours, and nearly to 3 hours... Lol...

Just cake... no decoration, I will do the decoration tomorrow morning... Hope it will looked good.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm very disappointed to the movie that I watched yesterday night.

I am talking about Inkheart.

Let me first explain what is the meaning of ink heart.

Ink heart means that a person who have the heart which is in ink colour and normally the ink is black in colour.

The whole story that I've read is different from the movie. The arrangement is different too.

The movie really disappointed me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Actually I reached my granny's house at the day before the reunion lunch. We were the second family who reached there. And on this day, five family had managed to reach there. (there are suppose to be 6 families there, is it a big family??)

New Year Eve (Reunion)
Here come the second day of me in my granny's house. All the families members are arrived. Some of the parents were busying preparing for our reunion lunch for around 26 people.

But some of the parents were 'busying' playing mahjong.

Look at them, they played so happily...

While for the children, we were watching television, chit chating with others, since we have been 'centuries' never speak to each other.... Lol

Well, I'm sure that you will ask where am I? Oh, I am taking more pictures around.

Guess what is it? I bet you will never know what is it! It is a red apple!!! hahaha

Look at those fruits.... Yummy, they look tasty...

And these are my far far cousins who live just as near as our neighbour, cause they are my neighbours too... LOL.

And finally the food are readied!!!

Tell me that you are hungry... hahaha

After that I spend my time to take more pictures and wait the time passed until mid-night which means that we are going to invite the God of Money to come to our house!!!

This boy was sick of fever and he slept almost the whole day...

This young man keep taking my pictures, seems like I'm very pretty... Lol... I know I'm pretty for you.... wtf. But he seems like a camera shy too... lol..

These are the things that we use to invite the god in the Mid-Night.

First Day (Chu Yi)
This is the day we having been waiting for. After wake up from the warm bed, I quickly take my towel then clean up and dress up myself. Then I helped the younger to make up. It seems like I very professional.

They looked cute and pretty, aren't they??
Then the waiting moment have arrived. We take our angpao from each family.... hahaha so happy when take angpao ler...

Second Day
There are two families went back already and I'm sick on that day, really sick. I have been going into the toilet 5 times in a day. First is vomit then toileting for four times. I didn't get to eat anything that day... only 2 apples.

Third Day
Left 2 families. The house become emptier and emptier. But they still manage to play mahjong together.

I'm back to Kuantan already. I miss all my friends and my computer and of course the internet... Lol... Can on9 dy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Gentlemen At All

He is really very bad!!! I smsed him to ask him something, but he never reply me. Yeon said maybe he is busying... wtf. If he is really very very busy also can reply de ma.... Dun tell me that go toilet de time also dun have meh??

maybe he didn't see the msg leh?? I'm sure that you will think that. Hey come on la!!! It's already more than 12 hours since I smsed him liao lo.... He blind de meh??? didn't see the msg....

I really feel sienz on him liao.... haih....

Aiyo!!! Pening la!!!

Today I only realize that actually his standard is that low!!! I know that my job is to teach him whatever he does not know, but the problem is standard 1 things I also need to teach him a.... (he is already standard 4)

He does not know anything about Time Table (Multiplication time table). What can I do?? Asked him to memorize lo.... Aiyer!!!! I'm going to faint a.... He said he went to tuition last time but the tuition teacher never asked him to memorize before... Aiyo.... I think I am going to die liao...

I asked him to memorize allllll... hope he can do it for me la.....

The next Mr. Tai

Let me first explain why I wrote that as this post's title. It is because I found some body that have quite similar characteristic with Mr. Tai. There is a boy in my class who is now only standard 1. He is really very cute, but he always make the same mistake ever. He loves to come late.

Since he always come late to the Taska, so I asked him to come earlier than usual so that he can start doing the exercises that I always give them with other children. On Monday, I asked him what time can he come on the next day. Guess what he said??

