Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Eve

2011 has ended, soon 30 minutes left.
Have you prepared to welcome 2012???
Resolutions that you have made during 2011, have you fulfilled them???
How's your 2011???
Enjoy your 2011???
Do you have fun in your 2011???

I got no special feeling on the coming year 2012.  For me, it will be another year that gonna full of laughter and challenges.  I seldom celebrate New Year, but this is the first time I gonna pass my last night of the year 2011 in campus.  I know this is super lame, but not everybody able to pass the day like me! 

We have Bah Kut Teh on this day.  Self cooked bah kut teh.  It is not as delicious as hometown's bah kut teh, but at least it is better than bah kut teh here!  I put in lots of ingredients. =p  After the meal, we went to cafe to buy 'junk food'.  (we really ate a lot!)    Then dramas and movie.  I think we had our drama and movie too early already, that's why at 10pm, we started to feel boring and had the feeling of why the time passed so slow.  LoL

Then back to my house ans saw my housemate is going out to buy herself dinner, so I asked her to buy a can of drink.  
Guess this drink is going to accompany me until 12am, 2012.  
Mama they all now having barbecue, while I'm in front of my laptop blogging, facebooking and plurking.  So jealous!
Guys, when we going to make ourselves barbecue???

Gosh, thinking of food, now I feel like wanna eat something nice... @@

p/s:  I seriously can't live without food!

Happy Birthday To ME?!

It is my birthday? 
No! is Belated Birthday~!!!
Hahaha...  Thanks to 3 of them for giving me this present.
Di said she purposely asked the seller to lie to me that the bag got no stock so they can give me as present! 
Thank you so much!!!
This is how my bag looks like!! =)

p/s: who else still hasn't give me present?  Faster get me one~! =p






p/s: 就让我任性吧。。。


You don't even understand me.  I can be a person that do everything alone.  I can just ignore your existence, I can even pretend you aren't exist in this world.

I seldom forgive people as I seldom say sorry.  Everybody thinks I am a happy go lucking person.  Sorry to spoil that but I'm not.  I remember how people treat me, how people fool me.  Don't freaking talk to me anymore.

I can be a person who live without friends although I know everybody must have a friend to be by her/his side. I just hate when people around me trying to do things I dislike to me.  No forgive this time.
I'm serious.

p/s: this is not just about angry but is about disappointment.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Death 死亡

Death is one of the must go through way in life.  Everybody dies one day, but nobody knows when he or she will die and nobody knows when himself or herself will die neither.  If one day, your beloved one is going to die, but you don't know when.  Thing that you very sure is he/she will die soon.  
What will you do?

I know this is a very unpractical question, who will think this kind of question as we haven't face any of the situation yet?  And I know this kind of question will only think by people who are too free, nothing to do as the mind is too free to think things and questions that are hypothetical questions.
But, just sit down and spend the freaking 5 minutes to think about the question.
What will you do?

A friend of mine was so sad when she thought her beloved one is going to leave her, but at the end she found out that that was just a mistake that her beloved one still alive.  The moment that she thought that person was gone, she cried like hell.  
I never know she would cry like that.
I never know she would cry like a baby, like a kid.
She never show that she is a tough person, but I never know she can't accept when things come worst.
She takes everything very serious.
Maybe that's why she can't handle her emotion when she has to face that kind of situation.

Another friend of mine (put her as B), she saw this situation too. B said since the friend will be so sad if her beloved one gone, she would prefer that the beloved one live longer until the friend can go back to see her although she will only go back during June, even though the beloved one will have to suffer.

Well, that's B thinking.  B thinks that B rather see the friend stay happily for this few months.

What do you think then?
Will you let your beloved one suffer or stay alive even longer because you love and want your beloved one to stay by your side even longer although he/she is suffering?

