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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy birthday to a friend in campus.
22 years old ady, old le... LoL

Now is the most busy time for us as we are rushing our assignment like hell... I have to bring my laptop out almost everyday!
Seriously not convenient without a battery!!! T_T
Because of this busy life seriously I got no time to plan for any of the birthday celebration which I usually will do and plan to close friends.
I'm so sorry... =(

The birthday boy today is so lucky and happy for sure cause he gets to have 3 cakes for his 22nd birthday!  Some more he got special 'love' from 'overseas'.  (Hmm.... wondering will I get one also? Lolx)

happy birthday~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

























p/s: 很想睡死算了,什么都不用管了。。。但我不能这么不负责任。。。

Monday, March 28, 2011


Long time I didn't use this word 'EMO' already, I mean in my blog.  I used to feel emo and become sad suddenly but now I seldom have that kind of symptom that often already.
Is it because I change my room mate already?
As you know we change our room every 2 semester (a year), I had to separate with my ex-room mates who we stayed in a room for a year and now staying with my new room mate who is actually also my course mate and also can consider my best buddy in this holy hell campus.
Since then I seldom become emo so easily, maybe because I feel safe to talk to her as she keeps secret!  We pillow talk, share almost everything.
Yeah, I have to admit she is a good friend, and I believe I'm a good friend to her to as she gave me lots of her first try on me!  LoL (don't you dare to think something irrelevant) *evil laugh*

Some how, I still feel emo sometimes when the feeling just come, is not I don't want to tell her or what, she knows but she will remain silent and let my anger and sad feeling just flow away itself.  (seriously she does the right way, because she knows that I will tell when I want to)
Glad she understands me sometimes...  (Seriously not all the time... humrp... 40% of understand me~ LoL)

I still don't feel good now as lots of thing happen today.

First of all, I don't feel like going for the morning class (I believe nobody does!).  Seriously tired and I wish I could have more time to sleep! And I had more assignment to do already after the class!  Argh...
Secondly, assignments' due date are all on the same date! I can't really manage which to come first.  I can only do my individual assignment first as I can only able to manage my own time since group assignment need to spend time together to discuss.
Thirdly is about the bastard so call meeting...  Our "lovely" deputy dean asked us to have meeting regarding our registration on our subjects for next semester.  She was like wasting our time having meeting with her.  I have to admit that she did give information about the registration subjects but she was dragging our time, wasting our time!
I dislike her.  Seriously!  She never give me any good impression...
She never smile to female... I am serious!  I greet every lecturer when I meet any of them, everyone will give me a smile but not her! She will give you a hippopotamus face or you can say a horse face although you greet her sincerely.  What I know from seniors were she prefer to talk to guys than girls.  I wasn't believe that at first, but every time when I greet her, she never give me a smile, so that had proven she doesn't like girls... *cross mouth*

This is a huge secret!
Just keep the secret here kay, don't spread around...

One more thing, mostly I have to celebrate my next coming Chinese New Year as we have intensive course that we must attend or we can't graduate! *super dislike*
I never celebrate Chinese New Year without my family, guess is time for me to be grown up girl already although I dislike to be.
Why is it life so difficult when we are an adult?

p/s: can I cry?

Sunday, March 27, 2011







p/s: 还是在乎的啊。。。

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yesterday jogging...

I ate a lot yesterday and I felt guilty and since Leng asked me out for jogging, so I decided to go at the end.  I had a nap and asked Syn Wei to go along, but still at the end I go with Leng ny.  When I was going out for jogging de time, Syn Wei just fell asleep nia, so I didn't wake her up along as when I woke up, she just went to bed de leh...

I was a little pissed off, cause every time when I tell her something and advise her something, she will never listen (actually I also seldom listen to her advice as her advices not convincing me). So I left her alone sleeping in the room while I go out for jogging~
Guess what?
After an hour + I came back from jogging, she was still sleeping... lol
Make me feel lagi right for not asking her to jogging for the second time...
(don't tell me that you are fat ady...)

Heard something when we were on the way back to hostel.
Something funny...
Something secrety...
Even something that I don't know...

But I do feel fresh after the jogging~
Too bad I can't go for jogging today... lol

p/s: can you sweep the floor at least once without my reminder?
p/s: I will learn not to care about whether people will ask me to join them for something or not.
p/s: I will *bear* in mind of how people treat me...
p/s: I really like Skin Food nail polish!!! LEng, I'm addicted ady!!!
p/s: I'm so jealous and envy of the 120 pallet of eye shadows leh!!!


