Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skinny Jeans

I love skinny jeans so much, don't you think they are awesome?
Especially when those skinny jeans are on those sexy girls' legs!

I want them so much but I didn't get the chance to own them until yesterday I went out with my sis and I bought myself a pair!  Can't allow myself to gain weight already because skinny jeans has to be wore on fit body, not fat body...

Later I'm going out again, wear on my new skinny jeans la... =DD

p/s: still I don't look good in wearing skinny jeans...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Secret Garden

Yesterday officially finish 20 episodes of Secret Garden, a Korean drama.
The story is about a rich guy fell in love with a poor girl.  The girl's father died to save the guy's life when the guy was in 21st years old.

They didn't know about this at first, and they found out near end of the drama.

The mother of the rich guy couldn't accept the poor girl to be as the rich guy's girlfriend.  Even when the rich guy decided to marry with the poor girl and 3 kids were born, the mother still couldn't accept her, only talk and play with her grandchildren.

It is a nice drama just middle part of the drama a little bit of ridiculous and doesn't make sense.
But there is a part that I agree the most.  Go ahead and continue your life with your loves one, although your parents are disagree with it.  Think about it, your partner will be the one who accompany and stay beside you until you old, and your parents can't, because they will die early than you.

So conclusion, don't simply end a relationship just because your parents do not like your girlfriend or boyfriend...


I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday.  So lucky that I watched the same movie at the same time with my sister although we didn't ask each other to go together.  She went with her friends and I went with my friend.

I didn't watch the previous Pirates of the Caribbean before, lots of them said nice but I don't feel like watching them also.  This time actually want to watch Kungfu Panda, but since ECM got no Kungfu Panda (only got 3D) and since we want to eat sushi after movie, so we watch Pirates of the Caribbean in ECM.  (Only ECM got sushi...)

In the movie, mermaids appear to be evil creatures.  They eat humans!!!  I couldn't accept that!  Maybe because if fairy tales story, we been told that mermaids are beautiful and kind but we were not been told that mermaids eat humans...

When I saw mermaids in the movie, they are beautiful!  Really beautiful but they eat humans!  They have sharp teeth!!!  Ewwww!!!!!!!!

It is so different from what I have been imagine!  (I know mermaids do not exist but still their image ruin... hahaha)
They ate lots of people in the movie, all innocent people.

But there is still a mermaid who is so kind and save a man's life.  Syrena.

So conclusion, mermaids eat humans but also save humans...
Well, I should make it ask mermaids do not kill innocent and kind people... lol

Friday, May 27, 2011


Suddenly something come into my mind.  If one day my grandma pass away (I didn't mean to curse her but everybody will die one day), will we celebrate Chinese New Year together?

This question suddenly pop into my mind.

We used to have reunion when Chinese New Year, celebrate together, eat together and laugh together on that few days, but when I think of if grandma is not around, nobody stay in the house, where we gonna celebrate Chinese New Year together?

I saw lots of my friend, they don't celebrate those special festival with their uncles and aunties because their grandma and grandpa were not around, so they have their reunion dinner without their uncles and aunties...

I'm thinking whether my family will become like that...


Plus next year I can't go back to celebrate Chinese New Year...


p/s: I never celebrate Chinese New Year without my family... =((

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


每天每天 就像是你的影子 跟随着你 
那个女人 笑着 却也哭着
这像风一般的爱情 这像是谎言的爱情 还得持续多久 你才能爱我 
只要稍稍走近你 只要靠近你一步 就会后退两步的你
这样的爱着你的我 现在就在你的身旁 那个女人哭泣着
所以 那个女人正爱着你
这样的傻瓜 因为是这样的傻瓜 所以可以拥抱我吗 
我也想要被爱 亲爱的 每天每天在心里 只能在心里
这样的呼唤着你 那个女人 今天依然在你的身旁
那个女人就是我 你知道吗 还是你明明知道却依然如此呢 
不知道的你 真的是个大傻瓜啊
这像傻瓜一般的爱情 这像是谎言的爱情 还得持续多久 你才能爱我 
只要稍稍走近你 只要靠近你一步 就会后退两步的你
这样的爱着你的我 现在就在你的身旁 那个女人哭泣着
p/s: 还有一首是有玄彬唱的 《那个男人》。。。

Monday, May 23, 2011

Not Small Girl Anymore.

