Friday, November 30, 2012

The Awesome Singapore Food

Believe it or not I didn't gain weight this time and I feel so good because I gained weight every freaking time after I come back from Singapore!  Uncle is always so nice bring me to have all super tasty food out there which I don't think I will spend like that or pamper myself like that. wtf.
First day went to Hot Pot Culture at Marina Square.  It is buffet style and I like the food there because you can order food from the kitchen if you want to eat!  I mean order food like maybe Kangkung belacan!  And then you have many choice to choose as your soup for the steamboat!  I like the kimchi soup there.  We spent almost 2 hours plus enjoying the dinner there!  Bravo right!  I definitely will go there again!

On the next morning (thank God that it was Saturday, so auntie doesn't have to work), uncle and auntie brought us to Bugis!  The only place I want to go is Bugis for this time actually because I want to go shopping!
Never eat in this restaurant before.  I know I really kampong, but my hometown don't have and I don't really go KL.  Uncle brought us to have breakfast there since McD was full house.  I like their breakfast menu although there weren't much choice there.  Kindly remind you, if you are not big eater like me, better share with your friend!  Because the portion is really big where I find difficult to finish.  So Full!
This little boy was busy choosing what he wants!  Lol!  So cute!

Friday morning I reached Singapore and the night itself I had steamboat buffet.  Saturday night I had buffet again at Holiday Inn, Singapore due to it was little cousin's one year old birthday.


Sunday afternoon I had home buffet due to my little cousin's relative's (which also me my far relative) full month birth.  I don't know ang mo got celebrate this way or not but we Chinese usually will celebrate when baby is a month year old.  Some of the family open house but some of them only give away red eggs.  Consider I'm lucky I guess cause I got to eat buffet again?! wtf.
Really don't understand why I cannot find a fly on the food but when I attend buffet in Malaysia, flies are all around!  Weird!!!  Their buffet service was very pro!  Look at the sauce provided! (Maybe only my hometown is not this professional la... Me sua gu ma...)

Dinner had Bah Kut Teh at Takashimaya Mall.
Really never know that Singapore's Bah Kut Teh would be so different from Malaysia's!  The taste weird weird to me because I have been eating Malaysia's Bah Kut Teh for so many years and suddenly tried their Bah Kut Teh, feel weird...  But the Bah Kut Teh there still nice just don't have the strong herbs like we have in Malaysia!  They have white soup but we don't have, we have black soup but they don't have!  Lol!

On the night before going back to Malaysia, I went to Bosses Restaurant in Vivo City Mall (I went to this mall before in the last trip to Singapore, nah... Here!) to had dinner.
Seriously I got one moment thought I was Dai Jie Dai like you usually watch in drama or movie who got so many leng who serve you!  They served everything!  I mean as in you went to yam for Chinese wedding like that, of course la we have to pay them for that!  Lol!  (Money really serves everything!)

I should bring hak ciu that day so I can pretend like I'm Dai Kar Jie there, but since can't pretend to be one, I rather don't take any picture and keep enjoy eating. wtf.

Okay now look back to the first sentence of the post!  Feel proud of me right!?  Because I didn't get to gain weight after I took all such delicious and fattening food.  Hahahaha!

ps: I think it is better to put this under November~ =p

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Singapore Trip Ended

Miss me?  I bet YES!  Lol!  
For those who don't read my blog I don't think they know that I went to Singapore!  They find me in whatsapp wondering where I have been missing for almost a week without checking-in in Facebook.  (I couldn't connect to the Internet while I was in Singapore!)

Before I start with my Singapore Trip post, I think I shall share this in my blog first.  Did I ever mention that I have a little cousin who was born last year and now he is one year old!  Believe or not, I never get to meet him since he was born due to I was still study 'overseas'.  So since his birthday is 24 of November, so I decided to go for a visit!
Isn't he cute?!  The first time I know him was a year plus ago where that time he was still in the stomach.  I talked to him when he was in the stomach!  (you definitely can imagine that the way I'm talking to stomach!)
Now he is a year old!  Super active little boy who also having the same horoscope as mine!  No wonder he is so like me!  (I mean as in personality!) Someone seems to be jealous on this and find that's annoying when every time I mention this.
A friend of mine even said that he looks like my kid!  Lol!  I never admit that I like kids although sometimes they are annoying when you have to clean their shit where they don't know how to describe how they feel or what they want, but when you really understand them, you definitely know and understand each and every movement they do.  