Me : What time are you coming tomorrow??
He : Erm..... 8 o'clock!
Me : Are you sure?? If you didn't come at that time leh??
He : ...... Erm.....
Me : If you never come at that time then u pull your ears until everybody finish bathing. Okay??
He : ...... Erm...... o...kay...

Hui Yuan can be my witness. Lol... I'm not bullying him okay.... I just try to make him to come earlier.... That's all.

Just guess what time he arrived yesterday?? He arrive at 9am. Actually it consider that he is earlier than usual, but he promise me to come at 8am. So....

Me : Go pull your ear when the other children are bathing.
He : ....... eeeeee.....
Me : Who asked you to come late?? You promised me yesterday that you will come at 8 am de wor...

When he was pulling his ears...
Me : Tomorrow what time you will come??
He : 9am.
Me : okay, but if you didn't come at that time then you will pull your ears like today... Okay??
He : o...

Wow, it is 9am dy but I still didn't see him yet!!! Guess what time he come this time?? 9.30am!!!

Me : Go pull your ears!!!
He : ah huh..... (making very weird laughing and actually is a kind of laugh that show that he is really unsatisfied)
Me : Don't make those noise!!! Why come so late today???

After 10 mins and he is doing his homework liao....

Me : Come here!
Me : What time you want to come tomorrow??
He : 10 am ( cuz he came nearly 10am today)
Me : Wah!!! how come the time you promise is later than the day before de?? Yesterday 8am then 9am and now 10 am a?? Very clever hoh!!!

(wtf) he gave a smile. He is a very cute boy and when he smile he really look very adoreable!!!

After the conversation, I think this little boy has the potential to become the next Mr. Tai. But I'll try my best to train him not too.... Cause become a unpunctual person is a very very bad manners.... Lol...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Shopping Before Chinese New Year

I think it is the last shopping before Chinese New Year. Actually I wanted to buy some new earring and maybe a necklace. But at last I bought myself a dress.

I went to shopping with Phui Yoke this time, she keep helping me to find dress and she totally almost forget about her own...

I know that I am a person who do not like to wear dress or skirt, but this time I really buy it liao. I really can't believe it too, because the length of the dress is above my knee (I do not know it consider short or long) and it is expensive too!!!

Before I buy that I was thinking so many times whether I want to buy it or not. If I didn't buy just now I'm sure I'll regret why I didn't buy. But now I but liao, I feel that my purse is crying and I totally lack of vitamin M.

Beside buy my own thing, I also represent my friends to buy something to my friend too. LOl, friend, friend, friend....

Btw, the drees is in purple colour, I like it, but I scare I will just wear it for one time. I hope not!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh no! Not now!!!

Of course Not now!!! I do not want it to happen now!!! Why? Because New Year is coming lo. New Year is very very near, and it is only less than a week left to say hello to Chinese New Year.

I never thing that I will get sick before Chinese New Year. I think it happens because I didn't drink lots of water when I was teaching in the morning and at night. Some more the smell of the white board ink. Now I really understand a feeling of a tuition teacher and a teacher. They really suffer a lot in teaching especially in school and tuition when they are using the white board marker.

I had choose not to talk much when I am teaching today. But it is difficult la. I never think that it is that difficult not to talk when teaching in front of the students. I slept in the classroom today in the evening when my standard 5 students is doing their homework. They are kind enough too because they didn't make me talk loudly and they make no sound and noise when I was resting.

I hope that my flu and cough will go to another planet and will find me in the next century. I want to have a very happy, and can eat anything that I like in Chinese New Year. I want to celebrate my Chinese New Year with a healthy body.

Pray for me!!! God bless me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shopping Time

Just got my salary, and New Year is very very near, so I asked Wai Li, Yeon out for shopping. We had made this decision few days ago and because of this I didn't go out yc with them on Wai Li's birthday night. This made Wai Li very very sad and angry of me... Sorry!!!