Someone's actions and thought make me think the same way.

We are now 22 years old, not consider young anymore.

Suddenly someone said there are lots of things that we haven't done.

Make me feel and make me think so much.

Really have to utilize gao gao my 22 years old...

When we met, we used to talk about our life in University and other things, but now when we meet we will talk about what we should do to enjoy our life!

Now we talk about guys... ahahahaha

Ya, people change.

So girls sit together to talk about guys are so normal
girls sit together to talk about girls are also normal

We talked about both...


I know I'm not little girl anymore, there are lots of things I have to make decision and decide them fast.
But I just dislike adult's life and I prefer to stick with little girl's life.
(who wants to be adult? I don't think many of you like adult life)

Today grandma comes to my house to stay for a week.  Suddenly grandma asked me to get marry fast fast.  She said once I graduate and work for few years, then I should get marry...

What happen to my parents ah? why they keep asking me to find a boyfriend or get marry...?????
I'm still not that old ah!!!!

p/s: I want to gossip...

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I live without sea, without beach.
Why say so?
Because the place I am studying near beach.  I can see sea and sand once I walk out from my campus.
I also stay near beach, which I can go to have sun bath anytime I want since Kuantan is so near to beach.

Although I can always see beach, sea, and also sand when I am in campus, but the feeling at Labuan seeing the beach with the feeling at here wearing singlet and shorts walking under the hot sun is totally different!  In Labuan, no singlet and shorts are allowed, that's really sad especially when you go to the beach.  Who will wear long pants to beach?
Well, maybe because I love sun bath, when I want to have sun bath. (not understand right... hahahaha)

This would be second outing after I came back from Labuan I guess.  (I'm so lazy to go out especially when I have to drive.  So just go out once a week, plus I prefer to stay at home avoiding the super hot sun!)

Hoi Yin breakfast!  I wanted to go breakfast with her yesterday but since bro's tuition will be around 10am so why not go breakfast with papa.  Really long time didn't go breakfast with papa, bro and sis.  So I postponed the breakfast with her to today.  Some one wake up late... hahahaha

Go go breakfast!
I really never miss any of my meal since I came back!  I'm super healthy here compare when I'm in Labuan.

After breakfast, we went to Teluk Chempedak which very near to the restaurant.

It was just 10am, but the sun is like burning hot!  I like the hot sun but it makes me sweat like hell!!!
(fat fat me.... =((( )

After walking from the end of here to the end of there (I mean at the beach la), we went to McD to chilling ourselves.  (air-cond!!! *chilled*)
She said she wants to eat ice-cream, so we queued like for don't know how long.  Damn long.  And finally our turn. =D

Chit chatting a lot this time.
When we were having our breakfast, we chat.
When we were walking to the beach and at the beach, we chat.
When we were queuing for ice-cream, we chat.
When we were eating ice-cream, we chat.
After ice-cream, we sat there doing nothing, we chat also.

Really got no idea what make us talk so much.  Maybe long time didn't see liao gua...
But seems like our topic of the conversation has become matured.  No more topic about studies (got la, but little bit nia) but more to XXXX... hahahahaha
You know I know la... =p

p/s: I enjoyed the outing today~

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Smart phones are now all over the world.
People rather choose to buy and own a smartphone than normal phone nowadays.
I want to have a smartphone as well la...

Some one got his iPhone already!

Seriously I'm jealous!!!!
I want a touchscreen phone too...  I didn't aim for iPhone la...
A nice, convenient, usefull, less problem, user-friendly touchscreen phone will do...

Daddy, where is my phone???

When will be my turn???

My E71's memory card got problem already... waiting Daddy to repair for me... and I'm willing to change my Sony Ericsson with iPhone... Hahahahaha

Damn! my mind is full with iPhone!!!


Everybody in the world has chance, some of them might have chances and some of them might have only one chance.

There is a friend of mine, asking me to give him another chance to do his best.  I'm not an easy forgive person, I mean I don't simply forgive what people did, because I remember bad things.  I know sometimes if I forgive a person, I still remember what he/she did to me.  So why I want to forgive?