Somehow I don't think their cries annoying because I feel super geng when I successfully made them stop crying. (I don't cover their mouth and force them to stop crying one okay. )
I am missing him already, waiting for the time come until the next meeting with him! <3 p="p">

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just Some Updates

I had been so negative lately, I mean real negative that I realized the smile on my face is fake.  People said when you smile is fake, your eyes wouldn't be able to smile too.  But I'm different because whenever I smile sincerely or when I don't smile sincerely, my eyes are still smiling because I have a smile eyes. wtf.

When you are negative, try to charge up yourselves with something positive, but make sure that the positive is more than the negative you have because if you have the same amount of positive as the negative, it will be neutral. wtf.
I'm crapping by the way.
Anyway, I still couldn't really accept that he had already changed his 'house address' but I the scene of him lying in the coffin keep showing up in my mind that telling me he has gone.

So many of this negative incident happened.  I don't feel good, I don't think friends of mine feel good too so I decided to go Singapore to have a walk there.  Actually the main purpose is to celebrate little cousin's birthday, but suddenly all that happened, I am glad that I made the decision earlier that I want to go Singapore so I can take this good opportunity to relax myself, put down all the burden.

So, I wouldn't be able to online that often and I don't think I will be able to use my phone there too!  If you want to find me, just whatsapp me or line me or viber me or inbox me in facebook!  I will try to connect to the Internet if I get into wifi-zone. =)

Take care.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

He Moved To Heaven

First time ever.  I never been to funeral (except for relatives') and this is the first time I went.  
Got the news early in the morning, saying that he has gone.  Immediately tears dropped from my eyes. Quickly wipe off my tears (because Ms Kan said don't cry in the message) and then tell bro about the news, again tears drop.  Seriously hate to cry when heard someone passed away, especially when someone who seems to be so strong in front of you.
He never wanted us to put his picture in public.
He was my supervisor during my 3 months training in the previous company.  I swear I never meet someone like him before.  He was a super nice person, superior.  He taught me lots of things not just regarding knowledge in IT field but also life principles.  He had gone through lots of challenges and you can say his life was full with up and down.  When you were listening to his story, you will wonder, is he telling lies or making story or that's his life.  I believe that there aren't many people in the world out there could do or go through what he had gone through.  Tough life to him but you would say it as interesting life journey.

He was same age with my father, that's why when I was talking to him, I have the feeling of talking to daddy where the only different is daddy never tell me about life principles but he did.  I even felt jealous when I see his love towards their children and wife.  The way he educated his children, the way he loved them.  All I can say he was a very responsible person, not just towards the family but also his career.  
If I hadn't been told that he has gone, I wouldn't be able to believe that the person lying in the coffin is him.  A person who looks so healthy in front of you, suddenly he is now lying in the coffin.  I don't dare to look at his picture for more then 2 seconds, because I am sure that my tears will flow out and I don't want to cry like baby there.  

Can't really sleep well last night even until 2am something I still couldn't fall asleep.  I kept dreaming of him being alive and talking around.  Obviously I started to miss him.  Sometimes we wonder why such nice person can just gone like that?  Well, guess what's the reason we gave to ourselves?  Because the God doesn't know how to use Ipad, Iphone as Steve Jobs was in the heaven creating ipad and iphone, so He wanted someone good in IT to teach Him how to use all those advanced technology gadget.  That's why He took him.

I really do think that his daughter is so strong where I didn't see her sitting in a corner crying but she was went around helping her mother and did stuffs that she should be doing like talking to relatives, consoling them.  Tough right.  I think if this happen to me, I might hide in the corner and cry like baby.  So immature of me.  sobs.