Because of the assignment, we have to go to a company to finish up our assignment.
Because of the assignment, we have to find a company that can easily be communicate.
Because of the assignment's marks, we have to find someone friendly and kind and generous (of course la, so that he/she will give us more marks!!! XD) in the company.
Because of the assignment, I have to purposely rent car go out, luckily Edwin managed to drive so that I don't have to drive with my contact lens... (I put on make up so I need contact lens de)

Interview make up and look~
(Syn Wei said I look very professional!! *happy*)

There are lots of because... Yet we managed to settle our things smoothly and reward ourselves with McD!
Ops, not really McD la, just McD ice-cream.

Oh ya, forget to mention that yesterday was the first day of APK (I mean officially), they sell a lot of foods and drinks!!!  I wanted to eat them all, but I have to bear in mind I'm fat so that I won't eat that much!!!

Gtg, later still got talk to attend.... (my nice nice sleep.... I know I should say bye bye =( )

p/s: I am on my diet way.... Healthy rocks!!! LoL

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Want To Donate Blood!

Today we have blood donation in the campus.  I have already more than 2 years didn't get the chance to donate blood, but I didn't know that today I still don't have the chance to donate blood!!!

Seriously disappointed...

Before you donate blood, you have to pass 3 of the following step to make sure that you are healthy.
1. weight
2. blood pressure
3. quality of your blood (actually is heme)

I passed the first 2 which I have normal weight, normal blood pressure, but too bad I didn't pass the third one.  My blood are not qualified!!!!

I'm seriously disappointed with that...

I google the reason why I can't donate blood once I reach my room...
Here is the link of it... (I'm sorry cause it is in Mandarin!)

My heme is not qualified and I have to take more vegetables, meat, eggs, beans, milks...
How can I eat healthy here wor....

p/s: emo...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Just now was suddenly our conversation turn into birthday celebration.  We were talking about celebration of birthday of everybody.
Then suddenly mention about someone's birthday.  He said that nobody will celebrate birthday with him as nobody will remember his birthday... LoL
I believe that everybody will remember your birthday just they don't feel like celebrate it ny.

Usually I will celebrate birthday with friends, I mean really close friends.  I don't mind to be organizer to plan for the celebration, but I will have to see whether is there anybody going to support my idea or helping along and co-operate with me to make the planning successful.
For me, a successful birthday celebration is I manage to give the birthday girl or boy a surprise.

For me, I usually prefer to celebrate my birthday with my family.  Don't you think that celebrate with family is the warmest? Maybe is because I seldom get to celebrate with friends as I never celebrate my birthday during school time as my birthday falls usually on school holiday which I will have my whole day with my family.


What a talk~

p/s: maybe is because scare disappointed that's why....

Seriously I have to Change..

Recently I spend more time with 2 guys who they are really fit in their body shape and they really control their diet very well! Their determination is so strong and if you really know them, I bet you will feel that they are really good in controlling their diet than girls! (maybe only me, girl who can't control my own diet)

Every time when they are eating in front of me, I will feel super guilty as they really eat oil-less food!!!  Argh... They don't take fast food, no maggie, seldom rice...  They take tuna (tuna chunk only, is without mayo because mayo is fattening), chicken (breast meat only, no other part as they are fattening and high cholesterol), eggs (seriously lots of eggs a day... last time I saw them ate 6 eggs a day without yolk), and others.
They are guys, that's why take more protein to build their muscle.
Besides their diet on foods, they also exercise everyday.  Everyday!!!  Morning they will go for jogging, evening will jog too but after jog they will go for rugby!  Sometimes after rugby they will go for gym!!!
Oh damn!!!
They are really give lots of commitment in their diet and they told me that they will continue with this diet until mid of May!!!


I'm a girl leh, but how come I can't be as them?  Sacrifice my delicious food just for getting a healthier body shape and life style?
Oh... Seriously guilty...

This morning I put on my make up to class as I thought after class might interview for the Business Management's assignment. (at the end we didn't get to interview as he wasn't around)
When I was in the class, one of my course-mate was staring at me, so I asked her what was it, she told me that I looked like bear!

I'm I look like a bear???

I feel that I fat ady, take pictures also not nice ady...

Can't make myself become fatter la!!!
No No No!!!

p/s: I wish I have sexy body shape~ lol

别说射手女花心  射手座:阳历11月23日~12月21日


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


昨天欣薇看了一篇文章还特地 tag 我叫我看第一个句子。

1、我们还是当朋友好了 (其实你还是有多余的利用价值)

2、我想我真的不适合你 (我根本就不喜欢你)

3、天气好冷喔,手都快结冰了 (快牵我的手吧,大木头!)