Somebody thinks that saying sorry is easy, 'sorry' coming out from a person mouth is easy, but is that person really feel sorry about it?  Nobody knows about that except the person him/herself.
For me, if anybody did something sorry to me, I can't easy forgive.  Even I give the chance for that person to explain or to make up things that happened and that person didn't hold tide and fully utilize the chance, letting the chance gone just like that, sorry... cause you will never get another chance from me.

Maybe you might think that I'm cruel, I'm selfish or I'm small gas.  Whatever you guys think, this is who am I.
What my opinion is if you really want to apologize, then make use of the chance.  Don't tell me that you didn't know that it was the only chance that I will give.  If you didn't grab the chance then it will be your mistake not me, don't even hope for another chance.  Seriously.

Right, I know some of you think that I'm so stubborn.  Yeah, right!  I'm stubborn, and I always admit that, cause I always do things my way.
For me, people who ask for another chance are those who never appreciate in the first chance.  If you really appreciate when people giving you the first chance to make up thing, then you will never need to ask for another chance.

Well, when I think back things happen.  Seriously I still feel angry.  Especially when what I said wasn't listened by others and when bad things happen, they blame me.

p/s: I guess some of you might think I'm talking about you, please don't.
p/s: This is just what I feel lately, so don't put yourselves into this post. (不要对号入座)
p/s: Any questions just come to find me, don't ask others or get information from others, because they don't know what I'm thinking.

Friday, May 20, 2011

韩剧 (Korean Drama)





《秘密花园》已经可以下载全集了,而《对我说谎试试》只可以慢慢看,因为一星期只出一集。。。等到我的劲都快长了。。。 @@|||



爱看偶像剧的人,看过就好。。。不要发白日梦。。。 O(∩_∩)O

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It has been so many years...

I thought we can be very close until the end of the world...

I thought we can laugh and smile to each other...

Because of such small matter you angry at me...

Because of such small problem you felt angry...

Darling, is time for you to change you know...

Change to become a better person...

I understand what you feel, but can you please put things that important at first place?

Don't you know which one is important and which one is not important?


You are not a small girl already....

Is time for you to change already...

I don't want to say so much, because you know what we think, you always do, just you always think you are right....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Is Well~

I just watched another movie with my family, but of course just watched at home. =D

The title of the movie is , is an Indian movie, nice movie thou.

Go watch it, if you manage to download it, cause it is an old movie already.
Bro kept it for me cause I told him that I want to watch.  I got no idea where he got this too.. =)

Anyway, all is well~


Monday, May 16, 2011

Fast 5

Went out for the first movie during this break.
Fast and Furious 5.

I watched Fast & Furious 1-4, so is not difficult to understand what is really going on.
Before I watch Fast 5, I thought this would be the last one, but who knows there are going to have Fast 6!
But I feel that a little bit too long liao... Hahaha
Still nice la... >.<

I went with 2 friends of mine.  I didn't want to go de, but since my girl-friend is going then I went lo....  Other than us, my friend's uni's friends were going too!  I thought only one or two of them, but mana tau, they were numbers of them!...
Some more one of them asked my friend (my girl-friend and I didn't sit with them.... lol) whether I got boyfriend or not...!!!
I told my friend to tell him I got... Hahahaha

Told mama this morning about this and guess what mama said?
She said is time for me to find a boyfriend! wtf!!!
I really sweat when mama told me that.  She said if I don't find one now later nobody wants me...  LoL
If nobody wants me then I ma live the rest of my life with you lo mama~ ^0^

p/s: I don't know why I so refuse to start a relationship... I really don't know why... Is it I'm afraid to or I still haven't find my Mr. Right?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Day

I always enjoy my family day including today.

I had breakfast with my mom and sis.

I watch drama and peel vege's skin with mama.

I went shopping with mama, sis and bro.

I eat McD ice-cream (banana toffee) with bro and sis.

I eat cup corn with mama and sis.

I eat chocolates with mama.

Oh gosh!!! most of the things that I did today were eat eat eat ny!!!
Can't stop eating!!!
I don't know I should feel happy because got lots of food for me to eat or I should feel sad because I can't really diet...
I really got no determination on this...
I want to slim down but I want to eat...