Went to his house last night.  Looking at the rocks on the floor, I was sitting there last month!  Enjoying the BBQ and chatting session that time.  Everybody is holding a cup of juice or alcoholic drinks.  It was just a month ago.  A MONTH.  My tears almost came out and quickly turn my head to the other side from thinking the scene.  Guess, after this once I think of the previous company, I will think of him.  :')

Rest in peace, I will never forget you in the rest of my life and I am so proud and glad that I manage to meet you in my life. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Better Than Photoshop!

I found a software that you can edit your picture without using photoshop!  Usually when people want to edit picture, or making a picture into a flawless skin, they will have to use photoshop!  Now I found another way of doing that without photoshop. 

Maybe you had already seen this ages ago, but I still would like to share this 'great' news here!  Go to this link and if you want to try out, go download the software.  I think that software really cool! =)
Cool right!  I think really cool lo! It is like you are putting the make up yourselves!  From a naked face into a full make up face!  Gosh, I no need to make up any more next time cause I can fill up the make up later by using this software before upload into the web!  Lol!
You can even change the size of the face like the above picture, make your eyes look bigger and make your mouth smaller!  You can even change the iris color!  Cool!!! How can you not using this software!  Really got no reason for not to download the software. wtf.

And then the normal Mei Tu Xiu Xiu has it newest version already.  You can also edit or put on make up by using this software also.  The only different is this one can carry and paste as in you can choose the eye lashes that you want and put on the place you want.  While the above software is already set the place at the very first place when you open the picture.  
See you want easy way or difficult way jek.
Left is edited by using Mei Tu Xiu Xiu while the right is without editing.  I changed the hair color, put fake eye lashes, blushes, and lip color!  I even managed to change my skin color and make myself a flawless face!  Really salute people who created this software!  They make my life easier! =)

Fast fast go download and you will have nice picture without using that difficult photoshop! =p
To be Photoshop is for this super pro people like graphic designer because there are too many tools that I find it difficult to use.  Yeah, have to admit that I'm not the pro group! Lol!

'He' is Handsome and Tasty Now

Finally I changed my header to something.  Seriously it takes me so long to complete it!  I really don't understand how model spend their time on photo shooting, because I find it really super tiring!  :s

Since I want some different header, so I asked sis to give me a favor where she has to take picture of me.  It was like disaster you know, she isn't a good camera girl because she seldom play with camera (camera here I mean normal camera which we don't have to do any setting but just made everything in auto mode), so she doesn't know how to adjust the angle.  Angle is very important because different angle could bring different image and different sense of the beauty.
(wow!  sound like I'm a pro!  Sorry, I'm not.  I just always play with phone camera when I want to take picture of mine.  Lol!  You know la... camwhore. wtf)
She doesn't know how to use the camera apparently, almost all the picture taken from the camera are blurred....
So decided to use phone to take pictures.  Surprisingly, the result from phone camera is much better, at least the pictures not that blur.  Haha!
Seriously, we were like spent for almost an hour to take all the pictures.  I don't think is nice or maybe is because I have to find my own angle and poses because she doesn't know how!  wtf.

Nevermind, I still can have my own way to do it.  Creative is all that need! =)

I have few design for my header actually, but I chose the current one as you can see above.  Let me show you the other two designs that I have created.
Super lame hor...  Haha!
I wanted to do something on the background too, but I really do till pek cek dy.  My skills are not that advance yet, so maybe next time! Hahaha!  Then I went to the template there to look for ready made background and I found this super tasty candies as my background! Hee~

Sweet hor~!

I wanted to put this one, but apparently it doesn't look nice when I view from my blog.  Er, maybe some other time when I got better idea?  =p
Cute ma? =p

Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Compound Ever! wtf

I never receive any compound before until today.  Seriously this had make me feel like worst day in my life.  So damn emo lo!

Driving back to grandma's house with sis today just because mommy asked for it.  I told mommy that I don't feel wanna go back grandma's house just because I don't feel wanna go back.  And then the road block happen right before I was going to reach grandma's house which is another half an hour distance away.

