Saturday, February 23, 2013

Common & Different Channel

Guess most of you are still in Chinese New Year mood and extremely unwilling to head back to your seat and face tons of work that had left back during your absents (especially those paper work for Chinese who had taken extra leaves for the holiday).  
Yeah, I am still in holiday mood but I am pretty sure that I need to know well that I should have pack my holiday mood now and go on with the working mood on.  (Discipline! Cai Yi, Discipline!!!)  Fml

Okay, this is going to be a post that kinda boring cause it will be something about myself which is kinda annoying too!  So think wisely before you really want to continue to read the entire post.  I don't know to ruin your mood but if you insist, don't blame me or curse me for screwing your mood.  ;)

What you read end here, don't wish to spread this all around.  Thanks in advance! 
It has been long time I know that I have the bad habit of forgetting old friends when I have new one.  (unless you are really close to me or you did take the initiative to keep in touch with me)  It is just like when I am in secondary school, I tend to forget primary school friends and when I am in form 6, I tend to forget my secondary school friends, not to mention primary school friends.  Still I am glad that I managed to find some form 6 friends and a secondary friend which they are now still my friend.  (so glad to have you!)

I think that is my problem for being so bad for forgetting most of the friends so I have been changing myself to become a better one like trying to keep in touch to my uni-friends who I have been so close with them when we were course-mate and classmate.  I know that I might not be a good friend in the future so I always warn them from being so close to me so they wouldn't get hurt.  Of course they did gave me lesson on that for being so 'selfish'.  So after graduate, we did connecting each other and update our story to each other.  But it doesn't seem to be continuous like that anymore.  I didn't know why but I think I know why now.  We are in different place, different environment and meeting different people which mean we are no longer in the same channel.  We got no common anymore.  Don't say that I didn't try to pull them back.  I did but it doesn't work.  Guess everybody is just too busy with their current life or maybe I am just too annoying and they didn't want to be connected with me anymore.

So now is the complication or maybe it is to me but not to others.

I just don't like people to forget my existence like as in really ignore me.  Yesterday there should be a 'gathering' which is also a visiting angpau thingy from houses to houses.  It was like they planned on Monday night for the gathering which they never even put me into the plan at all but posted in the group which I was being added in but I couldn't join because I have something on that night.  Since the host (house host) wasn't available on that night so they postponed to Thursday.  (To be clear here, they didn't even want to change the plan even when I voiced out saying that I want to join) I was so excited and happy to wait till Thursday but I was like something goes wrong and decided to pull myself out from the plan.  So it wasn't a good one I know being this but I don't think I will be happy if I go because I am pretty sure that I will be the odd one when they are talking so what's the point to go there?  

Someone did message me privately to tell me that I'm childish and told me that they changed the plan because of me.  I was like wth, are you freaking kidding me?  Fine, I should have know that since we are now no longer working together that's mean we are no longer in the same channel so like that lo...
Really I don't feel good toward all this but very fast I feel it is not worth to think of them, I should go on and mix well with the present.


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