Seriously, there are many thinking for this.
For me, I would have psychological prepared and try not to be too sad because of the leaving.  At least, if he/she leave in peace.  All I want is that.

p/s:  Live is unpredictable.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

我的如意郎君 My Mr. Right

Recently this drama has become my daily routine.  I love that drama and I have to wait like one day one episode!
Seriously, I'm not the only one who watch this drama everyday!  
Accept this as part of my entertainment!

p/s:  When I will find my Mr. Right?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011












p/s: 太无聊了。。。

Monday, December 26, 2011


Patient is very important no matter in what kind of situation.  
An impatient person can cause a good thing become a bad thing, while a patient person can turn a bad thing become a good thing.

With patient, you can be a good cook.
With patient, sometimes you can get more information compare with those who impatient.  

I am not a patient person, when I want a thing, I will get myself one immediately if I afford to.  Most of the time I will regret towards things that I got immediately, so it is good if there are some troubles that force me to wait to get things I want, because I will appreciate them more.

You have to be patient to listen friend's complain
You have to be patient to make a friend happy
You have to be patient to people who is angry

I have to be more patient in everything.  Seriously patient is a very good habit...

Sunday, December 25, 2011




p/s: 纯属无聊。。。







Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas's Eve's Eve

Don't get it?  Haha!  It means 2 days before Christmas! =p

Since everything is settled down, and we decided to have a good meal outside~
We have Italian food in Italian restaurant! =)
I like the food there especially the pizza! =D
 Food that we ordered, I like the pizza most! =)
Well, this is what I ordered.  I finally got to eat fish!!!!!!!!! =))

We spent an hour time for that meal, sitting there chit chatting and pictures too!!!
Debbie doesn't have to hide behind Lynn dy as her head still that big! LOL
*troll face*
Always this pose... Do you have any other pose???
The EPIC one!!!
the CUTE one!!!
I don't know why her eyes look so small that night!  Her eyes are freaking smalll!!!!
Yeap, 6 of us~ 
Just finished had our dinner...  
It gonna be second time to have dinner there, because I miss their pizza already!
My make up that night.  How does it look like?  Nice?  Hehe~
But I think I don't look like going for dinner!  I look like I'm going for clubbing!  =p
Too bad, I can't put on my lipstick....
Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!! 


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

It is Winter Solstice again!!!  
Almost every year, I will celebrate this with popo.  She lives alone, so mummy will ask me to go back on this special day to accompany her and help her in preparing all the stuff that she used for praying.
Unfortunately, this year there is no holiday for me to go back home and celebrate with her.  (I miss her rice ball!)  I thought of ignoring this special day with rest and sleep, but I can't stand with the colourful rice ball that they posted in Facebook.  They make me missed home and I want to eat too!  (Food really make me crazy!)

Since someone is going out today, so I took the opportunity out to buy some rice powder and peanut.  I gonna make myself rice ball rather than just looking at the Facebook homepage, feeling jealous of them eating rice ball with family.  I can do this myself too! with my friends. =)

I'm so proud of myself because this is the first time ever I make my own rice ball!  Usually mummy or popo will make the rice ball in huge amount, then I will have to make them into small portion.  (that's my only job when I have them)
I was trying to make them look like snow flakes... I never eat desert in snow flakes before, but one of my friend said it taste almost the same! =)
Tell you something, the brown colour is actually made from milo!  I add some milo into the rice ball to make more color!!!  Then the yellow color is made from kunyit powder!!! I seriously can't believe that I actually really put other colour by my own style!!! Hopefully nobody will stomachache after the meal. =p
We had this as our lunch, looked nice right~!
I feel it is yummy too!!! =)

For dinner, we had rice ball again with bitter guard.  Alright, I know this is like so irrelevant, but all of us like almost sick already somemore one of my friend already flu and cough!  I think bitter guard with eggs is the best.  

Feel proud of myself, not because of the successful of making all the rice ball but because of celebrating this Winter Solstice.  It is not a very special day but day to remember.  
They didn't really taste like the ready stock that we usually bought from the market but at least I spent that freaking 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen trying my best to do all this and cook everything.  It is not a difficult job at all.  Seriously if you want to eat, you can make yourselves but not waiting others to make for you...  Nothing can stop you from celebrate what you want.  I really do learn about this.  Why wait for others?  I have my own hands and legs.  I even have a mouth!  I can ask if I don't know.  