Really so hak zai (back luck).  I knew the traffic jam is because of road block but I didn't know that I'm one of the 'victim'!  Really fml.  The break light at the back is not functioning and that's the reason they gave me compound.  I swear to light bulb, I really don't know that the break light is malfunctioning la!  T_____________________T

Aih *pout*

Once I got the compound, I was crying like baby while continue driving.  I don't know why I cry till like that la that time, but now I'm still damn emo.  I think because I got scared and don't know what to do so the only reaction after I got back into my car with the compound.  
Passed the compound to sis who sat beside me and she read.  She saw the word 'mahkamah' (court) and then she read a loud.  I have to go to the court even after I pay for the compound!?  
I became even more nervous and scared.  
They want me to go court just because of the malfunction of the break light at the back?!  
(I couldn't think properly already)

Damn depressed.  T______________T
The more I think, the more I scared.  Then tears come out without my notice.  Aih...  The worst thing is I have to pretend nothing happen when I reach grandma's house WITH SMILE!  Seriously, feel lagi depressed lo!
Put the super fake smile on my face and pretending I'm busying with my phone when they were talking to me.  Until I really can't tahan already then I went into room and pretend to sleep.

Sigh... Suffering from depressing and suffering from pretending.  My life really sucks.

Thinking of the positive way, I have to be super careful in the future to avoid all this unnecessary payment.  Calm down, Cai Yi... Calm down.  Nothing is worst than facing an road accident because of the malfunction of the break light at the back.  So I kept saying thank you to the police officer (traffic officer?  I don't know) for informing me that my break light at the back is not functioning.

Silly hor?  Saying thank you and smiling in front of them (actually I can feel my legs were shaking) and then cry in the car after I got the compound.  wtf.

Phewtick - The Meet-Up Diary

This Phewtick is actually an apps that you can find in Apps Store or Google Play.  I think it is still new but I am sure that there are lots of people out there started to use this apps already.  
From the website of Phewtick, you can see that it is a tool that help recording down all the meetings and meet-up with friends who also use this app.  
(for more details, go see yourselves. =p)
I've tried out this apps for awhile since last month, but I was staying at home, didn't go out to meet anybody, plus my phone got no data so even I'm out from the wi-fi zone, I don't think I can use that apps also.  So I couldn't gain or earn any points.  

It is actually like once you meet someone who also have the apps, you can scan the QR code and then you will get the points!  Points can be collected to earn money.  I don't know about whether this is true or not la, but it shows that you can get money in RM but you firstly need to have paypal account.  
AND then only you can get your money from Paypal.  

Since I got no harm by trying this, so I am now trying to convince my sis to use this app so I can scan with her. wtf. (I really don't know how to earn points if I don't do it this way!)
No matter I will earn money from this or not, it will be just part of the 'entertainment' la, scan lai scan qu.  Then when you see the money is like already more than RM100, try to take out from paypal.  If really can't then ma donate lo!  

No harm right?!

So don't wait la, if you have smartphone, and you wanna try out, fast fast go install the apps down and go scan around to earn your first point!  

Good Luck.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Random One

I'm still thinking what to put in my blog.  Really salute those who always create website or customize webpage as their career.  I wonder how they survive looking at those non-human language and figure out themselves for like don't know how many hours sitting in front of the PC or laptop.  They really geng!

Don't say I'm geng too because my blog skin is nice! (I know 'he' is actually nice. =p) I don't really 'create' my blog skin myself.  I just take the template give in blogspot and go to the customize area there to customize.  That's it.  I always tend to go for easy way instead of figure out the real way.  fml.
Really feel shame to admit that I studied in IT field.  #facepalm

Okay, things that I haven't do for my blog is the header and the background.  I think 'he' are too plain now although I know 'he' is handsome already.  Hahahaha!  I want to put something else on it so it will look like mine although I know it is not belong to me in real life.  wtf.
Hopefully tomorrow can finish everything, so I don't have to do it in grandma's house.  (yeah, will be going to grandma's house soon for few days. )

Okay, I wanna put some stupid but adorable picture of me. wtf.  Don't vomit blood yo!
I bet Lynn will say, ba zi mei!!!  Lol!

