Thursday, January 31, 2013

31st of Jan

I have been so lazy lately for not updating my blog that often like last time anymore.  Look at my blog achieved!  I only have 7 posts for this month and today is the last day of the month. fml.  Friends were getting better and better in writing blog which seems like they are all having amazing life out there unlike me having super busy one until I got no time to blog at all.

I don't think that my life is so busy until I can't manage to update my blog.  It is because I'm no longer using my own personal laptop in my room because my personal laptop is now in the living hall and used as the public laptop due to the desktop has been not functioning after since the flood.  (the flood really cause us lots of damage.)

Now having lots of ups and downs this month.  Ups and downs are not like emotionally but physically. wtf.  After since I came back from KL for company's annual dinner I caught flu and cough.  I even had slight fever but I ignored all that just because I don't really feel sick.  And recently I am having real bad sickness ever.  I never faced this kind of situation before.  I sick for twice in a month!!!  The second time, it wasn't the light one but really sick one.  I got high fever where I fever for 2 days continuously + flu.  Lying on the bed sleep for whole day and then when is time to eat, mommy will wake me up to eat then go back to sleep again.  Can't you imagine that life?  Yeah, true... Pig life.  fml.
(If you wanna ask about my diet?  Don't ask... Cause you should know better that eat sleep eat sleep what will happen.  Of course gain weight la.!  F.M.L)

Remember last time I said I was addicted to a game named Flow Free?  Now I'm no longer addicted to the game anymore because I had finish all the stages.  I'm now currently playing the game Line Pop which you actually have to play online from your phone!  Really very addictive one!  I will play it once I am in Wi-Fi area because I don't want to waste my precious data.

Today is the last day of January, so what have you done for the past one month?  I have done nothing but almost sick for a month.  (guess too much of outside food really can kill.)

ps: salary! =))

Thursday, January 24, 2013

12 Zodiac

We have 12 zodiac in Chinese calendar, but this isn't like horoscope where we differentiate each horoscope according the birth date.  We differentiate each zodiac by year and the coming Chinese new year will be snake year (my year).

Every zodiac represent different year and zodiacs take turn to represent the year.  So there are always lucks or bad lucks show in every year and usually Chinese they believe in this and will take alert on this.

I would like to share this with you guys. =)

12 zodiacs

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Missing Something

Recently I got no idea what I was busying with until I missed lots of blog and I didn't get to have my recent life update.  Seniors told me that I wouldn't be able to update my blog that often (like a day a post) when I get myself into working life.  I never want to agree to them until I started abandon here.

Don't you realize that I posted lesser and lesser post here after I end my University life?  Malaysia most popular blogger Audrey Ooi has awesome post every time she update her blog, guess that's because she has awesome and happening life.  (look at my own schedule, nothing fill up...)
Carrying the brand new year I thought I should have another breakthrough with my blog.  However, I still get back my old habit eventually.  Blogging about my thoughts and feeling but not something meaningful.  (or you think that's something meaningful?)  

Looking back with my life, I don't think my life is happening where I started to see the routine is happening everyday.  fml.  I hate routine but now I'm letting this happen to me.  Seriously fml, isn't it?
So now I really don't think I can do anything about it until I fulfill what I need to do and what I must do.  

Not just my blog.  I missed so much blog where my friends had already updated more than 3 - 5 posts!  Reading blog was my hobby and now I have started to abandon this hobby.  Argh...
Now started to think and wonder, is there any one reading my blog now?  Hurmp.... I bet nobody...

Alright, nothing is more important than being the role I'm having now.  I have to and must learn to be more responsible and undependable on everything.  Gosh, I think I still need lots of effort to reach that level.  (looking high up the sky)  Oh please, God...  Give me more strength and strong mindset to accomplish my 'mission'.  wtf

Alright, I have finish typing crap...  and is late already (late to me).
Good Night. =)

ps:  please la... stop behave like that, don't care how and what others think about you.  just be yourselves!  (special dedicate for someone, you know who you are)

The Working Life

I don't think people like working especially those who just came out from comfort zone like University life or school life.  I'm in the category of 'those who just came out from comfort zone'.  fml
Why dislike to work?  
To me after working, my Hong Kong drama is like become more and more which I got no time to watch them.  When I have extra free time, I will just spend myself sitting in the living room talk non-stop with my mother.  (you definitely can imagine that if you really know me well)

I think I'm still in comfort zone. wtf

After coming out from University I went for internship.  Ex-boss treated me good where I got no much work to do.  He never asked me to OT or do extra job and he even gave me super high marks for my appraisal so I can score an A in for my LI II subject.  So cool right.
Now I have been working here for more than a month.  Previously that month was also consider as honeymoon because they were having year end closing, so I just followed them out wherever they went.  Learn things from them when they were working.