4、我觉得我需要更多一点的空间 (我不太想看到你了!)

5、其实你人很好 (我不想跟你在一起)

6、你人真的很好 (我真的不想跟你在一起)

7、你人真的真的很好……真的! (猪头,离我远一点)

8、我暂时不想交男朋友 (闪边啦!你还不到我心中帅哥标准的一半)

9、我不想伤害我们之间的友谊 (我们之间也永远只会有友谊)

10、你这样让我感到很尴尬 (我无法强迫自己说我不想说的答案)

11、我的心中牵挂着一个人 (那个人是我特地虚设用来挡像你这种人的)

12、朋友才是长久的,不是吗 (想当我男朋友,自己不照照镜子)

13、我从来没想过这个问题说 (这根本是不可能的嘛!别做白日梦啦)

14、我不适合当个情人 (废话,没有人会适合当你情人的啦)

15、你给我个时间考虑 (没给我时间,我怎么跑得掉……

16、我们不可能在一起的 (虽然理由很烂,不过挡你绰绰有余啦)

17、我们的距离太远了 (当个朋友就不错了,还想有别的)

18、你的条件真的很好 (你的条件真的还没好到我想要的地步)

19、可是……这样好怪,真的很怪 (你这丑八怪!怪成这样还想吃天鹅肉?)

20、我觉得男女之间是真的有纯友谊的 (对,没错,我和你之间就真的只可能有纯友谊)

21、坐机车可以呀,骑机车很方便的 (穷小子,没汽车还敢来接送我)

22、但你的温柔我会铭记在心的 (情圣!光温柔是没用的,还需要钱钱……

23、其实我一直没有勇气接受你 (看到你差点吓死,哪里还有勇气?)

24、你真可爱 (你真幼稚)

25、你真的很可爱 (你真的很幼稚)

26、你真的是超级可爱! (猪头!不要像小朋友一样黏啦!)

27、我们应该给彼此一点缓冲时间 (给你时间滚!你再不走,我真的会翻脸!)

28、别急嘛,我们可以先作朋友 (我可以趁这个时候找男朋友)



Monday, March 21, 2011

Whole Week

Last week was so fast, I didn't realize that the week just passed like that, I feel like I done nothing...

I hate Monday the most, maybe because of Monday blues.. I have to wake up early in the morning and I had 4 days continuously no class and suddenly I have to wake up early for morning class... Had quiz but we were not allow to open book and at the end I didn't get well for the marks although I did study for it. =(
Didn't spend my Monday wisely and forgotten what I did until at night when I went for dinner with friends, I only realized that I got date with them in library!
Well, at least I did spent sometimes for the quiz for the next day.

Got no morning class as Dean had gone overseas, but poor thing is I didn't make myself wake up late but 7.30am.  Sigh... Seriously no idea when I will learn to wake up late.  After had the last reading for the quiz, went for 2pm class.  Sir seems to pissed off with us as we were always being so noisy in the class.  I wondering is it because of that 2 fellow and myself as we three also laugh and talk so loud... @@
At the end as punishment, he said he will give us pop-up quizzes for 2 subjects!!! omg!!!
After Business Management, we were rushing to continue our study on Mandarin as Ms.Soon did mention that we will have our quiz, but at the end she told us that she forgot to prepare the questions for us! XD
At night we had Maths tutorial at night, too bad is there created rumors.  The tutorial lecturer said Yu Jin and Syn Wei are couple... @@ While Siva said I'm his girl friend... @@ wtf...
That night, plurk and facebook were full of the comment about this in my wall....

After the rumors in the previous day, they continue in the next day... Seriously I got no idea where to put my face. I'm lazy to explain as no matter how I explain, they will definitely turns a big round and continue the rumors...
Maths class was fun but when it comes to evening class I pissed off as her attitude was so annoying.  I don't think that there is anybody likes her class, all of us always pray that her class will be cancel last minute~
I didn't go for the night date as I wasn't in mood as what happen in the afternoon class during the discussion.
Still I felt glad that I didn't go as I can do my Mandarin assignment in the room with the smooth internet!

I got no class on this day!!!
So went out to town...  From 9.30am until 4.30pm!!! Super tired...
And also on this day, Syn Wei finally voice out for her own feeling.  Everybody was surprise with that and feel sorry to her which only few of us know what exactly happen... hahaha.
Maybe is a good thing for her to voice out this time so that nobody dares to bully her as so many people like to ignore her feeling... (pity her)
Didn't go library again cause I can hardly walk after 6 hours of walking at the town...