Yo!  I am wearing the shirt I bought in Sabah!!!  
Cartoon monkeys are always cute.  

I have just rewatch Paranormal Activity 3 which I watched in hostel last time with Lynn and Deb.  I can't believe I still got scared with the scary scene although I had already watch once!  Gosh.. pray that I don't have insomnia tonight and pray that I can have super good night sleep till the next morning.

Good Night~

ps: call me tikus! wtf
ps: Happy Deepavali!!! 


People on the Earth are funny and cute of course.  Last year on the same date, 11.11.11, the only different is the year of both dates.  One is 11.11.11 and the other one is 11.11.12.  Yeah, last year was 2011 and this year is 2012.
Yeap, I'm telling crap. =p

Everybody seems to have awesome 11.11.11 last year.  I know it is rare to get that date because it has to be 100 years once.  But I didn't have awesome 11.11.11 like everybody did, I don't remember what I did on that day actually.  So I went to Facebook and see what I did on that day.  Well, all were about status and commenting others!!!  Lol!!!
People out there were thinking that 11.11.11 were awesome and I was in front of my laptop, watching drama and Facebooking for the whole so 'meaningful' day.  Hahahahaha!

If you really notice, I don't really have much friend back in University life.  I seldom hang around with others although I wish to so much because I don't really like to go hang with a gang that I'm not very close to alone.  You know what I mean.

So people were posting that 11.11 is a special day where those who are still single should go confess to your crush.  Me?  I did that long time ago and I don't think I should remind him of that, later he has nightmare. :x
So there was a picture which bring the meaning that if on 11.11.12, nobody confessed to you, then share the picture.  AND since nobody confess to me, so I ma share la, no harm one ma...
Small sis was so cute, she immediately confessed to me at the comment bar!  So someone confessed to me on 11.11.12, at least there were someone right. =p
Hahaha!  Just something random where I feel wanna blog about la.  People celebrate this as super special day but I just stay at home and edit my blog and 'he' is now half naked. wtf.

I wanted to do like everybody out there share the picture of asking someone (maybe stranger) to be the partner for a day, but nah... I scared too much of them out there asked me then how I gonna reject them! Lol!!!  (seriously the face is thicker than crocodile skin. wtf)

Conclusion, my 11.11.12 wasn't awesome but I managed to make 'someone' half naked.  XD
How about you?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

'He' is now Half Naked

I like to wear new clothes, that's why I shop a lot and I'm now bankrupt.  #okay
Since I'm bankrupt, so I don't have extra to buy clothes for myself and so I help my blog to wear new clothes. wtf.

'He' actually looks like this.
I'm not sure whether is 'he' or 'she' but since I'm a girl, so I would like to call my blog as 'he'.  I know that the color above didn't match him and I had force 'him' to use this clothes for almost 2 years.  Yeah, 'he' always complain about that, just I don't really want to bother him.

For me, blog should be simple and simple.  'He' is a platform for me to express no matter happy, sad, anger, or whatever stuffs, so I prefer 'him' to be simple and simple. (wtf)  And so suddenly I feel wanna do something on 'him' this morning at 5am.  Seriously no joking.  I woke up at 5 am this morning then check up whether my drama all finish download.  Then start to hunt for nice nice clothes for 'him'.  At the end I don't think he likes clothes out there, so I am thinking of designing a nicer clothes for 'him'.  
AND since I don't have enough material to make 'him' new clothes, so I decided to ask 'him' to wear underwear first before having something on 'him'.  Well, 'he' did complain to me that 'he' will feel cold without a proper wear but I just ignore 'him'. Hahahahaha! (evil)

So 'he' is now half naked.
I can hear 'he' is now so angry and pissed off with me.  Hahahahaha!!!
I will give 'him' a proper wear soon, but not now cause I'm too tired after designing 'his' underwear. wtf.  

ps: or should I let 'him' be naked?  =P

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Remember I posted a post about cute plushies?  If you notice, I mentioned in that post that I want to make a cute tofu plush for a friend of mine.  Guess some of you might know who is that.
Actually I should have given it to him before my convocation, but something turned up and I have to postpone the 'giving ceremony' until today.