Anyhow, I still enjoy today although I know I gonna become fatty girl in 4 months holiday...


p/s: go read Syn Wei's blog...

Hello Home~ ♥♥♥

I'm home now!!!  I don't know how to express my feeling here, but the feeling is excited and very happy~
There are lots of things happen on the way back home.

1.  I was so worried since morning when I brought out my luggage because my luggage is so damn heavy.  I can't really carry it by myself!  Plus my course-mate said she got penalty like really a lot because she exceed the weight, then I got no mood in the whole morning although I get to go home very soon.  Fortunately my luggage only 19.9kg!!!  Wow!  I'm so so so lucky right~ =D

2.  8 of us in a mini bus.  I know is not a lot of people, but if added together with luggage then that will be a lot!  We squeeze ourselves and luggage until almost become sardine already... >.<

3.  From campus to Labuan airport, we been block by guard to check our laptop one by one.  wtf!!!  He wasted our time like around 30 minutes...  We were all squeeze until like sardine already but the guard still want to check so slow... >.<|||  Wasted our precious time only...

4.  After we checked in our luggage and ourselves, we went to McD to have our lunch.  I was damn hungry and I was so damn happy because my luggage wasn't overweight as what I thought!  8 of us, eating together.  Hurmp... all are multimedia students except for 3 of us... I really didn't know what to talk to them because we are not in the same course and not very close to each other also.

5.  Received message from MAS that flight delayed.  >.<||| Again!!!!  Sigh... but luckily flight from KL to Kuantan wasn't delayed. =)

6.  Finally reached KL.  Syn Wei kept telling me that she gonna miss me during the long holiday.  (miss me then come Kuantan to find me la)  All of us separated in KLIA and move ahead to wait for the next flight.

7.  I was so so boring while waiting for Kuantan's flight.  I wanted to online, but the plug was too far and beside the toilet!  Ewwwww
So I can only use my phone to online awhile and sms more.  I smsed to 4 people in one time!  Hahahaha, can you believe that?  =p
At the end I feel that I shouldn't just sms only.  So I saw a lady sitting beside me.  I talked to her.... Talked to her a lot!!!  And guess what? I got to know that she is now working for MAS and is already 19 years!  Wow... (I know I'm very kepo la... )

8.  Thank God, finally I'm in the flight.  There are so many foreigners come to Kuantan.  I sat beside Indonesian.  I can hardly understand what they say... (I didn't mean to curi listen what they said... I was too boring and nothing to do)  There are few passengers who were so greedy and took lots of peanuts and keep them into their bag and pocket.  (KL to Kuantan flight, MAS provide juice and also peanuts)...  Greedy them... They are Chinese lo... So meng-xia-sui-kan lo...

9.  In the flight I get to know a junior who study in UMSkal too!  She lives in Indera Mahkota which is also Kuantan.  I didn't know that she is my junior and some more she is taking e-Commerce also!  Wow!!!!
While waiting for my friend to pick me up, I chit chat with her also...

Walao, so many things happened today.
I'm so so so tired but I wanna finished this post ny sleep...
I can't believe I'm in Kuantan already...
And finally
Home sweet Home~

Good Night~

Cai Yi

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Movie Movie Movie, Drama Drama Drama

I am now addicted to movies and dramas.  Some more now finish exam already...  I can whole day sit in front of my laptop watching dramas and movies ny.....

Now I watching

A lot huh???
I also don't know how I gonna finish them, but I'm sure I can~
Now I'm addicted in downloading dramas and movies already~

p/s: going back later, but my luggage seems overweight... sigh...

Tired + Excited!!!