I woke up at 7am this morning, quickly wash me car because the car is really dirty and I feel shamful to let the 2 pretty lady to sit into my dirty car. I don't feel good today either, I got bad flu and I think I got this virus from where I work and hospital. (The place where I work, there are some got flu and cough too. I went to visit Harn Wei who was in Hospital because of Denggi. )

At around 9.30am, my daddy only bring me go eat breakfast. I only manage to return home at around 10.10am. Quickly wear a proper cloth, and put some make up then only go to fetch Yeon. I was a driver to them today. When I was make uping, Yeon sms me and ask me to go abit late cause she wasn't well prepared. So I went to fetch her at 10.33am. After her, Wai Li's turn.

The first destination is East Cost Mall. Before we started to shopping, we went visit Mr. Tai Wei Hong and Mr. Lee Jun Yan. Mr. Tai gave me 2 limau. lol... Then we first went to some 'foot' shop then only went to Sasa. I managed to buy myself two shirts from M&G, a pants from Padinni, masks from Sasa and Elianto, and some nails polish from Sasa. The actual purpose we go to E. C. Mall is to shopping, buy things that we like. Wai Li only manage to buy herself nail polish but Yeon didn't buy anything at all. She just managed to buy herself lunch... LOL. wtf..

After shopping, we went to eat our lunch at the food court behind the mall. Jun Yan join us this time for lunch... We were teasing Wai Li, and she was blushing when we teasing her... lol. Wai Li treat me for lunch. Then we went to find Ah Kee. Since we were there so we go visit him lo, if not he will say that we never go visit him although we went to East Cost Mall. wtf

Then we went to the next station at around 3.15pm. The next station is Kuantan Parade!!! I then fetch the two pretty lady to Kuantan Parade. But still, Yeon didn't buy anything again. Some more she still got tuition class at 4pm. She just looked around and remember the brands then ask her mom to bring her to buy it next time. She went back after that soon, just left Wai Li and I continue shopping.

Nothing to shop in Kuantan Parade also, cause I already buy clothes in East Cost Mall. Then I went to buy Heineken from Joe and drinks, Yeos. I asked handsome Joe to help me to carry it to my car but he said he is not in service. Lol... wtf... Not gentleman at all...

Finished all the shopping, I fetch Wai Li back home and she is now safe at home. I received call from mummy that she asked me to 'da bao' dinner for them. So I went to TC for drive tru to take away MCD for them. The burger of MCD is really delicious but its just too spicy...

First Day Teach Form 4 Students

It was the first day and first time I teach form 4 students. I was very very nervous. Eve from the tuition centre had lend me the Science reference book. I read it in the morning when I was working in Taska. wtf

Although it was Saturday yesterday, but the children still need to go to school on that day just to replace the holiday during Chinese New Year. But still, the amount of the students are less than the amount usual and the important thing is I don't have to teach on Saturday. The children will just need to play for the whole morning until the time for them to take their shower.

I take the opportunity to read up my Science that I going to teach later. I was so so nervous man, it has been long time I never touch any form 4 book already. I was going to teach Math and Science in 2 hours at 4-6pm and my plan is I will teach Science first then follow by Math, cause I need more time in Math. (I prefer Math rather than Science)

I went to the tuition centre as early as I thought. The first step I step into the room of the form 4 students, one of the student said:" why so young de? " Lol, wtf. Then I answer her question although I know that she was just kidding. " why? cannot be young teacher meh? or you want a old lady to teach you? " Everyone laugh after that. wtf...

The first chapter of Science is very very boring and I can see some of the students were going to fall asleep. Then I talk some cold cold~ joke for them. They did laugh... lol, but I seems to be talking to the wall all the time. I do not know it is because that was the first lesson or what, but I keep telling them to say something or to ask some question if they have. In the end of the Science lesson, I still cannot get very well with them, they are still stranger for me and I think they think I am still a stranger to them...

After the boring Science subject, I start my favourite subject---> Math. I make a same mistake twice and no one remind me.. lol. I did ask them whether their school teacher had teach them or not, and they said yes, but when I make the mistake, nobody tell me or remind me... wtf. But that time it was obviously they put more attention and mood in Math. Math is not that boring than Science.