It was damn awkward actually but I don't know why the awkward moment just gone when I meet him.  Anyway, I did pass 'that person' the tofu plush, a white one instead of black one because the black on is ugly. wtf
Cute right?!  I think they are cute!  Just my skill is not that good yet to sell to the market!  Lol, maybe should try something more creative so they can ignore my skills but more marks on my creativity!  (good idea isn't it?! Hahahaha)
Still making this is really tiring especially when you are repeating the same action for so many times, but I think I have another way of making my own present, which I can save my brain from thinking what to give as birthday present!

Let's see who is the next birthday girl/boy in the calendar~  Ah-hah!  Let's make one~  (If I have to mood to. =p)

ps: should be lucky for those who receive this cause I don't think I will simply make this.

Me, The Emotional One

Friends are planning to have BBQ on the next Wednesday.  They were so nice and invited me along, I wasn't in a mood, that's why I rejected.  Alright, I really do feel sorry about the rejection but I really don't think I want to go on that night because the excitement of having party like this gone and I don't want to ruin everybody mood on that night.  So, I made my own decision.

Right, back to the topic.

Being emotional has become a habit where I can't get rid off yet.  Maybe one day I can be fully cold-blood where the brain will be the controller of all.  No more emotional me.  I really can't imagine that from happen.  
Why want to be cold-blooded?  
Seriously sometimes being too warm might put yourselves in danger or maybe into a situation that you never wish to.  I faced that before where I can't hardly control my emotion where you can say with low EQ (wtf) and throw my temper out of sudden.  Maybe it is hard to believe me because you tend to see me smiling every time or laughing around but I can be so fierce sometimes.  
(even students are afraid of me.)

I'm still me anyway, just for those who don't know me definitely don't know that I'm a person who come fast and also leave fast where I get angry or pissed fast but I feel nothing in super short time.  Like if you and I quarrel during a meal and I got pissed, but before the meal ends, I don't get angry anymore.  

Now you know why I said I'm too emotional.  

ps: if things got serious (I mean really serious), I don't think I can release my anger just like that.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Desperately Need A Job NOW

Everybody has their job already I guess, at least they have been called up for interview.  Really FML as I am still unable to find one.  I have already started to feel boring for staying at home now.  I started to find out there is nothing to do at home except for chating online, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and drama.  Seriously find this really lifeless.

Friends are working now and even some of them told me that they were called up to attend interview.  Okay, I know I've been being too choosy that's why I didn't get to work now.  Gosh, it is really difficult to find job now, maybe I should consider to go work as cleaner. wtf. 

I narrowed my searching area to Kuantan only, I know that this might become the main reason of why I couldn't get any job now but I really hope I can stay in Kuantan and continue my tuition class next year as part time.  Seriously I don't find it tiring but I enjoy the teaching lesson although I will be working for almost 12 hours a day if I start my tuition class.

So now my daily routine is to find jobs in jobstreet or other job search engine and get myself a job.  Seriously have to find something to do or I will be dead because of boring.  
Anyone who know where or any company that has vacancy please let me know so I can send my resume there to try some luck there.  

Thanks in advance.

ps: really fml

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me No More Prettie

Beauty is always important to me, of course not beauty as in 100% perfection la. (I know I'm shallow) But at least the basic of the beauty is a must, wouldn't you think that too?  For example ah... Er... Okay, you don't have nice body shape like models have, so don't wear those clothes that will show your ugly body shape, wear something that can cover your fats but can show something nice from your body.  But of course in health sense, ugly body shape is not a matter, as long as you are under the healthy range of BMI then it is enough. 