We were happy cause thought that we got no class, but too bad our mood ruined by one of the subject.  We got no choice but to attend because we have to meet the lecturer to report our progress on our group assignment!  We were super unwilling...

I was moody since morning after came back from the library as something happened there.  I almost cried out when it happened but I manage to stop the tears from coming out.  I don't wish to let people to see how weak I'm, I just ignore them and bare in mind how they treat me as one day I will be careful with everything to avoid things similar happen.  I was so glad that when things happened there was a friend who see the environment change and comfort me. Thanks!
After that, everybody was so worry about me.  LoL!
Here to say that I'm alright. =)
Usually I will be alright after things happen in around few hours.  So cheers~
Btw, I ate a lot for my dinner on Saturday.  Never feel this satisfy!!!

Again meeting... I hate meeting especially during weekend and I have to walk far from my room... I prefer staying in my room as the weather out there is so hot!  We wanted to meeting about ECBM but at then turned in to Maths discussion as that time there wasn't electricity in the whole Labuan so we didn't manage to get information from the Internet.
We planed to go out for Monday's interview preparation, but we didn't manage to go out at the end because they said Labuan was out of petrol!
Sunday wasn't a smooth day for me...

That's my whole week...
Didn't really fully utilize my free time...
After all... that week passed, now is the brand new week!!!
Deadlines of all assignment are around the corner, some of the assignment didn't even started to type a single word! =(
Seriously need to work very hard for this already!



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wrong Person La...

Recently people keep misunderstand that I'm one of the ajk for SSIL night which is going to held on 17th April!

They asked me lots of things about the night and weird thing is I know how to answer them...
After that I ny realized that they actually misunderstand that they thought I was one of the AJKs...

Is that weird that I didn't join for this event?
I don't know.
I just want to enjoy the night~

I know that joining events are fun but some how I am super glad that I didn't join.  Maybe is because I'm too tired to join to much of the activities and sometimes rest is enjoying too!


Olga is so cute!!!
To be continue??
I have no idea!







p/s: 请不要对号入座。。。







p/s: 请不要对号入座。。。

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vampires' Night!

I'm going so how about you?

p/s: there are lots of unwilling... but is not good to post here...

I'm Devil

You will definitely realize I keep saying that I'm evil!  Yeah, I am and friends are thinking the same way as I too!

I shouldn't do things but I actually did it.
I shouldn't make that but I actually did it.


Just stay away from me, to avoid yourselves from getting hurt by a devil!

Evil me..

Touching Video

I watched this video for 3 times already, 3 times also make me cry like hell!!!
This video is bloody touching and I bet that if you let me watch for the forth time, I will still cry!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I ain't Negative

Went for library as what we planned yesterday, just suddenly we had breakfast together in the cfc since I didn't eat anything since I got up.
Surprisingly today's breakfast the auntie charged me RM1 only, usually she will charge me RM2 with a plate of fried noodles and one scoop of fried potatoes.  She said I took too little wor, so she charged me RM1 lo~

While we were eating, you suddenly asked me what I did yesterday after we spent that few hours in library, and then the topic suddenly link to a very serious words come out from your mouth: to be honest, you are too negative.

I ain't negative, just I usually think lots of thing and make the best choice I can to avoid bad things happen.  You think that I'm negative maybe because you feel that I always describe myself as worst as possible.
Maybe you are right about that I'm negative, but for me I am just trying to make others clear about me.
I am a slow learner and nobody realize it until they really involve in teaching me.  I'm bad in understanding situation and guess what, nobody knows about this too.
Everybody thinks that I'm good in this and that, but actually I have to put more effort, put more time than other people did to make my things done.
I remember when I was working as part time in a company, the supervisor took more time on teaching me their system than others to make sure me master their system.  Sometimes is not I want to take more time, but I seriously not really good to understand things like you guys do, can really understand reading in one read, but I have to read for 2 or three times.

I always tell friends around me about my bad stuff is because I don't want them to think that I'm good but actually I'm not and they might feel disappointed or think that I didn't do my very best if I didn't make the target that everybody wants to.

Sometimes is for everyone own sake to say that I'm seriously not good.

Still, I don't think I'm negative.
Hmm, maybe a little...


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Alert

I heard announcement of tsunami alert that will attack Labuan already few times since I was in first semester.  Weird thing is this time I really feel scare and worry, I know nothing I can do if it really come, but then I still felt scare.

Facebook and Plurk were full of tsunami status, latest news of announcement from difference source! 
Everybody was trying to tell everybody who stay in Sabah and Labuan to stay away from the beach, but Labuan is an island itself, how we can survive if tsunami really comes?  

