Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special Post (sort of)

Why I say it as special post?  Because I purposely did something just for this.  LoL!  Actually it is because I realized I spend really less time on blogging with the reason or excuse as I got no time and nothing for me to update.  So I decided to do something so I can update this as a post.  XD

It was last weekend and I was super bored because I got nothing to do at all.  (you know la, I am a little anti-social and I didn't really have much friends to hang out with, most importantly I don't have bf to ask me out.  LoL!)  And so, I decided to go do something I have not been doing since I came back from Labuan.
I used to do this with my friends back in Labuan.  Playing and practicing on manicure, hairstyle and make up.  I am always the one who start with the idea or excitement of doing that out of sudden when I feel stress after doing assignments especially FYP.

Seriously I still miss the moment of having fun there.

Yeah, did curled my hair temporary.  It has been long time I didn't curl my hair by using my curler.  I still like my hair to be bouncy curl!  Of course not forgetting to put on make up and cosmetic lens.  I know I look pretty and awesome in the picture above, thanks to cosmetic!  Haha!

Let me show you another one which I think a little bit of hotter.  wtf
How do I look like?  Much hotter?  wtf wtf!!!  

Dad's wife (fyi: that's not my mom...) said I look hiao po in the picture.  LoL!  Who cares right?  Hiao po always get the most likes and attraction, so... hahahaha!  I bet you know what I mean. wtf wtf!  Can't believe I am saying all this.  

What to do?  Since I had nothing to do and I seldom make up...  all the cosmetic I bought must be use somehow, so I still have to find a time to use them once a while or else they will be wasted.  Haha!  Excuses they said.  Sister somemore laugh at me for being so 'kanasai' to do all this thing and take pictures.  Haha!  What to do, I think this is fun!  At least I was spending my time doing things I like~  
Okay, enough of my pictures...

Wanna vomit?  Go to toilet before you wanna do so, because you will be very tired of cleaning all the mess you've done if you vomit in front of my picture.  Hahahahaha!
Okay la, you can ignore me... I am just too boring and nonsense and also trying to release stress now~

Now I am waiting time for me to go for a long vacation, seriously need an escape.

ps: finally can change new profile picture already~ ^^

Saturday, April 20, 2013

No Name Post

The stupid title should be No Title Post because this is going to be another random one.  I really no idea what to put as title because this post is just simply something about to update because I have been so lost from here.  LoL!

The last post was like a month ago.  Seriously I don't have really good life now (lifeless) that's why I got nothing to update.  #facepalm
Seriously why I got no life or I started not to share much things here anymore?  I really don't know why I got so many things to update when I was still study, where the hell all my blogging spirit gone?  wtf

Looking back to all the posts I posted, only I realized I really post and update every single drop of my life to here!  But since I started to work, I still have my life but I don't have the time like I used to have already...  I always have lots of time besides eat, sleep, play, assignments and classes, but now I don't have any more.  Funny huh...  Although I have less things to do now which I only have to eat, sleep, work and work, but I got less time for blog!  Once I have time I would like to spend the time to play candy crush...  Too bad I can earn a life in half an hour!  Seriously fml.

That day 16th of April is one of my colleague's birthday.  And it is so coincident that she is the first month joining this big 'family'.  Anyway, I still wanna welcome her for joining us.  
The pretty who in red is the birthday girl.  Believe it or not, she is already a mommy of 2 kids, some more the eldest is already 12 years old!  Guess her age!  We have a mommy in the company, so we usually have lots of extra story of life experience from her!
(I am so fat la... Any idea how to reduce the size of my arms?  They look like elephant's leg... wtf)

Okay now let you see my picture just in case you forget how I look like.  Yeap, I decided to cut my fringe and stay short because I think I look better in this although I know I look even chubbier.  Haha!  Don't care la, cause don't think any of you mind about that also. =p

So that's my life la..  Seriously I really still prefer being a student, cause working life really stressful especially when you have the target that has been assigned to.  Damn...  How adults survive?  (Frankly, I sometimes do wonder, will I be set because of my bad performance? Oh, God bless me please...)

It is weekend now, but I don't feel like wanna go out because I am going to have exam on Monday!  omfg.
Can you believe that?  E.X.A.M.!!!  FML