Once again, Happy Winter Solstice~!

p/s:  please don't think that you are useless.  If people out there don't like you or don't understand you, at least you still have me. =)

Freaking Forever Alone

Finally finally and finally, almost everything settled down.

From 6 assignments in a week, now reduced to 2 assignments that still not completed yet.
It was the worst week for this semester, scolded by the lecturer of not completing what he asked us to do.

For not doing assignment well.
I was really down about this, but too bad I can't do anything except from put more effort in my final...

I gonna take a rest today and enjoy my Christmas eve and Christmas in this so so forever alone Island.  Anyway, this is the only year I gonna celebrate these special day, why not I just enjoy them!

Good Luck~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


These 2 days, I got no idea what made them start the topic but they really find clueless on me.  For them, I'm a person who afraid to accept love from friends.  


I'm not!!!

I'm not a person who doesn't accept love from others, I love to be pampered and how would I reject all the love that gonna given to me?  Maybe you guys really don't know me well as this is who am I.  

I never reject your love.  I swear, I never reject the loves that you guys wanna give me.

When I say I am not a good friend
When I say I'm a reality person
Then I'm!
I know who am I better than anyone else in this world.  I don't want one day, you regret to be my friend with the reason that I'm not a good friend.  I told you before, that I'm not a good friend, so don't treat me as your good friend.  I don't want you to get hurt, that's why I want to tell you who really am I first.

Seriously it is good to have friends like you guys, but I am satisfied with the way I'm now... When I want to tell something I will tell, when I want to say something, I will say....
Who knows maybe one day you guys manage to change me into someone that can speak heart to heart.

I'm so sorry that I didn't talk heart to heart with you guys... I don't know why, just all the words can't be expressed out from my mouth...  Even some of my hometown friends that I know for more than 5 years, I still not able to tell them how I feel...

Maybe you feel I am disappointing you guys now, but I'm sorry I really didn't want to do that... That's really me, I can't control myself doing that.  The intention of telling you guys how bad I'm is because I don't want you to get hurt because I know I'm not a good person...

I know I know that you might say, am I a bad person is not judge by myself, but by you guys...  But I just can't control this, this is totally out of my control!  Even one day I lost my memory on you, I bet I will still tell you the same thing that I am not a good person.

p/s: I know you must be very pissed when read this, but it is better for you to see me talking to you in a smiley face than typing... I guess... =p

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mock Interview

After FYP1 presentation, thing that made me nervous is mock interview.  Mock Interview is just a very normal interview that the interviewers are lectures.  Somehow I still feel super nervous of this and I think I already screwed it!
I created this meme once I back from the interview.... I guess the lecturers were thinking that the interview was fun! XD
But I don't think we students think it is fun! =(
Finally wear the skirt that I bought in Sg!  I really look so fat, got no body shape at all!!! @@

Took some picture as memory after our interview!  It was so stress before the interview but after the interview it was a relief for us!  

p/s: Gosh! I really have very wide shoulder! *dislike*

Rage Comic 2

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rage Comic

Saturday, December 17, 2011





p/s: 好忧伤。。

Thursday, December 15, 2011

FYP Presentation 1

Finally the presentation of FYP 1 has gone!  I really do feel relief after the presentation!  Thank God!!!
I'm not a good presentor, I can't really present well infront of everybody, my legs will be shaking when I have to do presentation.  (I hate presentation the most)
Somehow, we still have to be smart and confident looking!  We took this before the presentation~!

Well, presentation is part of our assignment in University life, we can't graduate without presenting.  I still have to present although I afraid to.  Today I have to stand inside the seminar room, and present to the examiners about my FYP (Final Year Project).  I know, seniors will say this is only a small matter because you will face a bigger one when you start to work.  I know I know...  I really know.  The problem is I still scare of the presentation, this is my weakness.  I know I have to overcome this but the problem is the feeling still come and I can't stop myself to feel that way.
Fortunately, we didn't screw up out presentation.  The funny thing in the presentation is the word 'production'.  I don't know why I can't pronounce it properly during my presentation just now.  Hahaha, I pronounced it as 'Prodution' for 3 times!!!!!!!!  Gosh, embrassing!!!