Thought it was real at first because there was a news from Sin Chew Daily that they say tsunami warning for residents in Sabah and Labuan which I am now in Labuan studying.  Called mummy and daddy to tell them about this news cause I'm very sure that they wouldn't get to know the latest news about what is happening in Japan because they are still working when the disaster happened.  Mummy was worried, she asked me not to go anywhere but stay in hostel as hostel is at higher place then other place, while daddy told me not to worry because Japan to Labuan is not near, and if is really tsunami, the huge tsunami in Japan will become small when reach here... 
LoL...  Daddy, you are really funny la...

When I called them, I was scared but I pretended with nothing's wrong with me, with calm voice tone to talk to them so that they wouldn't be too worry on me.  Being strong in front of them to avoid them to worry about me.  
But luckily it was just an alert, not warning.

After 12am, which the news said the time was 6pm to 12am, I told my roommate that we are still alive!

Now when I open my facebook, I still can see the news of the tsunami and there were also news about what happen now in Japan.  Seriously feel sad to residents in Japan, but they are really united when this happened. I saw one of the post is about they are helping each other to decrease the numbers of death to minimum numbers by giving free drinks and food to each others!!!
I wandering if tsunami really attack Malaysia, I believe everybody will be very selfish to save themselves first and food, drinks might not enough due to some selfish people who try to keep all just for themselves...



Let's us pray for Japan...
God bless them...

p/s: hopefully the numbers natural disaster happens will become lesser and lesser...

Friday, March 11, 2011

High Low Friday

Super high low day for me today.

I had my E-commerce Business Model's midterm this morning which she told us yesterday evening.  At first she said we will have our midterm at 10am, but at the time 12am midnight, she smsed everyone of us who going to take midterm that our midterm will be early in the morning at 8.30am.  (seriously she is really kind enough to let us take our midterm, if not we will have to extend another semester just for this subject! She seriously has the right for no letting us to take our midterm, thank god for letting us to take our midterm)
We were lucky that we don't have subjectives question but we were unlucky because the questions consist of topic 4 which she told us that we were be tested on topic 1 till topic 3!  Really don't know how to die with this also...

Then went to support Infinite's APK and Tapao's APK.  Their APK really going to make me bankrupt, but is better than having CFC food everyday.  CFC's food is really boring if I have to take everyday.
I waited around 15 minutes for Infinite's food, but they late for 5 minutes also~
Haha, is okay ba, cause I was having fun there while waiting.
After that when I was heading to Tapao's stall, they were still preparing food, that time was still 9.30am ++, then there comes a senior (Syn Wei and I were the first to reach there), we were supposed to take our bento (food) first, but since my friend (Tapao's 'worker') said that the senior already complaining this and that already and asked whether I can let the senior to take away his first.  I was so kind, so I let la...  But I really don't understand why is it so impatient to wait wor...  They already said 10am ma... Wait for awhile will die meh...

The bento was nice~ =)

Day didn't end just like that but I have to continue with my another midterm.  Business management's midterm.  I was late to class, never realize that I was late until I was inside the lift, but luckily they haven't start the paper yet but the lecturer was still arranging seats! LoL
I don't feel the midterm is very easy also, maybe because I didn't do my best on study them more harder.

Once I get back to the room and turn on my laptop, log in into Facebook, realize that there was tsunami in Japan! God bless them...
And there was news about Sabah and Labuan's residents need to be alert because there might be tsunami attack! (I got this from the Sin Chew Daily online news)  But after 10 minutes I went to another online news website (The star online), they said Sabah and Labuan residents have been advised to stay away from the coast due to rough seas and high sea level expected to occur between 6pm and midnight Friday BUT no tsunami warning was issued.
They really made me worried at first.  Seriously I was scared, although I got nothing to scare of with this kind of situation.
Though of wanna go library to study de, but mummy called and ask to stay in the room tonight don't go anywhere...

My facebook wall is really full of tsunami news!
Pray for those in Japan...

p/s: seriously if you got anything that you think you haven't done, please make them done, cause we really don't know what will happen...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The title brings the meaning of Love is Multiplication, when one of the number multiple number is 0, then answer is always 0.
I took it from my brother, didn't realize that he will post this kind of thing!
He is so boring cause he only know to post those  philosophy things on his wall, but I still like it cause I can copy and paste to my wall!

I am so agree with the title above, no matter how deeply your love towards a person is (any numbers), you will still get nothing if the person you love do not love you (zero number).
That's why we get zero at the end!

Some people might give up with it because they don't see any of the progress for them, while some might put more effort to hope something change.

