Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Hair Style

I had changed my hair style if you would have notice me in Facebook.  (I always update my current situation and status in Facebook and Instagram)

My hair style was like above pictures.  No fringe (because was long enough to put them behind my ears) which I think that make my face look slimmer.  (For your information, I have super round face.)
Right after I cut my hair.  I think my face become super round after the hair cut.  The hair stylish said I have to keep fringe because I started to lose hair at the middle of my head dy...  I was like wtf is that?!  I gonna become botak already... sobs...
But I insisted to keep the fringe to the right because I wasn't get use to it yet, but now I don't mind already lol!
So this is how I look when my fringe is combed to the right hand side.  Nicer right?!  ;)
Before heading to work on the second day after the hair cut.
One of the pic where I didn't put my fringe to the side.  I look much younger dy right?  Hee~

Still I don't know which hair style I am suit too.  With fringe or without fringe?  Hurmp...

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