I did teach them how to use calculator too. Actually I didn't make any preparation in Math, but I do not know why I can teach Math better than Science although I make more preparation in Science. We make lots of fun in Math when we disscussing the question in their book. I gave them a person a chance to ask the question, but they just choose the question that is very long but not the question that is very difficult... haha

Time pass very fast and I tought them until 6.10pm although the lesson should be ended at 6pm. And now I must study Science already, cause the chapter 2 in Science is difficult!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


There was a emergency fire practice today.

LOL, the student was looking at what o?? See until like that... XD

All the students and teachers must gathered at the place that we should be. The students in Day Care and little children in Kinder Garden also will be gathered at there too...

There I met Wai Li's little sister too... She gave me a pose when she saw me capturing her... LOL, so cute...

I took my salary today.... wulalala~~~
I was so nervous before I wait for my turn to take the money.
There is a CCTV that I can see from the place that I am teaching, so I watched until the office got nobody in ny go into take money.
I am sure that you do not know how nervous I was, my hand was so cold!!!
The boss gave me the same amount as Yeon although she work more 2 days than me...

After I went back to continue my teaching, I felt very hot (I wore two long sleeves to work today cause the weather is cold). I felt very happy too. I already keep the money into bank. Cause I have promise mummy that I will buy my notebook myself....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kena Fire!!!

This is just second week I have started my work, but it is really sad to say that I've been fire from a class... So sad

The tuition centre is near my house. The boss in the centre told me that he had found a Math teacher that is going to teach permanent for Form 1 and 2. I will just only teach form 3 and standard 4+5 students.

I'm not angry and disappointed that I got less earn and teaching time at the tuition centre, but I'm angry that the boss never tell me earlier. He tell me last minute!!! So I'm very very angry!!!

Luckily I still got have another part time work at night. I will just earn less than before!!!.... T_T

Post Card From Japan

I received a post card yesterday.
It is from Rina.... from Japan!!!

Thanks Rina!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was chit chating in M-Group and mentioned that I'm going for jogging today in the evening. Then Phei E asked me to pass by her house when I'm on the way to Taman Gelora.
So I did.
And she gave me this---->

There are three things inside there..

They are from JAPAN..... hohoho
There are so so so cute... ^.^

Then after I finished jogging with Harn Wei, she gave me something too...

She gave me sweet that make from DENMARK~~~


Chinese New Year Decoration

Saturday and I just need to work for half day. Wu~~~
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so the teachers decided to take the opportunity to teach the children to fold 'tanglung'.

The Malays also take part in the activity too...

While the children were folding the 'tanglung', we teachers were writing kaligraphy.

We spend most of the time doing all those stuff until the time pass so fast and I didn't realize about it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Homicide Case

Something terrible happen today.

When I was helping those children to tie their hair before they go to school. (Well since I'm at there, so half of my job is to help them to tie their hair, cause Yeon does not know how to tie... =.=") Suddenly I heard a very very loud sound, somebody shout till very loud and then cried. Yeon ran to the source of the sound. Then I heard a boy said :' he use his bag to hit her!'. Then Yeon bring in my student into the kitchen. I asked her what had just happened, and she said that the boy use the bag to hit his own sister. Just think, where got brother hit sister like that? The little mei mei bleed. Her teeth almost coming out liao... haih... So the teacher called their mother there. What I can't believe is the mother didn't even scold that boy. She just talk to him only. Well, I do not know what she said to them, what I think is she should have bit that boy. That boy is very very naughty always bully other children in the Nursery. Beside that, the boy is also very very good in acting. Whenever he got homework, he will say that he had finished doing it. Really know how to lie!!! He should have been scold and rotan by his mother. His mother is really.... Haih...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost A Week

Tomorrow is Friday, the time pass really very fast, but I like this way. This is because that i can get rest on Sunday.

I really feel very tired doing all those working and part time job. But think deeply, I can get more money by that, I will just force myself to do it. If count properly, actually in a day I have work at least 11 hours. It is a very long time actually.