Different people different opinion, some of them might think that since the answer is equal to zero why want to force each other because it is impossible even how you change the answer is always zero (how hard you change a number into another number, as long as it is multiple to zero, you will get zero: n x 0 = 0)

While some of them will think that why we must be so stubborn on the multiple equation? Why don't we change it into additional?  Any number that added with zero will get zero (of course except of 0 + 0 la).  They think that love has many ways, why we want to force ourselves in one way, why not change another way to make things done?

Well, that's different people different point of view.

What's yours then?

p/s: this is just something nice to share.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011











他们其实非常单纯,甚至你曾经无心给 的他一个微笑他也会一辈子记得你的好,因此他们的世界观其实也很简单,他们很容易受蛊惑,请不要轻易的伤害他们的感情,因为一旦伤害了,那就将永远弥补不 回来!如果你身边有这种人请你给予他(她)那怕是凤毛麟角的那点关怀,让他(她)知道这个世界没有抛弃他们。



Monday, March 7, 2011

Vitamin M

I am chatting with my friend who studying in UUM now.  He told me that he was asked to go holiday trip during August but he said he need to considerate cause he is out of budget now.

Talking about budget then we related to Vitamin M.  (Vitamin M is vitamin money... hahaha)
Then I asked him how much he spends in time of a month, he said maximum also RM300.  I was really surprise! Cause that amount is so difficult for me!  Impossible for me to spend less than that amount or exactly that amount.
So I was wondering whether he ate very few or what cause RM300 a month is really like impossible.  He tole me that they eat rice + 1 vege + 1 chicken only RM2.80.  Seriously weyh, so cheap!!! Do you know how much we have to pay here if we eat rice + vege + chicken? I have to pay around RM 4 leh!!!  Why is there so big difference!!!???!!!
So unfair!!! He is studying in such big university and my campus is so small somemore sometime got blackout, but I have to pay more for my food... T_T

That's why I seldom go cfc to buy my food, rather eat maggi mee in the room.  Food are so expensive here plus sometimes you need to buy books or something extra like your daily uses leh?
People who didn't study at here they don't know that we really have to spend that much if not we really will die in hunger.
Abo if I want to save my money also can, ask someone here to treat me every meal la, no need to pay for the meal, then I ma can save a lot liao lo...
Confirm less than RM300 per month!

p/s: mummy, now you understand what I mean already right?  It is not that I spend a lot, but the environment force to spend this much...
p/s: unfair unfair unfair!!!

Want Or Don't Want?

Vampires' Night is coming and they are now looking for people who want to perform on that night.
I am wondering whether I should join or not, to give as a present to the third year....  I got no that courage to do so...
so want to or don't want to??
Still struggling...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh man, Seriously Nice song!!! *love*

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
Every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, they never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me
And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight
And I'm gonna be by your side
I would never leave when she needs me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, they never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
And I'm gonna be here forever more
Every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

I'm forever keeping my angel close

p/s: really like this song!!!

Indian Culture Night 2011

I also don't know why is 'Culture' is not 'Cultural'.  They just put there Indian Culture Night, so I just followed them.

Didn't take much picture also, cause we just spent our time as audience on the performance nia.

I only managed to take picture with few of them, cause I only have very few Indian friends.

This is the only event that I manage to spend my time there from the beginning of the event till the end (I mean when I am not one of the ajk la).  Because previously I will definitely went off because of tiring and late start of the event.

p/s: this few days really so many things in my mind...
p/s: I want to wear sari also...

Go? No Go?

It is about the vampires' night that actually for the third year who is going to graduate.

I knew about this function before Chinese New Year and I managed to bring my own dress back to Labuan, cause I was hoping to attend this annual dinner, but now something have change my mind.  I am now not sure whether I should go or not.

My friend who actually we planned to go together de, but too bad that day her boyfriend might come to Labuan to visit her, so maybe she will bring him to the night as well, takkan I want to be light bulb.  Since I got nobody accompany me that night already I don't think I shouldn't go, rather stay in the room do my own stuff.  I asked someone else to accompany me, but he promised to his friend that he will go with her.

So conclusion, better if I choose not to go...
Hmm, see first la...

p/s: I love to go, but the situation seems like does't allow me to go...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am In love with this song!

I'm Shy De Lo...