Recently don't know what happen to me or because of the stupid weather that turn cold and hot suddenly until I can't really get use to the hot cold weather.  I got an mini ulcer in my mouth which actually symptoms of heat inside the body.  Guess I really have to drink lots of water as like pouring water every hour.  (better stay in the toilet la. wtf)
Not just inside my mouth, but also my face!
I know I look pale and can you see? my face is full with pimples.  Forehead, chin, and even beside my eyebrow.
I don't think that's pimple, because it is super huge and I can feel my eye swollen because of that.  So I think it might be skin sore. fml.
Usually when a person got skin sore, that's mean there are high amount of toxin in the body.  Guess I have to do a inner body clean up one day to clear all the toxin so I can be pretty from the inner of me (as in healthy la haiyo!).

ps: wanted to have peanut porridge for lunch but mommy said peanut is 'poison' so only white porridge with vege.  sobs

Monday, November 5, 2012

Poops wtf

Let me warn you first.  The topic of this post is very disgusting.  If you feel geli or what, don't blame me.  I already written as topic above 'POOPS', so of course this post is going to be full with poops content.  So be ready to feel disgusting if you insist to continue to read.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thick Face Block My Sleepiness wtf

The face too thick until it makes me insomnia?  omfg.  It has been first time after so many years, I never feel this suffer because of insomnia.  I know the last time I insomnia was like 3 months ago but the situation is so much difference.  2am... wtf

It is so unusual of me seeing me still awake at this time, I am pretty sure those who know me well know that I don't really like to stay up late to do anything but willing to get up early to do anything.  This is really like disaster to me when I can't manage my sleeping time.  If I ruined my bed time, everything on the next day will be ruined.

I wanted to go jogging later together with mommy as she has been nagging me for long because I didn't go jogging since I come back from travel and vacation and also convocation.  So I planned to sleep early (at 11pm) so I can wake up on time although I kept telling mommy that I don't want to go due to no water. (Got no water since early in the morning on 3rd of November, Labuan life. FML)  The worst thing is I can't sleep now and I don't think I will be able to go for morning jog tomorrow.  Seriously fml this time.  And what I said earlier to mommy that I don't want to go really come true!  wtf.

I bought a book, which I think it is kinda famous because it is costly. wtf.
Gonna start reading soon, because someone already wants to borrow from me.  Guess it is really famous! LoL!
Really realize that when I'm still studying, I don't read because I think reading on school books already make me suffer.  When I'm working, I don't read because of too busy.  But now I'm so free and I freaking like to spend time on reading!  I consider that as good thing la.  

Some of you might think why don't want just turn on the laptop and search for E-book to read.  I seriously dislike reading words from laptop, because I don't think I will bring laptop into the washroom to read when I'm doing business in there.  HAHAHAHAHAHA
So a physical reading material is much better to me, at least I have something to hold and I can use my freaking bookmark.  Lol!  

wtf!  It is already almost 3am, I think I really have to get on my bed and force myself to sleep already. Or else I don't think I will wake up on time tomorrow and mommy will definitely scold me for waking up so late.  

ps: Mr. Chou, please spend your time to meet me in my dream, thank you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thick Face wtf

I'm gonna be super thick face this time. wtf.  I really can't believe I'm doing this but yes I'm doing it NOW!

Okay, let's start.  
You are now reading my blog, right? (how silly am I, of course you are reading my blog, if not you wouldn't be able to see what I'm writing here. wtf!  Sorry, something wrong with me lately.  Maybe I've been too long didn't refresh my brain. wtf)
Go to the NuffnangX there to follow me please... I only got a followers. fml.  So pity lo! wtf.  It is a good thing to follow me because you can know things about me (wtf) and you can sometimes get to see who I gossip to (wtf wtf).  Okay la, I really don't know what is so good about my blog also.  Just go and follow la.  I need some followers leh. wtf.

Another thing is please go to the ads and help me click!  I am lack of money recently and need your help!  Just click the ads and I can earn money!  If I earn more I'll treat you makan!  I promise!!!  wtf.