I am damn excited and tired now.  Excited because this semester officially ended already, and I just finished my last paper for the final today… =))  Tired because I have to bring down all my stuffs that I want to keep in the store room from third floor to ground floor and from ground floor to the block where can put our stuffs…
My hands are really very ‘sour’ now… =((

Once I finished my ITPM paper, the first thing I did is getting out from the exam hall and call mama.  Told mama that I finished all my exams already.  Guess what mama said… She asks me why I don’t want to go back today (right after the exam)… I want to, and I want it desperately but I need to pack all my stuffs into the stores…

Packing is the most difficult part; we love to go home especially when there is long holiday waiting for us.  But we hate to pack so much. 
We will never realize that we got so many things until we pack them into boxes…  Then we started to know that actually stuffs that we have can fit into 4 or 5 boxes.  Guess what I got 7 boxes man!  (really a lot de)

Now I’m fucking tired… I want to sleep, but I want to enjoy the last night here in Labuan for this semester. 

Ps: going to enjoy gao gao during this holiday cause after this holiday I can’t go home for a year… =((

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Bye-bye season is here I guess.
Every year there will be a bunch of them leave Labuan and start another chapter of their life in another corner around Malaysia.  (Some of them will start their life at overseas)

I hate to say bye-bye, especially to those that I know them, to those who I love them.  (Yeah, I know I'm emotional!)  I refused to go so many of goodbye gathering, cause I don't want to say goodbye.  I know, I know that even I am not going to say goodbye, you all still have to continue your life out there.
One by one seniors are leaving.  (I got no strong feeling towards those same batch or juniors who leaving Labuan already, maybe because I know we will sure meet each other again...)

Today followed Siva to airport to fetch Gillian and her friend for the morning flight.  I follow him to airport is to have McD as my breakfast and sun bian dabao for my room-mate.  Who knows when Gillian is going to leave, my tears drop!  Sigh...
Then Leng was there to send Gillian back, seeing friends being apart really make people feel sad.
I don't really know them for long, I just now them for around a year ny, but I am already feel very sad when I have to be apart with them... =(((((((

Although there weren't much memories but all the memories are so sweet and I will never forget.
Going to miss you all very much de...


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Of Love Of Mama

It has been 2 years I didn't celebrate mothers' day with my mama, because when mothers' day here, I will always still having my final exams in campus.
Well, that's not a big deal thou, cause even if I can celebrate mothers' day with mama, we don't really celebrate it but I will just good one meal for her which I always do when I am at home.

Every year mothers' day will drop on the date which near to my sister's birthday, but this year is kinda special because it falls on the same day!  Too bad I wasn't with them to celebrate together.  It is rare because her birthday and her day seldom on the same day, most of the time her birthday will be earlier than her day.
Still, mothers' day I will have small celebration for her, but fathers' day I seldom celebrate.  *evil laugh*

Yeap, I'm bias.  I love mama more than papa, but I don't make it that obvious, I still celebrate with him, just celebrate like once in 2 years.  LoL *evil laugh again!*
I rather put more effort to think of celebrate with mama, I don't know why.  Maybe I feel it is easier and convenient.  Oh, right... I'm not a good daughter.  Hahaha
Yeap, call me filial, because I'm.

Few years back, every time when there is mothers' day or her birthday, I will go and buy a cake to celebrate with her, but now I don't.  Because mama said buying cake to others is because I want to eat cake.
*finger cross*
Ops, I know this has shot lots of people down, because all of you buy cakes for celebration right!  Hahahaha
Since then I try not to buy any cake for her but make her a meal.
It is so easy to have a meal with her. =))

Going back home soon, very soon!
Told mama that I wanna go for holiday trip with all of them, listen to how she answered, I think I still have the chance to convince them!  (seriously don't how many years ady we didn't go for holiday together, this time you sit aside ask Han Han to drive! =p I bet he has become a better driver than me!)

Guys, girls.
Have you called your mama on mothers' day?
Just call her and let her know that you miss her. =)  She will be very happy to hear that eventhough she will say: are you okay.

p/s: I love you mama~

Monday, May 9, 2011

Of Love and Of Friendship

Recently a friend of mine faced problem relationship.  She is now no longer in a relationship but in single status.  (pm me if you wanna know her, she is now available already! XD)

I didn't know about this until yesterday.  She suddenly become so silent and her behavior changed!  I didn't know or notice about this until yesterday!  Urgh... Useless me...
I know is hard to be in a good condition right after the break up, I know the pretending is to avoid friends around to worry about you, but sometimes saying out loud will make you feel much much better.