One meal a day again today, I know mummy is going to kill me when she reads this, but I wasn't hungry.  I ate a lot of Indian food last night until I have to stand for more than an hour to help digesting.  I don't even feel any hunger today until 5.30pm just now! (I know you wouldn't believe this... )

From just now till now, the picture already been like by more than 70 people.  I don't know whether I should be proud or what, cause now I don't feel proud or happy at all. Everybody seems to tease me more...  Ya, I know that I'm totally different from the picture, you guys should know that pictures tell lies sometimes.  Sigh...  Whatever, nothing I can comment with that.  You guys think that I am using photoshop, but I didn't.  I just changed the skin tone into brighter color.  You saw the face become smaller is because of the angle of taking picture.  Don't ask me what camera I'm using, I'm using a very ordinary camera not those professional.

Went out for dinner just now, seriously long time didn't really rent car and go out for a dinner le.  I mean real dinner among my friends.  This semester just like the previous one, didn't get much playing time because nobody want to go out, those who love going out already found a gang that can give more convenience. Hahaha~  But somehow I think it is a good thing, cause I can spend more time in the room with the laptops, dramas and books!
Talking about books, I got lots of assignment this semester and all haven't even start a word!  Seriously tough this semester, no idea whether I can score...

I am stuck here now... I got things to post de actually but something happened just now cause me forget what to continue! @@

Aiks... I think I just end here la... If I remember anything I ny update into another post la...
Don't want let you to wait too long for my post~

p/s: don't read my blog if you hate to... if you want to read, then don't complaint.

Friday, March 4, 2011

50 'like'S!

I posted one of my picture that I took yesterday once I back from town.  I uploaded at night around 12am.
Now is about 12 hours already...

I got 50 likes already!!!
I never expect this... @@

Too bad, real me got no this pretty... lol

Free Thursday ♥

There is no class again today! (I'm happy because I'm lazy to wake up so early in the morning)
Woke up 9.30am since there was no morning class plus I slept almost 2am, need to force myself to sleep longer.

Since I got no more food in my room except maggi mee, so I have to go to town to buy something back to fill my stomach when I'm hungry.  Already decided with my roommate that will go out at 11.30am by shuttle bus which we already paid together with our school fees.  So we get ready ourselves and be there to wait for bus before 11.30am, who knows there is a notice shown that 2/3, 3/3 and 4/3 got no bus to town!!!
Seriously I got the sign already when we were on our way, I told my roommate: who knows when we reach there ny realize that today got no bus???
Ops... obviously I guess it accurately again!!!
I need to buy some biscuits back la there is no more biscuit left already!!!
No choice, I have to go town by rent car my own... Luckily Xiao Long was there (a third year senior).  He went together with us since he wanted to go town too...

I wanted to find myself a white color scarf, but too bad that I can't find one that suit what I want in my mind.  So I gave up at the end... See whether I can find next time or not la... (Rent car really can't waste more time, cause we got time limitation for that...)

I bought very few thing and force myself to buy things that I really need nia, so I didn't spend much ^0^
When we were on the way back to campus, my roommate and I was so silent, because got 2 extra people tumpang our car back to campus. (They talked a lot so we just remain silent lo)
They talked something very funny in the car...
I remember the most was the guy part.
They sounded like this:

~> usually gays will go for gym and they got nice muscle...
~> gays = ah gua; but a guy look like a girl doesn't mean that he is gay...
~> guys who know make up = gay...

Although I was so silent during the whole journey back to campus, but I was laughing silently at the back...
Seriously so funny la... especially when they say those who go for gym usually are gay make me thought of Siva and Yu Jin... @@


p/s: I ate a lot just now for my dinner
p/s: the Indian food were so nice and so spicy!
p/s: my face was so red just now!
p/s: first time I got so many 'like' in my profile picture in Facebook!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is always the best to be Single + bla bla bla

Am I right to the above statement?
Well, some of you might think it is not true because you are in love or maybe you are having great partner.  I personally think that single life is much better, maybe is because of my own personality.
Can you all stop asking me question about this and relate me into something or what? Because I really feel annoying! Seriously annoying.  Don't say that I blushed! Even I was also because I can't scold you in public, I want to give you some respect! (stop mention about the blush thingy please... and the umbrella thingy!!! I know you read this post as well!!!)
I like my life now, I don't wish to have any chances and even if I want so, I will make my own choice but not from others...  (Sagittarius dislike others to control on what she is doing! So even dare try to control me or you will lose me in the end...) 