Here comes the difficulties.

Working environment is not the factor of finding a perfect job.  (well, this is based on what I think, you can have your own opinion on this) Because a good working environment without a good person in-charge like manager, you will still have to suffer.  True, right?
At least I have a good manager here, he is nice!
Okay, let's talk about colleagues.  Relationship in company (relationship here means colleagues, NOT pak toh or love thingy kay!) is the crucial part too.  If you had gave good impression to your boss, but not your colleagues, you will still suffer in the company.  Why?  Because they BOYCOTT you!  fyl.  Yeah, I know this sounds pity.

I know some of you are already a nice person, but they still put you in the list of 'not good colleague' list.  If you wonder why, let me tell you.  Because they are just envy or jealous of you.  Trust me, if you are capable and nice, your supervisor or manager or boss will like you and praised you most of the time.  Then when they (colleagues) are not the one who being noticed, they will started to attack you so you would have the mindset of you are bad and then your production rate will decrease.  They (colleagues) success/completed their 'mission' that time!

So after you start to work the most important thing is your mindset.  Don't let others affect you.  Of course if it is positive one, you should learn and change but if it is a negative one, then protect yourselves from being attack.  Be strong!
Take care and Bye bye

ps: Chinese New Year is coming! =)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flu + Cough + Sore Throat

I never got myself into this 3 in 1 sickness.  Now I'm really in a super bad situation where I am having cough, flu and sore throat.  FML!!!  

I got the sickness on Wednesday night where I found my nose hot and uncomfortable.  I ate 2 vitamin C which consist of 1000mg but turn out I still have flu on the next day.  I got heavy flu!  wtf
If you noticed what I written in the previous post, I did mention that on the day I got flu, there was no water supply for 2 days.  I had to used tissue paper to clean my nose and now my nose has injured due to the super rough tissue papers.

On Friday I think I had fever but I just ignored it because the thermometer at home showed 36.56 Celsius which I think it is normal.  (I had all the symptoms of fever, like headache, cold, tired...) So I just ignored it and act like I'm super find until the students at night (I teach tuition at night) said I didn't look like sick!  Cool!
I didn't control what I eat although I was sick.  I still had chocolate that day until I got super sore throat once I got up in the morning on Saturday.

It was terrible one until I told mommy I want to go seek for doctor.  Usually when I am really in super suffer condition, then I will only request to seek doctor.  If you notice, I really dislike to seek doctor or take any medicine.  Had breakfast with daddy since he asked us to.  Surprisingly, my sore throat slightly disappear after the breakfast, so I decided not to go seek doctor.  (Hoping that the pain will go away silently)  

Since bro's birthday was on Friday and unfortunately that night both of us had tuition at night so we postponed the celebration on yesterday night (Saturday).  We went to have Thai food as dinner.  IF you know me well, you should know I like spicy food and I will still take it even if I have sore throat unless I really feel the sore throat bothering me.  (that time the sore throat was just little tiny one... so it didn't bothering me at all!  wtf)
And I have 3 small bowls of green curry soup.  That's why I said I deserved to get worst on the next day! fml

Before I sleep, I started to feel my throat become worst.  I can feel the pain every time I swallow my saliva.  Quickly drank a bottle of vitagen and then got into bed and sleep.

Congratz to me, because I didn't feel better on the next day but I didn't feel sick on the next day neither.  The only thing is I am having terrible sore throat.  ^^"
Finally decided to seek for doctor at least to get the medicine for sore throat.  (I don't have to pay for it cause it is under company's)  The doctor gave me medicine for fever, flu, cough and sore throat.  You know I hate medicine very much so I only take the lozenges. Lol!