There are lots of love around actually, invisible love which sometimes you never notice that they are actually love.
Let each other goes, it might be a wise choice to let each other another chance to try a different life.  You can find your next round too! =D
I believe you can go through this, because I know you are stronger than this. =)

Of love you got us, of friendship you got us also~

A friend told me that is time to get off with single status and find a partner to fill up some other color into our life.  For me, life is not just about filling up with other color to make life become wonderful.  We can use colors that we have now and mix them to get another colors instead of searching other colors out there.

Maybe I'm just a good listener but obviously I am not an expert, cause I didn't go through as much as you.  What I told you is just what I think logically, I know this kind of thing can't explain logical because this is about emotional.

Ops, guess some of you don't understand what I'm writing.
Just ignore it then... =p

p/s: I love you~




Sunday, May 8, 2011



p/s:就是要让你们乱乱猜~ 呵呵~

Thursday, May 5, 2011


An eraser can prove a friendship.


What you think?


I got the half eraser when I need it..

Thank you soooooo much!

There is no much friend who will do that right?


Maybe that's real friend does.


Love you so much, my friend!!!


When Left Last Paper

Left the last paper which is on next Friday.
Now I'm already no motivation, no mood to study for the last paper at all!

Today I just finished the second last paper ---> Maths!!!
Guess what I do after this paper, I drama only!!!
Really pandai waste time... =(

My room-mate was so free and boring until bring her laptop to her bed to read blogs and entertain her own..

Just now went to a senior's house to have manicure!
Going to miss her manicure...
She is leaving already...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011








Wild Child

I watched wild child yesterday.  I know... I know exam not finish yet...  I know...
I just wanna use some of my time to relax awhile, plus I wasn't in a good mood, I need to calm down...

Wild child...
I never watch this before, but my room-mate said it is nice, so I try.

This is not a touching movie, but I got no idea why I cried at the end of the story.
Maybe I feel the love from her father, the love from friends, and even love from her passed away mummy...
This movie published since 2008, and 2011 I only get to watch this...
Never mind, cause I still get to watch~

p/s: why when she wrote bad about people in the blog you didn't complain but you comment in the post and give advice?  don't you think that's your problem and mindset when you read people's blog?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Senior Shiang's Birthday + Indian Cuisine

Yesterday was Shiang's birthday.  Wish her Happy Birthday again~
Leng, the organizer suggested the plan to have birthday celebration for her.  Guess it would be their last gathering as everybody is going back soon.  Since I never celebrate her birthday (I just knew her during my second year) and I wish to gather with them for one last time before we apart, so I attend the birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Shiang~ 


And we got Indian cuisine which prepared by Esywara~

The food are really delicious!  I wanted to eat more but I was so full already...
That was the first time I tried his cooking, and that would also the last time...
I want to eat again la... >.<

p/s: the pizzas are bought from pizza hut, not made by Esywara~
p/s: someone said wanna cook curry chicken... I am waiting lo... XD


Malacca is a small state in Malaysia.  I went once there before with my mom's company trip.  I want to go again because I know that I missed lots of fun and foods there because it was with company trip and we don't have local friends there that time and we were allowed to eat halal food only.

I plan to go Malacca again because of the foods there looks delicious and friends are telling me how the food taste!  I seriously gonna try them myself.  So roommate and I planned with it and decided to go during the 4 months holiday.  (not spending whole 4 months there la, lol)

Local friend there (which is my course-mate as well) already promise to be our tour guide if we go there, but now problem occur, my roommate said she can't go because nobody accompany her to Kuantan, (She planned to come Kuantan first then go Malacca together) with the reason that her mom doesn't allow her to go somewhere else alone.


Can't blame her because is her mom who doesn't allow her to go.  (Seriously I don't understand why, because she is already 22 now and older than me also... >.<|||)
So now I'm thinking whether to go or not.  If my brother and sister not going with me then I think the plan has to cancel cause it is weird to go alone there, I don't find fun also if I go alone.  I offered to my hometown friends, but they said they will busy with their own stuffs...


Whatever la...

p/s: go update blog!!! I don't want to talk to you liao...
p/s: I wanna go sleep and concentrate with my exams dy instead of the plan, cause that will make me emo nia.