Just now they went to celebrate a friend's birthday, they asked me, but I rejected since I don't feel like going out also.  (actually the time I rejected the invitation was when I sleeping and I felt annoying with the phone ringing so I was pissed.  Lol! still I didn't regret for not going out together~)
My roommate did went out for the celebration but I stayed in the room together with the drama .  Seriously, the drama is awesome!  I think when I watch until the second episode my phone rang.  A senior called me, she told me that she need to talk (she sounded weird that seems like she is facing problem and need a listener) so I quickly change my attire (room attire are not allow outside the hostel like short pants and singlet) into a proper one and went down immediately! I even broke my hair band into half.. Sigh, have to get myself another one later when I go town.
Guess what the senior asked me to go down to celebrate birthday with the birthday guy.  Seriously I was pissed off, but of course I didn't show my face to them, but compare to last time I will straight away walk back without a single word. 
(I really did that once when I was in form 6, that time my friend said want to have a study group, but then they lied to me that will go somewhere else but at the end they bring me to one of their house! I pissed off and walk away with my bag and back home alone, they called but I didn't pick up until around 20+ missed call.  Seriously, they even called my mom that time! Friends are afraid of me and respect my decision since then~)
They already had their celebration themselves why must I been added in since I said I don't want to? 
Still, thanks for the cake.  It doesn't really tasty because it was too creamy and remind me the cake that I first made for mama... Disgusting when I ate too much, luckily my roommate helped me on that! ^0^

p/s: seriously long time didn't call mama already...  I miss her, wondering she misses me or not...
p/s: tomorrow going town with my roommate only (only both of us again)
p/s: don't make me pissed or you will regret on what you did, because you don't actually know me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today = Wait

The weather is so cold today, the sun is hiding somewhere behind the cloud, maybe the sun got blemish today and ashame to see us. XD (craping)

I got midterm this morning which I have been studied since last Sunday.  However, I still didn't do well just now just because I forget one of the symbol. @@  Seriously how careless am I...
Wasted my time thinking of the careless question that I forget what the symbol was... At the end I gave up and just hand in because lots of them already hand in~ XD (nonsense)
By the way, we waited our lecturer for around half an hour which he usually be very punctual.

I was wishing that I will see notification from the yahoo group into my inbox that today's class cancel, but too bad waited until 1.40pm, my inbox still remain silent.  Took my bag, wear on my shoes, walked ahead to the class.  Forgot to bring my student ID card, but luckily they seldom do spot check in the afternoon, so I am safe! But I waited for around 20 mins for lift! Sigh, our school has 6 lifts but too bad only 2 of the lifts function! =.=|||
(don't tell me that they are so poor to repair it... )
Luckily I still manage to go to 8th floor to the place where we were going to have class there.  Waited again.  Waited for another half an hour, then the lecturer informed someone by smsing him that she is in the hospital, can't attend to the class! $%%^E#&#%@!!!
What should I say?
But still I'm very lucky cause I went up to the building by lift, while my friends walk up to 8th floor and suddenly said class canceled! Seriously wasted their time and energy...

Since I was already at the main building, so I walked ahead to my Math's lecturer'r room to have a look on my individual assignment, he allows us to see how much we got!
Full marks!!!  Hahaha~
Hope my group assignment will get full marks also~

The weather today is so moody... cold...
Why la?

p/s: tomorrow I will have Indian food as my meals!  Can't wait!!! =p
p/s: someone's birthday today... Happy Birthday~

When you BURP...

when you burp, you don't say 'DAMN'

but you should say 'EXCUSE ME'...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After I post the 'blushing' post, the 2 gentlemen keep teasing me and laughing at me!

Stop laughing at me la...

So no Fate towards Umbrella...

I seldom use umbrella when I am in my hometown, cause going anywhere I will have my own transport to protect me from sunlight and rain, except from the first year studying in form 6.  (That time still got no car ma...)

After I started my University life, I realize that how important is an umbrella, especially when I still not get to the hot sun above me when I walk from my hostel to where I have my class everyday!
I bought myself an umbrella when I was in first year, I mean a big umbrella.  Too bad I got no fate with the first umbrella, it was stolen when I left my umbrella at a place.
*sob sob*

I had to get myself another umbrella since I can't stand to the super hot sun...  I asked one of my friend who went out to town to do me a favor by bringing back another umbrella...
Who knows that the umbrella lost again in the next semester!!!
I lost one umbrella in each semester!
Well, I didn't lost the second umbrella.  I think is someone accidentally took it...  Cause my roommate accidentally took my umbrella to an event, then she borrowed to others... After borrowed, no return...

Then I didn't buy any umbrella until the 3rd semester when I went KK.
Since that time was raining and I didn't have any umbrella, I went to buy a very cheap umbrella which only cost me RM5, but now is broken too!!!

Why is that happen to me!!!
Dear God, you want me to buy how many umbrella to satisfy you???
*sob sob*