Friends and my supervisor said we presented well and with confident, but I don't feel I presented well because I can feel the nervous in my heart.  I really have to admit that I was shaking very seriously when I started the presentation, but when the examiners asked questions, I feel so calm!  I don't feel scare at that time, maybe because I already used to the environment.
Although we didn't got shot in the presentation, but the examiners did give us some advice to improvise our system, now I got the feeling of our system is so difficult and have to put more effort and pray hard hard for our FYP 2.

Guys, it is not the end yet!  We still have FYP 2!!!  But before we start, let's relax!!! *troll face*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday~

Hi girl, 
I don't know you, but since it is a bless to celebrate one's birthday, so I don't mind to join the celebration. =D
I know is tough to be alone in this island and celebrate the first birthday without family because I have been that, believe me or not, this year is also the first year I celebrate my birthday without my family.  I know December's babies always have the privilege of celebrate their birthday during the holiday and family is always there to celebrate together, but sometimes when time passed and we grown up... We have to get use to it that we are no longer kids anymore but an adult.  Celebration is actually a ceremony, but if blessing from your family and friends are from heart to heart, nobody can feel that except for you.  So darling, you shouldn't feel sad for not be at the side of your family on your birthday because your heart and their heart are always link together.  


p/s: blessing.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is Unpredicable

I don't what is going on recently, many things happen continuously!

A friend of mine is now currently in hospital.  She was sick before this, normal fever and vomit, but she said she recovered after that.  Suddenly her eyes' ball become yellowish and decided to seek for doctor.  Who knows the doctor asked her to stay in the hospital for further check up.  EYes' ball yellowish is actually one of the symptom of problem in liver.  Therefore it is a very major problem when the organ of your body has problem especially liver.  

As friend (although not very close), we decided to visit her.  Di said she likes to eat KFC and wanted to bring KFC for her, but usually when visiting patient, people don't bring fast food! lol!
So I decided to make a 'Get Well Soon' card for her.  I can do nothing but motivate her to get well. =)
Seriously, I do feel sad when I hear this especially when related to the yellowish eyes, because this remind me of my grandpa who died many years ago due to liver cancer.  His liver can function anymore and turns his eyes' ball and skin yellowish.  He never know that he is actually have liver pain instead of gastric because liver is very close to our stomach and when stomachache, we might thought is gastric but who knows it might be the liver problem.

Health is belong to ourselves, if you are not willing to take care of it, then nobody can.

p/s: get well soon, don't let people around you worry about you dy~ =)


Morning peeps~
I learn lots of things recently and I would like to share here.

Don't bother what people think about you, just be yourselves because you live just because who you are.

What people think about you, say about you is their right, because that's their brain and that's their mouth, you can't control what they want to think and what they want to say, so why bother?

Friends are people who be with you when you want to share something with them but true friends know what you are thinking although your actions do not show what you think.

True friends will never believe what other say but they will back up you when other say bad about you, because they know who you are.

There are something that only can proven by actions, but just talked about it and do nothing.

Love is always express by action but not keep telling others that how much you love them.

Call your loves one and tell them how much you miss them, do it before its too late.

We can't predict what will happen in next second, so beware and alert in every single second.

Thanks to people who hurt you, because they make you stronger.

Put your smile on your face, although this wouldn't lighten yourselves but at least it can lighten people around you, so smile. =)

I think that's all for now.  Couldn't think of any others~
Once I have I will share again~ 

Saturday, December 10, 2011


对 ‘自私’ 这个字眼应该很熟悉吧!


从百度,‘自私’ 的构念通常包含于 ‘自我中心’ 里。两者最大的差别在于,自私是个体面临自己利益与对方冲突时, 会不计对方损失,以满足自己利益为主;此外,自私者在进行自私行为的同时,通常能察觉自己的行为可能损及别人的利益,但仍按照自己利益不择手段。
此外,我从百度看到原来自私的人可以从外表看出来的 -->