On the first day I started my full time job, I felt that the job is quite boring and sleepy. But after few days, it is tiring but the time pass very fast when I'm teaching the children in the Nursery. I have tuition every night from Monday to Friday, maybe on Saturday will have another tuition on form 4 students starting from next week.

I think I'll love Sunday very much because I can rest for the whole day. Really hope that there is no tuition on that day in the future too....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh It Is Really Tired

I thought tonight I will have free time at home and have a very nice rest after the whole day work in Nursery. I saw a miss call today, so I called back and asked.

The person who called me was a boss from another tuition centre. He asked to go for tuition at 5.30pm. Oh my god! I ended my work at 5.30pm ler. Then I have to rush to that tuition after that.

That's really tired after I finish the tuition at 5.30pm till 7pm. The worst thing is when I was going back home at 7pm, the person in charge there told me that I will still have another class at 8pm!!!

Oh my god!!! I have to return back to the tuition centre at 8pm.

I quickly rush home and take my dinner then went out again. This time the tuition is from 8pm-9.30pm.

I am really tired after the tuition, but luckily the salary that I got at there is not bad. I can get RM35 per slot. Wo~wo~

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Work

As I told you that I'm going for confirmation on my job today and it success. I will have to work from 8.00am - 5.00pm from Monday till Friday and 8.00am - 1.00pm on Saturday. The salary there isn't enough for me cause it is really very few but at least they provide lunch for us.

Yup, I worked in a Nursery that I need to teach those standard 1 - 6 students. I am working in the same place as Granpa. Her salary is also same like mine. The children there are naughty but they naughty till make a lots of joy. When you talk to them, you will sometimes get headache because you will very surprise on the answer they gave you. There is a little boy, he is very very funny. when you ask him something, he will answer you by repeat what you asked... Haha

Since I think the salary is not enough, I went to find another part time job to earn more money. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am going to work to night again. I am tired but I'll get lots of money at the end, and it is worthy. I think I gonna find some more tuition for myself to earn some more money... HOHOHO

Sunday, January 4, 2009

School Holiday Is Finishing

The school holiday is going to end very very soon. Of course I'm fine with it, because my holiday is still there although the school holiday is gone. This is because I had finish my secondary and waiting for my result.

Yeah, I know that the holiday is not longer available for me either, cause I also need to find a job to do to make sure that I'm not going to waste the whole holiday just like that before I going into University.

I got a phone call today from a nursery that I had gone for interview few days ago. He asked me to go on Monday to discuss about our salary then after that I'll straight away starts my work!!! But I'm still worry about it, I scared that after the discussion, we got no conclusion then he asked me to go home...

Few hours later, I received another phone call from other company of tuition centre. The person in charge called me and asked me to go to his office to take my schedule of the tuition teaching. I'll be teaching Malay, English, Science and Math on standard 2, 4 & 5. I got 4 classes in a week and each session there will be 2 hours from 8pm till 10pm. And all the classes will start on tomorrow!!!

Aha, that's means that I'm not going to be boring after the school holiday, and maybe my life will be very pack of working. Er, I still do not know that is it a good thing or a bad thing for me. I want my life to be alive but not boring. Hope that I still can hang out with my friends...

Whatever, hope those who going to start working friends will have a happy schooling after today. And, and of course there are something else, cause most of my friends started their work and I wanna wish them having fun when they are working...

Lee Hom, My Idol

Try this out, I think it is not bad.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

| Cold |

The weather is soooooo~~ cold recently.

This is because the monsoon season is here.

It cause me to feel very scare to go into the bathroom to take shower.

Everytime I going in to the bathroom,
I'll jump until I feel warm.

The heater had already spoilt and no more hot water for shower.


Oh My God!

Due to I got nothing to do at home this few days,

I am getting fatter.

Some more raining none stop,

I cannot even go to Taman Gelora to take some exercise.

Oh no!!!

Cannot be la, I must do more exercise at home already.