I didn't dare to tell doctor that I had curry the day before I went to see her!  Doctor even said I have strong immune system as I can be so lively although I am sick!  Lol!  (Thanks to 3 litres of water per day. fml)  So now I am super glad that I don't feel sick anymore besides the little flu, cough and the sore throat left.  At least I can go to work full with energy tomorrow.  =)

ps: how come I spend so fast this month?  more than three quarter gone but now is still early of the month!  fml

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New Year with New 'Gift'

As I remember, I never sick in  the year 2012.  So now the 'gift' comes, I am sick.  fml

After the flood, I got the feeling of 'Sick God' will come visit me but eventually He didn't come until I came back from training in KL.  I can feel the sickness came after that but I ignore it by eating junk food and now I have to pay for what I did.  fml.

Sickness that I hate most is flu and now I am having that sneezing all the time AND I couldn't sleep well last night due to discomfort of my throat.  The worst thing is I usually clean the snivel with running water but due to water maintenance from JBA (Jabatan Bekalan Air) my house currently got no water.  I used up lots of water just to clean snivel but then right now I can't afford to waste any drop of water so I had to use toilet paper.  I think I had used up a roll of toilet paper.  Sigh...

Wrong timing to sick la.

I need lots of water at this time but I can't really drink much water or else I will need more water to flush!  Why la...
Hopefully by this evening I can have unlimited water to use so I can drink at least 2 liters of water per day to make sure my flu goes away by this weekend cause I will have tons of work to do by next week.

ps: no medicine and no doctor... I hate both of these very much.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year Resolution (2013)

Gonna set new year resolution for myself so I can see this in my blog and achieve it one by one with discipline not motivation. 

1. definitely stay healthy like eat more vegetables and fruits.

2. continue my exercise at least 3 times per week.  (which I think that must be at least cause I don't want to grow fatter)

3. make sure I'm not getting or gaining weight because someone just told me that people work started to work (in the current company) gained weight.  I want to be the exceptional, so challenge accepted.

4. aim for the Greece trip for next year so I have to work super smart this year.

5. get at least 80% of my quota.  I don't think this is easy la, but I have to do what I want to do by controlling my own mindset but not others to control me.

6. six months of probation ma, so I hope to get confirmation on the 6th month and get promoted at least a level at the end of the year.  

7. now I'm working already, forcing myself to spend smart and save smart.  Of course not to forget to pay at least RM300 to mommy for the first 6 months of the year and then at least RM500 for the following months.

8. Be more discipline as in do not affect by the mood itself.  The brain control my instead of the heard control me.

Sound tough right?  I think that's tough too, but what to do?  If I don't really list out what I want to do I might take it for granted and might just ignore what I want to achieve.  Sometimes goal is to achieve and failure is to learn.  Making different is easy but to making different with outstanding result is difficult. 
I know that some of you might think I'm full of energy and motivation now, but actually I'm not.  I'm just trying to be outstanding, that's all.  

Okay, I will do my best on what I want especially all that is listed above.  

ps: noted that I will do my best not try my best. *wink*

Saturday, January 5, 2013


So we had gone through the worst year, I guess?  Why I would say 2012 as the worst year?  Because most of the people who leave on the Earth thought 2012 will be the end of the world.  Seriously, I never think of doomsday, but I know that year would be a very challenging one because the God has brought lots of natural disaster to test us.  

Well, obviously we have passed the 'examination' eventually because I'm typing my blog now and you are reading my blog now. =)  How awesome, right!  So now look around see who is beside you, go kiss them and hug them to thank them and congratz them of still being alive. wtf

Saying of new year, everybody would come out with their new year resolution and if you realized I did mention about my resolution last year which I don't think resolution should be posted out loud for everybody to see but resolution must be set in the mind and achieve it with your own spirit and discipline.  I did achieve my resolution eventually but I am not sure whether things that I achieved were all my 2012 resolution. #facepalm

So I think it would be better if I set one in public this year.  I want to be something this year instead of nobody.  Wanna prove myself on something.  So let's see on the coming post regarding my resolution!  Stay tune!!! =)

ps: Happy New Year! =)