I know there is nothing you can find in my blog, I know you can only read my blog when you are free as appetizer only, not main course.  fml.
But PLEASE, you help will be super appreciated by me!  Lol!

ps: really can't believe I'm doing this.  wtf.  (some kind of breakthrough, I guess)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Little of This and Little of That

Finally I am able to write something about myself.  Recently I was posting lots of posts about trip, guess it is time to go back to reality.

ps: that's not easy to de-crypt yo!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

KL Trip, Day 8

This is about the last day in KL, but I found that I got nothing to share.  Therefore, this will be a super boring post.  If you are very sure that you want to continue reading, then click read more link, but if you don't want to continue, then just close this window.
Thank you very much. =D

KL Trip, Day 7

It is not supposed to be KL Trip actually.  It supposed to be Selangor Trip wtf.  Doesn't matter, let's continue.
I supposed to have night gathering with Juon and Lynn on Wednesday night which on the 5th day in KL but Lynn got training and Juon got something on, so everything canceled and I stayed in the house. wtf.

Never mind, the gathering was replaced with girls' outing on the 7th day.  They were so nice knowing that I'm super nerd because I don't know how to go around in KL.  I don't even know how to go from a place to another place with LRT.  I know you wouldn't believe this, but this is true!  I never go out alone in KL, not to mention LRT.  Gosh...  Every time when I have to go somewhere by LRT, I wouldn't be alone, I mean someone will be there accompany me to the destination!  Yeah, lucky me but at the same time, shame on me.

Okay stop talking about me.  So that day was girls' outing.  Debbie and Lynn went out with me.  They came to the nearest mall from the place I stay.  See, they were so nice!  Of course, they are nice too!  And so, we went to The Mines.  It doesn't look like huge mall to me but the food corner is so huge and I almost can't resist to eat eat and eat.  FML
They said wanna meet at 10am, so I went there at 10am something after breakfast.  Debbie was pissed and nag at us for eating breakfast ourselves but not with her.  Haha!  Friends or Food, of course I will choose food, that's why I went for tomyam that morning. =p

After accompany her for breakfast, we went to buy movie tickets and then walk around while waiting for the movie.  Actually I thought of finding a place where we can sit there for like 1 or 2 hours and we will talk talk talk for that 2 hours, but since she suggested to watch movie, so we went.  (Lynn told me that Debbie suggested to have movie because I mentioned earlier that best outing must include a movie session.  wtf!  But honestly, I thought we could have lots of things to say, I mean girls' talk, cause it has been awhile we hadn't talk like we used to in hostel.)
Watched movie that wanted so much by Debbie and Lynn.  I didn't want to watch the movie but since they want to watch so much, so I just joined.  (I wanted to watch other movie cause I knew that I wouldn't be able to watch movie after this even after I come back to Kuantan.)  If you live in Kuantan for so many years, you will find out that everything in KL is expensive!  It is true that you can get lots of first trend or fashion in KL, but if you are not working like me (jobless), KL life is really torturing.  A movie ticket cost me RM13 which I will not be able to spend that much in Kuantan.  The most expensive also RM11 only (on public holiday).
I didn't really watch that movie.  I don't watch scary movie.  I watch when I really want to know what happen inside, even if I watch I will cover my face with hands, trying not to be scared by those scary scene.  Poor Lynn were bullied by me in the cinema, and I'm freaking lying on her shoulder.  I wish she is taller so I will be more comfortable. wtf.

Debbie didn't cut (or trim) her hair for more than 10 months and her hair started to become yellowish and looked unhealthy.  So she went to trim and do treatment on her hair.  Ask her how much she had to pay for that.  She paid that much but at the end from what Lynn and I saw, the length of her hair remain the same but after treatment her hair no longer yellowish.  Is that illusion or what?... Hurmp...

While waiting for Debbie, Lynn and I took some pictures, but I am not going to post all the pictures here.  (Debbie is going to mad at this saying that why I only take picture with Lynn but not her. XD)
When I was watching movie, my family went to have lunch at Bar B Q Plaza.  Damn shit lo!  I really wanted to eat at there so much.  Fine! gonna find a time to go eat next time.  Now you can see the real me, I am a person who always ask for food anytime anywhere.  I'm the famous food hunter in the house where nobody can beat me!  Lol

Ate home cook maggi mee that night as dinner.