If not I scare the fatness will affect my health too...

Friday, January 2, 2009

What Can I Do?

It is the second day of the New Year. It is a very boring and wasteful day for me. Most of my friends they start their work today, but I still got nothing to do at home.

Chit-chating with friends, update my blog and cook when needed are the things that I can do at home this few days until I can find job. It is pathetic when you got nothing to do, especially cannot earn money at all. I mean that when you can only spend most of your time at home doing nothing is really stupid and stupid.

I feel that I am very very useless, because I can do nothing except wasting my time. I think I'm going to get mad if I don't find a proper job as soon as possible. It is really wasting of time. I did go for interview, but they said they can only give me the confirmation after Chinese New Year. THINK! If they do not want to hire my at the last minute and I have been waiting for their answer until February, then I might probably lost every thing. Because after Chinese New Year, it will be more difficult to find job any more.

OMG!!! What can I do?? I was thinking to work as Clerk but most of the companies do not want temporary worker, they want permanent's worker, which means I'm not qualified at all. I'm dead, totally die, because no work = no money and I am now really lack of Vitamin M, which is quite important for everybody.

I'm going to die very soon if I really don't find a proper job....

Oh GOD, please help me!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

It is 1st Jan of 2009.

Which means that it is a first day in this brand new year.

There are lots of thing that I wanted to do in 2008,
but I didn't do it very well and never even really do it.

I planed to do lots of thing this year, in this brand new year.

But, I'm not very sure I can do it or not.

Sometimes, thing doesn't go well as we wish to.

When we think on doing something,
sometimes it will just miss like that and we can do nothing to save that.

Will it go that well in this year??

Hope it will

Hope I will be more happy, and things that I wish will come true.
Happy 2009 New Year

2009 Countdown Moment

It was New Year eve. I know that Joe took part in the countdown fitness run something like that in Taman Gelora. So Sheng Yau, Yi-Tsiang and I (Kee joined us 10 minutes later because of traffic jam) went to support him while celebrate for countdown New Year.

The competition was held by MCA Indera Mahkota, when we reached there, there were already crowded by people. So we went to find Handsome Joe. Then I only realized that he was accompanied by Reuben and Ken (who are his ex-classmates and his friends).

We arrived there at before 11pm I think, around 10.40pm. We chit chat with each other until 11pm, but the event haven't started yet, so we keep on chit-chating. After the MC explained how's the journey that the participant will move on, still got lecture from those Dato'... It is obviously nobody who listen to them, but they still keep on giving talk. We wait till impatient and Leong almost fall asleep while Joe said he already cool down and need to warm up again.

They started their journey at 11.30pm if not mistaken. We did ask Joe that around how long they will need to finish everything, and he said, he estimated himself to finish it in 20 minutes. Actually the distance of the journey have been shorten due to the heavy raining half an hour ago. Since Joe has estimate that time, so after they started their journey we went for yamcha to spend of that 20 minutes.

After yamcha, we went back to Taman Gelora to meet them. On the way back to Taman Gelora, we called to some of our friends to wish them Happy New Year. Then I remind Sheng Yau to call Wai Li to wish her Happy New Year, who knows that Handsome Goh suddenly grab the phone from Leong to talk to her. She was blur at there moment because she got no idea who was he. At the time, it was really funny. Yi-Tsiang really make lots of funny noise and funny words came out from his mouth. Can't stop laughing at that time.

I think we only went yamcha for 40 minutes I guess, three of them had already reached the destination which is also the starting point. Wow, what can I said all is just GENG!!! (althought there is no such word in Chinese). We chit chat for sometime at there. Yi-Tsiang got played from his friend. Reuben, Ken and Joe who were sweating badly hug him. OMG, this is really dissgusting. But luckily they didn't hug that close... While chit chating, Yi-Tsiang showed me that Reuben's body release 'smoke', Joe explained that it is because they haven't really cool down yet.

At around 12.30am, we said Happy New Year to each other the we went back to our house....